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Vanessa Paradis: Canoeing with Jack!

Vanessa Paradis: Canoeing with Jack!

Vanessa Paradis and her son Jack go canoeing in the Mediterranean Sea while vacationing on her private yacht on Friday (August 17) in the French Riviera.

The 39-year-old actress and ex-partner of Johnny Depp was also joined by her daughter Lily, her parents, her sister, and her rumored beau, hairdresser John Nollet.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Paradis

“I don’t want to talk about him,” Vanessa recently told French Elle (via People) while talking about her split in an interview to promote her film Cornouaille. “Who said that artists should sell their soul, expose everything about themselves? … It’s my duty to promote this movie, and my albums, but can you imagine what it feels like to see people making a business out of your pain. What’s happened to us is our concern.”

25+ pictures inside of Vanessa Paradis with her family…

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vanessa paradis paddleboarding with jack 01
vanessa paradis paddleboarding with jack 02
vanessa paradis paddleboarding with jack 03
vanessa paradis paddleboarding with jack 04
vanessa paradis paddleboarding with jack 05
vanessa paradis paddleboarding with jack 06
vanessa paradis paddleboarding with jack 07
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vanessa paradis paddleboarding with jack 09
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vanessa paradis paddleboarding with jack 15
vanessa paradis paddleboarding with jack 16
vanessa paradis paddleboarding with jack 17
vanessa paradis paddleboarding with jack 18
vanessa paradis paddleboarding with jack 19
vanessa paradis paddleboarding with jack 20
vanessa paradis paddleboarding with jack 21
vanessa paradis paddleboarding with jack 22
vanessa paradis paddleboarding with jack 23
vanessa paradis paddleboarding with jack 24
vanessa paradis paddleboarding with jack 25
vanessa paradis paddleboarding with jack 26

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  • yo sista

    i’m still sad about her & johnny

  • James

    I can”t believe she would have that child out there in the ocean without a life vest on.

  • noplace

    What a classy woman!

  • yo sista


    It’s not the Ocean, it’s the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Bad Mom

    What a irresponsible mom. You’ve got your kids in the middle of the ocean and not a life jacket in sight! Shame on you!!!!!

  • ivanka

    she is horrible

  • Tamra

    as Wendy said I didn’t even know that anyone can profit $7436 in four weeks on the computer. did you read this web page (Click on menu Home more information)

  • jesse

    Vanessa Paradis got pregnant 3 months after meeting Johnny Depp obviously she tried to trap him! And that’s why Johnny never wanted to marry her!

  • jesse

    Did she honestly expect them to last when she got pregnant 3 months after MEETING him? He obviously just stayed for the kids and now that the kids are older he’s free at last!

  • lori

    I think she up graded!

  • A

    Classy women don’t get preggo 3 months after meeting someone. LMAO!

  • pup

    She’s ALREADY dating? That was quick!

  • kelly

    @James: true. scary. maybe the kid knows how to swim.

  • caroline, lille, france

    Noooo he’s not John Nollet !! It’s her sister’s boyfriend !!

  • anonymous

    that’s not john nollet on the picture, it’s her sister’s boyfriend

  • anonymous

    and if course the kid knows to swim, he’s 10!!!

  • ??

    @jesse: If she really wanted to trap a man then why didn’t she “get pregnant” while she was with Lenny Kravitz? I don’t know what you learned in your sex ed class but it takes 2 to make a baby. If he didn’t want to be with her he wouldn’t have been able to last 14 years, he still would have been able to be there and support his children. And the fact that Johnny himself has said numerous of times how grateful he is for both Vanessa and his children, further supports how ignorant your comment is. You can’t trap a man with a baby and if they voluntarily make another one 3 years later it’s pretty safe to assume he was happy making a family and home with her.

  • starsh

    Some of you poorly educated idiots watch way too much reality TV. Ordinary women in Europe have no need of ‘trapping’ a man into a relationship. Does that even work? I mean if it does, why are there so many single women parenting in the USA?
    If you may recall, Depp was the one engaged to several actresses. Ever considered that Paradis may have been the one opposed to marriage? Hmm? Or is that too much to grasp?
    And in the old days, and everywhere else around the world, children who can actually swim do not go about if life jackets.

  • Desperate

    EW 3 months after meeting someone? Can you get anymore desperate?

  • Sarah

    Some people are so mean! She didn’t try to trap him! How do you know that it wasn’t an accident that she got pregnant only 3 months after meeting him?

  • Tonto

    Geez, who planted this story & photos anyway….Robin Baum? That’s not John Nolett, John is skinny, shorter, and with raven black hair–the guy in these photos is much bigger and has really long hair. This same guy was also with the family last August when Johnny Depp was there as well. I agree with whomever said he was the boyfriend of her sister or cousin, whatever. There’s no body chemistry between this guy and Vanessa at all–he’s with one of the other 2 girls. He also seems very familiar with Jack and Lily. I don’t think Vanessa has a boyfriend yet. John Nolett has been her hairdresser for years and years, they’re photographed together all the time.

  • Guest 8

    LOL!! Robin isn’t Stephen Huvane’s partner for nothing. What jerks.

    Take care Vanessa. It looks like Johnny is going to start a smear campaign. I wonder why and it is nice to see your kids having fun for a change. Keep them away from L.A.

  • Aboveall

    @guest: Are you as stupid to think that “tabloids” needs someone sending them “information” to create their stories? or that Robin has not more clients to be “occupied” than Johnny and she will be all about Vanessa (that international media almost don’t care about her)? – Robin is also publicist of Jen Aniston, Daniel Craig, Orlando Bloom, etc, etc…so she has a lot of work to do more than johnny and his former girlfriend…

    Anyway, the problem isn’t in media redacting the information nor with Johnny and his people (don’t be stupid…the Vajoliroja is HIS yacht…he wouldn’t be sharing it with Vanessa and all her family if he has a “problem” with her) it’s because THE DATABASE OF THE ORIGINAL PICTURES AT THE “AGENCY” (you know? directly from paparazzis) HAS THE INFORMATION WRONG!

    It’s in the database of the pictures where they did the mistake (and you can check it by yourself!)

  • P

    She is taking back the power!

  • .

    3 months after meeting him AHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

  • Liz

    Good for her & the kids to have some fun.
    And btw, you don’t stay 14 years with someone if you are/feel “trapped”, all the while saying how in love you are with that other person and making another baby!
    And Johnny was absolutely thrilled when Vanessa got pregnant. Look at his first interview with Letterman, when he speaks of that time they were at a restaurant to celebrate the fact they were going to have a kid.

  • Anonymous

    The guy is her sister’s boyfriend not John Nollet. And John Nollet is gay…

  • Miral

    I know the guy is her sister’s boyfriend…but who cares if not? what if she is dating some other guy? or Johnny?…they’ve been separated for 8 or 9 months now! the people really is expecting that they practice “celibacy” for the rest of their lives? or a year or two? how much time is “enough” time?

    Let them continue with their lives in the way they want and stop judging them!!…

  • Manly Jaw

    Vanessa was cute & sexy before she hit 30. Now that large manly jaw of hers has taken front and center. Actually, no one on her side of the family is very attractive. Glad the kids look like their gorgeous father.

  • Denese

    I think she did trap him. She was a former child star. She saw a chance to get with a movie star and grabbed it. Johnny had said he was ready for kids, so he probably didn’t care. One tiny blond woman is as good as another. Lenny probably didn’t want kids and made sure protection was used. I had an aunt and uncle do the same thing. She was ready for kids, got pregnant. My uncle hung around to support the child until it was in it’s teens and old enough to understand divorce. Then he was off with another woman.

  • linda

    @Denese: just because you got a screwed up family who thinks forced unhappy marriage fixes everything doesn’t mean everybody else does. Kids are smart enough to understand divorce and it’s way better for them to grow up with parents who are apart if the other option is being miserable together until the kids are “older”, I think both Johnny and Vanessa are smart enough to know that so if they didn’t wanna be together they wouldn’t have been.

  • brenda

    @guest..what are u talking about?..Johnny is a good man and he still loves her ,he never gonna do that,he even let vanessa go to the house with his new boyfriend


    pain is a reality of our unions. acceptance is the name of the game. she is not the first nor the last to be torn away from love.