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Justin Theroux Steps Out Post Jennifer Aniston Engagement

Justin Theroux Steps Out Post Jennifer Aniston Engagement

Justin Theroux flashes a peace sign as he steps out in New York City’s East Village neighborhood on Sunday (August 19).

The 41-year-old actor recently became engaged to Jennifer Aniston! Justin proposed on his birthday just last weekend.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Justin Theroux

Jennifer, meanwhile, has been busy filming for her latest movie We’re the Millers down in North Carolina. She recently was spotted hiding her left hand and engagement ring in her pocket.

15+ pictures inside of Justin Theroux stepping out post-engagement in NYC…

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justin theroux steps out post engagement 01
justin theroux steps out post engagement 02
justin theroux steps out post engagement 03
justin theroux steps out post engagement 04
justin theroux steps out post engagement 05
justin theroux steps out post engagement 06
justin theroux steps out post engagement 07
justin theroux steps out post engagement 08
justin theroux steps out post engagement 09
justin theroux steps out post engagement 10
justin theroux steps out post engagement 11
justin theroux steps out post engagement 12
justin theroux steps out post engagement 13
justin theroux steps out post engagement 14
justin theroux steps out post engagement 15
justin theroux steps out post engagement 16
justin theroux steps out post engagement 17

Credit: Curtis Means/ACE; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Nothing But Love

    Looking good Justin.

  • heather

    @Nothing But Love: That’s exactly what I was thinking!

  • wow

    He’s really hot!

  • rada

    i admit i found him cute a few years ago when he looked more natural. now he’s all fake tan and dyed hair. i think he’d look much better if he let himself go salt and pepper, lay off the tanning and put some more meat on his bones.

  • April

    Very handsome. Good luck to them.

  • Honey

    Looking good, very good.

  • hmmm

    sexy thick eyebrows…

  • alice

    Give credit when it’s due. The guy is very handsome.

  • dana

    he is an awesome actor

  • yep

    congrats Justin! looking forward to seeing you and jen and the ring! lol!

  • kim

    Very attractive. He looks good in jeans, t-shirt and suits. I hope Jen and Justin the best. Everyone at one point is looking for a love that will last.

  • amora

    love his style!

  • bella

    Solid actor and a hottie.

  • just saying

    that one man, now halle berry could get a hot man like Jennifer Aniston.boy is smoking hot.

  • Waaaaaa

    He’s good looking. He looks happy and relaxed. I think they’ll have a low key wedding with close friends and family. Nothing over the top.

  • http://Justjarde Bit**angie


  • http://Justjarde Jen

    Sexy. Guy

  • http://Justjarde Jen

    Great writer

  • http://Justjarde Jack

    Justin , you are lacky guy

  • http://Justjarde Jack

    Beautiful couple jenstin

  • Diane

    Wow his legs are short.

  • Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig

    lol at 1 name changing troll, YOU GO JUS YOUR 50YOA SUGAR MOMMA HAS INVESTED A LOT IN YOU!
    Work those wuddle legs!

  • jentheho

    @Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig:

    I know. LMAO!!! I used to like him. Ever since he’s w/nipplesston, I don’t like him anymore.

  • Haha

    It’s so sad when people can’t be happy for others. The rest of this thread will be filled with bitter, angry, jealous women who have no lives of their own. I mean to nitpick on a guy’s height is so weird and sad. The man is 5’9, an inch taller than the average American man. He’s 5’9 inches taller than all of your imaginary boyfriends that’s for sure. LOL. And for the record Theroux is worth $10 million. On top of the $3-4 million he makes every year writing, acting, script polishes etc. he doesn’t need a sugar momma. He’ got more money than the woman who married Matthew McCaugnahey, more money than Matt Damon’s wife, more money than Mark Wahlberg’s wife, more money than any woman Michael Fassbender will ever date. He’s richer than Halle Berry’s ex who you always argue has having his own money and doesn’t need Halle to further his career. Such a funny double standard. . Theroux actually has a career AND his own money. And get real, if Theroux were taller or richer you’d find something else to whine, whine, whine about because you want Aniston to be as miserable and as lonely as you are. She is living the life you wish you had. That’s why you are so full of hate ALL. THE. TIME. And feel free to down arrow me. The truth hurts.

  • Sara

    He’s really hot!!! The two make a great couple.

  • Reply to Haha

    @Haha: Well said “Haha”.

  • jmho

    He looks good! Nice to see him smiling without ol cranky pants.

  • an

    Remember when you all thought Vince Vaughan was so sexy. LOL or John Mayer was so Hot
    I wonder what excuse they will give this time for him being in NY while the person he suppose to love is in NC.

  • Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig

    To the fool who thinks this moocher is 5’9 – BWHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHA Next you’ll tell me jen is beautiful hehehe
    No seriously get off the drugs

  • just saying

    he very good looking man, go girl that what am taking about get a man that make you really happy and make you a better person, not biter.PS

  • Haha

    @ an

    No one ever said Vaughn or Mayer were sexy. If I recall, people said Vaughn was funny and talented. And they said Mayer was looking better than he had in the past. But hey, if you think people actually said that feel free to post some links. I know I never said anything like that. And btw, compared to the way they look now, Vaughn and Mayer were sort of sexy when they were with her. Vaughn has packed on major weight since then and Mayer, well we don’t need to get into how he looks now. LOL

  • Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig

    Do you realize you compared Justin to the female in relationships _”He’ got more money than the woman who married Matthew McCaugnahey, more money than Matt Damon’s wife, more money than Mark Wahlberg’s wife,”….. So you are saying JT is the woman? I always knew he was jens B!tch! glad to hear a jenhag admit it

  • Very jealous person you are

    @Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig: To “Justin Wants…”: You sound like real trash and someone who has no life of their own. A sad life you have chosen. Instead you just want their life but hide behind a computer making negative comments driven by your jealousy. There’s just no other reason for it.

  • suki

    Dear Jared,
    You are a money grubbing piece of shit. So now you control the up and down arrows? Seriously, you suck as a human being.

  • http://compute LOL

    @Haha: Liar pants on fire, if he is 5 7 he lucky.
    Worth 10 million my foot, is that what he got in the prenup.
    In which world is he making 3 to 4 million, not in The USA. If he was that good of an actor or script writer, at 40 yrs old he would be well known.
    His buddy Ben Stiller gave him credit on a movie, that had three other writers.
    You guys are trying to rewite history, this moocher lived off his girlfriend of 14 yrs, who helped him with his cocaine and alcohol addictions, and when a desperate woman came along with deeper pockets he jumped ship.
    She’ll be paying for rehab a month after the wedding, he will see her true colors and he will resort to his addictions, not dumpster diving, collecting pill bottles or dead skulls.
    Why throw all those other people in this, you’re only proving how broke this moocher is.
    He sure did not buy that 21 million $ house or the new Mercedes Benz he driving now, can’t even buy an engagement ring.
    He is NYC sniffing aournd his old girlfriend.

  • Smurf Boy

    He’s getting just what his contract with Aniston promised “fame and noteriarty!” Get it paid boy-toy the Jen hens has fallen for you and as long as you don’t step outside the line your new paid for reputation will remain intact. Just be ready for the fall out once you break off the engagement, wedding, or marriage which ever comes first when your renewal comes up with Aniston & Huvane. Because it won’t be pretty.

  • AG

    ‘Hot?! Not even close………

  • yep

    @an: still think mayer and vaughn are nice looking man ….jen’s fans don’t have to hate! hot couple justjen!

  • Hmmm

    @suki: I was thinking the same thing. Some swings in the thumbs up and thumbs down do seem to be a bit manipulated. Hmmm….not cool Jared.

  • http://compute LOL
  • http://compute LOL

    Visit Brad’s post page 84, post 2081, 2082, 2083, and 2084 and see moocher at his best.

  • Andrew

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  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …He’s always seemed like a cool, chill dude. Good for them.

  • Misty

    They look so happy in photos together. When you find the right person, you have no hesitation about marrying. I think they’ll have a short engagement and marry before the end of the year.

  • Hmmm

    @Hmmm: The changes seemed biased against Jen and Justin.

  • Jen’s fiance

    Guess Jen’s found her soulmate. She found a male version of herself – a middle aged fame w h o r e.

  • hoe

    @Diane: Bruta es por la forma en que uso los pantalones, él no tiene piernas “cortas” estupida…

  • http://Justjarde Jen

    I like Justin

  • http://Justjarde Jen

    Thanks jj

  • http://Justjarde Q

    Sweet boy