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Katie Holmes: Holmes & Yang Fashion Week Show Date Revealed!

Katie Holmes: Holmes & Yang Fashion Week Show Date Revealed!

Katie Holmes picks up her daughter Suri after exiting a taxi cab at a private residence on Sunday (August 19) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress kept it cute in a red dress and heels!

The day before, Katie brought Suri to the bike path on the West Side Highway to teach her to ride a bicycle!

It was recently revealed that Katie will have her own fashion show for her line Holmes and Yang at New York Fashion Week on September 9. Her collection’s exhibition will be going head to head with Victoria Beckham‘s show!

FYI: Katie is carrying a Louis Vuitton bag.

25+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri stepping out of a taxi cab at a private residence in NYC…

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katie holmes suri taxi twosome 01
katie holmes suri taxi twosome 02
katie holmes suri taxi twosome 03
katie holmes suri taxi twosome 04
katie holmes suri taxi twosome 05
katie holmes suri taxi twosome 06
katie holmes suri taxi twosome 07
katie holmes suri taxi twosome 08
katie holmes suri taxi twosome 09
katie holmes suri taxi twosome 10
katie holmes suri taxi twosome 11
katie holmes suri taxi twosome 12
katie holmes suri taxi twosome 13
katie holmes suri taxi twosome 14
katie holmes suri taxi twosome 15
katie holmes suri taxi twosome 16
katie holmes suri taxi twosome 17
katie holmes suri taxi twosome 18
katie holmes suri taxi twosome 19
katie holmes suri taxi twosome 20
katie holmes suri taxi twosome 21
katie holmes suri taxi twosome 22
katie holmes suri taxi twosome 23
katie holmes suri taxi twosome 24
katie holmes suri taxi twosome 25
katie holmes suri taxi twosome 26

Credit: Guillermo Bosch; Photos: INFdaily
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  • No

    She is going to look really stupid carrying that kid into school this year and it will only make it worse for Suri, make her walk and just smile at the camera men..

  • http://aol Patti

    She is going to wrench her back one of these days. Happened to me, lifting a six year old.

  • Creepy Scientologist

    That kid looks like she has two ankles in the main picture. I never understood what people meant by “alien baby” but it kinda makes sense now. Plus, she always makes those weird demonic faces. What the hell is up with that?

  • Creepy Scientologist

    Just to clarify, I’m not making fun of the little girl, but those demonic faces are just so….disturbing. And she does them often. Creepy. Example:

  • Latin Lover

    Little by little they are settling to a normal life. Hopefully Tom keeps it that way as well… BUT I doubt that.

  • may

    Creepy Scientologist

    Suri is making angry faces at the paps. it has nothing to do with “demonic” it has to do with hatred for these people.


    Unless there are paps camped out at every block in NYC, someone is tipping them off.

    And the person to feel most sorry for is Suri’s teacher.


    Need to clarify that above comment…teacher will be dealing with the results of “interesting” parenting. Kids are always the innocent ones.

  • Maggie

    She’s going to look ridiculous carrying her across the stage at her high school graduation. I’m just saying, it’s gotta stop at some point.

  • tsquared

    Seriously, would someone tell me what is going on with Katie’s feet? Look at them? They have bumps on them and it almost looks like the bones are coming through the top. I’ve never seen this on anyone before. No wonder she wears those stinky boots all the time.

  • http://Ipad Lol

    The Paps knows where she lives, those bloodhounds will wait around all day to get a picture.
    If my child was scared of grown a ss men acting aggressive and yelling her name, I would like to see someone on the internet, telling me I can’t pick her up.
    Why should she changed her routine, let them get pictures every day and the value will be less, because they’ll have the same pic.

  • Pat

    Suri is going to need better ways of dealing with the paps real soon. Maybe a hat or kids’ sunglasses. or maybe even coming up with better ways to keep her out of the paps view. She obviously doesn’t like strange people gawking at her, especially men.

  • DB

    I still wish she would just not put the kid out there in front of the Paps until the feeding frenzy stops.

    I don’t what she’s thinking.

  • DB

    On the positive side, she looks pretty darn good. Nice outfit, on both Katie and Suri. Katie looks well put together just as an actress should when out and about doing a runway walk for the Paps.

    I do wish Suri smiled more. I really feel bad for her situation and how her mother seems to treat her sometimes.

    Still, it’s good to see Katie like this.

  • http://bbaby Alice

    for all the people that was saying all the picture taking had nothing to do with upcoming projects, yeah right. Katie will carry that child as long as she physically can carry her to maintain relevance. It’s sad, but it’s the truth. This has nothing to do with Suri living a “normal” life. Katie’s pr team have been hard at work for months.

  • http://bbaby Nicole

    I want to wear a leather jacket in the blazing NYC sun too. Wow, Katie, at least you are not wearing those beige boots. Nice start.

  • http://bbaby no thanks

    Katie needs to learn how to consistently dress herself well before I can ever bring myself to buy her clothes or before she starts calling herself a designer. Who are we kidding here. No wonder she has to collaborate, I’m sure her ideas get tossed out anyway.

  • http://bbaby Kali

    At least she has given the boots a rest. Now she needs to stop carrying that child. For goodness sake, she was steps away from her door, maybe 5-7 steps at most.

  • http://bbaby Susan

    Bad habits are really hard to break for children. Carrying Suri at this age is a bad habit and not to mention Katie has heels on –it’s not even good on Katie’s body, especially her feet.

  • http://bbaby Bella

    I thought another picture of Katie with Suri would have popped up early Monday not so soon, I guess those business ventures of hers are coming really soon. Next week expect a picture of Katie coming from a “business meeting” … blah, blah, blah, so predictable. The subsequent one should be of Katie taking Suri to school or coming out of a cab, or from dinner each one of these sightings will plug in a date of some business venture, launch, or appearance.

  • Owen

    It is a CRIME that this idiot has a fashion line and is getting a runway show. The clothes always look so poorly down and they are hideously expensive. She’s a joke.

  • Annie

    I cannot believe Katie has a clothing line when there are so many hungry (old and young) talented people out there who will never get their big break.

  • Mia

    A runway show for what? Oh yeah, she was married to Tom Cruise once upon a time. So unfair. She looks like a mess 95% of the time, her taste is questionable at best.

  • tsquared

    I see Tom’s people are now in overdrive. An unnamed source told People Mag that Katie saw her family many times in Toledo and that Tom, at his own expensive, flew them out to CA and to CO (his Telluride home) to be with Katie. Nothing like the two PR camps warring!

  • Naomi

    Katie is not a fashionista and by the looks of it, fashion is not in her blood. Most fashion people live/breathe to create fashion even if they pick fashion up late in their lives. How about these people give a chance to some of the talent I’ve seen on Project Runway.

  • Kelly

    I do not believe for one second that Tom had Katie under that massive of a lock and key. I believe security was paramount to Tom and they had an understanding to keep low profiles, but both had access to the very best, including private jets for remote family or leisure trips. Just as Katie was taking steps to divorce without Tom’s knowledge, Katie could have taken trips and did take trips when she wanted, especially since Tom was filming on location for months at a time.

  • Kev

    No one is perfect. I’m sure Tom has his flaws, like all the rest of us. I’ m sure Katie has her flaws, like all the rest of us.

  • Lila

    Wow, Katie will be in Fashion Week? The lady cannot even pick out a decent pair of shoes. Give opportunities to people who are proven talent. I bet she will have a makeover in 3 months tops and trust me, Katie is not going to do it herself. She will hire a talented person do it.

  • L

    Leave them alone…she is just a child…

  • http://bbaby Dena

    Katie needs to stop posing with Suri. Suri is not an accessory.

  • What?

    A clothing line for what? I’m not buying this overly expensive bull crap clothing line. When did Katie realize she was a designer? When she married Tom Cruise and realized she could slap her name on a few things!

  • Helen

    She’s going to get a hernia carrying that big ol girl.

    Let’s take a bet. Will she or will she not be carrying Suri to junior high school.

  • June

    I would not be surprised if Katie had a makeover by Sept 9, just in time for her designing debut so she can look presentable. What a bunch of crap. This lady has no fashion sense/iq whatsoever!

  • Sam

    Are people already buying her so-called designer clothes! There are better ways to waste money people!

  • serious?

    I’m surprised people did not comment earlier about the clothing line? They probably were just shocked and pleased that Katie did not have those beige boots on. Next, she will slap her name on shoes too and call them designer with a hefty price tag. That’s just ridiculous.

  • Misty

    Looks like the veins are about to pop out of her feet from picking up Suri all the time. Her feet are gross.

  • no talent

    I agree with an earlier comment that said give opportunities to the people on Project Runway. Every season I’ve watched very talented people get eliminated because the competition is just that fierce and plenty. How and when the hell did Katie become a designer! ( I guess Katie is going to say she always dreamed of designing and played with needles and thread as a little girl blah, blah, blah!) What a load of crap.

  • Kane

    How did the paps know to show up at a “private residence” where most of the pictures were taken? Seems like another planned photo op – but Suri wasn’t very cooperative. Katie, of course, always smiles.
    She’s got a fashion show and a Broadway play to publicize.

  • Gross
  • Gross
  • http://bbaby Oh please!

    Just great! As if we need another “almost celebrity” to launch a clothing line! Katie cannot even dress herself what makes anyone think I’d let her dress me! And by dress herself, I’m talking about simple attire, the lady does not even know how to throw a t-shirt and a pair of jeans on without looking like she dressed herself in the dark.

  • Melanie

    @Creepy Scientologist: You are one bored, sad being if you can find the time to call a little girl an alien and even sadder have pictures to show for it. Get a life.

  • Melanie

    @Owen: She’s a famous and rich “joke” unlike you Owen who does what for a living???

  • http://bbaby Ami

    katie is not a designer. Yang probably had creative control, for the sake of the clothing line I hope she did. what a waste.

  • krix

    Holmes & Yang price tag -”….. the predominantly silk and suede collection comes with a luxury price tag (expect to pay around $1,000 for a shirt and $9,120 for a lace and leather gown)…”

    Holmes & Yang styling connection & goal – “Yang, who also styles Holmes’s husband, Tom Cruise, told the New York Times: ‘We wanted to make pieces that you could bend over and pick up your kid in and also look really elegant.”

    Holmes & Yang critics – “The pair, who launched their collection two years ago, explained how ‘real people and Diane Keaton’ were their inspiration and Yang’s twin girls and Holmes’s daughter, Suri, were their toughest critics.”

    Well Holmes & Yang will either sink or swim at NYFW on Sept 8th.

  • Go posh go

    I think Victoria Beckham is worth seeing.

  • HandsOffNatalie

    in all this does she work from time to time?

  • dabu

    Well, it certainly is an extraordinarily uninspired collection. Fashion critics during Fashion Week can be brutal. I’ve followed NYC and Paris fashion weeks for decades and I just don’t see the critics loving this collection.

  • awful

    the collection looks awful and very mature. Is she hoping to dress people in their early 50′s! Barney’s should be ashamed of itself to let that collection anywhere near its stores!

  • kia

    Just terrible. There’s nothing unique about that collection. Just terrible.