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Camila Alves: Cold Stone with Levi & Vida!

Camila Alves: Cold Stone with Levi & Vida!

Camila Alves and her adorable kids Levi and Vida take home a puppy at the Thousand Oaks mall on Friday (August 17).

Later in the day, the 30-year-old pregnant model and her kids headed to Cold Stone Creamery for a sweet treat.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Camila-Alves

This past Thursday, Camila flaunted her baby bump at the Nylon Guys‘ September 2012 issue party with her husband Matthew McConaughey.

Earlier today, Matthew tweeted about a good cause. He said, “Healthy kids do better in school. Get your kids moving and use new @PGmygive rebate to benefit @CISlnational”

40+ pictures of Camila Alves and her kids heading to Cold Stone Creamery

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camila alves cold stone 01
camila alves cold stone 02
camila alves cold stone 03
camila alves cold stone 04
camila alves cold stone 05
camila alves cold stone 06
camila alves cold stone 07
camila alves cold stone 08
camila alves cold stone 09
camila alves cold stone 10
camila alves cold stone 11
camila alves cold stone 12
camila alves cold stone 13
camila alves cold stone 14
camila alves cold stone 15
camila alves cold stone 16
camila alves cold stone 17
camila alves cold stone 18
camila alves cold stone 19
camila alves cold stone 20
camila alves cold stone 21
camila alves cold stone 22
camila alves cold stone 23
camila alves cold stone 24
camila alves cold stone 25
camila alves cold stone 26
camila alves cold stone 27
camila alves cold stone 28
camila alves cold stone 29
camila alves cold stone 30
camila alves cold stone 31
camila alves cold stone 32
camila alves cold stone 33
camila alves cold stone 34
camila alves cold stone 35
camila alves cold stone 36
camila alves cold stone 37
camila alves cold stone 38
camila alves cold stone 39
camila alves cold stone 40
camila alves cold stone 41
camila alves cold stone 42
camila alves cold stone 43
camila alves cold stone 44

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  • heyyou

    it looks like if she loved more the dog than her children :(

  • Carlos

    Those children are strange looking particularly the girl and the boy is hardly growing.

  • Hashim 100% Albanian

    How can such ugly woman be model?

  • malia

    it’s the first time i see someone wearing an Herve Legé dress in a casual way, she looks great!

  • Rios

    Sorry, but the children have wild Hobbit-like faces.

  • Rocky

    Why do some of you people come here to just rag on people? These are little chldren you’re saying nasty thingsa about. Just awful!

  • wtf

    Is that why some people get an education for? to write mean things about kids online?

  • http://Comcast Marj

    Cannot wait for the movie The Paperboy. Love any movie Nicole Kidman is in.

  • Constance

    #3. Most Albanians in the UK are ugly with horrid teeth. Look at yourself in the mirror before you call someone else ugly.

  • Sasha

    Another puppy to add to their little family. I give her credit. Two little ones another one on the way and now another doggie to mind. Cute little family.

  • Proud Navy Mom

    I think it’s DISGUSTING that they purchased a puppy at the mall rather than adopting one from an animal shelter that is most likely on death row. Shame on you! I used to love this beautiful family but just lost ALL respect for them and will NEVER spend another penny to help support their ignorant purchases.

  • Isis Lara

    These kids look nothing like Matthew. Any wager the third one won’t look like a redneck? Her genes are just too dominant.

  • William

    #11. CALM DOWN WOMAN! The world’s not ending because someone purchased a puppy at the Mall. It’s her decision not yours. So you gonna hate on a family because she got a puppy at the Mall? Real bright woman.

  • Longhorn

    They didn’t get those feral looks from Matt’s side of the family I can assure you. Matt should have married a Bunchen or an Ambrosio for the gorgeous German or Italian genes.

  • Menina

    Awww! They are so cute!!! Little looks so much like his dad!!! He is going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up! Camila also looks great! She is always so well dressed and stylish despite being pregnant and having two little kids to take care of!!! :)

  • Menina

    Oops!!! Little Levi, I meant to say!

  • lori

    @Proud Navy Mom: Many pet stores now have arrangements with Animal shelters. They don’t sell pets anymore. you are actually adopting a pet from a shelter thru the pet store. That’s how I got both my cats….they were older abadoned pets and the animal shelter had adopt a pet at the pet store. Think before you judge.

  • Rodriguez

    All 3 look smelly and like they sleep in cages.

  • William


    You must be smelling your upper lip Bro.

  • http://https//wwwgooglept. fatima

    dou o meu apoio a Camila ela é linda e como Portuguesa defendo os Brasileiros da maldade desta gente que dissem coisas horriveis de crianças lindas um beijo para Camila e seus filhos.

  • Proud Navy Mom

    @lori: My bad. I was not aware of this. I thought most stores sold animals purchased thru breeders, etc. If they did in fact purchase a “shelter dog” then I commend them and I commend you for your rescue kitties.

  • Proud Navy Mom

    @William: The world may not be ending but when there are so many animals on death row sitting in shelters I think it’s absurd to buy a pet thru a puppy mill, breeder, etc. Rescue pets are known for there long-term gratitude, love, etc. If they did in fact purchase a rescue thru this store then I commend them. Your attitude towards pets is very selfish and ignorant.

  • William

    @Proud Navy Mom:

    You know nothing about me to call me selfish and ignorant. How the hell dare you!! I have four, count them, FOUR shelter dogs which I got from shelters in my area. One of them has only three legs. So if anyone is ignorant it’s you for opening your mouth without knowing who the hell I am. Maybe you should THINK before you open your mouth. My first dog was an abused pit bull who I rescued just three days before he was going to be put down. So Proud Navy Mom, learn to keep you mouth shut until you have all the facts.

  • Proud Navy Mom

    @William: My sincerest apologies to you William. Thank you for rescuing those animals.

  • ja

    popping out kids like a true fertile latina lady! I’m surprise she’s not pushing a stroller and wearing high heels at least she got the sexy dress on.

  • William

    @Proud Navy Mom:

    It takes a classy broad to apologize and I accept it. Some times in the heat of the moment we say things but you’ve got the class to apologize and I thank you for it.

  • Rachael


    Let’s see, do the Duggers mean anything to you? I’m a Latina woman from a long line of Latina women and we don’t POP kids out like you’re implying. Racist!!

  • Proud Navy Mom

    @William: Thank you for accepting my apology. I’m very passionate about pets, however, my son is about to be deployed AGAIN so I’m an emotional wreck and took it out on the wrong person. Again, thank you!

  • Kaley

    The kids are weird looking. Her monkey features are coming thru. Wide droopy noses and looks like homo erectus.

  • Kaley

    Uhm she is not a real model. She was a z-list model and Matt was desperate and picked her up. Now she pays back by giving hi ugly children..very nice..

  • Vivi

    @ja: let’s clear things up: “Latinas” (as are called all women of Hispanic origin) ARE NOT more fertile than “non-Latin”, latino/a IS NOT even a race!!!!! By the meaning the word “Latina” is applied in the US, concerning the Hispanic origin, Camila is not Latina because Brazil IS NOT Hispanic! Brazil is part of Latin America because the official language is Portuguese, a Neo-Latin languages as Spanish!

  • jelly

    Pregnant women should not wear bandage dresses!

  • Pele

    Let’s clear this up she is Brasilian and Brasilian are just that Brasilian. So you ignorant Spanish speakers please keep your misguided self identity issues to yourself! Brasil happens to be in South/Latin America but we refer to you as Hispanic/Latino and so does our and the United States government.

  • William

    @Proud Navy Mom:

    I understand completely. I have a nephews who is in Afganistan and every day is hell for me and his mother. I pray for your son and for all the young men and women who are out there fighting for peace. Faith will guide you through.

  • Rachael


    Pele. I’m Hispanic and I don’t appreciate you calling me ‘ignorant’. If your opinion differs from someone else, why are you calling them ‘ignorant’? You should like you’re still in high school having an argument and all you can think of, because you can’t think of anything intelligent to say, is calling people names. Grow up!

  • angui

    @Isis Lara:

    Redneck??you are saying that because she’s brazilian?? you are stupid..she’s beautiful and brazilian are all beautiful..not fat like you might be

  • angui


    you are so mean..people like you with this terrible thoghts might have a small brain..just ignorant people say such stupid thing!

  • angel


    you are an unhappy wonam!No life, no man to love you, no family!Sh’ s a beautifull woaman, her kid are too!Her husband is so handsome, do you really thing he was desperate to get a woman?? come on..makes me laugh..he can have any woman he desires!!!your spirit is so poor….

  • anonymous

    @Proud Navy Mom: You are an idiot. That is a mutt. It did not come from a breeder. A lot of shelters have set-ups at the mall for people to buy. Their other two dogs are mixed-breed too.

  • anonymous

    @anonymous: Sorry to Proud Navy Mom. I read over the comments and see there was a misunderstanding. As for the people making the crude and jealous comments about this beautiful family, you give yourselves away. You’ve obviously fat losers. Don’t make it so obvious.