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Jennifer Aniston Flashes Bra on 'We're The Millers' Set

Jennifer Aniston Flashes Bra on 'We're The Millers' Set

Jennifer Aniston flashes her bra while filming a scene for her new movie We’re The Millers with an open shirt on Monday (August 20) in Wilmington, N.C.

The 43-year-old actress was joined for the scene by her co-stars Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, and Will Poulter.

Earlier in the day, Jennifer walked around set showing off a ring, which appears to be her engagement ring. Over the weekend, Jen hid her hand in her pocket while making her way into a movie theater to watch the hit comedy The Campaign.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston flashing her bra on set…

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jennifer aniston flashes bra on were the millers set 01
jennifer aniston flashes bra on were the millers set 02
jennifer aniston flashes bra on were the millers set 03
jennifer aniston flashes bra on were the millers set 04
jennifer aniston flashes bra on were the millers set 05
jennifer aniston flashes bra on were the millers set 06
jennifer aniston flashes bra on were the millers set 07
jennifer aniston flashes bra on were the millers set 08
jennifer aniston flashes bra on were the millers set 09
jennifer aniston flashes bra on were the millers set 10

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures, SplashNewsOnline
Posted to: Emma Roberts, Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Will Poulter

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488 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Flashes Bra on 'We're The Millers' Set”

  1. 1
    mary Says:

    I cannot believe Aniston is playing a hooker. This should be funny.

  2. 2
    Nia Says:

    I may go watch this when it comes out.

  3. 3
    Alice Says:

    Congrats on your engagement, Jen. I wish you and Justin the best.

  4. 4
    seeaaaa Says:

    i think jen would have aged better if she didn’t get the botox a couple of years ago…im not too sure how i feel about the way she’s been looking in these stills…..

  5. 5
    april Says:

    Everybody is looking for a prince charming. Jen looks to have found hers later in life. Now, show me the ring! LOL!

  6. 6
    Sal Says:

    the look for this movie is for her to look a bit rundown living the fast life. Jen always looks good, but she’s in act mode here.

  7. 7
    jen Says:

    Congrats, Jen. Call me crazy, but I expect babies in the very near future.

  8. 8
    Lola Says:

    Wow, Jennifer’s age is really starting to show.

  9. 9
    kiana Says:

    this looks like a funny, entertaining movie… I may watch.

    Congrats on the engagement, girl!

  10. 10
    blondie Says:

    Well, this photo looks like Jen is really concentrating
    and trying to follow directions, and she seems sincere
    in her efforts.

    But will the crowd come to see it?

    Will the movie be given the green light
    and the financing???

    I might get a bootleg copy, if the movie gets

    I am waiting for Brad’s movies to come out,
    and for Angelina’s movie to come out.

    I enjoy movies that are really good, and that are
    well made….and that make sense, and that
    really entertain me.

  11. 11
    ella Says:

    Show us the ring Jennifer! Good luck with your wedding.

  12. 12
    Suzanne Says:

    Congrats girl on not giving up on love. Noone wants to grow old alone no matter what they say. Even if it means just having really close friends or a very good companion.

  13. 13
    mar Says:

    wow she looks bad. When her hair is off , her whole look is not good!

  14. 14
    ali Says:

    I look forward to seeing the wedding dress, but I would not be surprised if Jennifer had a really small, private wedding. Congrats!

  15. 15
    june Says:

    I do not know why people keep making negative comments about Jen’s look. She is playing a role, with a specific angle, styling, hair, makeup, and wardrobe. She is not playing Jennifer Aniston.

    Good luck Jen and congrats on the engagement.

  16. 16
    Ada Says:

    Show us the ring already! I bet it looks really nice and classy. When is the wedding? (I’m waiting for my invitation, lol)

  17. 17
    K Says:

    You mean she’s actually wearing a bra? Wow.

  18. 18
    kelly Says:

    Probably the most fug women who Hollywood tries to push on us as pretty.

  19. 19
    somali girl Says:

    Looks like an overly tanned man in a bra.

  20. 20
    Sia Says:

    I expect babies really soon too. I hope they want some in the near future. Good luck and congrats to her. She’s had a long road….

  21. 21
    Ken Says:

    Movie just does not look good – she really doesn’t choose roles with any range at all…

  22. 22
    ala Says:

    Congrats on the engagement, Jen.

  23. 23
    Bell Says:

    Hope you have found your happy ending. Cheers to you and Justin.

  24. 24
    Kim Says:

    Favors Barbra Streisand

  25. 25
    Xana Says:

    Aniston donated $500,000 to “Doctors Without Borders” – the most corrupt organization of faggots pretending to be doctors. What a trampozoid. She’s like Angelina Jolie except she’s not a drug addict.

  26. 26
    ja Says:

    that face……………………does not match the body.

  27. 27
    truth Says:

    one troll is too much for humanity

  28. 28
    Juliet Says:

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  29. 29
    Q Says:

    Love her

  30. 30
    Q Says:

    Best body ever

  31. 31
    M Says:


  32. 32
    HOT HOT HOT Says:


  33. 33
    M Says:


  34. 34
    Mike Says:

    Thanks Jj

  35. 35
    aha Says:

    Barbara Streisand is moooooore pretty and natural. Barb also has talent in acting and singing.
    This had has none. She is sure showing her age. Look at that belly.

  36. 36
    Jen Says:

    Amazing pics

  37. 37
    teddyrover Says:

    there’s more pics including a full body shot on boomsy!

  38. 38
    just saying Says:


  39. 39
    blondie Says:

    Speaking of Streisand, who we all love and adore…
    I can remember a time when Streisand was madly in love
    with a handsome young man that people loved to refer to as
    “the hairdressor.” I guess that many people thought that he
    was way beneath her, and they loved to joke about his worth
    being not up to par. Time passed and we all know how successful
    this handsome guy became.

    Who knows. Jen’s fellow might move up there
    and ride the great waves of success, with Jen
    by his side as they raise a half a dozen kids.

  40. 40
    Carmen Says:

    She is a horrible actress….Why do they keep asking her to keep making their movies?????? They never profit…………..Unbelievable…She always has to show her body some way or another, give it up Jennifer…..Who cares………… Why do she always pose half naked all the time on magazines? and have to show her body parts in all her movies????? your gross…….. Can’t you see after so many flops it does’t sell…she should.give it up…….Jennifer is not beautiful ……Jennifer is attractive and seem very sweet but enough is enough is enough ……I wish her and Justin happiness . Jennifer should…keep her clothes on now and keep her body hidden now even the whole world has seen it for your husband to be….It seems to me everyone thinks Jennifer is a girl next door type.. Which in my opinion Julianne Hough is what i call the perfect gijrl next door type and DROP DEAD BEAUTIFUL not should be ashame…..give up or speak up who ever is asking u to do this… i am not a hater i am older than u, i have no reason to hate u..just being honest…..

  41. 41
    Say it ain't so Says:

    Some of you are just bitter, shallow little people. @aha, her belly? She s in her mid 40′s there are 20 year olds with bigger bellies. You are the very reason women and now men have eating disorders. There is nothing wrong with the way Jen looks physically. You can dislike her but to tear her down for her body, is foolish and petty.

  42. 42
    JL Says:

    She controls her size stronger than anyone else.
    A beautiful belly.
    Everything is OK with her look.
    So many haters here just convince it.

  43. 43
    Muppet Face Aniston! Says:

    I see the same ol, same ol shots of Aniston and they say it’s her acting!!?? Same hair as her everyday self, same clothes as her everyday self, same facial expression as her everyday self, where’s the character is playing!!??? Oh, yeah she did not put on mascara! What a stretch, BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! This will be another bomb she can add to her collection of duds!

  44. 44
    poor heidi Says:

    it looks like she is filming The Bounty Hunter again. she looks so fug!!!

  45. 45
    JL Says:

    I see the same jealousy, the same hate and the same stupidness.

  46. 46
    bobbi Says:

    She widdled the bridge of her nose down to nothing. Sometimes more is better. She looked so pretty with her natural nose. Not eveyone in Hollywood should have a nose the size of a green pea.

  47. 47
    How Low Can Aniston Go?? Says:

    Playing a hooker at the ripe old age of 43.5!!?? That is something you do when you’re working your way up as a newby in the business, not when you’re suppose to be considered a seasoned pro! Hell Julie Roberts played her prostitute when she was in her 20′s and would look like a fool (like Aniston do) trying to play one now. Someone is given an already bad actress some really bad advice.

    She gives a new meaning to an “Old Ho!”

  48. 48
    Typical Jen fan Says:

    lol, that pic of her standing there frowning with her shirt open. She looks so pathetic!

  49. 49
    jilly Says:

    She looks gorgeous! I love her and I think this could be a very funny movie. Jen has her sexy bra out and Jolie has her blue vein out, ummm which one would you want to see?

  50. 50
    Superpop Says:

    Another flop for Jen!

  51. 51
    Sorry but your time is up Says:

    Did she have kids??? Oh, wait thats right. She’s 43 and childess. Angelina was the one who gave brith to a girl, and a set of twins! For Jen trying to come off as this super fit yoga actress, it sure dont look like it.

  52. 52
    dude Says:

    Brad Pitt is a fool to leave her for jolie.

  53. 53
    LOLOL Says:

    Look at Jen’s face. She looks like she’s having troulble processing a thought. Try not too think too hard, Jen. You dont want to give yourself a headache!

  54. 54
    LOLOL Says:

    Jen’s thought process: duuuurrrrrr

  55. 55
    Marcos Says:

    i hope she kills herself
    she’s so old, nobody wants her

  56. 56
    Superpop Says:

    Maybe she looks so angry because she just found out Justin used her credit card to buy her engagement ring!

  57. 57
    Josh Says:

    I’m sure Justin got her a cubic zirconia ring. LMAO

  58. 58
    hfdfds Says:

    She’s so ugly. It’s just pure makeup on her face and the media trying to make her look pretty. Angeline Jolie is way prettier. brad made a great decision. jennifer Aniston needs to f off, and just pay attention to getting more plastic surgery.

  59. 59
    hfdfds Says:

    she’s an idiot and just good to f*ck. vince must have had fun.

  60. 60
    gabi Says:

    jenn is the most beautiful woman on the planet. no questions asked. i mean it.

  61. 61
    Kikicohen Says:

    Ok, time to hang it up, Jen. Your glory days are over. Cannot rely on appearance anymore. She looks beyond haggard, poochy and lost her figure. And for the fans who defend her by saying this is for a role, I’m not talking about her clothes, hair, etc. It is very clear she has lost her youth.
    Many mid-40 year old women- who have had children, look better than her, and she has never had kids! This movie will bomb- just like her others!!

  62. 62
    Jen Says:

    Best wishes Jenny

  63. 63
    JL Says:

    what do you know about women beauty?
    How old are you? 18? 22? May be 14?
    You repeat the same things about her -
    this is a mental illness.
    Normal people see she is in her BEST age,
    and she will look great next year, and next 40 years else.
    And losers like you will write “sh is old and ugly”
    from year to year.
    Go talk about racism om this site.
    You and AGA are well known racist experts.

  64. 64
    Jen Says:


  65. 65
    Jen Says:

    I want to see it

  66. 66
    Jack Says:


  67. 67
    Jack Says:

    Jen rocks

  68. 68
    Jack Says:


  69. 69
    3 Says:


  70. 70
    3 Says:

    Good looking couple

  71. 71
    3 Says:


  72. 72
    JL Says:

    Hey kid,
    42 doesn’t mean old.
    Take a care about your mental health.
    Try to read a little.
    Magazines for men for example.
    When you’ll start you’ll get:
    MILLIONS of men want her.
    Do you know what does it mean – A MAN ?

  73. 73
    JL is Dolly Twins sister Says:

    Thanks God Brad Pitt left that barren cow, or he will be childless until he’s 90 year old!!

  74. 74
    JL is Dolly Twins sister Says:

    Richy rich ole old girl looks haggard … How about more fillers and plastic grandma …. and put extra on that Chichen lips while you are at it!!!

  75. 75
    JL Says:

    Hey, Twins Dolly,
    it’s much more better to stay childless
    than to born a ‘wonder’ like you.

  76. 76
    haha Says:

    Yes Jennifer, we know you own bras other than the built-in nipple ones. Try acting your soon to be 44 year old age for once.

  77. 77
    JL is Dolly twins sister Says:

    “Wondersluut” is already taken by your Richy Rich Rachel sugga mumma… run along to the hayway now, and play with your twins sista …

  78. 78
    JL Says:

    you’ll be 44 too.
    But you can’t get it without built-in brain.

  79. 79
    Kate Says:

    @kelly: Like Angelina Jolie? LOL

  80. 80
    Ghost Says:

    Classless bimbo , who can’t act………………..Love, The Ghost.

  81. 81
    JL is Dolly twins sister Says:

    Even with the fake nippy … shoving butts to the air with Joe Francis… and go Naked…. Without dragging AJ… and BP names in to the spin… IT WOULD BE Jen Aniston who??… Isn’t that’s right Jilly!!!…

  82. 82
    Rose Says:

    Angelina’s fans are so stupid!
    Why they came here to say sh*t about Jennifer? if you don’t like her, GET OUT! She’s fine without that a.s.s.h.o.l.e Brad, he and Angelina deserve each other (they are both miserable people and famewh*res who sell their children), you need to move on and leave Jennifer alone!
    Go back to school, stupid kids!

  83. 83
    sara Says:

    Classless Angelina fans. Why are you even here. Why do you stalk Jennifer. Oh yeah, you have no life.

    You will (try to) deny this, but you must envy Jennifer to follow her so much.

  84. 84
    Kikicohen Says:

    @JL: No, JL- you are the racist, anti-Semite- remember??? Whenever anyone posts anything you disagree with and that person hints at their nationality or religion, you attack them for their nationality or religion. Own your actions, lunatic- you have made negative comments about : Somalians, Jews, Blacks, and a couple other groups I cannot recall. As for posting negative comments about JA being a mental illness- I beg to differ- YOU are on this site 90% of the time, carrying on like an obsessed freak, over your idol. Were you her maid at one point, or perhaps her lawn man’s aunt, etc.?? I’ll bet you were and developed a lesbian crush- lol. You poor thing….

  85. 85
    JL is Dolly twins sister Says:

    Hello pan… Meet kettle…. Go to the JPs threads and look for your self… Who’s the one that behaves like a Stupid kids… Or…why don’t you visit the sick psychopath at FF Forum… Where Evils and Monsters individual are well and truly exist!!!!

  86. 86
    JL Says:

    I just told Jewish are smart and well organized people –
    May be you are not enough smart to get the truth ? :)

  87. 87
    lulu Says:

    She look so Old !

    She should accept her age and stop playing those twenty something or early thirty’s role , and stop trying to lookor pretend sexy . At almost 45 years of age, still playing hooker , goddess or girl friend role is Yucky ! leave this role to younger actress !

  88. 88
    JL Says:

    BTW kiki,
    what do you mean talking about Blacks?
    Don’t forget all our comments are here.
    It’s very easy to check every word.
    And I don’t remember any my against any religion.
    Can you tell me the number of comment?
    you are chip liar, not smart,
    and you make a wrong promo to your nation.

  89. 89
    JL Says:

    45 is the age of flourishing women – is it a big news for you?
    Jennifer is 43 – where are you hurry?
    And she doesn’t act 20 years old – no need.
    She looks great for the character she acts.

  90. 90
    Myscaloppe Says:

    @Lola: Good luck to you then for when you will be 43 haha

  91. 91
    Myscaloppe Says:

    @somali girl: I bet you know well about Somali tanned gifted men
    Let us se how YOU look

  92. 92
    df Says:

    Her face is so busted!
    Too much fillers combined with her gigantic ugly chin and thick nose make for one ugly face. I can’t get over her face. It looks like her Marley & Me face, too puffy.

    Look at her nose in this pic.. She looks like Miss Piggy

  93. 93
    just say Says:

    While jolie sent a world humanitarian messages, this lady flashes her bra.. Hmm…

  94. 94
    jenny Says:

    playing a hooker is a hoot since she’s basically worked out of the Sunset Towers in L.A. for the last 5 years. Revolving door, revolving men. Ka-ching!
    Say did you read the blind where Jenny likes guys to tell her how young and tight she is? bwhahaha! Mid.Life.Crisis.

  95. 95
    anna Says:

    @mar: duhh it’s for the movie! It’s how the character dresses, not her!

  96. 96
    JL Says:

    @just say: Jolie had demonstrated much more interesting parts comparing to bra.
    Watch out GIA.

  97. 97
    1000 Says:


  98. 98
    1000 Says:

    Haters Out

  99. 99
    1000 Says:

    I like her stayle

  100. 100
    1000 Says:


  101. 101
    Xiolablu Says:

    It’s babs!

  102. 102
    anch Says:

    ”Return of the Chin” thats maniston next movie.

  103. 103
    michelle Says:

    put it away you old hag.. nobody wants to see it. oh and probably another bomb film as well.

  104. 104
    anch Says:

    Everytime they show Maniston chin on JJ they should put a black label to cover it. That chin is disgusting.

  105. 105
    anch Says:


  106. 106
    AGA Says:

    She must be playing a low-class hooker bc that bra is terrible,nothing sexy or enticing about it. If this movie fails,I don’t see how she could get another acting gig,after her collection of failures.
    I think of JA as a celebrity now,not an actress. The money men are not going to throw there money at duds for much longer. Just bc JA has fans,it obviously does not translate to people going to see her movies.

  107. 107
    AGA Says:

    Oh & Jen flashing an ugly Bra,while Ange sends out a beautiful message to Humanitarians–LMAO

  108. 108
    realist Says:

    That ring is part of her characters wardrobe. Actors don’t wear their personal jewellery in movies. If Jen got engaged you would know it because she would be showing that thing off…like she likes to show her body. Why do so many people believe anything they read regardless if there’s any proof? Especially with Jen, why would she be hide her ring?

  109. 109
    ann h Says:

    Top of Just Jared page:
    Angelina Jolie – World Humanitarian Day Message.
    Jennifer Aniston Flashes Bra
    I rest my case.

  110. 110
    just say Says:

    @sara: i’m sorry i just cant resist when i saw the headline on justjared.. Its just too fuuuuunnny.. Ok ok you are rite i hv my final presentation tomorrow. I should go back to work..

  111. 111
    blah Says:

    wh0rhelina faggs are attacking again… no life in them…

  112. 112
    blah Says:

    @just say:
    pls don’t show your bra at presentation, cuz no one wants to see saggy tits and fat belly!

  113. 113
    Had to laugh Says:

    Someone said on another post that, in no time, she will be showing skin and here it is. Had to laugh, when I saw that she was right.

  114. 114
    JL Says:

    Poor Jolie’s fans are happy because of HEADLINES :)
    Headlines its’ just the words – blah-blah-blah…
    Look at the REALITY:
    Jennifer acts in the new movie,
    we can see her luxury body,
    everything is good.
    What about Jolie?
    Coming back to “humanitarian” acting.
    Pervert woman acts a saint person
    sending a ‘message’.
    This “message” is important just for her poor fans… :)

  115. 115
    Xana Says:

    JL you are right. Angelina Jolie is a drug addict, pervert, scumbag tramp. She almost caused a new WAR in the Balkans.

  116. 116
    pumpkin Says:

    Please hide your saggy boobs. It’s unappropriate for a 43 year old. Considering she never breastfed I guess she must have been milked. Your boobs don’t get saggy for nothing. Poor old useless talentless cow. And yet some people are talking about what is important and what is not. Sending a message out to the world on a World Humanitarian Day is of course less important than a 43 year old nobody flashing her bra. She is useless to this world as an actress and as a human being.

  117. 117
    Seguro de salud Says:

    she is so cute!!!!

  118. 118
    JL Says:

    “…she is useless…” – said pumpkin
    enjoying the boobies.
    What are you doing here, moron?

  119. 119
    pumpkin Says:


    Just came back from my second holiday, thanks for asking. How about you? Did you spend the entire summer behind the computer insulting everybody who doesn’t agree with you? How sad. Enjoying the boobies? Thanks for asking, but hell no. There is just nothing to look at and enjoy.

  120. 120
    Jester Says:

    She can’t show you her ring it’s “PRIVATE”

  121. 121
    Evelin Says:

    woo! Gonna be a great movie!

  122. 122
    blah Says:

    O and u spend two holidays reading comments on Jen Aniston, That is what I call a fan :) Thank U :D

  123. 123
    aha Says:

    This old hag is trying soooo hard to be sexy. Pathetic.
    Considering that this old hag does not have any kid and yet look at that sagging belly and thick calves, and the whole body. VERY CRAPPY.
    Justin the gold digger has struck gold with this old hag. They may get marry but will divorce and Justin the gold digger will get his millions and married his ex young beautiful girlfriend of many years.

  124. 124
    susan Says:

    I don’t come here often at all but am quite surprised how many negative (clearly jealous) comments there are about Jen. She’s a lovely woman who is successful and beautiful and has never done anything to any of you. She has an enviable body that I’m sure most of you want (but would never admit it).

  125. 125
    susan Says:

    Oh, and men voted her “Sexiest Woman of All Time”. Doesn’t matter what you jealous girls and women say, it doesn’t change how most men think. You could learn something from Jen.

  126. 126
    aha Says:


  127. 127
    aha Says:

    There is nothing about her that is good.
    Come on her best friend is stinky outdoor toilet mouth Chelsea Handler.
    If she is soooo sexy why REAL MEN just dont find her worth to be a soulmate. Now she has to settle for a gold digger.

  128. 128
    aha Says:


  129. 129
    LOL Says:


    You are as delusional as your idol…….hahahahaha….birds of a feather flock together…….hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  130. 130
    Kikicohen Says:

    @pumpkin: Welcome back, Pumpkin- refreshing to read your insightful comments, as I always agree with them! JL is in full defense mode, so BEWARE….

  131. 131
    Lily Says:

    When does this movie come out? :D

  132. 132
    Kikicohen Says:

    @susan: Do you honestly believe those polls? They are given to a small number of men, in a small pool of demographics, therefore, the outcomes are entirely meaningless.
    These “polls” are akin to medical studies that use only 100 or so patients in the study and then those patients are from a very specific demographic, for the purpose of arriving at a very predictable outcome. These studies are worthless. I’m not knocking your opinions of JA at all, just trying to shed light on the realities of polls- regardless of whom gets the titles.

  133. 133
    anch Says:

    I am mesmerise and lost or words by the size of Maniston chin.Please for the love of the human race cover up that chin. Please Maniston do it for the kids around the world who are having nightmares about your chin.Poor kids no longer count sheeps they count chins.The horror!

  134. 134
    huh? Says:

    @anch: what exactly are you talking about? Sounds like a personal chin problem/obsession of your own.

  135. 135
    hi Says:

    The fringe doesn’t suit her as it doesn’t most people. She should never have fringe on her face. She looks much better with long flowing hair.

  136. 136
    angelica Says:

    @anch: You sound jealous. Eva Mendes has a chin than is much more pronounced and bigger than Jen’s but I don;t see anyone calling her ugly. It’s something that makes both women unique and beautiful. You obviously have personal anger issues and much hatred towards someone that has nothing to do with you..or did Jen steal your boyfriend at some point and you are now a bitter lonely loser?

  137. 137
    JL Says:

    @susan: You are right Susan,
    Jennifer IS the Sexiest Woman of All Times.
    ‘Men’s Health” is a magazine for serious successful guys
    caring about all the aspects of the life.
    These guys have an experience and know what is really great in this world.

  138. 138
    anch Says:

    @angelica: Come on you know it, Maniston chin is humongous.You could hang a coat on Maniston chin.

  139. 139
    Duh Says:

    @JL: Awe, she is not to be taken seriously, only seen as a sex symbol. I guess you Jen hens can ride on that forever. Notify me when she is noticed for her “talents.” lmfao

  140. 140
    Duh Says:

    Eat your hearts out Jen hens:
    “Now, Meanie understands wanting to go with someone unconventional. In fact, Meanie has long considered unconventionality to be much sexier than any sort of cookie-cutter norm. But Jennifer?… Well, let us simply say that Meanie does not find her all that unconventional. Meanie also doesn’t find dear Jen terribly funny, and given that Men’s Health is using “funny” as their primary criterion… Meanie is sure you can see where the problem lies, kittens. Jen has made a career more or less playing the same character over and over and over again; she has, indeed, starred in “a string of bland romantic comedies” (He’s Just Not Into You, much?); and she lacks the one quality that the best of the funny bunch invariably have: the all important ability to laugh at herself. When something unfortunate happens to Jen, she doesn’t admit it hurts, then crack a joke about it. Rather, she walls in it, sometimes for years (see: Brad Pitt). Is Meanie alone in thinking that wallowing in self-pity is just about the least sexy thing any one person can do?”

  141. 141
    JL Says:

    Jennifer has a character and a will power
    and people LOVE AND RESPECT HER.
    No need to worry about her future career.

  142. 142
    and so we begin.... Says:

    People on here that call a woman or man in their 40′s old, are either teenagers or 20-30 somethings that had their lover stolen by someone in their 40′s. Newsflash…..we all get older, some of us age better than others, but you will all be that age someday, unless someone kills you for being an obnoxious idiot with no brains!

  143. 143
    Heather Says:

    Some real nuts here. Stalking Jennifer online. Posting silly, stupid comments about her that only Jennifer “haters” actually believe. Get a life y’all. Is this really what makes you feel important in life. Look in the mirror someday and you’ll realize how much you have wasted on a woman who doesn’t even care to know you exist. Just saying it as I see it.

  144. 144
    and so we begin.... Says:

    @Heather: The green eyed monsters show up for each and every thread about Jen. They claim to hate her, yet appear to be obsessed with her. The proof is the mere fact that they just can’t leave her threads alone.

  145. 145
    Heather Says:

    @and so we begin….: The obsession is very weird. They clearly envy Jennifer (yet deny it through posts all day long). What a pitiful life they choose.

  146. 146
    JL Says:

    Some of them are well informed and well ORGANIZED.
    It doesn’t look like a casual spontaneous commenting.

  147. 147
    and so we begin.... Says:

    I honestly don’t understand why people can’t like both of these women. Although the way Brangelina did her was a little tasteless, to say the least, it’s over and done with and all parties have moved on and seem to be enjoying their lives.

    And, seriously, comparing these two women is absolutely ridiculous. They are completely different types of people, as well as different types of actresses. Jolie does the sexy knife weilding psycho’s and murderers, and Jen does romantic comedy and regular comedies. And for someone here, with no connections and information about Hollywood and it’s studios, to claim that one, or the other is worthless at their job, is just showing their ignorance. The studios don’t spend the money they do, on these ladies salaries, if they don’t bring in the money for them.

    Basically, Jen is a “Doris Day” type, and Jolie is a “Davis or Crawford” type in terms of what they do onscreen, and I’ve enjoyed movies bay all three. One is no better or relevent to the studios. They have their genres and do it well. We need comedies as much as we need action or drama movies, we can’t only have one without the other, that would be awful. They should both be respected for what they can do, because they obviously do it well. Additionally, you cannot blame the actors for lousy scripts or direction/editing either. Most times, when a movie bombs, it has little to do with the actors than it has to do with writers and directors, and editors that sometimes leave the best stuff on the cutting room floor.

    Seriously, if we are to truly compare an actors ability, we must compare apples to apples. I don’t think, for one minute, that Jolie could make me laugh anymore than Jen could make me believe she could shoot me without batting an eyelash.

  148. 148
    EWW! Says:

    Anustain’s face is looking run down and Fugly. Moreover, no one’s jealous of the aging botoxed, ashtray breathe, leatherface, no range whiner. Didn’t her own mother say that she was unattractive too???

  149. 149
    and so we begin.... Says:

    @Heather: It always looks like it’s their job to bash this woman. Then when you confront them on their hatefulness, they tell you about some idiot, that is not you, that posted that the JP’s children should all die in a firey plane crash. As if it’s something you, yourself wrote. There’s obsessive fans on both sides, but in terms of real hatefull posts, the Brangie fans take the cake in both meanness and amount of posts on Jens threads. Most Jen fans don’t come to this site because this is the home of the Brangie fans/Jen haters. And it’s just tiresome to read the hate constantly, especially when they appear to make up lies and convince each other about it. I mean, one of the longest standing lies is Mayer peeing on Jen. Now, tell me where either Jen or John EVER mentioned that happened?? It didn’t, but it’s what they now BELIEVE to be factual, yet cannot ever prove it was said by either of them.

  150. 150
    and so we begin.... Says:

    @EWW!: And you are….12?

  151. 151
    are you for real Says:

    To and so we begin… Angie fans take the cake you say… I think not… You compare one Jen fan who says JP’s children should all die in a fiery plane crash or Jp fan’s should all die, die die??? The above comments vs a JP fan saying that Mayer peeing on Jen?? Are you for real? Au contraire and in reality, it’s Jen fans that are in the wrong and delusional.

  152. 152
    JL Says:

    The result of stealing can’t be good.
    This story is not about movie genres.
    It’s about different OUTLOOKS.
    I’m sure Jolie can calm down 90 % of hate
    saying publicly: I WAS WRONG.
    But she starts improving her publicity across
    United Nation and other pr technologies…
    She prefers the informational war against Aniston…
    SO Jolie has her portion of peoples hate in to response.

  153. 153
    and so we begin.... Says:

    @are you for real: All I can say to you is…..I believe that you believe that. And my proof is this thread. Count how many hateful comments to how many nice comments. And at least Jens fans don’t have to make up phony stories about AJ to like Jen. AJ has done enough of her own to allow people to see her with a jaundiced view. Jens fans don’t have to lie about AJ to to make Jen appear better than AJ.

  154. 154
    and so we begin.... Says:

    @are you for real: So were you the one who made up the story about Mayer peeing on Jen? If not, can you show me where it’s stated by either of the two involved that it actually happened?

  155. 155
    anch Says:

    Maniston is so stupid…. she wears a wig with a chin strap.

  156. 156
    anch Says:

    Maniston has more chin than chinnese phonebook.

  157. 157
    anch Says:

    Maniston or Chinderella which sounds better?

  158. 158
    and so we begin.... Says:

    Ahh how nice, the kiddies are back on the playground for recess, haha.

  159. 159
    JL Says:

    what do you think about Angelina JoLEG ?
    Her LEG is her only sexual part.
    Brad has sex just with the LEG.
    But LEG loves women.

  160. 160
    aha Says:

    Raquel Welch at 72 yo is much sexier than this old hag Jen.
    Google Raquel Welch and u all see how sexy and beautiful this woman.
    Old hag Jen is so fake that men ran out of the door when they see all of her fakiness.

  161. 161
    Heather Says:

    @and so we begin….: Thanks, now this site makes more sense. Too much trash talk that is full of lies that don’t even make sense. Definitely seems like someone from Angelina’s side is paying a few people to stalk Jennifer online. You couldn’t pay me to do what they do.
    Here’s the funny thing. I just tried to thumbs up your comment and it assumed a thumbs down. I guess Just Jared rigs those against Jennifer. At least play fair…organized bashing…not a site for me.

  162. 162
    As if... Says:

    Everyone wants to know why there is so much hate on Jen’s threads…Let me do the honors…Angelina Jolie went after Jen’s very famous husband Brad from the start of filming Mr & Mrs…Jolie chased Brad from place to place and from hotel to hotel during the premier of Troy…Brad was struggling with his mid-life crisis and wanted kids immediately…Jen was not yet ready…Jolie made promises to get pregnant right away if he left his wife…He was seen days before He and Jen announced their split…He was all over Jen…Hugging and kissing on his wife he loved very much…Jolie saw the pics and aggressively started calling him and making promises…She went after him knowing he was a married man as she has done so many other times in the past…Brad was confused and decided to go for Jolie…Jen let him go and then the golden couple announced they had split…As always Jen remained the classy one and kept her mouth shut to this day…Jolie made good on her promise to give Brad a bio child…He had no idea what he was getting his self into or how much his career and Jen would suffer for his and Jolies sins…Because Jen landed on her feet and everyone hates Jolie that is why a handful of Jolie fans have obsessed over this triangle and the fact that Jen has everything she ever wanted in life and Jolie is stuck in a loveless relationship with a man she trapped…I feel certain that Brad loves his kids, but does not love Jolie the way he did Jen and never will…But he is stuck…He cannot walk out on six kids at this point…Jolies reputation was horrible before she decided that Brad and Jen should not be together anymore, but after that, she knows she is done in Hollywood…They tolerate her at best and that burns her fans up…They won’t put any blame on Jolie even though they know she was sleeping with Brad while he was still married to Jen and had no plans to leave her…I agree that Brad and Jolie should have come clean in the beginning…They may have had a chance to keep their careers alive…They chose to lie and play the humanitarian PR card…To this day it has not worked for them and they are not any closer to having the respect from Hollywood that they, well Brad once had…When you are a person that steals men whether they are married, engaged, or have a baby on the way (Colin Farrell) you cannot expect to have respect from anyone…When you admit to the things Jolie has admitted to and lie over and over again, people tend to hate…When you french kiss your brother on national television, people tend to hate (and puke)…Jen is at the best place in her life she could possibly be…She has a great man, tons of movie offers and the respect of all of Hollywood…She is worth as much money alone as the Jolie/Pitts are worth together and she didn’t get any of that money from Brad…So she is showing her bra while she is in character playing a hooker…At least she is not known for being the trashiest hooker to ever hit Hollywood!!!! Poor Brad…He got the worst part of the deal in this triangle…Jolie has hurt so many people in her life…When Karma hits this woman, it will hit hard and fierce!

  163. 163
    anch Says:

    @As if…: Poor Chinderella

  164. 164

    @As if…:
    What’s with the delusional fanfic? Aren’t there sites specifically devoted to this kind of female immaturity.
    Sweetie, you need to look in the mirror and tell yourself YOU DO NOT KNOW THESE PEOPLE. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. Now repeat that until you come to your senses. Foolish woman.

  165. 165
    To #164 Says:

    Yeah, there are threads for low life trash like you that worship wh@res like Jolie on this very site, but you are on Jen’s thread by your choice. You must be interested in Jen or you would not be here. So many of the J/P fans are just as ignorant as you. You can’t handle the truth so you hide on Jen’s threads. Jen rocks this site!!!!!!!!

  166. 166
    anch Says:

    I bet when Justin is having sex with Chinderella he is actually thinking of Angelina Jolie.To be honest I think Chinderella is thinking is of Brad Pitt when shes having sex with Eddie munster.

  167. 167
    anch Says:

    @To #164: U mean Maniston rocks the chin

  168. 168
    Twinkle Says:

    Jen seems like a ****** to me. Can’t seem to get that she’s a washed out actress who tried and tried to get into movies that bombed everytime at the box office.

    Once again, her photo here shows she’s trying to be sexy and arouse people.

    Plain dumb “fake” blonde.

  169. 169
    telling the truth Says:

    angelina jolie s the most demagogue actress of hollywood

  170. 170
    Sierra Says:

    I just love Jen! I can’t wait to see the movie. She is good in any movie role she plays. I think her an Justin will make it. The wedding and the birth of her first child will be mega news!

  171. 171
    Blondie Says:

    Horribly stuck in the past,
    to the point that she might not be able to concentrate
    on her movie role,
    on the scripts,
    her fake relationships,
    or on the important things in life, in my opinion.

    What will happen to this movie?
    Will it flop?
    Will anyone in their right mind
    go to the theatre and pay money to watch it?

    Let’s take a poll.

    Will watch it.
    Will NOT watch it.

  172. 172
    Blondie Says:

    Will they change the name of the movie,
    in order to confuse us?

    Will that change the script:
    from Ticky being a paid “HOE”‘
    to being a stripper, and then to being a pole dancer?

    In my opinion: When you go to see the movie,
    Ticky will merely be a Tupperware Salesperson!!! Ha ha ha ha.

    Change the title.
    Change the script.
    Change the release date a million times.

    The end effect: FLOP….in my own opinion.

    Waste of time, money, and effort.
    But the tabloids has so much fun,
    and Ticky got her face splashed all over the place,
    and her name got mentioned on televison
    about a dozen times.

    The pet dogs just loved it.

  173. 173
    Blondie Says:

    Jen has brain cancer?

    No. To harsh.

    Jen has a bleeding ulcer?
    No. I can not spell it right.

    Jen has a lung disease?
    No. Too young.

    What sad story will the tabloids make up about our Tick.

    OH!!! I know:

    Jen attacked my pet dogs
    and chewed into 50 million tiny pieces,
    as Justin faints at the sight of the red stuff
    that squirts across the room and onto the walls and ceiling.

    Nothing left but Jen’s lips
    that whisper: Tell Brad….that I…..will be…a legend…
    just like….a real star….after I rott in the ground, like Norman.

  174. 174
    sullivan Says:

    Poor old girl. She’s in her mid 40s and she still has to use her boobs to sell a movie. Of course, her boobs are better actors than she is.

  175. 175
    MJ Says:

    @As if…: Poor woman! No wonder why you like Anuston too much because both of you sounds so PATHETIC. I am sure you heard Brad Pitt said many times that his marriage to that merger wife was DULL and BORING that it turned him into a donut and you and other Anuston’s idiot fans were calling him out for telling the truth. There are many Brad Pitt’s interviews out there claiming that he was the one who chased Angie all over the world that he never stop until Angie said yes to his proposal. Your story is exactly the opposite of what happened. During Troy premiere in Cannes festival, Angie had a movie to promote too but during the party, Angie tried to stay away from Brad, she did not attend but Brad was looking for her and wanted to go home early and at the time Anuston noticed it, so they had an argument. Wow! how amazing that you tried to reverse the whole story. And you should not be shock by now how Anuston’s behavior right before the split. When Anuston split from Brad, Vince V. and of course who can forget about John Mayer, they were seen kissing but maybe it was just a goodbye kiss. I am sure you remembered Anuston and John Mayer what they did before the split, they attended the Oscar and someone reported it that Anuston was saying to John Mayer ” I love every inch of you” and after the Oscar, Anuston got kicked out to the curb by John Mayer. Poor woman. Well you maybe right for something about Angie, oh! boy! she really in deed got a good karma on the other hand, Anuston got the bad karma. Oh! well! God really knows who deserves His blessing. And we Angie fans are lovin’ it. Oh! Yeah! baby.

  176. 176
    JL Says:

    @As if…: Good comment.
    Look at the reaction!
    See? They say you rewrite the history! :)

  177. 177
    JL Says:

    Blondy call the doctor immediately!

  178. 178
    Dream on Says:

    @As if…:
    Wow… I didn’t know that you know BP and AJ the BIGGEST STARS IN HW so well… Where your poor Jen had to paid and BUY everything to keep her erelavant… hanging on to the JPs coattails to this day!
    Indeed… You cannot expect to have respect from anyone…. When you are a person who steal a man, weather they are married or living together with someone for as long as 14 years … she had to lie and play the goodie2 two shoes to gain a simpathy .. When it come to poor Jen, she can’t do no wrong .. KARMA already hit the poor Jen in her humanggus Chin, If being dump by so many man in 7 years and ending up having to steal (a nobody) someone boyfriend of 14 years … and her only friend she have left is Chelshiit HOndler with the stickiest mouth in HW… I don’t know what Karma is…. DONT We all know from the “Friends” days that WHO’s having the most money is poor Jen, MAIN and ONLY concern… BP said his marriage to your poor Jen IS a merger on a National TV long before AJ … His marriage to poor Jen is A DEAD END…. End of STORY!

  179. 179
    Dream on Says:

    I meant to say the Stinkiest mouth.

  180. 180
    JL Says:

    Why to blame JA for “stealing” Heidi’s boyfriend?
    Is Justin a little kid?
    Looks like Justin is not responsible for his actions…
    Justin wants a better career so Heidi is in the past.
    Or not?

  181. 181
    Celine Says:

    I’ll watch this! I will surely love Jen in this movie…

  182. 182
    Celine Says:

    I will surely love Jen in her new Movie.

  183. 183
    Julia Says:

    Um hello, Maniston is fugly!

    Wonder how long it will take Justin to run?!!!

    Hi Brangelinas, love your family!

  184. 184
    JL Says:

    There is no Brangelina’s family.
    There is a kindergarten.
    6 innocent beautiful b.a.s

  185. 185
    pumpkin Says:


    Blah, read again, please. Came back from a holiday and checked the comments. So what? I didn’t spend my holidays reading them. Only crazy obsessed fans could do that. I read these comments cause it’s funny to see how much **** people write. All clear?

  186. 186
    pumpkin Says:


    Thanks, Kikicohen. And for the warning too. A certain somebody is not only defensive but also insulting and totally nuts. I hope strong meds and a white benetton jacket will soon be given to this poor person.

  187. 187
    JL Says:

    @pumpkin: It’s so pity that one commenter’s mommy didn’t use a durable Benetton condom.

  188. 188
    Liverwurst Says:

    Obviously she’s working on set Jared.

  189. 189
    Liverwurst Says:

    I find it highly amusing how loons continually post on JA threads that Jennifer isn’t relevant and yet she obviously is to them.She still holds the power of their posting in the palm of her lovely hand;-)

  190. 190
    JL Says:

    This is an obsession + material interest.

  191. 191
    anch Says:

    JL you really are maniston chin.

  192. 192
    JL Says:

    Yes, I am.
    I can bite you – keep the distance.

  193. 193
    Harley Rucas Says:

    I like her on movies

  194. 194
    MJ Says:

    Why is Anuston did not wear her engagement ring yet? I’m just wondering. Maybe, (1) Justin forgot to order yet (2) Justin cannot afford to buy the ring that Anuston demanded (3) both of them don’t have enough money to buy the ring, they are just waiting for the kick back from the sales of the tabloids (4) it was just a pretend engagement anouncement arranged by Anuston’s PR pitbull machine as always, another pretend something that Anuston loves doing it, cannot do it by her own merit, just to calm her down her nerves from all the media frenzy about Brad and Angie’s wedding (5) no ring means anuston can deny it later that it was just a lie from the media that she has nothing to do with it (6) Justin did not sign the extended contract because Heidi did not agree with it yet. Anuston and Huvane are so PATHETIC. More BAD KARMA will come to Anuston and Huvane which is good.

  195. 195
    pumpkin Says:


    It’s a pity that you still don’t get it. It’s so obvious that you don’t understand what I mean when I say you desperately need a white Benetton jacket. Or could I be wrong and you do understand? But in the end I don’t give a damn if you do or you don’t.

  196. 196
    As if... Says:

    Looks like I struck a nerve…Truth hurts don’t it??? lmfao…Jen owns the J/P fans azz……bruhahahahahaha

  197. 197
    NAN Says:

    Really As if ……?
    BP&JA were Kaput & DeadEnd since Jan 03.
    JA got angry at BP falling in love with AJ not from a Setup blind date with JA.
    BP can Producing BaBy-Babies with his real love Ms.Angelina.
    Look at JA today Dolly’s friend (As if….) No Man,No Baby,No Love
    JA’s $100+ Millions can’t buy Happiness.
    She is still Lonely,Empty and Cray Cray with her Dogs + Mr.Geangolo.
    7+ years JA is still looking for love and happiness,but she cannot admitts it that she is the loser like her dogs.

  198. 198
    Aspen Says:

    It must be awful to be so bitter and ugly. Aniston has problems starting at home, who in the world hate their own mother like she does. Knowing that she hates her own mother explains why she can’t have relationship with any men or women? I seriously think she has problems and she pays a lot of money to lie about her life, her looks and made up stories she can because she has money. Even one of her former bff has dumped her too such as EvaL was on tv talking so nice about Ms Angelina. I bet CC finally figured out Aniston. I wish Brad and his family continued happiness, good health and more children.

  199. 199
    as it is Says:

    Today flashes bra. Tomorrow flashes her tits!!

  200. 200
    Dream on Says:

    wow… Didn’t know that JL is so Smart… Exactly…. bullseye…..
    Is Brad Pitt a little Kid???
    @As if…:
    Hello kettle… Take off your Rose colour glasses sometimes So you can stop beating you very own azz down … Imfao… and say hello to all your fellow Trollniston that park their asses at the Jolie Pitt threads for the pass 7 years and still counting…. Who’s own who’s azz again??

  201. 201
    JL Says:

    Yes, Brad was like a little kid with his “I want children!!!… NOW !!!….”

  202. 202
    JL Says:

    @Aspen:Would be correct to ask: who in the world hates her own daughter?
    Jennifer still keeps the contact with Jane Pitt. Why? May be because she misses mother?

  203. 203
    JL Says:

    whats wrong with Jennifer’s dogs?
    Why must they be losers?
    I don’t think the dog whose owner has 100 M+ has a bad life.
    I guess their life is better comparing to many Jolie fans. :)

  204. 204
    Maniston is a Homewreker w*ore Says:

    That’s funny, haven’t you seen or read how close Jane Pitt and Angelina Pitt are? Poor Maniston, hating her real mother that she has to deny the existence of her own mother and prefer calling others her mother. Also she hangs on to Brad’s mother who concurred the son dump her. You are going to far with this shot. Yes, we know Justin’s family can’t stand the fat Maniston and prefer the petite, younger, fertile Heidi over the rich menopausal twat. AARP Maniston!

  205. 205
    anch Says:

    To JL: Ill be honest with you I used to be a big supporter of Jen and Brad I thought they were the perfect couple and i wish they will last forever.But I remenber in 2001 Jen gave and interview saying she was ready to have kids with Brad after FRIENDS was over in 2002 I was happy for them, then 2002,2003 and 2004 past bye and no kids,so Aniston lie to him she care more about her movie carrer than having a family.So can u blame Brad Pitt for leaving her,the only person Aniston cares about the most is herself.So my point is this take Angelina out of the picture and I think Brad would of left her anyways.

  206. 206
    JL Says:

    she promised kids and she had two miscarriages. Understand?

  207. 207
    Heidi B Says:

    Imagine all the men who used Anuston and are now in happy relationships and with children. She chased after the men in her movies and ran them away. I mean she tried cupcakes to Gerard and he refused. She stages her PR picture takings of her in bathing suits with all of her men to make it look like as if she was naturally sunbathing with Vince, John, Gerard in Mexico, JT, and we all know she is full of sht. JT is not stupid, he is squeezing milk from the cow to feed the real housewife. Now guess, who is the real winner?!!! Boyah!

  208. 208
    anch Says:

    @JL: But my main point is this JL she had a good thing going for her and she blew it.

  209. 209
    JL Says:

    Do you think would be better to adopt 2 kids to satisfy Brads “I WANT” ?
    Jennifer knows a lot about so called “family values”.
    You may see Brad with all his Benetton Club – is it a happiness?
    In a year-two Pa[ and Maddox will start smoking, and rest of ……ing.
    You’ll see Brad’s face…
    BBT was not stupid leaving Jolie because of her obsession with adoption.
    Jennifer has her own way. She is a great person and a very talented actress.

  210. 210
    anch Says:

    @JL: You have problems I can understand when you bash Brad and Angelina when you start picking at their kids is just sad. JL i think Brad leaving Jen has affected your life and you need some help.You have to accept that Brad is happy with Angelina. Aniston blew it and you know this, stop living in bubble JL.

  211. 211
    JL Says:

    Don’t you know about Joli’s dream to publish an own Benetton catalog for US market? A very profitable thing. That is why ‘all the colors’ is the best promo to this business.
    I wish all the best to all the kids and I hope they will never do the things Jolie did.
    Aniston blew nothing. She is not for kitchen, for pumpers, for all this sh*t. She was born for Art, for bringing Beauty, for Painting, for Acting – why people think she blew something? She lives in accordance with her heart. It’s correct.

  212. 212
    LOLOL Says:

    Aniston said yes to marry this LOSER:

    sucks to be a fan…

  213. 213
    Wilvolunteer4Brangiecauses Says:

    To JL – honey, I don’t know what you’ve been smoking, but it ain’t the cigarette! North Carolina humidity getting to the old brain?

  214. 214
    pumpkin Says:


    Wtf are you talking about? Aniston being born for art, painting, acting, bringing beauty??? Now you really lost it. Your idol was born just for flashing her bra. She is no good at doing anything else. Sad, but true.

  215. 215
    JL Says:

    @pumpkin: Bra looks great,
    but is quilty you are able to see just a bra?

  216. 216
    JL Says:

    sorry: but who is guilty you are able to see just a bra?

  217. 217
    LOLOL Says:

    I think JL is Aniston’s avitar when she’s super doped up. What a dope!

  218. 218
    Dream on Says:

    Holly … Wacca … Molly…. Thank you for the good laugh … ROTFLMAO
    I bet Chinny chin chin can’t hardly wait to marry this LOSER, indeed…. MMHHUUAAHHAAHHHAAHHAAA…..

  219. 219
    yep Says:

    love jen! stop showing the movie though!

  220. 220
    haha Says:

    That BS about Aniston having miscarriages started from Marley and Me and the tabloids. If Aniston ever did have a miscarriage back then, it is because she was taking hormones (male) so she could stay thin, not to mention—sniff, sniff, toke, toke.
    Ever notice how Maniston tries to get a script changed in a movie so she can manipulate her fans even more? Hell, the woman has taken movie roles to manipulate people. Wake up!

    JL, get some damn help. Even Aniston went for TWENTY plus years, although all she learned was how to manipulate people more. If you start going to therapy at 17 years old to see why your boyfriends all leave you, well nowwwwwwwww….

  221. 221
    anch Says:

    JL please get some help your obsession with Aniston is kind of scary.Maybe you should see a shrink and explain you love affair with a person you have never met.You need to get some treatment.

  222. 222
    anch Says:

    @JL: I will remenber your quotes saying ” She is not for kitchen, for pumpers, for all this sh*t because if she does become pregnant u will be jumping for joy

  223. 223
    JL Says:

    Poor-poor anch!
    Are you nobody’s fan?
    So sad.
    Try to search Mickey Mouse site – may be this is your level…

  224. 224
    JL Says:

    the second miscarriage was in 2005.
    “Marley And Me” – it’s 2010.
    Read the press a little.
    Lack of men attention – it’s not about Jennifer.
    The therapy was to improve he self confidence.
    It was started since the time she had enough money to pay.
    At the age of 17 she was busy with finding a good work.

  225. 225
    jilly Says:

    @JL: Don’t even waste your time with these idiots to defend Jen. They are hired by JP to trash her and BLESS Jolie (the Satan) like a moron. NO MISCARRIAGE, she is an independent woman who didn’t want to trap the stupid Brad with 16 kids, go kill yourselves hens. You’re all simpletons and deserve an idol like Jolie who is one of the trashiest people in the world.

  226. 226
    Dream on Says:

    Hallelujah … at least one of the moron who hired by Nippleton know the Truth…. “NO MISCARRIAGES”….. Nippy always to busy making her millions, so she can remaking herself …
    If buying and befriended ONE OF THE ” TRASHIEST ChelSHIIT stinky HOndler ” is not the TRASHIEST and the LOWEST of TRASH…. I don’t know what is… Oh yes… INDEPENDENT and classy alright… To used trash ( the SATAN) to bad mouthed her enemies.
    Who’s Justin again? He’s a Fvcking no body…. Known only for doing BRAD PITT ex-wife!!

  227. 227
    haha Says:


    Oh, big whoop to you. Jennifer Aniston signed up for 6 movies, I can see having an abortion cause a “messy kid” might get in the way of “next an Oscar” or cause she was worried about what all that co.caine and male hormones might do to a fetus. I do, I will, I can or whatever she said–she reminds me of Kate Gosselin without the kids… narcissistic, neurotic and nuts.

  228. 228
    Li12 Says:

    EWW Gad The Chin is fug no matter how much she spends on that face she can’t move the skinny lips to smile. LOL A Fat Azzzzz on her with a camel toe poking thru those redic looking pants…Time to pack it in
    Chinny, your films are all duds and you are UGLY!!!!

  229. 229
    ellie' Says:

    Congratulations Jennifer & Justin..I so happy for the both of the hottest couples in H.W.,,,!!!.

  230. 230
    yep Says:

    Love Jen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JustJen!

  231. 231
    Amen Sista... Says:

    @Jilly#225~I hear ya sista…Poor J/P fans just can’t get it through their ignorant heads that Jen has always been fine. She let Brad go. Jolie certainly did not get a great catch when she decided Jen & Brad did not belong together. Jen has lived a life only we can dream about. Jolie has lived a life that we normal people would never want. Jolie is a gutter rat & she drug Brad right down the same gutter she comes from. They will be worked straight out of Hollywood before the J/P trolls know what hit them. They already run to other countries all the time to hide in shame. Jen will be in demand for years to come. She can show her face without regret or shame, and is loved by all. She has the man, the money, the respect, and if she does have kids, they will be beautiful kids, unlike what the gutter rats bought & spawned. Sorry, but even I thought they could produce beautiful children. I was so wrong on that one.

  232. 232
    anch Says:

    Maniston will always look like man.And the the only reason why Justin ask for marriage because he knows thats his meal ticket to fame. Pathetic! pays for friends and marriage

  233. 233
    Lucky JustJen Says:

    I am so happy for JustJen. They will be happy happy happy. They are going into this marriage exactly the way it should be. Not tainted by scandles or bad karma. She is the luckiest actress in LA. She has so many movie offers, I hope she can find the time to enjoy her engagement and her wedding. Being a high demand “A” lister as big as she is, is hard work, but she is Jennifer Aniston. She can do anything she sets out to do! She will be a great wife & mother. I think Justin will be a great husband & father. Can things get a better for this hottie. She is on the front cover of every magazine this week. Oh yeah, she is showing her bra for a part in a movie. Big deal. The haters try to make something out of it, but look at the bra. Do you really think that is the kind of bra Jen would wear daily??? If someone paid me that much money, I would do the entire movie in a cheezy bra… Hahahahah… Girls got it goin on!!!!!!!

  234. 234
    Liverwurst Says:

    Jennifer OWNES these loons:) hahahahahaa! They can’t go a day and not multi post on her threads; )

  235. 235
    JL Says:

    @Liverwurst: They want to away and they can’t.
    SO SAD for them.

  236. 236
    JL Says:

    to crawl away

  237. 237
    Just say no Justin! Says:

    Abortions are nothing to be proud JA! Sick, sick person you are. Heidi is young, still love Justin and very fertile. Just saying….

  238. 238
    JL Says:

    Yes, our planet can’t wait to see several ‘shorties’ fertile Heidi is ready to produce.
    Abortions? This is something new…

  239. 239
    JustAnus Says:

    What a joke this old woman has lowered herself to bare herself naked for campy trash movies. lol.

  240. 240
    The End of JA Says:

    Well, well! We know if Jennifer is never happy with herself or with anyone else. I recall sometime in 2003 when Brad said to a friend he was not happy. His wife was so jealous of all his friends, his leading ladies and she was controlling and had no time to take care of domestic issues. His mom came to help with the marriage to no avail. He was looking to get out. The beach picture of them after he told her he was leaving her was all over the place. I think she loved the beach more than anyone else or is just lazy and want to lay around. It is no surprising news Jennifer has not found anyone to love her. Sometimes one has to improve WAYS in order to attract and keep someone. I see she’s still bottom feeding.

  241. 241
    JL Says:

    @JustAnus: Don’t you know she puts ‘body double’ at lingerie scenes?
    Just **** in your head

  242. 242
    JL Says:

    @JL: Jennifer owns you

  243. 243
    JL Says:

    @The End of JA: Jennifer owns you.
    “We know…” – we can see what you “know”.

  244. 244
    haha Says:


    Why? never bothered her before–could it be cause she’s fat, droopy and old now?

  245. 245
    JL Says:

    She is not fat – she is exactly what men want to see.
    If you are 18 is doesn’t mean 43 y. o. woman is “old”.
    Droopy? I don’t see this.
    Too-too much well organized sh*t around her.
    Jennifer will be OK anyway.

  246. 246
    Dream on Says:

    Only to see…. Why not… Its free after all….
    How many man have Dump her since BP give her the flick?
    She would drop that Smurf Jeangolo in split second.. If only Vince.. Bradley Cooper.. Gerard Butler and at least the 10 others will give her their times of day… Lol… Poor Richy rich Jen.

  247. 247
    No Fan of JA! Says:

    Poor rich old hag. She forces men to marry her. Didn’t she announce her engagement to Brad Pitt in David Letterman show, a calculated ploy to trap Brad? Yea, see how it ended. The guy got to know her well and was ready to skip town. When he was looking homeless and saving the Tibet people Brad was hitting low and ready to leave the wife. I am surprised he put up with JA that long. Now, she announces her engagement to CNN and all the trash tabloids. JT laughed so hard when someone congratulated him, news to him! He is laughing it off and looks to happy without JA! But then again he has an agenda so he might enjoy the career potentials and if it is sealed, he will be a rich Mr Aniston and no need to work so hard.

  248. 248
    JL Says:

    Dream, what’s on?
    Yes, she is rich.
    What’s a problems you have with her mollions?
    Vince Vaughn… Doesn’t he want you?
    Try to ask John Mayer to ._._._._.ate on you…

  249. 249
    Jen fan Says:

    Miss her

  250. 250
    anch Says:

    Chinnifer Maniston! who ever came up with this name should be rewarded.

  251. 251
    JL Says:


  252. 252
    JL is Dolly Twins sister Says:

    Your master must be so proud to have a Dog like you!!!

  253. 253
    JL Says:

    @JL is Dolly Twins sister: She is.

  254. 254
    JL Says:

    Jolie’s dogs are so poor, so hungry and SO stupid

  255. 255
    anch Says:

    Maniston showing her bra. Next she will be showing her *****

  256. 256
    Jolie's Got Gold Says:

    hahaha, I bet you Jen’s man is no hung, I mean he looks puneeee. And Jen’s been around too many time, I bet you the hole is the size of of a worn out auto tire with threads so loose all you do is discard.

    So where is Jen’s ring? That’s right, just as we guessed, she makes up lies and sell the stories about her false engagement.

    Have you seen Angie’s ring, damn. she has a man who wants her! My girl has is going, you go Angie and congrats!

  257. 257
    JL Says:

    6 children and no family – you go Angie and congrats!

  258. 258
    anch Says:

    Poor Chinnifer Maniston nobody will ever love her,unless she pays for it.Chinderella lives in a fantasy world. How can anybody kiss Maniston with that humongous chin.

  259. 259
    JL Says:

    Her chin is a perfect place for kissing – relax kid.

  260. 260
    ann h Says:

    You mean the perfect place for JT to rest his b***s on.

  261. 261
    Chinderella Says:

    Chinderella… Lol…. what a perfect name anch… Thank you:)
    How she is still relevant is beyond me… Cinderella better send a THANK YOU NOTE to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie… So her dogs can stop Barking!

  262. 262
    anch Says:

    @Chinderella: JL is going to have a panic attack.

  263. 263
    Na! Says:

    Chinderalla, oh my, my! Anch, that is a good one! I’m still laughing. There is no frog willing to kiss the Chinderalla now.

  264. 264
    JL Says:

    Welcome to the Jolie’s world: frogs, dogs and the rest of decent public.
    The laugh because of own jokes
    is a sign BIG problems with the l i t t l e IQ.

  265. 265
    JL Says:

    sorry: is a sign of BIG problems with the very little IQ.
    An invisible IQ.

  266. 266
    jilly Says:

    @Dream on: Why should a woman defend herself for not having kids? Brad wishes he’s never met that sack of bones and having all these colorful kids, ever! His life is boring and stressful with a woman like the SATAN and all those noisy kids that he misses her old happy peaceful days with Jen, everyday. Jolie is a TRASH and nobody could argue with that, even you!

  267. 267
    beach bum Says:

    is this a jennifer a site or what? sounds to me like a lot of jolie fans can’t get over what jolie did to jen. i love jen an all the movies she has made. i still miss friends. that was one of the best shows of all times. i can still watch repeats and crack up. i don’t really care about jolie an what she did. she has always been nasty. did anyone really expect her to change. jen is doing great an happy to see her happy!

  268. 268
    JL Says:

    How many children would like Brad, if he personally gave birth?

  269. 269
    anch Says:

    @JL: JL go back inside maniston chin with the rest of your trolls

  270. 270
    Lucy Says:

    beautiful Jen:)
    hey,lots of actor/actresses have quick wardrobe changes during filming,its not a big deal.
    or maybe its in the script.

  271. 271
    JL Says:

    anch ,
    you sound like a little gay – go back to your working place.
    Clients are waiting.

  272. 272
    jilly Says:

    @JL: Showbiz says that Jen is pregnant according to her Mom, Nancy, yaaayyyyyyy!!!! I wonder what these losers have to say after that! I hope you’ll be happy for her too my friend.

  273. 273
    JL Says:

    Let’s wait the next thread here.

  274. 274
    anch Says:

    @jilly: so she might be pregnant, when does the little chin pop out

  275. 275
    anch Says:

    @jilly: Remenber JL said it, that Maniston doesnt need kids to be happy.

  276. 276
    JL Says:

    go say hello to the big ANCH popped you.

  277. 277
    Etherylaer Says:







  278. 278
    Etherylaer Says:









  279. 279
    jolentini Says:

    Made in UK. Check out my latest movie “Four’s a crowd” in which I am playing the character of Luke. Pls leave constructive comments if you like.

  280. 280
    JL Says:

    anch tell him

  281. 281
    Leah Says:

    I love movies starring Jennifer :-) eek excited!

  282. 282
    The Beginning Of Jen Says:

    This is just the beginning of Jennifer Aniston…She has made millions just by being the adorable & respected actress she is…She has kept her reputation squeaky clean…Let us not forget that she is worth as much if not more alone, than Brad & his girlfriend are worth together…That says a lot about who is the most famous and who is in high demand…We will see more of Jen for years to come…She is the perfect celebrity…

  283. 283
    JL Says:

    We could see her talent mostly in the “Friends” , in the latest seasons especially.
    People will laugh and cry watching this show in a 200 and 300 years.
    It’s better than Shakespeare :) .
    On the Big screen she uses 15-25 % of her acting power.
    She lost A LOT of good roles because of divorce –
    nobody wants conflict with Brad Pitt and Jolie.
    But producers know Jennifer is selfless in job,
    she is in perfect conditions,
    and she doesn’t want 20 M per movie.
    Her best roles in the future.

  284. 284
    jilly Says:

    Oh, Brad went and cheated with the loser HO because Jen didn’t want to bring babies for him. I’ll say good for her. Brad or no man is worth it for a woman to become a baby making machine. Let Jolie the ugly HO take care of that job. Miserable, skinny to the point that you think she’s going to die any minute! Enjoy stupid Brad, let those kids run you to death along with the boney nasty trash that you WON’T MARRY, EVER!!!

  285. 285
    anch Says:

    @JL: About Chinderella

  286. 286
    JL Says:

    About Shinederella.
    Jennifer’s shining is not like Jolie’s smelling.

  287. 287
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @JL: “its better than shakespeare” BWAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! OMG!!! you are soooooooooo delusional beyond words! see folks, JL is the result of imbreeding! aren’t you jenhags embarrassed to have such brainless person like JL represent your kind? OMG!!! better than Shakespeare! bwahahhahahaha!!!

  288. 288
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    “she doesn’t want 20mil per movie” …of course not, JL…it’s much more rewarding playing a fake wife who is a HOOKER ..oops sorry, poor dancer and selling drugs!!! yes!! much much better and respectable role! hey why not play a role that she knows that would be much much better than Shakespeare! BWAHAHAHAHAHA …thanks for the one!

  289. 289
    JL Says:

    No doubt Shakespeare would be a big “Friends” admirer.
    And he would hated Mr&Mrs Shiit.
    Ssushi wants to say he loves Shakespeare.
    HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA !!!

  290. 290
    JL Says:

    Fake wife selling drugs looks very decent comparing to horny witch from Maleficent.
    Jolie’s kids can watch all Jennifer’s movies.
    But they will have a lot of questions about mommies roles like in the Gia…
    Gia – it’s better than Shakespeare too :) :) :)

  291. 291
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @JL: only a brainless ignorant inbreed would say playing a HOOKER role is more decent than a playing a disney fairy character..that’s right JL you should be proud of your family business!! you go, HOOKER!!! bwahahhaha..

  292. 292
    Lol Says:

    Gia the Movie was about a REAL PERSON, that is why it is called acting.
    JL you’re really losing it, even bet = yep jump the sinking ship or did she come back as jilly. LOL.
    It is like shooting fish in a barrel here.
    Old Jen is hustling to make a buck to keep Chalrles Manson in Jeggings, while he poses for the Paps, have to love a man with a sugar Mama.

  293. 293
    JL Says:

    if the movie is about real person, it’s an acting – my dog is laughing !!!
    So Maleficent is about real person too? :)
    Or Maleficent is not acting? :)
    Who is losing here?
    The truth is:
    Flying horny witch is all she can “ACT” with her look.

  294. 294
    Na! Says:

    There appears to be no new pictures of old Chinderella. She’s recycling old pictures of herself and Tiny Wenee bc her current looks have gotten worse.

    Chinderella is forever hateful and ugly to Brad, Angelina and their children. She will never find happiness as long as she is that ugly. An ugly heart is the worst sin and I hope she goes to hell. And, who wants to look at a prostitute movie and with her in the movies too?!!! That movie will flop lke the rest of her movies.

  295. 295
    Shame on u! Says:

    She’s a mfkin fruit cake! She is so unattractive and not smart. Men use her and dump her like a piece of trash. She bought JM a grand piano, what is she going to buy this small man, maybe a penile enlargement surgery? lol. This one will never advance as long as she keep on hating the Jolie-Pitts.

  296. 296
    anch Says:

    @JL: Sorry JL I couldn’t get back to you,thats actually my fault because i do have a life. You know I took my girl out and we had sex after. Im not like you who dreams about a women that actually looks like man.

  297. 297
    JL Says:

    here we have the newest pictures from set – are you under drugs?
    Why is her heart “ugly” for you?
    Actually she an America’s Sweetheart… :)
    ‘We’re The Millers’ is a “pr…” movie like ‘Marley And Me’ was a DOGS one…
    But “Marley” is a successful movie anyway
    no matter what you are blabbing here.

  298. 298
    JL Says:

    @Shame on u!: Hey,
    actually Mayer bought Jennifer a golden Rolex –
    what was that, how do you think?

  299. 299
    JL Says:

    Wow anch buddy !!!
    All the internet community is happy for you – you had a sex with a girl ! :)
    JUST WOW :)
    I hope you don’t lie. :)
    Because if you “have a life” – WHAT are you doing on this thread?

  300. 300
    JL Says:

    # 300 :)

  301. 301
    Jen Says:

    I miss her

  302. 302
    Jen Says:,,20625406,00.html

    Love it

  303. 303
    Chinderella Says:

    Wow… Chinni looks Adorable?? How old is this old Hag… Adorable is good for Dora… But grandma Chinni?? Adorable?? next tabs will say… she looks soooo CUTE…. LOL….
    No wonder she’s crying over a white hair… in 10 years from now… Chinderella Maniston will Braided her hair presenting at the Oscar so people can say she is Adorable and oh so CUTE!!!

  304. 304
    JL Says:

    People are so naive thinking calling names can change something…
    Or we must write here Angelina Joleg?
    LEG is all she can demonstrate for today…
    And horns.
    The truth is
    Jennifer will be adorable with ANY color in ANY age.
    Helen Mirren or Goldie Hawn are happy with their age
    and their roles and awards.
    Don’t worry about Jennifer

  305. 305
    The Low Down Says:

    I can see the troll fans of the gutter rats are still fuming over the wonderful Jen Aniston & the great life she is leading. When you see the cuss words & the immature comments that the Ho-lee/Pitt fans post on Jen threads it is a sign of desperation! They know that the gutter rats days are about over in the biz & with the public. Jen is on a roll. She will never go out of style. The Ho-lee/Pitts have been out of style for years now. You can see it is getting to the trolls that Brad has not married his mistress yet. If he really wanted to be married to her, he would be by now. I personally wish he would, just to shut these idiot trolls up. I think he is in it for the kids if you ask me. Jen & Justin are just starting a new life & the Ho-lee/Pitts have fizzled out & ran their course. But the trolls that claim to love them so much, can’t seem to let go of Jen and what Brad did to her. Yeah he did wrong & Ho-lee was even more wrong in what she did, but get over it trolls. Jen has. I heard she has a $150 million pre-nup for Justin to sign & he has no problem signing it. I can’t blame the girl. If I had worked as hard as she has for her money, I would protect it too…..

  306. 306
    anch Says:

    Is their a chin party going on or what.

  307. 307
    Kikicohen Says:

    @JL: Ok, so “Friends” is better than Shakespeare??? I find it hard to believe that you’ve ever set eyes upon Shakespeare. If you have, you would not “get it”. Now, “Friends”…. That’s another story entirely. That show appeals to a low level of intelligence crew! Lol. In all fairness, maybe 20 year olds or younger, which I know you’re not., JL, you never answered my question: where are you from?? And why the obsession with JA??

  308. 308
    yep Says:

    jen is awesome!!!!!!!!

  309. 309
    Chinderella Says:

    @The Low Down:
    True… True… Just look at JJs latest Jolie Pitt post… Look at that crowns… How many people gathers is a few seconds…
    Now go back to your Chinderella and her lil Smurf jeangolo .. When they were in France .. No one even know that they are exists … No one even looking…. LOL… LOL….
    THAT’S the different between the DESPERATE and the Most wanted … Keep on dreaming hoping and praying, he’s only in for the kids…
    after (tabs) screams cheating .. Separate… Walking out.. how many Thousand time?? now theirs and yours scenario is Brad only in for the kids… Good to see that tabs knows how many Idiots trolls are still believe their fantasy… Or you wouldn’t post the old pic of your Richy rich HAGTRESS with BP over at the JPs thread would you??
    Style is the only way Chinni can distract people from her MANliness, that Chin and her FUGness… Her Mother said so her self…. and Mothers know BEST!!!
    I personaly wish this very highly maintained Chinni, can keep her $150 million… Because Plastic.. Fillers… Botox…Ect .. Is not cheap you know!

  310. 310
    Chinderella Says:

    Not to mentions her Huv… Huv .. Huvane the Pit Bul machine … That must cost her Fortune!!!
    So good luck in making your millions Chinderella!!!

  311. 311
    Hot Angie Jolie! Says:

    Angelina Jolie is my #1 role model. She’s a great humanitarian, gorgeous lady, Brad a hot honey, beautiful children, great actor and I’m loving the life they lead. .

    Brad must be counting his lucky stars every seconds. Best wishes to the Jolie Pitt clan!

  312. 312
    anch Says: Wow I didnt know maniston was working on a new movie.

  313. 313
    JL Says:

    @Hot Angie Jolie!: Hey, not hot,
    do you love heroin like your role model?
    Wake up
    This is not a Jolie’s thread.

  314. 314
    JL Says:

    @anch: Nice pics.
    I’m sure Maleficent types are among them.

  315. 315
    JL Says:

    @Kikicohen: Kiki,
    I’m from your nightmare.
    I’m from the time when Jennifer will have her Oscars
    for the new wonderful roles.
    Where do you see my “obsession”?
    I told Jennifer is a great talented person,
    and great successful actress – where is an obsession?
    I never told “O, Goddess!” ,
    I told she is a Sun Ray for the millions,
    and she looks great no matter what the color of her hair is.
    Where is obsession?
    Her father told Hollywood can eat her,
    but you may see – her way of surviving is beautiful.
    It’s not easy, but she is loved by millions!
    There is no obsession – just a normal reaction
    on a wonderful Human Being.

  316. 316
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @JL: very normal obsession with ms. delicious ears whose playing a HOOKER who sells DRUG!! this is the role that will get her the oscar! don’t you people know its better than Shakespear!!! bwahahahahha!!!

  317. 317
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @The Low Down: a mature person wouldn’t stoop down to the “gutter rat ho-lee/pitt” and use the same immature language now, would we? DESPERATE much to make a point? bwahahahahha!!!

  318. 318
    Me Says:

    To #307~CooCooKiki ~ You obviously know nothing about the #1 sitcom “Friends”…It was the #1 comedy sitcom in HISTORY…It won awards for the #1 sitcom every year for many years…The actors were and still are the highest paid actors in television HISTORY…With all this HISTORY being made, someone did something right there…The age group that the #1 comedy appealed to and still appeals to are the ages of 20 year olds all the way up to seniors….You appear to be under the age of 20…Your obsession with Jen is overwhelming your intelligence (not that you have any)…Now go get your blanky & your pacifier and take your afternoon nap…We want you to be refreshed so you can come back and make a total fool of yourself as always…Jen owns you & you know it…
    @Low Down~You are spot on with your post…It couldn’t be more true…
    Rock on JL~You are too cool….

  319. 319
    yep Says:

    Love Jen! Can’t wait to see the ring and my couple together again!!!

  320. 320
    manly Says:

    whatta fug on earth!!!!

  321. 321
    Kikicohen Says:

    @Me: You are an utter tool bag- the fact that the show was #1, blah blah blah, means nothing with regards to comparing it to Shakespeare!! Only a superficial idiot- such as yourself, would agree with JL. I have no obsession with JA- no more than anyone else on here, sans JL, who lives on this site. I am well over the age of 20, have several degrees, and do quite well for myself, thank you very much. It shows your low level of class by insulting a poster personally, who never contacted YOU personally- simply because you disagree with their opinions. As for my embarrassing myself-??? Really?? No one has responded back to me with negative comments except YOU and JL!!! So… Jokes on you, loser!!!!!

  322. 322
    Kikicohen Says:

    @Me: Hi “ME”! I just figured out who you are!! Not many people think they’re that important to title their emails”ME”, except, of course, true narcissists. Neurotic troll. How’s the manhunt going? I guess all that surgery didn’t help did it? It can’t change the dysfunction that pervades you and your borderline personality disorder. Hopefully, “mama” is taking good care of you and kept you from driving off a cliff when Kenny dumped you. Have to say, never met a more shallow, double-digit-IQ, hateful person in my life. Like mama, like daughter. Poor son…Good riddance, loser…

  323. 323
    JoliePitts Fan Says:

    Hello Jolie Pitt fans! Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I keep hearing about the “scorned ex” so I thought I’d put my comments. The ex is the only hater we know and obviously, she is the problem and not others. Jen Jen, are you listening? You have major problems, quick get help before Justin dump your azz, lol.

  324. 324
    JL Says:

    @JoliePitts Fan: Would be nice to look at your face
    when Brad will dump Jolie.
    no doubt

  325. 325
    JL Says:

    60 years old kiki having several “degrees”,
    Your obsession with Jen is overwhelming your intelligence
    (not that you have any)…

  326. 326
    Chinderella Says:

    and the 6 years old JL is
    the most shallow racist idiot with double- digit- IQ
    Your obsessions with the JPs is overwhelming your stupidity
    (you are so FULL OF IT already )
    LOVE IT !!!

  327. 327
    JL Says:

    your love to 6 years old racist children is not normal. :)

  328. 328
    AGA Says:

    Soooo…..Now you have stooped so low as to call 6yr kids “Racist” You are projecting your views onto innocent kids,whom have nothing to do with any of this BS.
    You mention Angie and Herion as if you definately know..WELL you don’t. AJ admitted to trying it BUT we all know that Justin is a cocaine addict and alcoholic.
    And you are most def obsessed with JA, NO-ONE else spends as much time obsessing over every detail,&posting that its there life’s goal to protect JA on the NET and getting off on her delicious EARS–LMAO
    Leave the kids out of it…they have not been seen for months besides one of them.

  329. 329
    Chinderella Says:

    Look at the time of Your #313 and # 314 post… Talking about Beeing so obsessed about the JPs at 3.30 AM in the morning…LOL…
    Imagine when AJ is finally ready to married Brad….. I bet you will stay up day and night for the whole week Foaming and Frothing from your mouth !!!!

  330. 330
    JL Says:

    what the time is the best for obsession?
    :) :) :)
    Do you think if I’ll write the comment at 10.00 AM
    Jolie will change heroin on chocolate?

  331. 331
    Kikicohen Says:

    @Me: Oh, BTW: how’s your little “secret”??? Karma’s a *****, ain’t it?? LMFAO

  332. 332
    yep Says:

    Jen and Justin where are you guys????? Want to see the ring and happiness!!!!!!!!!!

  333. 333
    anch Says:

    I have no idea when” Were the Millers” comes out,but I bet one week before the movie comes out Chinderella will anounce she is pregnant. Any bets?

  334. 334
    JL Says:

    you try to control your own pregnancy, OK? :)

  335. 335
    devil's advocate Says:

    RE: yep @ 332

    I would also like to see the ring – but the jeweler is still fabricating
    it. It should be ready for delivery the week of the big wedding.
    And I DON’T mean the Theroux/Aniston wedding.

  336. 336
    Rosie Says:

    @yep: I wanna see the ring too! I bet its gorgeous!! (:

  337. 337
    Alice Says:

    nasty little b itches! stop spamming this thread,haters/jp fans. get.outttt.

  338. 338
    JL Says:

    you try to sound like you know who is ‘Me’ – tell us!
    Whose mama? What the son? What the “secret”?
    Your own karma for now is a ridiculous look.

  339. 339
    Miller Says:

    @devil’s advocate:

    Or when the red carpets for Killing Them Softly starts. How much you wanna bet hens?

  340. 340
    Jen fan Says:


  341. 341
    JL Says:

    Or when the new assistant starts “assisting” to 50 years old Brad

  342. 342
    Chinderella Says:

    Or when the Frog left the 43 year old hagtress CHINderella MANiston.

  343. 343
    Miller Says:


    Brad dont need any help… he’s gettin all he needs now. Thats why he left Chinni. Dont get mad.

  344. 344
    JL Says:

    “…Brad dont need any help…”…
    He needs just the body of 20 years old assistant Lara.
    That’s why Jolie hates his ring.
    Don’t get mad.

  345. 345
    Chinderella Says:

    J the Loon-ney tune, live with Brad and Angie .. IT knows every thing what’s going on in their Happy ever after… :) :) :)
    Don’t get mad that your MANface CHINderella hates her FUGness her mum and her midget a nobody Dwarf … :) :) :)
    Meet the Fillers better do well. .. Cos she need her million to pay for that Fillers and her THERAPHY !

  346. 346
    Miller Says:

    Not mad at all.. but you see Brads with Angie, the midget wont stay with Maniston, nobody does. Truth hurts, facts dont lie. Dont get mad.

  347. 347
    JL Says:

    @Miller: No mad at all.
    You see Jennifer’s life as much as she wants.
    You may see someone near her when it’s good for business.
    You eat only what her pr cook and no more.
    Truth hurts.
    Don’t get mad.

  348. 348
    JL Says:

    I see Brad & Leg
    but I don’t remember he kissed her publicly.
    Just the smiles – like a business presentation.
    (United Colors of Benetton)
    Just talks about future marriage.
    Just the rumors.
    And no wedding for the 7 years.
    Facts don’t lie.
    Don’t get mad.

  349. 349
    Kikicohen Says:

    @JL: You don’t want to know. She has not responded because I was correct. It may appear ridiculous to you, but that’s only because it’s an “inside joke”- sorry to go off topic on a JA thread, but “ME” just couldn’t mind her own business. Enough said. Happy Labor Day!

  350. 350
    Miller Says:


    Why would I get mad. Im not invested in Aj and BP if they get married fine, if they dont fine, dont affect my life one bit. But why are you trying to deflect, the truth is that Maniston probably will flash her ring when BP and AJ walks the red carpet, if Im wrong I will admit it, dont have to make up tabloid lies. AJ and BP got engaged, THEY never said when they will get married. Manny’s own acting coach stated that she used to try to one up BP and AJ, but seems like she still does. Dont get mad. Facts dont lie. You dont have facts. YOu have tabloid lies. Why you mad? Dont answer, Im not giving this ho anymore hits. You have fun frantically defending her. Its a holiday, Im gonna go live my life.

  351. 351
    JL Says:

    don’t tell me about “inside joke”.
    Where were you correct?
    Can you answer concretely?
    Because ‘Me’ is very concrete.

  352. 352
    Miller Says:


    One more thing before I go, you said we see what her pr cooks up, well who approves it, She does…. and she she has had waaaay to many coincidences pr wise which coincide with AJ and BPs life for it not to be intentional. Shes a coattailer. Her acting coach even said so. Facts dont lie, but Manni does. Dont get mad. Get a life. Byeeeeee.

  353. 353
    JL Says:

    Like what?
    Did she adopt African child?
    No, just a new dog…
    Is it what you are talking about?
    There are more interesting things in her life.
    Jennifer has an OWN life.
    She is FREE IN ALL HER CHOICES unlike poor “daddy”-Brad.
    Facts don’t lie.
    Don’t get mad.
    Happy holiday!

  354. 354
    yep Says:

    @Miller: laughing! Jen was a star before Brad! Notice Brad’s record he goes with the hot female star at the time! I was just thinking today how Brangelina hasn’t been photographed for what month(s) (once when they called in France to let them know where they were) and they have been in U.S., France, England, on a yacht and in Greece (by the way where Jen and Justin were to be married) ALL these years Brangelina fans believing their star couldn’t escape the limelight of the paps! Well, well, well, they showed YOU they could have if they didn’t call the paps! Manipulating the media! You are so consumed with the ex of seven years that you don’t recognize how the world has moved on! Maybe, you should be more concern what YOUR stars have cooked up; they have already sold the wedding pictures! (by the way I wish them happiness) Hilarious…….the coat tailer has alway been Brad even with his success! Seriously, Pitts interview in Parade, he couldn’t have gone out on his own and do charity work at the age of 40! Nope, Coat tailed Jolie and her charity work! Jen has moved on and is happy! Brangelina has moved on and is happy. However, haters love to hate for no real reason….

  355. 355
    Kikicohen Says:

    @JL: Sorry, what I meant by “correct”, is that I was correct in who I thought “me” really is. That is why she has not responded.
    Inside joke, simply means that none of the content of my post has anything to do with this thread topic.
    I’m dropping it now- don’t worry bout it- it’s not relevant

  356. 356
    Carly Says:

    I want new Jen and Justin pics! *sigh*

  357. 357
    Anorexic Angelina Says:

    Jen is awesome!!! Best actress for sure!!

  358. 358
    JL Says:

    @Kikicohen: kiki,
    people respond when they are interested.
    No interest – no responding.

  359. 359
    Michele Says:

    Jen, you always look great ! And more importantly you are a natural in your acting career! A valuable asset to the world of acting and overall cool girl! Stay happy and wishing you lots of smiles! Congrats on everything! I have been told almost everyday by someone since you hit the celebrity scene that I look exactly like you , so I may be partially biased. But I am enjoying my career quietly in the world of anesthesia. Take care of you!

  360. 360
    Kikicohen Says:

    @JL: Very true,JL, BUT- in this case it’s different. A response would be an admission that I was correct in uncovering the alias, which is exactly what the alias did not want anyone to do- that’s the reason not to use real names when posting on threads.

  361. 361
    AGA Says:

    JL —YOU responded TWICE to kiki….so she is of interest to

    BTW–There have been MANY instances of JA doing things to TRY to take away the mega-attention the JPs get wherever they go. The lastest being announcing her Engagement om the weekend they were supposedly getting married(according to tabs) But her news went down like a lead balloon. Also for the other troll–The JPs have NOT seen for months,they were living quietly with there kids.

    No BS response needed!!!

  362. 362
    AGA Says:

    @yep: LMAO JA was an actress on a sitcom when JA hooked Brad on the rebound. In the years since..Brad has starred in Oscar nom’ed films and been nom’ed himself and won many awards. Meanwhile JA has been in one dud movie after the next. Her last film with her “Fiance” made $28,000.
    ALL FACT…Easily checked. Why do you HENS always have to go so far back in time to make a point…Is it b/c that was the only time she was seen as successful,in a group of SIX

    No BS return blabber needed pls LOL

  363. 363
    ellie' Says:

    Wow you JP obsessions can’t let this go already..Jen & Justin are so happy ..and Angie and Brad are ..when does this ever end…I would love to talk to all my friends again, once all you crazy ass*es leave already…

  364. 364
    ellie' Says:

    Just like her x loved to f her everynight..and Brad did Jen 4 7 rebound he truly loved her…and sure they had great S*X…move on already and get a life are all just jealous of her and always wil be…

  365. 365
    yep Says:

    @AGA: If i am a hen then you are a loon? JJ – in response to be calling a hen ! Guess what I am happy for Brad! Jen has won many awards too! Lots of stars that are amazing actors have never been nominated or won awards! However, they are still amazing and gifted! Brad did love Jen! His family loved Jen too! However, they have been divorce for what 7 years and here you are still hating on the ex – my response was to another person hating on the ex! You see every coin has two sides !!!!!!!!!!

  366. 366
    JL Says:

    she is frog.
    You may tell her Jennifer was A BOSS among in the group of six.
    We can see the achievements of the rest of this group comparing to Jennifer.
    No comments.

  367. 367
    JL Says:

    sorry: A BOSS in the group of six.
    That was Jennifer’s idea about 1 M per episode.
    The group must be very thankful to Jennifer,
    because they have $$ for the rest of their life.

  368. 368
    JL Says:

    sorry: she is a frog-provocateur.
    She loves to blame and twist words.
    Or just lie.
    Pay no attention and save your time.

  369. 369
    Me Says:

    Whuss up JL ~ I see that the troll Kiki has been trying to pull me out for days now. Geeze, I guess I should be flattered that Kiki is as obsessed with me as she is with Jen. If I wanted to respond to the moron wrapped in an idiot, I would have. You are correct in saying I am not interested in this troll & this site is not the center of my life like it is hers. I have been lmao at your come-backs. I like you. I think you are a very nice addition to this site. Jen is awesome & these J/P trolls know it. “Hey Kiki” I’ll throw you just one bone…You can shove your response up that big old intelligent a$$ of yours. You wish you knew something about me. Then your life would be complete…Stay cool JL…

  370. 370
    JL Says:

    Nice to see you here Me!
    Everybody on this site has his own vision of who is who… :)
    Kiki wants to be a clairvoyant too.
    It’s great you are a Jennifer’s admirer! :)
    Do you know more powerful sites?
    I’d like to be a nice addition there too. :)
    (tell me please:
    There are so many well organized s***t around Jennifer’s name –
    I can’t see that.
    This site is not in the center of my life,
    but it’s an important channel of information for now.
    You are very cool too :)

  371. 371
    anch Says:

    So Maniston is playing a hooker, they got it wrong she should be playing a gigolo because Maniston is actually a man. I swear Chinderella should play more male parts.Ugly chin and remenber her big nose,but she had 2 nose surgery.

  372. 372
    JL Says:

    you may do 2 ***** surgery
    and don’t become a man anyway

  373. 373
    JL Says:

    you may do 2 p.e.n.i.s surgery
    and no result anyway :)

  374. 374
    anch Says:

    @JL: Should I cut Maniston p e nus.

  375. 375
    JL Says:

    Stop dreaming kid.
    These dreams can kill you.
    Try better to learn how is it – to have the balls in the life.

  376. 376
    JL Says:

    The latest news from h a p p y Brad:
    I guess – yet and already.
    “Wedding” – the 7th season – what a comedy!
    Just saying. :)

  377. 377
    Me Says:

    Hey JL~ Like I have said before, if Brad wanted to marry his girlfriend, he would have by now…He does not want to be stuck with her forever… Just until the kids are old enough to handle him walking out on her…I think it is inevitable at this point…He will end up with a younger woman who actually eats…

  378. 378
    The ringless Fiancé Says:

    Short legged Smurf is to busy dining with the blond, the ring just have to wait!

  379. 379
    JL Says:

    @Me: Hi Me :)
    I guess Brad had stopped planning the marriage very fast.
    Right after the end of ‘Mr&Mrs Smith’ euphoria.
    He had realized what a manipulative trash Jolie is.
    She played on him like on the piano.
    That’s why his Ego feels not very comfortable in this story…
    But – 6 kids, and he is in the center of attention….
    He must stay where he is to avoid the apparently stupid look. :) :) :)
    Anyway their acting the family looks like an advertising poster –
    traveling, smiling, shopping, swimming –
    but never kissing, never hugging, never shining -
    we remember his pictures with Jennifer.
    Jolie is in the trap too – everyone can see her look.
    She can hire the best doctors but her look is not healthy.
    She must recognize her mistakes,
    she must calm down her Ego,
    because God doesn’t care about big money, awards and so on.
    She must do a very serious inner work.
    But Brad is not interested to care about her problems.
    He is just waiting.

  380. 380
    LOL Says:

    Don’t worry about Brad and Angie.
    Six kids, they sure had fun making three of them.
    Pity Jen can’t hire the same Drs, with her bloated face and trout lips.
    You’re the only one that remember pics of him with jen, eight years later, he did not want her then and he don’t want her now.
    I should feel bad for charles manson, you guys don’t get it, she is engaged to him, he may be unemployed, that is why she is making straight to video movies.
    If Angie was desperate for marriage, she would have been married by now, she will get married in her own sweet time, not like someone announcing an engagement without a ring, LOL.
    ps this is my last comment to you, you’re trying o hard to keep this thread alive, but it is as dull as you and jen.

  381. 381
    JL Says:

    @LOL: Your comment is # 380 – so this thread is OK

  382. 382
    Lorna Says:

    @LOL: eww dont talk about disgusting Jolie and Pitt here please. They are SO over. and this is Jenny thread :)

  383. 383
    The ringless Fiancé Says:

    Let me add one more post for this Jenny the most BORING sitcome hagtress thread!
    The JPs last thread… From 28th of August to the 7 September ……
    ((((( 1493 )))))) POST
    This boring thread … From 20 th August to the 8th September …….
    ((((((( 383 ))))))POST….. mhhhuuuahahahahaha…..
    may be if you stop posting at the JPs with all your hates and lies… and supporting your old desperate Hag this boring thread will go to 395 post… Whahahahahahahahahahaha!
    Talking about who’s the most popular !!!!!

  384. 384
    JL Says:

    @The ringless Fiancé: Statistics is the biggest lie on this planet.
    You may see just several the most obsessed people
    On the Brad Pitt thread
    posting because they can’t stop.
    May be there is an unofficial rule among them:
    everybody MUST write 40 commets. Or 80…
    Does it mean something?
    No. And you know that.

  385. 385
    Jen Says:

    Miss herrrr

  386. 386
    Cath Says:

    I read somewhere they’re getting married on Valentines day.awwwh:)
    Dont know if its true or not though:/

  387. 387
    The ringless Fiancé Says:

    DELUTIONAL Is THY name…..
    HATRED …JEALOUSY … and Craploid is THY Bible.
    Letting go something so BEAUTIFUL ( BP ) is THY regret for being NARCISSIST… for the rest of THY life.
    MILK-ing my divorce is THY only only CHANGE!!

  388. 388
    JL Says:

    @The ringless Fiancé: Hey The,
    big letters doesn’t provide a big SENSE.

  389. 389
    yep Says:

    @LOL: lol! that is why you see a 1,000 comments and under a 100 likes or twits on your star thread. Anyway, Jen where are you? Need to see some Jen and Justin!

  390. 390
    Julie Says:

    I hope Jennifer is enjoying filming and having fun Im glad she is happy,her life is wonderful she has fans that adore her and she has a gorgeous fiancée. I wish her all the best!

  391. 391
    Me Says:

    You morons really think Jen doesn’t have a ring??? She is just not the type of person to run around going “lookie what I got”…She has a lot of $$$$ & she doesn’t throw it in anyone’s face…She could do it for the PR but, she doesn’t need to…She stands on her own merit…I also remember when she was with Brad that both of them always said they loved to screw with the paps heads…They would set them up all the time…It was all in fun with them…Now poor Brad HAS to show off his wealth…He has to show off his spawned & bought kids…He has to show off a ring that in all honesty means absolutely nothing to him or his girlfriend…He has to show off his mansion in France…They have to do this for the PR…They have nothing else…They claim to care about the worlds poor, starving children & then they go “lookie what we got”…That is in very poor taste…Jen is worth so much more than them in everyway possible, not just money…Jen has respect, dignity, grace & the money to go along with it…She has it all & Brad has nothing…I would feel sorry for the man because I was a huge fan of his, but he has never been the brightest bulb on the tree, & he just looks stupid now…With Ho-leg next to him, he looks like an even bigger dumba$$ for falling for such a well-planned scam as what the Ho pulled him into…I can’t feel pity for this fool…Jen is rockin the house at this point & will always be a great person & actress…I feel certain that she is ******** with the paps over the ring because she knows they want a pic of the beautiful bobble, but we will see it when she is ready, not when a PR person says show it off…Whus up JL???? Keep rockin the posts…

  392. 392
    JL Says:

    Cool post, Me!
    Poor Brad told he feels better having a gun.
    It makes him “feel safe”.
    Because “America is a country founded on guns” and it’s “…in our DNA”.
    Is this his way to say he is still an American
    (living in Richmond/Shateau) ?
    Or he wants to say “I’m very-very dangerous!!!”
    May be it’s because of his age? :)
    Or he got his “wedding gift” (for shooting!) looks a little CONTROVERSIAL ?
    One casual bullet and — F R E E D O M !!!
    (That was A BLACK HUMOR. A JOKE)
    Jolie’s fans love to say JP’s have no PR department.
    It’s like “no PR in our life at all”…
    Sure. Everybody trusts.
    They can act a family and show off the mansion,
    but they can’t show off their Love.
    Everything across $$:
    500 K “engagement” ring,
    500 K shooting range,
    what the next per 500 K ?
    Brad and Jennifer were a real HW shining couple -
    so where is this shining now – near the “soulmate”?
    No $$ can help here – what a Pitty…

  393. 393
    jilly Says:

    Bravo JL! Where is the LOVE between these two? He looks pathetic and she looks suicidal and skinny as hell. Two miserable souls chasing six kids that I bet Brad DOES NOT WANT at least two of them. You made your CHEATING BED Brad and you need to die in it.

  394. 394
    JL Says:

    @jilly: I wander:
    were Lara in this bed?

  395. 395
    Kora Says:

    We have had enough of Jennifer! She is old, ugly. stupid, no sense of humor, dry, boring and not one to admire. No wonder she gets dumped all the time and has a man friend like C Handler. Jennifer truly has issues. I don’t respect her.

  396. 396
    Heidi B Says:

    Justin dumped the aarp sugar mama. lol!

  397. 397
    JL Says:

    Worlds # 1 Celebrity Kora
    doesn’t want to respect Jennifer Aniston!
    People like Oprah Winfrey respect Jennifer,
    but not Kora!

  398. 398
    JL Says:

    Heidi take your Justin back for the next 14 years.

  399. 399
    JL Says:

    for the next 15 years

  400. 400
    JL Says:

    Comment # 400
    Congrats Jennifer’s fans!

  401. 401
    ellie' Says:

    @The ringless Fiancé:
    Jennifer is …you see all you do is write about Jen & Justin there…

  402. 402
    yep Says:

    @Kora: Yep, you keep coming back on her thread???????? lol! Jen is a classy lady!

  403. 403
    Jolie raises awareness of Says:

    HERSELF. She clings to old men and puts on her crying mask. She tries to look like a refugee, skinny in black robe, sorrowful face. The actual refugees try to not look like one. She’s an ass.

  404. 404
    jilly Says:

    @JL: Lara does not want to be in the same bed because Angie will rape her. She is a huge lesbo and wouldn’t pass on anyone. Women, married men, horses, mom’s boyfriend, on and on and on. Stop acting like you’ve changed to Mother Theresa, NEVER! Just be yourself, that same druggie, nasty HO that you’ve always been. That’s more classy than pretending to be someone else.

  405. 405
    JL Says:

    No, no – Lara is a decent girl
    (comparing to Jolie) t
    Threesome is not her style.
    I don’t think she wants to be with Jolie without Brad.
    That would be a c*nt fight.
    Sorry – a cat fight.

  406. 406
    Fiona Says:

    I love Jennifer:D

  407. 407
    Jennifer is crazy! Says:

    Jolie Pitt fans own Jennipoo, lol! She couldn’t roll a man if her life depended on it. Must be those ugly nipz the size of Justin’s p.

  408. 408
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @Me: jennay the “delicious ear” is not the type to show off her ring..but is the type to run to People magazine to announce an engagement on the same day that the Jolie-Pitt was rumored to be married..the type to announce an engagement before telling “the cancer in her life”, aka her mom. oopsie! mom is NOT invited! the type to announce before telling dad. oopsie! daddy, you better lie for me and play stupid or else you’re not invited too! yes, Jennay is not the type to show off her imaginary ring!!!

  409. 409
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @ellie’: so your other personalities is Jilly, huh? how’s that imaginary daughter Jesse of yours doing? bwahahahahha!!! schizo ellie!!

  410. 410
    Black Magic Says:

    Jennifer Aniston is truly an ugly person. Her heart is wicked, selfish and greedy. She is relentless in her attacks to Brad, his lady and their children. May the Black Mambo take her soul to rock bottom.

  411. 411
    yep Says:

    lol! brangelina fans on jen’s thread when they haven’t seen their star in what two months (and have 2 new threads) for what purpose? to continue to hate? gee what is new? You see the other side of the coin is your star where some people believe :she is truly an ugly person. Her heart is wicked, selfish an greedy. She is relentless in her attack on the ex” …. Jen is a lovely, giving, caring, classy lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  412. 412
    JL Says:

    don’t you know about her PR?
    This is their work to do something you will talk about.
    Next day and in a next day Brad will do something.
    You need a filler for your head.
    Not to fix one but to calm down the noise inside

  413. 413
    JL Says:

    @Black Magic:Black,
    where do you see a “lady”?
    Brad calls he a PARTNER.
    Jolie wants to be a lady, but it’s impossible.
    No need to attack her:
    she destroyed her reputation and health perfect.
    Black Mambo eats her without appetite – just the drugs smelling bones.
    no lady

  414. 414
    JL Says:

    sorry: Brad calls her a PARTNER
    Three children – and still a “partner”
    because no love
    because no respect
    because Brad can marry just a Lady.

  415. 415
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @JL: i really feel sorry for your momma! she tried to abort your ass but failed and now she has a ****** for a kid! go educated yourself! i know you’re used to seeing your shallow idol in her bikini (helping those people’s economy by vacationing in mee-hi-co) just to get some PR..step away from the computer..put down the your bible, the gossip magazine..leave your trailer park..maybe then you would know the middle east is not the place to be just get some PR..

  416. 416
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @Ssshhii_baby: can’t expect much from a re.tarded hoo.ker like you..

  417. 417
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @JL: lol typing so fast meant for JL the retarde.d hooker…aka BET…i know its you!!!

  418. 418
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    omg!! being in this shallow woman-child’s thread for too seriously will kill your braincells …alright have fun kids…

  419. 419
    Sick Idol= Sick fans Says:

    How can you have a normal fan?
    Visiting her Shrink for 20 years non stop and counting = Psycho fans.

  420. 420
    JL Says:

    @Ssshhii_baby: Ssushii,
    save your nerves -
    4 comments because I told the truth…
    and no fantasy…
    you need new fillers for your head :)

  421. 421
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @JL: bisshh puleeze! you need the comments. if it wasn’t for them this thread would be empty, dead-end, boring like your idol..and you, my re.tarded one is the last person to tell anyone they need anything! what was that again? her acting is better than Shakespeare? and what? she bought..oopsie..i mean, won the sexiest title becuz of her delicious ears?!! bwaahhhahahha

  422. 422
    Me Says:

    @shi!iii_baby ~ oppsie! You are a seriously mental moron…Go make a fool of yourself on your Ho-leg & her boyfriends threads…Nothing any troll like you can post can hurt the amazing Jennifer…She is so above the Ho & her partner…Did they get married yet?????? Uhhhhhhh NOPE!!!!! It’s killing your poor sick soul to know that he does not want to be married to a woman that frenches you brother & fcks anything & anyone that will have anything to do with her…Jen owns your dumb azz…bruhahahahahahaha…
    Sup JL….:)

  423. 423
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    no no..the mental moron title belongs to you Moronistons!!! bwahahha! you idiots must all be from the same trailer park..only sick, uneducated, ignorant ass would turn a simple peck of appreciation into something sinister!!! the Joli-Pitt wedding is the last you need to worry matter what they are bonded for life! oh the poor ring-less one was in such a hurry to upstage her ex, she forgot to give her bought for gigolo an allowance!! oopsie!! no ring!! bwaahhahahahaha!!!

  424. 424
    JL Says:

    Wow Me! That’s it!
    Our poor ‘ssushi’ forgot about one detail:
    how can “boring” actress earn money to pay for everything?
    Are producers SO STUPID to pay her for being “boring”?

  425. 425
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    nope they’re not stupid…she comes cheap! that’s why she can only star in cheap movies. straight to dvd!!! no 20mil..payday like the real Hollywood A-list star would go near her so she bought herself a bisshh knows he is a looser too! can’t even afford to put a real ring on it!! thats why you’re ashamed of him..damn! sucks to be you MORONISTON!! bwahahhahaha

  426. 426
    JL Says:

    you have no fantasy and no talent to writing.
    You are obsessed with your hate, BUT
    all you can do is just REPEATING the old-old-old points…
    How many times will you talk about her ears?
    Yes, her ears are delicate and refined.
    Comparing to Jolie’s ears – especially.
    And legs, and eyes, and lips, and hair –
    everything in Jennifer is better.
    That is why you are here, poor ssushii. :)
    And don’t forget about one more point – REPUTATION

  427. 427
    JL Says:

    her ring is on it’s place – got home?
    Ask Huvane where the ring is… :) :) :)
    They enjoy to fool morons like you
    who asks all the time “where is the ring”?…
    :) :) :)
    Jolie has a freaking ring – SO WHAT?
    Ring is not a Love.
    Ring is not a happiness.
    Ring is not a respect.
    Ring is just a piece of metal without inner sense.
    No ring can help Jolie to build the life with stolen man.
    All the world looks at Jolie saying:
    eat this, sushi-kid

  428. 428
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    boo-hoo!! wah- wah!!! stop being mean to my poor jennay the ring-less one! you’re right honey!!! no imaginary ring can help JENHO build a life with the bought for gigolo she stole from heidi!!! All the wold is looking at JenHO saying: WHAT A SHAME! she so desperate! she has to pay for a gigolo and buy herself a ring! wah WAh poor Jennay!!

  429. 429
    JL Says:

    gigolo, ring – all the questions to Stephen Huvane.
    Thanks to his work you see this ring in the night dreams :)
    My dog laughs reading your comments.
    Even dog can get the difference between real LIFE and PR

  430. 430
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    you’re so stupid! you don’t even realize you’re basically confirming JenHO & Huvane is the master at being a FAKE! buying a gigolo for herself just so she get some PR..too bad the whole world doesn’t give a dame about her fake ringless engagement! my dog is laughing at your attempt at being a pseudo intellect!!!! bwahwahaha!! come again, bish!

  431. 431
    JL is Dolly Twins sister Says:

    Dolly sister is on duty 24/7 .. Barking barking… Day and night… Fighting his DEAD END – Alone-Niston 7 + year barren cow master…..

  432. 432
    JL Says:

    Pse@Ssshhii_baby: Pseudo intellectual?
    Ask your dog what is it – an intellect?
    Your dog will explain to you :) :) :)

  433. 433
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    told you! being a JenHO fan will dumb your as.s down! even my dog has more intellect than the MORONISTON…hahaha!! even dolly refuses to be with your JenHO any longer…dolly rather die !!! then be associated with the ring-less spinster!!! bwahahahaha

  434. 434
    JL Says:

    Your dog has more intellect ?
    Why are you not with your dog?
    Why are you here? :) :) :)
    ‘Me’ told why:
    because Jen owns your dumb azz

  435. 435
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    im in here giving you a taste of your own medicine! not only are you JENHO fans the product of JL is revealing the bish is into bestiality too!!! her mentality shows what a sick&nasty.. vile, waste of space of a human-being! good for dolly that she decided to die first! no wonder your idol said you people make her skin crawl!!! ewww!!! JL you nasty bish!

  436. 436
    Agatha Says:

    We want new Jen pics Jared! ! !

  437. 437
    JL Says:

    rotten sushi,
    you are here to demonstrate you are a pitiful PSYCHO.
    I have no interest to response on your every stupidness.
    nobody care what you are talking here

  438. 438
    Me Says:

    LMFAO~@ JL ~ I needed that laugh this morining JL…You are too funny…This rotten sushi girl/guy/it is a very young person that is about to explode over Jen’s popularity & the fact that she is happy with her man & the Ho-leg is miserable with hers….You are correct, she is a terrible poster…She can’t spell, & her age shows in her posts…Jen is worth approx $180 million & she made it all on her own…She stars in more movies than the Ho-leg & her boyfriend together star in…rotten sushi goes on & on about how Jen tried to upstage the Ho’s engagement on the eve of their ‘not-gonna-happen wedding’…Did it happen???? NO IT DID NOT HAPPEN…I thought I would put that in caps so this moron wrapped in an idiot can understand the big letters…Pretty much everyone in America loves Jen to death…Nothing sushi can say on any site can hurt Jen…She stands on her own unlike the Ho-leg that is frantically running around the world going “lookie me”…It is downright pathetic…Monday night on TV Guide channel they will have the most recent top 25 live TV blunders at 9:00 p.m….The Ho-leg award blunder is going to be in it…I can’t wait to see what they have to say about that one…I have been spreading the word on other sites…The Ho is gonna hate this, not that she watches that kind of stuff (yeah right)…TGIF…

  439. 439
    Jolie's Got Gold Says:

    Awww, so nice to see beautiful Angie help those in need especially in other countries. She is a national icon and role model. What a lady. Maybe angry scorned Aniston can take lessons from Angelina and expand her love instead of hatred. Life goes on in Brangelina world, love that family!

  440. 440
    Jolie's A Phony Says:

    The Brangelina world is a phony, miserable family. Monster mom won’t stay at home an properly care for her rug-rats. Douche-bag Dad hates to be around his mistress. He has to be a pot-head just to deal with the fact that his gorgeous, popular, respected, “A” list ex has moved on to a real man. Jen is happy and I am certain the Douche wanted to get back with her when the kids are old enough for him to bolt on his mistress. The Ho monster mom should take lessons from the incredible Jennifer Aniston. Oh yeah, everyone hates her too much. Too late for the Douche and his mistress. Too bad, So Sad…

  441. 441
    JL Says:

    Anytime welcome, Me! It’s nice to know my creativity makes you fun.
    Rotten sushi is a good material for jokes,
    especially during the talks about INTELLECT :)
    Jennifer is a big hard worker – she never afraid to work too much –
    I respect this A LOT!
    She understands the main task is to change yourself -
    not everyone is able to do it.
    That is why she has a RESULT.
    She has also a great taste, a vision and feeling -
    what is necessary to provide a success.
    Talent is an alive link with the Space –
    everyone wants to be talented but it’s not for all.
    Too big EGO destroys this link,
    Too big EGO destroys everything –
    even normal contacts in the family
    including contact between mother and daughter.
    Despite that Jennifer has no hate to people.
    She is very careful and very private but there is no hate.
    And people are able to feel that.
    Jennifer has no need TO ACT somebody she is not –
    she can buy new Rolls or Bugatti every year,
    and fly on the own jet but she doesn’t -
    there are real values – a quality of person for example.
    That is why she is respectable in Hollywood, in the US
    and in the World.
    She is a big Romantic and a big Pragmatic in one pack,
    and this “pack” is amazingly beautiful too.
    She has no reasons to worry about the age
    because nice person is beautiful despite the time.
    It’s forever.

  442. 442
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @Me: listen up MORONISTON…if you leave your trailer park you would know world includes more than good old U.S.A..but you are right! your TV girl is only popular here in the states…she is nothing outside of the U.S, as demonstrated when she took her paid for gigolo on the pap tour! nobody knew who the hell she was! honey, real movie stars are popular internationally. get 20mil paychecks and make quality films. they don’t have to slave away making straight to dvds movies…but i don’t blame you would you know the difference between quality vs. quantity, when you are the fan of a TV HACKTRESS!!! LMAO..and bish so stupid you even put it out there that you run from site to site! PATHETIC much? and, JL, you don’t have to hurt yourself trying to think of a comeback, i’ll leave you re.tarded MORONISTON to fume at the mouth! buh bye!!!!

  443. 443
    JL Says:

    Rotten sushi is here back.
    Aren’t with your intellectual dog?
    Why are you on the Aniston thread?
    Because you need it.
    Welcome to our Trailer Park!
    You are the most popular clown.
    I wish all the best to your dog.

  444. 444
    JL Says:

    I hope you got – that was a typo:
    Aren’t YOU with your high intellectual dog?
    How is he doing?
    I’m sure he laughs after your every comment.

  445. 445
    Me Says:

    LOl~JL, It looks like we struck a huge nerve with rotten sushi troll….I love it…I especially like the “Welcome to our Trailer Park!” That was too funny…I guess she told me huh…I will not sleep a wink tonight worrying about so sad sushi an the damage she is doing to Jen’s image…NOT…TGIF…:)

  446. 446
    JL Says:

    Me, rotten sushi cries a river looking at Jennifer’s images:
    how can she have a body like Jennifer’s?
    Can she dress like Jennifer?
    Can roten sushi come to the Top 100 of the most beautiful people of her street? :)
    What about the Hotness Award?
    Nobody thinks sushi is sexual –
    even her smart dog. :)

  447. 447
    Me Says:

    @JL: I think her dog would be about the only thing to do her…She is so desperate for attention, she stands at the end of her dirt road begging for sex…Don’t forget to watch the leg blunder on TV Guide channel Monday night at 9:00 P.M. It should be hysterical…I think I will DVR it…Heading for the beach for the weekend…Keep em straight JL…I have complete faith in you…TGIF…<3

  448. 448
    yep Says:

    lol! Jen is gorgeous, a giver, classy, wonderful sense of humor! That is why Brangelina fans need to keep coming back to hate some more! However, now they can’t say ONE word about eyes/ face lifts, boob jobs, peels, hair plugs and etc…. (that is why we haven’t seen Jolie – she looks really stunning too!) Need some Jen’s pictures!

  449. 449
    California Heat Says:

    Poor Jennifer, still bitter, angry and lonely in her menopause stage. Hitting low and trashy just like her girlfriend Chelsea dog. Leave the royal highness Queen Angelina alone, lol!

  450. 450
    JL Says:

    @Me: Have a nice weekend, Me!
    Water understands all our dreams and troubles –
    no need even to talk her -
    water knows what happens in our mind and soul.
    All we need to do – just to say : Thank You Water, I Love You Too!
    Would be to nice to enjoy Joleg’s stupid look on the You Tube :)
    The HOmanitarian… :)
    I hope people in Syria never read about her lesbian achievements and sex with mother’s boyfriend.
    Because several heavy stones can meet her head with the message:
    You are wrong witch! Go home!
    WHAT A SHAME to be a UN representative with reputation like her…

  451. 451
    JL Says:

    California Sheat
    is a menopausal expert :)

  452. 452
    anch Says:

    Out of the the 451 post JL has 115. WOW! Get some help JL is not worth your time trying to defend someone who looks like man.

  453. 453
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    LMFAO @ dumb&dumber (Just Legging& man-less Me) aka BET&Schizo Ellie..who you think you fooling with your multiple personalities? everybody knows JenHO only has 2 retar.ded inbred fans who would defend her to the death! hey Schizo Ellie, did your FAKE daughter Jesse die yet in Iraq? so you can come back and tell us she is a hero? BWAHAHAHHAAHA

  454. 454
    JL Says:

    nobody is dumber than you.
    Everyone is just smarter – ask your dog :)

  455. 455
    California Heat Says:

    Lol, I am not in menopausal stage. Jennifer Aniston is my mom’s age and my mom is hot and so is my grandma. We all think Jennifer is wacko and a Serial Dumpster. She is not relevant and she looks and sounds like Miss Piggy. Ha ha

  456. 456
    Ghost Says:

    Stick a fork in this bed-hopping dirtbag, she’s done. She never made it past second banana on a t.v sitcom. She is not now , nor will she ever be a movie star. I’m sorry but a fact is a fact. Little Jenny’s basement dwelling pre-pubecent teens need to talk to mommy about what it means to have slept their way to the top just like mommy does with daddy to get a better car, or more credit cards. I believe as well as most of the posters here that JL & Bet are mentally unstable and it’s time we took up a collection so they can seek professional help. Idol worship is very dangerous and can lead to criminal , and or harmful behaviour ………………..Love The Ghost.

  457. 457
    JL Says:

    its great your mommy and granny feel good.
    Would be nice they explained you
    that discussing somebodies age is not nice.
    I don’t know what do you mean saying “hot”,
    but your mom is not a model, not an actress,
    nobody care about her Hotness –
    just you, your dad (I very hope) and dog.

  458. 458
    JL Says:

    “…I believe as well as most of the posters here”
    The most of the posters here are paid “writers” and banal haters.
    A very decent company – join to sushi, MJ, AGA kiki and so on…
    This is your level so called “Ghost”.
    So called “Ghost” told he works on the construction.
    Watch out you work, and don’t think about Aniston,
    if you want to sound like a mentally stable person.
    People loving Ghost will never share negativity
    about things they don’t know enough good.
    Go buy a DVD with “Marley And Me”.
    And try to watch without beer.

  459. 459
    AGA Says:

    JL–WHY include me in this BS?? I have not been on JJ for weeks!! And i’ve told you many times that I do NOT hate JA. I dislike her,think she is a terrible actress,used her divorce for sympathy,used PR BS and is now a celebrity NOT an actress.
    WHY do you bother to respond to every poster?? Why do you HATE ON Angie so much that you have to go back in time to bring up things she did 15 yrs ago. Don’t you think people can change?? Do you think people should just give up if they try drugs when they are young??

    I know i’m being to sensible for you and you will post some BS back that will make no sense at all.

  460. 460
    JL Says:

    Despite she wasn’t here “for weeks”…
    I don’t hate on Jolie.
    I hate on Jolie’s hate to Jennifer.
    This her hate proves Jolie didn’t change.
    People can change.
    Even after drugs using, but across a long (for years!) time of treatment.
    Jolie didn’t one, because it’s a time without alcohol and other “nice” things…
    Jolie DEMONSTRATES her change across adopting and UN activity in front the TV cameras
    She will change when she will get what she did to Jennifer.
    When she will apologize.

  461. 461
    ? Says:

    Why Maniston face is all the way on the bottom of JJ .. is it because of 460 post in 4 weeks … or because the village Idiot JL stinks like shiit.

  462. 462
    Granny Says:

    Get real Angie don’ t care if Jennifer is dead or alive, they don’t travel in the same circles.
    Jen is friends with the chelsea handler’s and the terry Richardson’s of this world, lewd, vile creatures that there’re, look at a person friends and it tells who they really are.
    In the last eight years, one interviewer asked Angie a question about that lonely emblem, and she answered, after that Angie never acknowledge her existence, so you’re lying when you said Angie hate jennifer.
    Now talk about Jennifer, trash talking Angie and her kids and getting her loser friend to do it also.
    It must kill Jennifer to know what ever she said or did had no impact on Angie’s life, she was ignored and you can tell, she don’t like being ignored, so she kept talking until people got fed up, and then she tried to change her image, to being sexy, she was not sexy at twenty and she sure ain’t sexy at forty-three. Too much plastic surgery, she is on her way to look like Joan Rivers, she is just like her mother a bitter woman that men dumped.

  463. 463
    JL Says:

    Blah-blah-blah Granny,
    Nancy never were an America’s Sweet Heart, never were famous,
    and is known just as a mother of JA.
    Nothing to compare.
    Jennifer had changed all she wanted in herself.
    And as successful men audience thinks
    she is the most sexual woman of All the Times – this is a truth.
    Do you really think she was not attractive being young?
    How did she marry Brad Pitt?

  464. 464
    ? Says:

    I tell you how she’s got married to BP…
    BP meet Maniston on a rebound from Gwenny.. He meet Manni on a blind date arrange by Huvsie..
    Never mind about Manni sleeping with BP on her first date.. can’t blame her, he’s BP after all… The sexiest man alive lol….
    Although the only thing they have in comment was chain smoking bong and siggi… He ended up marrying Manni not knowing that she is the most selfish Fugly Fraud in HW.. the kind loving sweet man not knowing that Manni the Fraud with the low self esteem is to busy chasing her dreams … Thanks God, BP SAW THE LIGHT IN THE END OF THE TUNNEL…
    and the rest as we can see… Everyone Piising in their pants and steaming at the Ocean :))))))
    Ps. I sincerely hope Manni will married HER FIANCE the one with capital M on his forehead what his name.. LOL

  465. 465
    Connie Says:

    I wanna know what Mrs Theroux to be is up to lately:)
    She is just lovely.

  466. 466
    Emma Says:

    I cant imagine how anyone could possibly dislike Jennifer. She is a heart warming kind sweet person.

  467. 467
    JL Says:

    So Brad married Jennifer because Paltrow dumped him?
    Why not the “light” in the end of the tunnel?
    What the difference – blind date or not blind?
    Not because she was beautiful?
    So why?
    Tell us and we will see who is a village idiot here…

  468. 468
    Model That! Says:

    Oh oh! Is Justin Theroux seeing Heidi again? He got a very important seat. Hmmmm…whole thing looks funny since the ring-less fiancee is learning to act and the fiance is out having fun. This reminds me when John M was sleeping with Aniston and saying Jess is the sex napalm and later dumped Aniston. I don’t think there was engagement, just Aniston trying to steal thunder from the supposedly would be nuptial of Brad & Angie Pitt. The bitter X is lonely forever if she does not learn to be nice or learn tricks from How To Keep a Man for Dummies. Anyway, I enjoyed the fashion show and the pictures, thanks JJ.
    Oh, I wonder what gifts is she giving Theroux since she bought that grand piano for JM who turned it down. Theroux is enjoying being bought and I must give JM credit for not selling his soul to the she devil and walked away from her. She has nothing to offer but her money in order to keep a man. I don’t think Justin will stick around for long, he is already fooling around.

  469. 469
    JL Says:

    Katy Perry dumped Mayer, because of too little gifts.
    Katy knows when John is really in love he can buy a Golden Rolex and so on…
    Katy told him she wants a Rolex like Jennifer’s one.
    And no response…
    No Rolex – no Katy …. :)

  470. 470
    How Low can you Go Says:

    And all her X… Every … Single … One .. Of them … DUMPED her, all of them and TWICE .. Yes Twice by John Mayer .. LOL….
    And now .. This old women is so Desperate for this nobody, short, balding fugly living of the richly rich sugar mama, Maniston home wrecked all for this??? How Low can you go…. LOL…

  471. 471
    JL Says:

    @How Low can you Go:
    There is a difference to dump someone and to be dumped.
    But not for you –
    How Low can you Go.
    How low?

  472. 472
    Me Says:

    WOW! Hey JL~The old troll anch#452 actually spent her weekend counting posts on this thread…Do you know how long that must have took her to do??? Talk about obsessed & no life!!! She can put that in her 5 divider notebook she keeps records in about Jen threads & her every move…LOL what a loser…I believe you have a stalker…I don’t know why the trolls are not over on Ho-leg threads defending her like the other trolls do ALLLLLLDAYYYYYY….She needs defending in the worse way…She is on the threads going “lookie me, lookie me”…You would think they would spend their weekend over there…Crazy azz trolls without a life…I almost feel sorry for them…(almost)…:)

  473. 473
    Grandma Says:

    She was dumped by Brad, Vince Vaughn, John Mayer, grip boy, Paul Sculfor, her friend’s husband, the guy that called her a sports fcuk, and all the others, so she is a serial dumpee.
    Katie can buy her own Rolex, Jen bought the Rolex for John and he still dump her.
    Are you still living in the house that Jen bought you, and to repay her you have to defend her and munch her carpet.
    You’re the hardest working freeloader. Ta Ta.

  474. 474
    JL Says:

    @Me: Hi Me! Our anch lost one more opportunity to have sex this week end :)
    Poor stalker :)
    All these trolls are not on the Jolie’s thread because they are embarrassed – what can Syrian or Kurdistan people think
    looking at Jolie!!!
    Of course they smile because they need her money,
    but WHAT they think looking at her enormous lips?…
    I guess they could see the magazines with her tattoo…
    They feel this UN “help” smells not very good.
    UN doesn’t stop the aggression
    of some countries in the Middle East
    because of powerful lobby…
    Jolie never told: Stop the war at least!
    She loves the war, the guns, the knives,
    but she acts a “humanitarian”…
    Jolie needs an attention but she is wrong material
    for acting “saint”.

  475. 475
    JL Says:

    @Grandma: Mayer bought the Rolex to Jennifer.
    Everybody may see this Rolex from time to time on her photos.

  476. 476
    Grandma Says:

    Other than poo ping and pee ing on her, no other gifts.

  477. 477
    JL Says:

    Check JJared from 16 July 2012:
    “Jennifer Aniston: Blown Away by Ellen DeGeneres in Promo!”
    Golden Rolex on her hand is a Mayer’s gift.
    The topic of poo & pee ing you may keep for yourself.

  478. 478
    ? Says:

    A whole week end??? LOL … LOL..,
    Look at the Headline JJ above Maniston picture … The date JJ post your idol thread … Then look at the total numbers from the last post … Simple !
    You don’t need Brain surgeon to work it out .. 5 second and you know how old is this boring thread…
    2+2 = Zero to Village idiot like you … watching Friends re run on your VCR is a DEAD END give away for OLD Troll Niston like you!

  479. 479
    JL Says:

    2 + 2 = she is on set “We Are The Millers”.
    Can’t you live without new pictures so much?
    wow – a new Aniston’s fan! :)

  480. 480
    Ann Says:

    New smart water ad

    Love it

  481. 481
    Julia Says:

    @JL: Hahaha, she wishes John bought her a rolex. You should see the gifts he buys his real girlfriends, way better than rolex!

  482. 482
    JL Says:

    @Julia: This Rolex there is on thousands her pictures for the last three years. She used Mayer just to show to freaking Brad that she is with younger guy.

  483. 483
    AGA Says:

    Wow you really do not care how low you go do you?? Now bashing the UN…and least they are trying to do something instead of making self-indulgent Dumbwater Ads to make her some more $$$

    By the way….I highly doubt that Angie has the time to “hate” JA. She is just to busy with her highly busy life. I doubt she EVER thinks about her at all

  484. 484
    JL Says:

    Jolie thinks about JA every time she looks at Brad.

  485. 485
    lol Says:

    @JL: a@JL: And wonder how much weed he was smoking, to waste 5 years with her, a year after marrying her he was in therapy and check out of the marriage.
    When he was with her, he was so dumb down, he was so depress, he hardly worked and the movies he made were not the best.
    Now look at him, having intelligent conversations and his work is much improved.

  486. 486
    JL Says:

    @lol: Yeah,
    Inglorious Bast.ards, Money Ball.s – his work is much “improved”.
    (how do you know he was depressed in marriage & what is wrong in working hard?)

  487. 487
    JL Says:

    Inglorious Bast.ards, Money Ball.s – his work is much “improved”:)
    (how do you know he was depressed in marriage & what is wrong in working hard?)

  488. 488
    JL Says:

    sorry :)

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