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Justin Theroux Motors in the Big Apple!

Justin Theroux Motors in the Big Apple!

Justin Theroux flashes a smile as he takes his motorcycle for a spin on Monday (August 20) in New York City.

The 41-year-old actor stopped at a light before speeding off on his way.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Justin Theroux

The day before, Justin was spotted for the first time since proposing to his love Jennifer Aniston! The two got engaged on Justin‘s birthday earlier this month.

Meanwhile, Jen is currently in North Carolina filming her latest flick We’re the Millers – that same day, she was spotted on set with her bra exposed!

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  • mlllllllllllle

    Breaking News…

  • Liya


  • ann

    Clearly this is not breaking gossip, but at least he looks good. Congrats on the engagement.

  • Tina

    Well this guy sure looks good in leather.

  • Nicole

    I’d rather see Justin than hairy Shia Laboeuf doing porno on screen in the name of art.

  • wsj

    Hi good looking. Can I get a ride?

  • JL

    Justin, we want to see “Ducati” !
    And a new helmet PLEASE !
    And don’t smile right in to the camera!
    How do you feel without Jennifer’s Mercedes?
    Your new call is Justin FEDERLINE

  • it’s my time

    congrats to Jen and Justin! Now, it’s my time to get engaged!

  • April

    He looks good on that bike!

  • june

    this guy has hands down the sexiest eyebrows I have seen since Sean Connery or at the least it compares. Dark and full. I want to see those brows.

  • Sam

    He’s sure loving the attention. Guess that’s the big pay back.

  • bikerus

    Good looking for sure. No need for me to hate.

  • layne7

    Actually feel sorry for the dude, only way to get the limelight is to bang an over the hill, very well broke in Jen Anniston. Whats this dude number 679??? Seriously cant wait to skip this new movie of Jen’s if I wanted to see some grandma tatas I would go to a Madoona concert.

  • ????

    @Nicole: I second that. Justin is a much, much better sight than seeing the artsy, serious actor Shia.

  • sam

    I really wonder why some people refuse to accept that someone is attractive. The guy is attractive. He has what appears to be a good body underneath too. Even a gay guy may admit to that.

  • ella

    @sam: I agree. He is 41 years old, he is in shape. He is no frog.

  • Myscaloppe

    All the happiness in the world for you guys

  • haterswillhate

    yup, justin has a nice body. it will literally kill some people to give a compliment sometimes.

  • Haha


    And if he weren’t smiling you’d be saying he’s a trapped man who is miserable with Aniston. Your hate is so transparent at this point. Maybe it’s time to give it a rest. Oh never mind, it’s not like you’re going to be getting out of your miserable life any time soon. That’s what all this hate is about anyway. People who are happy with their own lives don;t have time to hate on someone who has no effect on their lives. That’s psych 101. Jealousy is like the green eyed monster. It NEVER takes a vacation.

  • bria

    attractive. love the leather jacket.

  • lol

    remember when P whipped bradley used to ride his cycle around like a real man?

  • devil’s advocate

    Justin has never looked happier than in the last two postings.

    Is is because he is engaged to Aniston OR
    is it because he is in New York and Jennifer is not???

  • alli

    nice look.

  • Asia

    handsome in my opinion.

  • oceanblue

    I think he looks stupid in that get up.

  • carol

    life is too short for me to spend it saying undue negative things about people. Justin looks good and I wish him and Jen the best.

  • lol

    his outfit is right for riding a motorcycle. If you fall on a motorcycle you can do very serious damage to your body or lose your life not to mention others on the road. He looks good and he is certainly dressed appropriately.

  • nia

    It’s okay to say nice things about someone. he looks happy. good for him. Best of luck to the hottie. (My mom used to say if you do not have anything nice to say don’t say nothing at all. but some people think differently I see.)

  • Karen

    Congrats Justin. Be good to each other. I like this biker look.

  • sonia

    I agree with the previous commentators. Justin is not an ugly person. He is a handsome guy. I’m sure it’s not only his mom who thinks he is good looking.

  • anonymous

    @layne7: You sound really jealous and are obviously an ageist. Take it easy before you blow a gasket.

  • ignore

    don’t listen to some of the people here. they never have anything positive to say even if it’s a celebrity doing something for a good charity. They can never see anything positive, no matter what. Go Justin and good luck on your engagement.

  • WTH?

    Are people saying Justin is ugly? WTH He is a hottie. He may not be your type, but it does not mean he does not look good.

  • layne7

    Well I dont quite believe there is really much to be jealous of. Off the top of my head lead singer from counting crows, John Mayer, brad Pitt, Jason Sudakes, Paul Rudd, Gerard Butler, Vince Vaughn, some no name married costar last year, the blonde guy that appeared on friends for awhile….. the list is very long considering she was with 2 of them for 7+ years each. There are many more Im sure and at what point do you start to think that every man cant get away from her fast enough. Only reason were stuck with her is Brad Pitt, if not for him she woulda disappered like the rest of the friends cast. Shes by far the least talented. If after all those men she finally found Mr Right then good for her.

  • Love The Shoes

    I think they make a great pair and I wish them happiness. They seem suited for each other in many ways. Everybody’s got their right mate now and it’s all good.

  • tina

    what a beautiful smile!

  • looking great

    looks cool, good, and collected.

  • Cia

    Nice looking man. Good luck to the both of them.

  • Wth


    jennifer says she hate the paps. but man he looks like he loves all the attention. I’ don’t like her, but I was hoping this would be great. But now I see him as a douch and user. Take a look on Jared archives. Before Aniston this man had all of 2 or 3 threads, now he is seen every day?

    come on her fans need to see this for what it is.

  • Short legged Hobbit.

    He’s going for the Gold… Never seen him smiling so much… “for now” He has the Fame he wants without really having to do anything to earn it!
    Poor Jen, never looks so miserable playing a prostitute, for fame at the age of 44… having to show her bra minus her fake nipple… Lol….

  • gold digging

    Justin, well played off that narcissistic, needy sad-sack Aniston. Shake that old leather bag for all the coins you can get.


    I dont find this guy at all sexy nor attractive. He’s so tiny and short, and his style is over-the-top silly. Like he’s a member of the 80′s band Devo.

  • JL is Dolly Twins sister

    Look at mooee…. Looook at moooeee…. Look … at ….. Me!!!!!

  • loving it

    Handsome man.

  • Aina

    Go Justin. Nice look.

  • Kell

    This guy looks good in jeans.

  • ICU

    Crazy to think that people are calling this guy ugly. LOL! He looks good to me.

  • Halie

    Congrats Jen and this pr fameho are just alike. CAA decided to give this fameho some attention for a change. Totally understand why he agreed to front with CAA top attention fameho. These two are totally meant for each other. He was not getting enough media attention with Heidi during there 15 year commitment. So when Jen came around he jump on the gravy train. Jen can’t sell a movie without being latch to a man. I feel like this is a desperate attempt to save her career. Just don’t understand why CAA put picture after picture of her shooting a movie. When the movie premiere there is no need to go see the movie because you’ve seen to many shots online.

  • millers

    jen’s husband to be!!!

  • and so we begin….

    People on here that call a woman or man in their 40′s old, are either teenagers or 20-30 somethings that had their lover stolen by someone in their 40′s. Newsflash…..we all get older, some of us age better than others, but you will all be that age someday, unless someone kills you for being an obnoxious idiot with no brains!