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Nicki Minaj: 'American Idol' Judge?

Nicki Minaj: 'American Idol' Judge?

Nicki Minaj has reportedly joined the judging panel for the upcoming twelfth season of American Idol!

“I’m not sure the deal is completely done yet, but yes, she is definitely doing it,” an insider told Us Weekly. “A few more slight things to sign off on but it is happening.”

If the deal goes through, Nicki will join Mariah Carey on the revamped panel. Nick Jonas and Pharrell Williams are also being considered for judging roles while Randy Jackson is being moved to a mentor position.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Nicki Minaj judging on American Idol?

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  • Triangle

    PLEASE GOD NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Natalie

    I hope this is false.

  • um


  • lol

    She just ccanceled all her gig because her vocal chords were damaged and has to have surgery. Maybe the surgery is a vocal transplant. The doctors will actually giving her a singing voice.

    This is all BS.

  • anon

    so what happend to Pharrell, Nick Jonas, P. Diddy, etc..?
    There’a already a woman on there and mariah is the HBIC..ok?

  • Sarah.

    That is so stupid. Who would want to be judged by her, who cares about her opinion? Hearing Mariah Carey’s opinion about you, big deal. But with her.. I’d be like.. who are you to say anything? She always looks ridiculous and she doesn’t sing. She raps.

  • Kaitlin

    Absolutely not. Do not make her a judge on this show. This is the absolute WORST move that FOX could make. Their ratings will go downhill if they sign Nicki as a judge.

  • pegs223

    American Idol who?

  • Fail

    Oh wow, she should be joined by Katy Perry, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and then there will be American Idols like Rebecca Black!

  • CF98

    You know might as well just cancel the show I gave up on it after Kelly Clarkson one anyways…

  • Mimi

    NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Please let this be wrong!!!!!

  • Lynn

    if she is made a judge, then RIP American Idol. Did you see her twitter meltdown today? #stayclassy

  • Jades

    This insures that I will not be watching EVER..not even YouTubes after the fact..

  • worst choice ever

    What is idol thinking?? She can’t even string two sentences together or sing for that matter!

  • Dee

    Talentless, vapid and trashy. Not to mention that she can’t sing to save her life. If Idol hired this one, I do hope they sink like the Titanic.


    Well, don’t think I will be tuning in! YUCK….is this all they got to offer?? Goodbye AI!

  • DD

    Well I guess it’s a good thing Adam Lambert is not being considered any longer because Idol is a sinking ship with no clear direction and he is clearly on the rise! I know of at least 3 households who will no longer be watching and I’m sure I am NOT alone! Good by American Idol! It was nice while it lasted!

  • no bueno

    I think this is a PR stunt. All kinds of random people seem to be possible judges on Idol. Notice how nothing is official so that Idol can’t sue them but they want to link themselves to make it look like they are desired. None of the recent names thrown around have made any sense with maybe the exception of that Jonas kid. I kind of believe this a little more because of what Simon did, hiring 19 year old Demi Lovato for X factor. Idol would counter that with a 20 year old Jonas. they both bring in rabid fans who love to tweet and text which is good for a show like Idol.

  • ew

    ugh. what a great person for idol to align themselves with. someone that just spent all morning telling people to kill themselves and choke on dicks and calling their mothers whores. she’s a mess and she can’t even sing. idol is such a joke now.

  • t

    I love her personality so i’ll be glad to see her on there.

  • Nimbus

    OH NO you can’t be SERIOUS? She’s trashy beyond belief and can’t sing at all just raps. How could she ever judge a singing competition?


    No way! freaking Disney kids have more influence with their fans and in the tv & music industry than this rachet trick!

  • L


  • lurker

    Did you guys see her twitter rampage this morning? this has got to be a joke. The things she was telling people to do…The cursing she does on that twitter. omg

  • sdfsdf

    perfect <3

  • Roman

    When will all these crappy talent shows just go away? :(

  • Clary

    they’re kidding, right? how is she supposed to JUDGE when she has no experience? not fair.they should put Adele, instead.

  • Neetsie

    Idol has officially jumped the shark!

  • Kelcey Kelly

    of course nicki is a beast<3

  • Sharon

    No official word or confirmation but if it’s true the show will crash and burn before mid-season. Who the heck would care what this trashy ugly woman has to say. She’s vulgar and has no class. She just told her own fans off by cursing and telling them to go kill themselves. Well if this is caliber of judge that AI wants then it says a lot about the direction the show is taking. The show has been declining since after S8 when there was real talent now this. Dear Lord..

  • Juliet

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  • cindy

    Fox really seems to be getting celebs who aren’t talented and are worthless these days!! AI use to be a good show it has sunk deep now with the cast there getting this season to come!

  • Jordan

    This freak smh…

  • sara

    i like her but no, just no.

  • Lucia

    and that’s why,,? come on people! she became famous 2 years ago! she doesn’t deserve to be a judge!
    are you kidding me? god!

  • Tahaa

    American Idol put the NAIL IN THEIR OWN COFFIN!! The MOST ridiculous choice on the planet! For the producers to even consider Nicki to JUDGE Idol after the years of horrible judging with Jlo and Steven and Randy..
    You would think they have a clean slate to bring in TALENTED judges who have incredible VOICES and stage pressence Themselves….that respect the true meaning of REAL..NON AUTO-TUNED Powerful, Pitch on, Full Range Voices and will give un-biased, honest, helpful critique..which is what American Idol was founded on..TO FIND THE BEST SINGER..FULL PACKAGE WORLDWIDE STAR!

    What this proves loud and clear is America PROMOTES and Radio Spins Auto-tuned, Factory created Talentless garbage over and over again…who could never stand up on the IDOL stage themselves and Sing flawlessly. EVERY Artist that has non stop Radio Spins were beyond HORRIBLE when they sang LIVE ON IDOL..Without their Auto-tune.
    A real “SINGER” can stand Alone~no music~SING AND DROP YOUR JAW~AND BLOW YOUR MIND~or they shouldn’t be behind a mic!!

  • dave

    if that skank is on the show i will never watch it again, and i have not missed one show in all seasons

  • http://justjarad dave

    if that dirty skank is on the show i will never watch again

  • Vincent

    Huge, huge mistake!!! Just cancel the show now. She has no real talent, she’s unstable and certainly does not have the musical experience or longevity to serve as a judge or mentor. What fans would this imposter bring anyways….???

  • Gerald Baptista
  • Dremeneelsraf

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  • Michelle Holley

    When has Nicki Minaj ever proven herself to be anything but a no talent skank? And she just keeps throwing herself under the bus with her latest ignorant tirade against legendary, Steven Tyler. Compared to the other judges, she is seriously lacking in everything from experience to class. Families watch this show together and most families don’t want to listen to some *nobody* judge others or the rude, thuggish comments that will definitely fly out of her mouth before her brain has time to catch up.

    Simon could be a bitch too, but at least he was classy while doing it.