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Nina Dobrev: 'Fashion' Magazine Cover Girl!

Nina Dobrev: 'Fashion' Magazine Cover Girl!

Nina Dobrev dons a bold print suit for the September 2012 issue of Fashion magazine, on stands now.

Here’s what the 23-year-old Vampire Diaries actress had to share:

On playing two roles on Vampire Diaries: “It really is an actor’s boot camp for me. Once I’m done with it, I will be able to do anything and everything. I feel like I’ve done everything you could possibly imagine on this one show”action, drama, comedy. We’ve even done lots of stunts. I have to emotionally get to places that I sometimes don’t want to go.”

On the ten year age difference between her and her boyfriend (and co-star) Ian Somerhalder: “Women mature a lot faster than men do so I’ve always had trouble relating”or not relating. I like to be challenged. I like to be inspired and constantly be learning. I feel like when I’m with someone who’s older than me they have a certain amount of experience in life. There’s a maturity. There’s a different sort of knowledge that they bring to a relationship and the conversations are very different.”

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Photos: James White
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  • escapizm

    I have a huge girl crush on her. She’s beautiful, classy and seems very humble :-)

  • Cara

    Nice. Very nice.

  • K

    I guess she already wants to quit Vampire Diaries. But let me tell you honey, you will disappear once your show does too.

  • AJ

    Love this girl!

  • FluffBall

    What do you mean already wants to quit? she has been on it for 3 seasons already i wouldn’t blame her if she wants to do something different, but we already know she is not going anywhere until they all decide when its time to finish the show altogether. She is such a beautiful women.

  • jenfan

    She seems like a nice person but on of her statements makes her sound like she has a huge ego….this sentence in particular “Once I’m done with it, I will be able to do anything and everything.” but maybe its just the way i’m reading it!!! Anyways i dont like the styling though..but she os gorgeous!!

  • escapizm

    @jenfan: I think what she’s trying to say is that the show has challenged her as an actress and once it is over she will be able to take what she learned from Vampire Diaries and apply it to her future work as well as make it easier for her to branch out to different genres. At least that’s what I got out of it :-)

  • vick


  • Jordan

    I don’t like what she’s wearing, but she’s tall and slim and beautiful… wow! Her acting is very average though.

  • kjbk

    I am getting sick & tired of her. she never does covers of huge magazines.

  • lol

    LOOOL Poor girl really thinks she’s the next Meryl Streep. Nina, dear, people outside of fandom are laughing at your acting which consists out of lot of sighing and mouth breathing. pretty much like Blake Lively, who is also a joke BTW. It would be better for yot to work harder on your craft, keep your head down and mouth shut because interviews like this are only making people laugh at you. On the other hand, it’s good that you have decided to come out with the truth that you’re dating Ian.

  • Harlie

    Blah, shut up.

  • shiva

    She’s amazing!

  • liz

    @lol: I agree ! She is sweet but her acting skills did not show much … she always seems dumb when she playss elena …

  • Lauren

    I don’t like the styling, but she’s gorgeous

  • vamplover

    @lol: completely agree. what really stuck out for me is exactly what you wrote, the truth about why she is dating Ian. she likes older guys because they can teach her things, um what? He teaches her??? I also think she is dating him because he’s somewhat popular. I remember when the show first started, they were walking through the airport and TMZ was filming Ian. They didn’t know who she was, she even slowed down and looked into the camera and smiled, still TMZ didn’t acknowledge her. Now that she has been with Ian the “paps” snap her picture. Sounds like she’d use anyone or anything to get what she wants. When vampire diaries is over so will her career. Always known as her character.

  • A

    Actually women don’t mature faster than men, that is false.
    Girls mature faster than boys but by the time they have reached puberty they mature at the same rate, btw, this is PHYSICALLY, mentally they are the same, I don’t know why people think just because girls mature physically (height etc) faster than boys, that they are mentally more mature? It has nothing to do with it! Mentally they mature at the same time.

  • Jessica

    beautiful girl :) i like that she is proud to be bulgarian. even though she lived in Canada most of her life! Страхотна си Нина ! Успех !

  • So true

    Oh come on!Jared this is old knews. Ppl already read this magazine and fans even complained about that it is a journalist trick that she admited dating Ian, she never mentions him (how ungrateful from her,if not the rumors no one cared about her at all),she is just hitting about elder guys (producers couch may be?) she is so full of her self with those arrogant statments but can not put her own wording properly with out speechwriters. her comment about Miley?Or her offencive remark about Rihanna?Watch out Nina, as soon as the show will end u won’t be able to blackmail Ian and paul by threats so they would act nicely to you in fron of fans, the truth about BHS on set will come out and you will go down. And you jared better post pics from Miami where oh so sweet little Nina is smoking on her way and add Ninas oh so sweet tweet to trevino…oops u can’t b/c you insted of Nina can’t post uncensored things here!

  • lol

    @so true oh my that sounds like a juicy gossip. spill the beans!

  • Blue Eyes.

    She is young and ambitious and thinks that she can with everything, but the real thing is when the show is over and trying to be in this business,which is very difficult. Maturity, experience gives you humility which she lacks right now, maybe due to her age.

    I am pretty sure that she is not with Ian anymore, they have never been in love in the first place, you could see that from the beginnig.

  • So true

    bout what?How everybody on set are fed up of her poor exuse of manipulations to be center of attention?how she is always pissed b/c no one alredy give a shit about her poor acting or talks with her only b/c of fear that todler will frow a fit in the middle of shooting?How about producers begs to play nice to each other when extras is on set our Mystic Tours are organised?or about Nina threats to Ian that she will sabotage events with her behavior if he wouldn’t follow her as a puppy in front of the fans and cameras?How she is so desparate for him to notice her that she is ready to blackmail him b/c it is the only way he would volunteery spend time near her?How they took same flight but lived in different hotels in Bora Bora?How they still live in separate rooms in hotels during events?How every single con refused to ask Ninas attendance? How even Plec is pissed with her that they left her alone after last Comic Con? How she is rude and stupid and snob in real life? it is not jucie gossipe, it is facts.It just among the screams of silly girls who beliaves that Nina is naturally beauty and luck to have Ian (who is trunning circles from her from the beginning) those stories are barely noticible. After ech visit to set u can hear mostly dissapointed fans who saw real Nina and real things and few but very loud who will write in popular places fake love moments about Nina and Ian or how sweet Nina is.Ask how much those fans recieve from CW for comments like that.

  • verox87

    @So true: you’re pathetic..get a life please!!
    I think all the haters are just jealous..she’s pretty good at interpreting two very different roles and she’s ambitious..what’s wrong whit that?!!

  • rain

    @So True Wow! How did you know all of these? Tell us more!

  • rain

    @So true Who are the REAL ones from TVD? I meant, who are the fans who are really genuine and kind to their fans especially during tvd conventions, comic cons and visiting on the set?

  • rain

    @So true @So true Who are the REAL ones from TVD? I meant, who are the tvd actors/actresses who are really genuine and kind to their fans especially during tvd conventions, comic cons and visiting on the set?

  • Rain

    @So true: Who are the stars from TVD who are really genuine and kind to their fans especially during tvd conventions, comic cons and set visits?

  • Rain

    @So true: Who are the stars from TVD who are really genuine and kind to their fans especially during tvd conventions, comic cons and set visits?