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Orlando Bloom & Flynn: Sydney Stroll!

Orlando Bloom & Flynn: Sydney Stroll!

Orlando Bloom adjusts his son Flynn‘s hat as the duo head out for a walk on Tuesday (August 21) in Sydney, Australia.

The 35-year-old actor was seen smiling as him and Flynn enjoyed the nice weather.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Orlando Bloom

The day before, Orlando and his wife Miranda Kerr went for a walk around Sydney as well!

In case you missed it, check out Miranda‘s ad campaign as the new Qantas Ambassador! She looks awesome in the two newly released advertisement pics!

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48 Responses to “Orlando Bloom & Flynn: Sydney Stroll!”

  1. 1
    Mandy Says:

    That kid is just…unbelievably cute…

  2. 2
    Tracy Says:

    Stop calling the paps when you guys go out for a stroll idiots. You are way too obvious!

  3. 3
    awww Says:

    Gorgeous boys!

  4. 4
    ha ha Says:

    yup, to be alone with the kid and away from vapid miranda

  5. 5
    Andamentothat Says:

    Miranda created a whole new career post Flynn!

  6. 6
    Isis Lara Says:

    Poor Flynn… He is going to be stuck with his dad’s hand me down pants and awful fashion sense.

  7. 7
    Alex Says:

    Orlando Bloom has dyslexia i wonder i Flynn will inherit his dyslexia too.

  8. 8
    Alex Says:

    Orlando Bloom could of passed down his dyslexia to Flynn! I wonder if Miranda knew about this before she had a child with him! Orlando Bloom admitted to dyslexia in interviews but did he tell Miranda!

  9. 9
    joak Says:

    please burn those pants

  10. 10
    @alex Says:

    Oh, I think Flynn will be just fine. Orlando turned out great, and he will know how to guide Flynn.
    But you talk like dyslexia is some kind of debiltating illness. Are you going to start attacking him like those horrible delphi hags?
    I’d have to say that dyslexia is much easier to live with than ignorance and irrational hatred.

  11. 11
    Susie#1 Says:

    Jared – Grammar check: “not him and Flynn enjoyed” but “he and Flynn enjoyed…”

  12. 12
    emma Says:

    @@alex: defends dyslexia and then insults women calling them hags? you obviously win at nothing except being a moron.

  13. 13
    @12 Says:

    Insulting someone for a genetic trait is a bit different than insulting someone for choosing to be hateful and mean don’t you think? Alex?

  14. 14
    Alex Says:

    @13 As much as you think that comment is me it’s not. Yay someone else agrees with me! Thanks emma! Oh and i never insulted people with dyslexia i was wondering if Flynn got it. And yeah i agree with emma you shouldn’t be insulting women it doesn’t make you any better!

  15. 15
    ta Says:

    Typical hater double standard.
    Attacking a baby is OK (those delphi HAGS! do it all the time) but insulting an ADULT is OH SO HORRIBLE!!!
    H Y P O C R I T E ! ! ! !
    You idiots just make this way to easy.

  16. 16
    @15.... Says:

    The Delphidiots lastest trick is to insult Miranda on The Daily Mail newspaper site by calling her “smug, full of herself, calling the paps” but their careful not to go too far as people don’t like it if their too over the top with spiteful comments and they get red arrowed.

    If you try to defend Miranda on there they attack you for sticking up for her, such hypocrites.

    Everytime they post under different names over and over people should call them out for it, it drives them crazy. Most of the comments on the DM site are positive so it’s easy to work out which ones are from the Delphidiots.

  17. 17
    emma Says:

    @Alex: no problem. they’re bat sh*t crazy!!! dont take it personally.

  18. 18
    emma Says:

    @ta: double standards.. like you calling people names but getting offended when miranda kerr gets cra8pped on???

  19. 19
    emma Says:

    @@12: i’m not 12 so i have no need to switch names because im ‘scared’ of pri*cks like you. she was asking if he’d inherent dyslexia. not insulting the kid..

  20. 20
    Helen Says:

    The sweetest chid

  21. 21
    BabyXgirl Says:

    The boy is SO cute. And omg Orlando is hot… I’ve always loved his face.

  22. 22
    @alex/emma Says:

    These statements: ” I wonder if Miranda knew about this before she had a child with him!” followed by “Orlando Bloom admitted to dyslexia in interviews but did he tell Miranda!” Note the ‘!!’s’ Implies that dyslexia is some horrible, debilitating affliction. Especially the “before she had a child with him” part. So ignorant. If that isn’t insulting both Flynn AND Orlando, then what is?
    Oh, and I noticed that you resorted to not only insults, but vulgar insults, after calling someone else out for doing the same thing.
    So I’ll add another word that fits you lot so well; hypocrite!

  23. 23
    emma Says:

    @@alex/emma: snore!!!!!!!

  24. 24
    @alex/emma Says:

    No real answer, I see.

  25. 25
    sara Says:

    Awww, Flynn is getting so big! And more gorgeous every day! Just like his daddy. =)

  26. 26
    emma Says:

    @@alex/emma: snore was my response to your standard comment, mo*ron.

  27. 27
    ha Says:

    Their “standard comment” pointing out your hate and hypocrisy?
    Yeah, I guess that you delphidiots are pretty tired of hearing that, aren’t you.
    Here’s a solution, though. Stop both, and you will never have to hear about it again.
    Simple, isn’t it?

  28. 28
    sammi Says:

    Bellazon has a few more posted showing Orlando and Flynn at the park. Just to darned cute to be real!

  29. 29
    emma Says:

    @ha: your only reply seems to be some bullsh*t tainted with an insult and ending with LOL. stop listening to the voices inside your head! and i’ve seen you post before and it’s always the same: you break down every remark a person makes and if you can’t win the argument you blabber on about complete random junk. You’re pathetic, no one gives a sh*t about what you have to say, it’s just amusing watching you try. oh yeah, LOL, because we all know that’s the way to end a sentence. =/ LOL

  30. 30
    Susie#1 Says:

    Many of my friends are dyslexic, but because they’re older, they weren’t diagnosed until adulthood. They had been considered “problem” students, “non-learners,” “dumb.” They all turned out to be highly creative and successful. One friend had difficulty spelling, so he created a language based on hieroglyphics and phonetically spelled words. He took a problem and solved it creatively! Dyslexia is a wiring problem in the brain, so let Orlando and others alone.

  31. 31
    @29 Says:

    For someone you claim to not to give a sh*t about, you sure are quick to answer them, aren’t you. Be they posters here, or threads about Miranda.
    And it seems that they are the ones who won the argument, seeing as how you abandoned the debate to start throwing out vulgarities. And what is the difference between “breaking down” and ‘responding to’? That makes no sense.
    Oh, and for the record, I also think that you are a sock just talking to yourself. It’s pretty obvious.

  32. 32
    emma Says:

    @@29: yeah you just proved my point, good job nu*t bags

  33. 33
    @"emma" Says:

    Wouldn’t you have to have a point in the first place for them to prove it?
    All of your posts have been pointless. Brainless and pointless. Just like all haters.

  34. 34
    emma Says:

    @@”emma”: i made my point a few posts back, it’s not my problem that you can’t figure it out, di*ck.

  35. 35
    ta Says:

    You just can’t help yourself, can you. You are completely incapable of making a statement without throwing in a vulgar comment, or two.
    What’s the old saying? The use of profanity is the sign of a small mind? Or was it a small vocabulary? Or both? It seems that either way, you fit the bill.

  36. 36
    emma Says:

    @ta: su*ck my d*ck

  37. 37
    ta Says:


  38. 38
    emma Says:


  39. 39
    Ice Says:

    @Tracy: Stop crying for attention! U r way too obvious! Hmpf.

  40. 40
    Ice Says:

    @Alex: I hope u don’t have kids or they might inherit your lack of heart, brain & manners. Though with such package you will barely find a real man who can give you the opportunity to have kids. Duh!

  41. 41
    Ice Says:

    @@alex: She IS a horrible Delphi hug

  42. 42
    Ice Says:

    @Ice: @Ice: Ok, ok, my mistake, she is a horrible Dephi hag.

  43. 43
    Ice Says:

    @emma: These r not women. They r hateful zombies & pathetic loosers in real life.

  44. 44
    Ice Says:

    @Alex: Keep telling yourself that. LOL

  45. 45
    Ice Says:

    @ta: She wishes, LOL.

  46. 46
    Tired Says:

    @Isis Lara: He has completely not taste for clothes ….he is a pretty boy with my grandpa’ s clothes …… Maybe cause I’m italian….style here is another thing……

  47. 47
    Ice Says:

    @Tired: R u saying that your grandpa had no taste in clothes? LOL. Well, I wouldn’t want to see your choice of clothes. I want to keep my optimism about the taste & style of Italian ppl: I continue to believe that there r ppl in Italy that actually have it. Not everyone is like u. Thankfully! :)

  48. 48
    Jayne Says:

    5 year’s to the day and date when i met Orlando for that was a good day and Orlando was so nice and good looking. And he still looking good.

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