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Vanessa Hudgens: Monday Morning Workout!

Vanessa Hudgens: Monday Morning Workout!

Vanessa Hudgens starts her morning off right with an early workout session at the gym on Monday (August 20) in Los Angeles.

Over the weekend, the 23-year-old actress and her boyfriend Austin Butler grabbed lunch at Studio Cafe.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

“La for Life!!! This is obviously what I did on a the lonnnng road trip to Outside Lands..:)” Vanessa, who is obsessed with nail art, wrote on her website along with a pic of her creation.

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens at her morning workout…

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vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 01
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 02
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 03
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 04
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 05
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 06
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 07
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 08
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 09
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 10
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 11
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 12
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 13
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 14
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 15
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 16
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 17
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 18

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171 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: Monday Morning Workout!”

  1. 1
    ehryle Says:

    Lovely and Gorgeous!! mores to come and we love it!!

  2. 2
    hermaione Says:

    she looks pretty but i little upset you know… love ya vanessa

  3. 3
    e Says:


    Not surprising, she’s made it clear that she hates the paps and having them there every day must be getting tiresome and upsetting. She does look good though, and better than most would look just coming out of the gym.

  4. 4
    Selma Says:

    Even at the morning she is a beauty ! She’s so gorgeous <3
    I think I would not be able to be followed everyday :s Poor V

  5. 5
    telle Says:

    i just love this pic .. i love vanessa so much but I think the paparazzi should leave her for a while, isn’t necesary to be a seer to know that she is pissed

  6. 6
    JAY Says:

    If she didn’t work out so much she’d be huge.

  7. 7
    Frozoid Says:

    I dunno. Isn’t she a bit tubbier than she was when she was with Efron?

  8. 8
    Kylie Says:

    @ Frozoid She does look a bit bigger compared to when she was with Zac but its still a healthy size which is a relief since a majority of actresses look like sticks :/

  9. 9
    Xo Says:

    She looks good in orange <3

  10. 10
    sony Says:

    @JAY: jerk and btw brains aren’t everything. In fact in your case they’re nothing. SORRY¡

  11. 11
    elle Says:

    she looks so good

  12. 12
    elle Says:

    who is efron?

  13. 13
    LouRose Says:

    I love her hair like that. Orange suits her well

  14. 14
    elle Says:


  15. 15
    Theresa Says:

    Soon they will start telling us when she goes to resting room.

  16. 16
    Haters Suck! Says:

    If your daddy couldve afforded a condom you wouldn’t be here.

  17. 17
    Haters Suck! Says:

    She looks great can’t wait till spring breakers premiers in Toronto on the 5th. Looking forward to it.

  18. 18
    daniel Says:

    beautiful girl

  19. 19
    sara Says:


  20. 20
    BabyXgirl Says:

    Can’t stand the girl but her hair looks best like this than it did in recent months

  21. 21
    creep Says:

    She looks gr8! And I love that she didn’t do the usual bun…!! Still, I think its horrible that she’s followed everyday by papparazzis, even doing normal stuff, like going to the gym or going to the supermarket… It must suck not to be able to have a normal life.

  22. 22
    Dean Says:

    There has to be a way not to get paped like this. if her ex can go unnoticed then why can’t she.
    if her team is reading this
    she is finally going somewhere in her career and getting exposed like this everyday is not good for her career.
    just please do something about this.

  23. 23
    Ditamain Says:

    Ah this girl is pathetic look at 13, 17, 18 she is letting her hair out, making a sexy face and posing. why vanessa
    why so desperate.
    not getting work i see.
    she is literally doing it for the cameras.
    what a attention seeker.
    and then act like you don’t like it. what a joke.
    i bet the paps are laughing their asses of while looking at her doing her DAILY ROUTINE(famewhoring)

  24. 24
    Ditamain Says:

    And ofcouse now her paid pr team will come and try to convince me how she’s just living her life and try to show me the light of the day. thats more funnier.

  25. 25
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Im not gonna try to convince you of anything. I’m just gonna call you an idiot. Never argue with and idiot they’ll bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.

  26. 26
    manny Says:

    why does she get so much feedback lol…i guess they just love her here

  27. 27
    gross Says:

    take those extensions out, human hair from “india” and wash your real hair. so disgusting to put someone else’s hair on your head. vomit

  28. 28
    Yolanda Says:

    Finaly wearing something decent. (that doesn’t show her vagege)

  29. 29
    Milli Says:

    @Haters Suck!: i´m gonna be a bit frontal, tho i actually agree with @Haters Suck!: and shouldnt be discussing with you, but so just you know Vanessa has 3 movies to come out in the next months, plus an animated one she is gonna be filming in late september, as for your critics, i know you are an efron fan who doesnt have work either, and to be quiet honest i rather have Vanessa being photographed by papz, than having efron fans who through pheed, actually sell his pictures to get money out of it.

  30. 30
    Milli Says:

    @Ditamain: i´m gonna be a bit frontal, tho i actually agree with @Haters Suck!: and shouldnt be discussing with you, but so just you know Vanessa has 3 movies to come out in the next months, plus an animated one she is gonna be filming in late september, as for your critics, i know you are an efron fan who doesnt have work either, and to be quiet honest i rather have Vanessa being photographed by papz, than having efron fans who through pheed, actually sell his pictures to get money out of it

  31. 31
    Bo Says:

    Vanessa is on a paper article of a today’s paper here .

  32. 32
    Daly City Says:

    She’s turning into a fat flip just like her mom.

  33. 33
    Guest Says:

    ANOTHER GOING TO AND FROM A WORKOUT PIC! Geez, does her dad work at Just Jared? This is in no way interesting at all. Why are you trying so hard to make her happen?

  34. 34
    maria Says:

    Ditamain sounds just like Bo. Same lame complaints.

  35. 35
    Haters Suck! Says:

    No her dads a fireman. Wonder if he’d pull your dumbass out of a burning building or just leave you to suffer.

  36. 36
    maria Says:

    @Ditamain: So, Bo, er sorry, Ditamain, how is going about your daily routine “famewh*ring”?? If you really look at the word, fame and wh*ring, you’d see the ex fits that term much better. All he wants is fame, to hang with the famous, and wh*re around. Vanessa just lives her life, hangs with her normal friends, and has ONE steady BF. Therefore, NOT a famewh*re.

  37. 37
    wow Says:

    @Milli: animated movie? reaaallllly? that’s just sooo exhilarating ! thanks for the information ! :>

  38. 38
    haa Says:

    fat little sausage legs

  39. 39
    Lola Says:

    How many workout shoe pairs does she have. different one for each day. Nuts.

  40. 40
    Ditamain Says:

    @maria calling the paps every day is worse. ask anybody.

  41. 41
    mila Says:

    @BO , lol ! Weren’t you the one who kept on bragging that Zac is bigger star in Sri Lanka . When was the last time he managed to get his bloated face on a sri lankan news paper ? I wonder if he ever did . lol ! BO , you dumbass think before you write .

  42. 42
    Intric8 Says:

    Van is lookin pudge. Hello to thr same 4 peeps here using ten different aliases. lol

  43. 43
    Nikita Says:

    I really don’t want to say even this, but it makes me so angry..

    I mean, the person with id @Fearless4Efron @ZefronsAngel on twitter.

    As you know, they are fans of Zac Efron.
    They once were fans of Zanessa.

    They’re talking rude about Vanessa, even Austin now
    And they said that she will be like lindsay lohan…
    I really hate he fans and feel disgusted
    I really want them to leave her alone

  44. 44
    Bo Says:

    Oh , you Bunch of Blundering Baboons , get out your fantasy worlds and look around .There are infinite numbers of haters out there for Vanessa .I don’t have to change my name for writing repeated hateful comments to make it look as if they are coming from different people .They do come from different people .Other thing is that I don’t want to show anyone on this site there are lot of haters by coming under different names .I know myself that apart from those four or five fans who keep on defending her here , her fan base has mostly thinned off almost to nothing .I don’t want to prove it to anyone else .

  45. 45
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Here come the efron monkeys or maybe just one monkey flinging their crap everywhere looking to start another fight. They can’t leave anyone to have any kind of peace.

  46. 46
    tina Says:

    @Nikita don’t worry, it’s Zac not Vanessa who is hanging with lindsey. They are just tryingto deflect the attention away from him.

  47. 47
    andrea Says:

    @Bo: she have such a small fan base that have like 5.000.000 fans in facebook.. how many do you have?

  48. 48
    Bo Says:

    Eh ! mila , I highly doubt whether the circumstances under which she appears in the paper is something to be proud of .In fact , it is a very tiny article , where it features the photos of a bunch of random girls which also includes her photo under the topic ”think about these things before you think of wearing a short dress ” . You asked me when was the last time Zac appeared on a news paper here .Well , it was on 27 th May in a Sinhalese news paper called Meewitha .It’s an article about The Luck One .In it’s 7th paragraph it says ” Logan is portaited by Zac Efron .Zac who is talented equally for acting and dancing became hugely popular by HSM . Young girls are fascinated by him. TLO carries a different theme than any of his other previous films . According to Zac , this film has added a great new experience to his life .Also he says he gave his maximum effort to make this a success .” There’s another small article of him in an English paper called Daily News , in which he’s posing for a photo with a fan at TLO premiere .I don’t have the date of it .There was an article about J 2 in Meewitha too , but Vanessa wasn’t in .She was just mentioned as a cast member .The article went on to describing rock from beginning to end .

  49. 49
    TRUTH Says:


  50. 50
    Haters Suck! Says:

    It’s the #1 efron monkey. Always looking to start a fight, always looking to get attention.

  51. 51
    Haters Suck! Says:

    What’s with the all caps? How did she use the relationship for fame? When they first started dating I didn’t have a clue who either of them were, not many people did. And wasn’t he the one who said he was only in the relationship because it was “serving him” and his career. Sounds the same with or with our all caps.

  52. 52
    TRUTH Says:


  53. 53
    shahad Says:

    love her

  54. 54
    Bo Says:

    andrea , I assure you I don’t need any fans .My career will never be dependent on a bunch of pumpers who sit behind the computer and pump gas to me .Anyway , she still has fans , but not enough comparatively .

  55. 55
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Well what can I say she dry humps her boyfriend, while her ex dry humps other people’s girlfriends right in front of their boyfriends. It is what it is.

  56. 56
    Haters Suck! Says:

    You poor monkey what do you do besides sit behind your computer and talk crap? You comment and are obssesd with her more than her fans so aren’t u a “pumper”

  57. 57
    Bo Says:

    Haters Suck , It’s the #1 budgens baboon .Always looking forward to cleaning her dirty laundry .

  58. 58
    @@@ Says:

    she comes out as pretty dumb and immature. its true she does try way to hard to be herself. she seems like she’s all about fun and don’t take anything serious. nothing actually. and seems one of those type of girls who talk alot but rarely listens. and a guy wants a girl who is undersand them. and somebody they can have a serious talk with. she isn’t. i think she understand people in a outer aspect. and will spoil her kids for sure rather than making them good people. and a guy who think about the future would never wanna be with her.
    and i also think that zac never really loved her as we thought. don’t think he ever thought about having a future with her. he always knew it was gonna end. and thats why he never show much affection to her. he would always act as though that people would get the feel that the reletionship is not gonna last. atleast on his part it was. he wouldn’t even hold her hand right. and he seems so serious as a person it was never gonna last. austin is more her type but even in this she seems more in to him than he is.

  59. 59
    anne Says:

    she looks adorable here…

  60. 60
    Haters Suck! Says:

    It’s the #1 efron monkey sticking its hand up it’s ass and throwing crap everywhere. Why do you always have to pick a fight? It was pretty peaceful and no one was fighting till u got here.

  61. 61
    anne Says:

    I know! we all are tired of you changing your name here..

  62. 62
    anne Says:

    plus we know Bo, Daly City, Guest and TRUTH are the same person

  63. 63
    anne Says:

    UGH, I know them from a forum, “fearless” was really devastated when Vanessa broke up with Zac, believe me, they are V fans too. And they are crazy! this girl was usually talking about how Vanessa´s ex boyfriend is a saint, how he never had sex because he is still in love with Vanessa, she used to hate Josh. For me they are the living proof, the “IDEAL” of a Zac fan, delusional, crazy and violent

  64. 64
    Bo Says:

    ha ha , I think tina and maria are the same .I gave an answer to tina , but the reply came back under the name of maria .I think she 4 got that she is posting under the name of maria not tina

  65. 65
    anne Says:

    I never liked “zanessa” o me Vanessa was always too much for someone like Zac, i always thought he could never ever make her happy, at least not completely happy! So, i need to be honest, the day we all found out the relationship was over, it was one of the most happy days of my life (fandom life lol) I know tons of Vanessa´s fans were really happy!! Especially the ones who got to meet her (controlling boyfriend, anyone?). So i agree with the second part of your comments, just… i dont know how serious the relationship was for Vanessa either, yes, she loved the guy, but i don’t think she ever envisioned a future with him, they are/were really different, their families are so differents, their vision of life is so different,, they just look “cute disney” together.
    But I completely disagree with your comment about her personality, I get you are an Efron fan… i respect your opinion, but i s really far from reality, I hope some day you could get to meet her and you would completely change your vision about her.

  66. 66
    @@@ Says:

    you have met her? how was she?

  67. 67
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Maria and Tina aren’t even on this post. And so what I very often respond to comments that arent directly sent to me but to someone else.

  68. 68
    anne Says:

    NOP, Maria and Tina are both Vanessa´ fans, they are 2 different persons. Probably Tina chose to reply to you, just like me right now. Its kind of different when when one person changes her name, i was looking at the previous post and you can see how your “friend” wera (if she actually exists) wrote the same comment with a different name.

  69. 69
    Bo Says:

    Anne , So which of these people are you ? Haters Suck ,Boji ,Maria ,Tina , More than words , Eryle ,Selma ? Which of them are you ?

  70. 70
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I’ll leave this for you monkeys to ponder. No one who has met Vanessa and has personally got to know her has ever said one bad thing about her. No one who has worked with her has ever criticized her fans who have met her and posted pics with her on twitter say she’s a very kind person. Honest to god I’ve seen people on twitter who have said they hated Vanessa but met her and became fans. This has been te same way for years I have never seen a person who has met or worked with Vanessa say a bad thing about her, not one.

  71. 71
    @@@ Says:

    @anne And as you say if you did meet her was he realy controling? did he say something bad to her?

    and no i am not a zac fan.
    i think in a way he tries way to hard also. he didn’t when he was with vanessa but sinse the break up he is trieng to be this all hot guy and flirting with every costar. and i thouht he was smart but all these rumurs and hanging out with paris and rich people and drug friends god knows how he keep up. it must be hard. atleast vanessa don’t do stuff like that. and she has a rather normal life.

  72. 72
    Wera Says:

    Haters suck #70 the same goes for zac too. nobody ever who worked with him said he was bad and everything you said have been said about zac to. and never herd anything bad from any fan or co star about both of them. i am not gonna fight here. i did before and thats over.

    @anne i said the reason before i keep few tabs and was commenting on another post and i real don’t know what happend the name i was using on that post got in to this one. this is not a excuse think what you want.

  73. 73
    Bo Says:

    anne , So maria and tina are two different persons since they are supporters of pudgens .But me ,inric 8 ,wera , daly city etc etc are the same person because we bash her ha ! You are a joke . Haters , is there any way that we can prove them we are not the same? Perhaps posting comments at exactly the same minute? Or is it better just ignoring them ?

  74. 74
    takeit Says:

    I don’t get it.

  75. 75
    Haters Suck! Says:

    But as you can see this is not a zac post but you little monkeys just come here to start fights anyway.

  76. 76
    anne Says:

    Im anne!

  77. 77
    anne Says:

    and TA DA !!!!!!! The Frozen Ground trailer is here

  78. 78
    Bo Says:

    meka mala magulakne ban ,mun kiyanawa mai intricayaith ekek kiyala . munta mongal .redda

  79. 79
    anne Says:

    just read the comments, and yes, the ones i named before are the same person. or at least they are using the same PC right now.

  80. 80
    Haters Suck! Says:

    seriously, awsome!!!!!!

  81. 81
    @@@ Says:

    anne you didn’t answer my question
    did you meet her, how was she like?
    and was he controling, did you see anything?

    i don’t hate her and i would love to know i just have this hobby that i try to study people’s behaviar and understand them. thats why i said all that.

  82. 82
    Bo Says:

    Anne , Im BO! Just read the comments , and yes ,the ones i named before are the same person or at least they are using the same pc now .

  83. 83
    anne Says:

    @Haters Suck!:
    This is still just a small preview, but it looks really good! And it looks like there was a Gimme Shelter screening, they are still working editing the movie… i feel we are going to get more of Vanessa at some festivals later this year / next year!

  84. 84
    anne Says:

    V is adorable! that´s all i can say
    the “controlling boyfriend” was a clue, that im sure a couple of V fans would get… ;) “no one is going to kill me”

  85. 85
    Annie Says:

    She works out every day yet her body always looks exactly the same. She needs to try a new routene.

  86. 86
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Just saw the trailer. This is going to be one freaky movie. The part that have me shiver is this $hit seriously happend. The guy tortured and murderd at least 40 women that they know of. They think there are still women out there missing, burried somewhere they haven’t found they think he killed.

  87. 87
    anne Says:

    LOL! you should try harder… why are you not hating on the trailer yet?

  88. 88
    BOJI Says:

    Did someone mention my name? Miss Little Bo Peep is here again, expounding her knowledge on relationships and what is becoming and unbecoming of a potential bride in her eyes. Oh, and she has a suitor within her grasp but she is waiting for her knight in shining armour or Prince Charming to come forth with a big fat dowery for her hand in marriage or is it the other way around? She has all the knowledge to keep her man happy as she is Missknowitall. Me thinks she’s a gas bag, sitting by her laptop and probably venturing onto those date sites and dirty talking her way to impress her future partner in life. Oh, another thing is she’s a parrot if you know what I mean.
    Deny all you want but Ditamain has the same lingo as Miss Bo Peep here.

  89. 89
    anne Says:

    @Haters Suck!:
    I know! Nicolas Cage and John Cusack together again.. i’m dying! And she looks so fuc**king HOT! she has an amazing body!

  90. 90
    BOJI Says:

    @ Anne, Miss BOhoo here is an attention seeker claims to be an Efron fan and ex Zanessa fan but hardly posts on his threads. So now what does that tell you?

  91. 91
    Bo Says:

    Anne , I think you are saying we are the same ’cause we say the same thing again and again and make the same points again and again like pudgens calls paps , she is fame w horing , she is faking it with austin blah blah blah .In that sense you fans should be the same too .Bunch of you are saying the same thing in the same way repeatedly , that is pudgens doesn’t call paps ,if she does where’s the proof , she is just living her normal life not fame w horing blah blah blah .

  92. 92
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Well where is the proof behind your gayfron fans accusations? Never seen any of you present any kind of evidence what so ever. See you didn’t talk to me but I just felt like replying to you anyway.

  93. 93
    BOJI Says:

    Wow, just wow! I love true crime and Vanessa looks sooo hot. Can’t wait for this movie.

  94. 94
    LouRose Says:


    If you talk about what I think ( her hanging out alone for hours with a bunch of fan she had just meet ), I think it’s cute that he was worried for her, I don’t see controlling but protective !

  95. 95
    anne Says:

    I never said those names were from the same person because they were using the same argument, I said those “users” were the same person because they were using the same PC.

  96. 96
    LouRose Says:

    I can’t wait for the movie but the editing of the trailer is bad

  97. 97
    samantha Says:

    Eventhough he didn’t go kissing her in public the way he kiss her head always make me think the love he had for her was only for them and not for outhers to see. it was special for him. i really think the story was different behind the doors. he was always very caring about her. opening the car door and showing affection in public is nothing.
    i don’t think he ever wannad to hurt her feelings but maybe she was not ok with him not showing love for her. which i don’t think is the reason for the break up.
    she knows him more than anybody. wish luck for both of them.

  98. 98
    Bo Says:

    BOJIYO , Perhaps Ditamain is Sri Lankan too . A Sri Lankan who doesn’t want to reveal that he/ she is Sri Lankan .Well , I don’t blame him considering the way I am bashed here ’cause of my being that .Anyway yes , I expect my future man to be of someone of power ,wealth , education as I am of the sort too .Afterall it’s every girl’s dream that a ”prince” may take her away .Perhaps you didn’t have such dreams Bojiya , or had such dreams but couldn’t have them fulfilled . I think the latter which I think is why you said something like that yesterday , you know ” if i had such a boo… ” lol !

  99. 99
    LouRose Says:

    I love true crime movie ( or books) too. I would have loved to see more of her in the trailer. You know if her part on the movie is big

  100. 100
    BOJI Says:

    @Samantha, yep he did care for her in his own way , i don’t doubt that but as Anne said, they are 2 different people with different family backgrounds and priorities in life. I personally think the relationship ran its course. Wish Efron well but his fans are the pain, like Missie BO who’s like a leech on Vanessa’s threads.

  101. 101
    Bo Says:

    anne , You said just read the comments and later you said ” or at least ” you think we are using the same pc .Now wasn’t that refering to the comments written by us or what ? Anyway how do you know that we are using the same pc ?

  102. 102
    BOJI Says:

    @lourose, this much I know she played the key witness ie. the one who got away. Not the main character but a substantial role nonetheless.

  103. 103
    samantha Says:

    Even i thought there should have been more of her on the trailer. atleast the part where she gets away from him in the helicopter. don’t know how they shot the movie or if the scene is even in it but they should have put more of her. she is one of the main leads. the only part i saw her face was dancing part. i think it was her who was running in the woods but they should atleast have put a face shot of her being scared.

  104. 104
    BOJI Says:

    I have nothing against Efron or Sri lLankans but Missknowitall here is playing judge and jury and is giving both a bad name.

  105. 105
    anne Says:

    they are the same person OR they are using the same PC… they could be a family, and they all could hate on the same level, the same person… it is possible, dont you think? lol

    oh L….

  106. 106
    LouRose Says:

    Thanks for your answer :)

  107. 107
    samantha Says:

    Forgot to mention she looks freakin hot in that dance scene. somebody throw some cold water on me. :-O ME DEAD

  108. 108
    Bo Says:

    Oh ! Samantha , that’s very touching ! Boji , I think you do have something against us .Shall I remind you what you said about our country ? To point out quite a few you said it’s highly considered being a virgin bride , but groom can go to pros and it will make him a man .You said marriages are arranged between families and they are for material purposes and doesn’t involve love . You said in my country class is determined by wealth , power ect .You referred to Tamil Tigers and made some sort of reference to my country in every post .Now , tell me you don’t have a thing against us . For your information others on this post didn’t do that .

  109. 109
    BOJI Says:

    @Samantha, she nailed it.

  110. 110
    BOJI Says:

    Picky, picky now are we? That was just to niggle you and I must say I did a pretty good job. Your views are pretty much how you were brought you got to admit but there is really no excuse for your foul language or slang as you call it. Enough, BO. Just grow up and stop being a Missknowitall. Your comments are truly revealing of the person you are. Yeah, and kindly stick to your idol’s thread. I think you are getting too much attention here, something you seem to crave.

  111. 111
    Haters Suck! Says:

    What in the blue hell are you rambling on about now?

  112. 112
    J Says:

    I’m thrilled with the new Frozen Ground trailer! :D oddly edited but still intriguing

  113. 113
    Intric8 Says:

    To you pudgens pumpers who man these posts 24/7, why dont u guys get a life for a change? Dont you have jobs, or other interests? Sad.

  114. 114
    Selma Says:

    @Bo: Don’t put my name on you f*cking comment jackass.

  115. 115
    .... Says:

    even in the pole dancing scene she’s trying way too hard to be sexy. man she can’t act for $hit. i was surprised when she got this role thinking how. and now i see this and realize nobody wannad to do her role. thats why. another thing now who’s taking their cloths off to sell the movie? she is pretty much naked on that scene. will be for the whole movie in spring breakers and from her the cloths she was wearing we can imagine her role in machete kills (stripper, bar dancer) and the only thing left gimme shelter, god knows what and what is in that.

  116. 116
    Selma Says:

    @anne: I saw it she’s so HOT !!! At first i was shock but it looks very good. I’M VERY PROOD OF VANESSA :)

  117. 117
    BOJI Says:

    Now let me see, wearing a black bikini is termed as pretty much naked. So Are you telling me that whoever wears a bikini is pretty much naked?might I Remind you thatThere have been many other actresses including A listers who have s e x scenes and stripped butt naked for their roles. So why are you picking on Vanessa? Her scene as a stripper was crucial to the role and might I remind you that this is a true story ie. movie based on facts not some made up role just to spice it up.

  118. 118
    J Says:

    I looove how haters are so updated with her projects. lololololol Thanks for helping her being relevant! *air kisses* Though, she would be fine without you. Hate all you want on her ****** acting,**** roles etc. YOU do not give her projects, YOU do not decide on giving her roles. Your opinion means NADA to her.

  119. 119
    .... Says:

    Well lets say that. you people have to say something. so when efron takes his shirt off and are most of the time wearing undies he’s sexualized, when vanessa does it its a real life story so she must. yup thats true too. you got a point there. just remember that in the paperboy(the book) it is clearly written that he’s character is suppose to be that way. in undies most of the time.
    and in spring breakers(which is not a book or a real story) she is wearing a bikini most of the time too. she got in to that from her own will. it was the script nobody pushed her to do so. she could have said no and not take it. but she did do it. and ofcouse now you will come up with the whole double standard thing how when the guy does it its hot and when the girl does it she’s a s.lut. your warped mind. She got in to it and she is sexualized in the film. And she has been more than zac has. but i guess she isn’t getting work so better do what comes her way. she don’t have lot of projects to select from. if she doesn’t she won’t be able to keep living her lifestyle.

  120. 120
    .... Says:

    you guys seem pretty updated with her ex’s projects too. and damn sure your support means Nothing to her either. she don’t give a anyway.

    Even if she makes a sex tape you people will still praise her by saying how good it was and how she didn’t know it was being taken and blah blah.

  121. 121
    BOJI Says:

    …., never said any such thing about Efron. Anyway, she’s pole dancing and not making out with an actor. Know what, I was curious enough to see what all the hype was about . Saw a portion of The Lucky One on my flight just a few days ago. Disappointing yes. I’ve no doubt Efron is a good actor and that he can have his pick of roles. But this I was not impressed. Well, you got to admit he’s done 3 movies and he has bedroom scenes with all 3 leading ladies. Vanessa is only dancing and she hasn’t even had a s e x scene yet, so why are you making such a big deal about this one.

  122. 122
    ehryle Says:

    Wow guyz this is huge number of comment well thanks you make V’s on top celeb!! more to go and Vanessa will be busy soon promoting her movies GS & FG.. BTW I’m not using other name, correction please! Regarding tina, maria, hatersuck and other fans of V I can see to it that they are totally different person!

  123. 123
    tt Says:

    @ehryle You dumb. having lot of comments does not make her famous. its only 4 people i believe changing their name and talking back and forth becouse they have nothing better.

    not a fan of her but jj where is the post on frozen ground trailer not gonna post it it seems. they never post any career news of her. on zac they does. maybe in the old days he liked her now it seems he hate her and making her a joke by putting boring pics of her doing the same thing everyday. he get hits thats what they want. who cares about her image.

  124. 124
    J Says:

    I may know some projects of the ex (unfortunately ) but I do not waste my time going to his threads insulting his acting, his movies, his career.

    aaannd.. V said our support means everything to her sooooo… ‘ll take her word for it over yours :D

    and lastly, don’t assume things too much, bad for the heart and mind :D

  125. 125
    J Says:

    THIS IS FUN! :D I should have days off from work and stay at home more often. teehee

    I want 50 cent! !!

  126. 126
    ehryle Says:

    @tt ur much dumb lol .. yeah right ur not a fan of her but ur here in her post ..

  127. 127
    BOJI Says:

    @ J if you had a iPhone/ iPad or a hp with a wireless network connection you can be updated 24/7 like me. No need to take the day off work.

  128. 128
    Bo Says:

    BOJI , Yes .I picked just a few instances where you brought about racism against me .There are much more .I believe that’s what you mean by picky .Your using racism to niggle someone gives me a clear understanding how you’ve been” brought up” and” truly reveal who you are” .I don’t give excuses for using slang .I don’t care to .Everyone on this site uses slang. Fans , haters both .So will I .

  129. 129
    Bo Says:

    I see my reply for anne wasn’t posted .no wonder , lights went out

  130. 130
    nessa Says:

    i love all the supporters here so happy to see new frozen ground trailler.

  131. 131
    J Says:

    @ BOJI
    sadly, all electronic gadgets are banned on work. I am a bit updated on V though, but I rarely get the chance to comment or post.

    So excited for the promo of this :D Con-Air reunion + V yes!

  132. 132
    Bo Says:

    Having fake s e x , pole dancing , bikini wearing on set all these are se xual stuff .Zac got to do se x scenes because he was cast in more mature roles than Vanessa . She would have done fake s ex , if she was offered a role where she has to do it .

  133. 133
    LouRose Says:

    I think a lot of actor or actress are sexualized, well I guess a lot of singer too.
    And it’s hard to find a role without naked or semi naked scene.

  134. 134
    MoreThanWords Says:

    Why are people do eager to crucify Vanessa for actually ‘living’, and yet Gayfrons red carpet condom dropping incident gets swept under the carpet like a dirty lil secret??! News Flash, the dude probably swings for the men!! Like it or lump it, guarantee I’m gunna be munching on popcorn and have a jolly time when shrills of sadness will be heard across the planet. Seriously, the dude wears lipgloss??!!?!

  135. 135
    wow Says:

    @Milli: what is the name or title of the animated movie ? who will worked or co-star-ed with vanessa?? ehehe so excited !

  136. 136
    wow Says:

    Yaaayyyyy! The frozen ground trailer had come out !!! Heyy, nessasaurs, Lets’ cheerrrssss !!! :DDD

  137. 137
    Bo Says:

    OMG , I just watched the trailer now . I didn’t expect this , I truly didn’t . She is waaaay more s exed up than Zac was ever in either Paperboy or TLO . What’s wrong with both of them ? They are both trying too hard to be s exed up in films . I truly hope both of them stop doing this .According to the trailer it doesn’t look as if her character is given much prominence in the film eventhough according to the synopsis she is prominent.I think it’s rather short . There are only two minor scenes of her in this and it’ sad that they’ve highlighted the s exual scene – pole dancing – of her character in the trailer rather than the real nature of her character in the film . It’s purely for commercial purposes .

  138. 138
    tina Says:

    Wow I go to sleep and wake up being called maria. Like I said before I, personally with not have an discussion with a child who still believes in fairy tales. Great to see the trailer for FG. Have no interest at all in Zac and really wish his fans would find another place to vent.

  139. 139
    Sincere Sincerity Says:

    @Bo: She is more “sexed up” than Zac in Spring Breakers too, by the promotional material, seems like she is in a short bikini the whole movie, and probably will be in Machete Kills, is funny to see that after all the complaining of Vanessa fans about Zac “sell sex” in his movies instead of use dramatic talent, seems like the two are wh*res now, no?

    By the trailer her acting is annoying as ever

  140. 140
    maria Says:

    @tina: Lol, tina! I woke up to find I am you! I believe our Bo Peep has a serious multiple personality disorder. In some posts, she is a virginal child, waiting for her rich, handsome boy, who will be the only one she ever dates, the only relationship she will ever have, cause of course, it will be perfect, and of course, will end at the altar. In others, she is a foul mouthed punk, with nothing else to do, but hate, and not once, but under many other names. Can we say Sybil? Honestly, I find her sad. She has no idea how to be a real fan, and just be supportive, like we are. She rarely posts on her loved one, who she thinks is going to notice her, cause she is so classy. *shakes head*. Could we ever imagine going from a cheery, positive, supportive, loving GF like Vanessa was, to someone so negative, demeaning, and hateful like our BO?? I think not.

  141. 141
    PuertoRicanGurl Says:


  142. 142
    Sincere Sincerity Says:

    The main point is: If Vanessa wants to get naked, just let her get naked

    If Zac wants to get naked, my eyes probably will not complain

    You can thumbs down my comment, this is a sign that the TRUTH bother you all, Vanessa is half naked, not a big deal, but she just become the thing you always complained about Zac

  143. 143
    BOJI Says:

    Maria, this person we speak of is nothing but an attention seeker and a parrot. Annoying and irritating and it is no wonder she has not met her Prince Charming yet. She’s been kissing a frog instead of a toad. I wonder how many.
    Am so excited for Frozen Ground, my kind of movie.

  144. 144
    Bo Says:

    Aunty tina , now that’s some sleep you had I should say .You were last heard of at 12.10 pm on 20 th and after that at 7.33 am on 21 st. Now that’s some impressive 17 hours of sleep .

  145. 145
    maria Says:

    @Sincere Sincerity: The difference is, he is purposely looking to be a s*x symbol, she is not. He BRAGS about filming those scenes, like he’s the first actor in history to have erotic scenes. He WANTS to be known for that. In FG, Vanessa took on a REAL role, and she happened to be a stripper. She could have worked at Walmart. Makes no difference.

    The trailer looks really good! Great mix of showing evil and suspense. Vanessa looks fab dancing, and I love the “cat and mouse” thing going on with Cusack and Cage. Personally, I love these interesting roles. Not starring, cause you need to work your way to that with experience. But memorable parts, with great costars. Such a great way to build a career.

  146. 146
    maria Says:

    @Bo: Baby Bo, how many times have you posted on her last two threads?? And how many on your lover boy’s last one?? You are a certified looney toon, with no life, no guy, in a puritanical country, wih anger and hatred so pent up, you choose to rant and vent here, cause you’d probably be hung in the town square if anyone at home read your filthy, nasty words. Please find a good psychiatrist, and find your way back to being a decent human being. There is hope, even for you, my dear.

  147. 147
    Bo Says:

    maria , Shall I ask you when I said that he’d notice me ’cause I’m classy .I said if he ever were to notice me , he’d notice me ’cause I’m brunette and black eyed .Anyway , it’s not as if he’ll ever fall for me nor I will ever fall for him . LOL I think you rather should have mentioned ” poruwa” in temple not altar .

  148. 148
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Damn yall been busy since I’ve been asleep. To be quite honest I’ve been half asleep while reading most of these comments but from what I gather gayfrons little monkeys are once again tryin to make something that has nothing to do with him all about him. Everything’s not about him, once again the world does not revolve around him get that through your heads. Still have a chance to get a couple more hours of sleep so I’ll see what I wake up to then. Peace

  149. 149
    Rachel Says:

    Read that the Frozen Ground trailer is out? Post it Jared!
    And this is just so ridiculous, the stupid fights here. Guys, don’t reply to haters. Don’t give them importance and they won’t write trash anymore.
    Also not all Efron fans are like the poster here, I’m Zac’s fan too but admire V too and even if I didn’t I wouldn’t come here and talk nonsense about her. And no, not all haters here are Zac fans! That’s ridiculous, I haven’t seen many of them on Zac’s threads. I’m sure both of them have haters who are not their ex’s fans!
    Don’t write on her threads much but felt like writing in the midst of these stupid fights!
    Have always admired the fact that she is trying to branch out from Disney. Disney gives people popularity but alas, people don’t take Disney people seriously later on. That’s sad cause you can’t judge them unless you have seen them in a serious acting role.. People are too harsh. I’m glad she took Frozen ground (didn’t
    like her choice of J2 much since its this kids movie and not about acting much but since she took 2 serious roles after that it makes sense! ). Good that she took Gimme Shelter since indie flicks are important to show acting credentials!
    P.S. sorry for going OT!

  150. 150
    Sincere Sincerity Says:

    @maria: Of course, it’s like her character in “Spring Breakers”, she happened to be in a bikini the whole movie, because as you already said before, the place of the film is a beach and people wear short clothes in beaches
    She wears short and wet clothes in Details photoshoot, because the photoshoot happened to be this way,
    Don’t forget that her character in Sucker Punch “happened to wear short clothes” because she is a crazy girl in a sanatorium offering sexual services in which girls are exploited while have delusions of being fighters in fantastic, fururistic and medieval places, she stays half naked the whole movie because this is essential to the narrative
    Zac just uses her sexual attributes, but Vanessa is a great actress

  151. 151
    BOJI Says:

    Ah Rachel, this is what I call constructive criticism. You are right some of these haters especially some are revelling in all that attention. Henceforth, I shall refrain from addressing them.

  152. 152
    Bo Says:

    I have a problem .Why does Vanessa attract this much of mothers with kids .I mean , now half of the half dozen fans who continuosly come on this site to defend Vanessa are mothers .Tina , maria ,boji are all mothers with kids .I wonder why .It’s not as if any of her films released so far have been for the mature audience .So it can’t due to her films .mmm why ? Aha ! may be they are suffering from this syndrome where they think and act like they are still teenagers .Perhaps these three suffer from that and think her films were meant for them , the ”teenagers ” lol

  153. 153
    Bo Says:

    Aunty maria ,Thank you for your advice evnthough it has very little to do with me .I rather think it has lot to do with you .I think it’d be better you take your own advice and get yourself checked by a good psychiatrist .Because you seriously are way different from other mothers .Other mothers don’t spend years of their life continuosly on some gossip site defending a particular celeb .In that sense I think you are suffering from some sort of mental disorder , I think it’s advisable to get yourself checked .

  154. 154
    Sincere Sincerity Says:

    @Bo: I think they are ex-Zanessa fans, that type of neurotic fan that thinks “my idols do nothing wrong”, then the couple split and the situation started to become “Zac do everything wrong”, “Vanessa do nothing wrong”
    Just see that Maria, she see the things like this:
    “Vanessa’s movies are success” / “Zac movies is commercial flops”, “Vanessa’s movies are praised” / “Zac’s movies are criticized”, “Vanessa is recognized as a super talented girl”/ “Zac have no talent”
    “Zac is sexed up to sell the movies” / “Vanessa is not sexed up, if she happens to be sexed up, this is essential to the movie”
    A person who is not a fan of any of the 2 doesn’t see the situation inversely, but sees the situation better, and not so highly polarized
    I’m surprised to know these people are mothers, I tought they are just crazy kids, I know this kind of fan and they are the worst of all, they are creepy and ridiculous personally

  155. 155
    Bo Says:

    Sincere Sincerity , It’s good to see someone who talks sense and who shares my ideas here .

  156. 156
    BOJI Says:

    Maria, we have a poster here lashing out at every which way. Just ignore her. I did say she’s a parrot right!?” Polly wants a cracker, Polly wants a cracker,” LOL

  157. 157
    BOJI Says:

    Knock heads, I see a poster having conversation with Self.

  158. 158
    Sam Says:

    Maria your comment on 145 bit*ch please did you just really say that he want to be known as a sex symbol while vanessa doesn’t. oh please vanessa is a slu*t alright. she can’t act for s*hit and all she does is fuc*king in public with her crazy as*s boyfriend.
    and denie as much you want. but she call the paps and she put on a sex show for everybody. she is always posing. blind you don’t see it. mother with kids my a*ss.
    she was always a famew*hore and always will be. and please god make this **** go away so these as*s licking bitc*hes will go away to.
    efron was blessed that god actually looked at him and made this fame*whoring ***** go away from his life forever.

  159. 159
    Bo Says:

    Someone here claims she has ip tracing capabilities .But can’t get a single fact correct .I’d like to remind that person that SriLanka is a tiny country .So all the ISP’s are located in one place – Colombo .When I look up the geolocation of my ip adress ,it says I’m from Colombo .But I live far away from it in fact faaaraway . So even if someone comes from the northern corner of the country , still your gadgets will show he’s from Colombo .I say don’t be misguided by it .

  160. 160
    Wera Says:

    Bo it is truly nice to see somebody who share our views. Sincere sincerity its really nice to meet you.

  161. 161
    BOJI Says:

    Foul language seems to be common amongst people with like minds. Well, you’re certainly not going to improve your English.

  162. 162
    ehryle Says:

    Hi guyz nice to see the real fans of Vanessa here! Chillax and keep up the good work and btw to the haters don’t waste ur time here if you dont like her or any of her craft coz whatever it takes we respect her.. Vanessa will be busy soon on her movies FG & GS.. so Good luck V :)

  163. 163
    Bo Says:

    BOJI ,what tell ya about my comment no .159 ? True isn’t it ?

  164. 164
    Sam Says:

    Ehryle we don’t care darlin kiss my as*s

  165. 165
    elle Says:

    weelllllll her exx is pretty talented too.. if we are talking about Josh ….

  166. 166
    ehryle Says:

    @sam sa sam sam damb!!! you don’t care but your here on her post! lol

  167. 167
    Bo Says:

    wera samahara wita me dawas tike wediya me site ekata enna wennnethi wenna puluwan, ape gedetta cousinsla wagayak awilla , gedara alms giving ekak

  168. 168
    Danielle Says:

    I love her hair, it’s messy, like our hairs!!

  169. 169
    tina Says:

    You think some fool went on twitter and put a call out for all of Zac’s fan to come and defend him here? Lmao, don’t need to defend him from me I really don’t think enough of him to bother with him. I NEVER GO TO HIS POST. Get the message, this is her post not his. Quite frankly I don’t care who you think does what in their movies. I won’t get into any personal battles because frankly, I think you are all a bunch of children. Grown up, learn to have a coversation. Until then, go back to his post.

  170. 170
    tina Says:

    I will let you know why I am a fan. I like HSM but what made me a fan was when the photo leaked. Right away she became this terrible person who everyone should ridicule, wrong she was a young girl who made a bad judgement call. What got me was, at the time she was dating Zac, no one else, and immediately his people and fans did EVERYTHING in their power to make them for somone else. (Remember poor Drake Bell had to come out and make a statement). Then when she had a movie comiing out WITH A SET DATE, suddenly his movie was moved to the same date. What did she do, she went to his movie and supported him. They break up (really at this point I was happy) although before this we get reports from NOLA that he was with this girl or that girl and he’s sexting Miley. Again she is the bad guy, she must have done something. Yes she got tired of his ****. She had to promote her movie so she is the one getting asked all the stupid questions. Where is he? In the T &C with Rumer Willis. Yes,I’m someones mom if I had a daughter I would be happy if she showed half the courage this girl has shown.

  171. 171
    maria Says:

    @tina: Exactly what happened with me, Tina. At that time, I was a middle school nurse, and saw these things happen to so many students, sadly. Kids that age, and back those few years ago, did not think through mistakes like that. It was devastating for them and their parents, cause these were good kids, not understanding the consequences. I was horrified to see the hatred unleashed here when I stumbled upon it. Hatred, bullying, and harassment are the reasons kids commit suicide. I saw this tear kids apart. I supported Vanessa whenever I could against the ugly people like Bo and her multiple personalities. THAT is why as a mother I feel strongly about defending her. She deserved a chance to move on with her life, and put the mistake behind her, and she has. She is happy, has a nice developing career, a great guy, and a loving family. Life is good.

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