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Vanessa Hudgens: Monday Morning Workout!

Vanessa Hudgens: Monday Morning Workout!

Vanessa Hudgens starts her morning off right with an early workout session at the gym on Monday (August 20) in Los Angeles.

Over the weekend, the 23-year-old actress and her boyfriend Austin Butler grabbed lunch at Studio Cafe.

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“La for Life!!! This is obviously what I did on a the lonnnng road trip to Outside Lands..:)” Vanessa, who is obsessed with nail art, wrote on her website along with a pic of her creation.

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens at her morning workout…

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vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 01
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 02
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 03
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 04
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 05
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 06
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 07
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 08
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 09
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 10
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 11
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 12
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 13
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 14
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 15
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 16
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 17
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 18

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171 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: Monday Morning Workout!”

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  1. 51
    Haters Suck! Says:

    What’s with the all caps? How did she use the relationship for fame? When they first started dating I didn’t have a clue who either of them were, not many people did. And wasn’t he the one who said he was only in the relationship because it was “serving him” and his career. Sounds the same with or with our all caps.

  2. 52
    TRUTH Says:


  3. 53
    shahad Says:

    love her

  4. 54
    Bo Says:

    andrea , I assure you I don’t need any fans .My career will never be dependent on a bunch of pumpers who sit behind the computer and pump gas to me .Anyway , she still has fans , but not enough comparatively .

  5. 55
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Well what can I say she dry humps her boyfriend, while her ex dry humps other people’s girlfriends right in front of their boyfriends. It is what it is.

  6. 56
    Haters Suck! Says:

    You poor monkey what do you do besides sit behind your computer and talk crap? You comment and are obssesd with her more than her fans so aren’t u a “pumper”

  7. 57
    Bo Says:

    Haters Suck , It’s the #1 budgens baboon .Always looking forward to cleaning her dirty laundry .

  8. 58
    @@@ Says:

    she comes out as pretty dumb and immature. its true she does try way to hard to be herself. she seems like she’s all about fun and don’t take anything serious. nothing actually. and seems one of those type of girls who talk alot but rarely listens. and a guy wants a girl who is undersand them. and somebody they can have a serious talk with. she isn’t. i think she understand people in a outer aspect. and will spoil her kids for sure rather than making them good people. and a guy who think about the future would never wanna be with her.
    and i also think that zac never really loved her as we thought. don’t think he ever thought about having a future with her. he always knew it was gonna end. and thats why he never show much affection to her. he would always act as though that people would get the feel that the reletionship is not gonna last. atleast on his part it was. he wouldn’t even hold her hand right. and he seems so serious as a person it was never gonna last. austin is more her type but even in this she seems more in to him than he is.

  9. 59
    anne Says:

    she looks adorable here…

  10. 60
    Haters Suck! Says:

    It’s the #1 efron monkey sticking its hand up it’s ass and throwing crap everywhere. Why do you always have to pick a fight? It was pretty peaceful and no one was fighting till u got here.

  11. 61
    anne Says:

    I know! we all are tired of you changing your name here..

  12. 62
    anne Says:

    plus we know Bo, Daly City, Guest and TRUTH are the same person

  13. 63
    anne Says:

    UGH, I know them from a forum, “fearless” was really devastated when Vanessa broke up with Zac, believe me, they are V fans too. And they are crazy! this girl was usually talking about how Vanessa´s ex boyfriend is a saint, how he never had sex because he is still in love with Vanessa, she used to hate Josh. For me they are the living proof, the “IDEAL” of a Zac fan, delusional, crazy and violent

  14. 64
    Bo Says:

    ha ha , I think tina and maria are the same .I gave an answer to tina , but the reply came back under the name of maria .I think she 4 got that she is posting under the name of maria not tina

  15. 65
    anne Says:

    I never liked “zanessa” o me Vanessa was always too much for someone like Zac, i always thought he could never ever make her happy, at least not completely happy! So, i need to be honest, the day we all found out the relationship was over, it was one of the most happy days of my life (fandom life lol) I know tons of Vanessa´s fans were really happy!! Especially the ones who got to meet her (controlling boyfriend, anyone?). So i agree with the second part of your comments, just… i dont know how serious the relationship was for Vanessa either, yes, she loved the guy, but i don’t think she ever envisioned a future with him, they are/were really different, their families are so differents, their vision of life is so different,, they just look “cute disney” together.
    But I completely disagree with your comment about her personality, I get you are an Efron fan… i respect your opinion, but i s really far from reality, I hope some day you could get to meet her and you would completely change your vision about her.

  16. 66
    @@@ Says:

    you have met her? how was she?

  17. 67
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Maria and Tina aren’t even on this post. And so what I very often respond to comments that arent directly sent to me but to someone else.

  18. 68
    anne Says:

    NOP, Maria and Tina are both Vanessa´ fans, they are 2 different persons. Probably Tina chose to reply to you, just like me right now. Its kind of different when when one person changes her name, i was looking at the previous post and you can see how your “friend” wera (if she actually exists) wrote the same comment with a different name.

  19. 69
    Bo Says:

    Anne , So which of these people are you ? Haters Suck ,Boji ,Maria ,Tina , More than words , Eryle ,Selma ? Which of them are you ?

  20. 70
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I’ll leave this for you monkeys to ponder. No one who has met Vanessa and has personally got to know her has ever said one bad thing about her. No one who has worked with her has ever criticized her fans who have met her and posted pics with her on twitter say she’s a very kind person. Honest to god I’ve seen people on twitter who have said they hated Vanessa but met her and became fans. This has been te same way for years I have never seen a person who has met or worked with Vanessa say a bad thing about her, not one.

  21. 71
    @@@ Says:

    @anne And as you say if you did meet her was he realy controling? did he say something bad to her?

    and no i am not a zac fan.
    i think in a way he tries way to hard also. he didn’t when he was with vanessa but sinse the break up he is trieng to be this all hot guy and flirting with every costar. and i thouht he was smart but all these rumurs and hanging out with paris and rich people and drug friends god knows how he keep up. it must be hard. atleast vanessa don’t do stuff like that. and she has a rather normal life.

  22. 72
    Wera Says:

    Haters suck #70 the same goes for zac too. nobody ever who worked with him said he was bad and everything you said have been said about zac to. and never herd anything bad from any fan or co star about both of them. i am not gonna fight here. i did before and thats over.

    @anne i said the reason before i keep few tabs and was commenting on another post and i real don’t know what happend the name i was using on that post got in to this one. this is not a excuse think what you want.

  23. 73
    Bo Says:

    anne , So maria and tina are two different persons since they are supporters of pudgens .But me ,inric 8 ,wera , daly city etc etc are the same person because we bash her ha ! You are a joke . Haters , is there any way that we can prove them we are not the same? Perhaps posting comments at exactly the same minute? Or is it better just ignoring them ?

  24. 74
    takeit Says:

    I don’t get it.

  25. 75
    Haters Suck! Says:

    But as you can see this is not a zac post but you little monkeys just come here to start fights anyway.

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