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Vanessa Hudgens: Monday Morning Workout!

Vanessa Hudgens: Monday Morning Workout!

Vanessa Hudgens starts her morning off right with an early workout session at the gym on Monday (August 20) in Los Angeles.

Over the weekend, the 23-year-old actress and her boyfriend Austin Butler grabbed lunch at Studio Cafe.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

“La for Life!!! This is obviously what I did on a the lonnnng road trip to Outside Lands..:)” Vanessa, who is obsessed with nail art, wrote on her website along with a pic of her creation.

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens at her morning workout…

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vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 01
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 02
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 03
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 04
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 05
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 06
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 07
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 08
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 09
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 10
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 11
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 12
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 13
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 14
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 15
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 16
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 17
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 18

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171 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: Monday Morning Workout!”

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  1. 126
    ehryle Says:

    @tt ur much dumb lol .. yeah right ur not a fan of her but ur here in her post ..

  2. 127
    BOJI Says:

    @ J if you had a iPhone/ iPad or a hp with a wireless network connection you can be updated 24/7 like me. No need to take the day off work.

  3. 128
    Bo Says:

    BOJI , Yes .I picked just a few instances where you brought about racism against me .There are much more .I believe that’s what you mean by picky .Your using racism to niggle someone gives me a clear understanding how you’ve been” brought up” and” truly reveal who you are” .I don’t give excuses for using slang .I don’t care to .Everyone on this site uses slang. Fans , haters both .So will I .

  4. 129
    Bo Says:

    I see my reply for anne wasn’t posted .no wonder , lights went out

  5. 130
    nessa Says:

    i love all the supporters here so happy to see new frozen ground trailler.

  6. 131
    J Says:

    @ BOJI
    sadly, all electronic gadgets are banned on work. I am a bit updated on V though, but I rarely get the chance to comment or post.

    So excited for the promo of this :D Con-Air reunion + V yes!

  7. 132
    Bo Says:

    Having fake s e x , pole dancing , bikini wearing on set all these are se xual stuff .Zac got to do se x scenes because he was cast in more mature roles than Vanessa . She would have done fake s ex , if she was offered a role where she has to do it .

  8. 133
    LouRose Says:

    I think a lot of actor or actress are sexualized, well I guess a lot of singer too.
    And it’s hard to find a role without naked or semi naked scene.

  9. 134
    MoreThanWords Says:

    Why are people do eager to crucify Vanessa for actually ‘living’, and yet Gayfrons red carpet condom dropping incident gets swept under the carpet like a dirty lil secret??! News Flash, the dude probably swings for the men!! Like it or lump it, guarantee I’m gunna be munching on popcorn and have a jolly time when shrills of sadness will be heard across the planet. Seriously, the dude wears lipgloss??!!?!

  10. 135
    wow Says:

    @Milli: what is the name or title of the animated movie ? who will worked or co-star-ed with vanessa?? ehehe so excited !

  11. 136
    wow Says:

    Yaaayyyyy! The frozen ground trailer had come out !!! Heyy, nessasaurs, Lets’ cheerrrssss !!! :DDD

  12. 137
    Bo Says:

    OMG , I just watched the trailer now . I didn’t expect this , I truly didn’t . She is waaaay more s exed up than Zac was ever in either Paperboy or TLO . What’s wrong with both of them ? They are both trying too hard to be s exed up in films . I truly hope both of them stop doing this .According to the trailer it doesn’t look as if her character is given much prominence in the film eventhough according to the synopsis she is prominent.I think it’s rather short . There are only two minor scenes of her in this and it’ sad that they’ve highlighted the s exual scene – pole dancing – of her character in the trailer rather than the real nature of her character in the film . It’s purely for commercial purposes .

  13. 138
    tina Says:

    Wow I go to sleep and wake up being called maria. Like I said before I, personally with not have an discussion with a child who still believes in fairy tales. Great to see the trailer for FG. Have no interest at all in Zac and really wish his fans would find another place to vent.

  14. 139
    Sincere Sincerity Says:

    @Bo: She is more “sexed up” than Zac in Spring Breakers too, by the promotional material, seems like she is in a short bikini the whole movie, and probably will be in Machete Kills, is funny to see that after all the complaining of Vanessa fans about Zac “sell sex” in his movies instead of use dramatic talent, seems like the two are wh*res now, no?

    By the trailer her acting is annoying as ever

  15. 140
    maria Says:

    @tina: Lol, tina! I woke up to find I am you! I believe our Bo Peep has a serious multiple personality disorder. In some posts, she is a virginal child, waiting for her rich, handsome boy, who will be the only one she ever dates, the only relationship she will ever have, cause of course, it will be perfect, and of course, will end at the altar. In others, she is a foul mouthed punk, with nothing else to do, but hate, and not once, but under many other names. Can we say Sybil? Honestly, I find her sad. She has no idea how to be a real fan, and just be supportive, like we are. She rarely posts on her loved one, who she thinks is going to notice her, cause she is so classy. *shakes head*. Could we ever imagine going from a cheery, positive, supportive, loving GF like Vanessa was, to someone so negative, demeaning, and hateful like our BO?? I think not.

  16. 141
    PuertoRicanGurl Says:


  17. 142
    Sincere Sincerity Says:

    The main point is: If Vanessa wants to get naked, just let her get naked

    If Zac wants to get naked, my eyes probably will not complain

    You can thumbs down my comment, this is a sign that the TRUTH bother you all, Vanessa is half naked, not a big deal, but she just become the thing you always complained about Zac

  18. 143
    BOJI Says:

    Maria, this person we speak of is nothing but an attention seeker and a parrot. Annoying and irritating and it is no wonder she has not met her Prince Charming yet. She’s been kissing a frog instead of a toad. I wonder how many.
    Am so excited for Frozen Ground, my kind of movie.

  19. 144
    Bo Says:

    Aunty tina , now that’s some sleep you had I should say .You were last heard of at 12.10 pm on 20 th and after that at 7.33 am on 21 st. Now that’s some impressive 17 hours of sleep .

  20. 145
    maria Says:

    @Sincere Sincerity: The difference is, he is purposely looking to be a s*x symbol, she is not. He BRAGS about filming those scenes, like he’s the first actor in history to have erotic scenes. He WANTS to be known for that. In FG, Vanessa took on a REAL role, and she happened to be a stripper. She could have worked at Walmart. Makes no difference.

    The trailer looks really good! Great mix of showing evil and suspense. Vanessa looks fab dancing, and I love the “cat and mouse” thing going on with Cusack and Cage. Personally, I love these interesting roles. Not starring, cause you need to work your way to that with experience. But memorable parts, with great costars. Such a great way to build a career.

  21. 146
    maria Says:

    @Bo: Baby Bo, how many times have you posted on her last two threads?? And how many on your lover boy’s last one?? You are a certified looney toon, with no life, no guy, in a puritanical country, wih anger and hatred so pent up, you choose to rant and vent here, cause you’d probably be hung in the town square if anyone at home read your filthy, nasty words. Please find a good psychiatrist, and find your way back to being a decent human being. There is hope, even for you, my dear.

  22. 147
    Bo Says:

    maria , Shall I ask you when I said that he’d notice me ’cause I’m classy .I said if he ever were to notice me , he’d notice me ’cause I’m brunette and black eyed .Anyway , it’s not as if he’ll ever fall for me nor I will ever fall for him . LOL I think you rather should have mentioned ” poruwa” in temple not altar .

  23. 148
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Damn yall been busy since I’ve been asleep. To be quite honest I’ve been half asleep while reading most of these comments but from what I gather gayfrons little monkeys are once again tryin to make something that has nothing to do with him all about him. Everything’s not about him, once again the world does not revolve around him get that through your heads. Still have a chance to get a couple more hours of sleep so I’ll see what I wake up to then. Peace

  24. 149
    Rachel Says:

    Read that the Frozen Ground trailer is out? Post it Jared!
    And this is just so ridiculous, the stupid fights here. Guys, don’t reply to haters. Don’t give them importance and they won’t write trash anymore.
    Also not all Efron fans are like the poster here, I’m Zac’s fan too but admire V too and even if I didn’t I wouldn’t come here and talk nonsense about her. And no, not all haters here are Zac fans! That’s ridiculous, I haven’t seen many of them on Zac’s threads. I’m sure both of them have haters who are not their ex’s fans!
    Don’t write on her threads much but felt like writing in the midst of these stupid fights!
    Have always admired the fact that she is trying to branch out from Disney. Disney gives people popularity but alas, people don’t take Disney people seriously later on. That’s sad cause you can’t judge them unless you have seen them in a serious acting role.. People are too harsh. I’m glad she took Frozen ground (didn’t
    like her choice of J2 much since its this kids movie and not about acting much but since she took 2 serious roles after that it makes sense! ). Good that she took Gimme Shelter since indie flicks are important to show acting credentials!
    P.S. sorry for going OT!

  25. 150
    Sincere Sincerity Says:

    @maria: Of course, it’s like her character in “Spring Breakers”, she happened to be in a bikini the whole movie, because as you already said before, the place of the film is a beach and people wear short clothes in beaches
    She wears short and wet clothes in Details photoshoot, because the photoshoot happened to be this way,
    Don’t forget that her character in Sucker Punch “happened to wear short clothes” because she is a crazy girl in a sanatorium offering sexual services in which girls are exploited while have delusions of being fighters in fantastic, fururistic and medieval places, she stays half naked the whole movie because this is essential to the narrative
    Zac just uses her sexual attributes, but Vanessa is a great actress

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