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Vanessa Hudgens: Monday Morning Workout!

Vanessa Hudgens: Monday Morning Workout!

Vanessa Hudgens starts her morning off right with an early workout session at the gym on Monday (August 20) in Los Angeles.

Over the weekend, the 23-year-old actress and her boyfriend Austin Butler grabbed lunch at Studio Cafe.

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“La for Life!!! This is obviously what I did on a the lonnnng road trip to Outside Lands..:)” Vanessa, who is obsessed with nail art, wrote on her website along with a pic of her creation.

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens at her morning workout…

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vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 01
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 02
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 03
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 04
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 05
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 06
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 07
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 08
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 09
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 10
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 11
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 12
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 13
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 14
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 15
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 16
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 17
vanessa hudgens monday morning workout 18

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171 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: Monday Morning Workout!”

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  1. 151
    BOJI Says:

    Ah Rachel, this is what I call constructive criticism. You are right some of these haters especially some are revelling in all that attention. Henceforth, I shall refrain from addressing them.

  2. 152
    Bo Says:

    I have a problem .Why does Vanessa attract this much of mothers with kids .I mean , now half of the half dozen fans who continuosly come on this site to defend Vanessa are mothers .Tina , maria ,boji are all mothers with kids .I wonder why .It’s not as if any of her films released so far have been for the mature audience .So it can’t due to her films .mmm why ? Aha ! may be they are suffering from this syndrome where they think and act like they are still teenagers .Perhaps these three suffer from that and think her films were meant for them , the ”teenagers ” lol

  3. 153
    Bo Says:

    Aunty maria ,Thank you for your advice evnthough it has very little to do with me .I rather think it has lot to do with you .I think it’d be better you take your own advice and get yourself checked by a good psychiatrist .Because you seriously are way different from other mothers .Other mothers don’t spend years of their life continuosly on some gossip site defending a particular celeb .In that sense I think you are suffering from some sort of mental disorder , I think it’s advisable to get yourself checked .

  4. 154
    Sincere Sincerity Says:

    @Bo: I think they are ex-Zanessa fans, that type of neurotic fan that thinks “my idols do nothing wrong”, then the couple split and the situation started to become “Zac do everything wrong”, “Vanessa do nothing wrong”
    Just see that Maria, she see the things like this:
    “Vanessa’s movies are success” / “Zac movies is commercial flops”, “Vanessa’s movies are praised” / “Zac’s movies are criticized”, “Vanessa is recognized as a super talented girl”/ “Zac have no talent”
    “Zac is sexed up to sell the movies” / “Vanessa is not sexed up, if she happens to be sexed up, this is essential to the movie”
    A person who is not a fan of any of the 2 doesn’t see the situation inversely, but sees the situation better, and not so highly polarized
    I’m surprised to know these people are mothers, I tought they are just crazy kids, I know this kind of fan and they are the worst of all, they are creepy and ridiculous personally

  5. 155
    Bo Says:

    Sincere Sincerity , It’s good to see someone who talks sense and who shares my ideas here .

  6. 156
    BOJI Says:

    Maria, we have a poster here lashing out at every which way. Just ignore her. I did say she’s a parrot right!?” Polly wants a cracker, Polly wants a cracker,” LOL

  7. 157
    BOJI Says:

    Knock heads, I see a poster having conversation with Self.

  8. 158
    Sam Says:

    Maria your comment on 145 bit*ch please did you just really say that he want to be known as a sex symbol while vanessa doesn’t. oh please vanessa is a slu*t alright. she can’t act for s*hit and all she does is fuc*king in public with her crazy as*s boyfriend.
    and denie as much you want. but she call the paps and she put on a sex show for everybody. she is always posing. blind you don’t see it. mother with kids my a*ss.
    she was always a famew*hore and always will be. and please god make this **** go away so these as*s licking bitc*hes will go away to.
    efron was blessed that god actually looked at him and made this fame*whoring ***** go away from his life forever.

  9. 159
    Bo Says:

    Someone here claims she has ip tracing capabilities .But can’t get a single fact correct .I’d like to remind that person that SriLanka is a tiny country .So all the ISP’s are located in one place – Colombo .When I look up the geolocation of my ip adress ,it says I’m from Colombo .But I live far away from it in fact faaaraway . So even if someone comes from the northern corner of the country , still your gadgets will show he’s from Colombo .I say don’t be misguided by it .

  10. 160
    Wera Says:

    Bo it is truly nice to see somebody who share our views. Sincere sincerity its really nice to meet you.

  11. 161
    BOJI Says:

    Foul language seems to be common amongst people with like minds. Well, you’re certainly not going to improve your English.

  12. 162
    ehryle Says:

    Hi guyz nice to see the real fans of Vanessa here! Chillax and keep up the good work and btw to the haters don’t waste ur time here if you dont like her or any of her craft coz whatever it takes we respect her.. Vanessa will be busy soon on her movies FG & GS.. so Good luck V :)

  13. 163
    Bo Says:

    BOJI ,what tell ya about my comment no .159 ? True isn’t it ?

  14. 164
    Sam Says:

    Ehryle we don’t care darlin kiss my as*s

  15. 165
    elle Says:

    weelllllll her exx is pretty talented too.. if we are talking about Josh ….

  16. 166
    ehryle Says:

    @sam sa sam sam damb!!! you don’t care but your here on her post! lol

  17. 167
    Bo Says:

    wera samahara wita me dawas tike wediya me site ekata enna wennnethi wenna puluwan, ape gedetta cousinsla wagayak awilla , gedara alms giving ekak

  18. 168
    Danielle Says:

    I love her hair, it’s messy, like our hairs!!

  19. 169
    tina Says:

    You think some fool went on twitter and put a call out for all of Zac’s fan to come and defend him here? Lmao, don’t need to defend him from me I really don’t think enough of him to bother with him. I NEVER GO TO HIS POST. Get the message, this is her post not his. Quite frankly I don’t care who you think does what in their movies. I won’t get into any personal battles because frankly, I think you are all a bunch of children. Grown up, learn to have a coversation. Until then, go back to his post.

  20. 170
    tina Says:

    I will let you know why I am a fan. I like HSM but what made me a fan was when the photo leaked. Right away she became this terrible person who everyone should ridicule, wrong she was a young girl who made a bad judgement call. What got me was, at the time she was dating Zac, no one else, and immediately his people and fans did EVERYTHING in their power to make them for somone else. (Remember poor Drake Bell had to come out and make a statement). Then when she had a movie comiing out WITH A SET DATE, suddenly his movie was moved to the same date. What did she do, she went to his movie and supported him. They break up (really at this point I was happy) although before this we get reports from NOLA that he was with this girl or that girl and he’s sexting Miley. Again she is the bad guy, she must have done something. Yes she got tired of his ****. She had to promote her movie so she is the one getting asked all the stupid questions. Where is he? In the T &C with Rumer Willis. Yes,I’m someones mom if I had a daughter I would be happy if she showed half the courage this girl has shown.

  21. 171
    maria Says:

    @tina: Exactly what happened with me, Tina. At that time, I was a middle school nurse, and saw these things happen to so many students, sadly. Kids that age, and back those few years ago, did not think through mistakes like that. It was devastating for them and their parents, cause these were good kids, not understanding the consequences. I was horrified to see the hatred unleashed here when I stumbled upon it. Hatred, bullying, and harassment are the reasons kids commit suicide. I saw this tear kids apart. I supported Vanessa whenever I could against the ugly people like Bo and her multiple personalities. THAT is why as a mother I feel strongly about defending her. She deserved a chance to move on with her life, and put the mistake behind her, and she has. She is happy, has a nice developing career, a great guy, and a loving family. Life is good.

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