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Britney Spears & 'X Factor' Judges Cover 'TV Guide' Magazine

Britney Spears & 'X Factor' Judges Cover 'TV Guide' Magazine

Britney Spears and her fellow X Factor judges Demi Lovato, Simon Cowell, and L.A. Reid take the cover of TV Guide magazine’s latest issue.

Here is what the 30-year-old pop star and the other judges had to share with the mag:

Britney on her reaction to getting the job: “[Simon] was absolutely adorable on the phone, and he is so sweet. My makeup artist used to do his makeup, and we were joking around about me doing it. So I guess it was one of those meant-to-be things.”

Demi on wanting to be a judge: “I really feel like being the first young judge on any of these vocal competition shows is a lot of pressure, but at the same time, it’s great because I get to bring in a perspective from the audience that’s around my age. I was nervous at first because it’s not like I have the experience that L.A., Simon and Britney have. But I know how hard people have to work to get to where they want to be, and I can spot somebody who has talent and who’s memorable and could be a pop star.”

Simon on his pop star co-judges: “It’s quite difficult sometimes when you’ve got singers judging other singers, because they can be selfish. And I’ve watched this very carefully; these two want to find a star.”

For more from the X Factor judges, visit! Bigger cover inside…

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  • anne

    Oh queen!!!!!

  • Jake

    Can’t see this show being better than the Voice. Too much phony on one show.

  • ali

    I look forward to seeing Britney.

  • The truth

    Demi looks gorgeous. The reviews about her contribution have been rad, Britney hasn’t been as bad as I assumed she will be. I wish her the best either way.

    I want to see banter between the two female judges. Simon is witty we get it. I want to see Demi and Brit joking around, it would make great TV.

    Either way

    XFactor > The voice.
    With the exception of Adam Levine who makes the audition stages, I lose interest as soon as the live show starts. It’s so elementary and cheap looking.

  • Yohji

    Talentless people judging a new generation of talentless people.

  • Lainey

    Queen Britney is the only reason to watch that show.

  • Anna

    Britney rocks. She is so delicate. I wish her and her boys the absolute best always. She has been through so much.

  • cali

    I heart Britney. She has matured over the years for the better.

  • Britneyfan

    yup that’s my girl. So sweet and genuine. Go Brit! Do your best.

  • dobbi

    I’ll watch it, not a fan of the Voice.

  • rochelle

    LA Reid looks like he’s sat on something uncomfortable LOL!!!!

  • april

    At least these girls are turning their lives around for the better and has learned from their mistakes by surrounding themselves with more positive people with good habits. good for them!

  • yeah

    Lindsay Lohan can take tips from Britney on getting on the right path after making bad choices. I hear Lindsay was allegedly involved in a burglary of some type again.

    Go Britney! I’ll watch only because of you and those boys of yours.

  • It’sBritneyBitch

    We love you Britney. Your fans love you.

  • Lisa

    HEY Simon X Factor SUCKS

  • Randi

    This show is gonna be soooo BAD. All that fake drama, phony banter and them trying to make Britney out to be the ‘sassy, honest one.’ Gonna flop again after the initial Britney interest.

  • Ruby

    I agree with that Britney has made positive progress over the years. She looks focused on raising her children and genuinely seems like a nice person.

  • AndREA

    Who else thinks that Simon was trying to outdo the Voice when he got Britney? Brit vs. Xtina is sure to bring ratings to both shows, however the Voice will be better quality, imo.

  • Aliya

    Good luck with the show Britney.

  • Noel

    lol, anyone who watches the Voice will tell you that the least favorite host on The Voice is Christina because she has such a bitch*y, stinky, diva attitude. She even annoys me the few times I tuned in with her scandalous trashy outfits. Does she forget she is a mother sometimes?

  • cindy

    Wow even with photoshop can’t help Birtney she looks old! That pic as a group is creepy as hell and ugly!!

  • Bria

    it does not take a rocket scientist to know that the different networks are always competing among themselves. One example is American Idol, currently they are head over heels looking for a replacement for Jennifer Lopez.etc… It’s always about ratings and star power. The people back stage want to keep their job too. Every show is having hard time with rating look at Jay Leno. Good luck X factor.

  • ellen

    Stay on the right path Britney. It’s good to see yo and your boys are beautiful.

  • Cella

    Very sweet, delicate and genuine is Britney Spears. Brit has never struck me as a diva, a label chaser or highly superficial for that matter. Glad she’s gotten herself together with the help of the people around her. Good job. Good luck with the show.

  • Jake

    Lol @Noel Christina is the reason that Britney was hired in the first place and the reason why these other shows are rushing to get an ‘opinionated, A-list diva.’ She RUNS the Voice, makes it controversial, and is the only one who’s opinion people can’t wait to hear…because they NEVER know what the expect. If she left, the show would be OVER and Mark Burnett (the producer) knows it. Christina was Simon’s first choice for XFactor, but she turned him down to do the Voice and then the Voice stole XFactor’s thunder last year. He got Britney (her biggest ‘rival’) to try and compete and steal that young demographic and is now trying to make Britney the ‘mean and honest one.’ Desperate if you ask me.

  • Jazz

    I’ll tune in. I want to see the dynamics of the cast and Britney. I wonder if Britney’s boys will show up on some family footage. those boys are so cute.

  • Bobbie

    @Jake: Your analysis is not breaking news. Shows have been trying to outdo each other for years, decades. When it is all said and done, it’s about the ratings. Network swill drop a so called “diva” quickly if they are not bringing in the ratings/ and cut down pay accordingly. Everyone knows this.

  • Jake

    @Bobbie , however, in the reality singing show world, it has become a NEW trend to get A-list pop stars as judges, wheras before it was only C-listers. JLo joined AI and was met with poor reviews for being a bore and not bringing anything to the table, wheras Christina joined the Voice and was met with raving critical reviews for her honesty and ability to be entertaining. This is why the new shows are now hiring women and having them be more ‘Christina’ rather than ‘JLO’ or ‘Paula’ in order to compete for ratings.

  • sammy

    brit is the best!
    she’s very likeable, pretty, never comes off as an actual diva, she doesn’t try to be the leader, she is the leader.
    never tries to hard. since the 90′s and she’s still rocking it.
    even when she had a breakdown, she’s come and turned it all around!
    good job

  • Adan

    yeah, I’ll be tuning to hear Britney say Y’all. She is sweet and not full of herself.

  • jenna

    yikes. britney looks terrible and she looks like simon’s wife there. this show is gonna be pathetic.

  • Ash

    It’s funny that all these people are commenting about how sweet Britney is, but Simon says she’s ‘sweet as a lemon’ and is trying to make her seem like a mean diva. Why?

  • no need to hate

    Looks like Britney made a decision to turn her life around after that leech Federline. He was not good for her at all… I never liked him. Britney has been doing very well and her boys look like they are very happy and she does not pimp them every day, every week on tabloids or for the pap.

    Good job Britney.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    @cali: …What you call “matured” most people would call medicated.

  • Ariel Life is too short

    When someone is doing better and improving, it’s okay to give say it. Britney has been on a stable, winning streak. Congrats to Britney! Hopefully the Xfactor does well.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    Britney has been “doing better” (not like any of us knows what goes on in her personal life) since the court gave control of her life (and finances) to her father. He’s done a very good job keeping her on track, and the medication that we all know she takes sure as hell is helping also.
    Hopefully the crazy will stay away, even though it would be funny to see again. hahahahahaha

  • Gia

    Crazy how people say cruel things just to say them. Britney has been doing better, there’s no denying that. Do you want something bad to happen to her so that her boys could be without their mom. Have some compassion people.

  • Della

    @Gia: you are right, Gia. Some people just come on here to say mean things. They never have anything good to say. They criticize everything and anything.

    It’s no secret that Britney’s family, especially her dad has been instrumental in her progress. The main thing is Britney was in really bad company before with people using her and giving her bad advice because she is highly impressionable. She is doing much, much better now. You do not need to be in her house to see her daily activities to see that. Good luck to Britney on the show.

  • Diana

    Some people need to give it up with their 100 posts bashing people. We get it.

    I like Britney and hopefully the show works out.

  • The sun is up

    Go Britney. I am looking forward to watching. Yes, Britney is sweet. The show may need her to show another side. It’s not uncommon for the producers to make certain judges act a certain way.

  • cooze

    Britney’s makeup looks awful and sloppy as does her hair.

  • Sonia

    Am I the only one who actually likes Britney and Christina? like together,not hating on either one. It actually hurts me to see that done on here. I grew up idolize both.
    I love the Voice, that show is flawless. Not gonna lie, I tried watching X-Factor before, didn’t like it. I will watch it now only for Britney. Hopefully it is good.
    btw to the person above, I’m sure by showing a bit of skin doesn’t mean Christina forgets shes a mother, remember before she did bring her son on set and was playing w/it. Its not like Britney never exposes, Femme fatale tour, I sure saw a lot of skin at that concert. Doesn’t mean that shes a less of a mother or person. Stop being so shallow minded

  • http://@jessikacuicapuz jessika


  • okk


  • okk


    Meant to like your comment oops!