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Chaz Bono on Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan: 'We Can't Go Backward'

Chaz Bono on Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan: 'We Can't Go Backward'

Chaz Bono squints his eyes to shield from the harsh sunny rays as he exits Pavilions Market on Friday (August 17) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 43-year-old former Dancing With the Stars contestant stocked up on a variety of items including fruity beverages and some cat food.

Chaz recently tweeted his opinion on Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney and his VP pick Paul Ryan.

Romney‘s VP pick voted against equal pay for women and repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. We can’t go backward” he tweeted, along with a link to President Obama‘s website.

15+ pictures inside of Chaz Bono stocking up on groceries…

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chaz bono grocery shopping 04
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  • Villain

    (S)He doesn’t look even a little happier than before.

  • j

    Wow this chick is confused about her own gender like why would
    I wanna be influenced by her

  • annab

    Gay rights are important to some people…that’s understandable but there is more to politics than the gay issue. Alot is wrong with Government overall about many programs.

  • allie

    @j: and you’re an ignorant tw*at. People vote for different reasons, if gay rights is the one she decides to focus on then it’s her own choice. You’d rather have jessica alba swaying votes? blah!!

  • sillyme

    Romney’s VP did NOT vote against equal pay for women. He voted against an act (Lilly Ledbetter Act) that changed the amount of time that a woman had to sue her employer. Big difference. I am a woman and I didn’t agree with that Act either, for reasons that are too long to go into here.

    As for Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, she seems to forget that that was started by a DEMOCRATIC president and that it was a gay REPUBLICAN group (Log Cabin Republicans) that filed in the court case that had DADT overturned. And, wasn’t candidate Obama AGAINST same sex marriage when he ran for pres in 2008? Yet she still voted for him.

    But, she’s a good example of why celebs need to stay out of politics.

  • anita

    This person belongs in a mental institution. She has no influence on who people should vote, for sure.

  • dobbi

    They aren’t backwards, get educated.

  • Helen

    A nobody

  • yougottabekidding

    Well there you go, my mind’s made up….thanks, Chaz………NOT!!!!!!

  • PuertoRicanGurl


  • mh

    She’s gross. I don’t care what Hollywood says she is still a women.

  • K

    You can tell which opinions are those of republican individuals. LOL, lord we are in for a world of trouble….

  • *_*

    She is a woman with hairy Chin and still has the woman private part. Very gross

  • BarneyLegendary

    a lot of American problems in this comment section. how sad. -.- folks, please keep fair. what’s wrong with you? and in my opinion romney and ryan are not the best choice (what has nothing to do with the statement of this transgender). and yes, the government of obama isn’t perfect (they did a lot of mistakes), but don’t forget the bush government has left a lot of crap to the new one

  • Latin Lover

    Jared is sensoring comments that are not pro O bummer. Thx!!!

  • Carbon Copy

    Keep blamIng it on Bush!!! It still doesn’t change Obummer is one of the worst president in history. Educate yourself before voting on facts not TV and other ads.

  • somali girl

    Homosexuals disgust me. Homosexuals are a western disease.

  • Not A Fan

    @somali girl: Disease thats a bit Strong dountcha think!

  • Sam

    Really amazes me when democrats try to bring Bush into the discussion, how is Bush to blame for the boondoggle this is Obamacare, a bill that steals 716 billion dollars from Medicare, weakes our healthcare, forces American to buy insurance or get fined hundreds of dollars, if the Obama admisration hadn’t done 7,400 wavers to business to ignore the rules in Obamacare until after the election , do you know how many more people who be out of a job,
    how is Bush to blame for the failed stimulus, that cost Americans 849 billion dollars, and will cost 1.7 trillion in ten years because of interest, a waste of money that did nothing to help , even though Obama promised it would keep unempyment below 7%.
    H ow is Bush to blame for the 5 trillion in NEW debt that Obama added in 4 years…. bush added 4.5 in 8 years, with 911 , dot con recession, Iraq war Afghanistan, all the money spent to beef up the military, CIA, after Clinton gutted then.
    how is Bush to blame for Obama adding 120, 0000 troops to the Afganstan war in 2009, a war we are losing, that Obama has done nothing as Commander in Chief, a war that kills as many Americans a month as Iraq did 2006, that the media did not stop coverage about.
    this as been the worst recovery in 75 years, and funny enough it has been the most expensive, that last time America added this much debt , this fast was fighting WW2.

  • thighmegatampon

    @somali girl: chaz bono is not a homosexual. She/he is a transgender who identifies with the male gender and is attracted to the female gender. This makes him a heterosexual.

  • ali

    you need to start working out . it is not healthy to let
    yourself go like that .

  • kd

    What a disgusting woman.

  • somali girl

    Its is in fact a homosexual, a bulldyke lesbian. Its born a women and forever remain as one. Homosexuals lie.