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Justin Theroux Reigns 'Supreme' in Washington Square Park

Justin Theroux Reigns 'Supreme' in Washington Square Park

Justin Theroux goes for a stroll around Washington Square Park on Tuesday (August 21) in New York City.

The 41-year-old actor and fiance of Jennifer Aniston wore a tight white t-shirt and a hat that read “Supreme”.

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Justin took his motorcycle for a spin around the city the day before to keep busy while his fiancee Jennifer works on her film We’re The Millers in North Carolina.

15+ pictures inside of Justin Theroux walking around Washington Square Park…

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justin theroux reigns supreme in washington square park 01
justin theroux reigns supreme in washington square park 02
justin theroux reigns supreme in washington square park 03
justin theroux reigns supreme in washington square park 04
justin theroux reigns supreme in washington square park 05
justin theroux reigns supreme in washington square park 06
justin theroux reigns supreme in washington square park 07
justin theroux reigns supreme in washington square park 08
justin theroux reigns supreme in washington square park 09
justin theroux reigns supreme in washington square park 10
justin theroux reigns supreme in washington square park 11
justin theroux reigns supreme in washington square park 12
justin theroux reigns supreme in washington square park 13
justin theroux reigns supreme in washington square park 14
justin theroux reigns supreme in washington square park 15
justin theroux reigns supreme in washington square park 16
justin theroux reigns supreme in washington square park 17
justin theroux reigns supreme in washington square park 18

Credit: JT; Photos: INFdaily
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  • hoe

    OMG!!! Looking REALLY good Justin, Dios que sexy!

  • Nothing But Love

    i will say it again, looking good Justin.

  • Lora

    Thank you so much Jared!!! Love this hottie<3

  • Din

    He does look good! Hope he makes Jen happy and vice versa :)

  • jess

    Is it just me or is he getting hotter by the day? *fans self*

  • MStrings

    Don’t know much about him but he has to be a real loser to hook up with Aniston.

  • df

    What is is he doing exactly in NYC that keeps him from being on location with Jen?

    Guess they will have a long distance relationship. Jen’s own Casper Smart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lora

    @MStrings: you are so pathetic…

  • Haha


    WTF are you talking about? Caspar Smart is attached to JLO’s hp 24/7. Not to mention, I doubt he’s got millions in the bank like Theroux. Jen works 15 hour days and then probably goes home to sleep. She probably said he should go hang out with his friends in NYCI. Since he moved to LA he probably doesn’t get to catch up worth them as much. And get real. If Theroux were down in NC waiting around for her all day you’d call Jen a clingy control freak. She can never win with you haters.

  • Silly Cam

    Please Jared…stop posting pictures of this loser…who is he…nobody.

  • Donna

    what Timothy implied I didn’t even know that people able to profit $5970 in 4 weeks on the computer. did you look at this link (Click on menu Home more information)

  • Rina

    Looking really good Justin. I like a man who can look dashing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

  • sexy

    sexy, Justin and Jen sitting on a tree… you know the rest. Hottie for sure.

  • df


    You are delusional if you think Justin has millions! What big roles has he had or films? He is not paid a lot. He is enjoying private planes now, mansions etc. never had that before.

    Also, who cares how many hours Jen works! The fact is they are not together when it seems Justin is not doing anything special in NYC.
    It is a long distance relationship, & since even People Mag said he HATES La, I can’t see it working out.

    He looks pretty happy without Jen around.


    Jared is this how your site is going to be now????? Continued pap shots of a someone who was a nobody until he started boinking Aniston?? Enough of this boring dude and dud of a fake fiance!!

    I rather see boring snorefest Katie Holmes and Suri everyday, than this moocher and Aniston.

  • Kelly

    oh my, what a cutiepie.

  • dina

    His jeans sure fits nicely. Not to mention he has a nice physique.

  • Incredible

    Some people clearly only say negative things just for the sake of being negative. They guy looks good. I hope he makes Jen happy.

  • Aliya

    Washington Square Park is just minutes away from where I live. I have to go look at that hottie for myself. I’m hoping for a chance sighting.

  • boom

    He sure looks supreme!

  • Vail

    No reason for me to lie or be hateful, he looks relaxed and good here.

  • lisa

    Call me blind or whatever, but I do see a good looking guy here.

  • lisa

    I’d rather see fine looking Justin than a tipsy Lindsay Lohan coming out of a nightclub or a sighting of Lindsay coming out of a home that has just been robbed.

  • karen

    Definitely handsome.

  • smooches

    Gotta love a guy in a t-shirt and jeans. Keeping it simple.

  • Elaine

    Nice, very nice.

  • lisa

    Good to see he has another colour other than Black in his closet

  • Haha


    Theroux is worth $10 or $11 million. It’s been listed in several magazine articles and separately by organizations that tabulate Hollywood wealth. How does that make me delusional? He not only co-wrote Tropic Thunder, but he was one of the main producers. He made millions just from that one movie, not to mention the money he makes for writing scripts which usually pay around $1 million for big films like Iron Man, doing script polishes on other people’s work which pays up to $250,000 A WEEK!!! AND the shows he sold to FOX and HBO.

  • Isha

    All of the comments posted on how sexy and hot Justin looks, has to be written by the same person whose changing their screen name. Justin is scary looking!

  • http://Justjarde 1000

    Good looking



    I agree.

  • JP Fan

    Tropic Thunder cost 92mil and made 188mil WW in what universe did he make millions from the film if it only broke even not to menthion there werw THREE writers? also sources please about this fictitious 250,000 a week that you and the hens have been spreading on other sites with no links etc to back it up

  • honeybunn

    he looks happy because its much better when you are apart and then you get together. we all know that good things come to those who wait,
    You go justin you are a hot cutie.

  • Peter

    Well, he is. But I wish I was such a looser too.

  • And another thing

    10 million ? Oh please. Here’s a link to how much he’s really worth. You will notice there is no mention of his relationship with Aniston on this site. If you read carefully the other sites that list the 10 million, they mention the Aniston relationship. Bingo! This 10 million nonsense is coming from Aniston’s (and now Theroux’s) publicist. Publicist are often the source of information for these sites. And you know it’s coming from a publicist, because, there is nothing in Theroux’s resume that would explain how he acquired 10 million. He is not a script doctor. More made up BS. The people behind Iron Man thought so little of his writing that he was NOT invited back for Iron Man 3. The script for Rock of Ages was trashed by critics. Studios weren’t offering him directing gigs BEFORE he hooked up with Aniston and CAA. And his current connection is the only reason Universal is offering a directing gig now. He’s a low level fish who hooked a bigger fish in order to get him the fame and success that he couldn’t get on his own.

  • Isha

    @Haha: You go online to google or bing to find out Justin’s net worth, I just did and his net worth is only around 4.5 million. That’s less than of the 10 to 11 million you pulled out of the air!

  • Isha

    @And another thing: I agree. You said it all!!!!

  • Isha

    @And another thing: @And another thing: I agree. You said it all!!!!

  • Isha

    I apologize for the duplicate comments. I kept getting an error message so I uploaded twice.

  • bella

    wow, I can’t believe some people. so much hate, some much negativity and for what?

  • tkj

    lol i love that Jared doesn’t know that ‘Supreme’ is a pretty huge brand not just a saying on a hat

  • Haha

    @And Another thing

    There are a dozen sites that list his net worth at $10-11 million, even a few that make absolutely no mention of Aniston. Justjared won’t let me post all of them so my links are awaiting moderation. You’ll have to look them up. That being said, why are you so obsessed with how much money he has? He has millions more than you do. And I’m sure he has more than BillBob Thorton had when he was married to your little princess. Never heard you whine about any of that or accuse Jolie of buying her own engagement ring or mansions during that time. Do all of these people have to have the same net worth for their love to be genuine? WTF.

  • Oh Really

    I’m totally confused about this debate on Theroux’s finances. Have we ever demanded to know what Matthew McCaughnahey’s wife is worth? Or Matt Damon’s? Or Reese Witherspoon’s husband? Or Drew Barrymore’s husband? Why the obsession with this guy in particular?

  • Oh Really

    @And another thing. So if you went on the internet to figure out Theroux’s net worth did you just willfully skip over all the links that had him at $10.5 million? Like this one which makes no mention of Aniston. Or this one here which also has him at $10.5 million which also has no mention of Aniston. or the many other links that have him at around that number?

  • http://compute LOL

    I don’t even think he is worth 2 million, this guy is 40 yrs old, and not even a well known actor or script writer.
    They did not even want him back for IM3, because RDJ said the script for IM2 sucked.
    He was one of four writers on ROA and you know how that turned out, not even Tom Cruise could not save that BOMB.
    He needs Jennifer for her MONEY, why did the last twelve men she slept with, hit the door running, but this BROKE poseur is sticking around, money, money, money.
    Let hope he don’t relapse into his addictions, and yes he went to REHAB.

  • Jack

    I love how the haters are totally bent out of shape about Theroux. If he’s such a small fish if you will, why do you post on EVERY article about him? Stop trying to paint him as some unemployed waiter on public assistance. Tropic Thunder made almost $100 million in profit, not including DVD sales which equal at leads another $50 million. Theroux co-created several of the characters and helped come up with the story. He made lots of money on that, somewhere around 10% because that’s what co-creators and producers usually make on a project. He didn’t work on Iron Man 3 because the was busy working on Rock of Ages. And he DOES do script doctor work. In case you didn’t know what script doctoring is or how much it pays here’s a basic article on it. Theroux’s script doctor work is usually for Ben Stiller but also on the film…..wait for it…… Megamind starring Brad Pitt. Theroux did enough script doctoring work on that film that he was listed as creative consultant on Megamind. I know you won’t trash Megamind’s success because it has your little idol Brad Pitt in it. Btw this is all BEFORE Theroux started dating Aniston. Theroux also has a show in development at Fox, one at HBO and is set to direct several films. Will Ferrell and Steve Carell would NOT put their careers on the line just because he was dating Aniston. Ferrell worked with Theroux on Megamind BEFORE Theroux was dating Aniston. Theroux may not have been a household name to you, but lots of people in Hollywood knew who he was and he has been successful behind the scenes. But whine all you want. It’s what you do best.

  • JL

    He looks pitiful even with 4.5 M

  • Love The Shoes

    @df: Learn something. If he were the chick intead of her we wouldn’t even be having this convo.

  • JP Fan

    negative Tropic Thunder did NOT make 100mil in cost 92mil and only made 188WW in case you didnt know, in order for a movie to BREAK EVEN, it has to make 2 times its budget cost so that brings it to 184mil just to break even im not even counting marketing, the only profit Tropic Thunder made was from DVD sales and it sure as heck wasnt 100mil, try again, why must you lie to make hthis guy look good lol

  • ashhey

    this guy creeps me out..