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Katie Holmes: Chelsea Piers with Suri!

Katie Holmes: Chelsea Piers with Suri!

Katie Holmes is comfy chic while out and about with her adorable daughter Suri on Tuesday (August 21) in New York City.

The duo appeared to be having fun as they enjoyed some bonding time together at the Chelsea Piers.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

The day before, Katie‘s divorce from her ex hubby Tom Cruise became official. The pair reached a settlement in their split early last month.

Katie will soon make her return to Broadway in the new play Dead Accounts.

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Credit: Jackson Lee ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • DB

    Katies eyes look so sunken. Is that from lack of sleep and too much stress? Or is it a makeup thing?

  • sam

    Oops, there goes Katie again! And people say it has nothing to do with her upcoming projects. Get real!

  • kelli

    at least they did not show us her feet!

  • oh no, not again!

    Let me guess, her people want to push Katie’s Broadway project on us while showing that Katie is an awesome mom doing awesome things with Suri. Just great. And not to mention she is also an awesome designer who cannot even dress herself. Next please!

  • LeeSeol

    Well. Good she’ll be back to work soon I guess.
    Celebs seem to be on permanent vacay (see George clooney and Stacey Keibler, Jessica alba, bar refaeli..)

  • kim

    I guess Katie’s people got the memo about those awful boots and are now opting to photograph her above the knee. Incredible.

  • Jocelyn

    Give us a break – there is nothing “chic” about this woman regardless of how many times you say that she is chic, or stylish, or whatever other rubbish you say…

  • Freaking great!

    Just the other day, I said expect to see more of Katie because she has all these things she has to promote and people said “oh no, that’s not the case at all. Katie wants to live a normal life and will not parade Suri around.” Yeah freaking right!

  • belle

    Comfy chic? What? Oh Jared enough with the flowery, misleading, inaccurate description. Katie looks pedestrain. She is not a fashionista or a designer.

  • Clara

    One thing you can always count on is Katie finding the camera. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had those beige boots, but her people cut it out because they know it’s ugly.

  • Cam

    @LeeSeol: Except for Tom who works like a stud from one movie to the next.

  • oh please!

    Oh my! What a designer and stylist Katie is, look how she managed to tuck in her top in her pants. How chic is that! Now run and give her own high-end clothing line. Sorry, I’ll pass.

  • Nivah

    I’d really like to know what exactly is chic about how Katie looks or has on in those pictures.

  • Bailee

    @Nivah: Well. According to Us Magazine polka dots are really in right now..

  • Ernest

    just as Rita implied I’m stunned that some one able to profit $4749 in 4 weeks on the internet. did you look at this page (Click on menu Home more information)

  • Nivah

    @Bailee: Wow, I suppose that means I need my own high-end clothing line too. I did wear polka dots once. This is just a bunch of crap. I’ve seen the line. There’s nothing fabulous about it. I’m not paying $1800 for a pair of trousers, I would not even pay a third of that. The line is forgettable at best.

  • mj

    omg what is suri wearing-is this the circus or a horror movie-where does she come up with these outfits! halloween is not until october. katie looks like everyday mom which is ok for chelsea piers trip.

  • Scientologyarelosers

    Wow loads of Scientology freaks here

  • Scientologyarelosers

    Anyone notice the report that Tony Scott spent week before he jumped off the bridge with xenu warrior Tommy cruise! Serious!

    I guess Katie is lucky that she wasn’t thrown off or flung herself off a bridge
    Tom cruise is a freak and so are the rest of you losers…
    You are just followers….if xenu says to drink koolaid in a jungle you all probably woukd

    Losers giving all your money away..haha suckers

  • dina

    Thank goodness the boots are dead! Well hopefully.

  • Ala

    As if we needed another photo of Katie doing some mundane activity this week.

  • kisa

    If Katie is a high-fashion designer than Versace must have been only a seamstress.

  • dani

    If Katie was smart enough to get the divorce she wanted on her terms, then one would think she could figure out a way to move around NYC w/o getting constantly papped and snapped!

  • Charlotte

    Victoria Beckham is chic…Katie Holmes looks like a disheveled mess most of the time. Katie needs to find a few girlfriends to hang out with rather than her daughter who seems to be dragged around without much structure or discipline in her life.

  • bebe

    Uh, she’s taking her daughter to a gymanstics class. How is that “dragging her around with no structure”? If anything going to classes like this provides structure and stability.

  • Siara

    Jared, Katie does not look “chic” here? She looks regular, meaning she threw something on to walk out the house. People do it all the time. There’s nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade. No need to find adjectives to fill-in for what’s not there.

  • Susan

    I’m happy that Katie and Suri are doing so well but one question. Shouldn’t Suri be in school by now?

  • jelly

    you people keep saying this is for publicity, but the truth is NO ONE CAN TELL WHETHER IT REALLY IS OR NOT. and if she was looking for publicity as you preach, I bet she would dress up a little better and not let herself being constantly caught with the same lame pieces (jeans, boots, coats etc). Lindsay Lohan “relaxing at a hotel’s pool”, now that’s what is calling paps for publicity.
    Plus, I much much prefer to see Katie with her daughter everywhere- even if it’s really all about publicity- than celebrities like Jennifer Lopez who are constantly seen around at events, parties and with her bf, but RARELY with her kids. I bet JLo kids are being fully raised by nannies and maids because she’s probably way more worried about what she’s gonna wear on her next appearance than about spending time with her kids.

  • Ken

    why doesn’t katie have any friends at all?? she can’t blame TC for that one…

  • obvi

    Clearly, Katie needs to lay off this product pushing. We get it. You are a high-end designer, and renowned actress on Broadway. LMAO!

  • hope

    I guess Jared is just being very creative with the wording “comfy chic” as creative as Katie is being by calling herself a designer. Pure nonsense.

  • rainer

    Well what a difference a divorce and another celebrity scandal make. Katie and Tom are not officially divorced.. and I will be that the attention Katie has been getting is going to drop off considerable. The thing is media and public interest in your divorce does not equal interest in projects that you do. Most of the people following her and going go girl were doing so as hit against Tom. Well now Tom is gone. Le’ts see how interesting Katie is on her own.

  • Bell

    @Ken: Who knows. My girlfriends think it is because she’s the quiet but sneaky and sleek type, making it hard to confide in. They say it’s the quiet ones that you have to watch out for. They will smile, appear shy, reserved, friendly and will look like they could not hurt a fly (for example Kristen Stewart.) Very rarely do you see Kristen hanging out with girlfriends.

  • mj

    @jelly umm, pix of jlo and her kids ALL the time. google it. those kids are with her all the time, certainly not with marc. don’t find it that surprising that they are not with her at the nightclub or red carpet-katie just has a boring life lol

  • justin

    all these words like comfy just brown nosing.

  • Melanie

    @Scientologyarelosers: Ha ha ha you rock – Tom’s a LOSER

  • Suri the meal ticket

    What the heck is this Suri the meal ticket wearing? And watch her left hand.
    The flexing knuckles. The poor kid is stimming big time.

  • sdk

    What is wrong with you people? Why so mean, I don’t understand why everyone has such mean coments. What have they done to you? I wish for you to be just divorced and people are rude to you. I’m sure it would hurt your little feelings.

  • Aspen

    Suri’s father is not Tom Cruise and I don’t understand why he is in agreement to support the child when the child has a father. Katie=gold digger

  • Abc

    @Melanie : haha yes, Tom’s a loser , after all he came from nowhere with nothing and became the most successful actor ever, and a multi-millionaire.
    Holmes? still babysit by her parents, and and a terrible actress. Even in her biggest role : being Cruise’s wife”, she was terrible.
    And people though she was into scientology for love while she wasn’t, she was just in for fameand money.

  • rubyz

    Suri is about to have a full-on meltdown from Holmes’ relentless pimping of her for publicity. Without her meal ticket, Holmes will be toast. She can’t act (never could, and she can’t blame THAT on TC), and most definitely can’t “design” clothing … can’t even dress herself. I’ll be glad when she fades back into obscurity; can’t happen soon enough.

  • katie will win an oscar

    @ABC you might be right actually i’m sure you are, but so what!!!! who wouldn’t take atvantage Tom acted so dumb I don’t blame Katie for taking atvantage of the situation. Come on how would you feel if a cute sci fi multi- millionare nut was jumping on Oprahs couch for you and offering things you would never get on your own Katie benefit greatly money wise & fame. Now she just needs to prove her acting since Tom overshadowed her career lets see how she does on her own….Katie always said Tom was amazing i’m sure he is an amazing nut.

  • Katie is a W*ore

    Greediness will only haunt Katie and public is disgusted with her and her spoiled brat! Bye bye Katie & Suri. Tom is the stable and loving parent. Katie is so desperate for all about attention seeking she could get even at the expense of that child. Most children like to stay at home, take naps, have friends over, play house and occasional outings but oh no, Katie has to drag the ill dressed child everyday to get ice cream or to boring museums. So tired of Katie. I hope Tom finds a beautiful wife and more children. I like his 2 older adult children and how he raised them.

  • Team Tom

    That poor child. Katie with all the millions from the divorce and she can’t afford to take care of the child’s hygiene?! That child is seen with crappy clothes, uncombed hair and tight fitting ugly shoes for a beautiful girl who could use some good natural shoes for her age and looks like the child could use some down time and r&r at home or water parks. It’s disturbing that this child is without while it is blasted everywhere that Katie Holmes went and spend millions of dollars a few days ago buying herself very expensive and sexy under wears, lingerie and other under garment clothing. Not sht, tells me the mother is thinking about herself instead of well being of her own child. Maybe CPS should take the child?!!!

  • Hamlet

    Or maybe Holmes is just very famous and in-demand by the paparazzi, #8?

    How are the two at all alike, #23?

    Right, #25.

    In the summer, #27? No.

    She does, #29?

  • Pull Ups?
  • Willow

    You know I have always admired actors who try to protect their kids from the limelight! Katie goes out of her way to put Suri in it. It’s also amazing how often Suri goes out without combed hair. I guess the worst part is Katie is using Suri to keep her in the news. That’s tacky! I also cannot believe she has a clothing line because she normally looks awful! When Sarah Jessica Parker started one it made sense. Sarah looks like a fashion plate even when she dresses casual.