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Lady Gaga: Louis Vuitton Dyed Brown Hair!

Lady Gaga: Louis Vuitton Dyed Brown Hair!

Lady Gaga shows off her new brown hair as she arrives at her hotel on Monday (August 20) in Amsterdam, Holland.

“Definitely feeling less blond lately and little more progressive brunette. I am LOUIS VUITTON BROWN. B*TCH THATS LV” the 26-year-old singer tweeted about her hair, before dying it.

“getting lots of tweets about how to get this hair color, its a bit of a process…and depends on if your lifting or darkening your color,” Gaga added later.

Previously, Gaga had recently dyed her hair orange.

FYI: Gaga is carrying a Louis Vuitton bag.

10+ pictures inside of Lady Gaga arriving at her hotel in Amsterdam…

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lady gaga amsterdam hotel arrival 01
lady gaga amsterdam hotel arrival 02
lady gaga amsterdam hotel arrival 03
lady gaga amsterdam hotel arrival 04
lady gaga amsterdam hotel arrival 05
lady gaga amsterdam hotel arrival 06
lady gaga amsterdam hotel arrival 07
lady gaga amsterdam hotel arrival 08
lady gaga amsterdam hotel arrival 09
lady gaga amsterdam hotel arrival 10

Credit: Gerben Pul; Photos: Wenn
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  • creed

    That is really cheap. especially her tweet that went along with it

  • http://bbaby hmmm

    there she goes again trying to extend her remaining 15 minutes.

  • http://bbaby Candy

    I didn’t know Gaga was such a label chaser! That tweet was cheesy.

  • http://bbaby ali

    LV brown? You cannot get more original and artsy than that. What an attention sl*ut. I thought it was for a legitimate LV ad or something.

  • gracerz

    bish still looks fugly no matter what hair color she wears!

  • http://bbaby Felice

    Must she advertise “tweet” everything she does. Next she’ll be tweeting her bikini wax.

  • Angela

    A truly artistic person would not be such a corporate wh*re. I think more and more people finally realize that and are tired of her act

  • Not A Fan

    This is the most normal look i’ve seen from lady gaga.

  • http://bbaby belle

    Next please.

  • http://bbaby april

    there’s nothing normal about those knee-high/sock, almost hooker boots, almost panties, premature shorts (LOL I think I confused myself.)

  • http://bbaby oh no!

    Gaga go seat your famewho-re booty down somewhere!

  • Day ke toan

    I agree with the comments you have made

  • Kori

    The thing that annoys me the most is that she actually has some talent, but keeps focusing on EVERYTHING except making more hits!
    My advice to gaga: take care of your voice, sit down by your piano and practice! And when you’re not doing that…have a normal life. Maybe you’ll get inspired by something you see on the subway on your way to the grocery store or something. And then go find a studio and record another pop song I can dance to! Thank you.

  • Troy Erickson

    She looks good! Nice to return to her root colour.

  • sdfsdf

    looks like someone is copying Lana Del Rey’s look. She’s so unoriginal. GTFO GAGA

  • Villain

    That’s pretty shocking, but without meat on her face and feathers on her body she looks good.

  • *.*

    she looks so cute! and she is brilliant. on her concert,she always talked to her fans,making jokes and thanked everytime when someone throwed a gift on her stage! I’m so tired of those haters. you don’t like her? fine, go away and write something about someone you like!

  • Kori

    @sdfsdf: Yeah you’re right. It’s the same hair color. And I don’t get it…why does she keep copying the looks of people who are less talented than she is? I mean Lana has cool songs but she’s very limited as a singer and performer. Gaga can sing and play piano and can put on a show. But she’s sooooo insecure, she keeps copying Madonna and Lana. It’s unfortunate.

  • Jazzy

    Yeah i agree with you on the Madonna and Lana Del Rey part. She should just be herself and try some different hairstyles.


    After stealing Madonna’s and everyone else’s style…she’s clearly stealing LANA DEL REY’s look b/c she’s the next best thing…LADY GAGA IS ARTIFICIAL.

    She’s not a groundbreaking artist, her music is mediocre pop! Nothing special…

  • Lala

    That should read the Netherlands, not Holland. Holland isn’t a country, it’s a part of the Netherlands.

  • lari

    I’m so so bored of this girl. Her statement after wearing fur was so awful. She reminds me of Lana Del Rey with the brown hair.

  • somali girl

    Sewer rat.

  • Rocky

    Love the hair color. YOU ROCK GAGA! You’re a million times more talented than Madonna. You CAN sing, you play instruments and you don’t have to go naked to become famous. All the Madonna lovers can dig a hole and jump in it because you are AMAZING!

  • BabyXgirl

    Oh please. I can’t stand Gaga recently but stop it with the Lana Del Ray copying. This new thing is nothing. Not even famous where I live and I understand why.. She’s mediocre. I’d take Gaga over her

  • serena

    WHAT TH!? I thought it was was LiLo first!?
    Doesn’t suit her well…

  • lafamepoma

    i love her natural hair, but she’s ItALIAN So i prefer her brunette one ^^

  • bum

    Blah blah blah… I used to be a huge fan of hers but I have no interests in her anymore. LV just gave her a bunch of clothes so now she has to name drop. She was recently seen at LV boutique, holding a LV wallet, wearing LV collar in another recent photos. Label whore…. well, basically just a whore. She thinks she’s above every one else.

  • efron

    @Rocky: OH PLEASE!!!! ” you don’t have to go naked to become famous” Gaga used to walk around naked 24/7 in order to become famous, nowdays she toned it a little bit but she’s still an attention whore.


    GAGA The GREAT !! I think Gaga may be going back to her dark black hair days. If so, The black hair color on her suites her well. Like her song HAIR, she changes her hair style so many times. I am my hair- lyric from the song Hair.

  • Jazzy

    Gaga is a weirdo i mean who would wear a dress made out of meat!? ew.

  • Olivia

    plump lips, brown hair…Lana? oh wait it’s just Lady Gaga

  • kd


  • S

    she looks nice

  • ariam

    Well,she really looks like she’s copying Lana del Rey. The fur,the hair,the “old glam”..
    Of course she makes it because she became more gaga than she wanted and less famous. This is sad. Does she want the comparison with Lana? I think she isn’t conscious about the similarity,because this is not her era anymore,not the gaga and epatage but the hipster era.
    And Lana is the new one.
    I used to like Lady Gaga about a year in 2010 until Born this Way. Then she became more concentrated on her private life and her photos on twitter showed how special her personality is when she’s in bath,when she’s drinking and so on. For me,personally,like for numerous people in the world,a celebrity (especially musician) should be interested in music more than in performance and politics because it’s anyway just an idea of making money,and theyshould not show so much of themselves becuse it makes you want to gossip about them.
    Now,I know it very well,because I used to change my hair color every week because I didn’t felt perfect,she lost herself in these changes and wants (maybe) something natural. But it looks naturally boring on her,because she stays here for the show. I haven’t heard another music from her since Born this Way. But if she’s going to make a new album,I’m going to buy it. For disappointment.

    As about Lana,she is both brilliant and mediocre. Her music is like Mountain Dew.

  • aaaaacid

    so, brown hair and some flowers make you a lana del rey copycat? people get over it! REALLY! I am a little monster and i like lana del rey, so just asking all the lana’s fans, do you like it when people call lana talentless? attention whore? ugly? NO! Why do you wanna make gaga’s fans feel the way you feel when they put your idol down? Lady Gaga didn’t copy lana when she had her lips done, she was influenced by Lohan (which is sad to me:/) so i won’t even use bad language to you or whatever i’ll just ask you to think logically. Gaga was inspired by disney princesses for her next album, is it that WEIRD that she will use some classy old style? I just ask you to remember how YOU feel when people call Lana names, before you call Gaga names.. I respect the fact that lana inspires you, respect the fact Gaga inspires us.

  • http://-- Ysaniii

    @sdfsdf: @sdfsdf:

    Haha I so agree with you…she even got lip injections…whatta whore

  • http://-- Ysaniii

    Lana del rey copy…even Lip injections beside her butt implants…and then she complains about people bashing her for her wight…what an annoying idiot