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Michael Strahan: Kelly Ripa's 'Live! with Kelly' Co-Host?

Michael Strahan: Kelly Ripa's 'Live! with Kelly' Co-Host?

Michael Strahan will reportedly be joining Kelly Ripa as a co-host of the morning talk show Live! with Kelly.

The 40-year-old former NFL player has served as a guest co-host several times since the departure of longtime host Regis Philbin last November.

Michael‘s rep was reportedly seen “grinning from ear to ear” outside of the show’s studios this morning, according to TMZ.

The co-host for Live! with Kelly will be revealed on September 4 when the show starts its 25th season.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Michael Strahan being Kelly Ripa’s co-host?

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  • mary

    I think Michael would be the perfect host with Kelly! Just perfect!

  • The sun is up

    Interesting. I hear that they have awesome chemistry.

  • ali

    Nice. Michael is entertaining. Good choice.

  • K

    They are great together! Will the title change is my question?

  • suzi

    He is funny.

  • kelli

    should make for an interesting watch.

  • lucy

    If Michael Strahan is chosen as Kelly’s co-host I will never watch the show again. I saw the two of them together and I was not impressed.

  • P

    He’s not a bad choice, I thought he was pretty funny sometimes however I don’t think the show will ever be as great as it was because nobody could replace Regis.

  • Linda Lou

    i don’t get it.

  • Donna

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  • elaine

    I could just sense it last week when he co-hosted. Kept waiting to see that grilll all over the net once it was announced. He went outside of the box as far as retired pros go.

  • louisa

    If he is named, I will definitely start watching again. He has such a fantastic personality – love him on Fox Sports Sunday (whatever it’s called; the football show). And YAY for a gorgeous gap-toothed smile!

  • NE1

    Eh. Well that’s the end of that.

  • mudflapangel

    i predicted this a few months ago! he’s perfect…she makes it work with just about everybody but he is soooo cute

  • geri westenhouse

    This is good news. I really would have been just as happy for her to stay alone with alternating co-hosts but if they insist that she have one then of all the ones in the group he is the best.

  • Heidi

    Ish! Not pleased with this choice.

  • cashmere bouquet

    I would be happy if he’s the new co-host. He’s funny, quick witted, gorgeous and has rapport with Kelly. Haven’t watched in a while, but would DVR the show to see how he does! Isn’t he engaged to someone sorta in the media??

  • Marieme

    Could not agree more with all those who love Strahan. He is naturally funny on his own and brings a real spark to the show! With most of her co-hosts, Kelly has lost her way I feel. She’s either too loud or tries to hard depending and who’s sitting there. With Strahan the chemistry is as good as it was with Regis. Albeit maybe a younger Regis. Haha. Poor Regis was starting to lose his focus towards the end. He was awesome.

  • cari

    I agree they have good chemistry…sometimes. BUT…there is much better and GREAT chemistry with Seth Meyers. Should have picked him. I would have made an effort to watch every day. Now I just say…..meh.

  • Jody

    @cari: Quit lying, Seth is too boring and calm. Straham is kind of out there, and he is not typical negro. He’s mainstream negro material.

  • Syrus

    Michael Strahan will Join with Kelly Ripa as Permanent Co-Host of Live! with Kelly Announcement Video here

  • Ryan_J

    Garbage,,,sounds like ABC is pandering to the guy because he is a minority.Im am SICK and TIRED of the libtard,liberal media trying to push black men and white women couplings down our throats! Pathetic.This dote can barely speak adequately,,ever hear him on FOX sports? Geez,



  • anon2

    Aww, I like him. He’s humble and has good chemistry with Kelly, doesn’t “over-try”. Good pick.

  • anon2

    For once, I wish the racists would just shut the *uck up and go the hell away.

  • me


    your really dumb.
    just saying.

  • Jody

    @MOLLY: He doesnt have to paw at Kelly, because she is all over him. Kelly has final say so in who is the co-host, since she will be working with them side by side. She picked Straham for a reason. Accept the fact that black man is smashing off on your women.

  • Jody

    @me: Im sorry, Seth is only good at sketch comedy. He’s not impressively witty when it comes ot impulses and quick off the top. Straham is not too black for mainstream, but he’s black enough to be accepted by us real black people.

  • Millie

    Kelly picked him and I agree.

  • Raye

    Congrats Mike I guess Nicole will now be moving back to the east coast now that you’re working on television with Kelly.

  • John r.

    I. DON’T WANT STRAHAN”……….please no! I’ll stop watching!
    Really. No no no no

  • Ryan_J

    Typical leftist move to try and further promote interracial everything..totally sick of it being shoved down my d!mn throat ad nauseum.Black males are OVER REPRESENTED considering their demo %.Use an asian dude,hell they never get represented for squat
    Kelly Ripa isan airhead anyway,an insufferable,bottle blonde dope.

  • Steve

    I’m just glad they didn’t chose a PuertoRican for the role it was the blacks, whites and Asians who built this country the PuertoRicans don’t belong and never did anything for America. It was awful enough when they hired that ghetto loser J-LOW for 2 years then forced her out now I can return to Idol with real talented judges like Mariah.

  • robin


  • robin

    Not a happy camper. Will probably watch Hoda and Kathy Lee from now on.

  • robin

    I am not a happy camper. Will turn to Hoda and Kathy Lee from now on. Big Mistake. Show will go down hill from here on out. Someone more like Seth Meyers, Martin Short or even Nick Lachey would have been 100x more interesting to watch and listen to. Kick Michael Strahan into ESPN where he belongs.

  • Jody

    @Ryan_J: No one’s trying to promote interracial ANYTHING LOL, So stop that lyin boy. They just picked the guy who was best for the job. Kelly has last pick. Seth is very boring and is only good at sketch comedy. Straham is witty, sharp off impulses, and perfect for the gig. The guy who was best for the job just happened to be black. No one has race on their minds, except for you.

  • heather

    Rumour has it, that it was between Michael Strahan, Seth Meyers, and Josh Groban. Realistically, Josh wouldn’t have been able to do it with him going on tours n such, and Seth, while being HILARIOUS, I felt wasn’t nearly as good as Michael!! Michael has charmisma, charm, and he’s really sweet!! I will miss Josh though… I LOVE Josh Groban and it was always great getting to see him co-host with Kelly! He’s MY favourite of all the co-hosts :) but it just isn’t feasible for him to be there Monday thru Friday every week! :(

    Regardless, I hope Michael DID get chosen, because he’s great with Kelly! And no, no one can actually replace Regis. :)

  • Ryan_J

    JODY,you sound like a black dude- either that or an overweight white chick

  • Jody

    @Ryan_J: I think I made it very clear that Im black. Get it together dude.

  • Cienne

    I think this is a great addition to the show. I love the diverse variety that they’ll both be able to input. I’ve enjoyed seeing Strahan guest host, and he seems right at home and a natural fit when he’s been on so this is a great choice. This show always gives my Dish coworkers and I a lot to talk about. I’ll be watching the recording of this show on my Hopper this year which I love because it allows me to start watching a recording in my living room and continue watching right where I left off on any TV in my house. It’s so convenient because I can get a lot of work done around the house while I watch.