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Prince Harry: Nude Photos from Las Vegas Party Weekend!

Prince Harry: Nude Photos from Las Vegas Party Weekend!

Prince Harry goes fully naked in these photos obtained by TMZ from his crazy party weekend on Friday (August 17) in Las Vegas.

The 27-year-old royal covered his royal bits with his hands in one of the photos while a naked woman stands beside him. In another photo, he bear-hugs a woman who appears to be nude as well.

Harry reportedly went down to the hotel bar at the MGM Grand with his entourage that evening before bringing some ladies back to his room for a game of strip pool, according to TMZ.

Over the weekend, Harry was also spotted spending time with Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte, racing in the hotel pool!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Prince Harry’s nude photos – HOT or NOT?

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  • Marco

    Def HOT, might be small tho lol always thought he’d be big

  • DemiTasse

    Well Harry, the sh!t is about to hit the fan. Hope you had a good time. obviously what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas. Maybe Granny doesn’t see this stuff while she’s on her vacation in Scotland.

  • annie

    love Harry,glad someone royal knows how to have really fun weekend

  • ck_always

    Lol, I don’t mind him partying but oh man he’s going to get royally f*cked by the media and his family I’m sure.

  • luvdeb88


  • Frances

    Welcome to America!

  • Amanda

    Well, this will rank as one of the dumbest things Prince Harry has ever done.

  • allie

    isn’t this shi*t getting old now? i mean we all know that he (and other celebrities) have the money to keep the pics private – - – it’s all for publicity.. it’s so boring and predictable.

  • Effy

    I like Harry, but goodness, some pictures don’t need to be on the internet! I’d be mortified if it was me.

  • boob

    I guess you know what happen in that room. Prince Harry gets it in….lol

  • hm

    @annie: i wouldn’t call a fun weekend being slapped by ginger ba&lls and a fl*accid monkey.

  • Anne

    Haha! strip pool! That sounds fun. Let’s see what granny and the English say. Harry and his slight craziness are a breath of fresh air amid the royal hypocritical BS conventions. I like him.

  • kami

    wonder which one (or how many) of those girls are going to now say they have been impregnated by the royal seed? hard to be careful when you’re drunk.

  • Sarah

    Love Harry! Let him have a good time in Vegas!

  • Sweet Pea

    Holy f**k.
    You gotta blame that d-bag Ryan for this! Jeah.
    I wonder if some sex photos will be next.

  • tina


  • i love all the fan girls supporting him. you are amazing 0_o
    its one thing to get na*ked and run around a hotel with your partner but its a whole other thing 2 be na*ked with a room full of friends, dry humpi*ng a random girl..

  • kelly

    Granny’s not gonna like this!!

  • amy

    Oh Harry, you do have the bad/wild boy reputation. Love you and the Royals!

  • http://google lina

    He is a winner! Harry is the most eligible bachelor in the world.
    the queen is going to have a heart attack.

  • sam

    @Sarah: he seems 2 do this everywhere. hes jst acting like a mor*on now. grow up already, its getting sad

  • Rose

    It is amazing to see the yankees excited about this nazi redhead.

  • BOO

    Oh behave!

  • Not A Fan

    @Rose: I wouldn’t call it excitement!

  • http://bbaby amari

    oh boy! The queen is putting 007 on the case. Bless her heart. god save the queen.

  • seeaaaa

    PREPARE YOURSELF FOR A RUDE WELCOME HOME…but besides that here in american we give you 2 thumbs up and an AMEN!

  • Donna

    This is nothing compared to when he wore the Nazi uniform. I don’t believe the royal family reprimanded him for that, so I doubt this will cause a stir.

  • pixie

    oh the “cheek” of it all…

  • c!

    isnt this the little je*rk who dressed up in a naz*i uniform and got away with it?


    I see a quickie arranged marriage in Harry’s future!! I hope he enjoyed it!

  • jhvj

    This is NOT how I’d like to see ‘Royals’ acting. So much for respect. Why would anyone respect him now?!

  • delilah

    I think his brother will be upset even more than the Queen. He is taking after his uncle Randy Andy. I can understand why he wanted to raise a ittle hell. He is supposed to be going back to active duty when he get home. He is not going to be rescuing teenagers at the beach like William, he is going into combat.

    What I find very odd about this is the bodyguards. Where are they? Bodyguards aren’t only to protect you from strangers, they are also to protect you from embarrassing yourself or letting people see you acting really stupid.

  • KAY blood

    I bet he’s had a royal vasectomy!

  • SimplementMoi

    Elizabeth is going to have a fit!!!

  • wren

    Eh, looks lame….he has a long torso and shorter legs. Like any Brit bog stomper.

  • ugh

    Royal Low Life.

  • justin


  • Next!

    I was wondering the same thing. Why weren’t cameras and phones collected as everyone went into the suite by his security? I like Harry, but this isn’t going to go well for him.

  • Chris

    Forget Harry, who’s the girl?

  • ron

    dirty harry

  • Beth

    I love it! Team Harry.

  • Loverducky

    Gotta love him! He adds some excitement to the Royal family. And hey, it’s not like he is next in line for any throne, might as well have a good time!

  • andy

    I know this isn’t good behavior and he shouldn’t be praised for it, but I just love how much this will probably piss off the royals! Can’t help but like him, sorry.

  • lola

    @Chris: I really wish the answer could be “me!”

  • sid

    it’s Vegas, he can do whatever he wants. He’s a royal, not a prisoner. the only bad thing here is that it’s out in the public because some idiot didn’t respect his privacy.

  • lucas

    oh c’mon the guy will go back to england and report for duty, he always does what he’s supposed to… are you trying to tell me that because he’s a “royal” or whatever he can’t do what he wants in his own time? the person who took those photos is a huge a-hole by the way.

  • Katie

    Ugh, I love a good scandal, but this is pretty tacky of him.

  • somali girl

    That’s probably just a look a like.

  • Me3

    The person who took the photos isn’t the one to blame. Why would anyone get naked in front of other people? If that girls mother finds out, she will be sorry. Stupid, disrespectful, young people.

  • hotmess

    another royalty scandal… so classy y’all hypocrite royals!