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Prince Harry: Nude Photos from Las Vegas Party Weekend!

Prince Harry: Nude Photos from Las Vegas Party Weekend!

Prince Harry goes fully naked in these photos obtained by TMZ from his crazy party weekend on Friday (August 17) in Las Vegas.

The 27-year-old royal covered his royal bits with his hands in one of the photos while a naked woman stands beside him. In another photo, he bear-hugs a woman who appears to be nude as well.

Harry reportedly went down to the hotel bar at the MGM Grand with his entourage that evening before bringing some ladies back to his room for a game of strip pool, according to TMZ.

Over the weekend, Harry was also spotted spending time with Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte, racing in the hotel pool!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Prince Harry’s nude photos – HOT or NOT?

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491 Responses to “Prince Harry: Nude Photos from Las Vegas Party Weekend!”

  1. 1
    Marco Says:

    Def HOT, might be small tho lol always thought he’d be big

  2. 2
    DemiTasse Says:

    Well Harry, the sh!t is about to hit the fan. Hope you had a good time. obviously what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas. Maybe Granny doesn’t see this stuff while she’s on her vacation in Scotland.

  3. 3
    annie Says:

    love Harry,glad someone royal knows how to have really fun weekend

  4. 4
    ck_always Says:

    Lol, I don’t mind him partying but oh man he’s going to get royally f*cked by the media and his family I’m sure.

  5. 5
    luvdeb88 Says:


  6. 6
    Frances Says:

    Welcome to America!

  7. 7
    Amanda Says:

    Well, this will rank as one of the dumbest things Prince Harry has ever done.

  8. 8
    allie Says:

    isn’t this shi*t getting old now? i mean we all know that he (and other celebrities) have the money to keep the pics private – - – it’s all for publicity.. it’s so boring and predictable.

  9. 9
    Effy Says:

    I like Harry, but goodness, some pictures don’t need to be on the internet! I’d be mortified if it was me.

  10. 10
    boob Says:

    I guess you know what happen in that room. Prince Harry gets it in….lol

  11. 11
    hm Says:

    @annie: i wouldn’t call a fun weekend being slapped by ginger ba&lls and a fl*accid monkey.

  12. 12
    Anne Says:

    Haha! strip pool! That sounds fun. Let’s see what granny and the English say. Harry and his slight craziness are a breath of fresh air amid the royal hypocritical BS conventions. I like him.

  13. 13
    kami Says:

    wonder which one (or how many) of those girls are going to now say they have been impregnated by the royal seed? hard to be careful when you’re drunk.

  14. 14
    Sarah Says:

    Love Harry! Let him have a good time in Vegas!

  15. 15
    Sweet Pea Says:

    Holy f**k.
    You gotta blame that d-bag Ryan for this! Jeah.
    I wonder if some sex photos will be next.

  16. 16
    tina Says:


  17. 17
    -- Says:

    i love all the fan girls supporting him. you are amazing 0_o
    its one thing to get na*ked and run around a hotel with your partner but its a whole other thing 2 be na*ked with a room full of friends, dry humpi*ng a random girl..

  18. 18
    kelly Says:

    Granny’s not gonna like this!!

  19. 19
    amy Says:

    Oh Harry, you do have the bad/wild boy reputation. Love you and the Royals!

  20. 20
    lina Says:

    He is a winner! Harry is the most eligible bachelor in the world.
    the queen is going to have a heart attack.

  21. 21
    sam Says:

    @Sarah: he seems 2 do this everywhere. hes jst acting like a mor*on now. grow up already, its getting sad

  22. 22
    Rose Says:

    It is amazing to see the yankees excited about this nazi redhead.

  23. 23
    BOO Says:

    Oh behave!

  24. 24
    Not A Fan Says:

    @Rose: I wouldn’t call it excitement!

  25. 25
    amari Says:

    oh boy! The queen is putting 007 on the case. Bless her heart. god save the queen.

  26. 26
    seeaaaa Says:

    PREPARE YOURSELF FOR A RUDE WELCOME HOME…but besides that here in american we give you 2 thumbs up and an AMEN!

  27. 27
    Donna Says:

    This is nothing compared to when he wore the Nazi uniform. I don’t believe the royal family reprimanded him for that, so I doubt this will cause a stir.

  28. 28
    pixie Says:

    oh the “cheek” of it all…

  29. 29
    c! Says:

    isnt this the little je*rk who dressed up in a naz*i uniform and got away with it?

  30. 30
    HAHAHAHAHA!!! Says:

    I see a quickie arranged marriage in Harry’s future!! I hope he enjoyed it!

  31. 31
    jhvj Says:

    This is NOT how I’d like to see ‘Royals’ acting. So much for respect. Why would anyone respect him now?!

  32. 32
    delilah Says:

    I think his brother will be upset even more than the Queen. He is taking after his uncle Randy Andy. I can understand why he wanted to raise a ittle hell. He is supposed to be going back to active duty when he get home. He is not going to be rescuing teenagers at the beach like William, he is going into combat.

    What I find very odd about this is the bodyguards. Where are they? Bodyguards aren’t only to protect you from strangers, they are also to protect you from embarrassing yourself or letting people see you acting really stupid.

  33. 33
    KAY blood Says:

    I bet he’s had a royal vasectomy!

  34. 34
    SimplementMoi Says:

    Elizabeth is going to have a fit!!!

  35. 35
    wren Says:

    Eh, looks lame….he has a long torso and shorter legs. Like any Brit bog stomper.

  36. 36
    ugh Says:

    Royal Low Life.

  37. 37
    justin Says:


  38. 38
    Next! Says:

    I was wondering the same thing. Why weren’t cameras and phones collected as everyone went into the suite by his security? I like Harry, but this isn’t going to go well for him.

  39. 39
    Chris Says:

    Forget Harry, who’s the girl?

  40. 40
    ron Says:

    dirty harry

  41. 41
    Beth Says:

    I love it! Team Harry.

  42. 42
    Loverducky Says:

    Gotta love him! He adds some excitement to the Royal family. And hey, it’s not like he is next in line for any throne, might as well have a good time!

  43. 43
    andy Says:

    I know this isn’t good behavior and he shouldn’t be praised for it, but I just love how much this will probably piss off the royals! Can’t help but like him, sorry.

  44. 44
    lola Says:

    @Chris: I really wish the answer could be “me!”

  45. 45
    sid Says:

    it’s Vegas, he can do whatever he wants. He’s a royal, not a prisoner. the only bad thing here is that it’s out in the public because some idiot didn’t respect his privacy.

  46. 46
    lucas Says:

    oh c’mon the guy will go back to england and report for duty, he always does what he’s supposed to… are you trying to tell me that because he’s a “royal” or whatever he can’t do what he wants in his own time? the person who took those photos is a huge a-hole by the way.

  47. 47
    Katie Says:

    Ugh, I love a good scandal, but this is pretty tacky of him.

  48. 48
    somali girl Says:

    That’s probably just a look a like.

  49. 49
    Me3 Says:

    The person who took the photos isn’t the one to blame. Why would anyone get naked in front of other people? If that girls mother finds out, she will be sorry. Stupid, disrespectful, young people.

  50. 50
    hotmess Says:

    another royalty scandal… so classy y’all hypocrite royals!

  51. 51
    juju Says:

    And cant do this kind of “Vegasing” in his freaking hometown England – he really must be called DIRTY HARRY!

  52. 52
    lauren Says:

    someones gonna be in trouble with the royals

  53. 53
    jessica Says:

    I think Harry is accomplice of the person who took the pic , he wanted the pic became public, otherwise the picture would not have been published.
    Why Harry wanted to publish the pic ?
    Who? his ex, maybe. Harry wanted to show this pic…………

  54. 54
    KissThis Says:

    What an idiot…

  55. 55
    dolly Says:

    maybe Harry wants to kill the entire royal family of a heart attack and so become King Harry.

  56. 56
    cindy Says:

    Crazy Harry!!!He’s the bad boy of the princes!!

  57. 57
    Razzie Says:

    Goooooo Harry…..What a legend!!!!!

  58. 58
    blah Says:

    dear GOD… He has no respect for his family… Queen must be furious… he should be expelled from family….

  59. 59
    hmmm Says:

    OMG WOW…is it just me or does he look like hes effing that girl in the second photo? it looks like an*l…omg!!!! He’s in major trouble now

  60. 60
    yum! Says:

    he’s the only hot royal.

  61. 61
    oy Says:

    And all this time we thought the royal jewels were in The Tower.

  62. 62
    Dave Franco Says:

    Good for him .Party hard!

  63. 63
    Serge Says:

    Uh oh, the royal family won’t be happy haha ;)

  64. 64
    Anglophile Says:

    Harry is NOT the Prince of Wales as stated in the article. His father Charles holds that title along with a significant income that Harry lacks. When or IF Charles succeeds his mother and becomes King, his eldest son, William will become The Prince of Wales until he becomes King.

    As in the recent past, it is the second or “spare” son who usually is the screw-up with no clearly defined responsibilities except to wait in the wings for the unexpected.


  65. 65
    Questionable Says:

    I’m questioning now whether or not these photos are the real Prince Harry. First of all you just basically have a side face shot of red headed dude but no full face confirmation. Remember the published photos of Prince William and Harry prior to William’s wedding?? Everyone thought they were them but it was very darn good look alikes. They did it with Charles and Priscilla as well. I think someone may be pulling a fast one on us, at least I hope so.

  66. 66
    Harryinhotwater Says:

    What a stupid kid!! I hope it was a lookalike and not the real Harry or he’s gonna be in royal doodoo!!

  67. 67
    nisa Says:

    wow, now I know why Chelsy Davy doesn’t want to be his wife!!

  68. 68
    fanta Says:

    Thank god he is not the first line in the throne!!

  69. 69
    Kayla Says:

    Haa! I like him a little more now. I hate how stiff and mothy William is getting.

    I would definitely do Harry but I would make sure there was a condom. Dont want to catch that special cocktail of herpes and chlamydiae that he no doubt has.

  70. 70
    Kayla Says:

    @Marco: The man is straight or didnt you see the 2 women hes cuddling. Direct your depravity at one of your own.

  71. 71
    Kora Says:

    Lol this is hilarious! I love that he’s having fun, but the person taking the pics should really b ashamed of her/himself. What happens in Vegas should really stay there and that should be valid for everyone!

  72. 72
    Marieme Says:

    Hilarious! I only wish that greedy idiot who took the photo didn’t betray him. Poor Harry. He doesn’t deserve the sh*t he’s going to get for this.

  73. 73
    GoodMama Says:

    Chelsy? Ha-Ha. She was standing at the same pose… as well Catherine, Pippa and others. They all wanted to be famous and got a p:rick into a…al. Man must work hard to have a decent woman, love, sex … This guy is used to women for sale whom he can get for free. He was only born by Diana, but grew up with a p:rostitute Camilla which supplied him with other p:rostitutes. Guy, you should have a look at these photos and understand that your p:rick is not at the right place.

  74. 74
    nigel Says:

    Dressing up as a nazi was still worse.

  75. 75
    Dan Says:

    Lol Very fun and hot.

  76. 76
    Kora Says:

    Ok so Clarence House just confirmed to a UK paper that it is indeed Harry in the pics but they will not comment on them. Just awesome, I love this guy!

  77. 77
    Peed-on Prince Says:

    I saw the pics when one guy was peeing into pool when Prince Harry was there and this guy was like “Oh I am so cool, I peed on Prince Harry!!!!”

  78. 78
    Mickey12 Says:

    he’s so much fun! and sexy too! :)

  79. 79
    lotte Says:

    what is he covering with his hands seems to be tiny. lol

    if he were a normal person, he would have been fired from his job

  80. 80
    HarryDarry Says:

    To Watch Nude Pictures with Prince Harry Enter here :

  81. 81
    jamiejuk Says:

    Nice to see the our fricking tax payers money , goes towards funding booze girls, fancy hotel rooms, and anything else this royal prick wants!!
    I think his hitler uniform incident was worse, but this is as dumb as they come.

    I dont mind people having fun, but other people use their own money, and this guy constantly has a party at our expense, when hospitals are closing, people are losing their jobs, families, houses, and futures.

    Absolute prick!!!

  82. 82
    Joseph Says:

    When is the world going to rid itself of these parasites? Time this little **** was sent out to do a real job and earn his own living instead of robbing the people!

  83. 83
    xoxo Says:

    KPIGStew & Prince Harry must HOOk-UP; theyre pefectly match as they both were dirty wh0res who have scandal pics!!!

  84. 84
    Suki J. Says:

    As a Brit. I am deeply ashamed of Prince Harry.
    Basically he is a total ‘waste of space’, a bore, and an upper class ‘Twit’. He should go and get a proper job and do something to improve the lives of others, less fortunate.
    He is just another example of the uselessness, of the unelected, British Monarchy.

  85. 85
    Theresa Says:

    Laughing hard is the only thing I can do. But let the guy alone he was just having fun

  86. 86
    Mjforlife Says:

    I love Hot Harry’s wild self but time to man up and grow up!!!

  87. 87
    Nina G Says:

    Harry – good for you. Just because you are a prince doesn’t mean you can’t get naked!

  88. 88
    True story Says:

    You do realise he is in the army, has been deployed before and is about to be again very soon? That boy does more than just work. He protects his country.

  89. 89
    LOLOLOL Says:

    ahahahahaha vegas baaaaaaaby!!

  90. 90
    Babee Says:

    Pay the look a like a lot of cash ..could not look into the camera just the
    Back of his head! That is how you know it is fake! We know the look alike that did this, So get your kicks now! Why Harry why not some red headed married actor!

  91. 91
    NASA Says:

    So..what ..everybody get naked atleast twice in a day….whats the big deal,

    1/4th of world is naked without clothes….. the guy who photographed should be ashamed of doing such things…..Mr.harry iam with you..pls contact me.

  92. 92
    Zap Says:


  93. 93
    Zap Says:

    @NASA: and you would agree to groupsex in doggie style too?

  94. 94
    chuck Says:

    You’re the man! Only men understand we need to be naked and Free. it needs alot of attention! It’s a “Muscule”! So what if the wine was as good as the chicks. Have fun Prince! :)

  95. 95
    Helen Says:

    How many pilot in the English army can go to Vegas all the time and spend the money of the country ..and that money I’d the taxes that the hard working people pay ,,pure trash I guess he got it from his trash mother who slept with many men and told her children all about it

  96. 96
    Helen Says:

    @True story: When he protect his country ,he always partying..I guess you mean his col étude are protecting the country ..that’s a big joke

  97. 97
    Helen Says:

    Meant collegues

  98. 98
    Jenny Says:

    Good on him!! Ok may not be great showing the world everything but he is a normal person like us…why shouldnt he have fun!!

  99. 99
    Hugh Jampton Says:

    Major Hewitt must be very proud of his boy.

  100. 100
    Ruta Says:

    NOT HOT!

    It’s about time he grew up. Only two weeks ago he stood in for his grandmother at the closing of the Olympics and now this. At least he should use discretion and ensure such behaviour remains private.

    It’s a pity he doesn’t have to work for a living.

  101. 101
    Al Says:

    So what if Harry is having a good time? He’s a 27yr old prince! I know I would be if I was him. Lot of jealous / bitter people out there…

  102. 102
    Grandma of Four Says:

    My…My! WHAT could Harry possibly do to top this little stunt!? Can you just imagine the reception that awaits him upon his return across the pond! Would love to be a fly on the wall!! :~ )

  103. 103
    Jess0 Says:

    Oh no, I had a bit of a crush until now…

  104. 104
    an Says:

    Just call a spade a spade. He solicits call girls/prostitutes.

    In the second pic he isseemingly having a sexual encounter with the woman. Low.

    And not all single 27 year old lads behave like this. He is common and low and there is nothing to be applauded about this kind of behaviour.

  105. 105
    Nicol Says:

    Hulaj dusza piekła nie ma! SZOK!

  106. 106
    muna Says:

    hmm his d*** is small *close eyes*

  107. 107
    beth Says:

    I must say I had to laugh out loud.Its not the first time Harry has shocked a few people.Just a young guy having a laugh with whoever he wants and someone takes pictures and posts online,Obviously he should have been more careful but It just goes to show he is human,makes mistakes and has fun.Give the guy a break,I mean hes not having affairs or toe sucking anyone lol.

  108. 108
    Rita Says:

    I just, um, arrived.

  109. 109
    Well Says:

    @an: Thanks for adequacy. Otherwise there is an impression that our society, for the most part, are abnormal people. Encouraging underage prostitution and other madness is the main reason why children with disabilities being born. I think we all should transfer money to charity fund Prince’s Trust.

  110. 110
    10stargames Says:

    Well……..its good to see Him like this. He is also a human & wants to enjoy his own life…..:)

  111. 111
    TEST Says:

    It’s usual test.

  112. 112
    The Duke Says:

    Did he go for the pink or the brown?

  113. 113
    linda Says:

    He got his genes from Henry VIII for sure :D

  114. 114
    Ashley Says:

    Way to go Harry. It just shows the Royals are human like the rest of us. He’s just a young guy having fun. Give him a break. He does enough hard work for great causes. He should be allowed to let off some steam now and then. Good boy!!!

  115. 115
    Becky Says:

    I think it fab that Harry is living his life the same way single men do and people should stop judging him he isn’t gona be king poor william has that horrible task so his life will never be his own. I think it is more discusting that someone in that room took photos of someone having a bit of fun just to line there greedy pockets shame on you. Enjoy life Harry you only get one go!!!!

  116. 116
    Ashley Says:

    OH, and definiately HOT!!!

  117. 117
    Rochelle Says:

    @beth: what you personally would not mind that in place of this young girl were your daughter?? who probably does not even understand what love is and is used for analsex.

  118. 118
    Mossyhide England UK Says:

    Well, he def put a smile on my face, he is young, and enjoying life,
    why the hell not?
    Blimey give the chap a break, I like Harry and I don’t think he is an embarrassment to the Queen, I think she does that quite well all by herself.
    Keep smiling

  119. 119
    KikiXo Says:

    Yuacckk he’s got flabby body and it’s obvious he’s got very small dicck and he cannot make it inside

  120. 120
    rocky Says:

    prince don’t have any manners and shy that why he has done this type of stupid things in party. he is not thinking about there nation image. this is too stupid thing in part

  121. 121
    John Says:

    What a stupid guy and a disgrace to the royal family. Too much money and no brain. why do these people get so much money from country?

  122. 122
    Ipanema girl Says:

    Gosh, leave the boy alone… He’s just another guy having a bit of fun, the media sucks sometimes, and who the hell allowed someone else in that room with a camera? Surely to get some money out of a good time. This person should have been happy to be part of it, and not trying to cash in! Harry, invite me anytime and I won’t tell the press a word! You rock!!!!

  123. 123
    delilah Says:

    I think it’s stupid to judge him and get all upset. He’s a young single ma partying in Las Vegas. he certainly wouldn’t be the first guy to do this..The main thing is that he was inside his hotel room. He wasn’t naked at the pool out in public. So yes, shame on the greedy pig who took & sold photos. Lots of people get wild in Vegas. Where did you think that popular saying comes from: “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

    If I invite you into my house are you going to disrespect me by spying on me, and telling everyone about it?That’s what happened here. I’m sure the palace already knew he was cutting loose, since he has been out in public in Vegas partying for a few days now. Sure they are upset about the embarrassment, and Harry will have to pay a price.

  124. 124
    HosRUS Says:

    OH LAWD Is it every famous person’s mission in life to show up on the internet nude?

  125. 125
    Nia Says:

    Time is up for the Britts and the Americans. You all soon be ruled by Israel and Germany. Waiting for that day when these English men will be stripped in real by these super heroes.

  126. 126
    Mignon Says:

    He is not the Prince of Wales as mentioned in the article. He is Prince Harry Wales… His DAD is the Prince of Wales (next in line to the throne is the Prince Of Wales) Once day William will be the Prince of Wales I guess. Harry is 3rd in line.
    On saying all that, I think we all suffer from being young and brain dead at some point. He is young, dumb and full of *** like any young lad at some point. I mean how difficult is it to know if “I, a Prince get naked, people will want to take photos and try to make money from them like they do with my family alllll the time – Nah, I’ll be cool – lets all get naked!” lol

  127. 127
    GoodMama Says:

    atrociously unreadable? I will explain now. If you kill mentally your wife and marry a prostitute, she brings up your sons accordingly. In other words, Priscilla bought Harry cheap prostitutes and explained to him that it is love. Probably even now Harry kills someone as well, but he will stay with prostitute and unlike Charles’s his children will be born from a b:itch.B:itches-FutureQueens

  128. 128
    jogy Says:

    i’d like to know who took this picture and how much she/he earned by selling them to magazines?

  129. 129
    NMac Says:

    The man is an immature prat. He’s doing this at the British public’s expense. There should be an immediate DNA test on this character, it is almost certain that it will prove him to be a Hewitt! So much then for the hereditary principle.

  130. 130
    Some from some place Says:

    Camilla wanted him to marry Chelsy, Pippa, other girls whom she controls. Harry made it on purpose to show that he does not love anyone of them, it’s just a rebel.

  131. 131
    lol Says:

    it appears what happens in vegas doesn’t stay in vegas anymore

  132. 132
    u.s.venkataraman Says:

    Cheekily photographing in a hotel room is intrusion of privacy..Publication of these is sensationalism and nothing but yellow journalism catering to the baser instincts of the uncultured, It matters very little ,the person involved is a prince or pauper.But if a prince ,the publicity becomes wide. to get a huge circulation. The whole episode is degeneration of ethical and moral values. Some legal curbing of these nefarious activities is imperatve.

  133. 133
    WiL Says:

    I dare I’m not the first to say this, but are we sure that’s a lady? In the second one particularly he just looks like he’s climbing on the persons back, not the sort of thing one generally does with a girl for sexy times, more likely changing room style hi jinx. Nude drunken bro games? Could be…

  134. 134
    Robbson Says:

    @Some from some place
    I heard that Harry loves a girl that looks like Diana and Camilla want her death, it destroys her plans. That’s why that what I read here might be true, Harry’s in rebel again.
    I saw when he was at the pool how he was looking at pregnant girl and called her kid Noah whole day. Obviously he wants children with his girl. I do not think he would want to upset her, there must be some serious reason for this.
    Camilla you’re witch again!

  135. 135
    dust Says:

    if those photographes are taken in a hotel room, behind the close doors, the “photographer” will face some serious consequences.

  136. 136
    Marie Says:

    Poor Diana even didn’t know with whom exactly Charles was cheating on her. Camilla’s been inventing new and new combinations, in the end they broght Diana to a mental disorder and Camilla got Charles, as well as opportunity to continue her black business.

  137. 137
    WiL Says:


    Erm, but what evidence of gender is there? The first one looks like a lady due to height, the second one, anyone’s guess, but neither shows any obvious gender giveaways.

  138. 138
    Someone Says:

    @Robbson: and I heard that this girl is German, so may that’s why Harry was wearing Nazis, it was protest as well.

  139. 139
    MarkyH Says:

    Drop me out. Leave the boy alone! Harmless fun that endears him to the normal British public. Let the people that are out of touch tut tut but thank god he does not go as far as normal Brits of his age on a night out.

  140. 140
    King Christoff Says:

    I hope this trip was paid for from his ‘army’ wages though and not from the tax payers pocket. Though I very much doubt it.

  141. 141
    Tom Inksip Says:

    u.s.venkataraman You say bulllshit I think, there were six British officers.. it was done intentionally. But what was the prupose?

  142. 142
    King Christoff Says:


  143. 143
    Trey Bien Says:


    You certainly can’t be gay because a ‘mo would know that there’s no way to tell.

  144. 144
    Guy Says:

    on photo seen that Harry does not mind being pictured, girl hides behind his body since she knows they are being pictured. You should be attentive enough to understand that these photos were deliberately made.

  145. 145
    askdfa Says:

    big deal, it’s not like he’s taking drugs or doing anything illegal. I hope the secret photographer will be exposed.

  146. 146
    enly Says:

    i thought, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

  147. 147
    Teri Says:

    prince harry is hawt!! Love his naughty wild personality. He’s cooler than his big brother

  148. 148
    Teun Says:

    Just hope he had a good time

  149. 149
    The taskmaster Says:

    The guy who sold this picture will get stickin richh$$$$$$

  150. 150
    DANNY Says:

    It’s good to have fun in private ,but when you are a Royal…you have a status to live up to…it’s like he’s trying to sit on two chairs at once…will fall between them !
    I can’t respect a guy who on one hand pretends to be a Royal rep.=very much stigma attached to preserve the image;on the other hand he’s completely out of order embarassing the whole family !
    Let’s be honest,it’;s not really natural to spend a fortune on naked,pissed parties for anybody? He clearly is living on a different planet !
    It would be interesting to know who pays for all these private entourage & entertainment?I hope I’m not one of those unfortunate idiots? Money has to be channeled from a source….
    I think Harry should go it alone and I don’t think I want to see him again in any official role ,almost falling asleep….like he appeared recently;he clearly does not enjoy that kind of work without some strippers on his arm to keep him awake ! Very sad situation !

  151. 151
    Namlexa Says:

    Harry is just like his father — James Hewitt.

  152. 152
    shangai Says:

    this shows the royals are still human

  153. 153
    DANNY Says:


  154. 154
    Bobby Says:


    It’s time SOME of these people grew up, at least in public…. spoiled, immature, childish foolishness.. rubbish. Who does he think he is, a U.S. Congressman for God’s sake???????

  155. 155
    Bobby Says:

    Totally immature, foolish, silly & spoiled people. Some one in that family should grow up. WHO does he think he is??? A UNITED STATES CONGRESSMAN or something???????

  156. 156
    DANNY Says:


  157. 157
    annie Says:


  158. 158
    yo sista Says:

    He’s so hot!

  159. 159
    Bruce Davidson Says:

    It’s a good thing that, this time around, the older son (William) is the responsible one. Let’s hope that nothing happens to William – nobody would want King Harry. Back in the 20th century, the oldest son of King George V was an irresponsible twit, with the results that the world saw when he became King Edward VIII. The next son of George V was the polar opposite of Edward – responsible, committed, and backed every step of the way by his wife. He became King George VI when Edward abdicated to marry the American divorcée and fortune-hunter Wallis Simpson. King George reigned with distinction even though he was temperamentally quite unsuited to the royal role. When his job finally killed him in 1952, his older daughter Elizabeth the present queen came to the throne. Elizabeth’s younger sister Margaret wouldn’t have made much of a queen. Another case where birth order really matters.(your history lesson for today)

  160. 160
    DANNY Says:


  161. 161
    DANNY Says:

    @Bruce Davidson:

  162. 162
    gigibee Says:

    Looks like an Alison Jackson spoof photoshoot to me.Hilarious either way!

  163. 163
    Bodyflying Says:

    @Suki J.:

    Suki J #84 (and all others disrespecting our armed forces), last time I checked, full-time service in the armed forces not mentioning official engagements is probably far more of a REAL job than you or most others are ever likely to see in your lifetime. Go put in some national service to your country before attempting such puerile attacks on those that do. Respect to ALL our servicemen.

  164. 164
    Mammy Says:

    I’m sure your mom has a big smile on her face!
    You only live once.

  165. 165
    Bodyflying Says:

    I’m sure his father will be very proud, continuing the family tradition of philandering.

    Google – “Harry Hewitt”

  166. 166
    Vic Says:

    He’s having fun. I say let him go for it.

    I like Prince Harry and I like that he’s not afraid to ‘cut loose’ because of who his family is. This is a guy I’d love to hang with, to party with, etc.

  167. 167
    DANNY Says:


  168. 168
    JAMES BOND Says:

    It’s his life and he will have to live with the consequences of his choices. As for the rest of us, who are we to judge and to cast the first stone?

  169. 169
    jamiejuk Says:

    @True story:

    You do realize spack….he is no where near the front line, living in some protected bunker, cleaning out pistols, and and pretending.

    He is just in the army for publicity and for show. Do you really think he is there to fight???? get real dumb ass

  170. 170
    Charles Windsor Says:

    Takes after his father James Hewitt.

  171. 171
    Diana Always Says: Charles was not able to protect Diana, maybe Harry does it in a strange way but he is trying to protect his ‘Diana’

  172. 172
    Coffy Says:

    He’s 27, this is what he’s supposed to be doing. having fun, enjoying his youth… sowing his royal oats!

  173. 173
    Cam Ma Says:

    Just like his father.

  174. 174
    Bodyflying Says:

    Those of you unsure about whether these are genuine might take note. St James’ Palace have confirmed these ARE Harry.

  175. 175
    Just sayin Says:

    Results that I see is that half of comments here are written by Clarence House’s team – Harry is ****, William is our King! William, who is under Kate’s control who is under Camilla’s control. Have you seen on Olympics how Will&Kate kissed Camilla but Harry not. And I see other people, probably from Clarence House who try to tell us some true

  176. 176
    DREW Says:

    Prince Harry ISN’T the prince of Wales,Prince William is

  177. 177
    DakotaBounder Says:

    Amazing the hits on google alone … what a shame the more important things going on in the world that get less hits … personally, who cares what he does, but shouldn’t the royal family on or off the clock always represent that of the royal family and their country.

  178. 178
    DakotaBounder Says:

    Prince Harry to me looks more like the man Princess Di had an affair with than anyone of the royal family.

  179. 179
    E Says:

    He’s not the Prince of Wales. That is His father’s title, used by the heir to the British throne only. William will be made prince of Wales when his father takes the throne. Hot bod though.

  180. 180
    E Says:

    @DREW: I thought that too till I started to type – Charles is. William will be.

  181. 181
    Vishal chavhan Says:

    Oh harry what is this ya

  182. 182

    At least we know he is a normal 27 year old male. Not a stuffed shirt like many of the others. Good for Harry to be a bold individual. One who’s not afraid to do what he believe’s regardless of what others might think and lets his hair down when he has some free time.
    That’s what takes to be a real leader.
    I suppose his Father will be outraged because he’s never been naked with a female when the lights are on.
    But then we didn’t have cell phone cameras when he was fooling around on Diana, did we.
    Churchill would have been proud.

  183. 183
    stef Says:

    And to think my taxes are paying for his fun …………

  184. 184
    ann Says:

    The reason this came out is because he is picking up random people to cavort with and hosting nude drunken parties with them. He is common and lacks morals. And it is not normal for most 28 year olds, rich or not, to behave like that

  185. 185
    luvdeb88 Says:

    He should just MOVE….

    to AMERICA!!!



  186. 186
    Clairrrr Says:

    Date a nudist or naturist today! This is a directory for true, legitimate, family-oriented nudists and naturists. For fun, exciting, 【Naturistpassion】is a safe place for single nudist and naturist men and women to meet!

  187. 187
    ace11 Says:

    I wonder what the girl looks like

    Hot I would hope

  188. 188
    Kellym Says:

    @Amanda: Haha, why is it dumb?? It shows he’s real. And cool. And btw, the british media and most of the other media around the world love this guy. And reports are that the Queen is not even going to say a word to him about it. Hey folks, he’s 28. And he’s not going to be King; his brother is. Relax. If any of you did this, would it be a big deal? Nope. He’s an adult having a good time. And it’s all perfectly legal and harmless.

  189. 189
    Kellym Says:

    @ann: Hey Ann, someone needs to pull that big stick out of your butt. Ever heard of strip poker? Well this was strip pool (billiards). Big deal. Just a young adult having harmless fun.

    Ann: “He is common and lacks morals. And it is not normal for most 28 year olds, rich or not, to behave like that”

  190. 190
    kati Says:

    he should be king!! legend!

  191. 191
    Peter Cottle Says:


  192. 192
    haziebird Says:

    who ever took the pics should be ashamed, u have made an intimate moment public. you are a low down dirty voyeur, the shame is yours.

  193. 193
    ann Says:


    Lol at you desperation to defend him. hahahaa

  194. 194
    Dave UK Says:

    Good luck to him. He serves us all (the U.S. and the U.K. and all the free loving world) in the military by putting his life on the line with our other chaps in that god foresaken hole. Let him have a bit of fun. Now the Olympics are finished here in the U.K. theres not that much joy around.

  195. 195
    Andrea Says:

    Hot?… NO WAY!!!

  196. 196
    Carilo Says:

    @Peter Cottle: Are you calling Harry a little prick? Or are you saying that Harry’s prick is little? :P

  197. 197
    bombshell Says:

    Prince Harry is human after all.. why don’t the media just leave him alone.. think about what prince Charles done to Princess Diana… what he did was much worse.. at least Prince Harry is not married… he’s only done what’s human nature.. Prince Charles was going behind Princess Diana’s back with the affair he was having with Camilla.. get of Prince Harry’s back and leave him alone..the media love making it worse than what it is… for god sake look around you, open your eyes. yes and I’m British..not proud to be British. this country has gone to pot it’s called rip of Britain..

  198. 198
    hesyummie Says:

    who cares! good for Harry! You be yourself Harry :-) who gives a rats ** what everyone else thinks! you’re a hot little stud and I say go for it. :-) You gotta live your life. :-)

  199. 199
    bombshell Says:

    @Dave UK:

    well said..couldn’t of said it any better

  200. 200
    Jerry Says:

    just ok…nothing wrong with it..of course everybody loves to see it! He is so cool with everything..

  201. 201
    Ava Says:

    Harry walks into the room and William looks disappointed:

    W: “so are you even going to try to explain what happened? do you have no remorse?”
    H: (shrugs his shoulder) “I was on holiday. I wanted a good time. I didn’t do anything wrong….”
    W: “”‘didn’t do anything wrong?!’ those pictures set us back. people are not going to be happy about this. grandmum is not going to be happy about this. I suppose Kate and I will have to adopt a puppy these next coming weeks to possibly ease the tensions. (he sighs) Harry just know that when you are in the states, you need to be extra careful. Normal people over there are not normal – they are called “famewh8res” They literally record everything – sex tapes, taking a piss…sounds like you brought some famewho8res up there with you.”
    H: “oh well… they were hot so whatever…”

  202. 202
    annienplay Says:

    He is 27, rich, royal and single. It is about time someone in that stuffy family had some fun. Party on Harry!!

  203. 203
    Poor Wills Says:

    LMAO Prince Harry is good times!!

    I wonder if William wishes he could get away with half the stunts that Harry does…. he’s under more strict “supervision” and all that, being the heir to the crown and all….

  204. 204
    Jark Says:

    Whoever released these pictures should be outed. They are destroying the reputation of Vegas. People come to Vegas to let loose, indulge, and party. No unmarried adult should be crucified for that.

  205. 205
    Rita Says:

    Although I like Harry and think he’s funny and seems to not take everything so serious as his royal counterparts tend to do, I do think that it was not a wise choice for him to do this. It’s not a wise choice for anyone, but especially unwise if you are a celebrity. He should be more careful and know that he can’t do everything that people his age normally do because someone will try to exploit him because of it. Case in point: this photo.

  206. 206
    anna Says:

    he’s a young single guy having fun in Vegas, most royal’s lives seem so pompous and boring, having to go to all those insipid events and walking around as if it were a crime to have a personality… at least this guy gets to have a good time once in a while, good for him! Harry is a breath of fresh air in that outdated british monarchy.

  207. 207
    Enuma Elish Says:

    3rd in line but wants to be one of da boyz, so much so that he’s desperate to go out on active service rather than sit at home……but some wanna crucify him for partying like everybody else…..leave the boy be, he’s a gem….and an awesome prince with a big heart and a sense of fun……go ‘arry

  208. 208
    Sophie Says:

    oh yeah! very cool!, the guy is an adult of 27 years, these things are not rebellion are just pathetic. Then you peolple from USA wonder why the rest of the world think that you are ignorant, superficial and full of cr*p.

  209. 209
    Guest Says:

    If you like what that idiot doing then donr complaining about the economic crises ..when you have to work hard and pay taxes so that trash can take them and have fun,,and don’t start with the money he got from his mother and from his job. He doesn’t work and so his mother who got money from rich men

  210. 210
    NoRoyalFan Says:


    Couldn’t agree with you more. As we struggle with a presidential election that will define our future and as we grapple with issues as unemployment, national debt, healthcare reform, domestic security, etc, I think it’s a hell of a lot of nerve for this hypocritical royal with all the money in the world to blow on his decadent fantasies to come here and indulge his selfish hedonistic pleasures. I was never a fan of the British royals. Besides the fact that they do nothing to help humanity or the world, Harry’s miserable looking grandmother, woh pretends to be all prim and proper, can’t even crack a small smile, as the entire world was watching the opening ceremonies of the London olympics. Does she think she’s better than everyone?

  211. 211
    NoRoyalFan Says:


    AGREED !!

  212. 212
    Adam J Mortimer Says:

    The man who would be King – not!

    Thank goodness he’s the youngest son and pray that Prince William succeeds to the Throne eventually.

    Hopefully in place of his Dad

  213. 213
    Subby Says:

    One of the VERY few Certified Playboys of the world.

  214. 214
    Anon. E. Mouse Says:

    What happens in Vegas…
    Oh please there’s nothing, he hides the Crown Jewels.

  215. 215
    marty Says:

    what a ****!

  216. 216
    Hm Says:

    To be honest, every one is making a massive fuss saying he’s letting down the royal family and things but he’s like 27, and in Vegas.. he’s allowed to have some fun! He obviously didn’t realize somebody was going to invade his privacy and betray his trust by taking pictures?

  217. 217
    dolly Says:

    OMG! HARRY naked clutching his crown jewels following.

  218. 218
    tatiana Says:

    @Guest: every freaking @Sophie: if you think an entire country is ignorant than maybe you’re the one who is ignorant and full of crap. This coming from a brazilian who realizes there are all types of people in all countries, I’m so tired of having to read in every discussion about anything somebody trying to stereotype entire cultures and narrow them down to a few adjectives mostly offensive ones, so you should be glad to know that no the entire world does not share your opinion.

  219. 219
    Elli Says:

    LMAO ~ Atleast he had fun! Those girls were smart to keep their faces away from the camera.

  220. 220
    Linzi. Says:

    Gun laws, (‘Bearing Arms) and Corruption are more important to the USA than a person’s right to Privacy!!!! DISGUSTING…..YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!

  221. 221
    DOCTOR Says:

    Free love, public pools, abortions, infertility, random children without fathers, mothers who earn with prostitution because they had made a mistake, pregnant gal in this bodies-cocktail, in which someone had thrown up…… not considering AIDS, infections and sexual normality.
    You may not share someone’s opinion but you will share the fate with which you agree.

  222. 222
    Sakib Says:

    Much ado about Nothing!!

  223. 223
    Fruit Says:

    Oh HARRY HARRY HARRY. WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE NOW. This guy really does like to do such scandelous things, it makes the ROYAL news so juicy. If HE thinks this is ‘FUN’ its bloody hell wrong he is ******** up with his family and Diana would NEVER EVER like this. I miss her so much if SHE was there he wouldn’t end up like how he is now. A complete arsehole, hooking up with WOMEN and doing **** like this is not going to get you anywhere HARRY. I think he sld be ashamed of himself and like few people over here are saying this COULD be ‘fake’ I frkng hope so. Because THIS just crossed the line well the NAZI uniform was just WAYYY out of the line but he just really needs to GROW THE HELL UP. What is he thinking?! :-( YES. PARTY enjoy LIFE but NOT like this for godsake. Have some respect of YOURSELF if not your family.

  224. 224
    Angela Says:

    I want to party with Harry. He looks loads of fun and wild ;)

  225. 225
    Love It Says:

    I guess what happen in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas when you are a Prince…He is hot!!!! I’d do em….

  226. 226
    BrightonJames Says:

    WOOPS Harry !!!

  227. 227
    Davenrea Says:

    Do what you want, you do us proud – I salute you Sir

  228. 228
    Vic Says:

    Go, Harry. I’ll party with you anytime.

  229. 229
    Christopher Briggs Says:

    Well now you know. David Icke was wrong. They’re not reptiles….

  230. 230
    Robin de Loxley Says:

    It pleases me that our prince is nothing more than a mere man ……… in every way.

  231. 231
    Garry Says:

    What where his protection people thinking , how could this happen ?This should be private ! !
    Shame on the press !

  232. 232
    Cscscscscs Says:

    Prince Harry Naked:

    Scandal Video!

  233. 233
    Mike England UK Says:

    Well harry you dont suprise me, what a Lad top bloke and about time the royals enjoyed life……lets see more lol God lad son

  234. 234
    crazyman Says:

    Good man! have fun! invite me next time to have fun with the girls too!

  235. 235
    me Says:

    America’s favorite prince!

  236. 236
    peter Says:

    He is a young man i can remember playing strip poker in my 20s this young prince is game for some fun and a laugh leave him alone good on ya Harry

  237. 237
    LLT Says:

    Harry we love you! Hurry back home!

  238. 238
    Garry Says:

    Who among you would not do the same if you had the chance ? ?
    don`t criticise until you no the facts
    Harry is a great Guy and puts his life on the line often !

    This trip was not payed for by the tax-payers of GB


  239. 239
    elle Says:

    I think it is his own personal business if wants to have sex with a woman in his private room. For someone to photograph his private moment is trespassing. We should not discuss his sex life it is not ours to discuss.

  240. 240
    STEFFRN Says:

    I bet his mother Diana is doing flip-flops in her grave – - – How can you call these nude pics – - It’s a picture of his butt and he is covering his front…. Seriously, have people gone to a beach lately? Women wear far more reveling swimsuits. Giv ehim a break…. It was all in good fun… He will use better judgement next time… .. Leave him alone already…..

  241. 241
    STEFFRN Says:


    Lighten up… You would be surprised what the democrats do with your tax dollars too…… Geez… Get an ever lovin’ life…….

  242. 242
    honey bun Says:

    Oh my God,a young lad getting naked with a young woman present,what is the world coming to!!!.For Gods sake whats all the fuss about? Leave the lad alone.

  243. 243
    Steve Says:

    @Marco: what a joke

  244. 244
    KS Says:

    Really? Is this all we have to talk about in the world ? Let the man live his life ! GO FOR IT BROTHER !!! LIVE YOUR LIFE AND HAVE FUN WHILE YOU CAN ! SCREW THE PRESS AND ANYONE THAT DOES NOT KNOW YOU !!!!!!!

  245. 245
    Ticketyboo Says:

    He *had* to know these pics would hit the internet, otherwise why do it? Publicity stunt anyone?

  246. 246
    KS Says:

    Leave the man alone. It was a private party.

  247. 247
    gadder Says:

    This is a Royal conspiracy, He is trying in vain for new royal blood line in US, wants his decents to become president one day!!!haha

  248. 248
    Anthony Says:

    Big deal. Its about time we see a naked hunky royal.

  249. 249
    Vic Says:


    Agree with KS. I’ve had quite a number of naked parties in my life. I feel sorry for those who haven’t experienced the freedom

    I just hope Harry goes on experiencing the fun in life. He obviously shows responsibility when he’s on duty or carrying out official duties for the family. But when he’s on his own, he has every right to cut loose.

    I’ll party naked with Harry any day.

  250. 250
    SL Says:

    I’d rather see kate :-)

  251. 251
    jesse Says:

    nana must be proud

  252. 252
    John Maddams Says:

    If this was the result of strip pool someone needs to teach Harry how to play pool better

    Everyone has the right of privacy within their own quarters and many expect to be able to live and work in the nude at home, and why not?

    We all should know Harry as an all rounder. As an ambassador of sport as a role model of youth, good for British business, his charitable work is great, courageous as a soldier, No one of us is perfect and we dont expect Harry to be perfect.

    We should forgive the guy if he’s done anything wrong, but just relaxing being naked playing pool in a friendly mixed company is not immoral

    If he was having illicit sex that would for many people make a difference but he is a single male and one of our nations pin ups

    Stop hassling him

    He’s going to have to live with this but given the daily diet of evil we get from all over the world this is a young man having fun

    and compared with his great uncle David then heir to the Throne and great uncle George, Duke of Kent, what are we making a fuss about?

  253. 253
    Martie Says:

    Little did he know that TMZ is everywhere. And here he thought, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” – poor bugger!

    I know if it were me, it would suck that somebody took pictures of me without me knowing – but I’m 45, fat and frumpy. Hell – if I were in my 20′s!! Keep clicking! Just kidding – it would suck that someone took advantage of the situation to take naked pictures of me behind my back!

    On the flip side – big deal! So nice to know he’s human!

  254. 254
    Heather Beattie Says:

    I was so sad and angry to watch the program on bullying. It is hard to believe that adults such as the bus driver, teachers and prinicipals at the school on the documentary didn’t do anything to stop the horrible behavior. They should be fired! Where is the school trustee in all this? These children that threat and injure other kids should be expelled. What is wrong with the school system? It is truly sad. I’d like to see the documentary changed from an R rating to a PG rating. Children need to see this story so that they will realize how harmful bullying is. thanks for listening, Heather Beattie

  255. 255
    Pirulin Cagao Says:

    Any pictures of the Queens naked coming up?

  256. 256
    sooo Says:

    crazy and all the people applauding him for it are even more nuts!

  257. 257
    Kim Kardashians Says:

    Glad he isn’t gay, if he was then he’ll be raped lol……….

  258. 258 Says:

    Just another moron.. theres millions out there. Royal family should have withered years ago but privilege and lack of intelligence = moron.

  259. 259
    bob Says:

    Utter moron with the IQ of a .. sorry can’t think of anything with less IQ..

  260. 260
    scallywag Says:

    Questions, thoughts, outrage and jittery fallout. Really? How about a slow summer August and a fervent desire to hang the Prince for simply being the sprightly chap that we have all come to expect him to be (never mind the public troll speak about him being reformed or not…).

    Not to fear Harry, we’ll be taking off our knickers and undies sometime later tonight for a bit of fun ourselves, just knock twice on the front door when you arrive. Hawt bixch…

  261. 261
    Mayi Says:

    Come on,the guy doesn’t show more than what can be shown with a tanga.Royalty can have some private parties too.The only bad thing is that this one didn’t go private,and people love the gossip and scandals.We humans are just that,humans. The sky won’t fall ,right?

  262. 262
    Woodstock Says:

    I heard his brother has the larger jewels in the kingdom! Something that rivals the knight’s horse… hahahahha

  263. 263
    bob Says:

    Celeb culture.. what a joke.. all that read this website and others should be subject to the Hitler purification project… all a waste of oxygen.

  264. 264
    smack Says:

    NOT! pic is so fuzzy, you can’t even really tell if it’s him or not

  265. 265
    anonymous Says:

    Who cares? Is this supposed to be a big deal or something? Every human on the planet is walking around with either a ***** or a ****** and everyone of those people has an ass. There absolutely no mystery in the human body. So trying to sensationalize this is a big yawn……yawn.

  266. 266
    Jessie Says:

    No one cares what Harry does in private if it STAYS private. But the fact is he’s going to be taken to task by his Grannie AND the military. Even in America the Military would be hauling his ass’ in and disciplining him. What he does is a reflection on the Royal Family and the Armed Services that he’s in. While I find it funny, there will be no laughing from his family or superiors, maybe high-fives from his buddies, though.
    He was just too stupid. I’m still getting over his papa having his phone conversation with Camilla jacked. The one where he said he wanted to be her tampon, he was still married at the time. Dem boys be nasty lol.

  267. 267
    Mike Says:


  268. 268
    jelly Says:

    the pics are blurry and we cant clearly see any faces, so I wont buy this is actually him until a statement about it comes out. as far as I can tell that could be any random john doe..

  269. 269
    RoyalistLoyalist Says:

    Prince William, in the mean time, saved 2 people’s lives. First a 16yr old girl drowning at sea. Now a 58yr old Canadian tourist in Britain who fell down and broke her leg in some kind of cliff. Harry, get better friends, and stay clear of those party freaks you hang out with.

  270. 270
    a55hole Says:

    Did he fuxk around raw ???

  271. 271
    RoyalistLoyalist Says:

    Sorry, forgot the link:

  272. 272
    Jabari Says:

    So umm, what’s the big deal? Naked people? That’s how Europeans do.

  273. 273
    Look@Me Says:

    @delilah: For the person who asked where are his body gaurds, who do you think is in the photo? Now that is protection I could really get behind. What a sexist world we live in not thinking of the obvious, girls can be body gaurds too!!!! Save me save me!!

  274. 274
    R Says:

    Do they show his *****? If they don’t show his ***** then who cares.

  275. 275
    Jen Says:


  276. 276
    jeremy Says:

    Nice body. He can come over at any time!

  277. 277
    Reidros Says:

    @jeremy: He can come over any time? Or he can come on you any time? :P

  278. 278
    Helzinki Says:

    He got P. Diana’s Genes!

  279. 279
    Tool Time Says:

    He’s a fattie, too! lol And a tool.

    We have a name for white inbreed, promiscuous, military folks in the USA who live off the taxes of others. Rednecks! In England they are called royal. LOLOZ

  280. 280
    JR Belvastor Says:

    OMG folks the man is merely naked in a private hotel suite. WTF is wrong with that? Folks that call having one’s clothes off in private “stupid” is what’s really bizarre. Just sayin’

  281. 281
    Jan Says:

    His security detail failed by allowing cell phones or cameras in his suite. If they did not check for phones, someone could have gotten a gun in there also. People are enjoying this but this is dangerous. Harry is in the British military and he should be in trouble with them also. Will the Queen save Harry?

  282. 282
    lula Says:

    I really don’t care about what harry does on weekends, i’m seriously upset about the person that released this photos, that person has no respect for privacy, of course doesn’t surprise happens all the time in hollywood and now in royalty I suppose

  283. 283
    roxanne Says:

    only cause he is a prince people freak over about this stuff get an average guy doing this and its another day in vegas sure he is rich a prince and eligable but please everyone has there moments

  284. 284
    roxanne Says:

    the sad part is the girls mother is probably seeing this and going hell yeah paternity test

  285. 285
    Me Myself Says:

    Awesome! More people ought to loosen up, let their hair down, and have a great time like this.

  286. 286
    Melissa Says:

    He’s human just like anyone else. Just because he had the good fortune of being born into the royal family means that his every move is watched and mocked in some way. There are a million more interesting things to look at that would be much more interesting!! Get over it already!!!

  287. 287
    Eddie Says:

    lol…he is the man!

  288. 288
    Liz Says:

    He’s enjoying his youth…good for him!!!

  289. 289

    What is really pathetic is that some totall ******* america idiot sold these for $15,000. Shows you what a dumbass country the USA is.

  290. 290
    Marie Says:

    It’s Bushes fault !

  291. 291
    christie Says:

    I love Harry!! He’s always makes me smile.

  292. 292
    yara Says:

    omg harry

    Anger grandma will beat you

  293. 293
    yara Says:

    maybe not harry

  294. 294
    Humanright Says:

    Harry is Human, and i think no rules in western

  295. 295
    Paul E Davis Says:

    Shows how much you yanks know The Royals are Rich in their own rights. They probably do a lot more in a day than most of you making comments here do in a week. The Royals are a lot less promiscuous now than 100 years ago the big difference is there are cameras now and greedy buggers who will sell the pictures to the highest bider. As for being inbred well if you really do a study into genealogy you will find that most people are a lot closer genetically than you might want to think in 35 generations you will be surprised how many of your relatives will mary someone who is also related to you! I reckon the person who took the photos is a cold calculating shallow person who is not to be trusted in fact should make a good American Politician.

  296. 296
    Noahk Says:

    @MICHAEL MUCKRAKER: So you’re mad because they didn’t sell them for more? l m f a o

  297. 297
    Pippan Says:

    @Paul E Davis: Relax, Paulyboy. Harry now has millions of new fans around the world. He’s cool. So your comments make you a moron. Haha.

  298. 298
    Suechp Says:

    @MICHAEL MUCKRAKER: Michael Dicksucker is just made because he didn’t sell the photos. ;)

  299. 299
    David, Prince of Texas Says:

    Harry, when asked about this little adventure, simply stick to your story. “Sorry, it wasn’t me. It was a case of mistaken identity. Some blokes think all gingers look alike.”

  300. 300
    A Says:

    @Liz: He’s 28….and would you say that if it was “Princess Henrietta” instead of Prince Henry?
    Double standard as always.

  301. 301
    charlene mcgovern Says:

    oh my word, well leave him alone, you only live once he doing no harm just a boy having fun( hope he wore a durex thou xxxx)

  302. 302
    Night100 Says:

    He’s hot! Let’s see more!

  303. 303
    Detty Says:

    Oh please… give him a break!!!!

  304. 304
    cheong sw Says:

    to enjoy when young is way of life but think of your country and your present position. may god bless you !!!

  305. 305
    pop Says:

    “his papa having his phone conversation with Camilla jacked. The one where he said he wanted to be her tampon” at least Harry did not become Camilla’s tampon, her twat-girl Chelsy he used as ****, though everything can change…….let’s see how he will use her t-girl Pippa. Only then we can call him her tampon too.

  306. 306
    Lauren Says:

    fair play to him! dont know why people are getting themselves into a knot about it! high five prince harry!

  307. 307
    pop Says:

    @roxanne: the reality is such that girls who are delivered for royals are castrated. Chelsy, Pippa and Kate – castrates. They will never have children, that’s how they paid for being famous.

  308. 308
    pop Says:

    William does not love Kate, he had a compromising incident that caused him to commit this deal. If the photos are published means Harry has not agreed to any deal, but they can break him, he should have enough tension.

  309. 309
    Tim Says:

    Prince Harry is very cool
    This will only add to his fame. As long as he doesnt cause any harm to anyone. Looks like eveyone was having fun to me. What the big to do the more people complain about this, the hotter he will be in the public eye. Party on dude your only young once. I say just keep smiling.

  310. 310
    AbsoluteGay Says:

    @Kim Kardashians: and he was rapped, only this wasn’t published yet. Maybe royals will buy it out.
    Guys are bissexual, see their hands on first photo
    One of the guys has AIDS, so the girls should make a test. They were so non compos that even did not use condoms.

  311. 311
    Markie Says:

    If this was a female these comments would be different. Sexist pigs!!!

  312. 312
    Barbarella Says:

    Harry you sure know how to have fun, not sure what your Grandmother would say, probably (oh so cliche) “We are not amused.”

  313. 313
    philip Says:

    its just a bit of fun if it was any one else no one would care! hes done so much with the olympics and charity work in africa people need to give him a break no one is perfect!
    phil from leeds

  314. 314
    Townsend Says:

    @AbsoluteGay: Now I understand why Chelsy Davvy said that “he spends too much time with his friends“

  315. 315
    Good Lad... Says:

    Good lad…get in there, is there anyone who wouldn’t do the same if they were in your shoes…and if they say they wouldn’t, they are lying!

  316. 316
    Nessa Says:

    So what !! he is young free & single

    In our days they did not have camera phones !!

    so think on who did not get caugh t!!

  317. 317
    peter Says:

    what sort of friend puts pictures like this on line??????????????

  318. 318
    The Royal Says:

    I’m glad Harry is the second son. He becomes similar to his dad, Charles, Prince of Wales.

  319. 319
    edie Says:

    great stuff harry, go for it, dont know what all the fuss is about after all we were born this way, we were all so proud of the royal family being a little more relaxed, but then when they do it they get slaughtered, cant win guys!!!!

  320. 320
    Marie Says:

    Poor Diana, she was a virgin when she got into this heel, she was looking not for a man but for a support… drag her sons out of this hell, in hope that her sons will not become the same as………

  321. 321
    Katrina Says:

    Maybe Harry was accused of wearing the military uniform of the Nazis seven years ago, so he was naked on 17th.

  322. 322
    pete1863 Says:

    We are not amused. Neither was the lady who is trying to get away from him.
    Way to go Harry.

  323. 323
    Zoid Says:

    Get a life folks, big deal have you not seen a man before. Good on him.

  324. 324
    godwin doe adamah Says:


    am with u.

  325. 325
    Ahah Says:

    I always liked this kid.
    He’s got the better part of the royal genes in his family. Others *cough* got the trash.

  326. 326
    Jamie Says:

    @Anne: actually the English are loving it. Most of us wish the crown could skip to him or at least that he has a significant role in the monarchy. Swoons

  327. 327
    jd1985 Says:

    lol! Awesome! What we haven’t seen yet is the pic of Harry when he realises there’s a tiger in the bathroom!! Epic!

  328. 328
    peter shaw Says:

    Harry doesn’t seem to be growing up. I am suprised he let or was oblivious to this. He’s going to take one hell of hammering when he gets home here in the uk, pretty sure he wishes he was flying straight out to Afghanistan on his restriced duties. God save the Queen!
    Peter Manchester UK.

  329. 329
    aka6969 Says:

    @Anne: what the hell would you know about royalty ? you aint even got a history for christ sake !

  330. 330
    baldybloke Says:

    When your ginger you have to grab any opportunity that presents itself. I think they are playing snooker though. One of the pictures definitely looks like he is attempting to pot the brown.

  331. 331
    Ahmed Says:

    To be honest I do not blame him, but whom he gave trust and partied with. I think this prince should think deep about the people around him during private times.

  332. 332
    Raven Says:

    I thought what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… whomever leaked these should be paraded naked downtown Vegas… as for Harry, he is young, rich, cute and a prince, his ancestors did much worse… what the hell does he care what we all think….

  333. 333
    Marie Says:

  334. 334
    nico Says:

    I thought Dirty Harry was a moveeee ?!

  335. 335
    Tania Says:

    You did it boy.. I am expectingmore from you!!!

  336. 336
    t john Says:

    Looks like full anal sex. Is the other person a boy?

  337. 337
    Marie Says:

  338. 338
    phew-phew Says:

    @t john: the girls have a *****, the boys have ****… but the ass have all

  339. 339
    Winsome Says:

    How boring! hardly the most exciting thing in the world – you see as much in the locker room – without women! Person who took photos is pathetic. and who cares if Harry gets naked in private – he probably craps too!

  340. 340
    Roland Bach Says:

    Having spent some weeks serving in the dangerous arenas in the olympics, exhausted with his brave non soldiering, he is allowed a holiday from inactive duty. I hope his C.O. court martials him.!!! He is a disgrace to the forces.

  341. 341
    tricia Says:

    harry is a young guy< people should let him enjoy his life; royal or no royal

  342. 342
    jo Says:

    Clearly you are not British, or you would understand that the royals do not want media attention like this. He has misplaced trust as surely any army lad who has done as many tours as Harry deserves to have a laugh without some pillock making money out of him. Name and shame the person who sold these. Don’t worry harry your uncle Andrew did far worse!!

  343. 343
    rasdyl Says:

    “but the crown jewels were not exposed” .hmmm….. girl look at dat body..aha aha I work out!!!!.

  344. 344
    The Butler Did It Says:

    Dirty Harry is a 27 yr old single fella letting his hair down on holiday. This trip is not paid for by the british taxpayer so let him have his fun. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – unless you have backstabbing friends selling your photos to the media.

  345. 345
    Adrian Davies Says:

    Loving your work Harry thats the way the british roll Yowzerrrrrrrrrr God save our gracious Harry

  346. 346
    john roberts Says:

    Good job it was pool and not snooker, he would not know wether to pot thr pink or brown

  347. 347
    irishooooooooooooooooooo Says:

    looks like u got ur gold medal for ur behaviour harry, gud on u lad u only live once,life is for living!!

  348. 348
    bev haigh Says:

    glad you had a great time harry, shame they carnt find anything better to do than take pictures of you privicy? its about time they all left you alone your only human like the reat of us! leave the lad be you r soles! they need there camera shoving down there throats! side ways! good luck harry x

  349. 349
    gurl Says:

    He is a man. He is a prince. He is rich. He is single. He is famous. He is what almost every girl wants.

  350. 350
    OZ Says:

    What happended to…. what happens in Vegas,stays in Vegas..?

  351. 351
    Lesley Says:

    I think harry woz only haveing fun nowt wrong with that ……. Harry u ledgend hahaha

  352. 352
    Troy Says:

    I don’t understand why the press & the Palace are raking Harry over the coals. He did nothing wrong. He was in a private hotel room – not cavorting in public naked like the Republican Congressmen who were recently caught jumping into the Sea of Galilee. Harry seems like a fun guy and all he did was show his cute butt.

  353. 353
    wendy Says:

    leave the boy alone let him have some fun he will be fighting for his country soon he deserves to let his hair down this type of thing happens everyday but dont make the news hes no different to any other boy his age

  354. 354
    Sanders Says:


    There is no need to insult the least they are not like that Bush moron you had as president

  355. 355
    Chris Austin Says:

    As a mature lady I think the pix of Harry are just great nothing to be ashamed of whatsoever. Hes a young lad being a young lad he has a fabulous physique is happy and cheerful trying to have a private normal time to enjoy himself. Its a so called friend who has let him down, nobody else. He behaves impeccably when he has to. The papers are making too much of it. The royals well how many indiscretions have there been in that family over the years. Shut up leave the boy alone hes great. Shame hes not the next king. Everybody get on the case and let him know we are behind him (not lierally of course haha!)

  356. 356
    D. Dean Says:

    Not Even!

  357. 357
    Bach Says:


    Ali’s comment about soldiers having done as many tours as Harry :

    The only tours he has done, are in Exotic locations with a mollycoddling heavy protection squad. Even in Afghanistan, he was the subject of numerous contrived, guarded photoshoots, some as ludicrous as being “on patrol”. In a totally deserted, heavily guarded safe village ? ? ?

  358. 358
    nat rodin Says:

    Well done Harry!

    Upholding a long Windsor (Saxe-Coburg) tradition!
    Loose morals and plenty of fornication.

    This is the way to be!

  359. 359
    michael Says:

    eeeeeeee u are so dirty of course everyone will find out and so you should be embaresed !!! dirty man!!!!!!

  360. 360
    Crazy people in here Says:

    What are you writing here, please explain! There were a few naked boys and girls in that room, you want to say that groupanalsex is okay??!! you are all mad, or out of your mind?

  361. 361
    yummymummyuk Says:

    @Suki J.: Do you not realise that Prince Harry is on leave from the Armed Forces? I think that constitutes a ‘proper job’ don’t you? And as for improving the lives of others who are less fortunate, have you followed any of his charitable work or are you only interested in the gossip stories about him?

  362. 362

    @Crazy people in here: All these positive messages (he is 27 yo old, he works hard he can have fun and it’s alright) writes Clarence House. The visitors here tried to write something else but it’s way to global idea. Nowadays Royals install new moral standards.
    Royals, you better write your nicknames in capital letters so we would know whom not to read, otherwise it’s boring. That what you write believe only people with nonsufficient brain or of lower class.

  363. 363
    yummymummyuk Says:

    @jamiejuk: you obviously don’t realise that he is subject to the usual Uk tax regulations just like everyone else. The only royal exceptions to this are the Queen and Prince Charles (or whoever holds the official title of the Prince of Wales).

  364. 364
    Edward Says:

    Harry,,,,you dummy.

  365. 365
    HarryNut Says:

    I love Harry and I think its great, I wish I could have been there! Sounds like alot of fun and my kind of party mate! Granny will get over!

  366. 366
    packers and movers bangalore Says:

    this is very wrong

  367. 367
    elvis Says:

    looks like a boy he is romping

  368. 368
    ildelfonso rios Says:

    i dont understand why the big deal. let the man live his life the way he feels happy.

  369. 369
    SHAWN Says:


  370. 370
    Granny Mary Says:


  371. 371
    keith clarke Says:

    I think the royal family have out lived there value making it about time they stepped down and started to earn an honest living instead of living of the backs of the poor. There position is similar to that of the mafia in Italy.

  372. 372
    claire Says:


  373. 373
    blaine tharrington Says:

    Glad to see the Royals breeding outside their own bloodline. Off with their heads.

  374. 374
    princess P Says:

    What happend in Vegas never stay in Vegas hahaha

  375. 375
    cathy Says:

    Definately good on the eye and hats off to him for having a good time. Harry Im always available to give you pool lessons, show you how to pocket the balls and not have to cushion them lol!

  376. 376
    kev thomas Says:

    At least it’s no where near as embarrassing as his Nazi uniform.

  377. 377
    kev thomas Says:

    not as bad as the nazi uniform he likes to wear.

  378. 378
    kev thomas Says:

    not as bad as his nazi uniform

  379. 379
    KP Owl Says:

    @kev thomas: Uh, we get it… you wanna compare this to the nazi Halloween costume. Haha. How many more times are you going to post it?

  380. 380
    Sasha Says:

    Boys just want to have fun. I love Harry, poor grandma seeing colours now.

  381. 381
    Sunshine Daydream Says:

    Good on you, Harry! You’re protecting those precious royal family jewels as any proper prince should.

  382. 382
    Sqrcrnrs Says:

    All you people who are freaking out and so pissed off about this really need to get a life. OMG, nudity, put Harry in prison! Haha. You all should try something you’ve never done before: have some nude fun. He was in his private hotel suite, not on the Vegas streets. I guarantee you that all the angry Americans on here are Republicans. l m f a o

  383. 383
    Ruby Says:

    Thats it when you get home you are Grounded for one week with no pocket money. LOL

  384. 384
    SteveB Says:

    I played strip pontoon with the boys and girls while doing my basic training at BRNC Dartmouth ( I lost).. getting naked is virtually compulsory in the British armed forces! It’s hard to get Royal Marines to keep their clothes on.. Anyway, everyone’s born naked, why do so many people get so prudish about flashing the flesh?

  385. 385
    brenda Says:

    if he wasnt a royal no big deal. Good for you Harry Have fun well your single

  386. 386
    jj Says:

    What is it nowadays that people feel the need to strip all their clothes off. It does nothing for their image. First it was Princess Eugenie at College. I used to think she was nice until she did that. I’ve changed my mind. Now it’s Prince Harry. Then we have those awful wrinkly Calendar girls. Put it away. We don’t want to see it! They are all just exhibitionists. Thank God he won’t be King. Ugghh! Silly, silly boy.

  387. 387
    Julian Says:

    People living very well without properly having a job, while thousands are unemployed or millions suffer hunger in africa. Unfair world, unfair royalty that shoul not exist.

  388. 388
    omotayo igiehon Says:

    I don,t think this is Prince Harry, I believed this most be edited. If it happeneds to be him, the hotel must be sue. because this suppose to be privacy.

  389. 389
    Lorraine Says:

    Why? Lol. Do u think we don’t have tv or the Internet in Scotland like? Lol

  390. 390
    ola Says:

    posting or publishing of these pictures is totally unnecessary and in my own opinion a criminal act

  391. 391
    Mary Says:

    This kind of give America a bad name, Young people here are wild, like no good raiseing, Harry is of Abraham’s people, like American’s, But America goverment set rules how to raise the children here, and this is what you get.

  392. 392
    Mary Says:

    The US Goverment sets rules how to raise the children, They are wild here, Harry your with the wrong friends here.

  393. 393
    Andy Says:

    Hahaha Yeah Harry give it thats your Party in Vegas, the Queen have 007 and Charles take camila and you Vegas, so everybody is happy, dont worry the news or your family, you are a men and enjoy the fun, so take again.

  394. 394
    ladyambermere Says:

    It’s not news!

    What did we seriously think that Harry would be doing in a hotel room in Vegas?

    HM Queen pictured playing strip billiards in Vegas: that would be news.

    Poor Harry, he’s put a smile on the face of the world though,

  395. 395
    Tina B Says:

    Bad show Harry, you should have known better!

  396. 396
    nico64 Says:

    it shows that Harry is like any 27 year old hot blooded bloke.what a hero,go get them; Harry

  397. 397
    joell Says:

    americans are loving the british **** aha

  398. 398
    DG Says:

    Lol… never thought much of the royal’s …. however, this has made me have a re-think…. Rock on Harry – good for you pet :)

  399. 399
    Andrew Says:

    I couldnt care less about Harry having no clothes on. It is an invasion of privacy. I’d be p…ed of if I found a camera in my hotel room!

  400. 400
    Andrew Says:

    @hm: I dont know?

  401. 401
    Kicki Alley Says:

    Stupid! Can we say, ‘Stupid’? Really, mature, Harry. Make the family proud. NOT

  402. 402
    Sal B Says:

    Wow, what a cute body. But…
    are we paying for this frolicking?

  403. 403
    ghettogirl95 Says:

    This is a classic lesson about behavior and modern technology. The young prince needs to respect himself and protect himself in all situations. But why is the Palace surprised? The commentators made a big to-do about Harry being the guest at the beach vollyball competitions. Duh! He’s a young man. Shoulda left the hoochies at the pool and gone back to his room to watch Swamp People or Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. LOL

  404. 404
    tyle7900 Says:

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I hope his family isn’t to hard on him. But i do think the a**wipe that took the photos and then posted them should be tarred and feathered for betraying him. I hope Harry finds better friends.

  405. 405
    Col. Sanders Says:

    And he might be king someday. He’ll never live this down. More bellyaches for average Brits, which have to give some of their hard-earned money to finance a lifestyle like this.

  406. 406
    Wrong Friends Says:

    What kind of person would betray their company like that?
    This was a set-up to disgrace Englands Monarchy..

    He or She who would do this- KARMA is coming to get you!! I hope you live through what it’s going to do to you….

    Your the nasties kind of person– Vile/ Ratchet (Urban style- Ratchet!)

  407. 407
    David Says:

    The British taxpayers paid for his fancy hotel room with a pool table; they should be able to see the pictures!

  408. 408
    english Says:

    Well most people in the UK would say ‘whats new?’ and seeing as the queen has a sense of humour (even though she don’t show it much publicly) Im sure she will take it all in her stride. America seems to think were as prudish as them. Hate to break it to you but we have family newspapers like the sun where every day theres a picture on page 3 of a beautiful woman with her fun bags out! And none of that stars on nipple crap either. This really is tame in England. funny how you think its shocking. As the queen would say “one is quite amused” haha

  409. 409
    Eric Says:

    Harry is hot, luv the pics!

  410. 410
    Eric Says:

    @Wrong Friends: lighten up!

  411. 411
    Hooha Says:

    Ah so what, if it wasn’t a Prince, no one would bother. So keep behaving like a normal man, Harry!

  412. 412
    shit4brains Says:

    Imagine if that woman ends up having Harry’s kid in 9 months! 4th in line to the throne? Inheriting centuries of precious metals loot amassed by these Bible Thumpers’ Imperialistic excursions! Well, on the bright side, it won’t be an inbred delinquent! And hopefully not as goofy looking as grandpa Charles….

  413. 413
    teddybear king Says:

    this was an invasion of privacy, shame on the person who took this. what happens in vegas is supposed to stay in vegas

  414. 414
    cingal Says:

    He’s not bear hugging her. DUH! woof woof

  415. 415
    Matty Jacobson Says:

    At least the royals have gotten past all that beheading and incest they used to love so much. Actually, in that context, Harry’s quite refined.

  416. 416
    silversuz Says:

    Runs in the family. His uncle Andrew dated a porn star in his more youthful days.

  417. 417
    Solange Says:

    Ok, here’s the deal. If your 18 year old John Smith from Essex, I’d say fair enough. But if you’re a 27 year old man, the Queen of England’s grandson and third in line to the thone, then I don’t think that this is acceptable behaviour.

  418. 418
    linda Says:

    if harry can fight in afghan for his country then he can bare all for his country nice one harry

  419. 419
    Maxie Says:

    Yes, great to party! However, Harry needs to take a leaf out of his elder brother’s and his grandmother’s book and learn about dignity. & where were the people who are paid to look after him? Did they not see this would have major repercussions??

  420. 420
    Frodo Says:

    Oh, please. Harry, grow up, why don’t you? This is really pathetic…..and there’s certainly NOTHING to write home about anyway. What a body! (NOT) Ginger chest hair? Pass the bucket…. And my dog has better pectoral definition than you…

  421. 421
    Connie Says:

    Harry’s got balls!

  422. 422
    Carl Lake Says:

    View from the UK.

    Thier ( royals/government/press) are only too happy to wheel him out to represent cool britania, Well clearly a price and the Lad, whichhe still is a lad. so let him be. Harry your country loves you and you’ll be loved despite the press on slaught, not representative of your people. spoken too young and old about this, you know what we love you and adds to your appeal. Long Live the Prince!!!!!!!!
    Adoring UK xxxx

  423. 423
    MIB Says:


  424. 424
    Robert van Lieshout-Hendrix Says:

    Being under such an amount of stress it´s no wonder he is a bit naughty now and then…I wish the press would comment on the good work he has done and applaud him for that!

  425. 425
    angriela Says:

    something special…. good prince

  426. 426
    Brian Reeves Says:

    O.K. Harry has made a big mistake, but ,even more, so has his body guards who should be sacked! Now let us drop the whole thing. But no the media will screw the last drop of juice out of this one purely to make money: so they’ve got some big questions to answer everyone including the readers!!!!

  427. 427
    LynnLynn Says:

    Bloody hell, there are millions of people having a good time and doing exactly this day in day out. its life.
    Its the ‘friend’ who took these images who should be pulled apart.
    Just shows watch who you party who.
    So bloody what Harry, do your own thing, just check out the ‘friends’

  428. 428
    Viking Says:

    It’s a kick in the teeth to “real” soldiers who are in Afghanistan when he is frolicking about in a £5000 a night hotel suite on tax payers money,

  429. 429
    mandy Says:

    hillarious!!!!!!!!! Go Prince H!!!!

  430. 430
    Helene Zwanenburg Says:

    Oh yeah! God bless him and thank God that the ones amongst us, that do know how to have a life, do the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you Harry!!!!!!!!!!!!@annie:

  431. 431
    mona butters Says:

    @amy: I think he is sooooooooo hot and have done nothing wrong but have fun

  432. 432
    celia Says:

    When I first heard the news story I laughed out loud. It reminded me of my strip poker playing sessions many years ago. The difference is that I learned to play well. Harry just needs to learn to play billiards to a better standard. That’s his only problem.

  433. 433
    neville grace Says:

    nice one harry

  434. 434
    bruce Says:

    Private? It would seem that it is someone else who has low morals and no conscience. Harry was having fun, I have no problem with his party games.

    Papers should know not to publish ‘private individuals’.

  435. 435
    gloria Says:

    You look just like your daddy…James Hewitt!!!!!!

  436. 436
    karin Says:

    hi poor guy something tells me harry is going to hear from grandma i have to find it funny my brother is the same age as the prince

  437. 437
    Tim Says:

    @Anne: What kind on dumb f#*ks are you yanks? Do you really think we give a toss what the prince twat does. He is not the only duke of york that has made a fool of himself, just look at his mum and dad and how they behaved!

  438. 438
    to andrew Says:


    No. you’re just mad he got caught.

  439. 439
    on harry Says:

    i don’t know any men that would play strip billiards and take his shorts off. this is not normal behavior in spite of what everyone else is saying.

    i’m not sorry he got caught.

    he may be having fun with rough housing and rough play but i wouldn’t want to be around someone like that or count them as a friend.

  440. 440
    on harry Says:

    needless to say i never liked vegas. too wild. its like that bunch of brats from pinocchio who were turned into donkeys. that is how i feel about the people in the casinos and all of vegas.

  441. 441
    Ali Says:

    Hi there … People are doing cheap things for cheap publicity .. She/He is selling the story …now we know how cheap dirty person we are looking at … really sad this kind of story happens now. really will get the Queen to lost her coolness but if we really think, this thing is done with planning. someone made 1million out of it … so cheap but who cares, money can talk ….

  442. 442
    OysterBayer Says:


    What do you mean you “…always thought he’d be big…”? You’ve been thinking about his nakedness before now???????????????????????

    Good grief.

    I couldn’t care any less about him OR his bits.

    The Queen really has her hands full with this LOSER.

  443. 443
    DebbiesDoobs Says:


    Marco, I find it whack that you’ve been thinking about this guy in the nuddy.

  444. 444
    DebbiesDoobs Says:


    Hey, why didn’t my “reply” to another comment appear under the comment??? I hate when that happens. It doesn’t make any sense!

    PS To the writer of this article: That ain’t no “bear hug,” babe! :o)

  445. 445
    on harry Says:

    oh come on , these two guys were sandbagging the women about not knowing how to play billiards just so they could see the women naked.
    they were cheap and wanted a free show.. its vegas. what do you expect? that they are innocent? they played him fair. this is vegas. there is a price to pay for getting women naked.

  446. 446
    on harry Says:

    the photographers deserve more than $10,000 for those pics.

  447. 447
    Tom SS ga Says:

    People need to get off their high horse.

    The photos reveal no more than what we saw when NBC showed Olympic Swimmers and Divers.

    Besides its clear the photos were a betrayal and I wish they would reveal the identity of the one who took them.

    Are people shocked that a 27 year old would have a fun night or just mad that they never got the same opportunity?

  448. 448
    just mary Says:



  449. 449
    mike spillane Says:

    Like father like son, no not charles.

  450. 450
    Christian Letele Says:

    Wow Harry super hot, i wish i was the person behind you.

  451. 451
    Bones Says:

    Who cares…the human body is beautiful and should be exalted…let the pictures come

  452. 452
    to bones Says:

    if the human body should be exalted then why do women get called nasty names for showing theirs?

  453. 453
    to bones Says:

    also he is not a god.

  454. 454
    judy manzoor Says:

    I feel Harry has just as much right to enjoy him self as we all do. At least he isnt stuff shirt person that is so upped dee and thinks he is better then everyone, he did what alot of people do in their 20′s he went parting and had a very good time wish everyone wouldnt make so much of it. Harry just enjoy your self while you are young and where i come from my father would of said he was sewing his wide oats.

  455. 455
    Patrick Says:

    Good for him, I hope he had a fantastic time…but really, who gives a ****!

  456. 456
    a normal perspective Says:

    harry should not be exalted. what’s the matter with you?
    he is merely a prince.
    stop worshiping the ground he walks on.
    he’s not god,
    he’s not a saint,
    heck he’s not even a normal human being.
    no one behaves like that.
    he’s an alchoholic.
    he’s not the saviour
    wake up girls! its only money and power he’s got. that’s all.
    he is no prince charming
    the closest he came to god is when jesus was on the cross and the soldiers rolled dice/played strip billiards for his garments/bathing suit
    ~ oh, and when he’s covering his genitals you should be thinking “there is the man” “ecce homo” after pontius pilate stripped and whipped him. (harry escaped that)


  457. 457
    a normal perspective Says:

    why is the royal family head of the church?
    this is not right.

  458. 458
    a normal perspective Says:

    ok he doesn’t have power. he only has money by birthright. the power is by family relation merely. his friends are not high quality. they are merely from wealthy background.

  459. 459
    a normal perspective Says:

    this boy needs a blue fairy in his life

  460. 460
    a normal perspective Says:

    and a jiminy cricket

  461. 461
    something to think about Says:

    he drinks because of the death of his mother. i am sure the kstew scandal does not help his frame of mind as it is an indirect reminder of snow white and the huntsman film and its relation to charles and camilla and that whole mess.

    ~you’d be drinking too. as if that doesn’t do a number on your head.
    ~ people who lose a direct family relation at a young age, under 21, have problems later in life. i am saying this from experience and observation.
    i hope someone from the royal family sees this and gets him a regular psychologist to see every week. death grief is there lurking in the background, gently covering and influencing the dynamics.

  462. 462
    something to think about Says:

    even a group therapy group of bereavement would be good. specifically geared towards people have a experienced the loss of a direct family member when the survivor was at a young age at the death of their loved one. their coping with grief is much different than the loss of a grandparent let’s say. unless that grandparent was the primary caregiver.

  463. 463
    something to think about Says:

    i am saying this because of the alcohol abuse not because of the naked pictures.

  464. 464
    jolentini Says:

    Made in UK. Check out my latest movie “Four’s a crowd” in which I am playing the character of Luke. Pls leave constructive comments if you like.

  465. 465
    Max Says:


    Or the cleverest thing he ever done. :)

  466. 466
    deedee Says:

    OMG all the fuss over this … he is a prince who has women throwing themselves at him for a piece of him … as for the pics all can say is he has a great body so sure doesn’t have anything to be embarrassed about and being a typical guy and playing strip games to get the women naked and get a little action isn’t anything new …. if anything he needs to pick his party buddies more carefully ….

  467. 467
    Lou Says:

    PEOPLE… He is a man. One leg at a time, just like us. Can you imagine being young and not being able to enjoy life? Let him be. He didn’t ask to be a Royal it was bestowed upon him at birth. He is a person who enjoys having fun. I wouldn’t want to cast a stone as I woudn’t want one cast at me. Leave him alone. Turn your head if you don’t want to see his cute butt. ha ha

  468. 468

    We have all been there, just a shame some low life at the PRIVATE get together has nothing else better to do, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Harry has done nothing wrong I would be proud to call him my son, enjoy growing up it does not last long.

    May they should post a photo of the GRUB who posted or sold these photo’s you should trully be ashamed of yourself you GRUB.

  469. 469
    sarah onepa Says:

    im dissapointed but nice butt :)

  470. 470
    sarah onepa Says:

    im dissapointed.. but nice butt huh?!

  471. 471
    Eduardo Says:

    Give the man some privacy! Just because he is a Prince and third in the line of sucession to the throne of Great Britain does not mean that he faultless. He is human for crying out loud. He makes mistakes. And boys will be boys …
    If there were no cameras at the site, all this wouldn´t be happening.
    The only reason people are so hysterical is because he was caught on camera! That doesn’t excuse his behaviour, but we should really think: do we care about the Prince or the visual scandal it stirrs?
    Give the man some privacy, if he wasn´t royal, nobody would be talking about this …

  472. 472
    steve Says:

    glad for Harry, he is not married and just having fun…who has not had fun???

  473. 473
    Roger M Says:

    Normal guy, having fun, and an idiot taking photos and a lot of stupids with not to do.
    Have a nice vacation Harry!

  474. 474
    agp Says:

    t would be good for these pictures to be deleted. Do not you think it is immoral that they give appear on various sites near Royal British? What do you think children say? It’s good for their education also show them fotograpii, permanently? I do not think others are more moral than he is today. Anyway it was a set and he fell into the trap. He was angry and others took advantage of it.

  475. 475
    teddy Says:

    Fantastic, excellent, no puritanism whatever he or she may be and that is good for everybody. Bravo.

  476. 476
    Eleanor Says:

    I’m sure he’s not the first royal to be caught on film in the nude.

  477. 477
    Not telling Says:

    Harry is def. HOT!

  478. 478
    Keith Says:

    @Anne: I fully agree with Anne and others ! ;)

  479. 479
    Keith Says:

    @judy manzoor: Hi Judy! I fully agree, but i’m sure you meant: “wild oats” ;))

  480. 480
    Keith Says:

    @a normal perspective: Not these days !

  481. 481
    Keith Says:

    @Sarah: I fully agree Sarah… wish i’d been there, lol!! ;))

  482. 482
    Keith Says:

    @amy: Oh Amy, i agree and love you too ! ;))

  483. 483
    Steve Says:

    See, Harry, you don’t have to be rich to have fun.

  484. 484
    Jana Says:

    OMG! Hot…

  485. 485
    Melissa Says:

    Have you taken a good look at the pictures on the net – they’re different men all claiming to be Prince Harry. The site gives a small example of how different men are photographed as Prince Harry. I think that the tabloids are just trying to make money at Prince Harry’s expense by using guys who only vaguely look alike.

  486. 486
    Eric A Says:

    Looks yummy to me , too bad the hands are in the way

  487. 487
    nudevilla Says:

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    nudevilla Says:

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  490. 490
    Phillipa Says:

    LOOOOOL. Oh my god, let the guy do what he wants. He’s human after all. ;D

  491. 491
    Farhad Says:

    Well! And these days he’s heard of complaining the media. He also says rubbish things like ‘take a life to save a life’. Where are the death-sentence saga-mongers of a druggranny in bali? I’m sorry prince when u dn’t know how to protect the rights of ur grandma, how can u b thought of to have showed sense in ur time at afghanistan? Granny wanna scalp u off…

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