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Prince Harry: Nude Photos from Las Vegas Party Weekend!

Prince Harry: Nude Photos from Las Vegas Party Weekend!

Prince Harry goes fully naked in these photos obtained by TMZ from his crazy party weekend on Friday (August 17) in Las Vegas.

The 27-year-old royal covered his royal bits with his hands in one of the photos while a naked woman stands beside him. In another photo, he bear-hugs a woman who appears to be nude as well.

Harry reportedly went down to the hotel bar at the MGM Grand with his entourage that evening before bringing some ladies back to his room for a game of strip pool, according to TMZ.

Over the weekend, Harry was also spotted spending time with Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte, racing in the hotel pool!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Prince Harry’s nude photos – HOT or NOT?

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  • juju

    And cant do this kind of “Vegasing” in his freaking hometown England – he really must be called DIRTY HARRY!

  • lauren

    someones gonna be in trouble with the royals

  • http://google jessica

    I think Harry is accomplice of the person who took the pic , he wanted the pic became public, otherwise the picture would not have been published.
    Why Harry wanted to publish the pic ?
    Who? his ex, maybe. Harry wanted to show this pic…………

  • KissThis

    What an idiot…

  • http://google dolly

    maybe Harry wants to kill the entire royal family of a heart attack and so become King Harry.

  • cindy

    Crazy Harry!!!He’s the bad boy of the princes!!

  • Razzie

    Goooooo Harry…..What a legend!!!!!

  • blah

    dear GOD… He has no respect for his family… Queen must be furious… he should be expelled from family….

  • hmmm

    OMG WOW…is it just me or does he look like hes effing that girl in the second photo? it looks like an*l…omg!!!! He’s in major trouble now

  • yum!

    he’s the only hot royal.

  • oy

    And all this time we thought the royal jewels were in The Tower.

  • Dave Franco

    Good for him .Party hard!

  • http://@boydirectionr Serge

    Uh oh, the royal family won’t be happy haha ;)

  • Anglophile

    Harry is NOT the Prince of Wales as stated in the article. His father Charles holds that title along with a significant income that Harry lacks. When or IF Charles succeeds his mother and becomes King, his eldest son, William will become The Prince of Wales until he becomes King.

    As in the recent past, it is the second or “spare” son who usually is the screw-up with no clearly defined responsibilities except to wait in the wings for the unexpected.


  • Questionable

    I’m questioning now whether or not these photos are the real Prince Harry. First of all you just basically have a side face shot of red headed dude but no full face confirmation. Remember the published photos of Prince William and Harry prior to William’s wedding?? Everyone thought they were them but it was very darn good look alikes. They did it with Charles and Priscilla as well. I think someone may be pulling a fast one on us, at least I hope so.

  • Harryinhotwater

    What a stupid kid!! I hope it was a lookalike and not the real Harry or he’s gonna be in royal doodoo!!

  • nisa

    wow, now I know why Chelsy Davy doesn’t want to be his wife!!

  • fanta

    Thank god he is not the first line in the throne!!

  • Kayla

    Haa! I like him a little more now. I hate how stiff and mothy William is getting.

    I would definitely do Harry but I would make sure there was a condom. Dont want to catch that special cocktail of herpes and chlamydiae that he no doubt has.

  • Kayla

    @Marco: The man is straight or didnt you see the 2 women hes cuddling. Direct your depravity at one of your own.

  • Kora

    Lol this is hilarious! I love that he’s having fun, but the person taking the pics should really b ashamed of her/himself. What happens in Vegas should really stay there and that should be valid for everyone!

  • Marieme

    Hilarious! I only wish that greedy idiot who took the photo didn’t betray him. Poor Harry. He doesn’t deserve the sh*t he’s going to get for this.

  • GoodMama

    Chelsy? Ha-Ha. She was standing at the same pose… as well Catherine, Pippa and others. They all wanted to be famous and got a p:rick into a…al. Man must work hard to have a decent woman, love, sex … This guy is used to women for sale whom he can get for free. He was only born by Diana, but grew up with a p:rostitute Camilla which supplied him with other p:rostitutes. Guy, you should have a look at these photos and understand that your p:rick is not at the right place.

  • nigel

    Dressing up as a nazi was still worse.

  • Dan

    Lol Very fun and hot.

  • Kora

    Ok so Clarence House just confirmed to a UK paper that it is indeed Harry in the pics but they will not comment on them. Just awesome, I love this guy!

  • Peed-on Prince

    I saw the pics when one guy was peeing into pool when Prince Harry was there and this guy was like “Oh I am so cool, I peed on Prince Harry!!!!”

  • Mickey12

    he’s so much fun! and sexy too! :)

  • lotte

    what is he covering with his hands seems to be tiny. lol

    if he were a normal person, he would have been fired from his job

  • HarryDarry

    To Watch Nude Pictures with Prince Harry Enter here :

  • jamiejuk

    Nice to see the our fricking tax payers money , goes towards funding booze girls, fancy hotel rooms, and anything else this royal prick wants!!
    I think his hitler uniform incident was worse, but this is as dumb as they come.

    I dont mind people having fun, but other people use their own money, and this guy constantly has a party at our expense, when hospitals are closing, people are losing their jobs, families, houses, and futures.

    Absolute prick!!!

  • Joseph

    When is the world going to rid itself of these parasites? Time this little shit was sent out to do a real job and earn his own living instead of robbing the people!

  • xoxo

    KPIGStew & Prince Harry must HOOk-UP; theyre pefectly match as they both were dirty wh0res who have scandal pics!!!

  • Suki J.

    As a Brit. I am deeply ashamed of Prince Harry.
    Basically he is a total ‘waste of space’, a bore, and an upper class ‘Twit’. He should go and get a proper job and do something to improve the lives of others, less fortunate.
    He is just another example of the uselessness, of the unelected, British Monarchy.

  • Theresa

    Laughing hard is the only thing I can do. But let the guy alone he was just having fun

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    I love Hot Harry’s wild self but time to man up and grow up!!!

  • Nina G

    Harry – good for you. Just because you are a prince doesn’t mean you can’t get naked!

  • True story

    You do realise he is in the army, has been deployed before and is about to be again very soon? That boy does more than just work. He protects his country.


    ahahahahaha vegas baaaaaaaby!!

  • Babee

    Pay the look a like a lot of cash ..could not look into the camera just the
    Back of his head! That is how you know it is fake! We know the look alike that did this, So get your kicks now! Why Harry why not some red headed married actor!

  • NASA

    So..what ..everybody get naked atleast twice in a day….whats the big deal,

    1/4th of world is naked without clothes….. the guy who photographed should be ashamed of doing such things…..Mr.harry iam with you..pls contact me.

  • Zap


  • Zap

    @NASA: and you would agree to groupsex in doggie style too?

  • chuck

    You’re the man! Only men understand we need to be naked and Free. it needs alot of attention! It’s a “Muscule”! So what if the wine was as good as the chicks. Have fun Prince! :)

  • Helen

    How many pilot in the English army can go to Vegas all the time and spend the money of the country ..and that money I’d the taxes that the hard working people pay ,,pure trash I guess he got it from his trash mother who slept with many men and told her children all about it

  • Helen

    @True story: When he protect his country ,he always partying..I guess you mean his col étude are protecting the country ..that’s a big joke

  • Helen

    Meant collegues

  • Jenny

    Good on him!! Ok may not be great showing the world everything but he is a normal person like us…why shouldnt he have fun!!

  • Hugh Jampton

    Major Hewitt must be very proud of his boy.

  • Ruta

    NOT HOT!

    It’s about time he grew up. Only two weeks ago he stood in for his grandmother at the closing of the Olympics and now this. At least he should use discretion and ensure such behaviour remains private.

    It’s a pity he doesn’t have to work for a living.