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Prince Harry: Nude Photos from Las Vegas Party Weekend!

Prince Harry: Nude Photos from Las Vegas Party Weekend!

Prince Harry goes fully naked in these photos obtained by TMZ from his crazy party weekend on Friday (August 17) in Las Vegas.

The 27-year-old royal covered his royal bits with his hands in one of the photos while a naked woman stands beside him. In another photo, he bear-hugs a woman who appears to be nude as well.

Harry reportedly went down to the hotel bar at the MGM Grand with his entourage that evening before bringing some ladies back to his room for a game of strip pool, according to TMZ.

Over the weekend, Harry was also spotted spending time with Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte, racing in the hotel pool!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Prince Harry’s nude photos – HOT or NOT?

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  • Ava

    Harry walks into the room and William looks disappointed:

    W: “so are you even going to try to explain what happened? do you have no remorse?”
    H: (shrugs his shoulder) “I was on holiday. I wanted a good time. I didn’t do anything wrong….”
    W: “”‘didn’t do anything wrong?!’ those pictures set us back. people are not going to be happy about this. grandmum is not going to be happy about this. I suppose Kate and I will have to adopt a puppy these next coming weeks to possibly ease the tensions. (he sighs) Harry just know that when you are in the states, you need to be extra careful. Normal people over there are not normal – they are called “famewh8res” They literally record everything – sex tapes, taking a piss…sounds like you brought some famewho8res up there with you.”
    H: “oh well… they were hot so whatever…”

  • annienplay

    He is 27, rich, royal and single. It is about time someone in that stuffy family had some fun. Party on Harry!!

  • Poor Wills

    LMAO Prince Harry is good times!!

    I wonder if William wishes he could get away with half the stunts that Harry does…. he’s under more strict “supervision” and all that, being the heir to the crown and all….

  • Jark

    Whoever released these pictures should be outed. They are destroying the reputation of Vegas. People come to Vegas to let loose, indulge, and party. No unmarried adult should be crucified for that.

  • Rita

    Although I like Harry and think he’s funny and seems to not take everything so serious as his royal counterparts tend to do, I do think that it was not a wise choice for him to do this. It’s not a wise choice for anyone, but especially unwise if you are a celebrity. He should be more careful and know that he can’t do everything that people his age normally do because someone will try to exploit him because of it. Case in point: this photo.

  • anna

    he’s a young single guy having fun in Vegas, most royal’s lives seem so pompous and boring, having to go to all those insipid events and walking around as if it were a crime to have a personality… at least this guy gets to have a good time once in a while, good for him! Harry is a breath of fresh air in that outdated british monarchy.

  • Enuma Elish

    3rd in line but wants to be one of da boyz, so much so that he’s desperate to go out on active service rather than sit at home……but some wanna crucify him for partying like everybody else…..leave the boy be, he’s a gem….and an awesome prince with a big heart and a sense of fun……go ‘arry

  • Sophie

    oh yeah! very cool!, the guy is an adult of 27 years, these things are not rebellion are just pathetic. Then you peolple from USA wonder why the rest of the world think that you are ignorant, superficial and full of cr*p.

  • Guest

    If you like what that idiot doing then donr complaining about the economic crises ..when you have to work hard and pay taxes so that trash can take them and have fun,,and don’t start with the money he got from his mother and from his job. He doesn’t work and so his mother who got money from rich men

  • NoRoyalFan


    Couldn’t agree with you more. As we struggle with a presidential election that will define our future and as we grapple with issues as unemployment, national debt, healthcare reform, domestic security, etc, I think it’s a hell of a lot of nerve for this hypocritical royal with all the money in the world to blow on his decadent fantasies to come here and indulge his selfish hedonistic pleasures. I was never a fan of the British royals. Besides the fact that they do nothing to help humanity or the world, Harry’s miserable looking grandmother, woh pretends to be all prim and proper, can’t even crack a small smile, as the entire world was watching the opening ceremonies of the London olympics. Does she think she’s better than everyone?

  • NoRoyalFan


    AGREED !!

  • Adam J Mortimer

    The man who would be King – not!

    Thank goodness he’s the youngest son and pray that Prince William succeeds to the Throne eventually.

    Hopefully in place of his Dad

  • Subby

    One of the VERY few Certified Playboys of the world.

  • Anon. E. Mouse

    What happens in Vegas…
    Oh please there’s nothing, he hides the Crown Jewels.

  • marty

    what a dick!

  • Hm

    To be honest, every one is making a massive fuss saying he’s letting down the royal family and things but he’s like 27, and in Vegas.. he’s allowed to have some fun! He obviously didn’t realize somebody was going to invade his privacy and betray his trust by taking pictures?

  • http://google dolly

    OMG! HARRY naked clutching his crown jewels following.

  • tatiana

    @Guest: every freaking @Sophie: if you think an entire country is ignorant than maybe you’re the one who is ignorant and full of crap. This coming from a brazilian who realizes there are all types of people in all countries, I’m so tired of having to read in every discussion about anything somebody trying to stereotype entire cultures and narrow them down to a few adjectives mostly offensive ones, so you should be glad to know that no the entire world does not share your opinion.

  • Elli

    LMAO ~ Atleast he had fun! Those girls were smart to keep their faces away from the camera.

  • Linzi.

    Gun laws, (‘Bearing Arms) and Corruption are more important to the USA than a person’s right to Privacy!!!! DISGUSTING…..YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!


    Free love, public pools, abortions, infertility, random children without fathers, mothers who earn with prostitution because they had made a mistake, pregnant gal in this bodies-cocktail, in which someone had thrown up…… not considering AIDS, infections and sexual normality.
    You may not share someone’s opinion but you will share the fate with which you agree.

  • Sakib

    Much ado about Nothing!!

  • Fruit

    Oh HARRY HARRY HARRY. WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE NOW. This guy really does like to do such scandelous things, it makes the ROYAL news so juicy. If HE thinks this is ‘FUN’ its bloody hell wrong he is screwing up with his family and Diana would NEVER EVER like this. I miss her so much if SHE was there he wouldn’t end up like how he is now. A complete arsehole, hooking up with WOMEN and doing shit like this is not going to get you anywhere HARRY. I think he sld be ashamed of himself and like few people over here are saying this COULD be ‘fake’ I frkng hope so. Because THIS just crossed the line well the NAZI uniform was just WAYYY out of the line but he just really needs to GROW THE HELL UP. What is he thinking?! :-( YES. PARTY enjoy LIFE but NOT like this for godsake. Have some respect of YOURSELF if not your family.

  • Angela

    I want to party with Harry. He looks loads of fun and wild ;)

  • Love It

    I guess what happen in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas when you are a Prince…He is hot!!!! I’d do em….

  • BrightonJames

    WOOPS Harry !!!

  • Davenrea

    Do what you want, you do us proud – I salute you Sir

  • Vic

    Go, Harry. I’ll party with you anytime.

  • Christopher Briggs

    Well now you know. David Icke was wrong. They’re not reptiles….

  • Robin de Loxley

    It pleases me that our prince is nothing more than a mere man ……… in every way.

  • Garry

    What where his protection people thinking , how could this happen ?This should be private ! !
    Shame on the press !

  • Cscscscscs
  • Mike England UK

    Well harry you dont suprise me, what a Lad top bloke and about time the royals enjoyed life……lets see more lol God lad son

  • crazyman

    Good man! have fun! invite me next time to have fun with the girls too!

  • me

    America’s favorite prince!

  • peter

    He is a young man i can remember playing strip poker in my 20s this young prince is game for some fun and a laugh leave him alone good on ya Harry

  • LLT

    Harry we love you! Hurry back home!

  • Garry

    Who among you would not do the same if you had the chance ? ?
    don`t criticise until you no the facts
    Harry is a great Guy and puts his life on the line often !

    This trip was not payed for by the tax-payers of GB


  • elle

    I think it is his own personal business if wants to have sex with a woman in his private room. For someone to photograph his private moment is trespassing. We should not discuss his sex life it is not ours to discuss.


    I bet his mother Diana is doing flip-flops in her grave – - – How can you call these nude pics – - It’s a picture of his butt and he is covering his front…. Seriously, have people gone to a beach lately? Women wear far more reveling swimsuits. Giv ehim a break…. It was all in good fun… He will use better judgement next time… .. Leave him alone already…..



    Lighten up… You would be surprised what the democrats do with your tax dollars too…… Geez… Get an ever lovin’ life…….

  • honey bun

    Oh my God,a young lad getting naked with a young woman present,what is the world coming to!!!.For Gods sake whats all the fuss about? Leave the lad alone.

  • http://twitter Steve

    @Marco: what a joke

  • KS

    Really? Is this all we have to talk about in the world ? Let the man live his life ! GO FOR IT BROTHER !!! LIVE YOUR LIFE AND HAVE FUN WHILE YOU CAN ! SCREW THE PRESS AND ANYONE THAT DOES NOT KNOW YOU !!!!!!!

  • Ticketyboo

    He *had* to know these pics would hit the internet, otherwise why do it? Publicity stunt anyone?

  • KS

    Leave the man alone. It was a private party.

  • gadder

    This is a Royal conspiracy, He is trying in vain for new royal blood line in US, wants his decents to become president one day!!!haha

  • Anthony

    Big deal. Its about time we see a naked hunky royal.

  • Vic


    Agree with KS. I’ve had quite a number of naked parties in my life. I feel sorry for those who haven’t experienced the freedom

    I just hope Harry goes on experiencing the fun in life. He obviously shows responsibility when he’s on duty or carrying out official duties for the family. But when he’s on his own, he has every right to cut loose.

    I’ll party naked with Harry any day.

  • SL

    I’d rather see kate :-)