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Prince Harry: Nude Photos from Las Vegas Party Weekend!

Prince Harry: Nude Photos from Las Vegas Party Weekend!

Prince Harry goes fully naked in these photos obtained by TMZ from his crazy party weekend on Friday (August 17) in Las Vegas.

The 27-year-old royal covered his royal bits with his hands in one of the photos while a naked woman stands beside him. In another photo, he bear-hugs a woman who appears to be nude as well.

Harry reportedly went down to the hotel bar at the MGM Grand with his entourage that evening before bringing some ladies back to his room for a game of strip pool, according to TMZ.

Over the weekend, Harry was also spotted spending time with Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte, racing in the hotel pool!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Prince Harry’s nude photos – HOT or NOT?

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  • jesse

    nana must be proud

  • John Maddams

    If this was the result of strip pool someone needs to teach Harry how to play pool better

    Everyone has the right of privacy within their own quarters and many expect to be able to live and work in the nude at home, and why not?

    We all should know Harry as an all rounder. As an ambassador of sport as a role model of youth, good for British business, his charitable work is great, courageous as a soldier, No one of us is perfect and we dont expect Harry to be perfect.

    We should forgive the guy if he’s done anything wrong, but just relaxing being naked playing pool in a friendly mixed company is not immoral

    If he was having illicit sex that would for many people make a difference but he is a single male and one of our nations pin ups

    Stop hassling him

    He’s going to have to live with this but given the daily diet of evil we get from all over the world this is a young man having fun

    and compared with his great uncle David then heir to the Throne and great uncle George, Duke of Kent, what are we making a fuss about?

  • Martie

    Little did he know that TMZ is everywhere. And here he thought, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” – poor bugger!

    I know if it were me, it would suck that somebody took pictures of me without me knowing – but I’m 45, fat and frumpy. Hell – if I were in my 20′s!! Keep clicking! Just kidding – it would suck that someone took advantage of the situation to take naked pictures of me behind my back!

    On the flip side – big deal! So nice to know he’s human!

  • Heather Beattie

    I was so sad and angry to watch the program on bullying. It is hard to believe that adults such as the bus driver, teachers and prinicipals at the school on the documentary didn’t do anything to stop the horrible behavior. They should be fired! Where is the school trustee in all this? These children that threat and injure other kids should be expelled. What is wrong with the school system? It is truly sad. I’d like to see the documentary changed from an R rating to a PG rating. Children need to see this story so that they will realize how harmful bullying is. thanks for listening, Heather Beattie

  • Pirulin Cagao

    Any pictures of the Queens naked coming up?

  • sooo

    crazy and all the people applauding him for it are even more nuts!

  • Kim Kardashians

    Glad he isn’t gay, if he was then he’ll be raped lol……….


    Just another moron.. theres millions out there. Royal family should have withered years ago but privilege and lack of intelligence = moron.

  • bob

    Utter moron with the IQ of a .. sorry can’t think of anything with less IQ..

  • scallywag

    Questions, thoughts, outrage and jittery fallout. Really? How about a slow summer August and a fervent desire to hang the Prince for simply being the sprightly chap that we have all come to expect him to be (never mind the public troll speak about him being reformed or not…).

    Not to fear Harry, we’ll be taking off our knickers and undies sometime later tonight for a bit of fun ourselves, just knock twice on the front door when you arrive. Hawt bixch…

  • http://justjared Mayi

    Come on,the guy doesn’t show more than what can be shown with a tanga.Royalty can have some private parties too.The only bad thing is that this one didn’t go private,and people love the gossip and scandals.We humans are just that,humans. The sky won’t fall ,right?

  • Woodstock

    I heard his brother has the larger jewels in the kingdom! Something that rivals the knight’s horse… hahahahha

  • bob

    Celeb culture.. what a joke.. all that read this website and others should be subject to the Hitler purification project… all a waste of oxygen.

  • smack

    NOT! pic is so fuzzy, you can’t even really tell if it’s him or not

  • anonymous

    Who cares? Is this supposed to be a big deal or something? Every human on the planet is walking around with either a penis or a vagina and everyone of those people has an ass. There absolutely no mystery in the human body. So trying to sensationalize this is a big yawn……yawn.

  • Jessie

    No one cares what Harry does in private if it STAYS private. But the fact is he’s going to be taken to task by his Grannie AND the military. Even in America the Military would be hauling his ass’ in and disciplining him. What he does is a reflection on the Royal Family and the Armed Services that he’s in. While I find it funny, there will be no laughing from his family or superiors, maybe high-fives from his buddies, though.
    He was just too stupid. I’m still getting over his papa having his phone conversation with Camilla jacked. The one where he said he wanted to be her tampon, he was still married at the time. Dem boys be nasty lol.

  • Mike


  • jelly

    the pics are blurry and we cant clearly see any faces, so I wont buy this is actually him until a statement about it comes out. as far as I can tell that could be any random john doe..

  • RoyalistLoyalist

    Prince William, in the mean time, saved 2 people’s lives. First a 16yr old girl drowning at sea. Now a 58yr old Canadian tourist in Britain who fell down and broke her leg in some kind of cliff. Harry, get better friends, and stay clear of those party freaks you hang out with.

  • a55hole

    Did he fuxk around raw ???

  • RoyalistLoyalist
  • http://@jabariab Jabari

    So umm, what’s the big deal? Naked people? That’s how Europeans do.

  • Look@Me

    @delilah: For the person who asked where are his body gaurds, who do you think is in the photo? Now that is protection I could really get behind. What a sexist world we live in not thinking of the obvious, girls can be body gaurds too!!!! Save me save me!!

  • R

    Do they show his penis? If they don’t show his penis then who cares.

  • http://Justjarde Jen


  • jeremy

    Nice body. He can come over at any time!

  • Reidros

    @jeremy: He can come over any time? Or he can come on you any time? :P

  • Helzinki

    He got P. Diana’s Genes!

  • Tool Time

    He’s a fattie, too! lol And a tool.

    We have a name for white inbreed, promiscuous, military folks in the USA who live off the taxes of others. Rednecks! In England they are called royal. LOLOZ

  • JR Belvastor

    OMG folks the man is merely naked in a private hotel suite. WTF is wrong with that? Folks that call having one’s clothes off in private “stupid” is what’s really bizarre. Just sayin’

  • Jan

    His security detail failed by allowing cell phones or cameras in his suite. If they did not check for phones, someone could have gotten a gun in there also. People are enjoying this but this is dangerous. Harry is in the British military and he should be in trouble with them also. Will the Queen save Harry?

  • lula

    I really don’t care about what harry does on weekends, i’m seriously upset about the person that released this photos, that person has no respect for privacy, of course doesn’t surprise happens all the time in hollywood and now in royalty I suppose

  • roxanne

    only cause he is a prince people freak over about this stuff get an average guy doing this and its another day in vegas sure he is rich a prince and eligable but please everyone has there moments

  • roxanne

    the sad part is the girls mother is probably seeing this and going hell yeah paternity test

  • Me Myself

    Awesome! More people ought to loosen up, let their hair down, and have a great time like this.

  • Melissa

    He’s human just like anyone else. Just because he had the good fortune of being born into the royal family means that his every move is watched and mocked in some way. There are a million more interesting things to look at that would be much more interesting!! Get over it already!!!

  • Eddie

    lol…he is the man!

  • Liz

    He’s enjoying his youth…good for him!!!


    What is really pathetic is that some totall asshole america idiot sold these for $15,000. Shows you what a dumbass country the USA is.

  • Marie

    It’s Bushes fault !

  • christie

    I love Harry!! He’s always makes me smile.

  • http://@1dfansksa yara

    omg harry

    Anger grandma will beat you

  • http://@1dfansksa yara

    maybe not harry

  • Humanright

    Harry is Human, and i think no rules in western

  • Paul E Davis

    Shows how much you yanks know The Royals are Rich in their own rights. They probably do a lot more in a day than most of you making comments here do in a week. The Royals are a lot less promiscuous now than 100 years ago the big difference is there are cameras now and greedy buggers who will sell the pictures to the highest bider. As for being inbred well if you really do a study into genealogy you will find that most people are a lot closer genetically than you might want to think in 35 generations you will be surprised how many of your relatives will mary someone who is also related to you! I reckon the person who took the photos is a cold calculating shallow person who is not to be trusted in fact should make a good American Politician.

  • Noahk

    @MICHAEL MUCKRAKER: So you’re mad because they didn’t sell them for more? l m f a o

  • Pippan

    @Paul E Davis: Relax, Paulyboy. Harry now has millions of new fans around the world. He’s cool. So your comments make you a moron. Haha.

  • Suechp

    @MICHAEL MUCKRAKER: Michael Dicksucker is just made because he didn’t sell the photos. ;)

  • David, Prince of Texas

    Harry, when asked about this little adventure, simply stick to your story. “Sorry, it wasn’t me. It was a case of mistaken identity. Some blokes think all gingers look alike.”

  • A

    @Liz: He’s 28….and would you say that if it was “Princess Henrietta” instead of Prince Henry?
    Double standard as always.