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Prince Harry: Nude Photos from Las Vegas Party Weekend!

Prince Harry: Nude Photos from Las Vegas Party Weekend!

Prince Harry goes fully naked in these photos obtained by TMZ from his crazy party weekend on Friday (August 17) in Las Vegas.

The 27-year-old royal covered his royal bits with his hands in one of the photos while a naked woman stands beside him. In another photo, he bear-hugs a woman who appears to be nude as well.

Harry reportedly went down to the hotel bar at the MGM Grand with his entourage that evening before bringing some ladies back to his room for a game of strip pool, according to TMZ.

Over the weekend, Harry was also spotted spending time with Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte, racing in the hotel pool!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Prince Harry’s nude photos – HOT or NOT?

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491 Responses to “Prince Harry: Nude Photos from Las Vegas Party Weekend!”

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  1. 126
    Mignon Says:

    He is not the Prince of Wales as mentioned in the article. He is Prince Harry Wales… His DAD is the Prince of Wales (next in line to the throne is the Prince Of Wales) Once day William will be the Prince of Wales I guess. Harry is 3rd in line.
    On saying all that, I think we all suffer from being young and brain dead at some point. He is young, dumb and full of *** like any young lad at some point. I mean how difficult is it to know if “I, a Prince get naked, people will want to take photos and try to make money from them like they do with my family alllll the time – Nah, I’ll be cool – lets all get naked!” lol

  2. 127
    GoodMama Says:

    atrociously unreadable? I will explain now. If you kill mentally your wife and marry a prostitute, she brings up your sons accordingly. In other words, Priscilla bought Harry cheap prostitutes and explained to him that it is love. Probably even now Harry kills someone as well, but he will stay with prostitute and unlike Charles’s his children will be born from a b:itch.B:itches-FutureQueens

  3. 128
    jogy Says:

    i’d like to know who took this picture and how much she/he earned by selling them to magazines?

  4. 129
    NMac Says:

    The man is an immature prat. He’s doing this at the British public’s expense. There should be an immediate DNA test on this character, it is almost certain that it will prove him to be a Hewitt! So much then for the hereditary principle.

  5. 130
    Some from some place Says:

    Camilla wanted him to marry Chelsy, Pippa, other girls whom she controls. Harry made it on purpose to show that he does not love anyone of them, it’s just a rebel.

  6. 131
    lol Says:

    it appears what happens in vegas doesn’t stay in vegas anymore

  7. 132
    u.s.venkataraman Says:

    Cheekily photographing in a hotel room is intrusion of privacy..Publication of these is sensationalism and nothing but yellow journalism catering to the baser instincts of the uncultured, It matters very little ,the person involved is a prince or pauper.But if a prince ,the publicity becomes wide. to get a huge circulation. The whole episode is degeneration of ethical and moral values. Some legal curbing of these nefarious activities is imperatve.

  8. 133
    WiL Says:

    I dare I’m not the first to say this, but are we sure that’s a lady? In the second one particularly he just looks like he’s climbing on the persons back, not the sort of thing one generally does with a girl for sexy times, more likely changing room style hi jinx. Nude drunken bro games? Could be…

  9. 134
    Robbson Says:

    @Some from some place
    I heard that Harry loves a girl that looks like Diana and Camilla want her death, it destroys her plans. That’s why that what I read here might be true, Harry’s in rebel again.
    I saw when he was at the pool how he was looking at pregnant girl and called her kid Noah whole day. Obviously he wants children with his girl. I do not think he would want to upset her, there must be some serious reason for this.
    Camilla you’re witch again!

  10. 135
    dust Says:

    if those photographes are taken in a hotel room, behind the close doors, the “photographer” will face some serious consequences.

  11. 136
    Marie Says:

    Poor Diana even didn’t know with whom exactly Charles was cheating on her. Camilla’s been inventing new and new combinations, in the end they broght Diana to a mental disorder and Camilla got Charles, as well as opportunity to continue her black business.

  12. 137
    WiL Says:


    Erm, but what evidence of gender is there? The first one looks like a lady due to height, the second one, anyone’s guess, but neither shows any obvious gender giveaways.

  13. 138
    Someone Says:

    @Robbson: and I heard that this girl is German, so may that’s why Harry was wearing Nazis, it was protest as well.

  14. 139
    MarkyH Says:

    Drop me out. Leave the boy alone! Harmless fun that endears him to the normal British public. Let the people that are out of touch tut tut but thank god he does not go as far as normal Brits of his age on a night out.

  15. 140
    King Christoff Says:

    I hope this trip was paid for from his ‘army’ wages though and not from the tax payers pocket. Though I very much doubt it.

  16. 141
    Tom Inksip Says:

    u.s.venkataraman You say bulllshit I think, there were six British officers.. it was done intentionally. But what was the prupose?

  17. 142
    King Christoff Says:


  18. 143
    Trey Bien Says:


    You certainly can’t be gay because a ‘mo would know that there’s no way to tell.

  19. 144
    Guy Says:

    on photo seen that Harry does not mind being pictured, girl hides behind his body since she knows they are being pictured. You should be attentive enough to understand that these photos were deliberately made.

  20. 145
    askdfa Says:

    big deal, it’s not like he’s taking drugs or doing anything illegal. I hope the secret photographer will be exposed.

  21. 146
    enly Says:

    i thought, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

  22. 147
    Teri Says:

    prince harry is hawt!! Love his naughty wild personality. He’s cooler than his big brother

  23. 148
    Teun Says:

    Just hope he had a good time

  24. 149
    The taskmaster Says:

    The guy who sold this picture will get stickin richh$$$$$$

  25. 150
    DANNY Says:

    It’s good to have fun in private ,but when you are a Royal…you have a status to live up to…it’s like he’s trying to sit on two chairs at once…will fall between them !
    I can’t respect a guy who on one hand pretends to be a Royal rep.=very much stigma attached to preserve the image;on the other hand he’s completely out of order embarassing the whole family !
    Let’s be honest,it’;s not really natural to spend a fortune on naked,pissed parties for anybody? He clearly is living on a different planet !
    It would be interesting to know who pays for all these private entourage & entertainment?I hope I’m not one of those unfortunate idiots? Money has to be channeled from a source….
    I think Harry should go it alone and I don’t think I want to see him again in any official role ,almost falling asleep….like he appeared recently;he clearly does not enjoy that kind of work without some strippers on his arm to keep him awake ! Very sad situation !

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