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Prince Harry: Nude Photos from Las Vegas Party Weekend!

Prince Harry: Nude Photos from Las Vegas Party Weekend!

Prince Harry goes fully naked in these photos obtained by TMZ from his crazy party weekend on Friday (August 17) in Las Vegas.

The 27-year-old royal covered his royal bits with his hands in one of the photos while a naked woman stands beside him. In another photo, he bear-hugs a woman who appears to be nude as well.

Harry reportedly went down to the hotel bar at the MGM Grand with his entourage that evening before bringing some ladies back to his room for a game of strip pool, according to TMZ.

Over the weekend, Harry was also spotted spending time with Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte, racing in the hotel pool!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Prince Harry’s nude photos – HOT or NOT?

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  • http://facebook charlene mcgovern

    oh my word, well leave him alone, you only live once he doing no harm just a boy having fun( hope he wore a durex thou xxxx)

  • Night100

    He’s hot! Let’s see more!

  • Detty

    Oh please… give him a break!!!!

  • cheong sw

    to enjoy when young is way of life but think of your country and your present position. may god bless you !!!

  • pop

    “his papa having his phone conversation with Camilla jacked. The one where he said he wanted to be her tampon” at least Harry did not become Camilla’s tampon, her twat-girl Chelsy he used as anus, though everything can change…….let’s see how he will use her t-girl Pippa. Only then we can call him her tampon too.

  • http://facebook Lauren

    fair play to him! dont know why people are getting themselves into a knot about it! high five prince harry!

  • pop

    @roxanne: the reality is such that girls who are delivered for royals are castrated. Chelsy, Pippa and Kate – castrates. They will never have children, that’s how they paid for being famous.

  • pop

    William does not love Kate, he had a compromising incident that caused him to commit this deal. If the photos are published means Harry has not agreed to any deal, but they can break him, he should have enough tension.

  • Tim

    Prince Harry is very cool
    This will only add to his fame. As long as he doesnt cause any harm to anyone. Looks like eveyone was having fun to me. What the big to do the more people complain about this, the hotter he will be in the public eye. Party on dude your only young once. I say just keep smiling.

  • AbsoluteGay

    @Kim Kardashians: and he was rapped, only this wasn’t published yet. Maybe royals will buy it out.
    Guys are bissexual, see their hands on first photo
    One of the guys has AIDS, so the girls should make a test. They were so non compos that even did not use condoms.

  • Markie

    If this was a female these comments would be different. Sexist pigs!!!

  • Barbarella

    Harry you sure know how to have fun, not sure what your Grandmother would say, probably (oh so cliche) “We are not amused.”

  • philip

    its just a bit of fun if it was any one else no one would care! hes done so much with the olympics and charity work in africa people need to give him a break no one is perfect!
    phil from leeds

  • Townsend

    @AbsoluteGay: Now I understand why Chelsy Davvy said that “he spends too much time with his friends“

  • Good Lad…

    Good lad…get in there, is there anyone who wouldn’t do the same if they were in your shoes…and if they say they wouldn’t, they are lying!

  • Nessa

    So what !! he is young free & single

    In our days they did not have camera phones !!

    so think on who did not get caugh t!!

  • peter

    what sort of friend puts pictures like this on line??????????????

  • The Royal

    I’m glad Harry is the second son. He becomes similar to his dad, Charles, Prince of Wales.

  • edie

    great stuff harry, go for it, dont know what all the fuss is about after all we were born this way, we were all so proud of the royal family being a little more relaxed, but then when they do it they get slaughtered, cant win guys!!!!

  • Marie

    Poor Diana, she was a virgin when she got into this heel, she was looking not for a man but for a support… drag her sons out of this hell, in hope that her sons will not become the same as………

  • Katrina

    Maybe Harry was accused of wearing the military uniform of the Nazis seven years ago, so he was naked on 17th.

  • pete1863

    We are not amused. Neither was the lady who is trying to get away from him.
    Way to go Harry.

  • Zoid

    Get a life folks, big deal have you not seen a man before. Good on him.

  • http://twitter godwin doe adamah


    am with u.

  • Ahah

    I always liked this kid.
    He’s got the better part of the royal genes in his family. Others *cough* got the trash.

  • Jamie

    @Anne: actually the English are loving it. Most of us wish the crown could skip to him or at least that he has a significant role in the monarchy. Swoons

  • jd1985

    lol! Awesome! What we haven’t seen yet is the pic of Harry when he realises there’s a tiger in the bathroom!! Epic!

  • peter shaw

    Harry doesn’t seem to be growing up. I am suprised he let or was oblivious to this. He’s going to take one hell of hammering when he gets home here in the uk, pretty sure he wishes he was flying straight out to Afghanistan on his restriced duties. God save the Queen!
    Peter Manchester UK.

  • aka6969

    @Anne: what the hell would you know about royalty ? you aint even got a history for christ sake !

  • baldybloke

    When your ginger you have to grab any opportunity that presents itself. I think they are playing snooker though. One of the pictures definitely looks like he is attempting to pot the brown.

  • Ahmed

    To be honest I do not blame him, but whom he gave trust and partied with. I think this prince should think deep about the people around him during private times.

  • Raven

    I thought what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… whomever leaked these should be paraded naked downtown Vegas… as for Harry, he is young, rich, cute and a prince, his ancestors did much worse… what the hell does he care what we all think….

  • Marie
  • nico

    I thought Dirty Harry was a moveeee ?!

  • Tania

    You did it boy.. I am expectingmore from you!!!

  • t john

    Looks like full anal sex. Is the other person a boy?

  • Marie
  • phew-phew

    @t john: the girls have a pussy, the boys have cock… but the ass have all

  • Winsome

    How boring! hardly the most exciting thing in the world – you see as much in the locker room – without women! Person who took photos is pathetic. and who cares if Harry gets naked in private – he probably craps too!

  • http://Twitter Roland Bach

    Having spent some weeks serving in the dangerous arenas in the olympics, exhausted with his brave non soldiering, he is allowed a holiday from inactive duty. I hope his C.O. court martials him.!!! He is a disgrace to the forces.

  • tricia

    harry is a young guy< people should let him enjoy his life; royal or no royal

  • jo

    Clearly you are not British, or you would understand that the royals do not want media attention like this. He has misplaced trust as surely any army lad who has done as many tours as Harry deserves to have a laugh without some pillock making money out of him. Name and shame the person who sold these. Don’t worry harry your uncle Andrew did far worse!!

  • http://@retiredmadman rasdyl

    “but the crown jewels were not exposed” .hmmm….. girl look at dat body..aha aha I work out!!!!.

  • The Butler Did It

    Dirty Harry is a 27 yr old single fella letting his hair down on holiday. This trip is not paid for by the british taxpayer so let him have his fun. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – unless you have backstabbing friends selling your photos to the media.

  • Adrian Davies

    Loving your work Harry thats the way the british roll Yowzerrrrrrrrrr God save our gracious Harry

  • john roberts

    Good job it was pool and not snooker, he would not know wether to pot thr pink or brown

  • irishooooooooooooooooooo

    looks like u got ur gold medal for ur behaviour harry, gud on u lad u only live once,life is for living!!

  • bev haigh

    glad you had a great time harry, shame they carnt find anything better to do than take pictures of you privicy? its about time they all left you alone your only human like the reat of us! leave the lad be you r soles! they need there camera shoving down there throats! side ways! good luck harry x

  • gurl

    He is a man. He is a prince. He is rich. He is single. He is famous. He is what almost every girl wants.

  • OZ

    What happended to…. what happens in Vegas,stays in Vegas..?