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Vanessa Hudgens Finds the Beast at the Gym!

Vanessa Hudgens Finds the Beast at the Gym!

Vanessa Hudgens keeps a low profile as she heads into the gym on Tuesday (August 21) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actress wore a “Find the Beast” tee as she hid her eyes underneath her cap.

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Earlier in the day, the trailer for Vanessa‘s upcoming flick The Frozen Ground was leaked online, but it has since been pulled from YouTube. We can’t wait to see the finished version!

20+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens going to the gym…

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vanessa hudgens find the beast 01
vanessa hudgens find the beast 02
vanessa hudgens find the beast 03
vanessa hudgens find the beast 04
vanessa hudgens find the beast 05
vanessa hudgens find the beast 06
vanessa hudgens find the beast 07
vanessa hudgens find the beast 08
vanessa hudgens find the beast 09
vanessa hudgens find the beast 10
vanessa hudgens find the beast 11
vanessa hudgens find the beast 12
vanessa hudgens find the beast 13
vanessa hudgens find the beast 14
vanessa hudgens find the beast 15
vanessa hudgens find the beast 16
vanessa hudgens find the beast 17
vanessa hudgens find the beast 18
vanessa hudgens find the beast 19
vanessa hudgens find the beast 20
vanessa hudgens find the beast 21
vanessa hudgens find the beast 22

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  • anne

    she looks gorgeous

  • anne

    and i want her body so much …

  • jj

    Looks like a bit of a muffin top going on.

  • Speedo

    Gosh! She has so much free time it’s unreal. I would be so bored!

  • John

    Whoa! Shortest legs ever!

  • Wes

    Oh Gosh, I’m tired of pics of this girl ALL THE FREAKING DAYS!

    Come on, Jared! NO MORE VANESSA for a while.

  • mela

    she looks so cute

  • sofia

    why so pretty Hudgens??!!!

  • sofia

    can i have your legs bb?

  • elle

    i can’t find the trailer of her movie =(, does anyone have a youtube link ?

  • Rise Above Hate

    she looks great. Wish i got to see the trailer before it got pulled.

  • Ash

    She’s such a beauty! :)

  • She’s beastly

    She’s brave wearing that shirt!!!

  • cristiano

    she’s always here !!!!!! she must paid JJ

  • Anne.

    what’s the problem with her legs? it’s not like we are all supermodels.. Those are normal legs.

  • tina

    Love this girl, her movies will be out soon. Feel free to make whatever inane comments you want. More comments more pictures simple as that. Like I said before did some mention this site somewhere because all the children have come to play.

  • manta

    She’s dressed like a TomBoy just ugh

  • nicolas

    she’s not like the others (smoking or drunk) she’s a good girl it’s better to see her like this……not drunk in her car. GOOD CHOICE VANESSA

  • Chase

    She’s very exotic.

  • tina

    She’s dressed like she’s coming from the gym, get a life. Her legs are proportion with her height, more than half of her body.

  • Xo

    Beautiful <3

  • Donna

    as Russell said I’m blown away that a mom able to get paid $6826 in a few weeks on the internet. did you see this website (Click on menu Home more information)

  • jaspisgirl

    wow do not know who she is(i am the lazy google typ)but i have noticed she goes to gym every day .it is worth the costs for sure.

  • jkbk

    Okay Jared too many posts on this loser! ENOUGH please! by the way, she looks like she needs a shower asap!

  • Mary H.

    What’s wrong with dressing like a tomboy and what’s wrong with having short legs?

  • MoreThanWords

    Shut up you bunch of camel humping puppets, I doubt your spiteful comments make a dent in her confidence. She looks great, her legs don’t resemble tree twigs, nor does she have foreign floaters in her chest or plastic lips. She’s 100% a natural beauty, if you don’t like it then make your own website. Correct me if I’m wrong but, I’m positive JJ can post what he wants, when he wants, however he wants. Bl00dy gits.

  • http://Justjare.buzznet.comyy BOJI

    Know what I love about this girl? She is unpretentious and normal, has genuine friends and stays close to her family and she works hard for her money. Nothing came easy to her.

  • intric8

    Find the beast? Maybe she’s looking for a monster 10 incher.

  • tina

    Then she won’t be looking for you.

  • intric8

    Ohh. Im not that big, but ill bet i make Van cum a GOOD one haha

  • intric8

    cummm a good one

  • TT

    love her

  • http://Justjare.buzznet.comyy BOJI

    Cyber Trolls Alert!!!! Can’t stay away from her can you?

    Intric8, I’m sure there many other celebs with bigger boobs, butts and just about everything else which are more to your taste. why the obsession with Vanessa? You said you have a girl friend, now it makes me wonder,

  • TT

    SHE LITERALLY HAS THE PERFECT BODY. She’s not too skinny, she has her curves… her legs are amazing… her body is perfect <3

  • TT

    i know! she is such a good young woman

  • maria

    Anyone wondering why we’re getting all these posts, just needs to look at all her recent ones. All over 100 comments. So quit yer whining. If you don’t want to see more pics, then don’t comment.

    The rest of us love seeing pics of her. She looks great, tomboy or girly girl. Too bad the trailer got pulled, but I read it was a “rough edit”, so it probably wasn’t meant for release. Wonder how it got out?

  • tata

    I. Love to see V pictures

  • http://Justjare.buzznet.comyy BOJI

    Well, am glad I got to see that trailer, rough cut or not. I thought it was pretty good but then again the final version will be so much better.

  • Effy

    What is this, like the 600th batch of “Vanessa going to the gym” on this site? BORING.

  • jr

    Annd I bet you’ve commented on all 600 of them

  • intric8

    Here’s a day in the fife of a Pudgens fan club loser found here at JustJared – sit in front of computer all day and all night reloading the comments section. Troll for people who make negative comments. Comment under 6 different fake names to fake support, and make it seem like everyone in the world loves Pudgens so something must be wrong with these people. Repeat process tomorrow. Then next day. ROFLMAO!!!!!!

  • http://Justjare.buzznet.comyy BOJI

    Intric8, now look who’s talking. Speak for yourself. At least us fans have a good reason to be here. Pray, what are you doing? By negative comment if you mean constructive criticism is well and good and subject to debate. But comments such as yours belong to a porno site and should stay there. You seem to be overly obsessed with Vanessa yourself posting on every thread of hers not once but at least thrice or more.

  • MoreThanWords

    @intric8: Fantastic display of a puppet possessing a limited Imagination. How very disappointing.

  • ehryle

    Vanessa is sexy!!
    Peeps here are totally giving the time to comment on Vanessa’s post well go on enjoy viewing every picture of her thanks for dropping by at least you notice her whether a good or bad comment it’s count so more picture to come out coz you bought it!!

  • Bo

    I wonder why so many thumbs down for good comments and thumbs up for bad ones

  • ehryle

    @Bo why thumbs down for good comment coz peeps here who visiting in V post mostly live in bitterness and enjoying most of the bad side comment! they are blind in the good wholeness of the person! Its like heaven or hell so what did they choose??

  • maria

    @Bo: Must mean you’ve run out of alias names. I’m going to count how many posts you’ve had here, on someone you despise. Why do you waste your time? Because you are nothing but a big bundle of hate. You will get what’s coming to you in life. What goes around, comes around!

  • Bo

    Aunty maria , hate to burst your bubble of imagination that I have come on this site under different names . But this is my first comment since last night .Unlike you I have a personal life to attend to .

  • sara
  • yets

    so many are jealous…
    go Vanessa were her to support you always.