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Vanessa Hudgens Finds the Beast at the Gym!

Vanessa Hudgens Finds the Beast at the Gym!

Vanessa Hudgens keeps a low profile as she heads into the gym on Tuesday (August 21) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actress wore a “Find the Beast” tee as she hid her eyes underneath her cap.

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Earlier in the day, the trailer for Vanessa‘s upcoming flick The Frozen Ground was leaked online, but it has since been pulled from YouTube. We can’t wait to see the finished version!

20+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens going to the gym…

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vanessa hudgens find the beast 02
vanessa hudgens find the beast 03
vanessa hudgens find the beast 04
vanessa hudgens find the beast 05
vanessa hudgens find the beast 06
vanessa hudgens find the beast 07
vanessa hudgens find the beast 08
vanessa hudgens find the beast 09
vanessa hudgens find the beast 10
vanessa hudgens find the beast 11
vanessa hudgens find the beast 12
vanessa hudgens find the beast 13
vanessa hudgens find the beast 14
vanessa hudgens find the beast 15
vanessa hudgens find the beast 16
vanessa hudgens find the beast 17
vanessa hudgens find the beast 18
vanessa hudgens find the beast 19
vanessa hudgens find the beast 20
vanessa hudgens find the beast 21
vanessa hudgens find the beast 22

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128 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens Finds the Beast at the Gym!”

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  1. 76
    BOJI Says:

    @ Marshall, if you haven’t been following V’s threads, kindly stay out of it. Maria has good grounds for doing what she did and is a true Vanessa fan. This poster we speak of is nothing but a nagging pain who won’t leave Vanessa alone. And Intric 8 here is acting all macho which in reality, must be having a complex regarding his manhood. Maria and I, not to mention other regulars here have been Vanessa fans for a good many years .

  2. 77
    kami Says:

    someone told me that the vanessa fan site team hudgens has abandoned vanessa. they don’t post anything about her anymore? so sad. wonder what happened.

  3. 78
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Um which one? There are lots of those things.

  4. 79
    maria Says:

    @BOJI: Thanks, Boji. Working with people dealing with such adversity and facing life threatening illness, has truly given me a gift… see that people need to live their lives, in whatever way that makes them happy because it is much too short, to be as loving, respectful, and forgiving as possible, and that everyone should have second chances in life if God gives it to you. My patients are my heros, and I am blessed to have them in my life.

    As far as the one who shall not be named, that was the point I was trying to make. If you are a fan, then be one. Be supportive, forgiving of their mistakes, and realize they are human. Use your words in positive ways, instead of hating. And don’t tread where you don’t belong, just to be hateful and mean. It serves no purpose. JJ is but a teeny piece of the media universe. Just because he posts many pics here, cause HE likes her, doesn’t mean there are lots of pics of her elsewhere. Why hate on us fans, just looking for pics or news? Why hate on her for living in a normal happy way? Other celebs who live in Studio City, also get their pics taken often, more than Vanessa. JJ is the only one who buys them frequently. There is even a website specifically for pap pics of celebs who live in Studio City. I think it’s There’s just no reason to hate her for walking down the street, for having a nice BF, for a past mistake, or for frequent pics here. Hate should be reserved for heinous crimes and racism. Nothing on JJ deserves hate. Move on if you don’t like something.

  5. 80
    maria Says:

    @kami: That’s just not true. I just looked, and they are posting news, etc, as they always have.

  6. 81
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Which one?

  7. 82
    Bo Says:

    I wonder which of Zac and Vanessa is going to Venice .Personally I think they should both stop this hide and seek with each other and handle the situation in a more mature way .I really want Zac to go whether or not Vanessa is going .His career is way more important than a girl who left him two years ago .

  8. 83
    maria Says:

    @Haters Suck!: Team Hudgens

  9. 84
    maria Says:

    @Bo: If she did leave him, it was for good reason. Why would anyone stay with a guy who has no intention of getting married for 15 more years? That is beyond stupid for a girl to hang on that long, put up with cheating rumors, listen to him brag about doing s*x scenes, and lose the best years of her life . Sorry, she was smart to see that. His dream is to fool around and act like a swingin’ single to get women in to see his movies. Her dream is to have a guy who loves her, and WANTS to marry and have a family. That was NOT Efron. I’m happy she didn’t waste any more years waiting for him.

  10. 85
    Bo Says:

    Yes , I think she had reasons to leave him .However I don’t think any of the things you just said – about cheating , bragging about s e x etc etc affected her decision .First of all like you said , the cheating rumours were just that ,- rumours .They both were faithful to each other during those five years and I don’t think cheating was involved in either party .About those bragging about s e x , I don’t know what the big deal is .He did s e x scenes , fake ones and when asked questions about those scenes in interviews , answered them and most of them he did after the breakup .About the not marrying till 40 , well that’s what he said in an interview .It’s not as if everything he says in interviews has to be true considering what a private guy he is when coming to relationships .Who knows what’s really going on his mind . I don’t think Vanessa is as narrow minded as you are to drop a guy who she has had five year strong relationship for those stupid reasons .However , if her dream was to have a guy who loves her and WANTS to marry and have a family , well I say Austin is a wrong choice .When he comes of age , he’s bound to change and no longer be the guy who he is now .She should have gone for an elder guy .

  11. 86
    maria Says:

    @Bo: I didn’t mean to imply that those were the reasons she left him. I was saying that in addition to the fact that he wanted to wait a ridiculous number of years, she’d also have to put up with ALL those issues as well. I would not want to be with a guy who was constantly being rumored about. Andrew Garfield, Armie Hammer, and even Matthew McConaughey never have rumors about cheating going around. I am NOT saying he did cheat, but if you’re a good guy, you keep your nose clean, and stay out of situations that could hurt someone if you are in a relationship. I’m also not saying Austin is her forever guy either. I believe she is just enjoying his company, and he seems to be a good guy. He has gone to her premieres, visited her while away on location, goes to family events and church with her, and enjoys the same kind of activities, like museums, art, hiking, etc. In the US, you don’t marry every guy you are in a relationship with. She is not the type to sleep around and hook up, so seeing ONE guy is more her style. Plus she is learning about what she really wants in a man. I think she did the right thing with Efron…..she let him free. And in doing so, freed herself to find happiness, the kind she wants.

  12. 87
    mgm Says:

    @maria you see the thing is that when come to think of it zac never really loved vanessa and was never looking for a future with her. he didn’t say but you can undersand what i’am saying if you have followed them long enough. he was never ever serious. don’t know about vanessa. to me she doesn’t look like a serious person nor she seem that smart. on the outher hand zac is. i don’t think if he really loved her or was thinking of a future he would ever done or said those things you wrote above.
    to me she isn’t the type who could be a good mother. i feel she will spoil them and then the kids will turn out trash as her. zac don’t want that. he want a woman and good kids.
    he will find a classy lady. don’t worry.
    take a chill pill.
    get some sleep. trolling the internet whole day looking for people to bash, don’t have a life i see.

  13. 88
    mgm Says:

    And to clear your mind i had a friend who was as sweet and bubly as vanessa is. later it turned out she was a total w*hore. so don’t believe what you see and read.

    there’s no way in hell that she get paped this much without calling them.
    as a person who has some knowledge about how the PR game works i can tell you that there are ways you can go without getting pictured like this.
    believe whatever the hell you want.
    most of these daily pics are called and staged. specially the PDA ones. this girl is very sick.
    poor zac had to stick with this chic for 5 years. i think he stayed becouse she’s very good in bed. she seems very horny all the time. well he sure got sick of meaningless wild sex. and dumped her.

  14. 89
    Bo Says:

    With all due respect , but I find your comparison of Andrew Garfield , Armie Hammer ,Mathew McCoughney to Zac’s status hilarious .All three of them combined have never garnered as much appeal as Zac has ever . Zac is a sensation . He is a heartthrob . The more sensation you create , the more rumours you have to put up with . It’s gonna be harder if you’ve got one of kind pretty face to go with a hot body and frankly , there haven’t been much hook up rumours to speak of about him during the time when he was still with Vanessa . Zac has done the same things you mentioned with her , gone to premieres blah blah blah .So in that sense he’s a good guy too .I don’t think whoever guy she chooses in future to marry will have as much free time as Austin does .I believe he’ll be a person of a better career and thus be a busier one . So if she wanted to be experiencing and ”learning” about what things she wants from her future man and how she is gonna put up with him , I beleive she should have chosen a more suitable specimen .

  15. 90
    Bo Says:

    wera , kohomada ane oya phone eken jj wala comments add karanne , jj full site kiyana ekata gihinda? , oyage phone eke comments add karanna space ekak pennanawada? mage eke nene . face book hari twitter hari sign up karala inna oneda ?

  16. 91
    BOJI Says:

    MGM, what on earth are you talking about? You should be the one taking a chill pill and stay on Efron’s thread. So now, you are saying Vanessa will not be a good mom. How presumptious of you. Are you a mother yourself ? What do you know about mothering? Have you had parenting skills? Your lingo sounds very similar to some one we know and who echoes other people’s quotes and words. And what is this obsession with Class? I believe you must be from the old school, a classy wife who will cook and clean and be subservient. Her role is to please her husband and produce children for him. She shall not converse or interact with other men and only speak when spoken to. In other words a dutiful wife. If this is your idea of classiness, then what is the point of women moving forward and being liberated.

  17. 92
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I stick to my original point Zacs fan base are the most evil and crue one there is, they think they know it all. It’s been nearly two years when are you going to let this go? Look I hear zac has a new flavor of the month and shockingly it’s with another persons girlfriend why don’t you go herass her and leave Vanessa alone.

  18. 93
    Reality Check! Says:

    Before you question someone’s intelligence you need to take a long look in the mirror. It doesn’t matter whether you post under the name Tim, Birdie, mgm, or @@@ you are still an idiot who needs grammar improvement. Oh please you don’t sh** about PR or anything else. You don’t even have a backbone with it comes to confrontation. The minute someone calls you out on something you back peddle to try and clear up what you were implying. If you have an opinion, fine then own it.

  19. 94
    tina Says:

    @mgm: Do you even know what you’re talking about? ZAC’S THE ONE WHO SAID IN PEOPLE THAT THEY WERE “IN LOVE” He also said he’s only been in love once. SHE NEVER BRINGS UP THEIR RELATIONSHIP. I’m sorry your friend turn out to be whatever (I infer that means she stole your man) but you can’t paint Vanessa with the same brush. Love how ALL of Zac’s supporters have a ‘knowledge of PR”

  20. 95
    Reality Check! Says:

    Oops that should have been you don’t know sh**

  21. 96
    Wera Says:

    Bo full site ekata gihilla tama. mage eke nan space ekak pennanawa. oyage phone eken twiter walata sighn wela nattan ehema karaganna.

  22. 97
    Bo Says:

    wera , zacta Dreamy Award ekek hamba wela ne ? man eka gena meeta kalin ahala nene . eka neme oya ahuwada Paperboy eka NY yanawane? oya mekige film eka gena ekeka websites wala kiyala thibba ewa kiyewwada ? ekakawath hondak kiyala ne .ekath man hithanne flop ekak thamai .man hithnne eka e tharamma success wennethi wei .mokadda ara ok miniha kiyala thibbe ? zacta aluth projects hambawela eka gena eya passe wisthara hoya gena kiyannam kiyala ne ?

  23. 98
    Wera Says:

    Ane ohoma magulak tama kiyala tibbe. e ok miniha liyana widiha kisideyak pahadili na. hamawelawema liyanna eya kiyanawata wadiya dannawa wage. ane manda appa. man danneth na mokadda dream award kiyala. hambawechcha katawa dannawa e wunata award eka mokadda danna.
    Ny yana ekath dannawa.

  24. 99
    Wera Says:

    Ane ohoma magulak tama kiyala tibbe. e ok miniha liyana widiha kisideyak pahadili na. hamawelawema liyanna eya kiyanawata wadiya dannawa wage. ane manda appa. man danneth na mokadda dream award kiyala. hambawechcha katawa dannawa e wunata award eka mokadda danna.
    Ny yana ekath dannawa. .

  25. 100
    Bo Says:

    tina ,Well , how do you know he brought her up in that interview ? He might as well have been asked the question and had happened to answer it .

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