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Kristen Stewart: First Post-Cheating Scandal Pictures!

Kristen Stewart: First Post-Cheating Scandal Pictures!

Kristen Stewart emerges for the first time since her cheating scandal while she hops into a car on Monday (August 20) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old actress has reportedly been staying at various houses for a few days at a time to try and avoid being seen.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

Kristen has been confirmed to attend the red carpet premiere of her film On The Road at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival next month. We can’t wait to see what she wears!

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257 Responses to “Kristen Stewart: First Post-Cheating Scandal Pictures!”

  1. 1
    lauren Says:

    oh hey girl

  2. 2
    ree Says:

    Here goes the trampire showing her trampiry belly.

  3. 3
    Famewhore in town Says:

    Push up bra? Check. Belly showing? Check. Robert Patitnson’s hat? Check.

  4. 4
    Din Says:

    Here we go again..

  5. 5
    Next... Says:

    Selfish homewrecking hootchie.

  6. 6
    Melany N Says:

    finally kiks you’re back.. hope you’re good miss you girl so much♥

  7. 7
    WOOT WOOT Says:


  8. 8
    Cali Says:

    Let me guess, Kristen’s PR team is out to make her sound like she is “suffering and very sad” about having an affair with a married man with children. Sure, not buying it. Cheaters only care when they get caught.

  9. 9
    Ewww Says:

    She looks like the dirty ***** she is! GO AWAY!

  10. 10
    t Says:

    dem abs hoh

  11. 11
    belle Says:

    What a homewrecker and for what!!! For nothing.

  12. 12
    Fake Chick Says:

    Homewrecking sl#t sk@nk!

  13. 13
    CHO Says:

    Gosh you guys are a nice day late :)

    Her skinny jeans look too big…glad she is finally out though.

  14. 14
    Wish Says:

    When you wish upon a star…
    “Why is my life so perfect? I wish something bad would happen to me…”
    Your dreams do come true.

  15. 15
    Keesh Says:

    She looks like a dirty hooker.

  16. 16
    Karen Says:

    Yes I agree. Cheaters only care when they get caught. She would have continued her affair, especially Snow White had a sequel.

  17. 17
    Seriously? Says:

    Why is she wearing a cut-off T-shirt?!

    Is she trying to look like a hoochie desperate for attention?

    Who the H-LL is running her PR?!

  18. 18
    mlllllllllllle Says:

    You’re stupid Jared.

  19. 19
    oh Says:

    The cheater is out and about.

  20. 20
    Yuck Says:

    Ugly person inside and out.

  21. 21
    layne7 Says:

    At least now that horrible miserable look she always has on her face is for a reason now. I dont feel a bit sorry for her at all, and that married d bag is even a bigger loser. Pretending she is some doe in the headlights isnt working for me.

  22. 22
    Oh no! Says:

    This is not a good look if Kristen is trying to clean up her public image. She should be dressed like a nun, not a trampire! (her publicist will be giving her the memo soon.)

  23. 23
    bee Says:

    Girl is such a horrible actress and on top of that sleeps with her directors to get jobs. Disgusting.

  24. 24
    Kelly Says:

    She always seemed like such a b!tch so this cheating scandal doesn’t surrpise me.

  25. 25
    serena_ Says:


    YES!! Be careful what you wish for!! Or what you want…

  26. 26
    Val Says:

    Her parents shoudl have taught her to wash her hair and shower and not sleep with her bosses.

  27. 27
    lisa Says:

    There goes Kristen…. the walk of shame. She did not appear to have any shame when a married man with children was going down on her in a car. That loser director is even worst. Not even thinking about his children or vows!

  28. 28
    Sebastian Stan 4 ever Says:

    Love her

  29. 29
    how could you! Says:

    you have to be careful of the seeming quiet types, they will stab you in the back. Kristen did Rob very dirty. The director is a piece of garbage.
    It appears his wife is taking a long break from him. I would too! Trust is lost!

  30. 30
    Yaws Says:


  31. 31
    Lesson Says:

    yup, Cheaters only care when they get caught. When they get kicked out of the house! When every body else knows they are a cheating w*hore or douchebag! Kristen and the director probably deserve each other!

  32. 32
    No gain Says:

    Kristen is only embarrassed that she got caught red-handed. I bet if there were not pictures she would not even admit to crap. Cheaters only are sorry when they are caught. I know from experience.

  33. 33
    Vienna Says:

    Kristen has always acted like a ****** and I do not know why for the life of me! Rob has always like he worshiped her and always seemed genuinely into her. Kristen always look like she could do so much better. She could have that lousy, cheating director for all I care.

  34. 34
    IvYbLuE Says:

    She isn’t sorry because if she was she would’ve stopped after it happened once. It isn’t like she got wasted one night and ended up sleeping with a married man not knowing he was married, and not being herself. But she continuously slept with this man for 6 months!!!!!! So it took her 6 months and getting caught to start feeling bad and sorry? The thing is, she would’ve continued sneak around with him had she not been caught. If it was a single guy and had it happened only once then the public would sympathize with her more and would probably forgive her. She wrecked a family. There is no excuse for that. She’s 22, not 14, and should have a better judgement. Yet she pretends like she is better and smarter than everyone else with that smug face of hers.

  35. 35
    Nela Says:

    How dare she call Rob a best friend! How could you embarrass your friend like that! How could you embarrass yourself like that! Have some self-respect! And no, I am not buying that you are truly sorry, you like many before you are only sorry when they get found about.

  36. 36
    sweetness Says:

    This thread has become a giant hate fest..I don’t know who her agents or PR people are…but they need to revamp (no pun intended) her image. The internet has gone wild with trashing her and hopefully she stays away from any online sites because she’ll be crushed by the comments of anonymous posters.

  37. 37
    Ryal Says:

    She’s so ugly. I never thought she was a nice person in general. How can you be friends with the wife and kids and then have an affair with the husband and father at the same time? It’s disgusting, shameless, and low class.

  38. 38
    dede Says:

    She’ll probably get more movie roles now that all the Hollywood directors know she will sleep with them. She’s gross.

  39. 39
    Kelly Says:

    Kristen has always acted like she had a problem with the world. She has a bad attitude and acts like she is above the moon. She needs an attitude adjustment.

  40. 40
    cheelon Says:

    She’s a high paid *****. Sleeping with directors/producers/costars is how she’s made $35 million.

  41. 41
    hoe Says:

    @sweetness: A hoe doesn’t deserve sympathy..she crushed a family so she deserves all she’s getting.

  42. 42
    nia Says:

    I guess her acting is so terrible the only way she can lock in rolls is to to do “favors” here and there. The director is such scum, he is probable a pervert!

  43. 43
    Oh great... Says:

    She shouldn’t go anywhere near TIFF. What an insult to the film festival. It will become a joke.

  44. 44
    $$ Says:

    give her a break that she’s single she’s trying to attract some new d(i)ck by showing skin lol

  45. 45
    Clara Says:

    Kristen’s people will be out by the tons trying to make her look like a victim or she is so sad and gloomy. Oh hell no, she knew that sh_ithead was married, she knew his wife and children. She was deliberately meeting a married man at a minimally trafficked place so that she could get her sk_ank on!

  46. 46
    jesse Says:

    hello guys and girls =] kristen did the right thing, cos he had cheated on her 2 days before she did, cos he slept with a neighbour, and trust me i am the neighbour of this neighbour.

  47. 47
    mell Says:

    @Cali: true!! and i’m surprised at how much support she’s getting. (dont get me wrong, he’s a fu*cking pig for cheating on his wife) but not sure why people are feeling sorry for her. All i care about are the two kids that have to deal with it. i cannot image everyone knowing that my dad had an affair, and u know even their teaches will be talking about it. im sick of people calling it a mistake. shes a grown effng woman, learn to respect yourself. k.s rambles on that she supports women and then sleeps with a married guy? – hypocrite!!!!

  48. 48
    yup Says:

    terrible, one-dimensional, highly over-rated, over-paid actress and instead of being grateful, she acted like people should kiss the ground she walked on including her boyfriend who seemed to really be into her. What a selfish person! Only cares for herself.

  49. 49
    Have a little class Says:

    What the hell is she wearing, at least wear something a little conservative since you wear caught with some, loser married man going down on you in a car!

  50. 50
    JoJo Says:

    She must be getting so much work since directors now know she’s willing to sleep with them despite being married and all

  51. 51
    Natalia Says:

    @Wish: true!

  52. 52
    Emm Says:

    I am irritated that it took people so long to see her true colors. She has always been this person, but somehow, she had this huge fanbase just a couple of months back. ~Sigh~ it’s frustrating to be such a good judge of character

  53. 53
    Cali Says:

    @mell: Agreed. If someone cannot respect someone else’s marriage, than I cannot respect that person. Plain and simple.

  54. 54
    sweetness Says:


    For goodness sake do you think she’s the only one in Hollywood who has stepped outside their relationship..this bombardment of hatred stems from those who hated her from the very moment rob and her were reportedly dating. The worst decision she ever made was hooking up with Pattinson because his fans are rabid. If she wasn’t with him and had still been caught cheating NO ONE WOULD CARE. His rabid fans will attack any woman he decides to date. She was the misfortunate one to have been in his first famous relationship.

  55. 55
    elaine Says:

    She deliberately had an affair with a married man! They came in separate cars, so she was not pissy drunk or on drugs, so there was nothing “momentary” about that. “Momentary indiscretion” my as*s! you better believe that the wife would not be furious if it were only a “moment”!

  56. 56
    Sure Says:

    COMPLETELY believe you when you say you are neighbors with Pattinson.

    You communicate with below standard, remedial English yet you live in a $5 million dollar plus per house neighborhood.


  57. 57
    LaCroix Says:

    These photos look like she does everyday ..dressed like a dirty bum & with no expression on her face. You are not fooling anyone .. we all know that you are not sorry for what you did.. just sorry you got caught.

  58. 58
    chica Says:

    I cannot believe this girl decided to half-dress after some scandalous affair with a married loser! Funny thing is, she looks more comfortable in the pictures with that married loser — I guess she was having a trampy blast.

  59. 59
    lili Says:

    omg so much hate for this girl!! get a life ppl this is none of your business its between rob and kristen

  60. 60
    Natalia Says:

    @lili: no, and you know why? because the dumb issued a press release to apologize. She invited the world to review of her sh*t.

  61. 61
    Lola Says:

    @lili: are you nuttymadam??

  62. 62
    Simone Says:

    You guys are so harsh! She is a human being like the rest of us! So she cheated on one of the hottest guys on the planet. So what? We all have dirt, how dare you guys sit and point your fingers! I’m sure Rob played a role in her doing it in the 1st place. We don’t know all the details. Kristen you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and you walk with your head held high! Your still young, beautiful and talented and I will always be rooting for you. Kudos to you people who are living the perfect life!

  63. 63
    Dig A Hole Says:


  64. 64
    Grosses me out Says:

    Kristen do yourself a favor and stop playing the sympathy, I’m a victim card. You know exactly what you were doing when you made plans, met up to do your filthy business. It took premeditation. You were all into it, so coming from a girl to another girl, I know it was not the first time, probably not even the last.

    By the way, the director is worst than you. His actions disappointed his children who are just too young to have to deal with crap like this!

  65. 65
    Kiara Says:

    Kristen acting is highly forgettable. I do not know what the frenzy was about anyway. Now that she’s a proven home-wrecker, I guess we can add that to her shrinking list of talents.

  66. 66
    Simone Says:


    I Totally Agree!

  67. 67
    Cinna Says:

    I bet Kristen will not take any questions during the premiere or that the people will be advised to only ask her a certain set of prepared questions or else they will not be invited.

    Kristen evidently has little regard for others. At least think of the children before you spread your legs! The director may be a pervert, but it was also your choice.

  68. 68
    sue Says:

    What is she wearing! Girl go buy some class. You sure do not look very sorry here, you look like you are ready for the next loser who comes knocking.

  69. 69
    ozzie Says:

    what a a bunch of ugly comments … karma is going to catch up to you and all your hate.

  70. 70
    lucy Says:

    Next… @ 08/22/2012 at 7:58 pm

    it takes two people to make an affair. Rupert Sanders is equally as guilty as she is.

  71. 71
    lucy Says:


    and don’t forget that the married man deliberately had an affair with her.

  72. 72
    Leo Says:

    Love her! She’s very cool and hot!

  73. 73
    Dana Says:

    I love how some people come here to nitpick comments. Kristen is a cheater, period! The douchebag loser , cheating director is a major insult to the good men who are out there, doing right by their wives and children, period!

  74. 74
    sierra Says:

    Kristen looks rather trashy, at least look halfway presentable after messing with a lousy, not-worth-a-nickle douche!

  75. 75
    mrsvagabunda Says:

    “we can’t wait to see what she wears” yeah right lol

  76. 76
    Andrea Says:

    I don’t like this girl at all, but stop mess with her. She is not the first women in do that, and she won’t be the last one.

  77. 77
    Cara Says:

    Is this the sort of attention Kristen craved? She wanted something to happen to her since she was so “perfect” and “amazing” Looks like some people get what they ask for. Risking it all for what? A few climaxes? Hope you’ve learned your lesson.

  78. 78
    OMG! Says:

    There are questionable characters out there who will do anything, but you are always responsible for your actions, you have a choice especially involving your body. Have some self-respect and respect others.

  79. 79
    fiana Says:

    I bet all the major networks want to land an interview with her now. Is that the sort of spice she wanted to add to her life? There are better ways to be remembered in Hollywood; a tramp actress or a pervert director is not one way to aspire to!

  80. 80
    dana2 Says:


    And I love how some of you are so judgmental, mean and cruel. YOU. You do know don’t you that Rob wasn’t exactly faithful to her. They seemed to have an open relationship. She got caught he didn’t. There is a huge difference between Bella & Edward vs. Kristin and Rob you know. Seems like many on this thread can’t differentiate between fiction and real.

  81. 81
    fiana Says:

    OMG! I am so sick and tired of the victim card. All of a sudden Kristen is suppose to be the sorriest and saddest of all the people involved. Yeah right. She got caught redhanded, that’s the only reason she issued a statement. The realest victims here are the children, not to mention a wife who has been married to a loser of husband for a long time… and of course Rob for getting heartbroken and publicly humiliated.

  82. 82
    mswonderful Says:

    Oh look at Ms. Wonderful. She has so many things going for her, but fails to appreciate it. She puts her nose up at everything and everyone around her, even her own fans not to mention her now ex-boyfriend.

    Now her pr people want to garner sympathy for her by saying she is really sorry and sad… yeah okay. If she did not get caught she would still be parading around acting like she is better than the universe and no one is worth her time.

  83. 83
    am Says:

    @dana2: and the fact that he was married and has two kids is OK with you? disgusting. you want to talk about supporting women? how about u support his wife. im sick of kristen stewart gaining sympathy from this. i wonder how many of u are married.. and IF you’d forgive the woman who slept with ur husband??

  84. 84
    Michi Says:

    The director is married and a father. I don’t care how strong the sexual tension was between him and Kristen. He should have avoiding taking taking the sex step! twenty two is young involving the heart. Kristen was not married with kids big difference.

  85. 85
    Funny Says:

    I’m not trying to defend her and obviously think what she did was classless, but it’s funny how no one said anything when she basically dumped Michael Angarano for Rob Pattinson. She had been w/ Michael a long time, not a nice thing to do. But since it was “Edward & Bella” everything was ok. People are saying all these things because of Rob/Edward. No one would’ve cared if she had done it to Michael. Oh wait, did she?

  86. 86
    nath Says:

    Hey, these images aren’t from today… I’ve seen it at least a week ago….

  87. 87
    notsofast Says:

    The director is a douche who doesn’t deserve the family he has. I hold him completely accountable for the pain and heartache he’s caused his wife and two young children. With that said, there is no sympathy from me for a woman to knowingly involve herself with a married man, especially when she knew the wife and was around his children. I don’t care what anyone says, she had a hand in the disintegration of a family, and those kids will probably end up in a broken home and only see their parents half the time b/c of their ******* father, and kristen stewart.

    Thing is, some of us liked her, I was one of them. I think she’s very talented and gorgeous actress who was real and honest b/c thats the image she tried to sell. I am disappointed in her as a professional for being this sloppy and irresponsible by sneaking around and sleeping with her director, I am disappointed in her for not having enough respect for a family to end this before getting caught, I am disappointed that she doesn’t have enough respect for herself that she’s sloppy seconds to that douche of a director, but most of all I am disappointed to now realize she is the cliche, the most dishonest, the fakest person when its all said and done. She is everything she proclaims to hate, and indirectly critized other actresses for……….

  88. 88
    kimmy Says:

    I cannot believe how some people try to make excuses for others when they are blatantly wrong. I do not give a rat’s as_s if Kristen was in an “open relationship” what she did would still be wrong. Duh! She knew the loser director was married with children. She knew the wife and kids personally. If that’s not deceiving and wrong, I do not know what is.

    I’d kick that tool husband to the curb!

  89. 89
    yesiam Says:

    The photos are from Monday, Nath. Apparently, they were embargoed by other sites for a few days. And apparently, she still wearing the ring Rob gave her…much like Rupert has been seen about still wearing his wedding ring…

    She should know better, out of respect for Rob and the whole incident, than to go out in public with Rob stuff. Seriously. It looks like a PR stunt, a photo op, even if that wasn’t her intention. And yes, dressing more conservative, at least with a full freaking shirt, wouldn’t have hurt her either. Why does she (and her team) keep making questionable decisions?! Geez.

  90. 90
    DB Says:

    She should not be wearing that belly bearing shirt. Or tight pants. After what she did she should be wearing a BURKA

  91. 91
    Listen and Learn Says:

    Read this and think about it. Then go to bed, and no more hating.

  92. 92
    very simple Says:

    Wrong is wrong. Flowery language and flawed logic will not change a wrong. Kristen is a cheat. The kind of girl you do not want in your circle because you simply cannot trust the person. The director is a cheating tool. The kind of man you hope you do not fall for and marry, let alone have children with.

  93. 93
    matt Says:


  94. 94
    dan Says:

    im still a big fan!! its not that shes married!! she’s an incredible young actor! she will win oscar soon!!

  95. 95
    Susan Says:

    People just need to leave her alone. She cheated. We all know that. Over half and way over half of Hollywood has done so at one point or another and they move on. Going on and on bout this or name calling her isn’t going to change that. I feel for Robert and Liberty. Neither deserved this but how will going on and on about this change the fact that it happened? It wont.

  96. 96
    Robert P. Says:

    Nobody To Me

  97. 97
    prince harry naked Says:


    prince harry got photographed naked and he’s not getting the amount of hate kristen is. so stop with woman-hating already. your only making yourselves look psycho.

    its pretty obvious there is a woman hating agenda in our society. and it needs to stop.


  98. 98
    joojoo Says:

    Here’s the “future boyfriend” of KStool…

  99. 99
    awful thin? Says:

    needs to regain control, ,,,puke

  100. 100
    Carey Says:

    My dog tilts her head just like that when she’s been a bad girl.

  101. 101
    Haley Says:

    Some people clearly have a misconstrued take on life. Just because “all of Hollywood cheats” does not make it right, nor does it set a precedence for people to follow. Bad behavior is what it is; no matter how you try to slice a tomato, it is still a tomato.

    The director is a unprofessional, scumbag; hopefully, Kristen has learned a hard lesson. Personally, I have no sympathy for either. I only have sympathy for the wife, especially since she has two children. As a young girl, I’d be devastated if that happened in my to my mom or dad or to me when I get older.

    And for the record, there are people who are loyal and faithful in Hollywood. Even if the faithful is in the minority, it does not change the fact that cheating is wrong.

  102. 102
    cheap twat Says:

    She talks cheap, acts cheap & dresses cheap = sl_tty tacky sleazy *****.

  103. 103
    @97 Says:

    Prince Harry is UNattached and is just boinking some openly prostis… unlike KStew who’s sneakingly boinking a married man w/ children – get that you clueless twiTARD!

  104. 104
    Ariel Says:

    Kristen nor the director were “peer pressured” to cheat. They are what they are. Kristen is only ashamed now. She was perfectly okay when the affair was going on. Why wasn’t she “sad” or “down” before the photos became public? Why wasn’t she publicly letting the world know how much she loved Rob before the pictures? The director was parading out without a care in the world too before the pictures came out. Why wasn’t he asking for privacy before? Why wasn’t he trying to be a better man, a better husband, a better father before the leak?

    All of a sudden, I am suppose to believe these two are sorry? Oh hell no! They are only sorry because their careers, image, upcoming projects, movies, role considerations are on the line. Nothing more. Evidently, one did not f*ck about his marriage and the other did not give a damn about her boyfriend.

  105. 105
    beauty Says:

    I find it very selfish of Kristen to proclaim her so-called love for Rob publicly only after she is caught with a married man. How convenient Kristen. You don’t fool me.

    The director should be blacklisted in the industry because he is obviously an unprofessional, pervert.

  106. 106
    MegCH Says:

    @prince harry naked: It’s not even the same thing. And it’s not because he is a guy and Kristen is a girl. For one, Harry’s a bachelor. For second, he has always been lively and controversial. Most people are embarrassed for him, but not surprised.

    On the other hand, (1) Kristen was in relationship, (2) her co-star was her boyfriend, (3) they are the leads of a movie franchise that was build around the image of both, (4) she was caught cheating in public (5) with the director of her previous movie (5) who happened to be married and had three children. (6) She also released a public apology through a tabloid magazine just like the one who published the photos that got her into the mess. People expected more

    Not the same thing. At all.

  107. 107
    yesiam Says:

    Robert just said he was “still homeless” when Jimmy Kimmel told him he was homeless the last time he was there. LOL

    I guess he’s not returning to the house he shared with KS.

  108. 108
    tasha Says:

    oh come on people, leave her alone, as if she is an exclusive one on hollywood who got involved in a drama like that..
    dont like her, never did, but this is actually too much…

  109. 109
    salma Says:


  110. 110
    Emm Says:

    i am completely in the dark as to HOW men could find her attractive? she’s such a dude. she looks like an awkward and sad hobo.

  111. 111
    riana Says:

    Thank goodness Rob is done with her. She is a debbiedowner and always has appears to have an attitude problem. I remember I saw her at someone’s wedding and she looked terribly annoyed, as if it would take her too much energy to crack a smile or look genuinely happy to attend the event.

    Good luck to Liberty. Drop the douchebag. Your children probably can use a better role model.

  112. 112
    dana Says:

    the guy who plays Spider-man on broadway looks exactly like her. same face! and he said he had a crush on kristen. ironically, now he is dating the other chick from twilight.

  113. 113
    Liz Says:

    All the girls from Twilight are wh.ores who can’t get over themselves. Except for Nikki Reed. She’s lovely.

  114. 114
    Susan Says:

    @Haley: I sure as hell never said it does make it right. Get your facts straight. Cheating is wrong and we all know that. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. And for the record, I never said all of Hollywood cheats, I said well over half. I did not defend her nor would I seeing as I had the same thing done to me but I refuse to let it rule my life. People spend too much time thinking negatively. It’s no wonder some are so angry now a days.

  115. 115
    Haley Says:

    @Susan: Hmmm? Me? I did not reply to your message. My comment was separate and was based on previous commentary., mentioned not only here but on other days. In any case, I do not take things personal, and I appreciate that people have differing opinions.

    As for the director and Kristen, they made their bed, I guess now they are both full of regret because their indiscretions/affair was made public. I think many can agree on that; if not, that’s okay too.

  116. 116
    brianna Says:

    I’d be mortified if my husband cheated on me. If I had kids, I probably could not leave the house for a few days. Liberty is stronger than me probably. If I knew the woman he cheated on me with and I was actually friends with her, the police would have to come calm me down because I may just throw a bowling ball at his p*enis. The girl also better never try to contact me.

  117. 117
    Rob&KristenUNBROKEN Says:

    Hahahaaha — all you jealous hateful bittches are TERRIBLE. Karma will be coming for YOU soon. First of all GROW the fck UP. 1) it was a kiss outside in a car. PERIOD. The END. Grow up you jealous bullying losers. 2) It will be so perfect to see you ugly losers burst a brain vessel when it becomes obvious she’s still with Rob. Hahahaha! 3)She’s got 34 million reasons not to be sad, and she wasn’t – she’s just in a neighborhood walking. 4) It was 105 degrees in the shade the day these pics were snapped, wtf kind of outfit would be acceptable a parka and snow pants? 5) These pics are HELLA old Jared, they were on Popwhatevers site 3 days ago. Stop being a cheap asss basterd and try to get some exclusives for this lame as helll site. No wonder you have meangirling jealous fat freaks mad because THEY aren’t fcking Rob Pattinson scurrying thru this site attacking other females.

  118. 118
    MoreHATERSmoreFAMOUS Says:

    Apparently y’all don’t listen to Katt Williams.
    Haters make you bigger than what you are – all you’re doing is insuring that Stewart becomes the next Liz Taylor or Angelina Jolie. liz had 9 husbands, the 7th one she stole from her best friend (in the flippin’ 50′s!) – do you think Hollywood care whether or not Stewart’s pervy director mauled her in a car??
    For that matter do you think Rob cares? He knows his gf is a wanted, hot commodity and on everyone’s minds, even you scary fug homelies. LOLOL
    He worships her, can’t live without her – she adores him. They’re together now.
    Sorry it hurts twahts. hahahaha. But keep on keeping on, withe every huge thread – that tells magazines, and movie studios, and film fests (already she’s the hottest ticket going at TIFF, her perfume has SOLD OUT, her issue of V for OTR has sold out! hahahahaha….haters, make you GINORMOUS.

  119. 119
    YallBEbullies Says:

    You know what’s funny? All of these raging scary cuhnts in here, have always hated Stewart, because they’re weirdo lonely fat Rob only fans, who cry themselves to sleep every night dry humping their Edward Cullen pillows. lmao. They’ve hated Kristen from the moment Rob told the world he was crushing back in 2008. This little tabloid ready incident of the car kiss just gives them an actual ‘reason,’ to hate the girl and not sound as insane as they used to, hating on her because she ‘doesn’t smile.’ Crazy freaks. lol

  120. 120
    lana Says:

    @Rob&KristenUNBROKEN: Jealous of someone who is spreading her legs to everyone like a ***** and doesn’t respect herself? Yeah kiddo, that’s probably it .

  121. 121
    Shelly Says:

    On a personal note, there’s better ways to get “more famous” than to sleep with a married man who has children so the public can go bananas on you in order to attain notoriety and fame. Well, that’s just me.

    I guess there are a few people out there who will sink really low like being a home-wrecker to make a headlines and top-paying interviews. It’s quite pathetic. I hope the upandcomers do not follow suit. Trash like Kim Kardashian who is only famous for a sex tape is not a good way to gain fame.

  122. 122
    call it like it is Says:

    Can I just say that Just Jared has the very best readers? Seriously. Everywhere else there are mentally unstable Krisbians who flip a sh-t like, “WTF HOW COULD YOU SAY KRISTEN IS A HOMEWRECKER SHE IS PERFECT WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE HER YOU B-TCH SHE HAS FEELINGS TOO AND SHE’S SO YOUNG, OBVIOUSLY HE RAPED HER AND SHE DIDN’T WANT IT YOU’RE AN SLUTSHAMING -SSHOLE” as soon as someone points out the fact and truth of the matter that she’s a cheating homewrecker who did something completely devoid of moral conscience, repeatedly, for weeks.
    Stop defending her. Celebrities do not get a free pass. Anyone of us would be likely to get fired or at least face serious professional repercussions if caught ******** our bosses. Why should being an actress make someone exempt from this? She’s a grown woman who made calculated, informed choices to do something extremely wrong, again and again. She is NOT a victim. She chose this; she brought this upon herself.

  123. 123
    yesiam Says:

    Hey, Rob&KristenUNBROKEN aka MoreHATERSmoreFAMOUS aka YallBEBullies: no need to change your ‘name”. There couldn’t possibly be three people, who coincidentally write just as poorly, posting back-to-back incoherent messages about how awesome KS is and how much everyone else sucks.

  124. 124
    Cookie Says:

    You’d think she’d cover herself up after the whole scandal thing and all

  125. 125
    YallBEbullies Says:

    Spreading her legs? lolol it was a couple kisses in a car.
    I think your fat homely raging maniac asss needs to have a talk with nurse wratchet before she gives you your zoloft, and find out about the birds and the bees.

  126. 126
    Kat Says:

    Why does she still put on Rob’s baseball cap? Is it a message for Rob?
    She knows Rob is romantic.

  127. 127
    Brenda Says:

    What’s all this ‘sleepin with,’ and ‘spreading of legs?’ lol Has some more pics come out that I don’t know about? I thought it was an embrace and a kiss in a car or next to a car – whatever. Why are you children going that extra mile? Calm down. You just sound so angry. I swear to fck I didn’t see this much rage for Jerry sandusky. What’s wrong with you people? Even if Rob breaks up with her, it ain’t like you were ever gonna be next, so just chill. Get your sh*t together and leave the kid alone.

  128. 128
    stewie Says:

    I just know this from my little sister okay. ha. She’s still wearing Rob’s ring, his necklace, his bracelet, and his orioles cap. That’s why much of the fandom thinks they’re still together.

  129. 129
    prince harry naked Says:


    Harry is also in a relaitonship but he is not attached. just like kristen is. and yes it is about men vs women.

  130. 130
    prince harry naked Says:


    Harry won’t be releasing an apology and neither should have kristen.

  131. 131
    It's funny when Says:

    It’s funny when you watch Krisbians’ heads blow up after they see something like this:

    Or watch something like this:

  132. 132
    Kat Says:

    @stewie: OMG! Kristen is his stalker!!

  133. 133
    prince harry naked Says:


    she didn’t ‘cheat’ because she is not married.

  134. 134
    MegCH Says:

    @prince harry naked: I actually agree on that. Releasing a public apology was actually a stupid move on her part. I guess it was part of the “damage control” agenda of her PR team because it still doesn’t make any sense to a lot of people.

    Your other arguments seem very weak to me. You want to make it a “man vs. women” thing because it’s the only thing you got. I mean, you think that she didn’t “cheat” because she is not not married. What kind of screwed up message is that. NO SENSE. No worthy of even discussing. Any chance you are Rob&KristenUNBROKEN aka MoreHATERSmoreFAMOUS aka YallBEBullies?

  135. 135
    MegCH Says:

    @stewie: I still Kristen is holding on to Rob things (ring included) just as Rupert is still wearing his wedding ring. She must know by know that it’s going to grab media attention, so unless she’s doing it on purpose, either to send Rob “a message” or as a photo op, she should just stop. Out of respect to Rob and herself, she should quit those antics.

  136. 136
    sierralla Says:

    A cheat is a cheat. Rob knows better than to keep Kristen around. She has never acted like she was into him until her back was against the wall (car) getting eating out by a married him. Gross. Save your apologies for someone who cares Kristen. Save your proclamations of love for someone else. You are just selfish. You and the tool director are probably a good match.

  137. 137
    Kristen's next PR strategy Says:

    When Kristen decides to show her face in public,she will definitely play the ‘victim’ card,subtly or directly.I’m sure her PR team has read all the articles that were written in her favor and they know that her fans will gladly lick all the BS and wave the “Robsten is Unbroken” flag once Kristen says something like “I love him.I love him.I’m sorry” a.k.a the epic declaration of love made by Queen Kristen AFTER she was caught cheating with a married father of two and desperately needed to save face.
    After that the next step will be convincing people that their beloved Kristen is still the brand ambassador of honesty who was honest enough to admit her “momentary indiscretion” lol AFTER she was caught in the broad daylight *snort* Mark my words this is how they will play because they know that have an audience who WANTS to believe that Kristen is the real deal.

  138. 138
    Guest Says:

    Here come the ROBMATES. Instead of trashing they should be thanking her; she got Rob the publicity he needed just in time for the release of Cosomopolis, a small Indie movie that would have come and gone without notice if not for the supposed scandal. Go read the reviews from the Wall Street Journal, New York Daily news if you any time left after trashing Kristen. Robmates are going to have to buy a lot more tickets

  139. 139
    tina Says:

    If your significant other can cheat with another man who is married with children (knows the wife and children) then comes home to you and lay next to you, kiss you, make love to you, walk red carpets and act like normal, you will question that person’s loyalty forever. Rob is a romantic, but he is not a fool. She deceived him, and now, she is parading around with his things in a desperate way. I bet he remembers she was wearing his hat when that pervert director was all over her in those pictures. Very, very dirty. Cannot be trusted.

  140. 140
    no thanks Says:

    how could I feel sorry for a sk*ank who could not even feel sorry for the children she met, knew, acted on set with. I’ll pass.

  141. 141
    Guest Uninvited Says:

    @Guest: Well good for him. At least Rob will get something positive out of all the mess she caused him and others, wife and children included.

  142. 142
    jesus Says:

    christ. am i the only one who see this hateful bullying of KS as a modern interpretation of Nathaniel Hawthorene’s “Scarlett Letter”? the female always takes the blame harder (ie: Angelina Jolie) and yet the male skates away free from any of the fallout.

    i do agree with the posts that say KS’s PR team should begin to re-think her media “image.” and personally, think that should begin with some sort of UN Or DARFUR ambassadorship, volunteering somehow to take a short leave from hollywood…

  143. 143
    lol Says:

    They say she lost weight cos she’s sad…
    i’m pretty sure there’s been pics and stuff of her coming from a workout..
    MAYBE, just maybe, that’s why she’s been losing weight.

    Still hate her though

  144. 144
    Lauren Says:

    @prince harry naked: Your comment is ridiculous. Kristen and Rob were in an exclusive relationship, they were living together when she did what she did with Rupert Sanders. You don’t have to be married to be committed to someone.

    Having said that, this is a difficult time for them both, so I wish that people would just FOR ONCE respect their privacy. No-one left them alone even before this scandal emerged.

  145. 145
    Finanas Says:

    wow… you’re all such bunch of angry people… did she kill your family or what?

  146. 146
    kingkayski Says:

    The people that are posting are the same person that’s using different names,that has so much hate on Kristen because she knows deep in her heart,Rob will always be with Kristen.Just look at Kristen looking so healthy and beautiful as ever and look at the pictures of Rob a and tell me who’s holding a torch for who,Rob is so inlove with that girl,he’ll forgive her in anything she do and you people know it and hate her more for it,too bad.

  147. 147
    Vic Says:

    Hold your head up KS. This is the USA. You didn’t have a marriage contract. He did. All of these sites are where all the bullies of the world hang out.

  148. 148
    V Says:

    Stay strong Kristen. Love you and still support you!

  149. 149
    intric8 Says:

    Why not leave Kristen alone? Why not forgive? How many of us have screwed up in our lives?

  150. 150
    taylor Says:

    @Kristen’s next PR strategy: they are playing the victim card like crazy. i mean ‘firing’ her from her next film and not allowing her to show up to the premier of twilight? breaking cr*p? (i dont know what the name is and dont care) is so coordinated that they deserve an award for it. On top of that people are feeling sorry for her, i mean even chelsea handler is on “her side”. I’m more annoyed that people are being simplistic as*sholes and saying ‘everyone who hates her just loves twilight/robert pancakes’ etcetc! thanks but no thanks, i could care less about any of that ju*nk, the only thing i care about are those defenseless kids who have to deal with it when they go back to school —– WELL PLAYED KRISTEN STEWART’S PR TEAM – who cares about children, right? — amazing that morals have no place in hollywood.

  151. 151
    Jane Says:

    Max the cat must be happy, he can now have Kristen all to himself now. Purrrrr.

  152. 152
    Casia Says:

    @jesus: You are right on that women always gets more hate but in this case its mostly because nobody really know who is Sanders . But as for me they are equally disgusting. He had children, and Kristen knew his wife and children. They did what they did now they have to deal with the consequences. I don’t feel pity for them because if they accept the positive side of being a celebrity they have to accept the negavtive side of it. Thats life. She is no longer a child.

  153. 153
    wren Says:

    So many judgemental people on this list….She is a child, she is in a crazy world. She looks lovely and hunted here. Hard to have your mistakes so public. How would YOU all handle having your mistakes so public and commented on by so many who hate you just because…..

  154. 154
    Jane Says:

    THIS IS WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IMO: I think that Rupert was going to dump his wife soon; after Twilight, Kristen and Rob would have ‘broken’ (though they were never a couple imo, just a showmance), then during Snow White 2, Kristen’s pr people would have spread ‘rumors’ about Rupert and Kristen ‘consoling’ eachother’s broken hearts, bla bla bla. Then they would have come out in public as a couple. Their gettng caught before their PLAN came into fruition was their big mistake. I think Liberty found out about the affair, knew she was going to be dumped so hired a pap to ‘catch’ them, hence ruining the lovebird’s secret plans. When Kristen said in her statement ‘i love him, i love him’, she meant she loved Rupert, and she was sorry she had made a fool of Robert (by showcasing that their relationship was just a Showmance). Robert was embarrassed, but in no way is he brokenhearted. He is actually quite amused imo, because all this has given him great PR.

  155. 155
    Jeff Says:

    Wow, give the girl a break already. She’s 22 years old for cryin’ out loud! Haven’t any of you here made a wrong choice at that age?
    She’s been criticized for every little thing the past years, from the clothes she wears to the way she smiles.
    I’m not a fan of hers and I don’t condone cheating at all, but I think people are way too harsh on her.

  156. 156
    Moreen Says:

    i’m telling you in a few months this all will be forgotten…Stewart will give at some point an interview and she will talk about it making it seem like it happened once and it was a terrible mistake…and everyone will forgive her!Honestly i really don’t care about her…she is not a good actress and i never liked her attitude…but i hate the fact that people are going to support her eventually and go watch her movies while she destroyed a family without even thinking about the kids!

  157. 157
    lou Says:

    @Jane: Kristen & Robert were a real couple but after this scandal. hereinafter Kristen’s PR will be fans believe
    & media that Rob forgives her and robsten together again
    and well cleaned her image to the end of the promo BD 2.
    bc coming the Oscar campaign for her by otr. after this robsten kaput

  158. 158
    Emma Says:

    Why is everyone being so harsh against her? She wasn’t the only one that made this affair happen. Everyone is calling her a homewreaker, but he is the one with a wife & kids, so why did he let this happen? There are always two sides, so why does everyone automatically blame the female party?

  159. 159
    layne7 Says:

    I dont care about the status of their relationship, but when you know the wife of the man your cheating with, know he has kids, wait long after the film has wrap and publicity long over, go to a public park, get caught red handed then release the worst statement ever about your respect for the man you LIVE with thats cheating. Now she wants everyone to believe it was a one time thing and to give her privacy, and make it seem she was cocerced into this affair. Im glad she is getting crap, she publicly embarrassed her bf, broke up a marriage. In my book you make your bed you lie in it. Liz Taylor and Angelina have talent something this girl will never have. All of you who think shes deserves a pat on the back, would you or I beable to carry on like that and walk away unscathed?? I dont care if shes famous, tme to pay the piper and stop releasing press releases.

  160. 160
    pamgirl9412 Says:

    She cheated, didn’t commit murder!!! Leave her alone already!!!!

  161. 161
    CTheriault Says:

    Why Are People So Judgmental?
    Why is it so difficult to accept people as ….human being, regardless of their status?
    Has anyone ever made any stupid and costly mistakes in their life?
    People who criticizes Kristen in using insulting names to comment her current situation are, I am assuming, perfect people, is that correct?
    I just wish Kristen and Robert to get back together if this is what meant to happen or else, grow through this experience courageously. Life is full of turbulence and may this chapter of your life nurtures peace and new foundation. Bon courage Kristen and Rob.

  162. 162
    D. Dean Says:

    Can’t wait to see what she wears? I can’t wait to see if she gets Booed!

  163. 163
    lenny Says:


    you still didn’t get it. she fell in love w/ rob while still w/ michael angarano. it happens in first/young love. yes its bad that she cheated on mike but no vows or children were involved. now its way different, she’s got a live in bf when she cheated w/ a married guy twice her age, who happens to be her director, whose wife happens to be her friend/coworker, whose 2 young kids she happens to play with, and most of all she and rupert are not even in love w/ each other, they did it purely for sex. yes rupert is a pervert but she’s a willing participant and she let him use her body for his own kicks.

  164. 164
    Lilie Says:

    I can’t believe how many haters & bullies there are on this website.. O_o

  165. 165
    Zileuton Says:

    the same people who wrote her confession after the cheating scandal: momentary act of indescretion!

  166. 166
    packers and movers bangalore Says:

    she is so cooooooooool

  167. 167
    Intric8 Says:

    Leave kristen alone already, all you hypocritical Fks. We pry into your private lives, god knows the kind of crap we would find. F OFF.

  168. 168
    Mrfabulous48 Says:

    Seriously people?

    This girl is 22-years old. She’s not married. She should definitely be playing the field instead of dating some goofy Brit for the last four years. Do you honestly believe that Pattinson was true to her? They are young, rich, beautiful & famous. Why be tied down at this early stage of their lives. The director of her movie is the douche here, not Ms. Stewart. He’s the one with a wife and kids. One would have to imagine he told Kristen he loved her and he was going to leave his wife for her. Older men can manipulate much younger, less experienced women. Making a public apology was a HUGE mistake as she had nothing to apologize for.

    Leave her alone and let her be 22.

  169. 169
    Intric8 Says:

    Jada smith humps around on will smith and gets off scott free, angelina jolie does the same and brads just as guilty but they get off just as easy, kimmie kardashian doin all kinds of stupid and despicable crap left and right and you guys want to take it all out on poor kristen?

  170. 170
    Mia Says:

    Kristen cheated on Rob with a married man while she shared the LA home with Rob. That is, she had sex with Rob after she had sex with Rupert.. The very thought of it is disgusting.

  171. 171
    Intric8 Says:

    She didnt even bang rupert. You just want to hate.

  172. 172
    kia Says:

    Kristen is what she is and so is that loser husband. Shame on them. No making excuses.

  173. 173
    LOL Says:

    Nobody believes her PR team’s statement!!

  174. 174
    Teresa Says:


  175. 175
    Teresa Says:

    @Next…: seriously, you idiots are pathetic. She is 2-2. He was 4-1. I would imagine he knew more about what he was doing than she did. FYI, his home is not wrecked. Get your facts straight.

  176. 176
    Teresa Says:

    @Casia: They kissed for goodness sake. You people act like they did the dirty on Hollywood Blvd. So does your sainted Robert. Thought he had more class than that. Think he is milking the poor me act for publicity.

  177. 177
    donna Says:

    So over this girl. She could never act anyway. Talk about a one-dimensional actress. She always has the same droopy look in movies.

  178. 178
    alena Says:

    She always has a bitchy look to her instead of grateful considering she is one of the most overpaid actresses in Hollywood. Get over yourself, Ms. Perfect! What a joke.

  179. 179
    Right! Says:

    Now she is suppose to be so very sad and depressed about the whole thing. Yeah right! Lies orchestrated by her and her pr people to gain sympathy. She only cares about her overblown career!

  180. 180
    LOL Says:

    Where did the term Trampire come from??? LOL

  181. 181
    Alum Says:

    If you are going to leave your house after having an affair with a married man, at least cover up a bit. What the hell is she wearing? It says something about her, she does not give a flying f*uck. She’s just pissy because she got caught.

  182. 182
    Manu Says:

    oh kk.

  183. 183
    Dog Doo Says:

    Sure to get “look of the day” on

  184. 184
    JN Says:

    I don’t care if they have an open relationship. She could pick any single guy out there but she choose to screw around with a married guy who happened to have 2 children as well is WRONG. The majority of the public doesn’t like cheater but what they don’t like more is a hypocrite which is what she is!

  185. 185
    della Says:

    Looks like a “b-itch as usual. The girl could not fake a smile if her life depended on it. Oh I’m sorry she is suppose to be distraught and depressed here. What a load of bullsh*it! Sorry pr people she looks like this 100% of the times! B*itchiness follows her everywhere.

  186. 186
    furshur Says:

    - banged the pap

  187. 187
    Lauren Says:

    I always really liked her. She wasn’t an AMAZING actress but she seemed cool and seemed like she was into cool things and in interviews she always really cared about the characters she played.
    It’s just surprising.
    She cheated, didn’t even look ashamed when pictures were being taken, was so out in the open about it yet never was with Rob, then kept going like nothing was wrong hanging out with Rob and he was obviously clueless, then made a statement instead of talking to him, and now is trapped in this whole situation.

    Some people want bad things to happen to them because they can’t handle things being ok. They act out. From what she’s said in a previous interview, that’s obviously what’s happened.

    I’d like to hear what she’s thinking right now and not the “she’s crying every night” PR crap.

  188. 188
    Lola Says:

    @wren: “she is a child” lol, not: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL: 22 F-ING YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  189. 189
    amy Says:

    most overrated cheating actress: the award goes to.. Kristen. most perverted, tool director: the award goes to Rupert.

  190. 190
    Lola Says:

    @Intric8: Ok nuttymadam.

  191. 191
    no, no, no. Says:

    A cheating skan*k who could not care for the children of that tool, so I do not care about her over-embellished career. Next.

  192. 192
    Sunshine Daydream Says:

    @LOL: I think it was Will Ferrell on a talk show. Very amusing!

  193. 193
    lala Says:

    Over her. I’m sure another actress would love the opportunity to just work. this one has always acted like she was the best thing that hit Hollywood.

  194. 194
    comeon Says:

    I think it’s sad how much hate there is everywhere. Your comments don’t tell anything about Kristen, because you don’t know her personally, but they do tell a lot about you. Get off the internet and go get a life. Why would you haters spread such negativity around you all the time? “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. What has she done to you to make you so bitter?
    I’m sure most of these haters just got a reason to acceptably hate her with the cheating scandal. Sure, what she did was really horrible, nobody is defending that. But I think most of you guys just didn’t like her to begin with for immature, stupid reasons like “she doesn’t smile 24/7, isn’t always perfectly put together and oh so bubbly and outgoing”, you know, like the typical american way. You think everyone should be and act like that, but newsflash, everyone isn’t like that. And clearly she just never was willing to compromise. She’s who she is, and that’s how she acts in public. There are people who are actually reserved by character, you know.
    And what’s up with the bashing of her looks? Like YOU are always out in a perfect outfit, with the perfect hair and makeup. The difference is, you don’t get papped. It’s not like she enjoys it and no wonder she looks gloomy, it’s not necessarily the pr strategy but just the situation she is in right know.
    The people who are saying she had an ongoing affair with the director for 6 months. Do you honestly believe everything you ever read on gossip sites? It’s a rumor, it hasn’t been proven true by any of the parties. The only thing we know for sure is that Kristen cheated on Rob with him, and what they said was that it was “momentary”. So, it may have been only a one time thing, or may have not. But we can’t be sure of that so don’t treat the 6 month (or whatever) story as a fact.
    I’m sure I’m going to get lots of thumbs down, but whatever. Haters gonna hate. I don’t know why you people are so angry, but it’s your loss anyway, not mine or Kristen’s.

  195. 195
    msgoth Says:

    You guys are acting so juvenile. it takes 2 to tango and he is not getting beaten up like your doding to her. grow up. I dont see anyone defnding the others guys on the set that didnt helpher while this guy was hounding her.

  196. 196
    Lindsey Says:

    this girl did not give a care what the public thought of her before. Why does she care now that the many think she is an untrustworthy, sneaky cheater? No way this girl did not know having an affair with a married man was not right. It’s not like she did not know of the wife and children. That’s why she was trying to sneak and stuff.

    She shared a house with Rob who she’s been with for years. If that is not a serious long-term relationship, then Kristen is the best actress to ever walk planet earth.

  197. 197
    msgoth Says:

    I see this..this guy could have hit on Charlise Theron..who is gorgeous for the record but no..he goes after the younger girl, stalks her, hounds her and finally wears her down. Why didnt anyone else on the set say anything about that? Why did they toss her to the wolves instead of him ?? huh?his guy is a tool and you all are blaming her. Hes the one thats 40ish, married with kids..he did the real cheating. And why do all you little teenieboppers say anything about all the girls Rpat cheated with on Kristen? You dont wanna talk about him because your jealous of her and shes easier to make into the bad guy. Judge not least yee be judged.

  198. 198
    msgoth Says:

    @Keesh: you no how dumb you sound? you dont no her or Rpat so you dontno what they are really like.

  199. 199
    No sympathy Says:

    The director is a loser. Glad he is not my dad. I’d probably never speak to him again. What an imbecile and trash. Kristen, well, from a girl to another girl, I would never want to do that to another girl because breaking up is bad enough, let alone having your husband cheat on you with a girl you know, and possible having to divorce. Not a fun situation.

  200. 200
    Ivy Says:

    I love to see fans make excuses for bad behavior. Clearly girls and boys these days need better role models. Kristen and the pervert director are public figures and they are both eligible for public feedback, especially after releasing public statements swearing up and down that they are sorry. Nope, not so fast. You both meant you both were sorry you got caught in a compromising situation.

  201. 201
    Jessie Says:

    msgoth @ 08/23/2012 at 3:40 pm
    you don’t KNOW them either. How do you know that she didn’t go after him? Because she’s younger? Get real, young girls have been going after older men since the beginning of time. They’re both wrong and the only reason it stopped is because they got caught. I’m sorry for Rob, the directors wife and family, but I can’t feel sorry for the cheaters. I bet she doesn’t like being ‘f’vked’ up now. People were saying she was so smart and mature, yeah. uh,huh. Dumb and Dumber.

  202. 202
    Jessie Says:

    Lauren @ 08/23/2012 at 2:10 pm
    I agree with you. That remark she made about wanting someone to fvk her up was telling. She was a train wreck waiting to happen. She needs therapy because she’s fvked up. She’s not cool or hip, she’s someone with issues. Maybe she shouldn’t have become an actress, her mom didn’t want that for her. I thought she was on drugs when she was campaigning for Snow White, she was acting really goofy and all out there.

  203. 203
    kaila Says:

    Kristen is trying to get Robert back. I say no Rob, you can do better. You have looked so much better since leaving her company. (I know it hurts, but you can do much, much better. She never appreciated you.)

    The director is trying to do the same. I say no, Liberty once a tool always a tool.

  204. 204
    Sarah Says:

    This B**** is so not a fashionista

  205. 205
    Kaitlyn Says:

    I’m glad she’s finally out and about, she’s young people we all make mistakes some that are worse then others. I don’t think that we should call her names when we don’t know the whole story about why she did it. She messed up and she knows it and being ridiculed about it all the time doesn’t make someone learn from there mistakes. Unless you know her then you can’t say that she would have kept on doing it if she wasn’t caught. A lot of people on this comment list are probably against bullying but the name calling everyone is doing is just that bullying.

  206. 206
    Ariel Says:

    First off, it wasn’t an affair. It was a one-time thing “Momentary Indiscretion” which several sources have already said. AND she didn’t sleep with him.

    Second, the shirt she is wearing is the same one she wore for Comic Con and no one called her a ***** for wearing it then.

    Third, she is wearing Rob’s hat and the gold “Rob” ring he gave her.

  207. 207
    Evelyn Says:

    Anyone who thinks a wife would even entertaining divorcing or separating from her husband of so many years with whom she has children with over a kiss is delirious! That tool did her dirty and she knows it. Kristen, well she did herself dirty. She had a good boyfriend, good career, good roles despite her acting disabilities, but it still was not enough. Shame on them both.

  208. 208
    vera Says:



  209. 209
    Jessie Says:

    Funny @ 08/22/2012 at 9:58 pm
    Funny, you’re forgetting Rupert has a wife and KIDS. Sorry she dumped Mike for Rob, but that’s what teenagers do. They say, “I’ve met someone else and move on.’ That’s life and growing up. Not cheating with a married man. He wasn’t just some married guy either , Kristen knew his wife and kids PERSONALLY. That’s cold. That’s why people are so pissed. Yeah, they hate that she cheated on Rob who obviously thought the world of her, but even if he weren’t in the picture she’d get the same bashing that she’s getting now.

  210. 210
    Marieme Says:

    msgoth @ 08/23/2012 at 3:40 pm #197

    Um, says WHO he could have had Charlize? Who the heck are you to imply Charlize would fall for him and date a married guy? She’s not a homewrecker or stupid so what a dumb thing to say! Liberty and Charlize are friends too. Kristen made a dumb decision but she is a kid. Chalize is a woman and a smart one at that. You act like Rupert was some king who could go around picking and choosing and getting what he wanted. He went after a young girl. She fell for it. I don’t think she was happy with Rob, which okay whatever. That’s her choice. But to stay with him instead of ending it was cowardly. That’s what I blame her for. But again, very young. I did very stupid and thoughtless things when I was her age.

  211. 211
    porquenon Says:

    You litte minds can think you have the First Amendment behind you when you post your hysteria laden accusations against Ms. Stewart – a young woman none of us know (or represent). But make no mistake, if you were not posting annonymously, a few of you could very well be sued for libel and Ms. Stewart would win.
    So, some of you might want to cease and desist with the hate speech(your email addresses are cached somewhere on JJ’s server, it would only take a legal letter or less to obtain and prosecute), and go back to your Pinterest pages lest you find yourself on the wrong side of the Law.

  212. 212
    Marieme Says:

    Teresa @ 08/23/2012 at 1:20 pm #176

    Uhhh. They did a bit more than kiss. In the car photos he is clearly licking on her frontal area. Guess her boobs and whatnot. The affair looks very heated and sexual in nature, let’s be honest. I mean that’s what affairs generally are. But again I’m no prude and this sh*t does happen. He took advantage of her age and inexperience with relationships I feel. Also no one seems to mention Kristen’s resemblance to Liberty! She’s more or less a younger version, which is something else that disturbs me. Rupert might have a pedo thing going on. I read somewhere he started dating Liberty when she was still a teen. IMO his wife is a knockout. But for this creep it’s possible he prefers them very young. What a sicko cheat. Ugh!

  213. 213
    Oh, oh! Says:

    The douchebag director is a slimy, tool, a no-good husband, and evidently a bum for a father for putting his children through this nonsense. Kristen is what she is, a selfish, dishonest, untrustworthy, sneaky, sk*ank who thinks she is above reproach.

  214. 214
    tc Says:

    You are looking good Kristen …. pick yourself up and concentrate and your career. Hope you find a hunk who will give you everything you need and won’t use you for publicity like Rob did.

  215. 215
    nouniet Says:

    just leave her alone….people did mistake, maybe she learnt it already

  216. 216
    Pam Says:

    Jane @ 08/23/2012 at 7:48 am
    Wow. How diabolical, if that was the plan. Hmmm I wonder if they both get dumped will they some months down the line end up together. It sure won’t be as uh, exciting as sneaking around. She’d never lose the home wrecker tag then. Might be worth it for a girl wanting some excitement in her life.

  217. 217
    Ally Says:

    Kristen is a loser to have an affair which such a douche. I mean look at the guy. He looks like a freaking pervert. No shame whatsoever.

  218. 218
    abc Says:

    she eat my **** on the bread

  219. 219
    RatedCrazy Says:

    Just because she made a mistake or something doesn’t mean you all have to hate on her. Like I don’t like what she did to Robert but do you see me hating on her. NO! It’s not anyone’s business anyways. She’s an adult, she can dress however she wants to. Don’t act like your perfect. We all make mistakes. Just leave it. And leave her. Imagine all the hate, that’s why she’s hardly in public because people don’t want to drop it. Be mature. & let Rob and Kris figure it out themselves.

  220. 220
    lol Says:

    porquenon- shut your hole Fascist

  221. 221
    What? Says:

    several sources = Kristen people

  222. 222
    LaCroix Says:

    You KStew fans are ridiculous people.. with the whole “dont judge her” crap.. If she wasn’t acting like a ***** in public then maybe we wouldn’t. Her ugly demoralizing behavior shows her true colors. No one in their right mind has an affair with a married man with kids. My question to all you Kstew fans is why in hell would you condone that behavior? There are so many other GREAT actresses with talent that you can look up to.. why this trash? She’s a hypocrite, liar, cheater, cruel, vindictive, & down right UGLY.

  223. 223
    Simmy Says:

    KStew fans no matter how much you go on supporting her all of you 1% .. she will always be looked at as the home wrecker that had an affair with an older married man with kids. She’s labeled. She will get booed to all hell at the Twilight BD Premiere.

  224. 224
    wtheck Says:

    once a cheater always a cheater, and that’s for them both OR this whole thing could be a cook to make some money. Only God knows lol

  225. 225
    CleoJones Says:

    Except she didn’t have an ‘affair,’ his married asss was just perv-ily macking on her and kissing her. She can’t help that she’s hot and THOUGHT he was her friend. But to try and say this was some ongoing affair when there was NO SE.X, and wasn’t – is ridiculous.
    One things clear, I see why the defense attorneys of rapists, always want women in the jury pool – we hate each other, judge each other and are our own worst enemies, we will excuse the male in whatever scenario, and give him a pass, every. single. time.(studies show women juries will vote to acquit rapists 10x more than their male counterparts. Yes, it’s true – we suck. lol)
    Honestly, I think some of you toxic hater bullying females want her to kill herself.
    Instead it will be you jumping off that bridge, when Rob is shown to be right by her side, having never left. LOL
    This should be entertaining. :)

  226. 226
    Tannen Says:

    You know witches…how about you ease up? She’s been with Rob since she was 17. In fact, he might be the only man she’s been with, ever. She’s allowed a stupid mistake. Maybe even more than one in her life you judgemental hypocrites.
    So what – some older dude she thought was her friend, was perving on her, she didn’t know what to do – so she appeased him. It was a momentary mistake and caught on camera. (Btw, If she was trying to have an ‘affair,’ why meet in an office parking lot and a neighborhood. duh.) There was no affair and was no sex. period.
    The girl gave a heartfelt apology to her family, friends and especially Rob. What else would you like her to do? Slit her wrists?
    It’s not gonna happen. Word is, Rob forgives her little transgression and error in judgement, as that’s all it was. He’d be a fool to let a kiss from a perv director that she still felt influenced by, and thought she respected and was friends with, deprive him of HIS one true love – because that’s what Kristen is for Rob (and vice versa) so DEAL.
    Rob knows who she REALLY is, you b*tches don’t. That’s why you wasting your life on this message board railing and screaming to yourselves, for something that will never affect you is insane. Why do you care? Do you know Rob? Are you his mother? You act like this girl broke into your home and kidnapped your first born – I would hazard to say most of you hateful people would be less upset at an actual predator that did break in your home than you are right now at Kristen Stewart. Read that again. How sick is THAT??
    You remind me of Chelsea Douchebag, raging at Angelina, lolol, how pathetic – as if people didn’t know she wasn’t doing it for the simple fact that she’s an ugly manfaced toxic b*tch who’s jealous.Same deal with you bags and lil’ cute Kstew.
    Hope Rob is giving her lil asss a good blistering right now, as punishment followed by a hot f*. Muahahaha! Yeah hope you old nasty windbags put your head thru a wall at that visual.
    Sweet dreams…I know Kristen’s having them all curled up on Rpatz’ chest. And that ain’t no fanfic ho’s it’s REALZ. Muahahahaha.

  227. 227
    ariella Says:

    how fitting for that tool Rupert to be right next to his Trampire on Justjared, although it will probably be temporary. I’m over the both of them. Cry me a river why don’t you! Cheaters never care about their trysts and who they hurt until they are caught.

  228. 228
    Bec Says:

    No idea how she is ever going to show her face at premiere events or any of the BD Part 2 promotional tours. I can imagine the amount of booing she’s going to receive from Twilight fans, especially Rob’s fans. If Rob is really going to be at the BD Part 2 premiere with her in Nov because he wants to save Kristen the embarrassment and the booings, then he has more class and heart than any of the celebrities I’ve read about.

  229. 229
    belle Says:

    People will make excuses, but the you cannot hide the truth. The director is a tool and Kristen is an untrustworthy sneak. Both are homewreckers and cheaters. She knew what she was doing, if she did not know the man was married, if she did not know his wife, if she did not know his children, then I’d reconsider. But Kristen knew exactly what she was doing just like the director knows he is a dirty lame dog.

  230. 230
    fool no more Says:

    Fool me once, but I damn sure will not let these two fools fool me twice. Rupert and Kristen. I do not think Kristen was a good fit for Snow White, her delivery was horrible, but it makes sense now why the fool Rupert chose her.

  231. 231
    SS Says:


    Wow, it’s like you knew her, right?

    Get off the glue, people. What she did was not great but it is her business. Stop judging others and taking a ridiculous moral high ground. Who are you kidding? Are you all perfect people? Get a life.

  232. 232
    tuzticka Says:

    I just wonder, why do you all people so much care? She is just a mirror of our own faults. We all hate and judge on other people that we are scared we could do too.

  233. 233
    nyc2vt Says:

    The so-called actress cannot act. Lip pursing is not a Stanislavsky technique.

  234. 234
    Sassy Says:

    @bee: Someone finally agrees that bucky beaver cannot act! Suck up the fame now because you will not see her in another movie! Trampire and Snow trash…..

  235. 235
    Andrew Says:

    How many false people there are here?! All point the finger at Kristen. I want to see how many of you are “clean”. He made a mistake, we all make.

  236. 236
    Mary Says:

    Tannen, how deluded are you? The truth is Rob and Kristen were NEVER a couple. They are both loving the fallout because it is revamping (no pun intended) their images. They are now going to get alot more roles than they otherwise would have if they had just pretended to ‘break up amicably’. Break up my a-se. As for Rupert, Kristen and him did really have an affair, but she used him to get out of the fabricated relationship with Rob. How Rob and Kristen must be laughing at their silly teen fans.

  237. 237
    Jane Says:


    Pam, the ironic thing about my theory is that if truth, Kristen is not a cheat at all, although she did have an affair with a married man. Therefore she is being crucified for cheating on Rob when she hadn’t as they were just a showmance. As for Rupert being married, who knows, maybe Rupert told her that he was planning to leave Liberty because they weren’t workign out, especially now that he had fallen for Kristen. Now Rupert and her are left with the dilema of ‘how are they going to get together now’? According to my theory, they had wanted it to appear as if they fell for eachother whlst mending their respective broken hearts from the failure of their marriage/relationship on the set of Snow White 2, but now their plans have been scuppered. Maybe this huge fallout has killed their relationship. Maybe not. Time will tell. Sorry, I’m just soooo cynical.

  238. 238
    lynn Says:

    Kristen looks like the perfect cheater, liar and fake..GTFO!!!

  239. 239
    Dutch Damasta Says:

    Where are her handlers to make her step up after all this madness to clean up her ACT…?!?!?!
    She needs a good cleansing of her mouth, mind, body and soul…

  240. 240
    bella Says:

    I guess you can’t take the tram-p out of the trampire. What the hell is she wearing?

  241. 241
    easy there Says:

    Incredible how people are saying Kristen was never with Rob. Are you kidding me? They moved in together. people will say anything to justify something. They will even quote bible for justification. the guy was still married with children. You better believe that is was not the first time with that as-shole of a husband

  242. 242
    keira guston Says:

    she has beautiful skin…………! OMG!!!!!!!! i realy love her !!!!! and she tomboy :D

  243. 243
    A Says:

    She’s only 22 and already doing ‘remarkable’ things like this.God knows what she will do in future.

  244. 244
    Nise Says:

    @dede: You people need to grow up damn; what planet are you from enough is enough get a life and leave that child along. naysayers.

  245. 245
    Nise Says:

    @JoJo: She doesn’t need to sleep around to get a job. It ‘s plan a simple if you can act you got the job. Beside she didn’t sleep anyone to be cast as Snow White; how many job have you gotten.

  246. 246
    Nise Says:

    @Cinna: If the question have nothing to do with the up and coming permiere, why would she give you answer any other question. Her personal life is just that personal grow and get a life.

  247. 247
    Nise Says:

    Why are there so much hate in this world. nobody’s perfect we have all made mistakes, your comments are just like an open sore that want heal because you keep pick at the scab. So what you need to do is clean the wound put some antibiotics maybe a bandaide and then you all need to get a life.

  248. 248
    sure Says:

    Lol, say what you want Kristen is still a cheat who cheated with a married loser. The biggest creep, douche, married loser that I’ve seen in a long time. Good luck to the children.

  249. 249
    blackBeauty Says:

    @Bec: twilight fans aren’t fans of rob and kristen,they are fans on edward and bella who aren’t even real cannot say they are a fan of a celebrity if the minute they do something wrong they turn against them. kristen made a f**king mistake,just shows she is many people hating on kristen can honestly say they knew who liberty ross was before all this, but now suddenly everyone is paying attention to her and she seems to be enjoying it.i don’t think twilight fans will boo her,if they do they seriously need to get a life cos NOBODY IS PERFECT.we all screw up things at some point in life we just don’t have everything wrong thing do splashed all over the papers

  250. 250
    El Says:

    She looks beautiful and will stun again at TIFF.

  251. 251
    sherch Says:

    @IvYbLuE: If you read or listen to Gossip Cop, she didn’t sleep with the director, they were caught kissing. Yes it was very wrong, but does anyone even think about the f-ing loser that used his position and power to manipulate soemone alomost half his age. He new what he was doing just like half the people with power out there that push and push until the damage is done. And besides it is none of anyones busines except the people involved so to try and ruin someones image or career for kissing is rediculous. The public and the nosy people that spy on actors need to get a life.

  252. 252
    guest Says:

    I can understand why all the haters so agressif attack Kristen and why they are so eager defending Robert, who is no longer the victim and who enjoys the attention very much, because they fear that Robert still loves her and that he will forgive her and go back to her! That is the reason! Although i think that Pattinson is useless, which can be seen how he is calmly watching media degrade Kristen.

  253. 253
    blackBeauty Says:

    @belle: how is she a homewrecker? last time I checked liberty and rupert ain’t getting a divorce

  254. 254
    Lana Says:

    The way I look at it…

    They are young. If they want to get back together, than so be it. I personally love the pair together and hope they get back together and if they do, I wish them all the luck….

  255. 255
    joeltta Says:

    people just back off and mind ur own business. haters gonna hate. its her life not urs. so back off haters…..

  256. 256
    izzy1 Says:


  257. 257
    crizomar Says:

    it is ovaaaaa babys you are living in the pass sorry for you tsc tisc

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