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Kristen Stewart: First Post-Cheating Scandal Pictures!

Kristen Stewart: First Post-Cheating Scandal Pictures!

Kristen Stewart emerges for the first time since her cheating scandal while she hops into a car on Monday (August 20) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old actress has reportedly been staying at various houses for a few days at a time to try and avoid being seen.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

Kristen has been confirmed to attend the red carpet premiere of her film On The Road at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival next month. We can’t wait to see what she wears!

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Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Natalia

    @Wish: true!

  • Emm

    I am irritated that it took people so long to see her true colors. She has always been this person, but somehow, she had this huge fanbase just a couple of months back. ~Sigh~ it’s frustrating to be such a good judge of character

  • http://diana Cali

    @mell: Agreed. If someone cannot respect someone else’s marriage, than I cannot respect that person. Plain and simple.

  • sweetness


    For goodness sake do you think she’s the only one in Hollywood who has stepped outside their relationship..this bombardment of hatred stems from those who hated her from the very moment rob and her were reportedly dating. The worst decision she ever made was hooking up with Pattinson because his fans are rabid. If she wasn’t with him and had still been caught cheating NO ONE WOULD CARE. His rabid fans will attack any woman he decides to date. She was the misfortunate one to have been in his first famous relationship.

  • http://diana elaine

    She deliberately had an affair with a married man! They came in separate cars, so she was not pissy drunk or on drugs, so there was nothing “momentary” about that. “Momentary indiscretion” my as*s! you better believe that the wife would not be furious if it were only a “moment”!

  • Sure

    COMPLETELY believe you when you say you are neighbors with Pattinson.

    You communicate with below standard, remedial English yet you live in a $5 million dollar plus per house neighborhood.


  • LaCroix

    These photos look like she does everyday ..dressed like a dirty bum & with no expression on her face. You are not fooling anyone .. we all know that you are not sorry for what you did.. just sorry you got caught.

  • http://diana chica

    I cannot believe this girl decided to half-dress after some scandalous affair with a married loser! Funny thing is, she looks more comfortable in the pictures with that married loser — I guess she was having a trampy blast.

  • lili

    omg so much hate for this girl!! get a life ppl this is none of your business its between rob and kristen

  • Natalia

    @lili: no, and you know why? because the dumb issued a press release to apologize. She invited the world to review of her sh*t.

  • Lola

    @lili: are you nuttymadam??

  • Simone

    You guys are so harsh! She is a human being like the rest of us! So she cheated on one of the hottest guys on the planet. So what? We all have dirt, how dare you guys sit and point your fingers! I’m sure Rob played a role in her doing it in the 1st place. We don’t know all the details. Kristen you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and you walk with your head held high! Your still young, beautiful and talented and I will always be rooting for you. Kudos to you people who are living the perfect life!

  • Dig A Hole


  • http://diana Grosses me out

    Kristen do yourself a favor and stop playing the sympathy, I’m a victim card. You know exactly what you were doing when you made plans, met up to do your filthy business. It took premeditation. You were all into it, so coming from a girl to another girl, I know it was not the first time, probably not even the last.

    By the way, the director is worst than you. His actions disappointed his children who are just too young to have to deal with crap like this!

  • http://diana Kiara

    Kristen acting is highly forgettable. I do not know what the frenzy was about anyway. Now that she’s a proven home-wrecker, I guess we can add that to her shrinking list of talents.

  • Simone


    I Totally Agree!

  • http://diana Cinna

    I bet Kristen will not take any questions during the premiere or that the people will be advised to only ask her a certain set of prepared questions or else they will not be invited.

    Kristen evidently has little regard for others. At least think of the children before you spread your legs! The director may be a pervert, but it was also your choice.

  • http://diana sue

    What is she wearing! Girl go buy some class. You sure do not look very sorry here, you look like you are ready for the next loser who comes knocking.

  • ozzie

    what a a bunch of ugly comments … karma is going to catch up to you and all your hate.

  • lucy

    Next… @ 08/22/2012 at 7:58 pm

    it takes two people to make an affair. Rupert Sanders is equally as guilty as she is.

  • lucy


    and don’t forget that the married man deliberately had an affair with her.

  • Leo

    Love her! She’s very cool and hot!

  • http://diana Dana

    I love how some people come here to nitpick comments. Kristen is a cheater, period! The douchebag loser , cheating director is a major insult to the good men who are out there, doing right by their wives and children, period!

  • http://diana sierra

    Kristen looks rather trashy, at least look halfway presentable after messing with a lousy, not-worth-a-nickle douche!

  • mrsvagabunda

    “we can’t wait to see what she wears” yeah right lol

  • Andrea

    I don’t like this girl at all, but stop mess with her. She is not the first women in do that, and she won’t be the last one.

  • http://diana Cara

    Is this the sort of attention Kristen craved? She wanted something to happen to her since she was so “perfect” and “amazing” Looks like some people get what they ask for. Risking it all for what? A few climaxes? Hope you’ve learned your lesson.

  • http://diana OMG!

    There are questionable characters out there who will do anything, but you are always responsible for your actions, you have a choice especially involving your body. Have some self-respect and respect others.

  • http://diana fiana

    I bet all the major networks want to land an interview with her now. Is that the sort of spice she wanted to add to her life? There are better ways to be remembered in Hollywood; a tramp actress or a pervert director is not one way to aspire to!

  • dana2


    And I love how some of you are so judgmental, mean and cruel. YOU. You do know don’t you that Rob wasn’t exactly faithful to her. They seemed to have an open relationship. She got caught he didn’t. There is a huge difference between Bella & Edward vs. Kristin and Rob you know. Seems like many on this thread can’t differentiate between fiction and real.

  • http://diana fiana

    OMG! I am so sick and tired of the victim card. All of a sudden Kristen is suppose to be the sorriest and saddest of all the people involved. Yeah right. She got caught redhanded, that’s the only reason she issued a statement. The realest victims here are the children, not to mention a wife who has been married to a loser of husband for a long time… and of course Rob for getting heartbroken and publicly humiliated.

  • http://diana mswonderful

    Oh look at Ms. Wonderful. She has so many things going for her, but fails to appreciate it. She puts her nose up at everything and everyone around her, even her own fans not to mention her now ex-boyfriend.

    Now her pr people want to garner sympathy for her by saying she is really sorry and sad… yeah okay. If she did not get caught she would still be parading around acting like she is better than the universe and no one is worth her time.

  • am

    @dana2: and the fact that he was married and has two kids is OK with you? disgusting. you want to talk about supporting women? how about u support his wife. im sick of kristen stewart gaining sympathy from this. i wonder how many of u are married.. and IF you’d forgive the woman who slept with ur husband??

  • Michi

    The director is married and a father. I don’t care how strong the sexual tension was between him and Kristen. He should have avoiding taking taking the sex step! twenty two is young involving the heart. Kristen was not married with kids big difference.

  • Funny

    I’m not trying to defend her and obviously think what she did was classless, but it’s funny how no one said anything when she basically dumped Michael Angarano for Rob Pattinson. She had been w/ Michael a long time, not a nice thing to do. But since it was “Edward & Bella” everything was ok. People are saying all these things because of Rob/Edward. No one would’ve cared if she had done it to Michael. Oh wait, did she?

  • nath

    Hey, these images aren’t from today… I’ve seen it at least a week ago….

  • http://n/a notsofast

    The director is a douche who doesn’t deserve the family he has. I hold him completely accountable for the pain and heartache he’s caused his wife and two young children. With that said, there is no sympathy from me for a woman to knowingly involve herself with a married man, especially when she knew the wife and was around his children. I don’t care what anyone says, she had a hand in the disintegration of a family, and those kids will probably end up in a broken home and only see their parents half the time b/c of their asshole father, and kristen stewart.

    Thing is, some of us liked her, I was one of them. I think she’s very talented and gorgeous actress who was real and honest b/c thats the image she tried to sell. I am disappointed in her as a professional for being this sloppy and irresponsible by sneaking around and sleeping with her director, I am disappointed in her for not having enough respect for a family to end this before getting caught, I am disappointed that she doesn’t have enough respect for herself that she’s sloppy seconds to that douche of a director, but most of all I am disappointed to now realize she is the cliche, the most dishonest, the fakest person when its all said and done. She is everything she proclaims to hate, and indirectly critized other actresses for……….

  • http://diana kimmy

    I cannot believe how some people try to make excuses for others when they are blatantly wrong. I do not give a rat’s as_s if Kristen was in an “open relationship” what she did would still be wrong. Duh! She knew the loser director was married with children. She knew the wife and kids personally. If that’s not deceiving and wrong, I do not know what is.

    I’d kick that tool husband to the curb!

  • yesiam

    The photos are from Monday, Nath. Apparently, they were embargoed by other sites for a few days. And apparently, she still wearing the ring Rob gave her…much like Rupert has been seen about still wearing his wedding ring…

    She should know better, out of respect for Rob and the whole incident, than to go out in public with Rob stuff. Seriously. It looks like a PR stunt, a photo op, even if that wasn’t her intention. And yes, dressing more conservative, at least with a full freaking shirt, wouldn’t have hurt her either. Why does she (and her team) keep making questionable decisions?! Geez.

  • DB

    She should not be wearing that belly bearing shirt. Or tight pants. After what she did she should be wearing a BURKA

  • Listen and Learn

    Read this and think about it. Then go to bed, and no more hating.

  • very simple

    Wrong is wrong. Flowery language and flawed logic will not change a wrong. Kristen is a cheat. The kind of girl you do not want in your circle because you simply cannot trust the person. The director is a cheating tool. The kind of man you hope you do not fall for and marry, let alone have children with.

  • matt


  • dan

    im still a big fan!! its not that shes married!! she’s an incredible young actor! she will win oscar soon!!

  • Susan

    People just need to leave her alone. She cheated. We all know that. Over half and way over half of Hollywood has done so at one point or another and they move on. Going on and on bout this or name calling her isn’t going to change that. I feel for Robert and Liberty. Neither deserved this but how will going on and on about this change the fact that it happened? It wont.

  • Robert P.

    Nobody To Me

  • prince harry naked


    prince harry got photographed naked and he’s not getting the amount of hate kristen is. so stop with woman-hating already. your only making yourselves look psycho.

    its pretty obvious there is a woman hating agenda in our society. and it needs to stop.


  • joojoo
  • awful thin?

    needs to regain control, ,,,puke

  • Carey

    My dog tilts her head just like that when she’s been a bad girl.