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Kristen Stewart: First Post-Cheating Scandal Pictures!

Kristen Stewart: First Post-Cheating Scandal Pictures!

Kristen Stewart emerges for the first time since her cheating scandal while she hops into a car on Monday (August 20) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old actress has reportedly been staying at various houses for a few days at a time to try and avoid being seen.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

Kristen has been confirmed to attend the red carpet premiere of her film On The Road at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival next month. We can’t wait to see what she wears!

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  • http://bbaby Haley

    Some people clearly have a misconstrued take on life. Just because “all of Hollywood cheats” does not make it right, nor does it set a precedence for people to follow. Bad behavior is what it is; no matter how you try to slice a tomato, it is still a tomato.

    The director is a unprofessional, scumbag; hopefully, Kristen has learned a hard lesson. Personally, I have no sympathy for either. I only have sympathy for the wife, especially since she has two children. As a young girl, I’d be devastated if that happened in my to my mom or dad or to me when I get older.

    And for the record, there are people who are loyal and faithful in Hollywood. Even if the faithful is in the minority, it does not change the fact that cheating is wrong.

  • cheap twat

    She talks cheap, acts cheap & dresses cheap = sl_tty tacky sleazy wh0re.

  • @97

    Prince Harry is UNattached and is just boinking some openly prostis… unlike KStew who’s sneakingly boinking a married man w/ children – get that you clueless twiTARD!

  • http://bbaby Ariel

    Kristen nor the director were “peer pressured” to cheat. They are what they are. Kristen is only ashamed now. She was perfectly okay when the affair was going on. Why wasn’t she “sad” or “down” before the photos became public? Why wasn’t she publicly letting the world know how much she loved Rob before the pictures? The director was parading out without a care in the world too before the pictures came out. Why wasn’t he asking for privacy before? Why wasn’t he trying to be a better man, a better husband, a better father before the leak?

    All of a sudden, I am suppose to believe these two are sorry? Oh hell no! They are only sorry because their careers, image, upcoming projects, movies, role considerations are on the line. Nothing more. Evidently, one did not f*ck about his marriage and the other did not give a damn about her boyfriend.

  • http://bbaby beauty

    I find it very selfish of Kristen to proclaim her so-called love for Rob publicly only after she is caught with a married man. How convenient Kristen. You don’t fool me.

    The director should be blacklisted in the industry because he is obviously an unprofessional, pervert.

  • MegCH

    @prince harry naked: It’s not even the same thing. And it’s not because he is a guy and Kristen is a girl. For one, Harry’s a bachelor. For second, he has always been lively and controversial. Most people are embarrassed for him, but not surprised.

    On the other hand, (1) Kristen was in relationship, (2) her co-star was her boyfriend, (3) they are the leads of a movie franchise that was build around the image of both, (4) she was caught cheating in public (5) with the director of her previous movie (5) who happened to be married and had three children. (6) She also released a public apology through a tabloid magazine just like the one who published the photos that got her into the mess. People expected more

    Not the same thing. At all.

  • yesiam

    Robert just said he was “still homeless” when Jimmy Kimmel told him he was homeless the last time he was there. LOL

    I guess he’s not returning to the house he shared with KS.

  • tasha

    oh come on people, leave her alone, as if she is an exclusive one on hollywood who got involved in a drama like that..
    dont like her, never did, but this is actually too much…

  • salma


  • Emm

    i am completely in the dark as to HOW men could find her attractive? she’s such a dude. she looks like an awkward and sad hobo.

  • http://bbaby riana

    Thank goodness Rob is done with her. She is a debbiedowner and always has appears to have an attitude problem. I remember I saw her at someone’s wedding and she looked terribly annoyed, as if it would take her too much energy to crack a smile or look genuinely happy to attend the event.

    Good luck to Liberty. Drop the douchebag. Your children probably can use a better role model.

  • dana
  • Liz

    All the girls from Twilight are wh.ores who can’t get over themselves. Except for Nikki Reed. She’s lovely.

  • Susan

    @Haley: I sure as hell never said it does make it right. Get your facts straight. Cheating is wrong and we all know that. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. And for the record, I never said all of Hollywood cheats, I said well over half. I did not defend her nor would I seeing as I had the same thing done to me but I refuse to let it rule my life. People spend too much time thinking negatively. It’s no wonder some are so angry now a days.

  • http://bbaby Haley

    @Susan: Hmmm? Me? I did not reply to your message. My comment was separate and was based on previous commentary., mentioned not only here but on other days. In any case, I do not take things personal, and I appreciate that people have differing opinions.

    As for the director and Kristen, they made their bed, I guess now they are both full of regret because their indiscretions/affair was made public. I think many can agree on that; if not, that’s okay too.

  • http://bbaby brianna

    I’d be mortified if my husband cheated on me. If I had kids, I probably could not leave the house for a few days. Liberty is stronger than me probably. If I knew the woman he cheated on me with and I was actually friends with her, the police would have to come calm me down because I may just throw a bowling ball at his p*enis. The girl also better never try to contact me.

  • Rob&KristenUNBROKEN

    Hahahaaha — all you jealous hateful bittches are TERRIBLE. Karma will be coming for YOU soon. First of all GROW the fck UP. 1) it was a kiss outside in a car. PERIOD. The END. Grow up you jealous bullying losers. 2) It will be so perfect to see you ugly losers burst a brain vessel when it becomes obvious she’s still with Rob. Hahahaha! 3)She’s got 34 million reasons not to be sad, and she wasn’t – she’s just in a neighborhood walking. 4) It was 105 degrees in the shade the day these pics were snapped, wtf kind of outfit would be acceptable a parka and snow pants? 5) These pics are HELLA old Jared, they were on Popwhatevers site 3 days ago. Stop being a cheap asss basterd and try to get some exclusives for this lame as helll site. No wonder you have meangirling jealous fat freaks mad because THEY aren’t fcking Rob Pattinson scurrying thru this site attacking other females.


    Apparently y’all don’t listen to Katt Williams.
    Haters make you bigger than what you are – all you’re doing is insuring that Stewart becomes the next Liz Taylor or Angelina Jolie. liz had 9 husbands, the 7th one she stole from her best friend (in the flippin’ 50′s!) – do you think Hollywood care whether or not Stewart’s pervy director mauled her in a car??
    For that matter do you think Rob cares? He knows his gf is a wanted, hot commodity and on everyone’s minds, even you scary fug homelies. LOLOL
    He worships her, can’t live without her – she adores him. They’re together now.
    Sorry it hurts twahts. hahahaha. But keep on keeping on, withe every huge thread – that tells magazines, and movie studios, and film fests (already she’s the hottest ticket going at TIFF, her perfume has SOLD OUT, her issue of V for OTR has sold out! hahahahaha….haters, make you GINORMOUS.

  • YallBEbullies

    You know what’s funny? All of these raging scary cuhnts in here, have always hated Stewart, because they’re weirdo lonely fat Rob only fans, who cry themselves to sleep every night dry humping their Edward Cullen pillows. lmao. They’ve hated Kristen from the moment Rob told the world he was crushing back in 2008. This little tabloid ready incident of the car kiss just gives them an actual ‘reason,’ to hate the girl and not sound as insane as they used to, hating on her because she ‘doesn’t smile.’ Crazy freaks. lol

  • lana

    @Rob&KristenUNBROKEN: Jealous of someone who is spreading her legs to everyone like a whore and doesn’t respect herself? Yeah kiddo, that’s probably it .

  • http://bbaby Shelly

    On a personal note, there’s better ways to get “more famous” than to sleep with a married man who has children so the public can go bananas on you in order to attain notoriety and fame. Well, that’s just me.

    I guess there are a few people out there who will sink really low like being a home-wrecker to make a headlines and top-paying interviews. It’s quite pathetic. I hope the upandcomers do not follow suit. Trash like Kim Kardashian who is only famous for a sex tape is not a good way to gain fame.

  • call it like it is

    Can I just say that Just Jared has the very best readers? Seriously. Everywhere else there are mentally unstable Krisbians who flip a sh-t like, “WTF HOW COULD YOU SAY KRISTEN IS A HOMEWRECKER SHE IS PERFECT WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE HER YOU B-TCH SHE HAS FEELINGS TOO AND SHE’S SO YOUNG, OBVIOUSLY HE RAPED HER AND SHE DIDN’T WANT IT YOU’RE AN SLUTSHAMING -SSHOLE” as soon as someone points out the fact and truth of the matter that she’s a cheating homewrecker who did something completely devoid of moral conscience, repeatedly, for weeks.
    Stop defending her. Celebrities do not get a free pass. Anyone of us would be likely to get fired or at least face serious professional repercussions if caught screwing our bosses. Why should being an actress make someone exempt from this? She’s a grown woman who made calculated, informed choices to do something extremely wrong, again and again. She is NOT a victim. She chose this; she brought this upon herself.

  • yesiam

    Hey, Rob&KristenUNBROKEN aka MoreHATERSmoreFAMOUS aka YallBEBullies: no need to change your ‘name”. There couldn’t possibly be three people, who coincidentally write just as poorly, posting back-to-back incoherent messages about how awesome KS is and how much everyone else sucks.

  • Cookie

    You’d think she’d cover herself up after the whole scandal thing and all

  • YallBEbullies

    Spreading her legs? lolol it was a couple kisses in a car.
    I think your fat homely raging maniac asss needs to have a talk with nurse wratchet before she gives you your zoloft, and find out about the birds and the bees.

  • Kat

    Why does she still put on Rob’s baseball cap? Is it a message for Rob?
    She knows Rob is romantic.

  • Brenda

    What’s all this ‘sleepin with,’ and ‘spreading of legs?’ lol Has some more pics come out that I don’t know about? I thought it was an embrace and a kiss in a car or next to a car – whatever. Why are you children going that extra mile? Calm down. You just sound so angry. I swear to fck I didn’t see this much rage for Jerry sandusky. What’s wrong with you people? Even if Rob breaks up with her, it ain’t like you were ever gonna be next, so just chill. Get your sh*t together and leave the kid alone.

  • stewie

    I just know this from my little sister okay. ha. She’s still wearing Rob’s ring, his necklace, his bracelet, and his orioles cap. That’s why much of the fandom thinks they’re still together.

  • prince harry naked


    Harry is also in a relaitonship but he is not attached. just like kristen is. and yes it is about men vs women.

  • prince harry naked


    Harry won’t be releasing an apology and neither should have kristen.

  • It’s funny when

    It’s funny when you watch Krisbians’ heads blow up after they see something like this:

    Or watch something like this:

  • Kat

    @stewie: OMG! Kristen is his stalker!!

  • prince harry naked


    she didn’t ‘cheat’ because she is not married.

  • MegCH

    @prince harry naked: I actually agree on that. Releasing a public apology was actually a stupid move on her part. I guess it was part of the “damage control” agenda of her PR team because it still doesn’t make any sense to a lot of people.

    Your other arguments seem very weak to me. You want to make it a “man vs. women” thing because it’s the only thing you got. I mean, you think that she didn’t “cheat” because she is not not married. What kind of screwed up message is that. NO SENSE. No worthy of even discussing. Any chance you are Rob&KristenUNBROKEN aka MoreHATERSmoreFAMOUS aka YallBEBullies?

  • MegCH

    @stewie: I still Kristen is holding on to Rob things (ring included) just as Rupert is still wearing his wedding ring. She must know by know that it’s going to grab media attention, so unless she’s doing it on purpose, either to send Rob “a message” or as a photo op, she should just stop. Out of respect to Rob and herself, she should quit those antics.

  • http://bbaby sierralla

    A cheat is a cheat. Rob knows better than to keep Kristen around. She has never acted like she was into him until her back was against the wall (car) getting eating out by a married him. Gross. Save your apologies for someone who cares Kristen. Save your proclamations of love for someone else. You are just selfish. You and the tool director are probably a good match.

  • Kristen’s next PR strategy

    When Kristen decides to show her face in public,she will definitely play the ‘victim’ card,subtly or directly.I’m sure her PR team has read all the articles that were written in her favor and they know that her fans will gladly lick all the BS and wave the “Robsten is Unbroken” flag once Kristen says something like “I love him.I love him.I’m sorry” a.k.a the epic declaration of love made by Queen Kristen AFTER she was caught cheating with a married father of two and desperately needed to save face.
    After that the next step will be convincing people that their beloved Kristen is still the brand ambassador of honesty who was honest enough to admit her “momentary indiscretion” lol AFTER she was caught in the broad daylight *snort* Mark my words this is how they will play because they know that have an audience who WANTS to believe that Kristen is the real deal.

  • Guest

    Here come the ROBMATES. Instead of trashing they should be thanking her; she got Rob the publicity he needed just in time for the release of Cosomopolis, a small Indie movie that would have come and gone without notice if not for the supposed scandal. Go read the reviews from the Wall Street Journal, New York Daily news if you any time left after trashing Kristen. Robmates are going to have to buy a lot more tickets

  • http://bbaby tina

    If your significant other can cheat with another man who is married with children (knows the wife and children) then comes home to you and lay next to you, kiss you, make love to you, walk red carpets and act like normal, you will question that person’s loyalty forever. Rob is a romantic, but he is not a fool. She deceived him, and now, she is parading around with his things in a desperate way. I bet he remembers she was wearing his hat when that pervert director was all over her in those pictures. Very, very dirty. Cannot be trusted.

  • http://bbaby no thanks

    how could I feel sorry for a sk*ank who could not even feel sorry for the children she met, knew, acted on set with. I’ll pass.

  • Guest Uninvited

    @Guest: Well good for him. At least Rob will get something positive out of all the mess she caused him and others, wife and children included.

  • jesus

    christ. am i the only one who see this hateful bullying of KS as a modern interpretation of Nathaniel Hawthorene’s “Scarlett Letter”? the female always takes the blame harder (ie: Angelina Jolie) and yet the male skates away free from any of the fallout.

    i do agree with the posts that say KS’s PR team should begin to re-think her media “image.” and personally, think that should begin with some sort of UN Or DARFUR ambassadorship, volunteering somehow to take a short leave from hollywood…

  • lol

    They say she lost weight cos she’s sad…
    i’m pretty sure there’s been pics and stuff of her coming from a workout..
    MAYBE, just maybe, that’s why she’s been losing weight.

    Still hate her though

  • Lauren

    @prince harry naked: Your comment is ridiculous. Kristen and Rob were in an exclusive relationship, they were living together when she did what she did with Rupert Sanders. You don’t have to be married to be committed to someone.

    Having said that, this is a difficult time for them both, so I wish that people would just FOR ONCE respect their privacy. No-one left them alone even before this scandal emerged.

  • Finanas

    wow… you’re all such bunch of angry people… did she kill your family or what?

  • kingkayski

    The people that are posting are the same person that’s using different names,that has so much hate on Kristen because she knows deep in her heart,Rob will always be with Kristen.Just look at Kristen looking so healthy and beautiful as ever and look at the pictures of Rob a and tell me who’s holding a torch for who,Rob is so inlove with that girl,he’ll forgive her in anything she do and you people know it and hate her more for it,too bad.

  • Vic

    Hold your head up KS. This is the USA. You didn’t have a marriage contract. He did. All of these sites are where all the bullies of the world hang out.

  • V

    Stay strong Kristen. Love you and still support you!

  • intric8

    Why not leave Kristen alone? Why not forgive? How many of us have screwed up in our lives?

  • taylor

    @Kristen’s next PR strategy: they are playing the victim card like crazy. i mean ‘firing’ her from her next film and not allowing her to show up to the premier of twilight? breaking cr*p? (i dont know what the name is and dont care) is so coordinated that they deserve an award for it. On top of that people are feeling sorry for her, i mean even chelsea handler is on “her side”. I’m more annoyed that people are being simplistic as*sholes and saying ‘everyone who hates her just loves twilight/robert pancakes’ etcetc! thanks but no thanks, i could care less about any of that ju*nk, the only thing i care about are those defenseless kids who have to deal with it when they go back to school —– WELL PLAYED KRISTEN STEWART’S PR TEAM – who cares about children, right? — amazing that morals have no place in hollywood.