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Kristen Stewart: First Post-Cheating Scandal Pictures!

Kristen Stewart: First Post-Cheating Scandal Pictures!

Kristen Stewart emerges for the first time since her cheating scandal while she hops into a car on Monday (August 20) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old actress has reportedly been staying at various houses for a few days at a time to try and avoid being seen.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

Kristen has been confirmed to attend the red carpet premiere of her film On The Road at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival next month. We can’t wait to see what she wears!

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  • Jane

    Max the cat must be happy, he can now have Kristen all to himself now. Purrrrr.

  • Casia

    @jesus: You are right on that women always gets more hate but in this case its mostly because nobody really know who is Sanders . But as for me they are equally disgusting. He had children, and Kristen knew his wife and children. They did what they did now they have to deal with the consequences. I don’t feel pity for them because if they accept the positive side of being a celebrity they have to accept the negavtive side of it. Thats life. She is no longer a child.

  • wren

    So many judgemental people on this list….She is a child, she is in a crazy world. She looks lovely and hunted here. Hard to have your mistakes so public. How would YOU all handle having your mistakes so public and commented on by so many who hate you just because…..

  • Jane

    THIS IS WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IMO: I think that Rupert was going to dump his wife soon; after Twilight, Kristen and Rob would have ‘broken’ (though they were never a couple imo, just a showmance), then during Snow White 2, Kristen’s pr people would have spread ‘rumors’ about Rupert and Kristen ‘consoling’ eachother’s broken hearts, bla bla bla. Then they would have come out in public as a couple. Their gettng caught before their PLAN came into fruition was their big mistake. I think Liberty found out about the affair, knew she was going to be dumped so hired a pap to ‘catch’ them, hence ruining the lovebird’s secret plans. When Kristen said in her statement ‘i love him, i love him’, she meant she loved Rupert, and she was sorry she had made a fool of Robert (by showcasing that their relationship was just a Showmance). Robert was embarrassed, but in no way is he brokenhearted. He is actually quite amused imo, because all this has given him great PR.

  • Jeff

    Wow, give the girl a break already. She’s 22 years old for cryin’ out loud! Haven’t any of you here made a wrong choice at that age?
    She’s been criticized for every little thing the past years, from the clothes she wears to the way she smiles.
    I’m not a fan of hers and I don’t condone cheating at all, but I think people are way too harsh on her.

  • Moreen

    i’m telling you in a few months this all will be forgotten…Stewart will give at some point an interview and she will talk about it making it seem like it happened once and it was a terrible mistake…and everyone will forgive her!Honestly i really don’t care about her…she is not a good actress and i never liked her attitude…but i hate the fact that people are going to support her eventually and go watch her movies while she destroyed a family without even thinking about the kids!

  • lou

    @Jane: Kristen & Robert were a real couple but after this scandal. hereinafter Kristen’s PR will be fans believe
    & media that Rob forgives her and robsten together again
    and well cleaned her image to the end of the promo BD 2.
    bc coming the Oscar campaign for her by otr. after this robsten kaput

  • Emma

    Why is everyone being so harsh against her? She wasn’t the only one that made this affair happen. Everyone is calling her a homewreaker, but he is the one with a wife & kids, so why did he let this happen? There are always two sides, so why does everyone automatically blame the female party?

  • layne7

    I dont care about the status of their relationship, but when you know the wife of the man your cheating with, know he has kids, wait long after the film has wrap and publicity long over, go to a public park, get caught red handed then release the worst statement ever about your respect for the man you LIVE with thats cheating. Now she wants everyone to believe it was a one time thing and to give her privacy, and make it seem she was cocerced into this affair. Im glad she is getting crap, she publicly embarrassed her bf, broke up a marriage. In my book you make your bed you lie in it. Liz Taylor and Angelina have talent something this girl will never have. All of you who think shes deserves a pat on the back, would you or I beable to carry on like that and walk away unscathed?? I dont care if shes famous, tme to pay the piper and stop releasing press releases.

  • pamgirl9412

    She cheated, didn’t commit murder!!! Leave her alone already!!!!

  • CTheriault

    Why Are People So Judgmental?
    Why is it so difficult to accept people as ….human being, regardless of their status?
    Has anyone ever made any stupid and costly mistakes in their life?
    People who criticizes Kristen in using insulting names to comment her current situation are, I am assuming, perfect people, is that correct?
    I just wish Kristen and Robert to get back together if this is what meant to happen or else, grow through this experience courageously. Life is full of turbulence and may this chapter of your life nurtures peace and new foundation. Bon courage Kristen and Rob.

  • D. Dean

    Can’t wait to see what she wears? I can’t wait to see if she gets Booed!

  • lenny


    you still didn’t get it. she fell in love w/ rob while still w/ michael angarano. it happens in first/young love. yes its bad that she cheated on mike but no vows or children were involved. now its way different, she’s got a live in bf when she cheated w/ a married guy twice her age, who happens to be her director, whose wife happens to be her friend/coworker, whose 2 young kids she happens to play with, and most of all she and rupert are not even in love w/ each other, they did it purely for sex. yes rupert is a pervert but she’s a willing participant and she let him use her body for his own kicks.

  • Lilie

    I can’t believe how many haters & bullies there are on this website.. O_o

  • Zileuton

    the same people who wrote her confession after the cheating scandal: momentary act of indescretion!

  • packers and movers bangalore

    she is so cooooooooool

  • Intric8

    Leave kristen alone already, all you hypocritical Fks. We pry into your private lives, god knows the kind of crap we would find. F OFF.

  • Mrfabulous48

    Seriously people?

    This girl is 22-years old. She’s not married. She should definitely be playing the field instead of dating some goofy Brit for the last four years. Do you honestly believe that Pattinson was true to her? They are young, rich, beautiful & famous. Why be tied down at this early stage of their lives. The director of her movie is the douche here, not Ms. Stewart. He’s the one with a wife and kids. One would have to imagine he told Kristen he loved her and he was going to leave his wife for her. Older men can manipulate much younger, less experienced women. Making a public apology was a HUGE mistake as she had nothing to apologize for.

    Leave her alone and let her be 22.

  • Intric8

    Jada smith humps around on will smith and gets off scott free, angelina jolie does the same and brads just as guilty but they get off just as easy, kimmie kardashian doin all kinds of stupid and despicable crap left and right and you guys want to take it all out on poor kristen?

  • Mia

    Kristen cheated on Rob with a married man while she shared the LA home with Rob. That is, she had sex with Rob after she had sex with Rupert.. The very thought of it is disgusting.

  • Intric8

    She didnt even bang rupert. You just want to hate.

  • kia

    Kristen is what she is and so is that loser husband. Shame on them. No making excuses.

  • LOL

    Nobody believes her PR team’s statement!!

  • Teresa
  • Teresa

    @Next…: seriously, you idiots are pathetic. She is 2-2. He was 4-1. I would imagine he knew more about what he was doing than she did. FYI, his home is not wrecked. Get your facts straight.

  • Teresa

    @Casia: They kissed for goodness sake. You people act like they did the dirty on Hollywood Blvd. So does your sainted Robert. Thought he had more class than that. Think he is milking the poor me act for publicity.

  • donna

    So over this girl. She could never act anyway. Talk about a one-dimensional actress. She always has the same droopy look in movies.

  • alena

    She always has a bitchy look to her instead of grateful considering she is one of the most overpaid actresses in Hollywood. Get over yourself, Ms. Perfect! What a joke.

  • Right!

    Now she is suppose to be so very sad and depressed about the whole thing. Yeah right! Lies orchestrated by her and her pr people to gain sympathy. She only cares about her overblown career!

  • LOL

    Where did the term Trampire come from??? LOL

  • Alum

    If you are going to leave your house after having an affair with a married man, at least cover up a bit. What the hell is she wearing? It says something about her, she does not give a flying f*uck. She’s just pissy because she got caught.

  • Manu

    oh kk.

  • Dog Doo

    Sure to get “look of the day” on

  • JN

    I don’t care if they have an open relationship. She could pick any single guy out there but she choose to screw around with a married guy who happened to have 2 children as well is WRONG. The majority of the public doesn’t like cheater but what they don’t like more is a hypocrite which is what she is!

  • della

    Looks like a “b-itch as usual. The girl could not fake a smile if her life depended on it. Oh I’m sorry she is suppose to be distraught and depressed here. What a load of bullsh*it! Sorry pr people she looks like this 100% of the times! B*itchiness follows her everywhere.

  • furshur

    - banged the pap

  • Lauren

    I always really liked her. She wasn’t an AMAZING actress but she seemed cool and seemed like she was into cool things and in interviews she always really cared about the characters she played.
    It’s just surprising.
    She cheated, didn’t even look ashamed when pictures were being taken, was so out in the open about it yet never was with Rob, then kept going like nothing was wrong hanging out with Rob and he was obviously clueless, then made a statement instead of talking to him, and now is trapped in this whole situation.

    Some people want bad things to happen to them because they can’t handle things being ok. They act out. From what she’s said in a previous interview, that’s obviously what’s happened.

    I’d like to hear what she’s thinking right now and not the “she’s crying every night” PR crap.

  • Lola

    @wren: “she is a child” lol, not: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL: 22 F-ING YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amy

    most overrated cheating actress: the award goes to.. Kristen. most perverted, tool director: the award goes to Rupert.

  • Lola

    @Intric8: Ok nuttymadam.

  • no, no, no.

    A cheating skan*k who could not care for the children of that tool, so I do not care about her over-embellished career. Next.

  • Sunshine Daydream

    @LOL: I think it was Will Ferrell on a talk show. Very amusing!

  • lala

    Over her. I’m sure another actress would love the opportunity to just work. this one has always acted like she was the best thing that hit Hollywood.

  • comeon

    I think it’s sad how much hate there is everywhere. Your comments don’t tell anything about Kristen, because you don’t know her personally, but they do tell a lot about you. Get off the internet and go get a life. Why would you haters spread such negativity around you all the time? “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. What has she done to you to make you so bitter?
    I’m sure most of these haters just got a reason to acceptably hate her with the cheating scandal. Sure, what she did was really horrible, nobody is defending that. But I think most of you guys just didn’t like her to begin with for immature, stupid reasons like “she doesn’t smile 24/7, isn’t always perfectly put together and oh so bubbly and outgoing”, you know, like the typical american way. You think everyone should be and act like that, but newsflash, everyone isn’t like that. And clearly she just never was willing to compromise. She’s who she is, and that’s how she acts in public. There are people who are actually reserved by character, you know.
    And what’s up with the bashing of her looks? Like YOU are always out in a perfect outfit, with the perfect hair and makeup. The difference is, you don’t get papped. It’s not like she enjoys it and no wonder she looks gloomy, it’s not necessarily the pr strategy but just the situation she is in right know.
    The people who are saying she had an ongoing affair with the director for 6 months. Do you honestly believe everything you ever read on gossip sites? It’s a rumor, it hasn’t been proven true by any of the parties. The only thing we know for sure is that Kristen cheated on Rob with him, and what they said was that it was “momentary”. So, it may have been only a one time thing, or may have not. But we can’t be sure of that so don’t treat the 6 month (or whatever) story as a fact.
    I’m sure I’m going to get lots of thumbs down, but whatever. Haters gonna hate. I don’t know why you people are so angry, but it’s your loss anyway, not mine or Kristen’s.

  • msgoth

    You guys are acting so juvenile. it takes 2 to tango and he is not getting beaten up like your doding to her. grow up. I dont see anyone defnding the others guys on the set that didnt helpher while this guy was hounding her.

  • Lindsey

    this girl did not give a care what the public thought of her before. Why does she care now that the many think she is an untrustworthy, sneaky cheater? No way this girl did not know having an affair with a married man was not right. It’s not like she did not know of the wife and children. That’s why she was trying to sneak and stuff.

    She shared a house with Rob who she’s been with for years. If that is not a serious long-term relationship, then Kristen is the best actress to ever walk planet earth.

  • msgoth

    I see this..this guy could have hit on Charlise Theron..who is gorgeous for the record but no..he goes after the younger girl, stalks her, hounds her and finally wears her down. Why didnt anyone else on the set say anything about that? Why did they toss her to the wolves instead of him ?? huh?his guy is a tool and you all are blaming her. Hes the one thats 40ish, married with kids..he did the real cheating. And why do all you little teenieboppers say anything about all the girls Rpat cheated with on Kristen? You dont wanna talk about him because your jealous of her and shes easier to make into the bad guy. Judge not least yee be judged.

  • msgoth

    @Keesh: you no how dumb you sound? you dont no her or Rpat so you dontno what they are really like.

  • No sympathy

    The director is a loser. Glad he is not my dad. I’d probably never speak to him again. What an imbecile and trash. Kristen, well, from a girl to another girl, I would never want to do that to another girl because breaking up is bad enough, let alone having your husband cheat on you with a girl you know, and possible having to divorce. Not a fun situation.

  • Ivy

    I love to see fans make excuses for bad behavior. Clearly girls and boys these days need better role models. Kristen and the pervert director are public figures and they are both eligible for public feedback, especially after releasing public statements swearing up and down that they are sorry. Nope, not so fast. You both meant you both were sorry you got caught in a compromising situation.