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Kristen Stewart: First Post-Cheating Scandal Pictures!

Kristen Stewart: First Post-Cheating Scandal Pictures!

Kristen Stewart emerges for the first time since her cheating scandal while she hops into a car on Monday (August 20) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old actress has reportedly been staying at various houses for a few days at a time to try and avoid being seen.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

Kristen has been confirmed to attend the red carpet premiere of her film On The Road at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival next month. We can’t wait to see what she wears!

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  • Jessie

    msgoth @ 08/23/2012 at 3:40 pm
    you don’t KNOW them either. How do you know that she didn’t go after him? Because she’s younger? Get real, young girls have been going after older men since the beginning of time. They’re both wrong and the only reason it stopped is because they got caught. I’m sorry for Rob, the directors wife and family, but I can’t feel sorry for the cheaters. I bet she doesn’t like being ‘f’vked’ up now. People were saying she was so smart and mature, yeah. uh,huh. Dumb and Dumber.

  • Jessie

    Lauren @ 08/23/2012 at 2:10 pm
    I agree with you. That remark she made about wanting someone to fvk her up was telling. She was a train wreck waiting to happen. She needs therapy because she’s fvked up. She’s not cool or hip, she’s someone with issues. Maybe she shouldn’t have become an actress, her mom didn’t want that for her. I thought she was on drugs when she was campaigning for Snow White, she was acting really goofy and all out there.

  • kaila

    Kristen is trying to get Robert back. I say no Rob, you can do better. You have looked so much better since leaving her company. (I know it hurts, but you can do much, much better. She never appreciated you.)

    The director is trying to do the same. I say no, Liberty once a tool always a tool.

  • Sarah

    This B**** is so not a fashionista

  • Kaitlyn

    I’m glad she’s finally out and about, she’s young people we all make mistakes some that are worse then others. I don’t think that we should call her names when we don’t know the whole story about why she did it. She messed up and she knows it and being ridiculed about it all the time doesn’t make someone learn from there mistakes. Unless you know her then you can’t say that she would have kept on doing it if she wasn’t caught. A lot of people on this comment list are probably against bullying but the name calling everyone is doing is just that bullying.

  • Ariel

    First off, it wasn’t an affair. It was a one-time thing “Momentary Indiscretion” which several sources have already said. AND she didn’t sleep with him.

    Second, the shirt she is wearing is the same one she wore for Comic Con and no one called her a whore for wearing it then.

    Third, she is wearing Rob’s hat and the gold “Rob” ring he gave her.

  • Evelyn

    Anyone who thinks a wife would even entertaining divorcing or separating from her husband of so many years with whom she has children with over a kiss is delirious! That tool did her dirty and she knows it. Kristen, well she did herself dirty. She had a good boyfriend, good career, good roles despite her acting disabilities, but it still was not enough. Shame on them both.

  • vera



  • Jessie

    Funny @ 08/22/2012 at 9:58 pm
    Funny, you’re forgetting Rupert has a wife and KIDS. Sorry she dumped Mike for Rob, but that’s what teenagers do. They say, “I’ve met someone else and move on.’ That’s life and growing up. Not cheating with a married man. He wasn’t just some married guy either , Kristen knew his wife and kids PERSONALLY. That’s cold. That’s why people are so pissed. Yeah, they hate that she cheated on Rob who obviously thought the world of her, but even if he weren’t in the picture she’d get the same bashing that she’s getting now.

  • Marieme

    msgoth @ 08/23/2012 at 3:40 pm #197

    Um, says WHO he could have had Charlize? Who the heck are you to imply Charlize would fall for him and date a married guy? She’s not a homewrecker or stupid so what a dumb thing to say! Liberty and Charlize are friends too. Kristen made a dumb decision but she is a kid. Chalize is a woman and a smart one at that. You act like Rupert was some king who could go around picking and choosing and getting what he wanted. He went after a young girl. She fell for it. I don’t think she was happy with Rob, which okay whatever. That’s her choice. But to stay with him instead of ending it was cowardly. That’s what I blame her for. But again, very young. I did very stupid and thoughtless things when I was her age.

  • porquenon

    You litte minds can think you have the First Amendment behind you when you post your hysteria laden accusations against Ms. Stewart – a young woman none of us know (or represent). But make no mistake, if you were not posting annonymously, a few of you could very well be sued for libel and Ms. Stewart would win.
    So, some of you might want to cease and desist with the hate speech(your email addresses are cached somewhere on JJ’s server, it would only take a legal letter or less to obtain and prosecute), and go back to your Pinterest pages lest you find yourself on the wrong side of the Law.

  • Marieme

    Teresa @ 08/23/2012 at 1:20 pm #176

    Uhhh. They did a bit more than kiss. In the car photos he is clearly licking on her frontal area. Guess her boobs and whatnot. The affair looks very heated and sexual in nature, let’s be honest. I mean that’s what affairs generally are. But again I’m no prude and this sh*t does happen. He took advantage of her age and inexperience with relationships I feel. Also no one seems to mention Kristen’s resemblance to Liberty! She’s more or less a younger version, which is something else that disturbs me. Rupert might have a pedo thing going on. I read somewhere he started dating Liberty when she was still a teen. IMO his wife is a knockout. But for this creep it’s possible he prefers them very young. What a sicko cheat. Ugh!

  • Oh, oh!

    The douchebag director is a slimy, tool, a no-good husband, and evidently a bum for a father for putting his children through this nonsense. Kristen is what she is, a selfish, dishonest, untrustworthy, sneaky, sk*ank who thinks she is above reproach.

  • tc

    You are looking good Kristen …. pick yourself up and concentrate and your career. Hope you find a hunk who will give you everything you need and won’t use you for publicity like Rob did.

  • nouniet

    just leave her alone….people did mistake, maybe she learnt it already

  • Pam

    Jane @ 08/23/2012 at 7:48 am
    Wow. How diabolical, if that was the plan. Hmmm I wonder if they both get dumped will they some months down the line end up together. It sure won’t be as uh, exciting as sneaking around. She’d never lose the home wrecker tag then. Might be worth it for a girl wanting some excitement in her life.

  • Ally

    Kristen is a loser to have an affair which such a douche. I mean look at the guy. He looks like a freaking pervert. No shame whatsoever.

  • abc

    she eat my dick on the bread

  • RatedCrazy

    Just because she made a mistake or something doesn’t mean you all have to hate on her. Like I don’t like what she did to Robert but do you see me hating on her. NO! It’s not anyone’s business anyways. She’s an adult, she can dress however she wants to. Don’t act like your perfect. We all make mistakes. Just leave it. And leave her. Imagine all the hate, that’s why she’s hardly in public because people don’t want to drop it. Be mature. & let Rob and Kris figure it out themselves.

  • lol

    porquenon- shut your hole Fascist

  • What?

    several sources = Kristen people

  • LaCroix

    You KStew fans are ridiculous people.. with the whole “dont judge her” crap.. If she wasn’t acting like a wh0re in public then maybe we wouldn’t. Her ugly demoralizing behavior shows her true colors. No one in their right mind has an affair with a married man with kids. My question to all you Kstew fans is why in hell would you condone that behavior? There are so many other GREAT actresses with talent that you can look up to.. why this trash? She’s a hypocrite, liar, cheater, cruel, vindictive, & down right UGLY.

  • Simmy

    KStew fans no matter how much you go on supporting her all of you 1% .. she will always be looked at as the home wrecker that had an affair with an older married man with kids. She’s labeled. She will get booed to all hell at the Twilight BD Premiere.

  • wtheck

    once a cheater always a cheater, and that’s for them both OR this whole thing could be a cook to make some money. Only God knows lol

  • CleoJones

    Except she didn’t have an ‘affair,’ his married asss was just perv-ily macking on her and kissing her. She can’t help that she’s hot and THOUGHT he was her friend. But to try and say this was some ongoing affair when there was NO SE.X, and wasn’t – is ridiculous.
    One things clear, I see why the defense attorneys of rapists, always want women in the jury pool – we hate each other, judge each other and are our own worst enemies, we will excuse the male in whatever scenario, and give him a pass, every. single. time.(studies show women juries will vote to acquit rapists 10x more than their male counterparts. Yes, it’s true – we suck. lol)
    Honestly, I think some of you toxic hater bullying females want her to kill herself.
    Instead it will be you jumping off that bridge, when Rob is shown to be right by her side, having never left. LOL
    This should be entertaining. :)

  • Tannen

    You know witches…how about you ease up? She’s been with Rob since she was 17. In fact, he might be the only man she’s been with, ever. She’s allowed a stupid mistake. Maybe even more than one in her life you judgemental hypocrites.
    So what – some older dude she thought was her friend, was perving on her, she didn’t know what to do – so she appeased him. It was a momentary mistake and caught on camera. (Btw, If she was trying to have an ‘affair,’ why meet in an office parking lot and a neighborhood. duh.) There was no affair and was no sex. period.
    The girl gave a heartfelt apology to her family, friends and especially Rob. What else would you like her to do? Slit her wrists?
    It’s not gonna happen. Word is, Rob forgives her little transgression and error in judgement, as that’s all it was. He’d be a fool to let a kiss from a perv director that she still felt influenced by, and thought she respected and was friends with, deprive him of HIS one true love – because that’s what Kristen is for Rob (and vice versa) so DEAL.
    Rob knows who she REALLY is, you b*tches don’t. That’s why you wasting your life on this message board railing and screaming to yourselves, for something that will never affect you is insane. Why do you care? Do you know Rob? Are you his mother? You act like this girl broke into your home and kidnapped your first born – I would hazard to say most of you hateful people would be less upset at an actual predator that did break in your home than you are right now at Kristen Stewart. Read that again. How sick is THAT??
    You remind me of Chelsea Douchebag, raging at Angelina, lolol, how pathetic – as if people didn’t know she wasn’t doing it for the simple fact that she’s an ugly manfaced toxic b*tch who’s jealous.Same deal with you bags and lil’ cute Kstew.
    Hope Rob is giving her lil asss a good blistering right now, as punishment followed by a hot f*. Muahahaha! Yeah hope you old nasty windbags put your head thru a wall at that visual.
    Sweet dreams…I know Kristen’s having them all curled up on Rpatz’ chest. And that ain’t no fanfic ho’s it’s REALZ. Muahahahaha.

  • http://bbaby ariella

    how fitting for that tool Rupert to be right next to his Trampire on Justjared, although it will probably be temporary. I’m over the both of them. Cry me a river why don’t you! Cheaters never care about their trysts and who they hurt until they are caught.

  • Bec

    No idea how she is ever going to show her face at premiere events or any of the BD Part 2 promotional tours. I can imagine the amount of booing she’s going to receive from Twilight fans, especially Rob’s fans. If Rob is really going to be at the BD Part 2 premiere with her in Nov because he wants to save Kristen the embarrassment and the booings, then he has more class and heart than any of the celebrities I’ve read about.

  • http://bbaby belle

    People will make excuses, but the you cannot hide the truth. The director is a tool and Kristen is an untrustworthy sneak. Both are homewreckers and cheaters. She knew what she was doing, if she did not know the man was married, if she did not know his wife, if she did not know his children, then I’d reconsider. But Kristen knew exactly what she was doing just like the director knows he is a dirty lame dog.

  • http://bbaby fool no more

    Fool me once, but I damn sure will not let these two fools fool me twice. Rupert and Kristen. I do not think Kristen was a good fit for Snow White, her delivery was horrible, but it makes sense now why the fool Rupert chose her.

  • SS


    Wow, it’s like you knew her, right?

    Get off the glue, people. What she did was not great but it is her business. Stop judging others and taking a ridiculous moral high ground. Who are you kidding? Are you all perfect people? Get a life.

  • tuzticka

    I just wonder, why do you all people so much care? She is just a mirror of our own faults. We all hate and judge on other people that we are scared we could do too.

  • nyc2vt

    The so-called actress cannot act. Lip pursing is not a Stanislavsky technique.

  • Sassy

    @bee: Someone finally agrees that bucky beaver cannot act! Suck up the fame now because you will not see her in another movie! Trampire and Snow trash…..

  • Andrew

    How many false people there are here?! All point the finger at Kristen. I want to see how many of you are “clean”. He made a mistake, we all make.

  • Mary

    Tannen, how deluded are you? The truth is Rob and Kristen were NEVER a couple. They are both loving the fallout because it is revamping (no pun intended) their images. They are now going to get alot more roles than they otherwise would have if they had just pretended to ‘break up amicably’. Break up my a-se. As for Rupert, Kristen and him did really have an affair, but she used him to get out of the fabricated relationship with Rob. How Rob and Kristen must be laughing at their silly teen fans.

  • Jane


    Pam, the ironic thing about my theory is that if truth, Kristen is not a cheat at all, although she did have an affair with a married man. Therefore she is being crucified for cheating on Rob when she hadn’t as they were just a showmance. As for Rupert being married, who knows, maybe Rupert told her that he was planning to leave Liberty because they weren’t workign out, especially now that he had fallen for Kristen. Now Rupert and her are left with the dilema of ‘how are they going to get together now’? According to my theory, they had wanted it to appear as if they fell for eachother whlst mending their respective broken hearts from the failure of their marriage/relationship on the set of Snow White 2, but now their plans have been scuppered. Maybe this huge fallout has killed their relationship. Maybe not. Time will tell. Sorry, I’m just soooo cynical.

  • lynn

    Kristen looks like the perfect cheater, liar and fake..GTFO!!!

  • Dutch Damasta

    Where are her handlers to make her step up after all this madness to clean up her ACT…?!?!?!
    She needs a good cleansing of her mouth, mind, body and soul…

  • bella

    I guess you can’t take the tram-p out of the trampire. What the hell is she wearing?

  • easy there

    Incredible how people are saying Kristen was never with Rob. Are you kidding me? They moved in together. people will say anything to justify something. They will even quote bible for justification. the guy was still married with children. You better believe that is was not the first time with that as-shole of a husband

  • keira guston

    she has beautiful skin…………! OMG!!!!!!!! i realy love her !!!!! and she tomboy :D

  • A

    She’s only 22 and already doing ‘remarkable’ things like this.God knows what she will do in future.

  • Nise

    @dede: You people need to grow up damn; what planet are you from enough is enough get a life and leave that child along. naysayers.

  • Nise

    @JoJo: She doesn’t need to sleep around to get a job. It ‘s plan a simple if you can act you got the job. Beside she didn’t sleep anyone to be cast as Snow White; how many job have you gotten.

  • Nise

    @Cinna: If the question have nothing to do with the up and coming permiere, why would she give you answer any other question. Her personal life is just that personal grow and get a life.

  • Nise

    Why are there so much hate in this world. nobody’s perfect we have all made mistakes, your comments are just like an open sore that want heal because you keep pick at the scab. So what you need to do is clean the wound put some antibiotics maybe a bandaide and then you all need to get a life.

  • sure

    Lol, say what you want Kristen is still a cheat who cheated with a married loser. The biggest creep, douche, married loser that I’ve seen in a long time. Good luck to the children.

  • blackBeauty

    @Bec: twilight fans aren’t fans of rob and kristen,they are fans on edward and bella who aren’t even real cannot say they are a fan of a celebrity if the minute they do something wrong they turn against them. kristen made a f**king mistake,just shows she is many people hating on kristen can honestly say they knew who liberty ross was before all this, but now suddenly everyone is paying attention to her and she seems to be enjoying it.i don’t think twilight fans will boo her,if they do they seriously need to get a life cos NOBODY IS PERFECT.we all screw up things at some point in life we just don’t have everything wrong thing do splashed all over the papers

  • El

    She looks beautiful and will stun again at TIFF.