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Nicole Kidman: Topless for 'V Magazine'!

Nicole Kidman: Topless for 'V Magazine'!

Nicole Kidman bares all she has in this topless cover from V Magazine‘s Fall 2012 issue!

Here’s what the 45-year-old The Paperboy actress had to share with the mag:

On having to pee on Zac Efron‘s character in the flick: “The peeing thing, I didn’t think was that weird, because I was in character. That was for the jellyfish. And for me it said so much about Charlotte. One, she’s protecting him. Two, she’s tough as nails and no one else is going to pee on this guy. All of that made total sense to me. I just went for it and didn’t overthink it.”

On keeping romance alive with
Keith Urban while having two kids: “I rented this beautiful house on the beach. I thought, ‘We’ll go and swim in the ocean and just get lost in each other.’ So we go down, just us, and I’m like, ‘We really should bring the kids.’ And then the kids come down and the whole dynamic changes. Another time, we got one night, and then we were both in tears. It was ridiculous. But time is so precious and I love the sound of them and the feel of them. I just don’t want to miss anything, and I don’t want them to go ‘Where’s my mom?’ So I’m working through that.”

On trusting her instincts: “I don’t really make decisions, I go with the flow. If I were a strategically minded person, I think I would have a far different career. But I would be more outlandish if I could. A lot of times you just don’t get the chance.”

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Credit: Mario Testino/V magazine, Styling: Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele
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  • wywh

    Yass serve!

  • Tam

    She’s trying so hard. sorry.

  • Tom

    She is too old for this now she needs to be respectable for her daughters sake.

  • don’t care

    barely looks like her. really nuts of a design.

  • Joe

    Besides the nudity on this cover, she seems like a great mom haha.

  • R U sure

    re we not a little to old for this sort of behavior?

  • piggy

    Miranda Kerr must be jealous

  • Leslie

    OMGGG! It’s Charlotte Bless <3

  • Babee

    Nice T and A …compare her to Katie Homes figure her doing the samthing…The romance is over for Keith and all about them
    Now! So self-centered, always was. The ine thing that Tom did not like
    About hear, and guess Keoth keeps himself on the road a lot..

  • vic

    I think she looks awesome. Flaunt it while you got it. Just cause she is in her 40′s doesn’t mean she’s too old for pictures like this.

  • Sarah

    She looks killer for her age. At what age are you suppose to stop being sexy? Represent Nicole! Love it.

  • 3lodie

    So ridiculous ! Really she made my day !

  • notyourfriend

    Wow, she doesn’t need this at all, she’s motherf**** Nicole Kidman

  • @Babee

    I doubt the romance is over when Nicole looks like this! Hot!

  • Attention Hags on E

    These pictures show exactly why Keith would never want you. Go get ‘em, Nicole! They’re SO jealous of you!

  • Olive

    Her body is actually better than in her twenties because she’s put on a little needed weight. No wonder Keith Urban is so happy. Her body is amazing.

  • Butter_Fly

    I like Nicole Kidman but don’t particularly like these pictures. Don’t we get enough of this? This is something Lohan would do.

  • dani

    Jared again forgets to mention she is being honored by the NY Film Festival for her work!

  • Rocky


    ITAWU! Flaunt it while you’re still young and she’s still young — being in your 40′s doesn’t make you ready for senior citizen home. ROCK IT NICKY!!

  • tugy

    Now people need to explain me what the f**k mean “she’s too old for this”. Is there an age to be sexy and hot?! Or, are you one of those annoying self-righteous people who hate nudity? Or, are you one of those chauvinist sexist men that think only 20 years-something girls can show their body?? Shame on you. Nicole has full possession of her body and her sexuality. She’s mautre enough to play with it with ease. I bet if a 45 years man was naked on this cover no one would say he was too old for that. Kudos to V Magazine to pick her for their most important cover of the year and to proove that BEAUTY AND SENSUALITY DON’T HAVE AGE.

  • ..

    @Attention Hags on E: you need to check your meds. no one here wants keith urban, nu*t bag.

  • nancy32

    Life is so lonely, I am a single woman at present and looking for someone who can love me back .I also uploaded my hot photos on ~~~ seekriders ~~~ under the name of Nancy . I hope you will check my photos out there. Maybe you are the one who I’m looking for.

  • Ally

    @..: watch out your words. There are many women right now who look up to Nicole and wouldn’t care to have sex with her lovely hubby.

  • Jane

    I get that her character in the movie is provocative, but why pose like a playboy bunny then? This is regardless of her age.

    As for the kids, I am glad she is so into them, but really, maybe she should have spent more time with the two kids she already HAD. Does she even see them anymore?

  • LaCroix

    Bunch of ageist .. sorry but everyone will get to this age one day .. why must you limit yourselves & others by this close minded way of thinking. She is beautiful, respectable, classy woman..who probably look better than most 20 year old’s. I don’t think there is a way to behave just cause you have reached a certain age. You get one life. live it.

  • Frances

    It’s always the same story with this celebs. When they are young, they are prude and don’t want to show any skin, but when they start to get old and nobody wants to see their sagging stuff, then they pose naked.

  • aussie

    If you have the body why not?? Let humans enjoy what it’s going to be eaten (RIP)

  • Gh

    She sure looks great for her age!

  • Sheigh

    Thx photoshop ! But paparazzi shots know the truth!

  • mae

    Jealous uh?

  • ally

    it’s too easy understan that this is a cover to promote ”The Paperboy” where she played a Nyphomanic. Wake Up guys. She is Charlotte Bless!!!

  • http://Yahoo Lizzie

    Nicole’s a victim of one of the worst cases of midlife crises in entertainment history. All of the hormones she’s taking (oh yes she is) are going to make for a very lonely lady in a few years. I remember how pathetic she seemed before Keith, seen with one nightclub loser after another. Unfortunately, if she doesn’t get her act together, she’s heading down that same lonesome road. Watching this train wreck is sad.

  • Whatever!

    Grant it Nicole is a beautiful woman. However, these semi-nude, bum barring photos are totally unnecessary. She is an actress who is good at her craft and don’t need this kind of attention. Plus, she is married and her naked/partially nude photos should be for her husband’s consumption not the world.

    Usually when a woman passed her 30′s go there with these types of photos it is the urging & bad pr advice from their publicist to get attention for a lacking career for their client. These photos are attempted by the younger woman to grab attention so people can ask who is she no matter good or bad. In your 40′s and especially married with children gets you “she must be desperate.” Bad pr advice.

  • constant

    Is that a lampshade? A latex lampshade?
    Her hair, the processing of the photo… All that offends me much more than her behind.

  • jmho


  • Karen

    Horrible! She’s aging so she tries to look hot for the last time.

  • DB

    She looks fantastic. You go girl!

    Katie does not even come remotely close that that awesome looking body you got. Tom was a fool to let you go.

  • taco

    Look how many people shocked by a little bit of female nudity. Do we live in an islamic country (with no offense)? Come on! She’s big enough to know what she’s doing.

  • http://kevinredondo KRP

    she looks great for her age and those legs are really amazing

  • DB

    She’s never been said to have had implants, right? Guess having a baby and gaining just a little bit of healthy weight can help give you that voluptuous figure in her case. Round behind, ample bosom – I can hardly believe she is 45. Looking good is the best revenge.

    Wow – she looks HOT at 45. I mean – really!

  • Lola

    She’s filthy. No class.

  • http://justjared saira

    I see someone has been reading Jen Aniston’s, “How To Promote A Stupid Movie,” playbook.

  • Sooo true!
  • Hello

    Too much photoshop!

  • Sooo true!


    The sad thing is Nicole can act so why?? Aniston can’t act so she does to deflect people from her horrible acting and boring interviews.

  • dani


    Well since a couple of high ranking Scientology defectors came out and said the Cult did everything they could to turn the children from her including telling them over and over that Nicole was a sociopath and dangerous–and Tom allowed it to happen–I’d say they have declared her a suppressive. Why the hell do you think Katie Holmes blindsided Tom? She saw what the cult did and he allowed with Bella and Connor. You only have to listen to and read interviews over the years with Nicole to know she loves those kids and treasured every visit by them. She bought a house in LA to be near them when she is in town. According to “folks in the know” she DOES see them, but they are now 17 and 19 and have friends of their own and like most teens don’t want to hang out with their parents including Tom! If anyone should get criticism–how about Katie. The kids loved her and according to Tom and Katie they were like her own. She fires Bella and turns her back on them. That was far worse than anything Nicole did. Did you ever think she loved them enough to not put them thru an ugly, decisive court battle once the cult started turning them against her and Tom allowed it? She knew it would be a very public fight with the cult working behind the scenes to degrade and make her seem like an idiot, fool and worse.

  • tsquared


    Actually Frances, Nicole when she was younger has been nude from the top up in a movie or two and was nude in the play she did: The Blue Room. She won a couple of awards and several nominations for her portrayals in the play.

    She has always pushed the envelope. I for one think she looks fantastic in these pictures as Charlotte from the movie.

  • http://justjared saira

    @Sooo true!:
    I have always liked Nicole’s work. Her role in “Malice” is her best work, IMHO. However, I am starting to see that she must be insecure. First, that awful (unnecessary) plastic surgery, & now stunts like this. Don’t get me started on last weeks pix of her walking with her hand on her belly. Another predictable pap move.
    *sigh* I just thought she was above stuff like that.

  • bobbi

    Seriously, Nic looks great but c’mon she has two small daughters. Adult up and be a role model. That cover pose is more suited for a 20-something.

  • sea

    These are not photos but paintings, I can’t get it.