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Vivienne Jolie-Pitt: 'Maleficent' Acting Debut Opposite Mom Angelina Jolie

Vivienne Jolie-Pitt: 'Maleficent' Acting Debut Opposite Mom Angelina Jolie

Vivienne Jolie-Pitt is set to make her acting debut as Young Princess Aurora in Maleficent!!!

The 4-year-old cutie will make a cameo in mama Angelina Jolie‘s upcoming Disney film set to be released in March 2014, a rep for Disney confirmed to!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

Viv will be portraying the child version of Princess Aurora, the character being played by Elle Fanning.

The live-action film explores the origins of one of the most iconic villains in Disney history, Maleficent, and her motives for cursing the princess.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Vivienne Jolie-Pitt make her acting debut opposite mom Angelina Jolie???

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473 Responses to “Vivienne Jolie-Pitt: 'Maleficent' Acting Debut Opposite Mom Angelina Jolie”

  1. 1
    anustin Says:

    gorgeous to the max!!!!

  2. 2
    anustin Says:

    here’s hoping its true.bless them

  3. 3
    anustin Says:

    first its shi,now its viv. all good.

  4. 4
    anustin Says:

    mommy and daughter looking beautiful.

  5. 5
    anustin Says:

    ok jared,disney confern.lovin it!

  6. 6
    DanaJ Says:

    She does look like little Elle Fanning!

  7. 7
    anustin Says:

    this is super cool.

  8. 8
    anustin Says:

    its all good…just a cameo.

  9. 9
    Yaws Says:

    Aww that’s so cute. I love it. Vivienne Jolie is a movie star name.

  10. 10
    Yaws Says:

    @OMG: Shiloh was in Benjamin button.

  11. 11
    Kary Says:

    OMG!!! Yes!! She is so cute and so gorgeous

  12. 12
    groundcontrol Says:

    Well, if they reeeeallly did confirm it then I can see how this could be a fun family event. You know it’s just something little and will be made a positive experience for Vivi. How anyone can turn this into a negative is beyond me.
    Well, good for Vivi. Congrats on not sitting on her azz like so many slacker children do. LOL!

  13. 13
    ???? Says:

    At least, its a cameo. Sometimes it’s best to let your children choose their own paths though. I cannot wait to see her on the big screen.

  14. 14
    Mupfum Says:

    It’s just a cameo, basically dress-up to a child who regularly visits movie sets. Probably a one time thing with very little stress involved.

  15. 15
    diane Says:

    The industry isnt cruel when you have two oscar winning actors as parents. People like you are cruel anyways.

  16. 16
    anustin Says:

    lolz..vivi must be sleeping.relax!!!!

  17. 17
    Richard P Says:

    OMG I love it

    Go Angie and Vivi

  18. 18
    anustin Says:

    wtf!! its only a cameo…..dont worry trollniston….viv will get an OSCAR first than Maniston.

  19. 19
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Bahahaha, let’s all watch the trollistons implode!! :)
    Gorgeous Mama and bebe — bet Viv makes more per film than Wanderstunk Maniston. LMAO

  20. 20
    Kevin Says:

    @diane: Sorry, but what does an Oscar parents have to do with the industry being cruel. The industry is not peaches and cream — the greatest, most accomplished actors will tell you that the industry can be very critical and insensitive and this is coming from a fan.

    I assume Viv is going to rock it out and do a fine job alongside her mom anyway.

  21. 21
    anustin Says:

    #28..loonyston…..u beat ur own,ur very own azz.congrates.bwahahahaha.dozen of egg.

  22. 22
    Carbon Copy Says:

    Can’t wait to see the movie. Angie and the clan are awesone!

  23. 23
    wow Says:

    so it is true. I can’t wait to see Vivi on big screen.

  24. 24
    Caren Says:

    @Kevin: I agree, Kevin. The industry is unforgiving sometimes and no-one is immune. There are many examples out there, you do not have to look far. A shooting star one minute, and a falling star the next. It happens. Luckily for Viv, she has her parents who will look out for her because they know the ins and out of the business. It may even be a one-time thing for now.

  25. 25
    Rose Says:

    IMO, this maybe something Viv wanted to do. We have to remember it’s in the blood, mother, father, grandfather and grandmother, all actors. Anyway, I see no harm if it’s a cameo, and if it’s not, her parents are the ones to make the call, Not people who don’t know this beautiful little girl.

  26. 26
    dell Says:

    this should be very interesting. Her first movie/cameo.

  27. 27
    diane Says:

    @Kevin:I have to disagree with you. You have many people around you and creeping you anyways. Those are more important than a bunch of haters posting rude comments on a gossip site. I bet if they saw her they would kiss her as* literally

  28. 28
    Leena Says:

    I’m not a fan of kids acting so young either, but something tells me Viv is going to do well and that it will not be the first we see of her on the big screen.

  29. 29
    Anna Says:

    Aww she’s so cute. Can’t wait to see her.
    Stop the drama peole…I bet she won’t even have lines.

  30. 30
    P Says:

    This is so cute! I am so happy Angelina got through those hard times and now really has found true love and happiness

  31. 31
    Rose Says:

    @Caren: Remember Shi did a cameo on CCOBB and that was about 5 years ago. This may also be a one time thing, Brad and Angie are smart parents, no need to worry.

  32. 32
    nepo Says:

    answer: nobody sane cares

  33. 33
    nameless Says:

    This just makes waiting for the movie so much harder!!!!

  34. 34
    anustin Says:

    the ho who ruined a 14 yr old relation. gawd too true.

  35. 35
    Passing Through Says:

    # 583 megatit @ 08/22/2012 at 2:45 pm
    You back again, MegaNitwit? The last time I kicked your ass you whined that you were taking your ball and never coming back. Unsurprisingly “never” means something different in your universe than it does in our’s.
    Try to keep your babbling at a minimum today. People’s fingers were over-exerted clicking the thumb down arrow last night and they’d like to be able to rest their digtis today. However, I’m sure almost everyone is willing to risk torn ligaments to hide your moronic musings.
    PS – Try to stay out of the sun today. It could use a break from your company, too.

  36. 36
    Observer2 Says:


    Not only that, she can get more people into the movies. Lenny has Wanderbustastudiowallet, followed by which studio will have to admit to financing We’re the Morons, which will be what the studio heads will say when if flops harder than Lenny’s muffin top is starting to do. LOL.

    Side note to costume dept. Get pants that actually fit your actress, even if they’re frumpy. Her pudge and muffin top are giving said, sad pants a bad reputation. Heh.

  37. 37
    Kevin Says:

    @diane: I have no idea what you are referring to. I replied to your comment about Oscars. I realize a long time ago that some people clearly love to waste their time by saying negative things about people, this includes Hollywood critics/people. They will never say something nice no matter the circumstances. I personally just ignore them.

    As far as I am concerned, Viv acting by her mom looks cool to me and she will do well. Viv is going to play a princess! Very, very cool. Best of of luck to the them.

  38. 38
    anustin Says:

    bwahahahaa beating her own ****….its always the trollniston problem.hehehe

  39. 39
    Yaws Says:

    Let’s all make fun of Jennifer and Justin. It seems to really rile up jennifer/Justin thread.

  40. 40
    Passing Through Says:

    Disney confirmed it to you, Jared? Okay…sure…

  41. 41
    anustin Says:

    beating her own azz bwahahahaha.thats what happen troll, as always got suck up ur own

  42. 42
    Liz Says:

    My goodness, it’s just a cameo! It’s not like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are having her pursue an acting career full time — Shiloh was also in a scene in CCOBB. I think Brad has even said (on Ellen) that if their kids want to pursue careers as actors they will have to wait until they are 18. But of course deranged trolls are trying to paint Angelina as a latter day Dinah Lohan.

  43. 43
    Observer2 Says:

    So, the STAR story consists of Brad filming a scene with a blonde and they got a picture of Brad and set with this blonde filming a scene. The scandal. It’s not like he was in a mini cooper and ya know, going down on her.

    He was working.

    Trolls, used to be so much more fun. At least be useful, like peelings us grapes, while fanning us. Give us something to work with.

    You make this siht too easy. Though, we have Doug Pitt to send you round the bend. Must be tough to hear that Lenny, he’d rather pass on talking about her, but, alright, she’s history, she’s so 7, 8 or 9 years ago. Ancient history. Their paths don’t cross.

    Doug Pitt is becoming better known than what’s his name that proposed to ancient history. LOL.

  44. 44
    Rose Says:

    I swear, Doug Pitt said SS is history. He can’t even remembered when she was a part of his family, 7, 8, or 9 years ago. Now troll wants to steal little Ms Viv’s shine. Trolls are losers like the dirt bag.

  45. 45
    Yaws Says:

    Vivienne’s star power is greater than Jennifer and Justin’s. Her fans are so jelly of the child star.

  46. 46
    awwww Says:

    I can tell Viv has the acting talent like her parents. Brad and Shiloh in CCOBB and Angie and Viv in Maleficent. This is so cute.

  47. 47
    anustin Says:

    moved on troll….got all the problem. always.not so good for ur heart,troll.

  48. 48
    Andrea Says:

    Shiloh is gorgeous, and brother Knox too. Viv is quite different of both. But cute, anyway.

  49. 49
    legsfan Says:

    Yes I am *very* excited!!! But her main job is to STAY CUTE!!!

  50. 50
    Passing Through Says:

    # 21 groundcontrol @ 08/22/2012 at 4:03 pm
    I’m LMAO at the troll losing her caca over this. It’s says “cameo”. It doesn’t say they’ve rewritten the script making Vivienne the lead actress and she’ll be in every scene. The troll just needed something to whine about. The next time she should just look in the mirror.

  51. 51
    Kylie Says:

    Aww congratulations Vivienne! I’m exited to watch this now :))

  52. 52
    catfish Says:

    i’m dyiiiiing to see this movie!

  53. 53
    Alice Says:

    I bet Viv has more scenes than sis Shiloh in Benjamin Button. A star is born.

  54. 54
    Observer2 Says:

    Let’s face it, the studio looked at Vivienne and her personality and said, we have to ask if they’ll let her do a cameo. As Vivienne’s hoodie, from Gwen Stephanie’s, Lamb collection said, “Stay Cute.”

    Vivienne is full of cuteness overload.

  55. 55
    Dc Says:

    Ii’s a cameo, but I am excited. I can’t wait for the movie. Viv is so adorable. This going to be fun fir them all. Just love this family.

  56. 56
    hehehe Says:

    Maniston hens are really mad. hehehe

  57. 57
    Rose Says:

    @de Cosmos: If you can see things that’s not there, you are hallucinating. Take your meds.

  58. 58
    anustin Says:

    ok fine…..beat ur own azz. can’t stop laughing trolls. always bring up ur homewrecker idol to the square.

  59. 59
    nameless Says:

    Why do Jen fans always complain about Angelina fans talking about her, but encourage us to talk about her??

    Definitely think the trolls are a little bipolar.

  60. 60
    andu Says:

    I think, Diana and angelina, had been friends.
    Not the way, the article says.

  61. 61
    Bety Says:

    Vivienne is so cute. She looks like a little doll.

  62. 62
    Rose Says:

    Jenhens are the lowest of the low.

  63. 63
    FAN Says:

    hei,Andrea (69) Viv is quite different of both,Knox and Shi? Yes…Viv is Brad little face! So pretty! Mom and dad knows make happy and protect your childs! Don´t worry, it’s just a cameo!

  64. 64
    andu Says:

    I think, Diana and angelina, had been friends. Not the way, the article says

  65. 65
    Yaws Says:

    @JENNIFER/JUSTIN THREAD: Is goatbitch the name you use for Heidi Bivens? That’s sad.

  66. 66
    Yaws Says:

    @JENNIFER/JUSTIN THREAD: then let’s talk about Heidi Bivens. She’s gorgeous, talented, sexy, good blonde or brunette, hip, hot, did I say gorgeous, She had her man stolen.

  67. 67
    andu Says:

    Not of the form, the article says.creo ,Diana y angelina ,hubiera sido amigas..SORRY I was wrong

  68. 68
    Agatha Says:

    Vivienne is so cute

  69. 69
    tisk Says:

    I seriously can’t wait another day for this movie to come out.

  70. 70
    lizzie Says:

    Oh come on, it’ll be a tiny part and in an environment she’s comfortable with and knows all about anyway. Shi did Benjamin Button. It’s not like Angelina is some Mama Rose type pushing her kids onto the big screen all the time.
    Those kids, of most of the current batch of Hollywood kids, I suspect will be brought up to do exactly what feels right for them while accepting the responsibilities of coming from a privileged background. I think they’ve probably got a few actors in that gang actually.

  71. 71
    brit Says:

    I wanna see that movie. Can we?

  72. 72
    groundcontrol Says:

    “I bet she won’t even have lines.”
    I just spoke to Viv and she told me, and I quote,”What do you mean NO LINES! I have to have lines to get my SAG card. Can I at least keep my costume?”
    I can see her playing a scene where she is in the background playing or something. I’m not really up on this story – sorry I don’t even know there had been a Disney feature film on Maleficent. So how is Maleficent related to Aurora? Aunt? Nosy neighbor?


  73. 73
    Bety Says:

    Why are people acting like Vivienne has a starring role in a Lars von Trier film? It’s a cameo in a Disney film and Angelina is going to be on set with her. People lose their intelligence and common sense when it comes to Angelina.

  74. 74
    annon Says:,,20623502,00.html

    Vivienne Jolie-Pitt is following in her parents’ footsteps.

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter, 4, landed her first Hollywood gig, Walt Disney Studios confirmed to PEOPLE on Wednesday in a statement.

    Jolie-Pitt will play the child version of Princess Aurora, opposite Jolie, in Maleficent, the live-action updated version of the classic fairy-tale Sleeping Beauty.

    Elle Fanning, who plays the grown version of Aurora, will take on the majority of Aurora’s role, according to sources, who add that Jolie-Pitt’s part is very minor.

    Sources also note that as of now, it is unknown whether Jolie, 37, and her little one will share a scene, or if Jolie-Pitt will have any lines.

    This isn’t the first time a child in the famous family has joined one of their parents in a movie. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt had a cameo as a toddler in Pitt’s film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which was released in December 2008.

  75. 75
    anustin Says:

    troll in hiatus!!!lovin it!!!

  76. 76
    Yoco Says:

    I find it hard to believe Disney is confirming casting info to a gossip site.I will take a wait and see attitude only because the UK Sun first reported this.They lied about Angie buying waterfall and helicopter, They buying Richmond house, hosting Olympics party, The Pitts being in France two weeks ago and on and on.If its true Im sure Vivienne will love dressing like a princess.

  77. 77
    anustin Says:

    what/what Heidi is goatbiyatch??? oh my…. really the troll got no heart and soul.tsk,tsk.

  78. 78
    groundcontrol Says:

    @Passing Through:
    I’m LMAO at the troll losing her caca over this. It’s says “cameo”. It doesn’t say they’ve rewritten the script making Vivienne the lead actress and she’ll be in every scene. The troll just needed something to whine about. The next time she should just look in the mirror.

    I know. But, wait, let me go change this thingamajig so I can post under my 10 other names and thumb them all down and thumb myself up at the same time. LOL. You, of all people, know just how expert I am at these things.
    Uh oh. I must have thumbed myself down upthread – unless – unless there is someone who does not believe my close and personal friendship with a four year old Viv. I swear she texted me. She’s my BFF. Would I lie? LOL!

  79. 79
    anustin Says:

    hmhhmhmh……again,making up something against Heidi.the woman got blindsided from the famous urinated dum’peed.bless ur heart hedi.

  80. 80
    CLINIQUA Says:

    CONGRATS ANGELINA for once again making THE Forbes 100 WORLD’S MOST POWER WOMEN list:
    WHOOOHOOO, check out this fly photo they used of our girl – DAMMMY!!!

    P.S. I don’t need to tell you who’s NOT on it. Maniston traniston. lolol

  81. 81
    Viv Rules Says:

    Millions of parents are posting videos and pictures of their kids everyday on youtube/facebook, twitter,etc (many of these videos are totally embarrassing!). Some of these posters are even Hollywood parents (um fishy, Jessica, Tori, Alissa- the list goes on). Brad & Angie don’t do that and I think a little cameo is pretty harmless compared to filming your child while teasing them you took away their candy ad they cry or after they get anesthesia at the dentist. Five years later, Shiloh does seem adversely affected by her on-screen cameo- in fact, like all the JP kids, she seems very happy and loved.

  82. 82
    Yoco Says:

    Well the Sun tabloid was right .Congrats Viv I guess she already filmed her part and someone told the Sun

  83. 83
    [~Fug Face Man!ston~] Says:


  84. 84
    groundcontrol Says:

    Bety @ 08/22/2012 at 5:34 pm
    Why are people acting like Vivienne has a starring role in a Lars von Trier film?
    LOL! Because because because they be stupid.

    And total beyotches.

  85. 85
    teri Says:

    Great news, can’t wait to see the movie.

  86. 86
    dd Says:


  87. 87
    Rose Says:

    @CLINIQUA: You know giving the link showing that photo of Angie is going to send those trolls right over the edge. That’s a sexy photo, lord of mercy!!

  88. 88
    Too cute Says:

    Go Vivi. This will be too cute. Vivienne seems to have personality (like all the JP kiddies) and is so cute when she smiles or shares secrets with Knox.

  89. 89
    omg Says:

    How cute.

  90. 90
    Jennipoo Says:

    Justin’s made it to the top of the list
    With charm and skill, who could resist
    He has a large A on the front of his head
    where a patch of hair should grow instead
    He wears all black, just one stumpy mass
    It shows how little this cranked dude has
    It’s the stone cold truth, what can I say
    preening in his uniform each and every day
    Ten tee shirts and two pair of Jeans
    One he wears, while the other he cleans
    Same ol’ boots and worn out jacket
    Socks in his c’rotch where he always packs it
    He’ll rock the red carpet like a million bucks
    going in style with his used rent-a-tux
    Dude has a reputation as a cheap a’ss man
    Who has a love for all things garbage can
    A dumpster diver is all he’ll ever be
    or maybe a bit part actor, praising t.v.
    Soon he’ll tire of life with old fun bags
    Who’ll go the way of all other hags
    She’ll play grandma to the latest IT girl
    With botox melting, melting, oh what a world
    The hooch and pooch will be dumped once more
    But she won’t be able to settle this score
    The universe will smack her good
    With no man wanting to give her wood
    She’ll be alone without paid up friends
    Toking and smoking, peeing in Depends

  91. 91
    Carly Says:

    Didn’t Jon Voight say Hollywood should be afraid of Jolie Pitt kids? They are coming to rule Hollywood. Go Vivi.

  92. 92
    busted Says:


    did you ever hear any of them complain about Judd Apataw having his young daughters in his R rated movie Knocked Up or that they will also be in This is 40.. NOPE. These bit@hes never cared an ounce. BUT they are all up in arms about Viv being in a film for a few minutes at most.

    Obsessed over this family. It is beyond obvious.

  93. 93
    andu Says:

  94. 94
    andu Says:

  95. 95
    Wonderbust Says:

    i watched that’s my boy(don’t judge me lol) and adam sandler’s two girls made a cameo as well

  96. 96
    tisk Says:

    It’s not unusual. People are just upset because it’s Angelina Jolie.

  97. 97
    busted Says:


    exactly right.. Jealous bit@hes all of them.

  98. 98
    tisk Says:


    She’s 4…. Wait a few years.

  99. 99
    Duh Says:

    The Hens are working overtime today. I’m sorry Ticky isn’t getting attention for working a pole. She is washed up and OLD, so what do y’all hens expect?

  100. 100
    Yah! Says:

    Miss seeing pics of the JP’s.

  101. 101
    andu Says:

  102. 102
    COOL! Says:

    Love the JP’s

  103. 103
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    waving hi to all the Jolie-Pitt from around the world! this is too sweet! like someone else said, acting is in their blood! so,you jenhens better get used to it!! now bow down to the Jolie-Pitt kids! hollywood’s royalty family…biatches!!! bwahahaha

  104. 104
    jesse Says:

    goran visnjic!!!!

  105. 105
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    *Jolie-Pitt fans*

  106. 106
    Rose Says:

    @Jennipoo: Another great one for Jennipoo. “the universe will smack her good, with no man wanting to give her wood”. That’s says it all. You are good Jaye.

  107. 107
    Duh Says:

    Wow Huvane, perfect timing:

    Nobody cares about McStumpy.

    He only changed his shirt, lmao. I bet he’s walking to the unemployment office for an unemployment check.

  108. 108
    jesse Says:

    acting is in their blood? both their parents are very mediocre

  109. 109
    Duh Says:

    @jesse: Aniston said the same thing, and look at all her box office bombs. Her dad must be ashamed to claim her ass.

  110. 110
    lurker Says:

    your ass is cray cray,that is why they won buch of awards and bring billions in the box office hmmmm get help loser

  111. 111
    Rose Says:

    Jesse, you are a fool, wasting your time commenting on mediocre people thread. Don’t you have any thing better to do than stalking mediocre people?

  112. 112
    jesse Says:

    aniston looks much younger than jolie even though she’s way older

  113. 113
    Susan Says:

    Little jesse can’t get a job, so will pick on a four year who is employed.

  114. 114
    bdj Says:

    Killing Them Softly’ has a planned UK Film Premiere for Monday 10th September 2012. Brad Pitt and Ray Liotta star

  115. 115
    bdj Says:

    Vivi is too cute.

  116. 116
    jesse Says:

    This is merely my guessing everyone’s entitled to one. jeez guys

  117. 117
    lurker Says:

    fat tick looks 55,check out the latest bloated pics lol

  118. 118
    jesse Says:

    Vivienne isn’t a suitable name for a 4 year old btw

  119. 119
    jesse Says:

    I agree

  120. 120
    lurker Says:

    fans lets just thumb down the name changing loser,its the same full of shi# troll different name

  121. 121
    bdj Says:

    {Via pajiba}
    The 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2014

    Maleficent — The fairy-tale re-imaginings haven’t been wildly successful yet, but there is reason to believe that first-time director, Robert Stromberg, can bring the same look and feel he brought as the visual effects supervisor on Pan’s Labyrinth to this dark tale told from the perspective of Sleeping Beauty’s evil nemesis. It doesn’t hurt that Angelina Jolie will fill the title role, or that the cast is rounded out by Elle Fanning (Princess Aurora), Juno Temple (Thistletwit), Sharlto Copley (Stefan) and Peter Capaldi (The Thick of It) as King Kinloch.

  122. 122
    Vivi Rocks Says:

    @jjessie: Aniston face looks BUSTED AND FUGLY! She’s protraying a prostitute which is not a stretch for her.

  123. 123
    Duh Says:

    @jesse: Don’t be Jealous of a 4 year old. Vivienne is an elegant name, something obviously you are unfamiliar with :P

  124. 124
    jesse Says:

    I do agree that jolie is prettier, but she did not age well. at all. and she’s only 30 something

  125. 125
    bdj Says:

    Troll has started agreeing with itself. Back to using symbols.
    OT: Prince Harry getting his freak on. Pippa and Harry should hook up. Somwhere Baby Jane is crying, “why couldn’t it be me? I can be a your Hairness”.

  126. 126
    ??? Says:

    @suz: Just wondering how you think tv shows, movies and commercials are supposed to be cast if it requires babies or toddlers?!! How would you suggest parents “wait to see if the kids have an interest”? Perhaps Viv has, we don’t know – and lucky for her, her mom is on set all day!

  127. 127
    tisk Says:


    What is a suitable name for a 4 year old? I’m just curious.

  128. 128
    lurker Says:

    meltdown alert from a useless troll

  129. 129
    jesse Says:

    knox is a red head isn’t he….?

  130. 130
    jesse Says:

    nono honestly i do not like the name…something like brandy would have been nicer and more appropiate.

  131. 131
    jesse Says:

    where have the jolie pitts been lately? haven’t been spotted in ages am i not right… and may i add, ‘troll’ is getting old

  132. 132
    busted Says:


    Did you catch the slip it made??

    so funny

  133. 133
    Aoife Says:

    What’s the big deal of her name? Like she will be 4 year old forever. Get a life, Viv is just beautiful and she will be just fine as Aurora!

  134. 134
    bdj Says:

    I agree, I mean I agree with you troll #2. You mean troll #1 and Troll # 2 are the same person. I agree that maybe I am typing too fast and getting my agrees mixed up. The PR bulldog is not paying the troll to agree with itself. Slow your roll troll.

  135. 135
    Viv Rocks Says:

    I too think the name Vivienne is elegant. JP’s ROCK!

  136. 136
    tisk Says:


    How is Vivienne inappropriate? Personally I think Vivienne is a beautiful name, and Angelina calls her Vivi which I think is cute.

  137. 137
    jesse Says:

    ‘she will be just fine as Aurora’ – hahahahahahhahahahahha

  138. 138
    Jennipoo Says:

    You know a troll is too stupid to live when it answers itself, but forgets to change names. Yet, it continues to posts. I don’t know about the new crop of trolls, they’re so bright. Kinda makes me yearn for the old days.

  139. 139
    jesse Says:

    troll troll troll troll.something new will you?

  140. 140
    Beasts Says:

    Just to educate the ignorant trolls who obviously know very little about child stars, Quvenzhane Wallis who is now 8 and is being touted for a Best Actress Oscar based on her performance in Beasts of the Southern Wild, was just 3 years older than Vivienne when she filmed her starring role. Unlike Vivienne who’ll just have a cameo. Quvenzhane is in almost every scene in the movie which many consider to be among the frontrunners for Best Picture.
    It’s a good film but the trolls will probably need to go back to school to understand it since it’s filled with metaphors and allegorical references.

  141. 141
    Em' Says:

    Please Jared, could you get rif of this thumb up or down system. Cause people get censored for showing basic common senses by expressing their concern about children acting so young ‘(especially when they already get way too much attention by the paps)

    Explain to me how this is offensive to the Brange. Oh wait, no you can’t, because in 5 mn ths will get cenosred

  142. 142
    jesse Says:

    what about brandy?

  143. 143
    Lo Says:

    ouch, so there letting the one with a touch of the downs act….interesting

  144. 144
    Eva Says:

    It will be even nicer if viv has lines in the movie so we can hear her voice. She is so cute.

  145. 145
    Rose Says:

    I guess the memo went out to JJ to put up new photos of mr squiggly walking around NYC everyday. Strange, he is newly engaged and is no where near his fiancee, not even in the same state.

  146. 146
    tisk Says:


    Why do you have such an affinity to the name Brandy? I’m just curious.

  147. 147
    response Says:

    Again, please avoid hitting the “reply” button when responding to trolls since we’d really rather not see their names reposted. Just post your response directly since everyone knows who/and to what you are responding to.

  148. 148
    Yaws Says:

    @jesse: Brandy is a strippers name.

  149. 149

    @Lo: Funny your mother didn’t abort you due to your mental retardation.

  150. 150
    jesse Says:

    this is how i rank their beauty:


    feedback pls

  151. 151
    Yaws Says:

    @jesse: They are hiding from you.

  152. 152
    geez Says:

    The stupid Maniston hen is jealous of 4 years old kid.

  153. 153
    tisk Says:

    Who is their right mind would rate a group of children on their beauty. That’s just cruel.

  154. 154
    jesse Says:

    i think the name brandy is very appealing, or maybe kendra or candy

  155. 155
    plz Says:

    just ignore the troll, don’t respond to the idiot. thumb it down.

  156. 156
    Beasts Says:

    Quvenzhane Wallis Signs With ICM

    ICM Partners have signed the 8-year-old actress Quvenzhane Wallis, the agency told TheWrap on Wednesday.

    The new darling of the indie world, Wallis starred in this year’s Sundance hit “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” directed by Benh Zeitlin. Zeitlin went on to win the Camera d’Or, given to best first film from the official selection, for the work in Cannes.

    Wallis can next be seen in the recently completed feature “Twelve Years a Slave,” which was directed by Steve McQueen. Starring Brad Pitt, the film tells the story of a man kidnapped in New York and sold into slavery in the Deep South.

    Deadline first reported the signing.

  157. 157
    jesse Says:

    i didn’t mean to sound cruel. they are all very cute.

  158. 158
    anustin Says:

    yap!! fat thick is really thick. look at her belly.bahahaa

  159. 159
    jesse Says:

    does brad pitt’s mother have large breasts?

  160. 160
    Courtney Says:

    aww that would be adorable it’s like Nell Newman was cast as the child version of Rachel in Rachel Rachel because she wanted to be an actress at the time and her parents figured it was the safest way to let her try it seeing as her mother was the adult version of the character and her dad was the director/producer

  161. 161
    Wonderbust Says:

    wow i just looked up this young actress, so impessive i hope she gets an Oscar nomination and i love that she will be in TYAS as well

  162. 162
    Rose Says:

    Two trolls working in unessence, one pretending to be good cop answering the bad cop. Both are trolls playing childish games. Just thumb both down.

  163. 163
    Angie and Shiloh Says:

    New pic

  164. 164
    Go Figure! Says:

    I thought the same thing. We’re going to be bombarded with pics of Mugs doing nothing but walking around? I can’t believe it!

  165. 165
    Good Job, Viv! Says:

    Brad said Viv was very dainty and elegant like her mother when she was just a few weeks old. Angie has said a couple of time that Viv is a girly girl and that she used Viv as an inspiration for Elise in TT. The few brief of Viv glimpses that we have gotten over the years seem to show that she is still quite elegant and girly-she likes flowers & purses & sparkly shoes. Most of all, like her siblings, seems like a joyful child.

  166. 166
    jesse Says:

    these are suitable names: brandy, candy, kendra, eve, candice, cashew

  167. 167
    Wonderbust Says:

    please ignore the attention-seeking troll and dont click on unfamiliar links

  168. 168
    Rose Says:

    Fans, remember to watch what you open. Trolls are cray, cray.

  169. 169
    jesse Says:

    does jolie have large breasts please?

  170. 170
    ***** Says:

    DO NOT CLICK on 163.

  171. 171
    jesse Says:

    will you please answer my question!

  172. 172
    Yoco Says:

    @Beasts: Elle Fanning was 3 when she appeared in I am Sam and now Vivienne will be playing a younger Elle’s character.

  173. 173
    bob Says:

    what a heinous child. should marry adam sandler’s

  174. 174
    Rose Says:

    It would be funny if the trolls clicked onto the virus. They seems to have disappeared.

  175. 175
    XIII Says:

    I’ve always thought that Shiloh would the the first JP kid to enter the biz :D
    Good job Viv! Her first paycheck would be to treat her siblings to Lego Park LOL!

  176. 176
    Lucian Says:

    Vivienne resembles Elle Fanning a little bit. I can’t wait to see mom-daughter on screen in Maleficent.

  177. 177
    andu Says:

    vivi is soo cute

  178. 178
    well Says:

    Elle Fanning was in CCOBB, but she didn’t have scenes with Brad. I wonder if she ever met Brad. So excited for Vivi’s acting debut.

  179. 179
    akte Says:

    Vivi is adorable. Definitely the girly-girl of the family.

  180. 180
    anustin Says:

    beat ya fat thick will be the first in line comes maleficent premiere.duh!! i do,i will i will have everything.crap

  181. 181
    R. Says:

    I KNEW it!!!

  182. 182
    just sayin Says:

    Angie said Vivi loves all the pink, princess things. This role definitely fits her.

  183. 183
    anustin Says:

    really fun lookin at the trolls losing on der panties.HAHA

  184. 184
    Susan Says:

    It is funny Viv can get an acting job and the Midget can’t.
    And don’t tell meTickey is not pulling strings to get him hired, but she is reduced to playing a HOOKER, so guess she don’t have that much clout after all.

  185. 185
    Rose Says:

    @just sayin: sí, ella es la estereotipada como ” a la que le gusta vestirse de princesa y el color rosa”, mientras que la pobre Shi es “la lesbi”. Que madre pelotuda, parece de esas yanquis que disfrazan a sus hijas infantes de miss para esos concursos de terror que tienen en USA.

  186. 186
    S*T*F* Says:

    @bob: LOL

  187. 187
    ukla Says:

    AJ face is ugly! a lot

  188. 188
    New Star Says:

    Could Vivienne attend the premiere of Maleficent? She’ll already be almost 6 by the time the film comes out. I doubt she’ll walk the red carpet but perhaps she’ll be in attendance with the rest of her siblings.

  189. 189
    Aspen Says:

    Beautiful mommy and daughter!!!! I will take all the little ones in my family to see the movie. Viv is such a precious princess.

  190. 190
    Nikki Finke Says:

    Disney Casts Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt Daughter As Young Princess

    By NIKKI FINKE | Wednesday August 22, 2012 @ 4:52pm PDT
    Tags: Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Malificent, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt

    COMMENTS (2)
    This is one of those examples of convenient casting. Four-year-old Vivienne Jolie-Pitt will appearing in the Disney 3D live action movie Malificent starring her mother Angelina Jolie as the sorceress from the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. Vivienne, who is also Brad Pitt’s daughter, will portray Princess Aurora (Elle Fanning) as a child eventually cursed to sleep until awakened by a kiss from a handsome prince. Even though the role is minor, Vivienne is sure to pump up the publicity surrounding the film in advance of its March 2014 release date. She has a twin brother Knox Leon who is not cast in the film as far as we know because shooting in the UK is still going on. Big sister Shiloh had a cameo as Pitt’s big-screen daughter in 2008′s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button for Paramount.

  191. 191
    The Real Emma Says:

    awww, this is such a good idea, I can’t wait to see Maleficent, Angie seems to be putting her heart and soul into this role

  192. 192
    nancy Says:

    I love Vivian’s princes have this movie. She is so beautiful

  193. 193
    CopyCatJenniPooPoo Says:

    aww so sweet, can’t wait to see this movie.

  194. 194
    yolly Says:

    Can’t wait to see mother & daughter in Maleficent.Good choice as young Princess Aurora. Viv is so pretty.

  195. 195
    DOUG Says:
    Doug Pitt’s life as Brad Pitt’s brother(new interveiw)

  196. 196
    sweet Says:

    This is a good news and Viv is so cute.

  197. 197
    Hag Says:

    You all are a fickle bunch. You KNOW that if this were JA you’d be screaming about how she’s exploiting her child and how shallow she is etc etc. I dislike both women, but it’s funny how this group can turn every little thing JA does into something shallow and malicious and everything AJ does into something saintly and exciting.

  198. 198
    Masina Says:

    Oh how much I miss the Jolie-Pitt family. It’s about time something great comes out of justjared than all these trash.

  199. 199
    rainer Says:


    That really is a mute point.

    Aniston doesn’t have any children. But I do know she would bring her dogs on TV shows when she was promoting her films, and after you post you tirade about the JP fans.. make sure to run your judgmental ass& to all the sites that are negative towards Angie.. So amazing how you fake.. I’m not an Jennifer fan are quick to defend any and every negative thing said about her, but slow as all to defend the nasty about Angie and her children. Didn’t see you upset by the ugly comments about Angelina.. Just Jennifer.

  200. 200
    Andamentothat Says:

    Love this news! Go Viv!!

  201. 201
    O Says:

    Her fans wish she had kids. lol they think she’s just like them. As if she would want kid duty, please. She’s old enough to have kids in college.

  202. 202
    MJ Says:

    @Hag: Don’t worry honey, you won’t hear us bashing Anuston on how she will exploit her kid because we knew she cannot have one. This is a great news to us fans. Jolie Pitt kids are born to be a movie star just like what their grandpa said that they are good in acting already for such a young age. No wonder why grandpa Voight is so proud of them because he’s confident that someone will continue their legacy as a movie star. Next time, it’s Knox turn. Sure, probably Jolie Pitt kids’ acting are way better than Anuston and maybe don’t have an acting coach either in tow. Jolie Pitt kids can rule Hollywood. Jolie Pitt kids are so lucky, besides both of their parents are big A list movie stars, they have a connection to big name directors and producers, they are also producers plus their mom is a writer and a director, wow! how lucky they are? I am lovin’ it! And by that time, Anuston will be in the nursing home alone, no kids, no husband, ah! sad. Oh! well, that’s how life is. Definitely, I will watch Maleficent. I am excited already.

  203. 203
    Rotflmao Says:

    # 170 ***** @ 08/22/2012 at 7:46 pm
    DO NOT CLICK on 163.
    I love how desperate you are for people NOT to click on a picture of Brad.
    Don’t worry, his Pr team is as good as Kristen Stewarts. The picture won’t make it off this site.

  204. 204
    oooo Says:

    @Rotflmao: yeah like this pic of jolie

  205. 205
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @rainer: isn’t funny how all jenhag fans NEVER want to admit that they are her fans…they whine and cry about what a big fat meanie the Jolie-Pitt fans are to their poor jennipoop! answer me something jenhags? why are you sooooooooooooooo embarasse to claim to be her fan?

  206. 206
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    embarrasse! i know the stupid trolls wil nitpick on the spelling

  207. 207
    juju Says:

    oooo @ 08/22/2012 at 10:58 pm
    it’s that the best u can do?
    there is nothing wrong w/ that photo
    she has a funny expression
    but she still looks beautiful
    even though beautiful women
    many times don’t photograph well
    n have crappy photos like all of us
    angelina has very few
    her candid photos r many times
    better than a photo shoot

  208. 208
    oooo Says:

    @juju: so i thought you are a brangelina fan.but brad was been attacked by this pic while he is having fun with the camera man for months,you didnt defend him.but once jolie is attacked no way you must defend her,please brangelina loons admit it you are just jolie fans…sucks to be you.noone looks great in every pic i was just trying to prove it,brad looks hot in many other pics at cannes.

  209. 209
    juju Says:

    there was nothing wrong
    w/ brad pitt photo either
    it’s just a funny close up photo
    the crazy stupid b i t c hs
    desperation is hilarious

  210. 210
    juju Says:

    oooo @ 08/22/2012 at 11:15 pm
    It sucks to be YOU
    look at what it was wrote at the same time
    as you wrote that crap
    u as just as stupid n crazy
    as the other crazy b i t ch that
    posted that brad pitt photo

  211. 211
    tamsin Says:

    LOL… Leave it to Mommie Dearest to follow up her previous fax reminding us what a great humanitarian she is with one about exploiting her own child. Don’t y’all just love irony?

    Well, those astronomical bills from Chateau Bankruptcy aren’t going to pay themselves so I guess someone needs to put food on that table somehow, even if she’s 4 years old.

    And suuuure, she beat out the competition of all those kids who were auditioning for the role. Nepotism at its best. You learned it from Daddy Voight, so good job Mommie Dearest! :D

  212. 212
    MJ Says:

    It’s so funny when you go to other websites, a lot of Anuston fans are screaming nepotism over the Jolie Pitt but they forgot that Anuston got a job in Hollywood because her daddy gave her the job or unless they will insist that Anuston got a job because of her being F*CKABLE(her own word) or they are just jealous because of the reality that Jolie Pitt kids are born movie stars not a tv stars. Anuston fans just scream for nepotism to the A lists stars but not to the stars who got barely recognize who just got stuck on tv. Anuston fans are so hypocrite, oh! well maybe because Anuston’s dad is not well known, who got stuck on tv for a long time. Anuston’s dad is no Jon Voight when it comes to acting and charisma. Oh! well life really is unfair alright.

  213. 213
    tamsin Says:


    Thanks for reposting that pic of the stoner doochebag. It never gets old, does it! :D

    Loons, we present you MTV Movie Awards’ Mr. Most Desirable Male 95 and 96… that was the peak of his career. Bwahahaha.

  214. 214
    catherine Says:

    I bet little Knox will be jealous since his two sisters are in daddy and mommy’s movies. Love the jolie Pitt, they are the best.

  215. 215
    Hag Says:

    @rainer: well, I’m actually not defending anything at all said about her. I’m addressing the fact that the views of both women on this site seem to be completely one-dimensional. People here seem able to turn any story about either woman into evidence of what they already believe about them.

    And it’s “moot,” dear.

  216. 216
    tamsin Says:


    Oh LOL loon… you know you should just stop when you have a chance before making a fool out of yourself.

    Once again someone feels the need to compare Aniston to her ex’s concubine. So much jealousy and insecurity, why is that? :)

    Do not mistake Aniston’s career with your hor goddess’, whose Oscar-winning daddy opened the doors in Hollywood for her, despite how badly she resents him.

    Jen actually worked as a waitress (so much for nepotism, right?), while your idol lived a privileged life, posing as a swimsuit model, bedding her mom’s boyfriend and doing drugs.

    So please do tell what kind of menial jobs did Trampolina do before she got into movies.

  217. 217
    Tina Says:

    Isn’t amazing Shiloh was in dad’s Oscar nominated film CCBB? Viv is in mom’s new film, this film will be a huge box office hit no doubt and probably will get Oscar nods/wins at least for technical categories.

  218. 218
    echo location Says:


  219. 219
    Just Sayin Says:

    If Viv has lines in Maleficent, she will be qualify for SAG card.

  220. 220
    Acutally Says:

    Vivi looks like Elle Fanning, it makes perfect sense she plays young princess.

  221. 221
    Zenith Says:

    Love it. Jolie Pitt rocks.

  222. 222
    Jen the HAG Says:

    ahh puleaseee barren hag that is not the one the other loonifers attached in her post .. it’s a virus!!

  223. 223
    anon2 Says:

    Aww, Miss Viv got a ‘lil part in Mommy’s movie. I bet Vivi was so excited and reported to her brothers and sisters all about it. I hope the rest of the JP kids were cool with her. So exciting to be 4, where one’s imagination is blossoming. Having Vivienne play a princess in ‘Maleficent’ is great news, cannot wait for Angie’s and “Miss Vivi’s” new movie! I bet Papa Pitt is proud as punch and so are Grandpa and Grandma Pitt, Grandpa Voight.

  224. 224
    Yeppers Says:

    @Yaws: Or stage name for a stripper

  225. 225
    MJ Says:

    @tamsin: You sounds jealous to me. Jon Voight opens the door for her daughter, what’s wrong with that? There are a lot of actors in Hollywood that their parents open the door for them but unfortunately, they didn’t survive because they don’t have talent for it. And Anuston got the job as a waitress obviously because she doesn’t have a beauty that Angie has to be a model. Nepotism applies to Anuston too, on her interview where she said she always visits her dad in the studio when she was young and asked her dad if she can follow his footstep, to be an actor. But just too bad, Anuston and her dad don’t have talent that run in their family while John Voight and Angie have talent that run in their family. No comparison there. Life is so unfair! That’s how it is.

  226. 226
    yap Says:

    Maniston and her dad are just tv actors, they belong to TV not big screen.

  227. 227
    elizabeth Says:

    I’m so excited for all of us JP fans. Cant wait for this movie….wow

  228. 228
    Eurine Says:

    The acting talent runs in JP family.

  229. 229
    anon2 Says:

    Didn’t “Uncle Telly” Savalas help little Jenny along her acting road? After all, what are Godfathers for? Bet Daddy made a few calls, too.

    Sounds like old Jenny, from her giving others advice about chicken cutlets and icing their nipples along with making sure that oneself looked **ckable for auditions–knew what she was doing. Jennifer sure knows how to manipulate plus get innocent reporters fired for asking a simple question about a charity’s cause….and to plant BS into tabloids to further career. One could JA is a master at manipulations in Hollywood.

  230. 230
    JoliePitt Fan Says:

    Go Brangelina, you rock. Go Viv,, you will own the world little angel!

  231. 231
    Jen the HAG Says:

    same crazy barren hags, same tabloid **** foaming at the mouth posts only different thread bwahahahhahahh!! Why does ANGRY HENS always bring out Angelina’s past life and then mix it with tabloids crap like if they do that it will make things believable bwahahhahah only she and the other two fugly HAG agree to that!! Oh by the way ANGRY HENS did you see the FORBES LIST OF POWERFUL WOMAN..ANGELINA IS ON THE LIST .. while your beloved TICKY is nowhere, NADA, ZILTCH.. nobody currr about the no talent, no beauty, no brain and no class barren hag sugar mama bwahahhahahhh!!!

  232. 232
    Guest Says:

    maybe Zahara can get a part in Twelve Years a Slave

  233. 233
    Jen the HAG Says:

    MJ @ 08/22/2012 at 11:22 pm

    It’s so funny when you go to other websites, a lot of Anuston fans are screaming nepotism over the Jolie Pitt………….

    And the barren hags got no problem with Willow Smith who because of her daddy Will Smith got her a movie to star in.. i bet they are even happy about it but when it’s the JP’s kids everything is wrong !! ANGRY HENS are so HYPOCRITE!!

  234. 234
    MooCow Says:

    Angie was barely a year older than Vivi when she had her first acting role.

  235. 235
    Oh, please Says:

    Anybody see the movie “Bridesmaids”. Vivi looks like that fat English chick who mooched off Kristen Wiig’s character. Don’t know the name, but I’m sure one you guys will know, since Hollyweird is the only thing you do know.

    BTW genius, who ever you are, Pitt never WON an Oscar. Nominated yes, took home, no. Maybe he might win a humanitarian Oscar when he’s 90. Their movies are a dime a dozen, and they all suck.

  236. 236
    lurker Says:

    @Oh, please:
    get help,anyone who attacks a child is sick

  237. 237
    Jen Hens are Cray Says:

    its jen jens who are pisssed that shes 43 and the chances of her having children are slim to none so they are ragging on the Jolie-Pitts

  238. 238
    Jen the HAG Says:

    Angry Hens even attack a 3 years old child.. what are you r3tard? pathetic losers!!

  239. 239
    MJ Says:

    Here is the reality for you Anuston fans. Anuston and her dad are in the low level of nepotism while Angie and her dad are in the high level of nepotism but nepotism won’t last if the individual don’t have talent, charisma, beauty and intelligence. Obviously, it works on Angie because she have it all. Love it or not.

  240. 240
    umm Says:

    At least Brad got Oscar nods, Maniston will never get Oscar nod.

  241. 241
    Team Vivienne Says:

    You go sweetie! The movie will be so cute to see, can’t wait for it to come out.

  242. 242
    who Says:

    Awww! Great news. Princess Vivi, coming through. I wonder if she’ll share scenes with her momma. Vivienne is so adorable.

  243. 243
    primer Says:

    Oh! Look where the kid is now that you used to label down syndrome. You feeling jealous now, ha! She must have been asking her parents if she could be an actress, too. It’s in her blood, people.

  244. 244
    who Says:


    I think Elle played Brad’s daughter in Babel? I think she has met him. But I could be wrong.

  245. 245
    Passing Through Says:

    # 195 DOUG @ 08/22/2012 at 9:19 pm
    Hey…good news for Ticky…Doug didn’t toss her under the bus again. That’s practically a sign to the tabloids that Doug’s going to divorce his wife and marry her just so she’ll be back in the famaily again….

  246. 246
    Sean Says:

    Wait. That’s a girl? Ouch!

  247. 247
    new photos Says:

    credit JPS

  248. 248
    akte Says:

    @new photos:

    In the first photo the person at the table with brad definitely looks like David Fincher.

  249. 249
    well Says:

    yes it does look like Fincher. Maybe discuss a new movie they can make together. I can’t wait for another Fincher-Pitt movie. Together they make the best movies.

  250. 250
    lll Says:

    @new photos: those pics were taken in london in Haymarket, on Wednesday night!

  251. 251
    Brit Says:

    Aww she does look like she is perfect for the role . But will all you people turn against them like you do whenever Will Smith puts one of his kids in his movies? Or is that just because they are black?

  252. 252
    akte Says:


    I’m hoping Fincher was in town to talk to Angelina. They need to make a movie together.

  253. 253
    Kriss Says:

    because Jolies name is NOT enough to raise HUGE turnover Disney take to another PR jumbo
    Mammy and dotter in one movie
    Jolie and Pitt are just like another mediawh@re
    And they have HUGE expenses for own jet life
    And you people here pay for that but NEVER EVER be so rich like they are
    So keep going…

  254. 254
    Kriss SHUT UP Says:


  255. 255
    KrissPIG Says:


  256. 256
    Vivienne IS SO CUTE Says:

    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.

  257. 257
    rainer Says:

    @Jen the HAG:

    They are probably pissed because at 4 Viv is in a bigger budgeted movie then Aniston. Not to mention She will look way better on the big screen in high definition. Must suck that a 4 year old making a tiny cameo in a film is getting more attention then any of her movie appearances.

  258. 258
    Susan Says:

    What will Tickey do this week to compete with Vivi now?
    We saw her breast and muffin top already this week, not forgetting Squiggy is doing his pap walk every day.
    She will have Dolly posing for Terry Richardson, let’s hope he don’t molest her.

  259. 259
    ..... Says:

    @Yaws: Shiloh WASN’T in Benjamin Button, QUIT making up stories!!!

  260. 260
    New Star Says:

    By Mary Green
    08/22/2012 at 04:55 PM EDT

    Vivienne Jolie-Pitt is following in her parents’ footsteps.

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter, 4, landed her first Hollywood gig, Walt Disney Studios confirmed to PEOPLE on Wednesday in a statement.

    Jolie-Pitt will play the child version of Princess Aurora, opposite Jolie, in Maleficent, the live-action updated version of the classic fairy-tale Sleeping Beauty.

    Elle Fanning, who plays the grown version of Aurora, will take on the majority of Aurora’s role, according to sources, who add that Jolie-Pitt’s part is very minor.

    Sources also note that as of now, it is unknown whether Jolie, 37, and her little one will share a scene, or if Jolie-Pitt will have any lines.

    This isn’t the first time a child in the famous family has joined one of their parents in a movie. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt had a cameo as a toddler in Pitt’s film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which was released in December 2008.,,20623502,00.html

  261. 261
    robin Says:

    Thei adopted kids are cute, their biological kids are fugly!

  262. 262
    Beautiful people Says:

    Congrats lady Vivienne, you already are a beautiful princess.. so you will do justice to this role. Love you and your gorgeous family.

  263. 263
    GottaLoveThe JPs! Says:

    She is a doll….Congrats Vivi!

  264. 264
    so much derp in this thread Says:

    herp derp

  265. 265
    catfish Says:

    i love angie quotes in 60 minutes interview: “what RISKY is living your life and never trying for anything, never doing something brave and never getting your self scared”. OMG, she is such an inspiring and amazing women……

  266. 266

    The truth hurts doesn’t it Jolies crazy fans?

  267. 267
    Rose Says:

    Good morning fans. Did any of us invited trolls to to this site? If you don’t like it here move on. Critizing children looks is sick. Go stalk your idol and her paid for man. You know he is has a substance abuse problem. Had to use water to toste his engagement with a glass of water because he didn’t want to go into a bender. SS has been seen on tv slurring her words from coke and liquor. By the way, did you know mr squiggly was arrested several times in his youth? Collects human teeth in a jar, has a human skull at his house, likes to dumpster dive in NY for clothing, ect. Admitted having an OCD problem. Left his GF of 14 years when he cheated on her with the SS. Fans here don’t talk about children, any child in a negative way, that’s what’s trolls do.

  268. 268

    The truth hurts doesn’t it Jolies crazy fans?

  269. 269
    tish Says:

    ITA Rose.

    What a sweet looking child and as you say with a family full of AList actors down the line who knows little gorgeous Viv could be another famous Jolie Pitt actress. It wouldn’t be anything new in the movie biz or the JP family.

    Viv is only 3 plus so yeah i suppose it is a cameo?? so Good for Viv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a sweetie…

    A Jolie Pitt Fan Now and Forever!

  270. 270
    Rose Says:

    @anon2: Good morning anon2. I did not see your post on the last thread talking about the dead end marriage and Doug Pitt comment. DP could not remembered how long ago that thing ended, he said, 7, 8, what 9 years ago. I’m thinking it was on real shaky grounds since 2003. Signs of trouble was reported in W magazine since Feb, 2003. This is a quote from the SS to W magazine talking about her then husband: “is he the love of my life?, I don’t know. I’ve nevervbeen someone who say ‘he is the love of my life’. He certainly is a big love in my life”. Now tell me, what does Angie has to do with Brad in 2003? nothing. She had never even met him at that time. It’s about time you trolls stop the hate and put the blame where it belongs. When you tell the world your husband is not the love of your life, you know the marriage was over.

  271. 271
    anustin Says:

    ya ‘ll be seeing the famous dump’eed ring comes Brad’s KTS premiere.

  272. 272
    catfish Says:

    @Rose: hi im angie fans but in my case now is night time… i think we lived in different part of the world… :)

  273. 273
    Rose Says:

    @tish: Also Tish, we know Brad and Angie are never going to have Viv do anything she does not want to do. We see the he’ll Angie has been through because her children, especially Shi, are given the freedom to dress and express themselves. I remember those photos when Viv and Knox visited the set of Maleficent, Viv was looking so intensively you could see her was taking the actions in. Who knows if she might have asked her mom to let her do that small part.

  274. 274
    Shiloh and Brad scene TCCOBB Says:

    This one picture from the short scene with Shiloh and Brad in “Benjamin Button”. Shiloh let go a yellow balloon from his hands, turning his head seeing fly in the sky.

  275. 275
    Rose Says:

    @catfish: Where are you? I’m in NY.

  276. 276
    afterHP Says:

    More famous people’s kids in stuff. More Hollywood nepotism. Gee, great. People are getting really sick of this. Nepotism invades the bad-movie industry.
    Did ya ever notice that the only way a stars kid can get a role in a movie or on TV is if the parents pitch a fit and everybody gives in? Star power rules. No others need apply. Money does not hurt ether. “

  277. 277
    nepotism Says:

    In Hollywood, nepotism is your ticket to stardom. A fact of life. There’s nothing anybody can do about it.

  278. 278
    catfish Says:

    @Rose: tokyo, japan

  279. 279
    anon2 Says:


    Is that you K8? Running out of money?

  280. 280
    Rose Says:

    @catfish: Welcome catfish, hope you give comments here with us or at least thumb down trolls. I heard Tokyo Is a great city. Is it the Capital of Japan? I know Brad and Angie and the kids love it there. Looking at pictures it looks really beautiful and modern. Have a great day.

  281. 281
    JADA Says:

    I was wondering when they were going to buy movies for their kids like the picket-smiths did,look at that the white version of the pickett-smiths,

  282. 282
    toome to Says:

    The Brand-y Bunch theme song:

    Here’s the story of a lousy mommy
    Who was bringing up six very lonely kids
    All of them had to earn gold, for their mother
    The youngest one up for bids

    Here’s the story of a man named Braddy
    Who was busy with addictions of his own.
    He was willing, to pimp out the kiddies
    Never can he atone.

    There were many days when mommy said to Braddy
    And they knew it was much more than a hunch
    That these kids had better earn some money.
    That’s the way we all became the Brand-y Bunch.

    The Brand-y Bunch, the Brand-y Bunch,
    That’s the way we all became the Brand-y Bunch.
    The Brand-y Bunch.

  283. 283
    Susan Says:

    This is why we should not reply to the Trolls.
    2 post from Dlisted.

    Yeah Sal, could believe that ****? She pretty much admitted she reads everything here..
    Landwhale put me on mod again and waited an hour to respond. I got around it :)
    Oh and I’m convinced she’s “Angela” of JJ with her million alts, some stupid, some fairly intelligent, like Alligator piss,

    LOL at the nerve of these loons to utter this inane **** in here. I was going to let you have your way with him and thought you were going to beat me to the punchline -no pun intended-, but I just could not resist it.
    I love how you taunt PT yesterday about taking her verberal diarrhea to our home turf. Of course she wouldn’t go for it. There is no anonymous bashing here or a way to thumb herself up.
    I will leave to you to put this loon back together. I’m sure you can use a punching bag too.

    This is why, using your THUMB is the most effective way, regadless of they spew.

  284. 284
    catfish Says:

    yes, it is the capital city of japan.. if you googling catfish and japan, you’ll find an interesting story.. ok goodnight all :)

  285. 285
    tish Says:

    Mama and sweet baby daughter Viv Jolie Pitt are going to make us an Oscar film in Maleficent.

    LOL at the honest posters who know in advance that Viv the 3/12 yr old Jolie Pitt willl be an outstanding little actress compared to Rachel Green in Derailed or Wanderbust etc.

    I think its time to put the t.i.t nippers away for ye ole Anuston. Go ahead and marry the guy who is after her loot, have another much younger woman carry a kid for the 9 mo. duration so Ticky can live the lie that she always wanted children.
    You can bet the acting skills in the Anistoclisnis or whatever the he\ll the real name of Ticky is WILL NOT have a child acting in any princess movies. Maybe a scarey movie as in’ The BIG Chin eats The Little Bigger Chin.

    Bless The Jolie Pitts highest paid actors in the biz.

  286. 286
    Shiloh and Brad scene TCCOBB Says:

    better pic of Brad and Shiloh in the set of “Benjamin Button”. The yellow balloon is in the background.

  287. 287
    Yoco Says:

    It’s Pinkett not Pickett troll.As for nepotism, I’m sure your mom helped you get your job at Walmart.On a serious note I got my first job because my uncle recommended me.It’s not what you know but who you know .Most people get jobs thru networking.That’s life

  288. 288
    Rose Says:

    @tish: Remember SS just gave an interview saying kids are messy. IMO, she is not looking to have one kid or adopt a kid. They are all messy in her eyes. SS does not understand the love one receives and gives back when children are in your life. However, having children is not for everyone. She just needs to own it and stop lying about wanting children.

  289. 289
    Shiloh and Brad scene TCCOBB Says:

    This is the moment of Brad and Shiloh doing the scene.

    Shiloh is exactly like her parents. Beautiful, charming and a natural talent.

    She will be for sure a beautiful girl and a great artist when she grow up.

  290. 290
    anustin Says:

    the jealousy of the troll is stunning!!! lovin it!!

  291. 291
    JP Fan Says:

    its sad that Viv gets more attention from the public than ticky did during her engagement

    1. 01 Paul Ryan’s blac…
    2. 02 Mel Gibson
    3. 03 Katie Holmes
    4. 04 Vivienne Jolie-P…
    5. 05 Windows 8 phone

    6. 06 Neve Campbell
    7. 07 Obama threat

  292. 292
    Rose Says:

    @Shiloh and Brad scene TCCOBB: Have you seen a close up of Shi’s face? That’s a beautiful child. Also, Shi did one cameo and we have not seen her in anything since. That was like five years ago. The dirtbag trolls worry more about this family than their own.

  293. 293
    Lori Says:

    will definitely watch it…little vivi is my fave….

  294. 294
    dawne Says:

    Well, hello fans. I am back in Ottawa after a week from hell. I made it in time (full 12 hour day of travel to northern B.C.) and was able to spend some time with the rest of my family who also made it there in time with Mom before she passed Tuesday morning. We were all with her so that gives me a lot of peace. Thank you to the fans who wished me well and expressed their sympathies before I left…..I just didn’t have time to acknowledge.

    On a much lighter note, I see there has not been much happening since I left. Every airport I was in the entire mag section was photoshopped pics of the ‘bride to be’………choke. Even Hello and People……….I hope their sales found a new bottom, it will be interesting to track that.

    I think it is great Viv will make an appearance in the film…..what a keeper as a childhood memory. This has been a long shoot for Angie but I know the quality of the film will reflect it.

    I saw the little photo gallery of Ticky set pics PT posted……….now that, folks, was just rude. Her side angle shots were like looking at a blowfish in lipstick. As far as bodies go………..omg, you would see better on any beach, anywhere. She’s too busy filming to do her four hours a day of ab crunches I guess.

    Bet this bomb goes straight to DVD…….can’t see any distributor picking up this act of desperation. Who would pay big money to see this tripe?

  295. 295
    jesse Says:

    aniston forever and ever till the day i die. aniston is not a cheating biatchhhh. aniston deserves a nicer life.

  296. 296
    brangelina4evah Says:

    waaahHHH that would be awesome :D
    i hope it’s true….

  297. 297
    jesse Says:

    aniston has big breasts. shiloh too.

  298. 298
    L12 Says:

    OMG! Viv is in the film too? This movie is going to be fabulous!
    Angie and her beautiful baby girl. This is going to be so exciting. . Cant wait.

  299. 299
    jesse Says:

    please people do not ignore me!! i have a signed autograph of aniston. (the one with big breasts)

  300. 300
    anustin Says:

    miz the whole family….bless them.

  301. 301
    Premalee Says:

  302. 302
    JP Fan Says:

    please flag the pedophile on this thread, jen fans are sick in the head

  303. 303
    JP Fan Says:

    MSN trending
    biggest movers

    1. 1. vivienne jolie-pitt
    2. 2. zayn
    3. 3. katie holmes
    4. 4. national hurricane center
    5. 5. gcse
    6. 6. mel gibson
    7. 7. kristine bunch
    8. 8. weather channel
    9. 9. victoria azarenka
    10. 10. amy schumer

  304. 304
    Duh Says:

    If Jen has big boobs, then Pamela Anderson has mosquito bites, lmao. Jesse is so delusional.

  305. 305
    JP Fan Says:

    the public is more interested in 4 year old viv than ticky, this my friends is why the hens are going apeshiit crazy on this thread, ticky cant even compete with a 4-year old

  306. 306
    Duh Says:

    The hens seem a little too concerned about vivienne. Are they worried she is getting more attention than Jen’s fake engagement?

  307. 307
    Shiloh and Brad scene TCCOBB Says:

    video clip of “Benjamin Button”. Shiloh and Brad appear at 1:20 in a very short scene.

    I believed that she deserved much more time and one good close up of her incredible beautiful baby face.

  308. 308
    dawne Says:

    Here is another JP article from the Belfast Telegragh

  309. 309
    jesse Says:

    you are just jealous of jenny’s large breasts.

  310. 310
    Duh Says:

    B cups aren’t large, Jesse.

  311. 311
    jesse Says:

    who has larger breasts? jennifer aniston or angelina jolie? this is important. please answer, it’s a medical study.

  312. 312
    Mildred Fierce Says:

    The Jolie-Pitts are tiresome beyond words.

    I hope that the whole pack of the Jolie-Pitts packs up and moves to Montenegro, never to be seen or heard from again.

  313. 313
    dawne Says:


    Angelina uses her breasts to nurse children; Desperate, middle aged fameho Chinho uses hers to ice her nips in her never ending quest to stay relevant as a s e x symbol cause her acting skills ain’t cuttin’ it. She’s as s e x y as plant in need of watering.

    Can you only imagine if Angie worked her image of ‘s e x y’…..omg, the world would melt………..she hides her body……doesn’t wear jeans and tight tees……….she is a lady and dresses like a lady.

    There is and never will be a comparison between these two women…..the only reason their names ever appear in the same sentence is because the HO won’t move on from using Brad’s fame to abet her fading star. There is no comparison regarding looks, international fame, power, A list status, sheer talent, Awards, beauty, heart and compassion……….none whatsoever. One is platinum the other is tarnished silver.

  314. 314
    JP Fan Says:

    @Mildred Fierce:
    so tiresome that their 4 year old is trending on yahoo and number one on msn/bing meanwhile aniston coudnt even accomplish this feat the day after the engagement..this maleficent news has been out since YESTERDAY and people are still interested, sucks for you

  315. 315

    Jennifer Aniston and Chaz Bono Are Both Unreconizable in This High School Photo

    Us magazine unearthed this photo of former classmates Chaz (then Chastity) Bono and Jennifer Aniston when they both attended New York City’s High School of Performing Arts back in 1987… but honestly, you wouldn’t know it from looking at them.
    And while you can pick out Jennifer’s famous features, she’s sporting what many believe to be her old nose. (On Inside the Actors Studio in July, she basically admitted that she’d gotten a nose job for cosmetic reasons, instead of the usual excuse of deviated septum.)

  316. 316
    haha Says:

    Have you all ever seen some of Jen-Jen’s rabid fans braying their love either on youtube or on her RC? I vote that Jen’s male admirer on youtube had bigger moobs combined. That’s Jen’s friends and fans and that friend/fan on the red carpet, well she made Chaz look small. uh huh.

  317. 317
    Rose Says:

    Anyone notice that the Trolls are playing good cop and bad cop are back. One say something negative and the other answers with something positive or talking about boobs to keep the nonsense going. Hope fans are seeing it for what it is. Both are the trolls, trying to disrupt the board. Thumb them down.

  318. 318

    Photo of Jen Anuston “Small Breasts” before Silicone Implants

  319. 319
    Observer2 Says:

    Trolls are certainly pissy. We can’t help it that Vivienne gets cast in a 170M tent pole movie, while Lenny can barely get cast in a 30-40M lame a$$ rom-com. We can’t help it that Vivienne, at 4 is cuter and has more presence and personality that a 43 year old that walks around on set with her shirt open. Showing us her muffin top and that there are bras out there that don’t show her nips. She just chooses to NOT wear them because she’s hoping to distract from the fug that is her face.


  320. 320
    fyi Says:

    Vivienne Jolie-Pitt is #1 trending on yahoo now.

  321. 321

    Jen Anuston teen photo, when we could see the REAL ONE, before the many plastic modifications done to her face and body.

  322. 322
    Rose Says:

    @dawne: So glad to have you back. Im sure getting home in time before your mom passed over was a big relief. Keep the good memories safely stored in your heart forever. Please take care of yourself.

  323. 323
    Observer2 Says:

    One more thing, we can’t help that Vivienne was trending, while Lenny and what’s his name didn’t.

    Get over it.

  324. 324
    KT Says:

    Vivienne Jolie Pitt is mentioned on CBC Radio this morning 10am-10:30am on “Q with Jian Gomeshi”

    The latest episode of 23aug 2012 not yet download on his website yet, may later or tomorrow

  325. 325
    anustin Says:

    dawne….group hug,dawne..bless u.

  326. 326
    jessse Says:


    no thanks, even worse than u.k sun

  327. 327
    andu Says:,,20623502,00.html?xid=popsugar

  328. 328
    jessse Says:


    let’s have a drag on some of ur weed.
    u use it for medical reasons right?

    p.s scatter gun trolling doesn’t work

  329. 329
    Whamo Says:

    I’m sure the kid will be able to act better than Heroina.
    Nice picture of Angie by the way, she looks like she just took in a big hit of CRACK! She’s all pudgy, bloated drugged out and ****** she looks like she usually does is what I’m trying to say!

  330. 330
    a lurker Says:

    cr. brangelinaforum

    Gregory’s Girl star turns author for first visit to Book Festival
    Published on Thursday 23 August 2012 12:53

    ‘THE last time I was there I shared a urinal with Sean Connery.” – Gregory’s Girl star John Gordon Sinclair is recalling memories of previous visits to the Capital. “It was all very manly, just a few nods and a couple of grunts, with neither of us daring to look down.” Sinclair is in town to promote his first novel, Seventy Times Seven, this Sunday at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. It’s a gritty tale that’s a far cry from the lighter roles for which he is known.

    “It’s about a guy living in Northern Ireland called Danny McGuire, who becomes a hit-man bent on revenge after his brother is murdered,” says Sinclair. “He’s offered a contract to hit an informer hiding-out in Alabama, but the guy claims to know who’s responsible for his brother’s death.

    “Originally it was intended to be a film script, but I was worried no one would ever read it so I figured if I wrote it as novel first, then at least people could ignore it in hardback.” The legacy of The Troubles hangs heavy over the events in the book.

    No matter how successful the new book is, it won’t stop Sinclair being asked about his role in Bill Forsyth’s 1981 coming-of-age classic, Gregory’s Girl. Does that bother him?. “I feel very lucky to be a part of something that people still look back on with such fond memories, but I’ve kind of run out of things to say.”

    Those reminders stretch to a clip being shown during the olympic opening ceremony. How did it feel to be seen by an estimated 900 million viewers around the globe?. “It was more how my kids felt. For three seconds I was the coolest dad on the planet and for that I will forever be in Danny Boyle’s debt.”

    Sinclair will next be seen on-screen in the Hollywood blockbuster, World War Z, starring opposite some zombies and Brad Pitt.

    “He’s the real deal,” says Sinclair of his co-star. “Great sense of humour, friendly, charming, supportive . . . the list goes on. I spent five weeks with him, and I’ll probably have less screen-time than I did during the Opening Ceremony, but it was a blast.”

    Away from the big screen, Sinclair is looking forward to his first visit to the Book Festival this weekend. “I’m a Book Festival virgin, but I’m planning to take a whole raft of memories home with me. I love Edinburgh.”

    Sadly, there’s little chance of the author setting a future novel in the city: “I think Ian Rankin and Douglas Johnstone have got that one pretty well sewn up!”

  331. 331
    Angelina childhood photos Says:

    we can see the real beauty in any age, that´s why the Jolie-Pitts are all beautiful. They have the best genes.

  332. 332
    TWEET Says:

    Christie Bowman ‏@Christie_Bowman

    Saw Angelina Jolie AND Brad Pitt today, she’s doing a new film called Maleficent, made some props for that too! #brangelina

  333. 333
    anustin Says:

    The hens seem a little too concerned about vivienne. Are they worried she is getting more attention than Jen’s fake engagement?

    please dont say its FAKE is/was a real engagement.gawd!!! i dont want her to keep on changing peen after peen.geez!!! 8 is enuf.the callus is already up to her upper azz. u will see the RING comes KTS premiere.bow.

  334. 334
    Duh Says:

    @anustin: Huh?

  335. 335
    elizabeth Says:

    Vivi news all over even on the radio this morning. Awwwwww…..
    Cant wait even a cameo I will be there as always

    I wonder when Shi will be on the movie???? Aside from CCOBB

  336. 336
    Duh Says:

    Nope Russler, you are confusing them with your siblings haha.

  337. 337
    anustin Says:

    thanks for the tweet!!! sigh…… love the JPs togetherness. unlike those newly engaged dat are apart from each other. or maybe just to get a news about their…………………………………………………………………….

  338. 338
    tweets Says:

    So much excitement about Vivi on Twitter. Here are some cute ones:

    C.Jameson @CourtzJameson Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have kids I don’t even know about!

    elodieotto First Shiloh with Brad & now Viv! Too Cute ♥ RT @CNNshowbiz@angelinajolie’s daughter Vivienne cast in ‘Maleficent’

  339. 339
    dawne Says:


    Thanks for the hug. The pic of Heidi confirms yet again she is way more beautiful than moneybagsaniston…….she’s just lovely. Boy, can you ever see the results of his ‘makeover…… plugs, clean shaven…..probably a dozen days of facials etc. Ticky is controlling him but I’m sure it is a small price to pay for what he gets in return. Effin’ double standard………she steals him on a movie shoot and the world is silent…….what a joke.

  340. 340
    anustin Says:

    dawne…..the date of that outing APRIL 2011. homewrecker out with batman MAY. i know,i know her couple of fans dont want to hear/read the truth.

  341. 341
    anustin Says:

    obviously….mommy Biven and daughter Heidi got blindsided. but s’okey…i just want her to shittle down.hehehe

  342. 342
    Duh Says:

    @anustin: Maniston is old and ugly anyway, so Heidi is laughing her ass off at McStumpy. Heidi is thanking the Lord Manny took Justin away lmao

  343. 343
    happy camper Says:

    I don’t know if this has been brought up before but I just thought I’d make an observation. While at the checkout I noticed all the rags with Ticky’s mug on it touting her impending nuptials. I don’t pay that close attention to all of them but I found it strange that the photo they used on the cover only included a close up of her face and Justin Theroux-up was no where in sight. It’s so funny how they can tout “wedding of the century” yet they realize no one cares who she is even marrying enough to include him on the cover. I guess they realized that putting his picture on the cover with her in the past didn’t sell any mags. So why do they think that anyone would care that she is going to marry this guy? Like I said, I didn’t pay that much close attention to all of them but the few rags I remember, I only remember seeing her giant chin on the cover. I found that pretty funny.

  344. 344
    Rose Says:

    @happy camper: Have you ever taken a good look at mr squiggly’s face and head? it’s Hugh compared to his body. IMO, that’s an ugly man. Trolls lies to themselves that he is handsome just like they think SS is pretty and sexy, not. I see mr squiggly was seen with HB April, 2011. I’m hoping trolls are checking dates. These trolls are the same ones that say Angie got together too soon after he separated from SS. Now, we have proof, #340, we see HB and mr squiggly all loved up in April 2011. All their lies are now coming back to bite them in the butt.

  345. 345
    Just a Lurker Says:

    At age 12, Taylor Swift wrote this song “Till Brad Pitt Comes Along “. Now it is on youtube.

  346. 346
    groundcontrol Says:

    Dawn, so happy for you that you were able to be there for your mom and that she was surrounded by love til the end. Please know that she is in my thoughts. I’m glad you have some mindless and light hearted distractions such as JJ. Every little thing helps to get you through this painful time.

  347. 347
    Yoco Says:

    @elizabeth: They covered it on all the morning shows and they were talking about it on my favorite radio station, . An R& B station in Houston. The power of the JPs. A 4 y.o. doing a small cameo is trending.

  348. 348
    Rose Says:

    @dawne:#342, The world is silent over HB and squiggly breakup because she did not throw a pity party for herself. Also, there Was a rumor that SS put out some cash for her to go away. we know SS fights dirty, therefore, I don’t put anything past her, and squiggly looks like he is down for anything that going to lift his standings in HW.

  349. 349
    PJ Says:

    As JP fans will know Angelina did it first working with her dad Jon Voight. I can’t remember the name of the film but I am sure someone will know.

    Then Shiloh with Brad in CCOBB now little Vivienne with Angie in Maleficent.I hope Vivienne has lots of fun I am sure she will.
    I wonder who will be next?

    I just love this family.

  350. 350
    jesse Says:

    i am the original jesse.

  351. 351
    fyi Says:

    New Poster for Killing Them Softly.

    ‘Killing Them Softly’ Poster: Brad Pitt, A Leather Jacket And A Shotgun (EXCLUSIVE)
    The hard-nosed Brad Pitt you came to know and love in “Inglourious ********” and “Fight Club” is back, and this time, he’s bringing his sawed-off.

    In the actor’s latest movie, “Killing Them Softly,” he portrays Jackie Cogan (Pitt), an enforcer hired to track down two crooks who robbed a mob-protected poker game. The film, which already received rave reviews after its Cannes Film Festival premiere, is based on the book “Cogan’s Trade” by George V. Higgins.

    Here, in conjunction with our sister site Huffington Post Entertainment, Moviefone is proud to debut a new “Killing Them Softly” poster, featuring Pitt in slicked-back hair, leather coat and a shotgun in hand (looks like those robbers picked the wrong people to steal from).

    Starring Pitt, Gandolfini, Liotta and Richard Jenkins, “Killing Them Softly” hits theaters on October 19. You can check out the full poster below.

  352. 352
    jesse Says:

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ c=3

  353. 353
    BW Says:

    Love the new poster. Brad is so hot and badass.

  354. 354
    Passing Through Says:

    4Q -
    I just saw the US Open draw. Ain’t it amazing how now that Roger is #1 the #3 seed is ALWAYS in his half of the draw? When he was #3 he was always in the half with the #2 seed and #1 had #4 in his half. So now he has to play Murray in the semis to get to play Nole in the finals…and Nole has a better shot at defending his title now that he doesn’t have to play Roger, who played him like a drum 4 days ago in Cincinnait. Plus, it looks like Roger may play Mardy Fish in the 4th round and Berdych in the quarters if everything goes to seed. Roger’s opening match is against Donald Young so that should at least be an easy match. Otherwise this is the part where we act shocked that once again Roger has the toughest draw of the top 3.

  355. 355
    William Bradley& The Jolie Says:

    Sorry to disagree, but I do not like this poster. Do Not Like. I thought the first one with just the black background, the shades and the image of the gun evoke its 1970s origins and captured the gritty, tough, cynical, nature of the film. It retro style is what made it stand out. This just brings back all of my fears about what the Weinstein Company is doing , or not doing, right in promoting this film. This is such a generic poster. Check the promo for this film versus what’s been happening for The Master. Granted KTS is not an Oscar bait film, but still, I expected better, sharper, more consistent marketing from the Weinsteins. I am afraid they are going to expect Brad to carry all of this on his back, and that is not fair to Brad , Dominick , or the film. This looks like Warner Bros. 2.0.

    I hope I am proved wrong, but this is making me nervous.

  356. 356
    a lurker Says:

    I think new poster is fine. I like the first one too.

  357. 357
    trt Says:

    I forgot, what does SS stand for again? She has so many names it’s hard to remember all of them. I only know fat ticky and manny.

    Can’t wait for the movie, Malificent to come out. Good for Vivienne. She does look like a young Elle Fanning.

  358. 358
    jesse Says:

    I honestly think angelina is transgendered. her face is like that of a man, even her figure. she even likes to wear baggy trousers to hide it. i have heard rumours (the neighbour of my neighbour told me) that she faked her pregnancy and had children via surrrogate mother. maybe that explains her having smaller breasts than that of aniston? could i be right pls?

  359. 359
    Rose Says:

    @trt: SS- Sad spook.

  360. 360
    Rose Says:

    @trt: SS- Sad Spook. A Vanity Fair staff writer called her a sad spook because she is always leeching off Brad and Angie..I believe the article was sometime last year.

  361. 361
    IGNORE Says:

    Please ignore the new troll on board. She is tamsin. Just changing names because she thought she can fool us fans into thinking she is busy with “other” stuff in her life. No one is obsessed with this family like tampooon does.

  362. 362
    Jaye Says:

    The little princess is all over the net. Everyone is excited about her debut. Little Viv had better watch out, Ticky will be asking her for a walk on role in HER movie one day, followed by “I use to be married to your dad.” lol. Just say NO to the Tick, Vivienne.

  363. 363
    Jessie Says:

    Jesse @ 08/23/2012 at 4:17 pm
    The neighbor of your neighbor? WTF Wouldn’t that be YOUR neighbor too? There must be special stupid classes for trolls.

  364. 364
    anustin Says:

    sad thing is actors are calling her those names…sad spoke,fat tick,sport fck and the famous deadend. hehehe

  365. 365
    bobojeejo Says:

    Start caring about your own kids? Anyone? ANY one?

  366. 366
    busted Says:

    So Viv is trending on Twitter.. a 4 year old. A 4 year old that we have never heard speak is trending. A 4 year old in a movie for the firs time.

    YET a 43 year old that is finally getting married after a almost 8 year divorce didn’t manage that with all her millions (cough) of fans.

    I think her fans need to crawl out of the JP’s ass$ even the young ones and spend that energy on the Head Hen.

    OH and Squiggy is out being photographed again. This time with Phillip Seymour Hoffman.. LOL.. I guess he knows more talented actors then Aniston. And he is really enjoying himself in NYC.. But look for a photo of them together this weekend.

  367. 367
    Dc Says:

    I like this poster of Brad a lot.

  368. 368
    akte Says:

    Fincher is no longer attached to Cleopatra, now they are thinking Ang Lee who directed Brokeback Mountian.

  369. 369
    jesse Says:

    No. For your info her neighbour is on the other side.

  370. 370
    vickifromtexas Says:

    dawne, i am so happy for you that you got to spend time with your mother before she passed. i am so sorry for your loss. i pray you are comforted by wonderful memories. hugs to you and God bless.

  371. 371
    babes Says:

    Jennifer Annuston will show her engagement ring when in time for Brad Pitt promotion of *Killing Them Sofly* movie. Anyone of you want to bit on that?…raise ur hands,..She!s a pathethic loser you know, big time. meanwhile Viviene Jolie-Pitt is number one trending now in Yahoo… #1 fans#1 and she!s just 4 years olds, that!s the Power Of The Jolie/Pitt family even their kids are giving more attention, than the annouced engagement no one is asking,,,,,..Give it up Jens Opps hens,….sorry:

  372. 372
    Passing Through Says:

    # 292 JP Fan @ 08/23/2012 at 9:20 am
    its sad that Viv gets more attention from the public than ticky did during her engagement

    1. 01 Paul Ryan’s blac…
    2. 02 Mel Gibson
    3. 03 Katie Holmes
    4. 04 Vivienne Jolie-P…
    ROTFLMAO! Somebody needs to tell Ticky and Huvsy this is what happens when you spend 7 1/2 years leaking stories about men she was supposedly dating that wasn’t true. Ticky is now officially Chicken Little. The one time she she’s telling the truth about a man…nobody GAFF.
    BTW – just for laughs I checked the Yahoo trending again nearly 8 hours later…Vivi’s holding steady at #4…and Ticky’s engagement STILL hasn’t made the list. LOL!

    01 AIDS-like disease
    02 Paul Ryan’s black ex-girlfriend
    03 Hurricane Isaac
    04 Vivienne Jolie-Pitt
    05 Mayan collapse

  373. 373
    jesse Says:

    I smell jealousy. You are all jealous that your neighbour does not provide the gossip mine does. haters (small chested) keep on hating.

  374. 374
    jesse Says:

    I love the jolie pitts. All their children are very beautiful and cute.

  375. 375
    jesse Says:

    And their mama has medium sized breasts.

  376. 376
    Passing Through Says:

    # 295 dawne @ 08/23/2012 at 9:58 am
    Dawne -
    I don’t how I missed your post the day you left but I’m sorry to hear about your mother passing. I’m glad to hear you were able to spend time with her before she passed.

  377. 377
    jesse Says:

    ( o Y o ) that’s jenny

  378. 378
    Passing Through Says:

    # 295 dawne @ 08/23/2012 at 9:58 am
    I saw the little photo gallery of Ticky set pics PT posted……….now that, folks, was just rude. Her side angle shots were like looking at a blowfish in lipstick.
    LOL. I’d love to be able to take credit for that collage but that was Cliniqua’s handiwork. I’ve still got a bit of an upset stomach from having looked at it the thing. I just don’t know how her hens can blather on about how she looks 25. Not unless they mean 25×2. That ho’s jowls are floppier than Jacques’.

  379. 379
    jesse Says:

    Angelina jolie looks like nicole kidman. thery are practically identical.

  380. 380
    Passing Through Says:

    OMG…Celine Dion channeling her inner Ticky. Seriousy…I had to look twice…

  381. 381
    Kaley Says:

    Viv is damn ugly. Her forehead is huge and her eyes are like smashed in. Looks retarded.

  382. 382
    jesse Says:


  383. 383
    William Bradley& The Jolie Says:

    If the Vulture story is correct, I am so sorry that Fincher is passing up on Cleopatra. But I wouldn’t be surprised; I read too many stories about his clashes with Rudin. And David don’t take crap off nobody. Still, I am heartened to know that Sony still intends to do the film. But they need to get a move on it. They really do need to start shooting this next year. Lee is an interesting choice, but I think it would do well for Sony to wait until Life of Pi comes out to see if Lee has got his mojo back. Actually, I would be curious to know if any of you fans have a director in mind that you think would be a good choice for this. Unfortunately, David Lean is dead.

  384. 384
    annon Says:

    Stephen Gaghan to Direct ‘Candy Store’ With Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington Circling (Exclusive)

    Stephen Gaghan – P 2012
    Getty Images
    The crime thriller is set up at Lionsgate.

    Oscar-winning writer-director Stephen Gaghan is ramping up his next film — and he’s attracting interest from major actors.

    Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Gaghan will direct Candy Store, a crime thriller he also wrote, and that Brad Pitt and Denzel Washington are in early talks to star. The film is set up at Lionsgate.

    No deals are done, and sources described the discussions to be in the nascent stage. But if the film comes together with those stars, it would mark Gaghan’s most high-profile directing project since 2005′s Syrianna. Gaghan won a Academy Award for writing the Steven Soderbergh-directed Traffic in 2000. He also co-wrote the screenplay for next summer’s Will Smith sci-fi adventure After Earth.

    Candy Store is described as a “two-hander” crime thriller with meaty roles for the two main characters. Jamie Foxx was said to be interested in one of the roles as well.

    Gaghan and Pitt are represented by CAA. Washington is repped by WME.

  385. 385
    omg Says:

    I always want to see Brad and Denzel in a movie together.

  386. 386
    Dream Says:

    @William Bradley& The Jolie:

    I would love to see Steven Spielberg direct it. Schindlers List was amazing. I still would love to see Angelina and Fincher work together on something.

  387. 387
    William Bradley& The Jolie Says:

    @Dream: @Dream: Spielberg could be good, but War Horse – ugh. Like with Lee, have to see what happens with Lincoln. Need to see if he’s gone back to greatness or still coasting.

  388. 388
    Dream Says:

    @William Bradley& The Jolie:

    I was thinking Clint Eastwood. Him and Angie worked well together in Changeling. I remember an interview they did where they talked about maybe working together again. Just an idea, his films are more gritty and dark though

  389. 389
    jilly Says:

    It’s time to put the children to work. Brad is turning into an old grandpa and Jolie has lost her looks completely. Start from the youngest and work your way up JP. Let them bring the bacon home for a change. Old dried up mommy needs more money!

  390. 390
    BW Says:

    omg @ 08/23/2012 at 5:38 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +6

    I always want to see Brad and Denzel in a movie together.
    Totally agree with you Brad Pitt + Denzel Washington = heaven.

  391. 391
    a lurker Says:

    Fincher has some problems with Sony after The Girl with Dragon Tattoos. I think Ang Lee is not bad.

  392. 392
    Passing Through Says:

    # 316 JEN A. BEFORE PLASTIC MODIFIC @ 08/23/2012 at 11:04 am
    Old nose, old hair, old hairline, old chin, old cheeks, old weight…and old boobs. Ticky’s spent more money remaking herserlf than even Megan Fox…

  393. 393
    Passing Through Says:

    # 320 Observer2 @ 08/23/2012 at 11:37 am
    We can’t help it that Vivienne, at 4 is cuter and has more presence and personality that a 43 year old that walks around on set with her shirt open. Showing us her muffin top and that there are bras out there that don’t show her nips.
    BBBBWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! On snap! Ticky’s been busted. How is it that she’s standing there with no shirt and just her bra and her nipples aren’t poking through…yet when she puts a too-tight shirt on her nipples poke through? There wasn’t even a hint of nipple-age in those pix. Yet last week all she had on was a thin white t-shirt and her nipples almost poked our eyes out. This is when you realize how deeply the hens are in denial that Ticky has been wearing Pokies for at least 18 years – or doing the old cold chicken cutlets (the real kind not the fake ones) routine. I doubt that she’s walking around with meat stuck in her bras these days because she can afford the best fake nipples money can buy. People always wonder how Ticky’s nips can stand at attention for hours on end and yet the refuse to believe the simple truth – because they’re NOT her real nipples. Dang…I just love it when Ticky tells on herself…

  394. 394
    Passing Through Says:

    Oh, for fvck’s sake, Jared! More Squiggy pix? Really, dude? the hell is Squiggy’s fameho-ing tour of NYC going to end? How much longer is Ticky going to be filming her dud? She needs finish that dog soon and to take her biitch back to Cali and go back into hiding because dude is workin’ my last nerve. He hates her level of fame, huh, US Lies WEakly? He’s a fvcking nobody, known only for doing Brad Pitt’s ex-wfie and Jared keeps slapping up pix of Squiggy like he’s got an exclusive photo of Big Foot humping the Loch Ness monster. Enough already. Jared’s making me miss those endless pix of Bloatler, Rihanna and Zack Whoever he used to post.

  395. 395
    noplace Says:

    Oh I see Tick’s hen on duty.
    Pt did you see the gorgeous picks of Serena in the red dress?

  396. 396
    noplace Says:

    OT for PT
    here is short clip–ten.html

  397. 397
    new thread Says:


  398. 398
    jilly Says:

    Old lesbian lovers, old heroin addiction, old tattoos, old mommy’s boyfriend stealing, old home wrecking, old blood around the neck. Jolie spent more money on pr to turn herself into Mother Teresa…

  399. 399
    noplace Says:

    The im be cile is still here. Take a hike.

  400. 400
    jesse is back Says:

    most beautiful woman in hollywood, including her breasts.,r:14,s:48

  401. 401
    Passing Through Says:

    # 369 akte @ 08/23/2012 at 5:15 pm
    Gotta roll my eyes at Vulture because the always make stuff sound so dire. Fincher directing Cleopatra was always a 50/50 proposition because he didn’t know when he’d be able to fit it in his schedule amongst all of his previous commitments. He still has the Keven Spacey “House of Cards” Netflix project (currently shooting), a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea remake (up next) and possibly Heavy Metal on his plate. Those projects were expected to take him through 2013 or early 2014. That meant the earliest he could commit to Cleopatra was spring of 2014. Sony has always been interested in making the movie sooner than that. Plus, Fincher has first dibs on the 2nd Stieg Larsson book, which EW reporterd the other day that Sony has put off making until sometime in 2013. The Vulture article made it sound like there might be trouble between Fincher and Sony but I don’t think that’s the case at all. I think Fincher is just too danged busy and Cleopatra doesn’t tickle his fancy like the other things he’s got in the works.

  402. 402
    NAN Says:

    Hehehe, Someone has bang her head on a concrete wall,that her Fake engagement Not Bomb !
    tamshiteJessejillydogs run around JP’s threads. Right ?
    $100+ Millions can buy a F-list,Mr.Gigolo….Ouch….Ouch.

  403. 403
    Dream Says:

    @Passing Through:

    It still would have been nice if they made a movie together. Fincher did talk about how they’ve been looking for a project to do together for a while, maybe they have another project in mind or something.

  404. 404
    Oh, please Says:

    You know, when I first read this, I was filled with jealousy. If anyone should be playing a Disney princess, it’s me. I’m basically an expert. But upon further thought, I’m just amused.

    Watching a Jolie-Pitt try to play someone (A) beautiful and (B) capable of lying still for long periods of time is going to be hilarious. I know this movie is supposed to be Sleeping Beauty retold from the villain’s perspective, but it’s an interesting risk to make Aurora a straight-up gnome.

  405. 405
    Passing Through Says:

    # 385 annon @ 08/23/2012 at 5:35 pm
    Brad and Denzel, huh? That would be an interesting dynamic. What’s funny is that Denzel passed on Se7en and Brad got the part. A few years ago he told the Yale drama club that when he saw the movie he was kicking himself for saying no. And of course Denzel worked with Angie in The Bone Collector and has nothing but great things to say about her. I kind of hope this happens…but I was also hoping that Brad did The Gray Man with James Gray. Doesn’tlook like that movie’s going to happen now despite both The Czech Republic and Israel saying they’d alreadyapproved tax rebates for the movie.
    BTW, in other movie news I heard that Ticky will next be working with Pee Wee Herman & Fred Willard in the romcom Pokies vs. Pokeys.

  406. 406
    VJ Says:

    Viv and Z are beauties, but I wonder if Shiloh will REALLY be the beauty of the girls in the family.

  407. 407
    besane Says:

    All the jealous and resentful are coming out of woodwork today LOL! And those who still feel somehow Aniston was “wronged” or “robbed” of the chance of becoming a mother, carry their misplaced hatred on this innocent little baby. Come on, look at Miss Aniston, and listen to what she said. She never wanted a child, and never will, and that’s how her husband left her, with very good reasons and justified. Brad did the right thing and here is the prove. What a beautiful family!

  408. 408
    Jen fan Says:

    Angry loons!

  409. 409
    juju Says:

    besane @ 08/23/2012 at 8:26 pm
    brad left janiston because he fell out of love w/ her
    n fell in love w/ angelina jolie
    not because of kids

  410. 410
    Duh Says:

    @juju: Jen fell out of love first. If a manis happy, he wouldn’t need a reason to seek elsewhere.

  411. 411
    ??? Says:

    I thought this was an AJ fan thread. If wanted to read about kuntifer, I would go to her thread.

  412. 412
    trt Says:

    @???: But then, there’s nothing to read in Aniston’s thread, is there? That is why you’re here.

  413. 413
    Ginger Says:

    Oh, this is much exciting now. Can’t wait to see this. Action will also be in this film? Definitely gonna’ go see it!!

  414. 414
    trt Says:

    to the trolls who keep voicing opinions about Sleeping Beauty, better read the story before you do. For one thing, Princess Aurora did not go to sleep until she was sixteen when she pricked her finger on a spindle. The child, Aurora was still active and awake so there was no need for Vivienne to lie still in bed. She was a normal child.

    I do believe that trolls should be the ones lying quietly down so they’re not discovered as stupid and clueless. Every time they say something, their ignorance just comes shining through.

    Another thing, if the critic trolls have a better gene pool than the JP kids, then let’s see them. Low foreheads and big jaws do not count except in a Neanderthal sort of way.

  415. 415
    Jen the HAG Says:

    # 411 Duh @ 08/23/2012 at 9:20 pm

    yeah right if TICKY fell out of love first then why the PITY PARTY for 7 years and the Vanity FAIR interview ” I WAS SHOCKED AND THE WORLD WAS SHOCKED !! SO you basically agree that she’s just coattailing the JP’s for her to be relevant ? So she’s really is a FAMEWORE to the max!!!

  416. 416
    Jen the HAG Says:

    Jen fan @ 08/23/2012 at 9:05 pm

    Angry loons!

    and you’re an ANGRY HEN bwahahhahha!!

  417. 417
    Jen the HAG Says:

    LOL i bet TAMSHIT is using proxy to thumbdown fans ..right TAMSHIT?? LOL

  418. 418
    yolly Says:

    Brad & Denzel in a movie, WOW !!!

  419. 419
    yolly Says:

    Goodnight. God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

  420. 420
    sue Says:


  421. 421
    Duh Says:

    @Jen the HAG: I agree she was! Her marriage was crumbling, as you could tell! She played the media so brad could look like the bad guy! Apparently it backfired on Ticky!!! Their marriage was over and Brad isn’t to blame, its TICKY’S FAULT!

  422. 422
    Jokergurl Says:

    Angelina certainly has screen presence, and with parents like Angelina and Brad I’m sure Vivian will too. I think it’s great, I can’t wait to see Angelina as Maleficent, perfect casting really. Lots of celebrity kids are good actors, it’s in their genes.

  423. 423
    Duh Says:

    All of the little hens have bashed brangelina non-stop since Brad and Jen’s split. They sit in front of their computers all day waiting for something to bash Jolie with. It’s quite sad that the hens go out their ways to insult someone who doesn’t give a rats ass about them. But hey, if it makes then hens sleep at night, then keep on bashing Jolie. But we all know who will win at the end….BRANGELINA SUCKERS!

  424. 424
    niki Says:

    My husband and I will be waiting to see this movie on the big screen…Vivienne is a beautiful kid and good addition to this film…

  425. 425
    Vivienne IS SO CUTE AND LOVELY Says:


  426. 426
    Brad's Steaming Turd Says:


  427. 427


  428. 428
    lylian Says:

    I was in Sydney, Australia, Kings Cross station yesterday, on the escalator to the platform. I saw the Virgin Mobile ad plastered on the side walls of the escalator showing Doug Pitt and how unlike his bro, he’s never been a star of anything and VM thought that was unfair so they made him the face of VM. It ends with Doug saying, “I guess you are getting off the escalator now, well, have a nice day!” LOL!

  429. 429
    lylian Says:

    HI Dawne, I’m sorry to hear that your mother has passed away. I hope it was not too unexpected. Hope you are feeling well.

  430. 430
    lylian Says:

    Ang lee? – should be interesting.

  431. 431
    new Says:

    ___________________NEW THREAD________________________

  432. 432
    NOYB Says:

    @Vivienne IS SO CUTE AND LOVELY: how old are you??? you must be the poster child for the loons.

  433. 433
    Jen the HAG Says:

    NOYB @ 08/24/2012 at 1:54 am

    oh no that was one of the DuhListed posters pretending to be JP fans… coz you know Duhlisted fugly posters are obsess not only with ANGELINA JOLIE but also the JP fans they always talk about the fans here like it’s like it’s a PRIVILEGE to post and they BRAG to each other that they troll here becoz they got no life outside the net … those people are a bunch of R3TARDS just like their idol bwaahahahhah!!

  434. 434
    Jen the HAG Says:

    Must suck to be TICKY and TICK’s fans , Vivi’s cameo role in Maleficent is the news all over and trending than TICKY’s pretend engagement !! TICKY got serve by a 4 year old Jolie-Pitt child ..and Vivi is everything that TIcky is not .. young, beatiful and got an A lister genes bwahahahhahahaha !!

  435. 435
    tish Says:

    YES!!!!!! Excellent news, Viv is such a little doll . I was excited about this film before but after reading they have added Brad and Angie’s angel to the cast what an amazing idea. So thrilled for Viv mama and papa.

    Havn’t had much time to read the other great GREEN checked posts but will bb to read the rest tomorrow.

    Dawn i just read on this page about the passing of your mother.

    I am so sorry to hear of this bad news. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Family. God Bless…Take care of You dear. xo tish

  436. 436
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Whoohooo, go babygirl — Vivi is still rocking it out, and it’s early Fri. morn, lmao….she will rule all like her Mama one day:
    TRENDING as of 5am Friday:
    01 Student dies in sand pit
    02 Katie Holmes
    03 Michael Jordan’s son
    04 Mayan collapse
    05 Rheumatoid arthritis
    06 Vivienne Jolie-Pitt
    07 Amber Portwood
    08 Home sales
    09 AIDS-like disease
    10 Mel Gibson

  437. 437
    Rose Says:

    Good morning fans. NEW BRAD THREAD.

  438. 438
    jesse Says:

    angelina jolie is my friend’s friend. we had dinner once. she was wearing a thong, and had nice medium sizes breasts. However she didn’t really acknowledge my presence. I tried talking to her about the things she likes (past addictions etc) but she still ignored me. I now know why she’s known as the world’s biggest *****. And to top it all her breasts aren’t even nice. Don’t know how she even had a bf.

  439. 439
    Good Golly Says:

    Always a fiancee’, never a bride.

  440. 440
    jesse Says:

    I agree.

  441. 441
    The Real Deal Says:

    @Good Golly:

    Um dumba.s.s. she’s been married twice….

  442. 442
    [~Fug Face Man!ston~] Says:

  443. 443
    yolly Says:

    Hooray for Viv, appearing in the film with her mommy, that’s really good news. Looking forward to seeing Maleficent in theater. God bless the Jolie Pitt’s.

  444. 444
    Young Jolie-Pitt Rocks Says:

    She is a doll!!!!! A child of the most beautiful couple on earth so unspoiled and beautiful. What a lovely choice of role she is playing. Go princess Viv!

  445. 445
    Dd Says:

    @[~Fug Face Man!ston~]: the only 3 disappointing movies in the list are The green Hornet, Sucker Punch & Superman Returns. The rest were all blockbuster that made more than$100 Million plus

  446. 446
    what a bunch of Says:


  447. 447
    Aussie Girl Says:

    I’m really excited by this news & glad that it’s been confirmed. Vivi will be perfect for this part,since she looks like a beautiful little doll. It’s only a cameo,so don’t give a hoot what any idiot says.
    Just disapointed that I have to wait si lond to see it. I really miss seeing the kids but on the other,I’m glad they are having a “Pap” break!!

  448. 448
    yolly Says:

    JJ, there are new pictures of the Jolie Pitt’s plus 4 of their 6 kids in France today. They are all looks amazing.

  449. 449
    yolly Says:

    God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

  450. 450
    yolly Says:

    The Jolie Pitt Family are in France.

  451. 451
    yolly Says:

    Lara, thanks a lot for the Jolie Pitt’s new pictures in France. You are faster than JJ.

  452. 452
    How does it feel fans Says:

    Angelina lost even more weight. You can see her check bone and Brad Pitt has a pot belly.

  453. 453
    How does it feel fans Says:

    How do you stay fans of them when one is depressed _black clothing_ and constantly in moournimg and the other is so healthy you can see his fat belly through his shirt?

  454. 454
    How does it feel fans Says:

    I would love to see Brad In a movie with Denzel. This is the beginning of the end of Brads Oscar run. Now time for commercial movies that will turn out to be flops. He needs money. Funny how they surface right when he’s preparing to promote his next crapfest.

  455. 455
    How does it feel Jho ? Says:

    How does it feel Jho when you have to buy men to be your dates !
    How does it feel Jho when you can’t find a decent man ?
    How does it feel Jho when you are alone and no man ?
    How does it feel Jho when you got caught that you are a liar ?
    How does it feel Jho when your love one not trust you ?
    How does it feel Jho when you can’t have baby-babies ?
    How does it feel Jho when Krama after your @ss ?

  456. 456

    has a nice article about angelina stealing married bradley. and he left angie to make sure he wasnt making a mistake. jen cut him loose. too many germs.
    …and @yaws, yes let’s talk about heidi bevins. she is fine and dandy, she wasn’t too hurt. after 14 years she moved on to a new guy very quickly. she and theroux had an on and off relationship of convenience.

  457. 457
    Jolie's Got Gold Says:

    Eat your heart out Jenipoo! All Jenpoo has left are fingers typing on keypads spewing a lonely and bitter life. Nobody cares for Jenpoo who is full of lies and evil.

  458. 458
    Can't Wait! Says:

    I’m so excited!!! SOA starts on FX Sept.11th. at 10:00 P.M.

  459. 459
    winning Says:

    @yolly: You know what it means if they are in france? wedding bells :D :D

  460. 460
    mike Says:

    @How does it feel fans: @How does it feel fans: how does it feel that your idol is an icon for pedophiles in her allure mags pictures?She was posing as ahalf naked teenager? How does it feel that she was never been nominated or win an oscar?How does it feel when she iscalled a B-list actor? How does it feel when all her movies have the same tone?

  461. 461
    mike Says:

    @Jolie’s Got Gold: Your name says it all.NOT A reliable source.

  462. 462
    mike Says:


  463. 463
    mike Says:


  464. 464
    Aww Says:

    Cant wait for this! Viv is such a pretty girl <3

  465. 465


    mr. mike (they dont call u mr. reliable for nuthin)… third times a charm ;)

  466. 466
    She's on a power list? Says:

    @Jen the HAG:

    Well that explains why everything is going to f#cking hell.

  467. 467
    jolentini Says:

    Check out my latest movie “Four’s a crowd” in which I am playing the character of Luke. Pls leave constructive comments if you like.

  468. 468
    mike Says:

    @NATIONAL ENQUIRER</a Typing is not my forte but if you are basing my reliabilty on this then I could only conclude that you have a brain of a cockroach.Stupid people are very narrowminded and basing on your comments you are one of them.

  469. 469
    Eva Says:

    I just found this french interview of Angelina. Like it.

    ELLE : Vous avez déclaré être très angoissée à l’idée d’incarner Mariane Pearl car vous redoutiez de ne pas être la hauteur. Le fait que Brad produise le film et qu’il soit à vos côtés pendant le tournage vous a-t-il rassurée ?
    Angelina Jolie : Non, c’était pire ! J’étais encore plus angoissée car je ne voulais surtout pas le décevoir.

    Translation :

    ELLE: You have reported being very anxious to embody the idea of ​​Mariane Pearl because you feared that you not to be high. The fact that Brad produce the film and he is at your side during the filming he reassured you?
    Angelina Jolie: No, it was worse! I was even more anxious because I did not want to disappoint him.

    ELLE : En tant que producteur, comment est-il (Brad)?
    A.J. : Il est très doué pour la production car il ne perd jamais son calme. Cela dit, pendant le tournage, il s’occupait aussi des enfants à la maison. (Rires.) Lorsqu’il appelait le plateau pour savoir comment ça se passait, je ne lui parlais pas de mes problèmes. Pour moi, il était plus important qu’il soit un bon papa qu’un bon producteur !

    translation :

    ELLE: How is (Brad ) as producer?
    AJ: He is very good for the production because he never loses his composure. That said, during the filming, he also dealt with children at home. (Laughter.) When He called to see how things were going, I do not talk to him about my problems. For me, it was more important that he is a good father than a good producer!

    ELLE : Pour interpréter Mariane Pearl, vous vous êtes physiquement métamorphosée. Quelle a été la réaction de vos enfants la première fois qu’ils vous ont vue en “Mariane” ?
    A.J. : Mon fils Maddox m’a demandé pourquoi je ressemblais à la maman d’Adam (le fils de Mariane Pearl). J’avais tellement peur de ne pas être crédible que ça m’a rassurée. Mais j’avais besoin de son avis à elle pour savoir si j’étais dans le vrai. Donc, au début du tournage, je lui ai envoyé une photo de moi en “Mariane”. Quand elle m’a appelée pour me dire que ça lui avait donné la chair de poule, je me suis sentie libérée !

    Translation :

    ELLE: To interpret Mariane Pearl, you are physically transformed. What was the reaction of your children the first time they’ve seen you in “Mariane”?
    AJ: My son Maddox asked me why I looked like the mother of Adam (son of Mariane Pearl). I was so scared to not be credible it reassured me. But I needed it for his opinion whether I was right. So at the beginning of the shoot, I sent her a picture of me ” To Mariane”. When she called me to tell me that it had given her goosebumps, I felt liberated!

    ELLE : Parlez-nous de votre amitié avec Mariane.
    A.J. : D’une certaine manière, on se “connaissait” avant de se rencontrer car elle lisait des interviews de moi dans la presse et, moi, je lisais ses articles. Et puis, on avait un énorme point commun car, comme moi, elle élevait son petit garçon seule et voyageait beaucoup avec lui. Cela dit, avant notre premier rendez-vous, j’avais le trac

    translation :

    ELLE: Tell us about your friendship with Mariane.
    AJ: In a way, we “knew” before they met because she read my interviews in the press, I read his articles. And then we had a huge common, because like me, she was the only boy and traveled extensively with him. However, before our first appointment, I was nervous.

    ELLE : Pourquoi ?
    A.J. : (Rires.) J’étais convaincue que Mariane allait être la femme française parfaite, chic, intello, hyper organisée, excellente cuisinière… Tout le contraire de moi, quoi ! En réalité, on a tout de suite accroché et je me suis aussitôt sentie très à l’aise. Depuis, nos fils sont devenus amis. C’est une femme et une journaliste que j’admire énormément, surtout pour son courage après la mort de son mari.

    Translation :

    ELLE: Why?
    AJ: (Laughs) I was convinced that Mariane would be the perfect French woman, chic, nerd, super organized, excellent cook … The opposite of me, whatever! In reality, it was immediately hooked and I immediately felt very comfortable. Since our son became friends. She is a woman and a journalist I greatly admire, especially his courage after her husband’s death.

  470. 470
    Ritz Says:

    Thankfully, we are reading about the positive of the Jolie-Pitt family….no more rehashed rerun Jennifer Aniston, no pouty republican Jon Voigt, no hate letter Mom. Finally, just some good news about a very talented, smart, loving and beautiful family. I wish they would adopt me!!!!

  471. 471
    Laura Says:


  472. 472
    Giggy Says:

    Zahara girl, speak up for yourself! You deserve a role too!

  473. 473
    Actress Viv! Says:

    This young girl is pretty and cute. Good to see the young Jolie Pitt in the film, you go Vivian! I am sure your mommy’s mom is smiling!

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