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Vivienne Jolie-Pitt: 'Maleficent' Acting Debut Opposite Mom Angelina Jolie

Vivienne Jolie-Pitt: 'Maleficent' Acting Debut Opposite Mom Angelina Jolie

Vivienne Jolie-Pitt is set to make her acting debut as Young Princess Aurora in Maleficent!!!

The 4-year-old cutie will make a cameo in mama Angelina Jolie‘s upcoming Disney film set to be released in March 2014, a rep for Disney confirmed to!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

Viv will be portraying the child version of Princess Aurora, the character being played by Elle Fanning.

The live-action film explores the origins of one of the most iconic villains in Disney history, Maleficent, and her motives for cursing the princess.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Vivienne Jolie-Pitt make her acting debut opposite mom Angelina Jolie???

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  • O

    Her fans wish she had kids. lol they think she’s just like them. As if she would want kid duty, please. She’s old enough to have kids in college.

  • MJ

    @Hag: Don’t worry honey, you won’t hear us bashing Anuston on how she will exploit her kid because we knew she cannot have one. This is a great news to us fans. Jolie Pitt kids are born to be a movie star just like what their grandpa said that they are good in acting already for such a young age. No wonder why grandpa Voight is so proud of them because he’s confident that someone will continue their legacy as a movie star. Next time, it’s Knox turn. Sure, probably Jolie Pitt kids’ acting are way better than Anuston and maybe don’t have an acting coach either in tow. Jolie Pitt kids can rule Hollywood. Jolie Pitt kids are so lucky, besides both of their parents are big A list movie stars, they have a connection to big name directors and producers, they are also producers plus their mom is a writer and a director, wow! how lucky they are? I am lovin’ it! And by that time, Anuston will be in the nursing home alone, no kids, no husband, ah! sad. Oh! well, that’s how life is. Definitely, I will watch Maleficent. I am excited already.

  • Rotflmao

    # 170 ***** @ 08/22/2012 at 7:46 pm
    DO NOT CLICK on 163.
    I love how desperate you are for people NOT to click on a picture of Brad.
    Don’t worry, his Pr team is as good as Kristen Stewarts. The picture won’t make it off this site.

  • oooo
  • Ssshhii_baby

    @rainer: isn’t funny how all jenhag fans NEVER want to admit that they are her fans…they whine and cry about what a big fat meanie the Jolie-Pitt fans are to their poor jennipoop! answer me something jenhags? why are you sooooooooooooooo embarasse to claim to be her fan?

  • Ssshhii_baby

    embarrasse! i know the stupid trolls wil nitpick on the spelling

  • juju

    oooo @ 08/22/2012 at 10:58 pm
    it’s that the best u can do?
    there is nothing wrong w/ that photo
    she has a funny expression
    but she still looks beautiful
    even though beautiful women
    many times don’t photograph well
    n have crappy photos like all of us
    angelina has very few
    her candid photos r many times
    better than a photo shoot

  • oooo

    @juju: so i thought you are a brangelina fan.but brad was been attacked by this pic while he is having fun with the camera man for months,you didnt defend him.but once jolie is attacked no way you must defend her,please brangelina loons admit it you are just jolie fans…sucks to be you.noone looks great in every pic i was just trying to prove it,brad looks hot in many other pics at cannes.

  • juju

    there was nothing wrong
    w/ brad pitt photo either
    it’s just a funny close up photo
    the crazy stupid b i t c hs
    desperation is hilarious

  • juju

    oooo @ 08/22/2012 at 11:15 pm
    It sucks to be YOU
    look at what it was wrote at the same time
    as you wrote that crap
    u as just as stupid n crazy
    as the other crazy b i t ch that
    posted that brad pitt photo

  • tamsin

    LOL… Leave it to Mommie Dearest to follow up her previous fax reminding us what a great humanitarian she is with one about exploiting her own child. Don’t y’all just love irony?

    Well, those astronomical bills from Chateau Bankruptcy aren’t going to pay themselves so I guess someone needs to put food on that table somehow, even if she’s 4 years old.

    And suuuure, she beat out the competition of all those kids who were auditioning for the role. Nepotism at its best. You learned it from Daddy Voight, so good job Mommie Dearest! :D

  • MJ

    It’s so funny when you go to other websites, a lot of Anuston fans are screaming nepotism over the Jolie Pitt but they forgot that Anuston got a job in Hollywood because her daddy gave her the job or unless they will insist that Anuston got a job because of her being F*CKABLE(her own word) or they are just jealous because of the reality that Jolie Pitt kids are born movie stars not a tv stars. Anuston fans just scream for nepotism to the A lists stars but not to the stars who got barely recognize who just got stuck on tv. Anuston fans are so hypocrite, oh! well maybe because Anuston’s dad is not well known, who got stuck on tv for a long time. Anuston’s dad is no Jon Voight when it comes to acting and charisma. Oh! well life really is unfair alright.

  • tamsin


    Thanks for reposting that pic of the stoner doochebag. It never gets old, does it! :D

    Loons, we present you MTV Movie Awards’ Mr. Most Desirable Male 95 and 96… that was the peak of his career. Bwahahaha.

  • catherine

    I bet little Knox will be jealous since his two sisters are in daddy and mommy’s movies. Love the jolie Pitt, they are the best.

  • Hag

    @rainer: well, I’m actually not defending anything at all said about her. I’m addressing the fact that the views of both women on this site seem to be completely one-dimensional. People here seem able to turn any story about either woman into evidence of what they already believe about them.

    And it’s “moot,” dear.

  • tamsin


    Oh LOL loon… you know you should just stop when you have a chance before making a fool out of yourself.

    Once again someone feels the need to compare Aniston to her ex’s concubine. So much jealousy and insecurity, why is that? :)

    Do not mistake Aniston’s career with your hor goddess’, whose Oscar-winning daddy opened the doors in Hollywood for her, despite how badly she resents him.

    Jen actually worked as a waitress (so much for nepotism, right?), while your idol lived a privileged life, posing as a swimsuit model, bedding her mom’s boyfriend and doing drugs.

    So please do tell what kind of menial jobs did Trampolina do before she got into movies.

  • Tina

    Isn’t amazing Shiloh was in dad’s Oscar nominated film CCBB? Viv is in mom’s new film, this film will be a huge box office hit no doubt and probably will get Oscar nods/wins at least for technical categories.

  • echo location


  • Just Sayin

    If Viv has lines in Maleficent, she will be qualify for SAG card.

  • Acutally

    Vivi looks like Elle Fanning, it makes perfect sense she plays young princess.

  • Zenith

    Love it. Jolie Pitt rocks.

  • Jen the HAG

    ahh puleaseee barren hag that is not the one the other loonifers attached in her post .. it’s a virus!!

  • anon2

    Aww, Miss Viv got a ‘lil part in Mommy’s movie. I bet Vivi was so excited and reported to her brothers and sisters all about it. I hope the rest of the JP kids were cool with her. So exciting to be 4, where one’s imagination is blossoming. Having Vivienne play a princess in ‘Maleficent’ is great news, cannot wait for Angie’s and “Miss Vivi’s” new movie! I bet Papa Pitt is proud as punch and so are Grandpa and Grandma Pitt, Grandpa Voight.

  • Yeppers

    @Yaws: Or stage name for a stripper

  • MJ

    @tamsin: You sounds jealous to me. Jon Voight opens the door for her daughter, what’s wrong with that? There are a lot of actors in Hollywood that their parents open the door for them but unfortunately, they didn’t survive because they don’t have talent for it. And Anuston got the job as a waitress obviously because she doesn’t have a beauty that Angie has to be a model. Nepotism applies to Anuston too, on her interview where she said she always visits her dad in the studio when she was young and asked her dad if she can follow his footstep, to be an actor. But just too bad, Anuston and her dad don’t have talent that run in their family while John Voight and Angie have talent that run in their family. No comparison there. Life is so unfair! That’s how it is.

  • yap

    Maniston and her dad are just tv actors, they belong to TV not big screen.

  • elizabeth

    I’m so excited for all of us JP fans. Cant wait for this movie….wow

  • Eurine

    The acting talent runs in JP family.

  • anon2

    Didn’t “Uncle Telly” Savalas help little Jenny along her acting road? After all, what are Godfathers for? Bet Daddy made a few calls, too.

    Sounds like old Jenny, from her giving others advice about chicken cutlets and icing their nipples along with making sure that oneself looked **ckable for auditions–knew what she was doing. Jennifer sure knows how to manipulate plus get innocent reporters fired for asking a simple question about a charity’s cause….and to plant BS into tabloids to further career. One could JA is a master at manipulations in Hollywood.

  • JoliePitt Fan

    Go Brangelina, you rock. Go Viv,, you will own the world little angel!

  • Jen the HAG

    same crazy barren hags, same tabloid shit foaming at the mouth posts only different thread bwahahahhahahh!! Why does ANGRY HENS always bring out Angelina’s past life and then mix it with tabloids crap like if they do that it will make things believable bwahahhahah only she and the other two fugly HAG agree to that!! Oh by the way ANGRY HENS did you see the FORBES LIST OF POWERFUL WOMAN..ANGELINA IS ON THE LIST .. while your beloved TICKY is nowhere, NADA, ZILTCH.. nobody currr about the no talent, no beauty, no brain and no class barren hag sugar mama bwahahhahahhh!!!

  • Guest

    maybe Zahara can get a part in Twelve Years a Slave

  • Jen the HAG

    MJ @ 08/22/2012 at 11:22 pm

    It’s so funny when you go to other websites, a lot of Anuston fans are screaming nepotism over the Jolie Pitt………….

    And the barren hags got no problem with Willow Smith who because of her daddy Will Smith got her a movie to star in.. i bet they are even happy about it but when it’s the JP’s kids everything is wrong !! ANGRY HENS are so HYPOCRITE!!

  • MooCow

    Angie was barely a year older than Vivi when she had her first acting role.

  • Oh, please

    Anybody see the movie “Bridesmaids”. Vivi looks like that fat English chick who mooched off Kristen Wiig’s character. Don’t know the name, but I’m sure one you guys will know, since Hollyweird is the only thing you do know.

    BTW genius, who ever you are, Pitt never WON an Oscar. Nominated yes, took home, no. Maybe he might win a humanitarian Oscar when he’s 90. Their movies are a dime a dozen, and they all suck.

  • lurker

    @Oh, please:
    get help,anyone who attacks a child is sick

  • Jen Hens are Cray

    its jen jens who are pisssed that shes 43 and the chances of her having children are slim to none so they are ragging on the Jolie-Pitts

  • Jen the HAG

    Angry Hens even attack a 3 years old child.. what are you r3tard? pathetic losers!!

  • MJ

    Here is the reality for you Anuston fans. Anuston and her dad are in the low level of nepotism while Angie and her dad are in the high level of nepotism but nepotism won’t last if the individual don’t have talent, charisma, beauty and intelligence. Obviously, it works on Angie because she have it all. Love it or not.

  • umm

    At least Brad got Oscar nods, Maniston will never get Oscar nod.

  • Team Vivienne

    You go sweetie! The movie will be so cute to see, can’t wait for it to come out.

  • who

    Awww! Great news. Princess Vivi, coming through. I wonder if she’ll share scenes with her momma. Vivienne is so adorable.

  • primer

    Oh! Look where the kid is now that you used to label down syndrome. You feeling jealous now, ha! She must have been asking her parents if she could be an actress, too. It’s in her blood, people.

  • who


    I think Elle played Brad’s daughter in Babel? I think she has met him. But I could be wrong.

  • Passing Through

    # 195 DOUG @ 08/22/2012 at 9:19 pm
    Hey…good news for Ticky…Doug didn’t toss her under the bus again. That’s practically a sign to the tabloids that Doug’s going to divorce his wife and marry her just so she’ll be back in the famaily again….

  • Sean

    Wait. That’s a girl? Ouch!

  • new photos
  • akte

    @new photos:

    In the first photo the person at the table with brad definitely looks like David Fincher.

  • well

    yes it does look like Fincher. Maybe discuss a new movie they can make together. I can’t wait for another Fincher-Pitt movie. Together they make the best movies.

  • lll

    @new photos: those pics were taken in london in Haymarket, on Wednesday night!