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Vivienne Jolie-Pitt: 'Maleficent' Acting Debut Opposite Mom Angelina Jolie

Vivienne Jolie-Pitt: 'Maleficent' Acting Debut Opposite Mom Angelina Jolie

Vivienne Jolie-Pitt is set to make her acting debut as Young Princess Aurora in Maleficent!!!

The 4-year-old cutie will make a cameo in mama Angelina Jolie‘s upcoming Disney film set to be released in March 2014, a rep for Disney confirmed to!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

Viv will be portraying the child version of Princess Aurora, the character being played by Elle Fanning.

The live-action film explores the origins of one of the most iconic villains in Disney history, Maleficent, and her motives for cursing the princess.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Vivienne Jolie-Pitt make her acting debut opposite mom Angelina Jolie???

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  • Brit

    Aww she does look like she is perfect for the role . But will all you people turn against them like you do whenever Will Smith puts one of his kids in his movies? Or is that just because they are black?

  • akte


    I’m hoping Fincher was in town to talk to Angelina. They need to make a movie together.

  • Kriss

    because Jolies name is NOT enough to raise HUGE turnover Disney take to another PR jumbo
    Mammy and dotter in one movie
    Jolie and Pitt are just like another mediawh@re
    And they have HUGE expenses for own jet life
    And you people here pay for that but NEVER EVER be so rich like they are
    So keep going…

  • Kriss SHUT UP


  • KrissPIG


  • Vivienne IS SO CUTE

    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.
    GO Vivienne.

  • rainer

    @Jen the HAG:

    They are probably pissed because at 4 Viv is in a bigger budgeted movie then Aniston. Not to mention She will look way better on the big screen in high definition. Must suck that a 4 year old making a tiny cameo in a film is getting more attention then any of her movie appearances.

  • http://Ipad Susan

    What will Tickey do this week to compete with Vivi now?
    We saw her breast and muffin top already this week, not forgetting Squiggy is doing his pap walk every day.
    She will have Dolly posing for Terry Richardson, let’s hope he don’t molest her.

  • …..

    @Yaws: Shiloh WASN’T in Benjamin Button, QUIT making up stories!!!

  • New Star

    By Mary Green
    08/22/2012 at 04:55 PM EDT

    Vivienne Jolie-Pitt is following in her parents’ footsteps.

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter, 4, landed her first Hollywood gig, Walt Disney Studios confirmed to PEOPLE on Wednesday in a statement.

    Jolie-Pitt will play the child version of Princess Aurora, opposite Jolie, in Maleficent, the live-action updated version of the classic fairy-tale Sleeping Beauty.

    Elle Fanning, who plays the grown version of Aurora, will take on the majority of Aurora’s role, according to sources, who add that Jolie-Pitt’s part is very minor.

    Sources also note that as of now, it is unknown whether Jolie, 37, and her little one will share a scene, or if Jolie-Pitt will have any lines.

    This isn’t the first time a child in the famous family has joined one of their parents in a movie. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt had a cameo as a toddler in Pitt’s film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which was released in December 2008.,,20623502,00.html

  • robin

    Thei adopted kids are cute, their biological kids are fugly!

  • Beautiful people

    Congrats lady Vivienne, you already are a beautiful princess.. so you will do justice to this role. Love you and your gorgeous family.

  • GottaLoveThe JPs!

    She is a doll….Congrats Vivi!

  • so much derp in this thread

    herp derp

  • catfish

    i love angie quotes in 60 minutes interview: “what RISKY is living your life and never trying for anything, never doing something brave and never getting your self scared”. OMG, she is such an inspiring and amazing women……


    The truth hurts doesn’t it Jolies crazy fans?

  • Rose

    Good morning fans. Did any of us invited trolls to to this site? If you don’t like it here move on. Critizing children looks is sick. Go stalk your idol and her paid for man. You know he is has a substance abuse problem. Had to use water to toste his engagement with a glass of water because he didn’t want to go into a bender. SS has been seen on tv slurring her words from coke and liquor. By the way, did you know mr squiggly was arrested several times in his youth? Collects human teeth in a jar, has a human skull at his house, likes to dumpster dive in NY for clothing, ect. Admitted having an OCD problem. Left his GF of 14 years when he cheated on her with the SS. Fans here don’t talk about children, any child in a negative way, that’s what’s trolls do.


    The truth hurts doesn’t it Jolies crazy fans?

  • tish

    ITA Rose.

    What a sweet looking child and as you say with a family full of AList actors down the line who knows little gorgeous Viv could be another famous Jolie Pitt actress. It wouldn’t be anything new in the movie biz or the JP family.

    Viv is only 3 plus so yeah i suppose it is a cameo?? so Good for Viv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a sweetie…

    A Jolie Pitt Fan Now and Forever!

  • Rose

    @anon2: Good morning anon2. I did not see your post on the last thread talking about the dead end marriage and Doug Pitt comment. DP could not remembered how long ago that thing ended, he said, 7, 8, what 9 years ago. I’m thinking it was on real shaky grounds since 2003. Signs of trouble was reported in W magazine since Feb, 2003. This is a quote from the SS to W magazine talking about her then husband: “is he the love of my life?, I don’t know. I’ve nevervbeen someone who say ‘he is the love of my life’. He certainly is a big love in my life”. Now tell me, what does Angie has to do with Brad in 2003? nothing. She had never even met him at that time. It’s about time you trolls stop the hate and put the blame where it belongs. When you tell the world your husband is not the love of your life, you know the marriage was over.

  • anustin

    ya ‘ll be seeing the famous dump’eed ring comes Brad’s KTS premiere.

  • catfish

    @Rose: hi im angie fans but in my case now is night time… i think we lived in different part of the world… :)

  • Rose

    @tish: Also Tish, we know Brad and Angie are never going to have Viv do anything she does not want to do. We see the he’ll Angie has been through because her children, especially Shi, are given the freedom to dress and express themselves. I remember those photos when Viv and Knox visited the set of Maleficent, Viv was looking so intensively you could see her was taking the actions in. Who knows if she might have asked her mom to let her do that small part.

  • Shiloh and Brad scene TCCOBB

    This one picture from the short scene with Shiloh and Brad in “Benjamin Button”. Shiloh let go a yellow balloon from his hands, turning his head seeing fly in the sky.

  • Rose

    @catfish: Where are you? I’m in NY.

  • afterHP

    More famous people’s kids in stuff. More Hollywood nepotism. Gee, great. People are getting really sick of this. Nepotism invades the bad-movie industry.
    Did ya ever notice that the only way a stars kid can get a role in a movie or on TV is if the parents pitch a fit and everybody gives in? Star power rules. No others need apply. Money does not hurt ether. “

  • nepotism

    In Hollywood, nepotism is your ticket to stardom. A fact of life. There’s nothing anybody can do about it.

  • catfish

    @Rose: tokyo, japan

  • anon2


    Is that you K8? Running out of money?

  • Rose

    @catfish: Welcome catfish, hope you give comments here with us or at least thumb down trolls. I heard Tokyo Is a great city. Is it the Capital of Japan? I know Brad and Angie and the kids love it there. Looking at pictures it looks really beautiful and modern. Have a great day.

  • JADA

    I was wondering when they were going to buy movies for their kids like the picket-smiths did,look at that the white version of the pickett-smiths,

  • toome to

    The Brand-y Bunch theme song:

    Here’s the story of a lousy mommy
    Who was bringing up six very lonely kids
    All of them had to earn gold, for their mother
    The youngest one up for bids

    Here’s the story of a man named Braddy
    Who was busy with addictions of his own.
    He was willing, to pimp out the kiddies
    Never can he atone.

    There were many days when mommy said to Braddy
    And they knew it was much more than a hunch
    That these kids had better earn some money.
    That’s the way we all became the Brand-y Bunch.

    The Brand-y Bunch, the Brand-y Bunch,
    That’s the way we all became the Brand-y Bunch.
    The Brand-y Bunch.

  • http://compute Susan

    This is why we should not reply to the Trolls.
    2 post from Dlisted.

    Yeah Sal, could believe that shit? She pretty much admitted she reads everything here..
    Landwhale put me on mod again and waited an hour to respond. I got around it :)
    Oh and I’m convinced she’s “Angela” of JJ with her million alts, some stupid, some fairly intelligent, like Alligator piss,

    LOL at the nerve of these loons to utter this inane shit in here. I was going to let you have your way with him and thought you were going to beat me to the punchline -no pun intended-, but I just could not resist it.
    I love how you taunt PT yesterday about taking her verberal diarrhea to our home turf. Of course she wouldn’t go for it. There is no anonymous bashing here or a way to thumb herself up.
    I will leave to you to put this loon back together. I’m sure you can use a punching bag too.

    This is why, using your THUMB is the most effective way, regadless of they spew.

  • catfish

    yes, it is the capital city of japan.. if you googling catfish and japan, you’ll find an interesting story.. ok goodnight all :)

  • tish

    Mama and sweet baby daughter Viv Jolie Pitt are going to make us an Oscar film in Maleficent.

    LOL at the honest posters who know in advance that Viv the 3/12 yr old Jolie Pitt willl be an outstanding little actress compared to Rachel Green in Derailed or Wanderbust etc.

    I think its time to put the t.i.t nippers away for ye ole Anuston. Go ahead and marry the guy who is after her loot, have another much younger woman carry a kid for the 9 mo. duration so Ticky can live the lie that she always wanted children.
    You can bet the acting skills in the Anistoclisnis or whatever the he\ll the real name of Ticky is WILL NOT have a child acting in any princess movies. Maybe a scarey movie as in’ The BIG Chin eats The Little Bigger Chin.

    Bless The Jolie Pitts highest paid actors in the biz.

  • Shiloh and Brad scene TCCOBB

    better pic of Brad and Shiloh in the set of “Benjamin Button”. The yellow balloon is in the background.

  • Yoco

    It’s Pinkett not Pickett troll.As for nepotism, I’m sure your mom helped you get your job at Walmart.On a serious note I got my first job because my uncle recommended me.It’s not what you know but who you know .Most people get jobs thru networking.That’s life

  • Rose

    @tish: Remember SS just gave an interview saying kids are messy. IMO, she is not looking to have one kid or adopt a kid. They are all messy in her eyes. SS does not understand the love one receives and gives back when children are in your life. However, having children is not for everyone. She just needs to own it and stop lying about wanting children.

  • Shiloh and Brad scene TCCOBB

    This is the moment of Brad and Shiloh doing the scene.

    Shiloh is exactly like her parents. Beautiful, charming and a natural talent.

    She will be for sure a beautiful girl and a great artist when she grow up.

  • anustin

    the jealousy of the troll is stunning!!! lovin it!!

  • JP Fan

    its sad that Viv gets more attention from the public than ticky did during her engagement

    1. 01 Paul Ryan’s blac…
    2. 02 Mel Gibson
    3. 03 Katie Holmes
    4. 04 Vivienne Jolie-P…
    5. 05 Windows 8 phone

    6. 06 Neve Campbell
    7. 07 Obama threat

  • Rose

    @Shiloh and Brad scene TCCOBB: Have you seen a close up of Shi’s face? That’s a beautiful child. Also, Shi did one cameo and we have not seen her in anything since. That was like five years ago. The dirtbag trolls worry more about this family than their own.

  • Lori

    will definitely watch it…little vivi is my fave….

  • dawne

    Well, hello fans. I am back in Ottawa after a week from hell. I made it in time (full 12 hour day of travel to northern B.C.) and was able to spend some time with the rest of my family who also made it there in time with Mom before she passed Tuesday morning. We were all with her so that gives me a lot of peace. Thank you to the fans who wished me well and expressed their sympathies before I left…..I just didn’t have time to acknowledge.

    On a much lighter note, I see there has not been much happening since I left. Every airport I was in the entire mag section was photoshopped pics of the ‘bride to be’………choke. Even Hello and People……….I hope their sales found a new bottom, it will be interesting to track that.

    I think it is great Viv will make an appearance in the film…..what a keeper as a childhood memory. This has been a long shoot for Angie but I know the quality of the film will reflect it.

    I saw the little photo gallery of Ticky set pics PT posted……….now that, folks, was just rude. Her side angle shots were like looking at a blowfish in lipstick. As far as bodies go………..omg, you would see better on any beach, anywhere. She’s too busy filming to do her four hours a day of ab crunches I guess.

    Bet this bomb goes straight to DVD…….can’t see any distributor picking up this act of desperation. Who would pay big money to see this tripe?

  • jesse

    aniston forever and ever till the day i die. aniston is not a cheating biatchhhh. aniston deserves a nicer life.

  • http://twitter brangelina4evah

    waaahHHH that would be awesome :D
    i hope it’s true….

  • jesse

    aniston has big breasts. shiloh too.

  • L12

    OMG! Viv is in the film too? This movie is going to be fabulous!
    Angie and her beautiful baby girl. This is going to be so exciting. . Cant wait.

  • jesse

    please people do not ignore me!! i have a signed autograph of aniston. (the one with big breasts)

  • anustin

    miz the whole family….bless them.