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Dianna Agron Missing From 'Glee' Season 4 Poster

Dianna Agron Missing From 'Glee' Season 4 Poster

Check out the just released promo poster for the fourth season of Glee!

The poster features the entire returning cast, with some new additions in the mix, but noticeably missing is Dianna Agron who plays Quinn.

At the end of last season, Quinn had her sights set on going to Yale University for college while some other graduating seniors made their way to New York and Los Angeles.

“Gleeks, please relax. Dianna is still on the show. We love her and have great plans for Quinn. #QuinnFabrayLives,” serious creator Ryan Murphy tweeted.

Ryan has confirmed that the entire cast will be back for the next season, though some in a small capacity. The season will be focusing on the lives of Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) and Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) in New York City and the rest of the characters back home in Lima, Ohio. There will be some holiday episodes that will reunite all the characters that have gone in separate directions.

Also pictured inside: Lea and Kate Hudson on a poster with the tagline “sometimes the Big Apple bites”!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the promo posters for the fourth season of Glee?

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Photos: Ryan Murphy
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  • Jo

    this show should end

  • That I’ll Watch

    Like to see Rachel go to NY and fall 30 floors down an elevator shute.

  • nolan


  • lucas

    My fav is Quinn !

  • Katie

    So basically its going to be a bunch of new kids and the Rachel/Kurt show? No thanks glee “Not today brother, not today”

  • JaneM

    What’s the big deal? The chick that plays Quinn can’t sing, dance and she definitely can’t act. Let’s all just say good riddance and move on.

  • J.lenstein

    @JaneM: lol Meanwhilee she’s making millions in Hollywood while you’re sitting at your computer desk commenting on an article about her. :) everything about Dianna’s existence is BEAUTIFUL!

  • Time to Cancel Glee

    The show has run its course. I loved the first season of this show but its gone downhill from there. Totally sucks now. The storylines are outlandish and the acting is ridiculous. SO over the top. Who really wants to see the damn Rachel and Kurt show? WTF? Just because actors get along off-screen, doens’t mean it’s a recipe for success on-screen. Talk about overkill.

  • mandy

    Dianna/Quinn is the best of Glee for me!

  • rikki

    love dianna. she’s so cool in real life <3

  • anna

    There is no reason for Quinn to come back. Her character has run its course and Dianna Agron is a terrible actress anyway. She’ll never be more than a C list actor and everyone else from Glee will join her on the C list as soon as the show gets cancelled.

  • Lauren

    With her, without her… doesn’t matter. The show sucks and Dianna has the acting ability of a house plant. Next.

  • lulu

    Dianna Agron <3

  • rob

    I can’t wait to see Malavita #DiannaAgronIsAmazing

  • John

    when this show going to end??

  • KissThis

    So why isn’t Dianna on the poster anyway? Was she unavailable for the photoshoot? what?

  • Dawn

    I just wish they would give EVERYONE equal time on the show. It shouldn’t be all about Rachel and Kurt, it gets old fast.

  • lauren

    there is a reason to watch this show now, Dean Geyer : )

  • truth

    @Katie: Wow oyu are dumb don’t see all the other old cast members?

  • fran

    @KissThis: she was ot busy being a PR whore and calling paps everyday.

  • fre

    @Lauren: what an insult to plants at least they are colorful.

  • saw

    @Time to Cancel Glee: me cause they are the best characters.

  • Porche

    I love Dianna but I don’t mind that she will only get a small part in glee cause it’s better for her to start make her name in the movie even it’s not the main part like in Malavita with the bigger name

    And yeah Glee should be end in season 3

  • better storyline please

    Glee need to improve their storyline it’s a mess in season 3, finchel wedding meh!!

  • Yohji

    She’s filming a Luc Besson film in Europe. Strange they didn’t at least photoshop her in.

  • Tom

    I loved this show but its gone downhill since the pilot

  • Cheryl

    Might as well have been renamed “The Blaine Show” last season

  • Kris

    Why is there an awkward space between Rachel and the new guy? That should be Quinn’s spot!?

  • me

    so this is now officially The Rachel Berry show , i thought now rachel has graduated other people’s gonna have more screen time , but noooo .this is stupid , i think this show is becoming the new Heroes/Claire show.

  • bh

    You can all keep slating Dianna saying she’s a bad actress but she’s the one that’s now staring in a Luc Besson movie with De Niro and Pfeiffer. So suck on that.

  • ladydi

    No Quinn/Dianna NO GLEE!!! I Hate this poster, its like a big insult to me!! :\ :( :|

  • Lauren

    @bh: DeNiro and Phieffer haven’t had a hit movie in YEARS. Neither is a box office draw. That movie will bomb.

  • EndOfTime

    Dianna was in France when they did the photoshoot .
    Anyway I’m not excited at all for this season. Probably only gonna watch when the graduates are coming back


    I am so sick of the Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine. Just because Lea can sing does not mean it should be all about her. I have never liked Rachel’s storyline. It was cute a geek wanting to date a football player but the football player already had a cheerleader girlfriend, and that cheer leading girlfriend wanted the best friend of her boy friend. Other then the storyline from the pilot, there has been nothing really to watch. I personally only care for Quinn and Puck. I cant stand Rachel at all, I think she is selfish. Finn is stupid but he has some of a heart. Kurt just is dull and Blaine is dull too. I personally don’t care for Kurt’s singing. I am not a fan of the songs Dianna has been given, I like her singing just not the songs. I love Dianna’s acting and i love Mark’s acting and singing too. i am so happy that Dianna has a acting carrier other than Glee because Glee wont last much longer. Dianna is the only one of the cast to have something besides Glee. I hope for the bset for Dianna. I wish we had a show just all about Quinn and Puck.

  • Maiz

    Dianna is too big of an actor for them now, she´s filming with Robert freaking DeNiro & and Michelle freaking Pfeiffer!! she´d be a big fish in a glass of water, beside Glee is sinking like the Titanic, still that´s pretty rude for glee to exclude someone under contract, someone that was one of the main characters for 3 seasons.

  • Tegan

    Anyone else notice the gap between Rachel and Brody? Maybe they are going to photoshop Dianna in that gap later

  • Alex

    @Tegan: probably not. that gap is to highlight rachel berry which is ugh

  • Mae

    Is it me or does anyone else get tired of Rachel? I mean it will be cool to see what happens but i don’t want another Rachel show… I want NEW DIRECTION. It’s called GLEE Not RACHEL!

  • Becca

    Personally I dislike Lea’s character so so so much and I was so exciting at the idea that other characters and actors would have a chance to shine and be in the spot light. Its time that they remove Rachel, she has had enough time in the spot light. I want to see more of Tina and focus a bit more on Artie since I think those are the most under used characters when it comes to plot lines.