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Justin Theroux: Lunch with Philip Seymour Hoffman!

Justin Theroux: Lunch with Philip Seymour Hoffman!

Justin Theroux lets out a laugh as he and pal Philip Seymour Hoffman stroll through New York City’s Greenwich Village on Thursday (August 23).

The duo ate lunch at Bar Pitti before heading out on a leisurely stroll. Philip brought along his bike, while Justin walked alongside.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Justin Theroux

The day before, Justin was spotted out and about taking a solo stroll in the Big Apple’s gorgeous Central Park.

Justin‘s fiancee Jennifer Aniston, meanwhile, is down south filming for her upcoming flick We’re the Millers.

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43 Responses to “Justin Theroux: Lunch with Philip Seymour Hoffman!”

  1. 1
    Yohji Says:

    Justin Theroux is a great actor. It’s such a shame he’s only known in the mainstream as Jennifer Aniston’s husband-to-be.

  2. 2
    Ivy Says:

    Wow, at least he is going somewhere with someone as oppose to just walking down the street. You are stepping it up, Jared.

  3. 3
    df Says:

    So he would rather be in NYC with “friends”, then be with Jen?? Lets see how well this long distance thing works because it seems they will be a couple that will NOT make the effort to stay in the same place.
    He does not seem to be doing any work related things here.

  4. 4
    Ali Says:

    Cool, I love seeing places pictured on Just Jared that I recognize.

  5. 5
    No need for me to hate Says:

    I’ve seen Justin in a few movies, some of which I did not even put 2 and 2 together until recently and he is good. Good luck to him and marriage.

  6. 6
    Haha Says:


    When are you going to let go of your hate?

    If Justin were down in NC you’d be whining all day about how he is a kept man who has no freedom. You’d literally be whining all day about how he must miss his life in New York, but now that he has this ball and chain he can’t do the things he wants. Whine, whine, whine.

    Justin moved to LA to be with Jen even though he’s a New Yorker. They probably decided this was a great time for him to catch up with friends while she works 15 hours a day and can’t spend time with him anyway.
    What is wrong with that?

    All this says to me is that Jen is not the needy, clingy girlfriend you haters portray her as. It says to me they don’t care about the PR . They don’t care about staging engagement photos and they don’t care about the bitter haters because if they cared about any of that he’d be down in NC this entire time.

  7. 7
    just saying Says:

    Justin who cheated on Heidi is not a great actor and according to RDJ is not a great writer. But he does seem to love the pap attention.

  8. 8
    jessie Says:

    he’s hamming it up. He never smiled this much when he’s with Jen. I guess he does have old girl over a barrel. and not in a good way.

  9. 9
    Haha Says:

    He’s been smiling ever since the engagement, not since he’s been in New York. No wonder Justjared keeps posting Theroux pictures every day. Those sad, middle aged women who hate on other people’s happiness just can’t seem to stay away from the hate. I can’t even begin to imagine how sad your lives must be, especially the ones who post on Aniston articles at three o’clock in the morning. And there are sooooo many of those. Yikes. Don’t you have a job or someone to cuddle up to at night? Hate does not come from people who are happy with their own lives. Psych 101 ladies.

  10. 10
    df Says:


    Of course he is smiling. He now gets private planes, big mansions, interviews on Ellen. I think he loves the attention and potential fame more than Jen’s neurotic self. He just got engaged to fame!!!!!!!!!!!! And Jen is desperate to not be lonely and alone, probably why she is so quick

    Also it is funny how he is smiling when Jen is miles away! He sure does not miss her.

  11. 11
    Delphic Says:

    @No need for me to hate: It’s strange that you got a thumbs down for saying he’s a good actor. The morons on this site only hate him because he’s associated with Jennifer Aniston. I doubt they’ve ever seen him in Mulholland Drive, Parks and Rec, Six Feet Under to name a few.

    Don’t hate him because he’s being photographed because he’s dating Aniston. That doesn’t make him a bad person. He’s not a famewhore. He’s been in this business for a long time.

  12. 12
    df Says:


    Keep telling yourself that. The fact is he would rather be in NYC with friends than with Jen supporting her on set. Lots of celebs have their partner visit them on set. Jen is not working 24/7. He is not even there when she gets off work!

    Jen is needy, she is clingly… she just can’t control Justin and force him to come. She is just like Paris Hilton

    She ANNOUNCED the engagement on a Sunday to guarantee a spot in the weekly tabloids. No need to even announce it when NO ONE was asking!

  13. 13
    Bogata Says:

    Can this short guy not wear this black boots anymore, it seems like he dresses the same way every single day.

  14. 14
    The Real Emma Says:

    He sure seems to be enjoying his alone time, lol!

  15. 15
    Haha Says:


    Except that he has visited her on the set. And like I said in my previous comment if he was down there the entire time you’d come up with a completely different narrative about how he is a man with no freedom.

    Sort of like…she bought him and forced the engagement on him has now become “she can’t control Justin or force him to come”.

    No matter what happens or what they do, you will ALWAYS have an answer that puts them in the most negative light. You will ALWAYS whine, whine, whine!!!!

  16. 16
    df Says:


    There is proof of him visiting once on set. And it conveniently came right after break-up rumors! He is willing to play the fame game with her.

    If he was down there with her while she works I might actually think he likes her more than her money/fame. Instead he chooses to be miles away. These long distance things are not the best for relationships.

  17. 17
    jilly Says:

    @df: Yes, it’s good to have your own life while you have a partner. There is no fame game, he loves her and wants to marry her no matter what you JP lovers say.

  18. 18
    JL Says:

    Looks like Justin just kills the time.
    One day – one park, next day – another park – like a maniac.
    Finally he asked his old buddy to be with him to make the photos.
    I still remember how he coughed in the “Along Came Polly” before the presentation. :)
    btw: nice lock on the bike :)

  19. 19
    No need for me to hate Says:

    @Delphic: Yes, odd that I got a thumbs down. Unbeknownst to me, I have watched several of his films, but did not remember his name. He was solid in a few of the movies I watched, and I agree with you that he has been in this business a long time. Some actors, directors, writers etc. are more visible and known than others. For example, I love Top Gun (one of my favorite movies), and I recently was reminded of the director’s name who died recently. So sad. May he rest in peace.

    I’m the type of person who will give credit when it’s due. Some people are negative just to be negative, I suppose if it was their sister, brother, dad or mom, they would not want people saying unjustified or mean things about them.

  20. 20
    Haha Says:


    I guarantee that if he was down there you would claim he has no freedom and that Aniston was needy and clingy. Please don’t insult me by pretending otherwise.

  21. 21
    LOL Says:

    Justin enjoy your last days/months of freedom, because when you slip the ring on her finger, you’ll be back in Rehab.
    The way your sugar mama and chelsea drinks, you’ll be back to your old ADDICTIONS. Why you think Paul the Model DUMP her, because she was putting his recovery in jeopardy.

  22. 22
    JL Says:

    We don’t hate him.
    But he must get: his main task is to be cool with his main occupation.
    If you are a writer – show us the genius scripts please.
    If you are an actor – go act unforgettable roles.
    Just successful projects can make him a celebrity.
    Not showing his photos on JJ

  23. 23
    Jen Says:


  24. 24
    LOL Says:

    @JL: Ba Ba Ba JL thinks Justin is not good enough for a woman that twelve men ran from in the last SEVEN YEARS.
    Get real, this woman is desperate and she met her match in a man with no job/career, don’t say he is a great actor or script writer because he is not. PSH is nothing to look at BUT he can ACT and he gets hired.
    Justin is FORTY and has been trying to act for about 20 yrs, why no break-out role or script. He can only get jobs through friends, that is why he is going to hold on to his sugar mama.
    Don’t mention the crap that he is suppose to rewrite and direct for Will Ferrel, when it get funding let me know.

  25. 25
    JL Says:

    Why do you call Jennifer “desperate”?
    Desperate woman will never marry man like Brad Pitt.
    Jennifer works A LOT.
    She wants to reach perfectness in her work.
    She will respect just the man with the same values.
    If we will see Justin strolling in the park
    when Jennifer works 15 hours every day –
    the result is predictable.

  26. 26
    Dream on Says:

    Oh for Fvck sake…. Who is this Biitch again? Oh .. That’s right… He’s a Fvcking nobody…. Know only for doing Brad Pitt Ex-Wife!

  27. 27
    haha Says:

    omg, not this short shite again. at least PSH is in the pic, look at Justin acting like he is a somebody. Maybe they attended an AA meeting. Better run from co.caine tootin’, drunken pothead Maniston and her drunken friend Chelsea if they want to maintain sobriety. Aniston cannot do an interview, awards show or red carpet interview without being flucked up.

  28. 28
    Jen Says:


  29. 29
    Jen Says:

    Justifer rocks

  30. 30
    Jen Says:

    I absolutely adore PSH – fantastic actor and a really nice, funny guy. Jen & Justin have such incredible friends!!

  31. 31
    Jen Says:

    Love them

  32. 32
    Sasha Says:

    Everyone seem to think Tom Cruise wears heel. Well take a look at Fugly’s boyfriend. He keeps wearing Heels and no one seem to notice.

  33. 33
    yep Says:

    congrats to jen and justin! justin smiling just melts me!

  34. 34
    anna Says:

    “Don’t mention the crap that he is suppose to rewrite and direct for Will Ferrel, when it get funding let me know.”

    Yeah, it’s going to be SO hard to get funding for a Will Ferrell film. None of his films are ever big budget studio productions!

    The only desperate person here is you. Stop projecting your own unhappiness onto Jennifer and Justin and focus on fixing your own life.

  35. 35
    amora Says:

    nice to see him!

  36. 36
    Boo Says:

    @df: You have got to be kidding me; “Just like Paris Hilton”???? The majority of you posters here are completely effed in the head with your irrational hatred for Jennifer Anniston.

  37. 37
    Team Heidi Says:

    Justin + Heidi = ever lasting love!

    Heidi has seen him in his worst and best and still stood by him. Go Heidi, real woman you. Not like the ugly old woman Jennifer who wears wigs, hair extensions, botox queen, costumed nose, fake blue eyes and falseness to the max. Heidi is all natureeeel baby. Glad to see him home xxxxo

  38. 38
    Chinnifer Says:

    Jen is a mfkn FREAK!!!!! To hell with her. Her PR ran to get Bradley C’s comment on her engagement and he just shrugged. Well, his on screen/off screen main squeeze, Zoe, got him hooked. Good for them. Anyway, tabloids says BC was all gushing about Jen’s news, so not true. Come next week, PR is going out with new trick to sell Jen to the point of making lies about her. This woman is so wrong.

  39. 39
    Grandpa Smurf Says:

    The Golddigers old Smurf…. Smiling ear to ear… long last… Chinderella find her perfect match!

  40. 40
    blondie Says:

    GOOD movies are coming out in October:

    Sep 5, 2012, 5:39 pmMovies
    A guide to this fall’s films starring All the Guys

    Brad Pitt in “Killing Them Softly,” one of several movies this fall that features big casts of All the Guys.

    Have you seen that trailer for that film coming out this fall, the one with ALL THE GUYS in it?

    When it comes to this season’s crop of big films, you’ll have to be a little bit more specific.

    There are at least four movies due out this year with big, sprawling casts with a handful or more of well-known, well-respected actors. Or, you know, all the guys.

    They’re playing good guys and bad guys, angels and thugs, often on opposite ends of the law. And they’re sometimes wearing period haircuts or bushy facial hair.

    Who’s who and who’s doing what? Here’s a handy guide to help keep them all straight.

    Who: Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, John Goodman, Alan Arkin, Kyle Chandler, Philip Baker Hall
    What: Director Ben Affleck’s telling of the rescue of six Americans during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis.
    Pedigree: Two Oscar winners (Affleck and Arkin), two Emmy winners (Cranston and Goodman), two cult heroes (“Friday Night Lights’” Chandler, Philip Baker Best Ever). So yeah, pretty strong cast.
    When: Opens Oct. 12


    Who: Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken, Woody Harrelson and hey, why not, Tom Waits
    What: Director Martin McDonagh’s (“In Bruges”) screwball crime story about a guy, his dog, and assorted bad guys in Los Angeles.
    Pedigree: With the talent assembled and McDonagh’s touch,“Psychopaths” looks and feels like a fast-talking Tarantino-style crime flick from the late ’90s.
    When: Opens Oct. 12


    Who: Brad Pitt, Ray Liotta, Richard Jenkins, James Gandolfini
    What: Director Andrew Dominik (“The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford”) reteams with Brad Pitt, who plays an enforcer investigating a heist at a high stakes mafia poker game.
    Pedigree: Great cast of tough guys (and Jenkins, who can do anything) doing tough guy things. Good to see Liotta back and causing trouble.
    When: Opens Oct. 19

    copied and pasted from the above article!

    October is going to be a great movie month, imo,
    unless it snows buckets or something.

  41. 41
    blondie Says:

    Gooooo Justin!!!

    Tame that wild little poney.

    Make her play nicely with others.

    We are hopeful that you will turn out some good work
    that will entertain us,
    and have us begging for more, more, MORE !!!

  42. 42
    The ringless Fiancé Says:

    I don’t think your fiancé like the real you, or she wouldn’t change and mould you in to something else… “image” is all your fake Fiancé only concerned…. Ugly inside out!

  43. 43
    Heidi's Love Says:

    Justin, you kept Heidi warm and hot every night…you are the one.

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