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Nina Dobrev Covers 'Ocean Drive' September 2012

Nina Dobrev Covers 'Ocean Drive' September 2012

Nina Dobrev wears a sheer top on the cover of Ocean Drive‘s September 2012 issue, on newsstands now.

Here is what the 23-year-old Perks of Being a Wallflower actress had to share with the mag:

On working with the Perks cast: “We came from such different places. Emma [Watson] had just finished a Harry Potter movie. Ezra [Miller] had wrapped We Need to Talk about Kevin, which he has received incredible acclaim for. And I was fresh from The Vampire Diaries. We all got together for this one passion project, on location. We’re all around the same age, and none of us can driveā€”we went everywhere together in the Crown Plaza hotel van. That was our mode of transportation. We spent so much time together and would get together off the clock, after hours. Remember when you came and found us all sitting together in the lobby, playing music and singing at 4am?”

On her dream roles: “I want to do a little bit of everything. My dream role is to do a James Bond film, or if they did another Lara Craft, or even a prequel Lara Croft, I’d want to do that, to get it out of my system. Do you know the play August: Osage County? They’re making it into a movie, and Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep are playing the moms. My dream role would be the daughter. I think they’re shooting it while I’m doing The Vampire Diaries, but that’s the kind of thing I love. I want to play strong characters and real people.”

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Photos: Steve Erle
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  • larry

    ooo and nina here..

  • towanda

    wauv too much photoshop. i think nina is great they don’t need that too much photoshop. she looks like somebodyelse

  • Leenah

    I like her..but I don’t think she’s a good actress..she’s good in TVD but I can’t see her in major movies..maybe some blockbusters,but she’s not Oscar material.

  • allessia

    yep keep dreaming unless one day miraculously you’ll wake up and become a good actress i don’t say all this thing happening.keep it real girl you are tv actress.not that good to be in a movie

  • ADAM

    not gonna happen.LOL

  • adi

    OMG she realy think she can act. this inteview made my day .never laughed so hard.poor thing delusione much?

  • VE

    that’s the problem with these young actresses you give them a job on tv or film because of their look,and they start having this weird ideas that they can act,another delusional young girl hollywood gonna break her heart.bless her heart i saw her on vampire diaries and she can’t act she is the kristen stewart of TV.

  • ZAC

    she should aim low,she cant act.she got the look but not the talent.she would be lucky if she get another job in tv after vampire diaries ends

  • f

    I like when she puts some big famous names (emma watson in this interview) with her name! lol She uses them to be more popular. Totally nina Dobrev!!!!!

  • LeeSeol

    Hahaha you guys’ comments are so cold and so spot on.
    I heart you all.

  • Lauren

    I swear these came out like a week ago, c’mon jared keep up with the times!

  • lisa

    This is what Jwoww would look like if she would NOT have all of that plastic surgery. IMO, Nina and Jwoww (used) to have very similar facial characteristics.

  • molly

    “I want to play strong characters and REAL PEOPLE.”
    Really Dobrev? I used to love her but I’m starting to think she’s arrogant.
    You have really real people and good artist around you girl, slow down and be humble. OR YOU’RE GONNA FALL SO BAD!

  • may

    why is everyone here so negative…I mean, I’m not a hardcore nina fan or anything, but you gotta respect her ambition

  • boom

    She’s naturally very pretty, I don’t like how they’ve touched her up so much she looks too doll-like

  • Vamp

    Okay some ppl r really rude. U oknow what? get a life. At least she has a career. And a good one at that. Bitching about soemone else’s success isn’t gonna help u in life……

  • I wish

    Jeez people here are criticising her career but if I had a job like hers and got to meet all the people she did and see the places she did I’d be cheering!

  • dot

    I don’t see how she’s being arrogant there, she’s just saying the type of roles she wants to play? How else do you answer a question about your “dream” roles…It’d only be arrogant if she was saying how she was going to receive heaps of strong role offers or something like that.

  • amy

    Wow Nina you are really getting ahead of yourself. No offense but after the vampire show I really don’t think you will be lead actress material. You’ll get parts like the wallflower movie, sister, friend. That kind of thing. Still shocked at what she said in that other magazine when she said about dating Ian. She likes dating older guys because they can teach her stuff. Kind of sounds like she is one of those actresses that will do anything to gain experience. Even use a guy to get it.

  • So true

    totally agree with you! she use rumors of dating Ian (keep dreaming girl we all know what he said in Brazil) and BIG names to get all attention to herself. She is to busy by trying to get pictured by paps to get a role or have time for relationship. And being drunk at met ball was awesome move Nina, keep act like a free bee wannabe who is ready to use everyone and keep offend other celebs in interviews, you will get a dream role of your life,,,on the outskirts of holywood.
    And ppl are not b!tching here. We just fed up with her. Whu not put an article about someone real like Kat Graham?Girl works her ass out and really talented. But Nina is just using fans imagination of her pseudo relationship with Ian and pseudo friendship with BIG stars

  • veronica

    she should do what kristen stewart did bang directors or studio exec,because it’s the only way i see all her dreams coming far as her lack of acting skills.

  • better save the $$$

    She will be nothing when TVD is over. Baywatch, 90210, the E.R. Charmed, Friends, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawson’s Creek, Gilmore Girls, the O.C, Sex and the City, Lost, Heroes, Prison Break, etc. all of their actors were the shiit at one time, hundreds of fangirls, magazine covers, mouth breathing poses, diet & fitness secrets, makeup and aftershave endorsements… where are they’all now?

  • Blue Eyes.

    @ amy “Still shocked at what she said in that other magazine when she said about dating Ian. She likes dating older guys because they can teach her stuff. Kind of sounds like she is one of those actresses that will do anything to gain experience. Even use a guy to get it.”

    ThatĀ“s what I thouhgt too. I never believed that they were a couple or more than friends with benefit, but when I read that I was like wow, so evident, not a very romantic thing to say, althugh not confirming the relationship means a lot. For both is ok if people believe that they are couple or not, right now is ok to have fans that love the couple and in the meantime they are living their lifes WITH OTHER PEOPLE, until one day that all this will be over.

  • kris

    @ better save the $$$ please don’t put Friends in that category. that show was amazing and the actors are all good. Matt LeBlanc is in Episodes which he got a golden globes for. Lisa Kudrow is in Web Therapy. Jennifer Aniston of course is still making movies. Courtney Cox is in Cougar Town. So that whole cast is doing pretty good right now.

  • Annie

    When she said to Ocean Drive “I always pride myself on the fact that Iā€™ve gotten this far without taking my clothes off”, I smiled. The other actresses are to show their body to succeed, but not her, she is really talented!!! Lol

  • julian

    people here are 12 years old montal
    always bad negative coments . she is a great actress and she is very sweet but its too bad that people forgot amazing series like charmed the oc and all i read in magazine today is about justin selena miley kristen robert its so anoying . nina will always be my favorite actress even in the next 60 years

  • Felly

    Wow, you people seriously need to get a life! I feel like all the brainless teens are gathered here! What exactly did you expect her to say? Geez why don’t you think before speaking?! Every young actress’ dream is to have a good career of course. I don’t like the cover that much either but please try to have some decency and show some respect!
    I’m sorry Jared but I stop reading your site Too much hate over here!

  • So true

    oh come on she and you all shouuld thank us, if not us here would be no comments at all. Who is Nina Dobrev? Free be wanna be rumored being Ian Somerhalder bed sheet, but hey he always reffers that she isn’t his gf…if non of cast respects her why should we keep our mouths shut? Nina wasn’t at any convention this year after she pissed off all ppl in previous years and they come all over the web to say how she treats ppl like sh~t, how she calls Ian in bhs,how she threaten him and other cast mates and how they live in separate rooms! ppl do love her! yep sure! lovable person who roll her eyes to fans!

  • Marie

    I am not a Nina fan, but all actors aspire to have a successful career. Any actor, even the ones I’ve followed over the years, always talk about other actors they admire and would love to work with and roles they’d love to play. Sure, it may never happen, but there’s nothing wrong with dreams and aspiration. Many of our highly respected actors began their careers in crappy, forgettable movies and tv shows…so you never know. IMO I think real success in Hollywood takes hard work and talent, yes, but also luck and timing.

  • Effy

    I like Nina herself, but I am tired of TVD. That show needs to be done, as well as all the other teen vampire shows/movies.

  • Sana

    VD Fangirls stop bitching on Nina.She just answered a question and ofcourse every actress and actor are dreaming to get a big role and a oscar.ItĀ“s the biggest achievment you can get as an actor.I think she is a great actress.She plays two characters in VD and she does it great.
    IĀ“m not a Nina Dobrev fan fan girl but, i like her and think she is a very talented, and beautiful girl.PS sorry for my englisch

  • liz

    @So true: what do you mean ? Do you have any proof that she is bictch ? I’m not defending her I’m just curious … She looks a bit arrogant though … Not humble at all …

  • KissThis

    I like her, but her modeling here is so stiff and awkward looking.

  • So true

    I do. And you can read all over Jared where she is mentioned,stories form ppl who met her.And all over LJ and FB after last year conventions. And here in ATL is a cafe near the main set…there was not a single day during all years of shooting when Nina was in a good mood. She is Diva all the way!

  • Brown Eyes :)


    I totally agree with you! Nina needs to watch herself. Like you said, she needs to stay humble and realize to be thankful of the real people around her. And Nina is naturally pretty. I dislike it how they dolled her up too. Besides, I think all people have natural beauty within as well as whats on the outside. :)

  • Annie

    People say Nina is a good actress playing two different characters, maybe? But compared to Alexandra chando (The lying game), she is not that good.

  • Teyla W.

    @So true: The only people all over Just Jared saying Nina is a bitch are you and your “I hate Nina” clubhouse. It appears you all work very hard to type in Nina’s name and find the articles about her just to begin your hate campaign. Apparently your purpose in life is to try to destroy Nina’s reputation. It is borderline insanity. If you think bashing Nina is a way to Ian’s heart you are sadly mistaken. Ian would not look twice your way. If that is not your purpose, then you really do need your own dreams and aspirations for your own future. Surely there is something more for you than just “hating” on Nina and being in denial regarding her relationship with Ian. For the record, Nina is NOT a bitch . There is no proof out there that she is. She works very hard and has very long hours of filming. If she didn’t get tired she would not be human. Ian and Nina are definitely a couple and they are definitely in LOVE. Those are facts and you will just have to accept and live with it. If you wonder how I know this, it is because I live and work in the same neighborhood they live in. As a matter of fact, you could call us neighbors. Actually, most of the cast members live in the same area.

    As for the article posted regarding Nina’s Ocean Drive photo shoot and interview, I think she looks beautiful. She has dreams for her future and there is nothing wrong or arrogant in her answers. Nina’s career so far has been very successful and there is no reason to believe that will not continue.

  • didac

    @Teyla I have nothing against Nina, I am not a fan fan but not a hater either, just wanna say that Ian and Nina donĀ“t live together and are not together either. They were never meant to be from the beginning. ItĀ“s not the right time to let fans know, but when the time is right we will have the proper reports about splitting up, and more or less I can figure it out what they will say. Of course they personally wonĀ“t talk about it, they never confirmed the relationship in the first place. They will go to some events together with the cast, but they are doing their own thing and lifes separately.

  • Teyla W.

    @didac: Good Grief! You make it sound so stealthy, but it is not. Ian and Nina are definitely a couple in love and that is a fact.

  • Blue Eyes.

    @Teyla with all due respect, I read many posts from you in many articles here regarding Ian and Nina (at least I saw your name) and apparently you know things, but what you say I can read it too from Internet, and a person who says that everything is perfect and so inlove and bla bla, is when I donĀ“t trust what that person says, because no one is perfect and less Nina and Ian, no couple is perfect less Nina and Ian (with more reason when those two are not a couple nowdays and they were never serious in the first place) but there have to be people, you, co.-stars, family, directors who from time to time has to keep the Nian thing going, all business. The same goes to people who hates one of them or both, many say Nina is llike this or like that and Ian is an angel and bla bla bla

    For Nina and Ian (as almost any celebrity ) what they want is to have good image and have fans (especially when they are starting their careers). They never confirmed the relatinonship but they let fans to think that they are very much in love ,let them being in the bubble. Their appearences together are very calculated and very “business” just for the sake of keeping the Nian thing until one of them says stop. Fans think that they deny or donĀ“t talk about each other because they want privacy, give me a break, a couple in love donĀ“t behave like that. And you will see the difference when they really fall in love with someone. A couple support each other and they donĀ“t. Nina what she wants is to have fun with girlfriends, her job is her priority and relationships but nothing serious, she said it herself she doesnĀ“t want to settle down, and Ian, his foundation, job and everybody knows that he is a flirt big time, a guy in love donĀ“t behave like that, there is a difference the way that he speaks about women that he admires or likes and the way he talks about Nina, well he talks less and less about her and itĀ“s not about privacy. They donĀ“t live together and their free time they spend it separately, again because they are not a couple, (this last weekend as many others is a good example). Nina is not that close to IanĀ“s family, they hardly see each other, Ian goes to visit them (like probably the next weekend) or they come to visit him but Nina is not there, or yeah a serious couple, Ian has some events regarding his foundation and Nina is not there, oh yeah a great way to support her man the same goes to Ian. Again if you really pay attention you can see clearly that they are not really a couple. A couple donĀ“t behave like them.

  • Teyla W.

    @Blue Eyes.: Obviously you do not live in their neighborhood, because if you did then you would know just how wrong you are. Nina can have fun with her girlfriends outside her relationship with Ian. As a matter of fact, once a year the TVD girls plan a “girls weekend” and no guys are allowed. There is nothing wrong with that. No one wants to be joined at the hip with their mate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Their careers at times take them in different directions. Nina may have to be in LA and Ian may have to be in NYC for different work related commitments. You can be a couple in love and have your own interests, as well as having shared interests. However, that does not mean they are not a couple in love.

  • Blue Eyes.

    @Teyla W.:

    Oh yeah they travel to different places for different work related commitments, sure.

    Funny that in order to justify their time apart, fans say that they donĀ“t need to be joined at the hip, when you know that itĀ“s a poor excuse. Nina all the weekends spend it with her friends or alone.

    But then again, everytime that Ian goes to his home, she never goes there, yeah a great way to support her apparently boyfriend, she rather goes with her girlfriends. Is beyond me reading people who thinks that they have a committed relationship and are very much in love.

    Soon we will have news pretty sure about that

  • Teyla W.

    Why do you think Nina spends all of her weekends with her girlfriends, or alone, and not with Ian? That is just not true. Nina and Ian do spend their weekends together at home as much as possible, but they do have separate interests, as well as shared interests. True, there is a TVD “girls weekend” and no guys are allowed, but so what. Why do you think Nina does not ever go with Ian to Louisiana to visit his family? Do you honestly think Nina is not around when Ian’s family comes to visit in Atlanta, or that Ian is not around when Nina’s mother comes to visit? Ian is a very good host to Nina’s mother, as is Nina to his family. Ian’s brother and sister-in-law refer to Nina as Ian’s girlfriend all the time. Ian, himself, refers to Nina as his girlfriend. Short of taking out a billboard sign, Ian and Nina have confirmed their relationship. Where have you been? Surely you do realize they are pretty much together all the time. Saying they do not need to be “joined at the hip” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, is hardly an excuse, but it is a reality.

  • Queen

    I don’t like her…she used to be sweet but now she’s just so arrogant :( She rather goes to Disneyworld than spending time with her fans at #DragonCon