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Rupert Sanders Steps Out After Liberty Ross' Red Carpet Night

Rupert Sanders Steps Out After Liberty Ross' Red Carpet Night

Rupert Sanders is all smiles while waving at cameras outside of his home on Thursday (August 23) in Hollywood Hills, Calif.

The 41-year-old director reportedly called the cops to get the photographers off of his property and came outside to confront them.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rupert Sanders

The evening before, Rupert‘s estranged wife Liberty Ross made her first red carpet appearance since her husband’s cheating scandal at the premiere of Lawless.

10+ pictures inside of Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross out and about separately…

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rupert sanders steps out after liberty ross red carpet night 01
rupert sanders steps out after liberty ross red carpet night 02
rupert sanders steps out after liberty ross red carpet night 03
rupert sanders steps out after liberty ross red carpet night 04
rupert sanders steps out after liberty ross red carpet night 05
rupert sanders steps out after liberty ross red carpet night 06
rupert sanders steps out after liberty ross red carpet night 07
rupert sanders steps out after liberty ross red carpet night 08
rupert sanders steps out after liberty ross red carpet night 09
rupert sanders steps out after liberty ross red carpet night 10

Credit: Frazer Harrison, Andra Viak; Photos: INFdaily, Getty
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  • andy

    smiling to the papz ? alright….

  • he looks hot

    so what he wanted to taste a different one, a tighter, younger, wetter one, they all secretly do.

  • UGH

    such a douche

  • ,,,

    rupert and kristen are unbroken lol

  • creep

    creep! he’s so proud of himself, strutting around like he’s some stud because he nailed a 22-year-old. looks like a freaking loser to me. and please, snow white and the huntsmen could be directed so much better. if kristen stewart isn’t returning for the sequel then neither should he.
    i hope his wife doesn’t take him back. if he can’t appreciate her, some other men would be more than happy to. let’s see how he would feel if pictures of her getting intimate with another man surfaces.
    i know kristen stewart doesn’t get a pass for having a fling with him but i blame him more. he’s almost twice her age, he’s the one who was married, he’s the one who has two little kids.

  • ANDY


  • LK

    LMAO, I can’t with these two famewhores!

  • LS


  • Lora

    He is a hottie…

  • dina

    This loser has no shame! He probably has perverted tendencies.

  • A

    @Lora: Quit lying

  • Myah

    K Stew was probably inside. Those 2 nasty fame hungry sluts deserve each other. Liberty and Rob are the only ones keeping it classy.

  • Biggest Loser

    Yup, Hi Loser. How do you feel wrecking your own home and putting your kids through turmoil with your skan&ky slu4tty affair with trampire?

  • $$

    At least Liberty now gets her picture taken. The only photos of her that you can see are the ones taken after the scandal. Who is she? Could all this be planned to gain more exposure for all 3 parties? Never say never. Hollyweird is as fake as 90% of their women’s chest.

  • rikki

    wipe that smirk off your ugly **** face dufus sanders

  • Oh no!

    Look at this tool. A fool and douche of a director. Could not even cast Snow White right. Everyone knows Kristen did not do the role any justice! He has to get the award of the year for being the biggest douche ever.

  • show some pride and dignity

    What is Liberty Ross waiting for to file for divorce??? Ditch him already, as fast as Katie & Tom. If she doesn’t then she deserves him.

  • Getoutofhere!

    This douche and Kristen probably deserve each other. Both risk class act companions for each other. Both he and Kristen disgust me! Have some class you idiots!

  • Leann

    He and his famewhore wife deserve each other

  • LuLu

    I can’t stand K-Screw but he is just so f**king disgusting! I hope karma bites him in the ass like it has done to Kristen.

  • april

    He does not even look good. What the hell did Kristen risk Rob for? Kristen probably deserves this douche! What the hell does he have to be smiling about!

  • sierra

    this douche bag would not know class if it was tattooed in his arm. He is a loser, a cheating scum. I hope his wife smacked the hell out of him! And Kristen has no self-respect to allow this douche to go down on her in a car. Have some class! Kristen wore something that could easily go down for the event, notice she was not wearing jeans! I cannot believe she wearing Rob’s hat.

  • Laurie


    Hey, Biggest Loser…how many more times are you going to post the same thing under differents monikers?

  • addf

    i agree he is all those things, douchebag,cheater, but i think he’s hot… but he’s disgusting though

  • Carol

    This tool has nothing on Rob. Rupert’s fans on this site need to go sit somewhere. This guy is a loser. Kristen broke her boyfriend’s now ex for a loser! She needs to go buy some class with all the money she makes frm her horrible acting.

  • sourpatch575

    I KNEW IT!

  • Kate

    Yup,I agree. One person has been posting over and over the same shit about kristen * what for?

  • Walk of shame

    He needs to stay in hiding longer.

  • Kate

    RS is a douche

  • Anne

    Liberty run as fast as possible. Sometimes it’s better to walk away. Get all the money you can while you are it.

  • Well…

    Its so funny to me the fact that a few weeks ago we’d NEVER have seen pap pics of this scumbag because nobody cared at all, now its here and everywhere and everyone has something to say…
    Guess you found a way to get ‘famous’ fast Rupert?

  • TS


  • cindy

    this guy looks like he is having a good time… the cop he called should have arrested him for looking like a bum.

  • Guest


    Yea, it was the perfect time right after a sweaty workout with two pairs of pants on. Give me a break? Nothing but smoothes happened.

  • anne


  • Toni

    Some men quickly lose any bit of attraction that they may have had when they act a fool. This guy is a dummy. He does not look good one bit. And why does he have a permanent a smug look to him?

  • Summer

    This guy gives me creeps.

  • Florencia

    Este hombre es un pervertido, le gusta las jovencitas.. Ojala ningun estudio lo vuelva a contratar y si lo contratan que tengan alejadas y controladas a las actrices jovenes.

  • steph


  • Bodhi

    He is so unattractive…bulbous eyes, crooked nose, English teeth…

  • Andamentothat

    So now he is calling the cops? Interesting. Maybe he needs to quit smiling and just focus on his work. At 41, married and with two kids, he should have had better judgement.

  • Jen

    This guy must be ” Low Rent” did you see that house ? Looks like it is old and falling apart..filled with weeds….kinda like Rupert!!

  • It’s All A Game

    Rupert is chatting up his next starlet.

  • maria

    please dont include Liberty .she is just a victim in her.she already suffered a lot of humiliation :

  • Anna

    Rupert is showing that he is still wearing his wedding ring and living at home with Liberty. That’s their house. Look at his hands. He is just playing everybody.This guy is just the worst of the worst. Such a loser. Liberty on the other hand goes out without her band also to play everybody. These two are something else.

  • maria

    why you are calling Liberty a fame whore.she is a vivtim you know

  • An

    The pappz should stay on him and camp on his front lawn until they drive him nuts. Somebody should mess with his knees. This Eurotrash need to go. Nobody knew these two and now they are famous are getting millions. Eurotrash. He took four paychecks home from SWATH, his, his wife and their two kids but could not even cast real little people in SWATH. Just trash.

  • THIS

    “Liberty going to a premiere, sanders smiling at the paps…LOL They wanted to GET IN into Hwood…and they made it.”

  • Lena

    This man needs a slap in the face…. with a chair… or maybe 4 ugh gross.

  • niagirl

    Wait he called the cops and then went outside and waved at them. Haven’t they been on his lawn for the past month. Isn’t that the same house Liberty came out of the other week. I can’t with these people. They are ridiculous. Kristen is so stupid they are making a career for themselves out of this.