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Rupert Sanders Steps Out After Liberty Ross' Red Carpet Night

Rupert Sanders Steps Out After Liberty Ross' Red Carpet Night

Rupert Sanders is all smiles while waving at cameras outside of his home on Thursday (August 23) in Hollywood Hills, Calif.

The 41-year-old director reportedly called the cops to get the photographers off of his property and came outside to confront them.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rupert Sanders

The evening before, Rupert‘s estranged wife Liberty Ross made her first red carpet appearance since her husband’s cheating scandal at the premiere of Lawless.

10+ pictures inside of Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross out and about separately…

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156 Responses to “Rupert Sanders Steps Out After Liberty Ross' Red Carpet Night”

  1. 1
    andy Says:

    smiling to the papz ? alright….

  2. 2
    he looks hot Says:

    so what he wanted to taste a different one, a tighter, younger, wetter one, they all secretly do.

  3. 3
    UGH Says:

    such a douche

  4. 4
    ,,, Says:

    rupert and kristen are unbroken lol

  5. 5
    creep Says:

    creep! he’s so proud of himself, strutting around like he’s some stud because he nailed a 22-year-old. looks like a freaking loser to me. and please, snow white and the huntsmen could be directed so much better. if kristen stewart isn’t returning for the sequel then neither should he.
    i hope his wife doesn’t take him back. if he can’t appreciate her, some other men would be more than happy to. let’s see how he would feel if pictures of her getting intimate with another man surfaces.
    i know kristen stewart doesn’t get a pass for having a fling with him but i blame him more. he’s almost twice her age, he’s the one who was married, he’s the one who has two little kids.

  6. 6
    ANDY Says:


  7. 7
    LK Says:

    LMAO, I can’t with these two famewhores!

  8. 8
    LS Says:


  9. 9
    Lora Says:

    He is a hottie…

  10. 10
    dina Says:

    This loser has no shame! He probably has perverted tendencies.

  11. 11
    A Says:

    @Lora: Quit lying

  12. 12
    Myah Says:

    K Stew was probably inside. Those 2 nasty fame hungry ***** deserve each other. Liberty and Rob are the only ones keeping it classy.

  13. 13
    Biggest Loser Says:

    Yup, Hi Loser. How do you feel wrecking your own home and putting your kids through turmoil with your skan&ky slu4tty affair with trampire?

  14. 14
    $$ Says:

    At least Liberty now gets her picture taken. The only photos of her that you can see are the ones taken after the scandal. Who is she? Could all this be planned to gain more exposure for all 3 parties? Never say never. Hollyweird is as fake as 90% of their women’s chest.

  15. 15
    rikki Says:

    wipe that smirk off your ugly **** face dufus sanders

  16. 16
    Oh no! Says:

    Look at this tool. A fool and douche of a director. Could not even cast Snow White right. Everyone knows Kristen did not do the role any justice! He has to get the award of the year for being the biggest douche ever.

  17. 17
    show some pride and dignity Says:

    What is Liberty Ross waiting for to file for divorce??? Ditch him already, as fast as Katie & Tom. If she doesn’t then she deserves him.

  18. 18
    Getoutofhere! Says:

    This douche and Kristen probably deserve each other. Both risk class act companions for each other. Both he and Kristen disgust me! Have some class you idiots!

  19. 19
    Leann Says:

    He and his famewhore wife deserve each other

  20. 20
    LuLu Says:

    I can’t stand K-Screw but he is just so f**king disgusting! I hope karma bites him in the ass like it has done to Kristen.

  21. 21
    april Says:

    He does not even look good. What the hell did Kristen risk Rob for? Kristen probably deserves this douche! What the hell does he have to be smiling about!

  22. 22
    sierra Says:

    this douche bag would not know class if it was tattooed in his arm. He is a loser, a cheating scum. I hope his wife smacked the hell out of him! And Kristen has no self-respect to allow this douche to go down on her in a car. Have some class! Kristen wore something that could easily go down for the event, notice she was not wearing jeans! I cannot believe she wearing Rob’s hat.

  23. 23
    Laurie Says:


    Hey, Biggest Loser…how many more times are you going to post the same thing under differents monikers?

  24. 24
    addf Says:

    i agree he is all those things, douchebag,cheater, but i think he’s hot… but he’s disgusting though

  25. 25
    Carol Says:

    This tool has nothing on Rob. Rupert’s fans on this site need to go sit somewhere. This guy is a loser. Kristen broke her boyfriend’s now ex for a loser! She needs to go buy some class with all the money she makes frm her horrible acting.

  26. 26
    sourpatch575 Says:

    I KNEW IT!

  27. 27
    Kate Says:

    Yup,I agree. One person has been posting over and over the same **** about kristen * what for?

  28. 28
    Walk of shame Says:

    He needs to stay in hiding longer.

  29. 29
    Kate Says:

    RS is a douche

  30. 30
    Anne Says:

    Liberty run as fast as possible. Sometimes it’s better to walk away. Get all the money you can while you are it.

  31. 31
    Well... Says:

    Its so funny to me the fact that a few weeks ago we’d NEVER have seen pap pics of this scumbag because nobody cared at all, now its here and everywhere and everyone has something to say…
    Guess you found a way to get ‘famous’ fast Rupert?

  32. 32
    TS Says:


  33. 33
    cindy Says:

    this guy looks like he is having a good time… the cop he called should have arrested him for looking like a bum.

  34. 34
    Guest Says:


    Yea, it was the perfect time right after a sweaty workout with two pairs of pants on. Give me a break? Nothing but smoothes happened.

  35. 35
    anne Says:


  36. 36
    Toni Says:

    Some men quickly lose any bit of attraction that they may have had when they act a fool. This guy is a dummy. He does not look good one bit. And why does he have a permanent a smug look to him?

  37. 37
    Summer Says:

    This guy gives me creeps.

  38. 38
    Florencia Says:

    Este hombre es un pervertido, le gusta las jovencitas.. Ojala ningun estudio lo vuelva a contratar y si lo contratan que tengan alejadas y controladas a las actrices jovenes.

  39. 39
    steph Says:


  40. 40
    Bodhi Says:

    He is so unattractive…bulbous eyes, crooked nose, English teeth…

  41. 41
    Andamentothat Says:

    So now he is calling the cops? Interesting. Maybe he needs to quit smiling and just focus on his work. At 41, married and with two kids, he should have had better judgement.

  42. 42
    Jen Says:

    This guy must be ” Low Rent” did you see that house ? Looks like it is old and falling apart..filled with weeds….kinda like Rupert!!

  43. 43
    It's All A Game Says:

    Rupert is chatting up his next starlet.

  44. 44
    maria Says:

    please dont include Liberty .she is just a victim in her.she already suffered a lot of humiliation :

  45. 45
    Anna Says:

    Rupert is showing that he is still wearing his wedding ring and living at home with Liberty. That’s their house. Look at his hands. He is just playing everybody.This guy is just the worst of the worst. Such a loser. Liberty on the other hand goes out without her band also to play everybody. These two are something else.

  46. 46
    maria Says:

    why you are calling Liberty a fame *****.she is a vivtim you know

  47. 47
    An Says:

    The pappz should stay on him and camp on his front lawn until they drive him nuts. Somebody should mess with his knees. This Eurotrash need to go. Nobody knew these two and now they are famous are getting millions. Eurotrash. He took four paychecks home from SWATH, his, his wife and their two kids but could not even cast real little people in SWATH. Just trash.

  48. 48
    THIS Says:

    “Liberty going to a premiere, sanders smiling at the paps…LOL They wanted to GET IN into Hwood…and they made it.”

  49. 49
    Lena Says:

    This man needs a slap in the face…. with a chair… or maybe 4 ugh gross.

  50. 50
    niagirl Says:

    Wait he called the cops and then went outside and waved at them. Haven’t they been on his lawn for the past month. Isn’t that the same house Liberty came out of the other week. I can’t with these people. They are ridiculous. Kristen is so stupid they are making a career for themselves out of this.

  51. 51
    I can't believe... Says:

    I defended Liberty R all this time but now I think shes a famewhor3 and Rupert S is a disgusting dude.

  52. 52
    anna Says:

    I think Rupert and Liberty concocted this whole thing for fame. They both look far too happy about this whole situation! Liberty now has the fame she wants and Rupert has Hollywood talking about him. And Kristen Stewart is such a dumb pothead that she agreed to be a part of their game.

  53. 53
    Francine Says:

    Better keep young girls out from that dic k.

  54. 54
    clara Says:

    kristen e rupert se merecem..sao dois porcos e egoistas …e a midia ainda vem dizer que KS esta sofrendo….é claro que nao esta …ela esta pouco de fudendo pra Rob…ela só pensa nela mesma

  55. 55
    Lola Says:

    que tipo más pelotudo por dios!… encima los rumores dicen que su pene es muy pero muy pequeño, patetico.

  56. 56
    Do not believe the hype Says:

    I do not believe that Liberty was somehow in on this to get fame. I swear some people will come up with anything to see what sticks. She was humiliated. Mom will not put their children through such heartache and embarrassed. Can you imagine the craziness those kids face with adults whispering and stuff probably in their own school.

  57. 57
    ariel Says:

    Liberty like most married woman tend to try to hang on to the last bit of hope before they call it quits for good. This is especially the case when there are children involved. Bottom line. Rupert is an a$S. I hope he has to give up half his net worth in the divorce.

  58. 58
    resident thread ninney Says:

    Leave Rupert Alone..He’s just being himself …Everyone makes mistakes, you all sound so perfect…It takes two to tango…It’s nobody’s business anyway. all should get a life and stop being critical,…It says comment and share :but what is really meant is be nice and non- judgemental…vanilla is you favoirite flavor and you like everyone, including fuzzy puppies

  59. 59
    inexplicable Says:

    Kristen had a good thing and she sneaked around with this married, shameless a-hole. Some things I will never understand.

  60. 60
    Nati Says:

    @I can’t believe…: I have to admit that the attitude of Liberty is at least bizarre, (join him immediately from the scandal, walking with happy face and carefree). Yet this guy is disgusting and a pathetic loser. And Kristen is an adult, young but adult nonetheless, and full of herself. So they can all go f*ck themself, since they are trash.

  61. 61
    lol Says:


    You are wrong about kristen. . . He was a grown adult with a family. He’s 41 and knew exactly what he was doing. She is 22. He took advantage of her! he decided to seduce a young girl. Kristen Stewart is being vilified in polite society and that is not right

  62. 62
    Katy Says:


    Go away loser. Go away hater/nonnie

  63. 63
    Flor Says:

    @lol: oh shut the f-ck up! enough already of “the little girl seduced by big bad man.” As much as it hurts you understand it, the reality is that Kristen is a selfish b-tch, full of herself. And seeing the disgusting smile on this guy, I understand that they make a perfect couple.

  64. 64
    Vanessa Says:

    We’d be ready to lynch the guy if no one in this entire scenario was remotely famous.

  65. 65
    JB Says:


    I see the cockroaches have invaded Justjared again. moniker number what today?

  66. 66
    Flor Says:

    @JB: nuttymadam, do not worry, you can always count on your fantasies.

  67. 67
    Poor Thinggg Says:

    she can vote, legally drink, go to war, drive etc.but she can’t make her own adult decisions and live with the consequences,
    she’s just wittle an innowcent, and scawey man monstews are gonna twick her and make har make do reeree baaaad fings

  68. 68
    KissThis Says:

    Piece of sh!t for a man… that’s all he is. Yeah smile and wave if you want. Your reputation and family are in shambles.

  69. 69
    Poor people,poor haters! Says:

    @Poor Thinggg:

    you have been posting about this everyday for the past month since it happened, you are indeed batshite crazy. GET A LIFE.

  70. 70
    Poor Thinggg Says:

    First Post Today mental Patient KS Fan. Talk about paranoid Nutty Fans.LOL

  71. 71
    S*T*F* Says:

    @Poor people,poor haters!: funny you say that. For you and only you take the time to post under different names (LOL, JB, etc, etc) to defend your “best friend” Kristen. Go away, crazy sh*t.

  72. 72
    Flor Says:

    @Poor people,poor haters!: yeah, f!ck off loser!, maybe this is your chance to have a life and stop dreaming with “famous people” and living through them.

  73. 73
    Poor Thinggg Says:

    @Poor people,poor haters!
    I have only commented on Kristen Stewart 3 or 4 times. ever.
    cuckoo. Could be that many people believe adults should be responsible for their actions and live with the consequences. We all must sound the same to you.

  74. 74
    Poor people,poor haters! Says:

    @Poor Thinggg:

    Sure, sure troll..

  75. 75
    Poor people,poor haters! Says:


    Wrong psycho. First Post Today.

  76. 76
    Poor Thinng Says:

    @poor people poor,haters
    whatever mental patient
    you are ill and I’m glad I pis*ed you off

  77. 77
    Mona Says:

    This SOB will meet up with a beautiful young intelligent woman name Karma very soon!

    Go eat a dickie piggie!!

  78. 78
    LaCroix Says:

    This guy is a pig. Why on earth would anyone cheat on Rob Pattinson with this pervert? Trash deserves trash I guess..

  79. 79
    xo Says:

    What the hell was this guy thinking running around with Kstew with this waiting at home for him? She’s stunning. I hope she’s just stringing him along and then dumps him. What a smug a-hole.

  80. 80
    xo Says:

    @lol: She sure didnt look like she was ‘being taken advantage of’ in those pics. She was smiling while grinding into his crotch. 22 or 122, she knew what she was doing, and lbr, if they hadnt got caught she’d probably still be doing him.

  81. 81
    jung Says:

    He still has his wedding ring on. Stoopid.

  82. 82
    asd Says:

    I understand what Kristen saw in Rupert. He’s a hot older man who always looks on the bright side of life! It’s not his fault that Rob is bad in bed. If he gave Kristen what she needed then she never would have had to go to Rupert for some good lovin’.

  83. 83
    647 Says:

    I feel very sad for Liberty Ross. I don’t know much about her, but she deserves better than a husband who would risk her and her kids for some young 20 yr old co-worker. And based on Rupert’s dad’s comments, I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes her feel like the affair was nothing and she has no right to be upset or whatever. He probably takes her for granted. I just don’t get it. Look how insanely gorgeous she is! What a schmuck.

  84. 84
    NYC Says:

    Hey Freak
    She’s gorgeous.
    I’d move on if I were her, she could do much better.
    Gorgeous woman.

  85. 85
    Ashley Says:

    I think Kristen and this guy will get together openly at a later stage. Even though Kristen can do a lot better.

  86. 86
    Jack Says:

    I’d cheat on my wife for a chance with Kristen Stewart too.

  87. 87
    guest Says:


    She’s not that gorgeous, chill out. She’s alright I guess.

  88. 88
    Julie Says:

    Smiling for the paps after cheating his wife?
    What a b.a.s.t.a.r.d! He and Kristen deserve each other!

  89. 89
    Flor Says:

    @Jack: let’s be honest and tell the truth, we all know you’re an unattractive and virgin guy in front of your computer, dreaming of being able to sleep with anyone.

  90. 90
    Losers are everywhere Says:

    This guy is lame. I cannot believe Kristen even let him near her. Such a sneaky, home-wrecker. I do not have sympathy for either of them, and I am not going to here I am a victim blah, blah, blah… His calling the cops to act like he is being harassed. Whatever. next.

  91. 91
    You are not sorry Says:

    when this guy wakes up tomorrow he will still be a smug, loser, douchebag, homewrecker. When Kristen wakes up she will still be a homewrecker who ruined a good thing with a good man. Kristen is so full of herself and apparently so is this douche, so it’s a match made in douchebag hell.

  92. 92
    pu Says:

    aarf his head.. just want to slap it..
    in french we say ” une tête à claques” !

    are you proud of yourself rupig??

  93. 93
    Lola Says:

    small d*ck face.

  94. 94
    anch Says:

    What a dumb fu(k! His wife is hot! ill be hitting that day and night.The human race is pretty stupid.

  95. 95
    Porche Says:


  96. 96
    cocohu Says:

    he makes me puke

  97. 97
    A Says:

    To all those people who feel that their beloved Kristen is heartbroken right now-Don’t worry I’m sure she is smiling right now after seeing her attractive lover wave at paps lol This is his way of saying I’m fine baby and I’m sure Kristen appreciates it ;)

  98. 98
    Rain Says:

    Is it just me or this douche looks like he needs to take a bath and wipe that smile off his face.

  99. 99
    lulu Says:

    hello, idiot face!

  100. 100
    A Says:

    I always thought that Kristen was kinda messed up but I never really thought much about it.. but the fact that she hooked up with this married d-bag tells me that I was right :/ I mean just look at this guy,he is freakin ugly and there’s something about him that screams SHADY!! Kristen once said that she has a good “BS detector”,so she basically said that she is good judge of character and now she is caught with salacious pig….idk what to say man.Currently her first priority should be finding out who she is and what she truly wants in life so that she can stop being lured by born losers like Rupert.

  101. 101
    ewww gross Says:

    he is sooo gross and disgusting

    and those pics of him making out with kristen are proof that he is not good in bed. he’s a terrible lover. you can tell by the way he touches kristen at the fence. he is awful in bed.

    and in case i have to say it again. he is ugly and disgusting.

  102. 102
    hide Says:

    I think Rupert & Kristen are really in love. I hope they find a way to be together.

  103. 103
    Rebecca Says:

    Why doesn’t it surprise me that he appears to be loving the attention he’s getting from this?

    That’s right Sanders! You’ve potentially destroyed a committed relationship between a 22 and 26 year old, and the one between your own family. Congrats… You inconsiderate jerk.

  104. 104
    wren Says:

    This is not the end of the world. Sanders is a ****, and knows that this notoriety will not hurt him in the sexist world of Hollywood. Time will tell for Kristin though. For someone who ‘grew up in the business’ she clearly doesn’t understand it all that well. Time will tell.

  105. 105
    libra Says:

    He and his wife are loving the attention they’re getting,while Kristen is dropping her projects and is getting all the blame and Rob has to go through a promo during a difficult situation in his private life.
    I’m sick of reading that Liberty Ross is a victim as I’m sick of reading that Kristen deserved a loser like this Rupert Sanders. You people always hated Kristen!! No matter what she did or said and since she did something morally wrong,you feel motivated to keep on hating on her! Well,she didn’t do anything to YOU,so stop criticizing her as she killed your family.
    And BTW who told you that Rob and Kristen broke up? I mean,they didn’t even comment on their story. They’re just taking their time,as it should be..

  106. 106
    Yeah Says:

    He looks like a right MORON! IDIOT!
    He will never be taken seriously as a director ever again. EVER.

  107. 107
    Leila Says:

    This guy is a pig. And he looks like a rodent.

  108. 108
    Ford Says:

    @$$: She is actually a well respected fashion model and successful in her own right.

  109. 109
    v Says:

    Kristen Stewart and the New World of Internet Hatred


    By Brian Moylan, Staff|Wednesday, August 22, 2012

    Kristen Stewart has had a hard few weeks. Not only has she been forced to cope with constant tabloid scrutiny following her cheating scandal with married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, but she also has to deal with something far more difficult to stomach: absolute, unfettered hatred. Of course, brutal detractors have been around as long as the famous people they hate (let’s face it: there were probably thousands who thought Betsy Ross was awful and couldn’t sew), but Stewart is living during the age of the Internet, when hatred flows as rapidly as misspellings.

    Case in point: This new shirt — sold online — which is causing scandal for reading, “Kristen Stewart Is a Trampire.” It’s a message that’s working up Stewart loyalists for being undeniably mean-spirited — but it’s hardly the only message on the Web that calls out the young star for entering a moral gray zone that many her own age enter. Just search for Stewart’s name on Twitter, every tween’s favorite over-sharing tool (that’s not Tumblr), and you’ll find detractors lining up like it’s the opening of the final Twilight movie. “Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson. They’re both ugly.” “I’m not surprised that Kristen Stewart cheated on Whatshisface. I’m just surprised she did it with a guy.” “Me and my family discussing how much we hate Kristen Stewart.” “I really just hate Kristen Stewart so much.” And, my personal favorite, “Kristen Stewart’s acting teacher was blatantly Plank from Ed Edd & Eddy.”

    Cartoon Network-inspired digs aside, it’s Twitter, Facebook, and other avenues of self-expression that are making it harder to be a celebrity these days., the site with the offending K-Shirt (which is a Kristen Stewart T-Shirt, of course), allows for users to click on a few buttons to create a garment with a horrible message and make it available for public consumption. Even if no one buys a shirt, it’s still far too easy to be cruel — in a pre-Internet era, you would need a steam press, felt letters, and a trip to the mall to create and buy the garment. Now, all the vitriol is free – and virtual.

    Which, of course, makes it easier for stars to realize just how hated they are, even if the emotions are completely irrational. Twitter, which brings sentiment to the masses and stars, can not only influence public opinion, but also the celebrities themselves. That’s turned some away from the swarm of negativity that builds up online. Take One Direction boy bander Zayn Malik, a musician who owes a great deal of his band’s success to its teenage, tweeting fans… who eventually drove him off Twitter. His last tweet (with Twitter’s standard grammatical laxity preserved) said, “The reason i don’t tweet as much as i use to, is because I’m sick of all the useless opinions and hate that I get daily.”

    You can’t blame him — especially when the hatred has gotten so intense, Twitter requires a police presence. After placing a very respectable third in the men’s 10m diving competition at the London Olympics, young British diver Tom Daley started receiving death threats through on the social media site: “I’m going to find you and I’m going to drown you in the pool,” a UK teen said to Daley. The teen was arrested for harassment before being let go with a warning.

    But should Internet negativity deserve more than mere warnings? Everyone can agree that death threats, no matter how they are delivered, are over the line, but how about the garden variety expressions of dislike? What about the lashings Kristen Stewart or Selena Gomez face just for dating boys that are the objects of other girls’ affection (Robert Pattinson and Twitter’s supreme god Justin Bieber, respectively)? What do they say about us as a culture? The sentiments behind these outbursts probably aren’t very different from what girls felt toward anyone who would dare to date David Cassidy or the disdain faced by New Kids on the Block by some teenage males. But now the hatred is out in the open, making it acceptable for all young pop culture fans to adopt a dangerous mean girl attitude towards the latest teen sensation, be it Stewart, Miley Cyrus, or the troubled Demi Lovato. If one user was allowed to publicly embarrass and attack a celebrity, why couldn’t another? Why not use the Internet as society’s giant burn book? But there is a big difference between telling your friends that you hate NKOTB in third period and persistently and senselessly attacking Lovato for her weight where millions can see it. We are becoming accustomed to living in a culture of disdain and forcing those who want to work in it grow impossibly thick skins.

    No matter how well-paid these public whipping posts are, it seems evident they’re not going to be able to take the vitriol forever. Lovato, for one, has talked about how bullying contribute

  110. 110
    Molly Says:

    No one really knew who she was until NOW. Same with him!
    I bet these two are happy to be famous now.
    When the photos of the incident are in the correct order it actually looks like K is trying to fend him off.
    What I can’t stand the most is he is actually looking right at the camera while he is leaning in to kiss her.
    I never believed the set up story until now.
    If that is really what he did then that is f–ed up!

  111. 111
    Molly Says:

    I really think he has set her up.

    No one really knew who she was until NOW. Same with him!
    I bet these two are happy to be famous now.
    When the photos of the incident are in the correct order it actually looks like K is trying to fend him off.
    What I can’t stand the most is he is actually looking right at the camera while he is leaning in to kiss her.
    I never believed the set up story until now.
    If that is really what he did then that is f–ed up!

  112. 112
    Sandy K. Says:

    Yeah. The PAPS said she drove up to him, and he was standing there waiting for her. She got out to talk, and if you see in the 3rd photo he is coming around to hug on her. The PAPS said she got into her car, and he followed hoping she would give him a ride home. He then went in trying to smooch on her, and when she saw the PAPS they said she threw the hat she had with her on, and some sunglasses trying to speed off.

  113. 113
    LookAtThis Says:

    He is trying to get all up on her at the SWATH thing in London, and she is telling him to back off.

  114. 114
    Sana Says:

    Sorry,but i have the strong feeling that Liberty Rose love the spotlight and the Fame.She is not better than her classless husman and the trampire.

  115. 115
    hide Says:

    @Yeah – Rupert already has movies lined up at Universal. He’ll keep working whether you like it or not and so will Kristen and hopefully they will find a way to be together!

  116. 116
    Andrew Says:

    A lot of the **** should pull that pig.

  117. 117
    Lu Says:


  118. 118
    Manu Says:

    RUPERT AND KRISTEN IS REAL ******* LOL just kidding xD but yeah.. smiling to the papz ? KK.

  119. 119
    Mary Says:


    And he’s problably snickering because he’s not getting half as much flack as Kristen is by the public even though he personally has more to loose. DOPE!

  120. 120
    Mary Says:

    Liberty you look great! Now find a REAL MAN….who wants a REAL WOMAN!

  121. 121
    Jane Says:

    Message on Kristen’s mobile: Yo Kris babe, Rupee here. Well you that. Anyway, I’ve got a dozen paps following me (thanks to Libery and her vengeful ways) so I can’t see you for a while, but rest assured you are my one and only one and all this will be worth it in the end. Okay grumpy pants? Liberty is FINALLY leaving me so things are looking good, okay? Plus I’m getting paid double for my next film and directors are lining up to work with you baby. Phoar, now you’re going to get the sexy siren roles you’ve always wanted baby. What’s not to love, hey? Better go, have to flash my ring some more until she’s packed up and gone back to Blightly. And Good Riddance Liberty-my-a-se! Luv ya grumpy pants!

    Message on Rupert’s mobile: OMG, I’m putting up with so much sh-t Rupee, don’t think I can stand it much longer. I just want to be in your arms and not pretend anymore that I give a damn about that annoying Rob who keeps texting me saying ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’ because I’ve helped his film Cosmopolis not tank in the US, nor pretend that I give a damn about all this sh-t. At least all you have to do is walk around with a ring for people to think you are ‘sorry’, but I have to face up to the Twilight zealots and pretend I’m sorry for cheating on Rob who never was my boyfriend in the first place, as you well know. You and Rob owe me!!! Jeez. Gotta go, Max is tearing up the curtain. (Max!!!!) Miss ya Ruppee Bear xxxxxxxx

  122. 122
    Trisha Says:

    LOL…. oh my, he is really ugly. No wonder Kristen isn’t showing her face… ughhh. Cooties galore!

  123. 123
    Kelly Says:

    “Hi, Kristen. The wife has run out to get the kids from school, so you want to run over for a quickie”… lol

  124. 124
    Heather Says:


  125. 125
    lolo Says:

    I smell a douchebag oh no, it’s nothing just Rupert the *******. where’s his tramp?

  126. 126
    A Says:

    @Jane: You are too invested in this whole thing JS

  127. 127
    Effie Says:

    What a F***tard.

  128. 128
    goshy Says:

    hey! is that the same white car in Rupert pic as in Kristen spotted at the first time out 22 aug?

  129. 129
    yesiam Says:

    What a loser…

  130. 130
    yesiam Says:

    @Anna: Rumor has it they are taking marriage counseling. I guess the future of their marriage depends on what they get out of counseling.

    I’m not about to judge Liberty because they do have two kids together. They have bigger things at stake than Rob and KS. In a way, I can understand why she would try everything before making a final decision and calling it quits. THAT SAID, I hope they don’t decide to stay together just because of the kids AND SPECIALLY seems she had previously talked about going through tough times in their marriages. I hope she has the strength to move on her own with her kids.

  131. 131
    MegCH Says:

    @niagirl: I guess he’s dumb enough to think it is amusing to get out of the house pissed off and waving. He forgot the photos don’t have sound and video, so it would only look like he is waving. LOL! Ridiculous!

  132. 132
    LizLemon Says:

    No I kind of think that it was YOU who was inside. Probably shirtless.

  133. 133
    WTF Says:

    Why r u grinning rupert u happy your more famous now 4 snagging a 22year old tart whom was also in a relationship.

    Yeah keep on smiling rupert u ****

  134. 134
    yup Says:

    douche-bag galore. What did Kscrew ever see in him!

  135. 135
    cathy Says:


  136. 136
    Lily Says:

    @cathy: jajaja, de casualidad sos cordobesa o tucumana??

  137. 137
    Meh Says:

    He is so gross.

  138. 138
    Sophie Says:

    Umm…did he REALLY think it was appropriate to smile for the cameras after what he did??? He looks like the village idiot in those pics.

  139. 139
    mls8662 Says:

    @sierra: I can’t believe people are still going on and on about this. Get over it and move on.

  140. 140
    mmmm Says:

    He is so hot!!

  141. 141
    Jessie Says:

    He’s probably been getting the high fives from his buddies. Wouldn’t be surprised if the douche has been bragging to his friends about how he ‘hit it’.

  142. 142
    vanessa Says:

    Creepy pig douchebag! Showing his hands, maybe after rearrangeing himself???

  143. 143
    candy Says:

    disgusting pig, Pigbert Sanders, hope you never get hired to produce a movie again, go sell hamburgers at McDonalds & keep your filthy hands off the young women there you low life

  144. 144
    dixie Says:

    this guy is douchebag plus scum

  145. 145
    Selena Says:

    He acts as though he’s sooo good, PLEASE!

  146. 146
    alana Says:

    he’s so gross, ew

  147. 147
    lolin Says:

    douchie must be his middle name with a smirk like that.

  148. 148
    just wanna punch him the face Says:

    I just wanna punch in the face. He is being a jerk asking for someone to punch him out with that smile on his face. how dare he!!!

    he is trying to hurt someone by smiling like that. he shouldn’t feel so proud of himself that he can smile.

    obviously this guy has emotional problems.

  149. 149
    just wanna punch him the face Says:

    also liberty is ugly too. they are both ugly. amazing how cute the kids turned out though.

  150. 150
    wow Says:

    Kristen Stewart is still a trampire and Rupert Sanders is still a pervert. End of story.

  151. 151
    Handbag Hound Says:

    He seems all smiles, considering he practically ruined his marriage????

  152. 152
    Shazzer Says:

    Yuck. I’ll join in too. Like this guy better when he was just ignoring the cameras and dropping his cabbage at the grocery store looking like a bungling fool. But this picture screams, slimeball douchebag! Must be something pathetic about this guy women feel they need to save. Liberty is young enough to walk away and start over. Those internet pics will always haunt her as long as she stays with this guy.

  153. 153
    sicksister Says:

    Kristen made her bed, so why is she whining about having to lie in it? Why doesn’t she call Rupert and whine to him?

    If Kristen actually, really and truly loved Rob, why would she even look at that creepy old Rupert? What’s going to happen when she meets some handsome young actor on set who shows an interest in her?

    If Rob takes her back, it will only end in more heartcahe for him. Run, Rob, run!!

  154. 154
    Mia Says:

    @just wanna punch him the face:
    Umm…Liberty is definitely not ugly.

  155. 155
    just wanna punch him in the fa Says:

    to mia 154

    he is to me!

  156. 156
    Anita Says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but all this is fishy to me. I think that Rupert and his wife Liberty or whatever, set Kristen up for this. They were virtual unknowns before the scandal errupted. Now, his wife is champaigned with enticing offers and all she has to do, is act distraught for a while, and voila! I bet they won’t even break-up. This was a show, and naive little Kristen fell for it. Notice how he is not even trying to conceal himself in those pics with Kristen? How stupid do these people think we even are?

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