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Rupert Sanders Steps Out After Liberty Ross' Red Carpet Night

Rupert Sanders Steps Out After Liberty Ross' Red Carpet Night

Rupert Sanders is all smiles while waving at cameras outside of his home on Thursday (August 23) in Hollywood Hills, Calif.

The 41-year-old director reportedly called the cops to get the photographers off of his property and came outside to confront them.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rupert Sanders

The evening before, Rupert‘s estranged wife Liberty Ross made her first red carpet appearance since her husband’s cheating scandal at the premiere of Lawless.

10+ pictures inside of Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross out and about separately…

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Credit: Frazer Harrison, Andra Viak; Photos: INFdaily, Getty
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  • I can’t believe…

    I defended Liberty R all this time but now I think shes a famewhor3 and Rupert S is a disgusting dude.

  • anna

    I think Rupert and Liberty concocted this whole thing for fame. They both look far too happy about this whole situation! Liberty now has the fame she wants and Rupert has Hollywood talking about him. And Kristen Stewart is such a dumb pothead that she agreed to be a part of their game.

  • Francine

    Better keep young girls out from that dic k.

  • clara

    kristen e rupert se merecem..sao dois porcos e egoistas …e a midia ainda vem dizer que KS esta sofrendo….é claro que nao esta …ela esta pouco de fudendo pra Rob…ela só pensa nela mesma

  • Lola

    que tipo más pelotudo por dios!… encima los rumores dicen que su pene es muy pero muy pequeño, patetico.

  • Do not believe the hype

    I do not believe that Liberty was somehow in on this to get fame. I swear some people will come up with anything to see what sticks. She was humiliated. Mom will not put their children through such heartache and embarrassed. Can you imagine the craziness those kids face with adults whispering and stuff probably in their own school.

  • ariel

    Liberty like most married woman tend to try to hang on to the last bit of hope before they call it quits for good. This is especially the case when there are children involved. Bottom line. Rupert is an a$S. I hope he has to give up half his net worth in the divorce.

  • resident thread ninney

    Leave Rupert Alone..He’s just being himself …Everyone makes mistakes, you all sound so perfect…It takes two to tango…It’s nobody’s business anyway. all should get a life and stop being critical,…It says comment and share :but what is really meant is be nice and non- judgemental…vanilla is you favoirite flavor and you like everyone, including fuzzy puppies

  • inexplicable

    Kristen had a good thing and she sneaked around with this married, shameless a-hole. Some things I will never understand.

  • Nati

    @I can’t believe…: I have to admit that the attitude of Liberty is at least bizarre, (join him immediately from the scandal, walking with happy face and carefree). Yet this guy is disgusting and a pathetic loser. And Kristen is an adult, young but adult nonetheless, and full of herself. So they can all go f*ck themself, since they are trash.

  • lol


    You are wrong about kristen. . . He was a grown adult with a family. He’s 41 and knew exactly what he was doing. She is 22. He took advantage of her! he decided to seduce a young girl. Kristen Stewart is being vilified in polite society and that is not right

  • Katy


    Go away loser. Go away hater/nonnie

  • Flor

    @lol: oh shut the f-ck up! enough already of “the little girl seduced by big bad man.” As much as it hurts you understand it, the reality is that Kristen is a selfish b-tch, full of herself. And seeing the disgusting smile on this guy, I understand that they make a perfect couple.

  • Vanessa

    We’d be ready to lynch the guy if no one in this entire scenario was remotely famous.

  • JB


    I see the cockroaches have invaded Justjared again. moniker number what today?

  • Flor

    @JB: nuttymadam, do not worry, you can always count on your fantasies.

  • Poor Thinggg

    she can vote, legally drink, go to war, drive etc.but she can’t make her own adult decisions and live with the consequences,
    she’s just wittle an innowcent, and scawey man monstews are gonna twick her and make har make do reeree baaaad fings

  • KissThis

    Piece of sh!t for a man… that’s all he is. Yeah smile and wave if you want. Your reputation and family are in shambles.

  • Poor people,poor haters!

    @Poor Thinggg:

    you have been posting about this everyday for the past month since it happened, you are indeed batshite crazy. GET A LIFE.

  • Poor Thinggg

    First Post Today mental Patient KS Fan. Talk about paranoid Nutty Fans.LOL

  • S*T*F*

    @Poor people,poor haters!: funny you say that. For you and only you take the time to post under different names (LOL, JB, etc, etc) to defend your “best friend” Kristen. Go away, crazy sh*t.

  • Flor

    @Poor people,poor haters!: yeah, f!ck off loser!, maybe this is your chance to have a life and stop dreaming with “famous people” and living through them.

  • Poor Thinggg

    @Poor people,poor haters!
    I have only commented on Kristen Stewart 3 or 4 times. ever.
    cuckoo. Could be that many people believe adults should be responsible for their actions and live with the consequences. We all must sound the same to you.

  • Poor people,poor haters!

    @Poor Thinggg:

    Sure, sure troll..

  • Poor people,poor haters!


    Wrong psycho. First Post Today.

  • Poor Thinng

    @poor people poor,haters
    whatever mental patient
    you are ill and I’m glad I pis*ed you off

  • Mona

    This SOB will meet up with a beautiful young intelligent woman name Karma very soon!

    Go eat a dickie piggie!!

  • LaCroix

    This guy is a pig. Why on earth would anyone cheat on Rob Pattinson with this pervert? Trash deserves trash I guess..

  • xo

    What the hell was this guy thinking running around with Kstew with this waiting at home for him? She’s stunning. I hope she’s just stringing him along and then dumps him. What a smug a-hole.

  • xo

    @lol: She sure didnt look like she was ‘being taken advantage of’ in those pics. She was smiling while grinding into his crotch. 22 or 122, she knew what she was doing, and lbr, if they hadnt got caught she’d probably still be doing him.

  • jung

    He still has his wedding ring on. Stoopid.

  • asd

    I understand what Kristen saw in Rupert. He’s a hot older man who always looks on the bright side of life! It’s not his fault that Rob is bad in bed. If he gave Kristen what she needed then she never would have had to go to Rupert for some good lovin’.

  • 647

    I feel very sad for Liberty Ross. I don’t know much about her, but she deserves better than a husband who would risk her and her kids for some young 20 yr old co-worker. And based on Rupert’s dad’s comments, I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes her feel like the affair was nothing and she has no right to be upset or whatever. He probably takes her for granted. I just don’t get it. Look how insanely gorgeous she is! What a schmuck.

  • NYC

    Hey Freak
    She’s gorgeous.
    I’d move on if I were her, she could do much better.
    Gorgeous woman.

  • Ashley

    I think Kristen and this guy will get together openly at a later stage. Even though Kristen can do a lot better.

  • Jack

    I’d cheat on my wife for a chance with Kristen Stewart too.

  • guest


    She’s not that gorgeous, chill out. She’s alright I guess.

  • Julie

    Smiling for the paps after cheating his wife?
    What a b.a.s.t.a.r.d! He and Kristen deserve each other!

  • Flor

    @Jack: let’s be honest and tell the truth, we all know you’re an unattractive and virgin guy in front of your computer, dreaming of being able to sleep with anyone.

  • http://bbaby Losers are everywhere

    This guy is lame. I cannot believe Kristen even let him near her. Such a sneaky, home-wrecker. I do not have sympathy for either of them, and I am not going to here I am a victim blah, blah, blah… His calling the cops to act like he is being harassed. Whatever. next.

  • http://bbaby You are not sorry

    when this guy wakes up tomorrow he will still be a smug, loser, douchebag, homewrecker. When Kristen wakes up she will still be a homewrecker who ruined a good thing with a good man. Kristen is so full of herself and apparently so is this douche, so it’s a match made in douchebag hell.

  • pu

    aarf his head.. just want to slap it..
    in french we say ” une tête à claques” !

    are you proud of yourself rupig??

  • Lola

    small d*ck face.

  • anch

    What a dumb fu(k! His wife is hot! ill be hitting that day and night.The human race is pretty stupid.

  • Porche


  • cocohu

    he makes me puke

  • A

    To all those people who feel that their beloved Kristen is heartbroken right now-Don’t worry I’m sure she is smiling right now after seeing her attractive lover wave at paps lol This is his way of saying I’m fine baby and I’m sure Kristen appreciates it ;)

  • http://bbaby Rain

    Is it just me or this douche looks like he needs to take a bath and wipe that smile off his face.

  • lulu

    hello, idiot face!

  • A

    I always thought that Kristen was kinda messed up but I never really thought much about it.. but the fact that she hooked up with this married d-bag tells me that I was right :/ I mean just look at this guy,he is freakin ugly and there’s something about him that screams SHADY!! Kristen once said that she has a good “BS detector”,so she basically said that she is good judge of character and now she is caught with salacious pig….idk what to say man.Currently her first priority should be finding out who she is and what she truly wants in life so that she can stop being lured by born losers like Rupert.