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Gisele Bundchen: Oral B 3D Unveiling in Brazil!

Gisele Bundchen: Oral B 3D Unveiling in Brazil!

Gisele Bundchen covers up her growing baby bump during the unveiling of the new dental whitening therapy Oral B 3D held at Space Leopolldo on Thursday (August 23) in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The 32-year-old supermodel posed for pictures with the display before making a short speech!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gisele Bundchen

Gisele will reportedly be officially confirming her pregnancy in an interview with South American broadcaster TV Global this coming Sunday, according to Vogue UK. Gisele apparently admits to being five months along!

15+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen at the unveiling of the new Oral B 3D…

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  • anne

    She’s charming and classy!

  • john

    I really like brazilian models, I think they are sexy in a different way of the europeans…

  • Chace

    Her hair looks best with this shade. She should keep it this way post pregnancy.

  • Chace

    Her hair looks best with this shade. She should keep it this way post pregnancy.

  • John


  • John


  • kelly

    Wow, Gisele has lots of fans. I have been looking a long time to find her “stunning” to no success. But I guess that’s just me. Beauty is definitely in the eyes of the beholder. Congrats on the baby, she looks really relaxed!

  • elaine

    She has an UGLY horse face and stringy hair. nice try.

  • Jess

    The definition of a true super model.

  • Lola

    The definition of a true super model.

  • kira

    makeup does wonders for her face otherwise she looks like every other average woman walking down the street.

  • Lola

    The definition of a true super model.

  • kira

    makeup does wonders for her otherwise she looks like any average woman walking down the street. also, has her career fallen to promoting toothpaste?

  • Dieter From Brazil

    She looks very much like tennis great Steffi Graf.

  • Sailor

    @Lola: That is one butt ugly supermodel. No curves, a manly face. Ouch!

  • cheney

    The only attractive thing I find about Gisele is her title, “supermodel.” I find women who are shorter and feminine much more beautiful. Monica Bellucci is a supermodel in my eyes. But in today’s society it’s what gay men think that counts, as if they knew what a real woman is. Wearing $2000 dress and bleaching your teeth won’t make you beautiful.

  • horsey

    her mouth is hugeeeeee

  • 564

    the older she gets the more manly she looks..sad thing is she’s only 32 and will look even uglier as she ages.

  • Wall-e

    “Models today, she explained, don’t understand that to be successful you have to have a personality, intelligence, and issues that you support, and Gisele embodies these qualities.” – Anna Wintour Anna and American Vogue are probably waiting in a long line to get Gisele’s first interview post Giselegate. You know that will sell! I mean since EVERYONE reads her interviews.

  • Mimi

    I can’t stand her! She’s so annoying and looks like a tranny. I cannot, for the life of me, understand how she is a model at all, let alone the highest paid one!!!

  • mar

    she has an ugly face

  • fugly


  • memo

    her husband is more feminine than her and he isn’t a feminine looking guy….she reminds me of a giraffe.

  • losa

    She is overrated. There are so many girls who are so much prettier than her. I’m sure most of the people don’t look at her twice if they meet her in the street.

  • Shelly

    Stunning she has the best hair

  • Jocelyn

    Yikes – not her best look. Her hair looks terrible (just goes to show the difference extensions and a professional stylist make).

  • Comical

    100% Agreed although I don’t think she looks like a tranny…I don’t find her attractive at all! She comes across terribly….she seems very condescending and arrogant. So glad Leo didn’t marry her.

  • Emme

    She isn’t wearing a flattering dress..I mean she hasn’t put on weight that much so she could still wear something more figure-hugging…I suppose she feels more comfortable wearing that though..

  • Laura

    She is gorgeous! Why people are so jealous???

  • Karina

    Gisele is beautiful . Go get a life you haters .

  • KissThis

    She’s beautiful inside and outside

  • Franc

    She is not aging well. Looking more manly than ever.

  • MK

    She looks beautiful and I love her dress.

  • lol

    Sloths are beautiful

  • Courtney

    she’s an ignorant pompus bitch who gets way too much attention thrown her way stop paying attention to her and she’ll go away.

  • Teri

    Wow, first time I see people agreeing with me. Usually on here ppl gush about her. She is pretty, she looked prettier when she was younger. Her attutiude is the biggest turn off. Inside beauty comes out

  • V

    Beautiful and sweet!

  • Clara

    Gisele só aparece aqui no Brasil para isso mesmo. Ganhar dinheiro. Eu não sei porque motivo algumas pessoas aqui no país se orgulham tanto dela.

    Alessandra Ambrósio ao menos gasta tempo por aqui, visita a família, passeia, ensina Português a filha, já tive oportunidade de ouvir a fofinha conversar em um Shopping.
    Enfim, Alessandra não perdeu o carinho pela sua pátria apesar de morar fora. Já Gisele, só lamento…

  • Clara

    Desculpem o comentário em português. Não lembrei de escrever em inglês. :/

  • Clara

    Sorry the comment in Portuguese…

  • aizhan

    Wow I see so much envy in here

  • Carol

    @Clara: UInveja mata! A Gisele fez muito mais pelo pais que a Alessandra sonha em fazer . A unica razao pela qual a Alessandra passa mais tempo aqui e por que ela tem que passar para nao pagar taxas nos EUA . Se informe antes de falar da Gisele que e quem colocou o Brazil no mapa!

  • Shelly

    Does Gisele wear extensions? Is that why so uneven?

  • Clara

    Carol, desculpe se meu comentário te ofendeu tanto assim. Nem te conheço e pelo que parece você ficou bastante ressentida e alterada com uma coisa que nada tem a ver com você. Talifã?

    Não tenho inveja da Gisele, dei minha opinião baseada em fatos que qualquer um pode ver. Se informe também, Gisele já disse três coisas veladamente agressivas sobre o Brasil em entrevistas.

    Não sou fã da Alessandra mas citei-a como exemplo de pessoa que ainda mantém laços com seu país de origem. Se você diz que ela só vem para não pagar taxas tudo bem, você deve ser bem íntima dela para fazer uma afirmação dessas…

    Por fim, gaste seu tempo tentando se educar, estudar, abrir a mente e aprender que no mundo não há só uma verdade. Não há só a Sua verdade. Aprender a respeitar o que os outros pensam é fundamental.

  • Clara

    Fui, porque eu tenho uma vida :D

  • Rose

    She is so ugly! a lot of brazilian women are beautiful but she is not (she doesn’t look nothing like brazilians with that german face btw), she is weird, fake, has a manly face and is overrated. I guess her relationship with DiCaprio made her a “interesting” and pretty woman for some blind people and made her famous (I’ve never heard from her before that), but I can’t see any beauty in this ugly and anorexic horse!

  • Clara

    Só mais uma coisa Carol, aprenda a escrever corretamente o nome do seu país. Sim, você é daqui. Deveria saber que Brasil não tem Z…

  • belle

    I’m the same age as her and I look younger than her! She is losing her looks as she ages!

  • JC

    It is not ugly nor beautiful. It’s so dull

  • Sarah

    @Carol: Colocou o nome do Brasil no mapa? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Carmen Miranda fez isso antes da Gisele nascer, sem falar de pessoas como Tom Jobim, Caetano Veloso, Mutantes e muitos outros artistas de verdade, Gisele é só um cabide comparada a eles! além de só abrir a boca pra falar merda!
    Gisele nunca fez porcaria nenhuma pelo Brasil e só vem aqui pra encher o bolso, ninguém se importa com o país que ela nasceu, a última coisa que alguém vai pensar quando vê aquela cara de cavalo é falar que ela é brasileira, é até uma ofensa as mulheres brasileiras dizer que elas são representadas por aquela porta anoréxica.