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Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell Bower Kiss On 'Mortal Instruments' Set!

Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell Bower Kiss On 'Mortal Instruments' Set!

Lily Collins kisses her rumored boyfriend Jamie Campbell Bower while standing outside of his trailer on the set of their film The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones on Friday (August 24) in Toronto, Canada.

The 23-year-old actress and Jamie, also 23, are co-starring in the flick about a girl who finds out truths about her past and bloodline after her mom is kidnapped.

Earlier this week, Lily was filming an action chase scene for the film!

10+ pictures inside of Lily Collins kissing her rumored beau Jamie Campbell Bower

Just Jared on Facebook
lily collins jamie campbell bower kiss on set 01
lily collins jamie campbell bower kiss on set 02
lily collins jamie campbell bower kiss on set 03
lily collins jamie campbell bower kiss on set 04
lily collins jamie campbell bower kiss on set 05
lily collins jamie campbell bower kiss on set 06
lily collins jamie campbell bower kiss on set 07
lily collins jamie campbell bower kiss on set 08
lily collins jamie campbell bower kiss on set 09
lily collins jamie campbell bower kiss on set 10

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  • Din

    Looking good Jamie

  • raina

    It’s obvious they’re a couple. Drop the rumored. lol

  • sarra

    ok he is her boyfriend stor saying” her rumored” she’s kissing him!!!

  • R U sure

    This is the happiest day of my life

  • lui

    I hope their relationship is real and not just for the publicity because I like the thought of them being a couple :)

  • pu

    of course it’s her bf.. they don’t need to make a official announcement..
    you should leave all the actors alone, stop invading their privacy! especially the one who don’t ask that !!
    there are super celebrities, trying to sell themselves who would be very pleased if you could take more time for them!

  • anyonmous

    I still don’t buy it.

  • Lisa

    he has a thing for red heads doesn’t he

  • Lisa

    Lily is soooooo A W E S O M E, one more time Lily is soooooooooooo A W E S O M E

  • milena

    Lily love, and I hope that this relationship lasts much!

  • Gh

    This guy has to be the most disgusting guy I have even seen. Ewww

  • cindy

    I hope this relationship works out for her.

  • annie

    love jamie,goodluck to them both

  • sophs

    I didn’t know he had so many tattoos! I like them.

  • Huny

    Lets see if this relationship will last until the movie opens.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Trying so hard to be the next Kstew/Rpattz…

  • LOL

    If you guys really believe this isn’t PR then Clay Aiken has been straight all this long.

  • asdfghk

    Of coarse it won’t last rumor has it she’s really a bitch! Ask Zac & Taylor

  • dude

    LoL, how can ANYONE buy this? They are trying so hard to get attention for their movie. No one would care otherwise, so they “hooked” up to get attention. PR.

  • Alex

    This is really fake? have they no trust in the movie that they have to so this?
    I really hope the fans are smarter than to buy this, I don’t want another Twilight

  • Sara

    No one would care otherwise? I’m pretty sure plenty of fans are already plenty excited for the movie. Enough so to stalk out their filming location and follow the film. The relationship isn’t helping anything so there’s no reason for the PR.

  • Look it up!

    He looks like those shallow idiot douchebags you get to meet as a child in school…….

  • .


  • dude

    @Sara: you’re dumb if you think this isnt done for attention. This movie would not be getting nearly as many articles if these two werent faking it. Learn how PR works…. this is fake.

  • hmmm

    Awww i thought he and Bonnie were cute :( i hope he didnt cheat on her…. but maybe the other comments are right and this is PR. Still, he and bonnie were so adorable and seemed so genuine :/ this just feels weird.

  • disgusting

    Lily is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a B I T C H.

  • Jess

    @sophs: They’re fake tattoos, if you read the books, you would know his character has tattoos.

  • milena

    @dude: you do not really know fans TMI! LOL! they are totally in love

    this relationship may draw attention, but you’re wrong if you think that the only thing that draws attention for the movie!

  • Sara

    @dude Articles on Just Jared you mean? Plus, there have been reports of the two of them together even when the cameras arent on them. I’m sorry I don’t take your opinion as fact. I still believe they don’t need a PR romance.

  • dude

    @milena: I had not even HEARD of this movie until Jamie and Lily started faking it up, so you’re wrong. No one I know irl has heard of it. Maybe a few crazies online, but you arent the majority. Hence why Jamie and Lily feel the need to fake it. They apre trying to be Robsten… lol but look how THAT turned out. Wish them the same fate.

  • Sara

    Rob and Kristen are not the only two co stars who have ever dated and they definitely won’t be the last.

  • dude

    @Sara: Jamie and Lily arent the only two to fake a relationship and they won’t be the last ;)

  • Sara

    Because you know them so well, right?

  • Margarit

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  • Cosmoguy

    That’s rehearsing for a scene. She holds the script in her hands. Without it being in the script – would you kiss him? He looks so weird. He looked weird already when he still was at Bonnie’s side, but now he can easily pass as a drug addict. Or is that all costume and make up? Nothing is real in the movie business.

  • SimpleMind

    @Sara: Ropat and Krisis “dated” because that was part of the PR strategy. I begin to suspect that her “cheat” was also just a PR thing to make more buzz for that dull vampire-wolf thing, and for that snow white director to get the cash going for more snow white. You don’t believe? Then you are to young to remember Hugh Grant being “caught” by police with a hooker just before the start of a new film of his. Google it.
    Press coverage was part of the PR. It cna backfire, though. Fans don’t seem to like how KStew “behaves”. Hope they hold to it and don’t go to the theaters.

  • Ghost Writer

    Perhaps Jamie had to split with Bonnie because it said so in the contract for that new franchise, in order that he can pretend to make with that Collins girl. Could well be he didn’t read the terms and conditions carefully. To make it a bit easier for him, they gave Collins sort of auburn hair.

  • Fruit

    HAHAHA NICE P.R MOVE. FAIL. FAIL. FAIL. FAIL. JAMIE YOU ARE AN ASS. THE. END. I am going to support BONNIE WRIGHT on this 101% she sld kick his sorry ass. DOUCE. Lily is just terrible she dates frkng every guy who is famous OR abt to be popular….
    She relli needs a LIFE. Girl fix your stupid brain and heart.
    I feel so bad for Bonnie Wright she has to see this piece of crap do THIS to her :-( its just VERY sad. Actually, I feel sad for JAMIE he just lost a very amazing girl…yes her dressing might be bad BUT she is humble, down to earth, does NOT try hard to be in the whole media business she is just doing what she loves and I love what she does and I m excited for her new movie :-) And I WLD LOVE TO BITCH SLAP THEM if I see them arnd Toronto hahahaha I will just give JAMIE an evil face expression and probably just say it to his face sorry not interested in your autograph, i DIDNT KNOW YOU ACTED AND OH P.S- Did u wash yr hair??!?! HAHA.

  • Meh

    @Sara: and you do? c’mon, they’re so obviously fake. the only reason you don’t think so is because you’re a fan of the books.

  • Reese

    @hmmm: you’re right. It does feel weird. As soon as Bonnie and him broke off their engagement then pics of Lily and him started surfacing. For a movie like this you, the actors meet way before a movie starts filming so their is a chance that cheating could be a reason for the break up.

  • Jennifer

    @Reese: Yeah, I think he cheated. Or else this is fake, which is possible, since TMI isn’t that well known. But he seems like a sleezy guy, so Bonnie’s probably better off.

  • anon

    @sophs: LOL they’re temporary “rune tattoos” for the character he’s playing. some of the other main characters have them too.

  • Andrea

    I prefer him with Bonnie, definitely.

  • feyt

    @sophs: not real tattoos. they are called runes, it’s just for the movie


    He and Bonnie were so lovely together. It seems a bit suspicious about how they ended cause he got this part late last year and he had screen tested with Lily. Apparently they had great chemistry and all that jazz. Then a few months later, we hear that they’ve broken their engagement! Now these pictures and other articles are popping up only a few months after he broke it off with her. I don’t know, I kinda wish it was PR or he could definitely be seen to have left Bonnie for Lily.

  • johanna

    isn’t jamie engaged to bonnie wright?????

  • Hmm…

    Poor Bonnie. He moved on rather quickly considering they were to be wed.

  • V

    They called off their engagement June 30 2012.

  • Becks

    This girl should stop taking up with every guy she makes a movie with. Then maybe people would have such a low opinion of her.

  • Bree

    Jamie & Lily are a cute couple <3