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Katie Holmes: Bleecker Playground with Suri!

Katie Holmes: Bleecker Playground with Suri!

Katie Holmes and her adorable daughter Suri spend the afternoon together at Bleecker Playground on Saturday (August 25) in New York City.

The mother-daughter-duo seemed to be enjoying their time together as Katie, 33, helped Suri ride her pretty pink bicycle.

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Katie will soon make her return to Broadway in the upcoming play Dead Accounts, which also stars two time Tony Award-winner Norbert Leo Butz. Tickets are now on sale now and can be picked up on Telecharge!

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Credit: Jackson Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Jocelyn

    How is this woman a fashion designer, and where the heck are her friends??

  • ck

    Suri got a sweet ride. And there should be a law against photographing kids @ playgrounds.

  • Della

    Katie’s boots are probably like an Black American Express card, she never leaves home without them.

  • Kia

    I’m still perplexed as to the weather forecast in NYC. Perhaps it changes drastically every time Katie steps out, hence her boots.

  • Boots Stinks

    Ewe, stinking feet! BTW, why can’t this mother buy a house in the suburb and enjoy her time with the child instead of parading her on the streets everyday? Where’s the real daddy? Where’s Katie’s father who tried to drain Tom? Where are her friends and families? That child will have problems. Soo not a fan of Katie! I think she is not quite right in so many ways.

  • ariella

    The only time Katie looks half decent is on a cover of a magazine or premiere because a real designer and real stylists takes control.

  • Cara

    Designer my *A*SS! There’s nothing wrong with wearing a long sleeve seemingly formal blouse, but I’ve seen better options for the playground on a summer day. I guess it was to resemble her amazing boots.

  • LOL

    @Kia: You need to get out more and and see the world, instead of picking on Katie’s boots.
    In New York City, people wear what ever they want, you’ll find people wearing BOOTS all year round, in the summer they just wear shorts with them.
    Back in the day when UGGS were big in California and people wore them all year round.

  • sweetness

    why is are tabloids obsessing over this little girl. It borderlines on pedophile curiosity. It’s appalling that this woman contributes to show boating her child for paps to record her daughter’s every waking moment for strangers to read. Most stars want the paps to NOT take their children’s picture.

  • LOL

    @Boots Stinks: Where are you’re Friends? It is her daughter she can raise her where-ever she wants, why don’t you look for your Dad? since you seem concern about Suri’s.
    Katie did not drain Tom yet, but that could be down the road, so he better play NICE.
    With Tom for a father, sure she is going to have problems.

  • jean

    Why is Katie holding the bike. It has training wheels on it, which is really too small a bike for a 6 1/2 year old. It is for a pre-schooler.

  • Leena

    This is a tad bit ridiculous. I believe Katie has made it every single day or every other day on JustJared doing an activity with Suri to promote her line or this Broadway thingy. Come one, Katie, I never saw this much access to Suri. You should not parade this child around so that you can all of a sudden appear more interesting and photo opportunities — it’s appalling.

  • jean

    Silly @ss woman should have pants on the child, as she’s riding a bike.

    Boots on in the heat of the summer, looks ridiculous.

  • Simple

    LOL, people always want to blame others for their behaviors. I’m sorry but this promoting has nothing to do with Tom Cruise. It has to do with Katie’s choices. Believe what you want, but Katie does not have some big old “secret” on Tom Cruise .. the divorce was just what it was. Katie did not want to be married to Tom any longer. Simple. Katie now wants to use that relationship to her advantage because let’s be clear if it were not for being married to Tom Cruise (and having Suri), Katie would not have a clothing line nor would pap be pap taking pictures every single day. Simple.

  • Julie

    God, this has to be the most pampered kid on the planet. Both of my children were riding their bikes without training wheels by age six. It you look at the picture, she is actually pulling her. It’s ridiculous!

  • Elmer

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  • http://X17 Leah

    Nearly every picture of Suri is of an obnoxious facial expression. She is most definitely a spoiled child, devoid of social skills….and certainly is used to getting it her way. Hopefully her new school will put her in her place. She is beyond pampered….seriously still being carried, a sippy cup, and stuffed animals to carry at 6 1/2 years old.

  • me

    both Katie and her ex Tom look like they quit eating after the breakup
    was the breakup a planned event but really they grew to like eachother and can’t be together anymore? so they got depressed and stopped eating enough food? life is stranger than fiction and oh boy is there a lot of fiction going on about this couple

  • Hamlet

    She just started learning, #15. Don’t judge. Go mind your own kids.

  • I prefer the Jolie Pitt

    it’s a good thing those kids have helmets know in case they fall at the breakneck speed they are going.

  • http://bbaby Kiana

    Yup, there’s goes Katie again being photographed because of a “chance sighting” by the paps, oh and yes, she just so happens to be performing on Broadway. Look how fabulously stylish she looks while helping Suri on her bike. NOT!

  • claudia

    No disrespect to them but I am SO sick of seeing pictures of them everyday!!!!!!!! Enough! Leave these poor people alone & move on please!

  • Sarah

    What ridiculous comments regarding the bike! Who cares if your kids learned earlier – not everyone does. My daughter is 3 months older than Suri and she still has training wheels. Big freaking deal! What a stupid thing to be commenting about. And of course she’s wearing a helmet – kids should always wear helmets when they are riding a bike. Also there is nothing wrong with the size of the bike. It looks about the same size as my 6 year old daughter’s bike.

  • Xiolablu

    No one believe’s the people who get paid to trash Katie.

  • Xiolablu

    @Simple: Your simply jealous.

  • Bloggie

    Katie will never be a fashion designer in my eyes. At the height of her career she was Mrs Tom Cruise but she threw that title away per say and now she will have to settle for buying knock off design duds. She doesn’t even look like she’s gone through a divorce. May be a little more drabbier. She needs to date a celebrity to even bring up her own celebrity a notch. I don’t think she can do it on her own. Boo hoo.

  • yajaira

    is good to see suri doing normal things like riding a bike


    Will she ever wear anything else beside those god awful boots!

  • Just My Opinion

    In the last few weeks she has AGED. She doesn’t look free and happy but stressed out like someone with a lot on her mind plus a six year old.

  • lo

    poor child so exposed

  • SuriStyle

    Perhaps Katie signed a stupid contract with Isabel Marant, it will wear the shoes for 2 years.

  • rubyz

    Holmes’ relentless pimping of this child to further her own fame is despicable. To those commenting, “Leave them alone,” I’ve got an alternate theory: in NYC, a city of some 30 million people, the paps could not possibly know where Katie Holmes was e-v-e-r-y single day … unless SHE WAS TIPPING THEM OFF!! Why is that so hard to believe? How many other celeb children do you see “stalked” by the media. NOT. The child’s problem is not the media, her problem is her fame-hungry mother.

  • Louise

    So nice to see Suri with a little friend. Did not see pictures of that when her parents were married. GoodBye, Scientology, hello world!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Katie go back to Toledo oh that’s right you don’t give F about iam so sick of seeing you everywhere please let that little brat walk iam so sick of her not walking she’s old enough to super spolied go back to your roots and where your came from but your for gotten that to your a nobody and still a nobody after Tom get a life

  • Carol

    Louise, I don’t really think the other little girl is Suri’s friend. She doesn’t even look like she know who they are.
    And as far as anyone is concerned is pretty obvious that Katie is parading her daughter around to promove her career, NYC is giant and many other celebrities live there without being constantly harassed. But that is Katie’s problem, the only question is: Do we REALLY have to see little kids who just got luck( or not) to born to someone famous every single time we enter in this blog? It’s a little bit annoying.

  • Anonymous

    @Carol: What career isfailing like everything else is

  • Carol

    @Anonymous: , must be. I don’t really know, the only movie I ever saw with Katie Holmes was purely because the line was far less crowded than the other movie. But then again, some people use to say that I live on a cave. I didn’t even know who the woman was until she became Mrs. Cruise. So I REALLY don’t know if her career is going well or not.

  • marsha

    its nice spending time with your kid