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Rihanna: Opening Ceremony Outing!

Rihanna: Opening Ceremony Outing!

Rihanna finds time for some retail therapy at Opening Ceremony on Friday (August 24) in Hollywood.

The 24-year-old Barbadian recording artist then headed off to DreamWorks Studios, where she reportedly has been working on a new animated flick.

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RiRi‘s been getting her fill of Italian food recently – stopping at Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi on both Wednesday and Thursday nights!

Joan Rivers created a stir with her recent joke on Twitter, saying, “Rihanna confessed to Oprah Winfrey that she still loves Chris Brown. Idiot! Now it’s MY turn to slap her”. Rihanna responded with “Control Your Speech” along with the first half of Proverbs 15:4.

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  • Ash

    Lol Joan rivers is funny, Rihanna annoys me.

  • Piper

    This girl needs to go back to school and learn to love, respect and value herself first. She thinks she’s being mature with all this “I still love him”, “he needs help” crap but all I see is a silly little girl who does not know what it means to be a grown-ass woman.

  • Piper

    Take some of that shopping money and go to college (or is it high school) Rihanna. Beauty fades, stupid is forever.

  • Kaym

    Why she still love him?? I don’t get it…

  • emma

    i’d feel sorry for rihanna if she wasn’t STILL hanging out with that fu*cking idiot chris brown. im so tired of her getting away with being an a-hole. this girl has no problem being racist (openly, on twitter) and yet people continue to defend her — celebrity is making everyone blind!

  • seeaaaa

    the b.s. aside…she’s so naturally beautiful like she’s stunning

  • allie

    @seeaaaa: best joke ever – but “b.s aside”, she’s a butter face

  • weirdo

    Funny side of Joan Rivers is kinda right.

  • kevin

    that black bitch look so ugly

  • nina

    This girl is just absolutely naturally gorgeous, if only she were just smarter…

  • o

    truth hurts. now grow up and stop acting like a tu)rd

  • Jamie

    That comment was out of line from Joan. I’m sorry. I can’t applaud any part of what Rivers sad.

  • uh

    @Jamie: because it’s true?

  • Sophie

    She is opening?

    Let me guess who will pop up on the stage at some point with her….
    CHRIS BROWN duh. Thats why she did the oprah interview etc, to prepare people for whats to come; their first performance together in years. She could have done the interview A LOOT earlier back when the collab songs came out, but why she chose this time of the year…. yeah my PR background is telling me something is gonna happen
    Personally I’m just not ready to see dat shiat on my tv. Rihanna grinding against Chris going, “CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE” -.-
    talk about a role model. I think I’ll pass this whole thing because there will be plenty of it on the news when it’s over.

  • iz u big enuf? ugh!

    i just want talent back!!! bring back songs that had meaning -x- Tupac & TLC were rapping/singing about real issues like AID*S, ra*pe, underage pregnancy etc.. and this chick sings about a mattress? Her music has no substance and it’s getting old

  • katy


  • wha

    @katy: katy perry it’s best to disguise yourself better :):)

  • rikki

    yeah.. i agree with all of you. she is naturally very pretty… i like her eyes. but i wish she had more class, more sense, and more respect for herself

  • LOL

    Why not print RiRi response.
    Wow u really get slow when you’re old huh? “slap on some diapers”.

  • jenfan

    I am a big fan of Rihanna….but atleast she was being honest in the interview…BUT most of you are right…she is can you love someone like that..I read the police was HORRIBLE!!! anyways its her life…she looks nice in these..I even like the outfit!!!

  • bajan


  • Villain

    I wonder Chris Brown is the only topic that still helps her to keep afloat. If it hadn’t been for his presence in her every sentence in every f***ing interview, everybody would have forgotten about her within a month.

  • zija

    what? joan said that?! omfg. what a w*ore!
    that plastic grandma needs a SLAP! -.-

  • zizi

    @jenfan you are calling urself a big fan of rihanna,and you are saying she is a dumb?!
    if u r a true fan ,you would love her NO MATTER WHAT!

  • Piper

    @zizi: she said she’s a fan not a DUMB fan. what kind of idiotic thing is that to say. “love her no matter what”? your parents must be so proud. sounds like someone else needs an education, too. stop talking stupid.

  • stella

    I can’t believe people laugh at that joke

  • me

    @Piper: rihanna graduated highschool so save this comment for someone like beyonce.

  • tt

    THIS IS THE BEST SHE LOOKED IN YEARS!!!!! I’m so happy for her! Old Rihanna is coming back! I hope so

  • ukreporter1

    You kmow what? I respect Rihanna for her honesty and not just pandering to say the “RIGHT THING” for media purpose. She could have sat there and lied but chose not to regardless of what peaople thought. She was true to herself. The real fact here is, it happened to HER not the ones who are sitting at their computers passing as Judge, Jury and Executioner saying what they think she should have said or done. SHE is deciding how she wants it to be for her. She admits a lot of people might not like it or understand but it’s the way SHE wants to do it. Most of the people berating her and calling her all sorts of names would not have been so honest and with there PRETEND ,PERFECT decission making selves and PRETEND PERFECT LIVES and PERFECT RELATIONSHIPS are nothing but decietful hypocrites and that includes waxed faced, bitter bitch Joan Rivers(Who even hates herself). I often wonder if it was a Caucasian couple if the reaction would be the same. Obviously not e.g. Charlie Sheen. These same people adore anything Charlie Sheen. Why don’t Joan hop on that.

  • jenfan

    @zizi: I am a fan..and have been since 2005…that doesnt mean i should applaud her foolish decisions….I love her but that doesnt mean i cant be honest and call things the way i see them!! I’m a fan but not a BLIND one!!!

  • jenfan

    @Piper thank u for understanding what i was saying!! Thanks for defending me aswell

  • Reinny

    That woman needs to fix her hair ASAP

  • ziiz

    mars u picku materinu