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Erin Heatherton Lunches While Leo DiCaprio Works on 'Wolf'

Erin Heatherton Lunches While Leo DiCaprio Works on 'Wolf'

Erin Heatherton holds onto her iPhone while having lunch with some pals on Saturday (August 25) in New York City.

The 23-year-old Victoria’s Secret model kept herself busy while her boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio filmed scenes for his upcoming movie The Wolf of Wall Street that afternoon.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Erin Heatherton

Earlier in the week, Erin attended the Reeve Foundation Champions Committee Summer Party at No.8.

“Had a great time DJing for a great cause tonight the @ReeveFoundation with my wingman @ErinHeatherton,” Erin‘s pal Harley Viera-Newton tweeted.

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erin heatherton lunches while leo dicaprio works on wolf 03
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113 Responses to “Erin Heatherton Lunches While Leo DiCaprio Works on 'Wolf'”

  1. 1
    Patricia Says:

    What an ugly face…something smells fishy! Can’t wait for the break up news!

  2. 2
    Minus zero Says:

    Yuck, she looks like a mess. her hair is dirty, she has no makeup and without a padded pushbra, she has the torso of a teenage boy.

  3. 3
    LOL Says:

    Where are her victoria secret’s boobs?

  4. 4
    ---- Says:

    So she decided to wear her rings on the other hand like she used to back in March.

  5. 5
    Patricia Says:

    @Minus zero: LMAO hahahaha dying of laughter!!! That’s a good one! Hahaha

  6. 6
    Salsa Says:

    That’s a model?
    You have to be kiddin’.

  7. 7
    What? Says:

    Some pals??? that’s just her brother. hahaha

    Think she is afraid to introduce her models friends to her boyfriend?

  8. 8
    bahha black sheep Says:

    @Patricia: ugly? she is stunning…obviously you are jealous

  9. 9
    Shelly Says:

    Wow she looks so different in the VS magazines lol

  10. 10
    Fan of models Says:

    Amazing what a padded bra can do:)

  11. 11
    Fan of models Says:

    @#8 – you actually call someone with greasy hair stunning?

  12. 12
    Gisele, the best model Says:

    She shouldn’t be wearing this type of dress, she is naturally flat chested.
    I have rarely seen professional models with such heavy ankles.

  13. 13
    Shelly Says:

    I guess Erin is just like every normal girl some days we don’t wash our hair, don’t wear make up just go out as is.

  14. 14
    Bored Says:

    Leo, WTF are you doing?

  15. 15
    Bored Says:

    You went from Gisele to BLEEEEEEtherton?

  16. 16
    Ash Says:

    I think she’s cute!

  17. 17
    Please Says:

    No one should ever leave the house without taking a shower and wash her hair. It’s gross.

  18. 18
    Really Says:

    How is she a model? She’s rather unfortunate looking.

  19. 19
    Model Fan Says:

    Remember when Victoria’s Secret models were hot? She is the perfect example of the decline of the VS model!

  20. 20
    rada Says:

    haters gonna hate, i think she’s adorable!

  21. 21
    Shelly Says:

    I think Erin looks fabulous without make up. I would think the VS girls have to give their hair a day between shoots since we get hundreds of VS magazines a year lol. The dress is unflattering though

  22. 22
    cambria Says:

    the jealous ones should call up VS and ssee if they give you her job instead as I’m sure you’d be a better fit. She was picked as a VS model way before she met Leo and it’s eating you alive. When are you crazy fans r going to realize that you’ll never meet/kiss/date/marry him!? Guess what, fat andles or not, both VS and Leo chose her. Eat your heart out losers! haaaaaaaaahahahhha!

  23. 23
    Dieter Says:

    She has a beautiful ass !!!!

  24. 24
    BabyXgirl Says:

    You people are mean. I think she’s cute. And she seems nice….

  25. 25
    creed Says:

    She is by a wide margin, Leos ugliest GF. But I think she treats him a bit better than Bar did but we all know it will be a few more months until they break up.

  26. 26
    creed Says:

    she is just playing her cards right by pretending she gives a damn. We all know she is using him.

  27. 27
    Message Says:

    After seeing these photos, I am convinced if I were 5’10″ I could be a Victoria’s Secret model. Damn you, petite frame!!!!

  28. 28
    Helen Says:

    Why do some celebrities date girls that have the body of teenagers it something they want secretly

  29. 29
    Delphic Says:

    God, these comments are horrible. Sorry crazy fans, Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t all that. Dull actor.

  30. 30
    Hal Says:

    Not very attractive in comparison to Bar and Gisele!

  31. 31
    @29 Says:

    Its like that with ALL Leo’s girlfriends.
    It’ll be the same with the next one and the one after that and the one after that and……………………………………………………..

  32. 32
    Anna Says:

    Out of all the models Leo’s dated, she is the ugliest…by far…

  33. 33
    Kaley Says:

    Uhm. Her height is not attractive. She looks like staved Auscwitz victim. I find leo very repulsive when he only dates tall, models. It doen’t matter if the girl is ugly or not. It has to be a young model! grow up leo ffs. He is almost 40 and still playing around with models like a horny teenage boy.

  34. 34
    wow Says:

    I guess that hater sockpuppets keep busy in every fandom.
    Brangelina, Kerr-Bloom, and any and all of Leo’s numerous girlfriends.
    It’s pretty pathetic on all fronts. Especially the ones who equate beauty with bust size. So ridiculous.

  35. 35
    @34 Says:

    Yep it is the same. lol Kerr – Bloom posts are as crazy
    Funny you mention bust size cause Erin actually did have a boob job.
    Its NO big deal to me but I think she wears everyday stuff to downplay it rather then being actually flat chested. But no biggie

  36. 36
    huh? Says:

    Uhm, I take it that you are short?
    Height has always been seen as an attractive trait. That’s one reason models look so good in clothing ads.
    Throughout human history, height as always been a feature that indicated health. Even among the smaller races, the tallest of them has always been the most desireable.

  37. 37
    Oh!!!! Says:

    Yet another Leo girl who gets a post because she had lunch, some tweet is mentioned and the only interesting thing about the whole thing is Leo. De ha vu! Blah model, blah career, blah face and no style whatsoever.

  38. 38
    Bee Says:

    Why she carrys her dress like that ?

  39. 39
    Hi Ho Says:

    Cute face but not stunning or beautiful..more like girl next door.

  40. 40
    ---- Says:

    She never is too far from a lighter.

  41. 41
    ---- Says:

    I don’t think it was her best day. Dirty hair, unflattering dress, pale as a ghost and nothing to push up her flat chest.

  42. 42
    Dieter Says:

    She is stunningly beautiful without make-up !!! She also has a wonderful full round ass and she is very intelligent !!!!!

  43. 43
    @42 Says:

    …round ass???
    frankly she is the first VS model with this amount of cellulite

  44. 44
    @40/41/43 Says:

    The Barfbot sorry- Leo fan- pic spammer is baaaccck!
    Naked pics at 3,2,1
    Its been more than a year, and unlike Gisele/Blake fans they still have not moved on.

  45. 45
    Dieter Says:

    She has the best ass of all VS models in fact. Instant hard-on !!!!!!

  46. 46
    Erin Fan Says:

    She is au naturel. And unlike many models or actresses (like Blake Lively) she did not have a boob job.

  47. 47
    @Erin fan Says:

    @Erin Fan:

    Nop… instead Erin has a nose job. Don’t blame Blake. Neither are all natural.

    Dieter You said she has the best ass of Vs?? Let me introduce you to Candice. She actually looks fabulous even without retouching Vs unlike Erin that judging from this pictures, she needs it to cry.

  48. 48
    Dieter Says:

    I like Erin’s ass better than the also beautifull ass of Candice. I compared them a lot !!!

  49. 49
    Lalique Says:

    Boots with summer clothes: the kind of “fashion statement” that you see in pictures of you a few years later and think, “WTF was I thinking?!?!”

  50. 50
    A question to Erin Fan Says:

    can you tell us how old she was when she posed for that photoshoot?
    17? 18?

  51. 51
    @Erin Fan Says:

    @Erin Fan:
    Nope she is NOT au naturel.
    Erin has deffo had a nose job as well as boob lift. A few VS models have had nips here and there even the great Gisele had a nose job.
    But as I said its no big deal, the famous from the 1960′s till now have had stuff done.

  52. 52
    Geez Says:

    @Erin fan – don’t dignify the question with a response
    @44 – You were right. The spammers were slow with their sl ut shaming though.

  53. 53
    LOL Says:

    @Erin Fan
    I have no problem with Erin but au natural my ar se!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    As some have said its not a big deal but….. c’mon.

  54. 54
    @50 Says:

    If you’re trying to make her look bad, you are failing big time. That is a beautiful photo and she has an amazing body.
    Why do I get the feeling you are a bitter, 40something woman with a chip on her shoulder because Leo prefers pretty young things?
    She might not be the brightest book on the shelf but she’s pretty, bubbly and she’s his girlfriend. Both Leo and Erin get what they want from this relationship. So get over it, get out more and get a life! It’s not like he’s ever going to end up with you, is he? I am almost 100% sure he’ll pick another from the VS catalogue by this time next year.

  55. 55
    @LOL Says:

    Poor Erin, she has freckles even in her lips… Freckles are cute they’re a child or young but as they get older and esp Erin smoking all those cigarettes her skin will look terrible.

  56. 56
    @LOL Says:

    The nose has obviously been retouched.

  57. 57
    Pat Says:

    This girl is cute w/o make no less……Ladies tame your jealousy, you’re not in the school cafe or in the office, gossiping.

  58. 58
    @57-Pat Says:

    FYI, “this girl” has decided to make her living out of her looks. It is only natural that she expects people to comment on her looks. If you find her cute, it is your opinion and not necessarily other’s.

  59. 59
    ()()()() Says:

    Round ass? More like shaggy! Clearly she didn’t have a boob job! Still in desperate need of push-up bras… Or just regular bras looking at these photos. Or shampoo, mirror, stylist.

  60. 60
    Lou Says:

    @Patricia: Oh please! She is a pretty cute girl. Not stunning, but not ugly at all. Jealousy is pathetic.

  61. 61
    Erin Fan Says:

    I don’t who are the people with her on the pic she tweeted today. except for her brother and younger sis I recognize..
    but here is a photo with her folks taken a year ago.
    her mom is on the right and her dad in the back. one of her sis on the far left.

  62. 62
    @Erin Fan Says:

    how come she never tweets pix of her with DiCaprio? or just Dicaprio?

  63. 63
    Skolla Says:

    She had a boob lift and bad nose job. Look at her sister and you will see her original nose. It looks better than Erin’s, but it’s bigger and doesn’t photograph well. Erin did what she had to do for her job. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s no one’s business but hers.

  64. 64
    LOL Says:

    Boob lift??? where? Already expired or what? LOL

  65. 65
    @50 Says:
    what was she thinking? where were her mother and father when an agent made her sign a contract for this photoshoot? does she even have a patch of something to hide her genitals?

  66. 66
    Gorgeous Says:

    The photo shoot is striking it reminds me of Grace Jones circa 1986.
    Miranda and Candice have done something like that too. Go VS girls!!!!!!!!

  67. 67
    me Says:

    She looked better before her nose job. Why do people do that for?

  68. 68
    karlieeeee Says:

    silme Erin sweetie

  69. 69
    leofan Says:

    Why do a few Erin fans think that the poster who is criticizing her wants to shag leo ? Why can’t a person have a genuine negative opinion about her ?

  70. 70
    Chris Says:

    She is ugliest than Gisele.
    Bar could be a famewh*re but she is pretty.

  71. 71
    Hip Hop Hurray Says:

    She reminds me of a Golden Retriever….big with a puzzled stupid look on her face. Leo trades in women like some people trade cars every couple of years. Not a fan of Bar but compared to this girl, Bar is a Mazerati. Meanwhile this girl is a Toyota Prius.

  72. 72
    sho Says:

    ooo bar refaeli is better :)))

  73. 73
    LOL Says:

    Why is this post been bombarded with the Barfbots? She is irrelevant

  74. 74
    @73 Says:

    Why? Is Erin so relevant? Also I don`t think anyone who notices that Leo downgraded again is necessarily a Bar fan. Could be but definitely not in my case.
    `puzzled stupid look on her face` LOL!

  75. 75
    ivan Says:

    i’m not bar’s fan bat she looks better ant she has beautiful eyes and body…. but erin has….. i don’t know what she has.. LOL :)))

  76. 76
    JOY Says:

    I think Erin is the prettiest Leo gf

  77. 77
    What do you think Says:

    By dating Erin (Bubley) Heatherton,Leo is now showing that his attraction to women is not only physical. Let’s face it, the girl has no boobs, has no bump, no hips and her face is very ordinary looking. He has probably matured and although the girl is 23 with the life experience of a 23 year-old girl, he seems to get along with her lack of maturity, the boring personality and he accepts her cigarette smoking. The man has grown up, don’t you think?

  78. 78
    @77 Says:

    @What do you think:
    Interesting point. I am baffled by the number of posters obsessed and talking about her breasts/lack of/ implants. I’m guessing most of these posters are female? Very strange that the worth of a woman according to some comments here is the size of her breasts. Very strange. Leo is still an immature frat boy but I guess a better man than I thought.
    @75 If bar is so wonderful/beautiful etc compared to Erin why is she still single? Why are there no Barcelona players, Olympic swimmers, Italian car drivers or even B list actors that she has been following chasing and pr-ing about the place throwing rose petals at her feet, proposing marriage. Why is it only boot face C lister Shaun White she has been frolicking with?

  79. 79
    IKR Says:

    Gerard Pique shut that rumor down fast.
    Dani Alves? Shaun White? Bleurgh

  80. 80
    LOL Says:

    I can’t believe she’s following Leo on twitter. It won’t have happened unless he sanctioned it. Odd for a man so private & paranoid. Very odd

  81. 81
    okk Says:

    I’m shocked at people saying her ass is nice let alone nicer than Candace?! You’re crazy lol. Lookat beach pictures of both Erin and Candace. Candace has a tight body with no cellulite. Erin’s body is filled with cottage cheese lumps. Candace easily has the better body and face too.

  82. 82
    disappointed Says:

    she’s cute but not beautiful and far from sexy..VS airbrush her to make her look like she has giant boobs, and here you can see she has none lol

  83. 83
    Sigh Says:

    I wish Neil Armstrong would have got as many comments.
    He would have been up on the JJ banner then

  84. 84
    @78 Says:

    Bar being single is one thing. Probably it has something to do with personality not looks. It’s not gonna change the fact that Erin has a boy’s body, needs a stylist and probably some self esteem. If she is so pretty, gorgeous and has an amazing ass why isn’t her career taking off? Even at VS she is not a highly featured girl.
    Leo wants them the same and picks them for a reason. Erin is not different.

  85. 85
    disappointed Says:

    @@77: For a VS model who is supposed to be sexy, lack of cleavage is a big deal.

  86. 86
    @78 Says:

    Also you emphasized that Bar is single. Erin is dating Leo but is he really such a big catch? I used to think he was but not anymore.

  87. 87
    Dana Says:

    @77 what do you think

    I dont think leo is growing up, he’s just waiting for the next batch of VS angels to be hired !

    Leo and Adam levine both seem determined to find out just what Victoria’s secret is !

  88. 88
    disappointed Says:

    @disappointed: may I also add that by photoshopping her to look like she has giant boobs is setting bad example for young women..they will all want giant fake boobs because they don’t know Erin’s are just photoshopped to look big.

  89. 89
    @84 Says:

    It’s your opinion it has only to with personality maybe Bar ain’t all that in person. She looks like Julia Stiles to me. You don’t think Erin’s career is taking off? I’m not a fan but damn she and Candace are now on the cover of practically EVERY VS catalogue I get in the post now.She’s on almost every promotional trail as past JJ posts prove. Its quite annoying. You saying she’s not highly featured in VS is laughable And she is branching out well in the European market as well as the fact that she actually has a legit history of runway walk.
    @dissappointed, none of the VS models are busty not Miranda, Candace, Lindsay, Doutzen. VS like fashion has gone skinnier and skinnier.

  90. 90
    @88 Says:

    BS. It is not setting an example for anyone. VS is an old company and like like La Senza, Ultimo and underwear brands sell illusions, and sexy underwear is their tool. Most thinking women already know this, blaming the premise as setting ALL women to want giant fake boobs or be unhappy in themselves is bull and only proves your own malicious agenda.

  91. 91
    @89 Says:

    I don`t see her career taking off at all. I see TV commercials NOT featuring her, I walk around in NYC and I don`t see her at the VS stores. Branching out in Europe doing what? I saw one shoot for some Spanish ( or what ) company. No, her career is not taking off. When you see her on actual magazine covers or walking runways again maybe… Promo trail. You mean waving bras in malls? Impressive!

  92. 92
    @91 Says:

    You don’t see it fine. I also live in NY downtown and she and Candace are now everywhere. Never was b4. ‘Waving bras in malls’ cos that’s all they do keep telling yourself lol, is not as impressive as flashing your vay jay on low rent men’s magazines not HF designers but there it is.

  93. 93
    @92 Says:

    No, I don’t see her together with Candice everywhere. Waving bras. That’s all I see her doing. Not magazine covers or runway shows. Also I doubt any men’s magazines would want her on their covers and definitely not fashion magazines. All she has is VS and even that company is going down when it comes to models. The ones they had years ago looked gorgeous and had amazing careers going on. The present ones? Blah all of them!

  94. 94
    Erin Bubley's new condo Says:

    Waving padded push-up bras and blowing kisses in shopping malls has its benefits:
    It’s been one lucky break after another for Erin Bubley, aka Erin Heatherton, the girl from Skokie, Ill., who moved to New York to become a model and caught the eye of Leonardo DiCaprio—all while strutting around in bedazzled lingerie for Victoria’s Secret.

    Now the underwear angel is flitting into a loft-like two-bedroom condo at 1 Morton Square, which she purchased for $1.76 million, according to city records. All at the age of 23! We bet Ms. Bubley is really glad that she decided to spend the summer before her senior year modeling in New York rather than going to camp.

    “So I had to make a decision,” Ms. Bubley told The Chicago Tribune of her choice to pursue modeling at 17. “Should I take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity or go to basketball camp?”

    Ms. Bubley bought the condo from Damien Miller, who made little profit on the sale after buying the apartment for $1.7 million in 2006. He tried to sell it for $1.9 million in 2008, then dropped the price to $1.89 million in 2009, before taking it off the market and recently re-listing it at $1.76 million.

    The home comes with soaring ceilings, oversized windows and exceptional southern light, the Prudential Douglas Elliman listing, held by Daniel Kunen boasts. After all, a young model needn’t lurk in the shadows. There’s also a gourmet kitchen with an eat-at counter, a Viking Professional stove and Subzero fridge.

    We doubt Ms. Bubley will be making much use of those.

  95. 95
    Alex Says:

    Gisele was a real model, with a lot of charm. She had something special. Kristen Zang also had a lot of charm, but this one ………
    Ok, Erin is not ugly, but she looks like a little girl… She is very common (with nothing special I mean)
    I am a French guy living in Paris and girls like her (without make-up), I see every day in the streets of Paris. Even much more beautiful (she has really nothing special)
    Maybe Leo has a bad eyesight now … :)))

  96. 96
    the fame monster Says:

    She is a very cute and pretty girl. Very girl next door. There’s nothing wrong with that! Cute girls like lingerie too! She is cute without make-up and- yes- not washing her hair.

    I wouldn’t exactly call her sexy though. Her face is prettier than Bar’s, but has similar body to Gisele (boyish/skinny). Gisele has more charisma (and better cheekbones!)

    I don’t think it’s a matter of Leo’s girlfriends’ getting uglier and uglier as time goes on, they just get more and more dull. Gisele and Kristen were the most interesting ones.

  97. 97
    Simon Says:

    I agree with you (Alex & the fame monster).
    Gisele had more charisma. She had lots of charms. Kristen too.
    Erin is cute, but she is very common compared to his previous girlfriends.
    Most actresses with whom he played, have more charm than his girlfriend who is very common ( Kate Winslet or more recently Marion Cotillard for example). I mean… the women with whom he played, look like women at least. They do not look like little girls :-)
    Why doesn’t he date with this kind of women ? I mean… they are a lot of beautiful actresses. So why that obsession with the models ????? It’s all the more surprising from Leo given the fashion world is very superficial
    (sorry for my english)

  98. 98
    sylvia T. Says:

    @Alex &Simon:
    What charm are you talking about? have you ever listened to Kristen Zang? How do you know the charm she had? And Gisele? what about her type of charm? she is very stupid and lacks substance when she speaks. she’s just a spoiled millionnaire who happened to have a very powerful PR team.

  99. 99
    ()()()() Says:

    Yeah, Gisele is so stupid and it’s all about a PR team to get there where she is as a model. Just keep telling yourself that! Definitely there’s no charm, charisma or anything remotely close to those coming from Erin. She is just insanely boring and uninteresting.

  100. 100
    Well.... Says:

    …so the boring Bubley bought herself a $1.76 million dollar loft in the West Village?
    I hope the naive Dicaprio/Bubley fans will stop pretending he is more serious with her than he was with his ex gfs:)

  101. 101
    @#100 Says:

    I don’t think his fans have ever pretended such a thing. We’re not that stupid.

  102. 102
    @Well.... Says:

    Let them think whatever the he** they want. What’s it to you?

  103. 103
    ::::)))) Says:

    lol sour grapes. Leo being serious about her and moving in??? Has anyone actually believe that?

  104. 104
    LOL Says:

    I can’t stop laughing at this comment

    By dating Erin (Bubley) Heatherton,Leo is now showing that his attraction to women is not only physical. Let’s face it, the girl has no boobs, has no bump, no hips and her face is very ordinary looking. He has probably matured and although the girl is 23 with the life experience of a 23 year-old girl, he seems to get along with her lack of maturity, the boring personality and he accepts her cigarette smoking. The man has grown up, don’t you think?
    Choose ANOTHER catalog model really makes him more mature???? How? True that Erin is less pretty, but she stills fulfills perfectly the standards established by Mr Dicaprio & Co BLONDE/SEX COMPANION, EASY-GOIN/ LOW MAINTENANCE, SUBMISSIVE/CONTROLLABLE. Just what Mr Dicaprio wants.

  105. 105
    Model Fan Says:

    She put the Jennifer Meyer Necklace Leo gave her as one of her favorite things on Harley Viera Newton’s list and now is making sure it’s displayed prominitly in every twitter pic she posts. She must read JJ comments. #Famewhore

  106. 106
    leofan Says:

    @Model Fan: How do u know leo gave her ? Jennifer meyer gifts it to all leo gfs. Smart business move !

  107. 107
    #105 Says:

    @Model Fan:
    You’re right, Leo gave it to her and I think she sends a message with it

  108. 108
    fan modelo Says:

    beautiful erin heatherton

  109. 109
    Jokergurl Says:

    He definitely has a type doesn’t he? Tall, blonde, supermodel or model…

  110. 110
    hhaaaa Says:

    he’s boring… never gives a normal nice attractive woman in the industry a chance. models? please – yeah he’s so mature now! right….

  111. 111
    ---- Says:

    Private as always

  112. 112
    lol Says:

    Yeah, on bz it was said she is just out there having fun.That`s fine but learn how to wear short skirts since it`s not the first time this has happened… Once it happened with a long skirt. No class!

  113. 113
    @112 Says:

    not the first time, for sure

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