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Michelle Williams & Jason Segel: Afternoon with Matilda!

Michelle Williams & Jason Segel: Afternoon with Matilda!

Michelle Williams and her boyfriend Jason Segel spend the afternoon with her daughter Matilda on Saturday (August 25) in Hollywood.

The 31-year-old actress and the 32-year-old actor reportedly took Matilda to watch a performance at the Pantages theatre.

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Jason‘s movie The Five-Year Engagement, which also stars Emily Blunt, will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on September 4. Make sure to pick up your copy!

10+ pictures inside of Michelle Williams and Jason Segel spending the afternoon with Matilda

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michelle williams jason segel afternoon with matilda 01
michelle williams jason segel afternoon with matilda 02
michelle williams jason segel afternoon with matilda 03
michelle williams jason segel afternoon with matilda 04
michelle williams jason segel afternoon with matilda 05
michelle williams jason segel afternoon with matilda 06
michelle williams jason segel afternoon with matilda 07
michelle williams jason segel afternoon with matilda 08
michelle williams jason segel afternoon with matilda 09
michelle williams jason segel afternoon with matilda 10

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  • DanaJ

    Please, stop taking pictures of this kid. she is so clearly puzzled by the paps, it makes you feel real bad for her. Let the kid have a normal childhood… Not a Suri-like crazy existence.

  • Bella

    This is getting ridiculous. Leave them alone.

  • pam

    I agree.. It’s cruel and unkind.. stop taking pics of the kids ..

  • Donester

    1. Jared please remove those nasty ads which old people looking “27″ or with blooded faces
    2. Jared do not accept pictures of terrorized kids and their mothers who struggle to protect them from paps
    3. Jared please do not use Heath ledger as a tag at your posts. I find it incredibly sad (sad with both meanings aka pathetic and depressing)

  • Diz29

    Let this little girl alone… look on her face, no need to be a genius to see that this is just enough for her…

  • http://@ngusare jiji

    Am not sure about her boyfriends investment in their lives. He seems on his own, ahead of them and not really their to protect them.. Really bad body language I must say… Michele ran… ran for your and daughters life… he he does not like your child, he is not in it for a long haul…

  • Gh

    Oh Michelle , you’re god damn stylish . Way too good for Jason

  • Marie

    Oui, those photos of children are not really necessary. I like Michelle Williams though.

  • annab

    They ought to go back to NY….they don’t get bothered as much there. L.A. photographers are relentless. Matilda looks scared in L.A.

  • Paley

    Why are they in Hollywood right now? Is Michele or Jason filming?

  • KissThis

    Poor thing :( If Michelle knows whats good for her daughter she’ll get out of L.A.

  • Maggie

    Leave these kids alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bella

    @Paley: I think Jason is filming “How I Met Your Mother”.

  • Ellgy

    I agree with what other posters have said. Matilda is obviously not comfortable with the cameras. I’d be really annoyed if this was my child. This is just harassment.

  • LTavares2012

    It`s visible the discomfort of the kid with the photos. Not only this time, anytime. I thought Michelle liked to have a discreet life with his daughter, but since she began a relationship with Mr. Segel the mess has began too. Many photos of the “family ” all the time, almost none pictures of Michelle and Jason dating alone. I´m not so sure that only the pappz are guilty. Just my opinion.

  • howard

    Damn every freaking day! I used to respect Michelle for keeping her daughter out of the crazy paps world, but since she hooked up with segel her poor kid is subjected to this crap all the time. If she wants her kid to be well adjusted she’d better get a clue and take her back home. The kid is going to have a hard enough time living with how her dad died.

  • Eliza

    @Donester: Well, Matilda is Heath’s child, even though it is sad that he passed so young, she will always be his daugter.

  • Camela

    @jiji: It is hard being a step to someone’s child especially a little one this age. When I married my spouse his daughter was 8 and she was a handful. It takes lots of patience and a special person to deal with it. I only had her part time because she had a mom but Jason will have this little girl all the time since she has not other parent. That is really hard.

  • Thanks Heath’s legacy lives on

    Do you people get it..she broke up with Heath there I said his name!
    She has dated a lot of men even directors for a longtime so we don’t
    Need to worry about step anything! Why go back to NYC. .why can’t
    She live in LA.. She gets the same attention no matter where she lives
    After all it is not her but Heath Ledgers Daughters Legacy that lives
    Through her!
    She is the one that people are going to come up to and say daddy
    Committed suicide OD …did not think of you when he was taking
    Drugs in London coming home because he was “sick”

  • Jinna

    The paps shouldn’t continue taking pictures when Matilda is obviously uncomfortable, but they /are/ in Hollywood…Michelle should know by now that they’re in a prime area for photographers. Hopefully next time they’ll find some way to sneak in without attracting anyone’s attention. But I will say that the paps are relentless in that part of LA. It makes me sick that one day they’ll probably yell something insulting about Heath to get a reaction out of Michelle & Matilda, if they haven’t done it already…

  • Maggie

    @Thanks Heath’s legacy lives on: You’re a mean hateful old biotch aren’t you? Go crawl back under your rock where you belong.

  • fabby

    michelle is not a celebrity looking for atention. she’s not tom cruise or snooki. so leave her and matilda alone. they’re low profile and michelle works hard on her career not on her body or publicity.

  • Rob

    @Thanks Heath’s legacy lives on: You Moron, he died because he unknowingly took a letal combination of prescription drugs like thousands of others do every year. That is why it is the #1 cause of accidental deaths now.

  • Rob


  • Albert

    My gosh.This kid looks like a boy with wig and dress. Has enormous shoulder.

  • Sunshine

    You were a bully growing up, right? Now you have to pick on little girls because people your own age know that you are a joke of a man.

  • George

    leave the child alone. i feel bad for her , Jason and Michelle…

  • all

    You are all such hypocrites. If you don’t like paparazzi photos then don’t look at therm! Don’t come to Just Jared and don’t look at them. You are all obsessed with this little girl yet you claim to not want to see photos of her. Yeah right! You can’t stop looking.

  • Deena

    @all: It’s kind of hard not to look when they’re on the front page every single day.

  • Louise

    Jared, why are you showing pictures of a child who is CLEARLY uncomfortable and/or scared? There are plenty of pictures available of celebrities that either aren’t with their children, or where the children appear to not be affected. I think your blog is FAR more respectable than most other celeb blogs, so try and keep it that way. I’m sure I am not alone in thinking this!

  • Chris

    Looks more to me like Michelle is trying to cover Matilda’s face – which by the look of it seems to annoy Matilda.

  • molly

    @all: Since she started up with Segel, they are everywhere, in all the mags and net so it is an in your face thing that is hard to avoid. That is when people get sick of seeing these celebs is when they are plastered all over the place all the time.

  • Albert

    @Sunshine: What you want. Im just realistic….

  • MouthingOff

    If a total stranger( which these paparazzi are)started taking pictures of a child, they would be called child molesters, pedaphiles etc. Their parents are fair game, they chose a high profile career. Let’s put some law on the books that children under the age of, let’s say 16 or a set age, is absolutely against the law! Also, any one who pays for these pictures is subject to HEFTY fines.