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Miley Cyrus: Backless Tee in Philly!

Miley Cyrus: Backless Tee in Philly!

Miley Cyrus rocks a back cut-out tee while shopping on Saturday afternoon (August 25) in Philadelphia, Penn.

The 19-year-old entertainer stopped at the Tumi store to check out the new styles.

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Earlier in the week, Miley hung out with her pal Cheyne in New York City. The pair shopped for some vintage fashion in the East Village neighborhood of the Big Apple.

Recent reports claiming that Miley‘s family is planning an intervention were shot down by her rep as “ridiculous”.

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Credit: Ouzounova; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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64 Responses to “Miley Cyrus: Backless Tee in Philly!”

  1. 1
    Asha Says:

    I understand Miley wanting to do something different with her hair but that doesn’t give her an excuse to look like a hot mess. Put a comb through that rats nest Miley.

  2. 2
    girlstragedy Says:

    Missy Elliot?

  3. 3
    rosey Says:

    I dont think she’s immature. She’s just pure trash in a very high level.

  4. 4
    Ioana Says:

    Here, here! Take it, use it. It’s called a bra.

  5. 5
    Steph Says:

    Who cares tho

  6. 6
    ha ha Says:

    she’s so mentally ill, she doesnt realize what how s kanky she really looks

  7. 7
    danielle Says:

    Is this Britney Version 2.0?

  8. 8
    piaj Says:

    LoL nowdays ugly people get married with hot guy. Werid

  9. 9
    michelle Says:

    channeling kris jenner?

  10. 10
    Andrei Says:

    looks good

  11. 11
    blina Says:

    I still cant believe it Liam Hemsworth is with Miley wounder what does he see in her?maybe he is to blind when they have… lol

  12. 12
    HM Says:

    Hannah is too desperate for attention and too immature to get married.

  13. 13
    Tam Says:

    This idiot is getting sillier by the day.

  14. 14
    seer Says:

    Not acting rationally, I see her headed for a meltdown. Her bf is just along for the ride.

  15. 15
    seer Says:

    Not acting rationally, I see her headed for a meltdown. Her bf is just along for the ride.

  16. 16
    starsh Says:

    What incredible hate for a young girl who is not doing that much at all except looking fine (compared to what I see on the streets every day) and being famous. Its people like you that drive these youngsters over the edge.

  17. 17
    Lola Says:

    She just doesn’t have the face shape to work this kind of hair cut.

  18. 18
    So many haters here Says:

    @Ioana: No one’s f*king business is wearing woman the bra or not …

  19. 19
    RLR Says:

    Immature and dumb…Run Liam Run

  20. 20
    weirdo Says:

    @girlstragedy: I’d say Messy Miley.

  21. 21
    maria Says:

    I honestly think she is not in a good place right now. She’s doing impulsive, stupid things, and that is a sure sign. I think Liam loves her, but knows about her issues. He is protective of her, and even if he doesn’t like her hair, he would never say so. It would devastate her, and maybe put her over an edge. That tells me he truly cares about her. He doesn’t love her for her hair, people, and when you grow up, you’ll see that love is about more than physical appearances.

  22. 22
    Billie Says:

    I like short hair styles but this looks a bit disheveled … But it’s not so bad.

  23. 23
    anch Says:

    Poor girl her carrer i guess is going nowhere thats why shes taking the Britney Spear path. I guess if you want to become a hoodrat in trainning I guess working for Disney is the right path.

  24. 24
    janekay Says:

    i like the looks totally rad… i don’t understand what everyone is getting so worked about, all the girl did is change her hairstyle,and people are acting like its the end of the world or something…get a grip people..she is young,rich and beautiful and living her life…Miley looks great, rock on girl!

  25. 25
    Lauren Says:


    we have no idea what liam says to miley in the privacy of their home

  26. 26
    ex nihilo Says:

    a GREAT look on her, she carries it well. much better than the matronly looks she dabbled in prior to finding this. it’s got an 80s edge in a good way.

  27. 27
    Patrick Says:

    Hot stuff!

  28. 28
    Rebecca Says:

    With that hair cut and the shirt she looks like some homeless person .

  29. 29
    patti Says:

    She is getting more and more weird. I bet that engagement will be called off soon.

  30. 30
    patti Says:

    Would have been smarter if she just wore a wig when she felt funky.

  31. 31
    sweetness Says:

    Ok, she knows her hair looks horrible. The look is not for her face.
    The girl is going through an identity crisis and her fiance is probably biting his tongue not to appear critical of her.
    I predict in a year their engagement will be off.

  32. 32
    Lola Says:

    I think I could have semi liked the cut if she at least left her natural hair coloring. Then maybe you could say that she just got sick of those overly long hair extensions and impulsively decided to chop it all off for some hair freedom. Blonde doesn’t suit her and she should have realized that while playing Hannah. I don’t think she’s having a breakdown or anything, just a teenager finding herself and this is the “off” phase of the search.

  33. 33
    *_* Says:

    wow! she looks like a hooker, especially with those huge hoop earrings!

  34. 34
    minah Says:

    She gives me secondhand embarrassment…

  35. 35
    Tessa Says:

    She’s good looking wit hout a doubt, also rich, talented and a Big WhoopDe Doo!! that she changed her hair to a short sassy cut. If she doesn’t like it which nobody here knows she can always grow it back. Miley has a gorg b/f who gave her an engagement ring b/c he loves her whether ppl like that fact or not. It’s his life , it’s her life .

    Miley made it to the top at a very young age and as usual there is always that certain ugly % of ppl who want to tear the multi millionares down.

    Have fun Miley, Looking good, Keep on ignoring the hateful electronic squirrells.

  36. 36
    cmac Says:

    I can’t believe how cruel people are. What is Miley doing that is so terrible? She changed her hair. Big deal. She’s wearing casual clothes. Can’t she be a real person? Put yourself in her place for a minute. She’s young and in love. What is wrong with that? Does she have to look like Sophia Vergara, for heaven’s sake? Sheesh!

  37. 37
    no hate plz Says:

    Still pwetyy :) I FOLLOW BACK SORRY I NEED FOLLOWERS :./ //!/

  38. 38
    Tara Says:

    girl sure loves the attention!

  39. 39
    Andrei Says:

    is her life!!! We all change at some point, well not the best choice of her life, but she could not remain forever HM, although we liked but man changes so her fans should understand that, if fans if better not tack …

  40. 40
    kellyLove Says:

    Come on guys,she doesn’t look THAT bad.

  41. 41
    Inmature people everywhere. Says:

    Ok, we all know that bringing her down makes you feel good with your disgusting persona, but it’s time to accept reality and this girl is doing nothing but trying to find herself and live her life and what does she get? useless cooment from a bunch of imature people. How old are you? If i’d know you’re around 13-19 years old i could understand the inmature behavor but i bet no one is a teenager. So grow up! You’re just as inmature as you think she is.

  42. 42
    KissThis Says:

    I do not understand how she thinks this looks good! It boggles my mind. How does she not realize she looks trashy??

  43. 43
    iris2009 Says:

    i like her T-shirt #JUST the T-shirt

  44. 44
    Sexy Miley Says:

    There will alway be jealous ppl in this world . Trust, if you make it to the top if they can or think they can they will try to break you with jealous unkind words.

    I like how MC handles the trashy fools hiding behind a computer mouthing off as if they are soooo perfecto..PFFFT!
    Like many other stars of today she takes it with a grain of salt.

    By the looks of many of the posts here it appears to be teens who are bored and ugly.

    Awwee so sad, and all the while Miley Cyrus could give two hoots about the hateful posters .

    As for Miley’s haircut i don’t dislike it but am a long haired lover. Doubt i will ever cut my hair except for trims. Or be so bold as to have it cut shoulder length. There are alot of young women like me but that doesn’t mean we hate everybody who gets their hair cut and colored. That’s their biz, just as my hair is mine.

    Looking rad Miley, cute change , you got some sweet styles going on there. sexyyyyy!!!

  45. 45
    Bev Says:

    I want her tee shirt too. The price isn’t bad for how diff. it is.

    Wish i had her body wearing an extra small must be nice.

    As for her hair i like the edgy style something like the old 80′s look.

    Would like to see the new cut in another color. Maybe lowlights and highlights in a darker blonde. Up to her.

    I wonder if she likes her new hairdo? We will never know onless she tells us in an interview . We can only assume. The trashloids are full of caca.

  46. 46
    Jo Says:


  47. 47
    Warren Says:

    Miley is so sexy and pretty even in a t-shirt and mostly covered up. Her new hair looks OK to me. She has such a beautiful face.

  48. 48
    Warren Says:

    @Lola: Blonde hair looks good on Miley. She was beautiful as Hannah. Sexy as Miley and sexy as Hannah. Best of both worlds and girls. Besides, Miley has blue eyes.

  49. 49
    Valarie Says:

    It’s kind of sad that some people still worship her. people have weird ideas of what kind of person deserves such high praise. it seems being normal, classy, and modest has gone out of style..

  50. 50
    B Says:

    She is beautiful ok now give thumbs down !….

  51. 51

    It’s a freakin hair cut people – she hasn’t beaten anyone’s car in with a baseball bat, shaved her head, stolen things, or faked an English accent. I say this and I don’t even care for her too much.

    Women are not socially obligated to look as beautiful as possible according to some neanderthal standard perpetrated by a patriarchal heritage that is no longer valid. The greatest enemy to the continual march of women towards equality are not men but women like you, women who are happy in their shackled slavery under the dictatorship of the heterosexual male.

    Miley is finding freedom from the imposition of ridiculous social standards of an antiquated notion of beauty and is trying to find herself. If this haircut makes her happy – if all along she’s been a short-haired cool chick trapped in a glamour girl’s body, what do you care?

    She’s moving forward, and women are moving forward, and will one day rule the world – but you won’t be standing with us. You’ll still be enthralled to your beauty ideal, rather than developing a creative, intellectual or professional career.

  52. 52
    thecat61 Says:

    If you idiots hate Miley so much why are you here? Actually, I think y’all are obsessed with her and you can’t stay away.

    Miley is looking so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. 53
    Jessie Says:

    I’m not a particular fan of hers, but she does have a good authentic singing voice. I love her cover of the Dylan song.

    Like a lot of people say, she’s growing up and trying new things, but I think her ever changing appearance has something else behind it. As mature as she tries to act, she’s stung by the criticism she gets about being a hillbilly etc. I think she’s trying to wipe out all of that ‘look’. When she said Liam told her, after this recent hair cut, that she looked happier than she’d looked in a long time, I thought that was telling. That’s what it takes to make her happier than she’d been in a long time, a hair cut? That very statement implies that she was unhappy before that.

    She has issues that are going to eventually come out. There has already been those rumors about her cutting herself. We’ll see. She got a lot of fame really quickly, anyone would have trouble adjusting. She’d better work on the inside, because the outside can’t fix that.

  54. 54
    Lulu Says:

    @starsh: @starsh:
    I agree! What is wrong with experimenting a little, we should all do it and not be scared to express who we are.

  55. 55
    JLO #1 Says:


  56. 56
    Olivia Says:

    she’s just a (famous) girl who cut and dyed her hair walking in the street. why are you all angry at her?

  57. 57
    Jennifer Says:

    I might be alone in this, but I actually like the hair cut. I’d never do it, but I think it suits her.

  58. 58
    Yoki Says:

    Here comes Shiloh Pitt in 13 years!

  59. 59
    Jaclyn Says:

    A bra might work too….

  60. 60
    Meetoo Says:

    Awful, Miley. Let it grow out and go back to a somewhat more natural color. A hot guy like Liam, can’t want to marry some fake, trashy-looking girl. (Oops I forgot, maybe fake women are what the Hemsworth men like as Chris has one that’s practically bionic in her parts, with all those surgeries.)

  61. 61
    lana Says:

    what’s with the HUMONGOUS hoop ear rings? I have nothing against her, but how can she possibly think that’s a good look?

  62. 62
    Billy Says:

    Wow, she is soooo beautiful. I love her new look, it’s sexy but somehow pure. I wish I was still brave enough to do something like that

  63. 63
    me Says:

    i think liam can do better

  64. 64
    Annie Says:

    Awesome! Not the most original of cuts, but she’s definitely rocking it. Remember when Edie Sedgewick did it and everyone hated it, and then it became iconic and everyone wanted it? Yeah. That happened. Also, I love the “put a bra on” comment. Remember when girls burned bras in the 60′s to show how little of a crap they gave about societal contraints? I’m not saying everyone should go topless (though I’m glad my town legally allows it), but damn give a girl a break for being unconstrained and trying something new. Ok I ranted. I feel better now. Viva la revolucion!

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