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Leonardo DiCaprio Hides Under Umbrella on 'Wolf' Set

Leonardo DiCaprio Hides Under Umbrella on 'Wolf' Set

Leonardo DiCaprio walks to the set of his film The Wolf of Wall Street with a cup of coffee in hand on Monday (August 27) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor later hid under an umbrella while making his way around the set to avoid being photographed.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Over the weekend, Leo‘s girlfriend Erin Heatherton had lunch in the Big Apple while he worked on the film.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of The Wolf of Wall Street

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leonardo dicaprio hides under umbrella on wolf set 02
leonardo dicaprio hides under umbrella on wolf set 03
leonardo dicaprio hides under umbrella on wolf set 04
leonardo dicaprio hides under umbrella on wolf set 05
leonardo dicaprio hides under umbrella on wolf set 06
leonardo dicaprio hides under umbrella on wolf set 07
leonardo dicaprio hides under umbrella on wolf set 08
leonardo dicaprio hides under umbrella on wolf set 09
leonardo dicaprio hides under umbrella on wolf set 10

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275 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio Hides Under Umbrella on 'Wolf' Set”

  1. 1
    D.Scott Says:

    Another blockbuster for Leo, I presume

  2. 2
    ()()()() Says:

    He looks stupid with that ridiculous umbrella.

  3. 3
    anon Says:

    Oh please Leo no one is checking for you like that anymore. Chris Hemsworth has taken over

  4. 4
    Klaus Van Lagerfeldt Says:

    He looks horrible.

  5. 5
    Claus Says:

    @anon oh yeah, that’s why there’are always paparazzi following him and that’s why JJ posted these pics and all the others pics and all his gf pics

  6. 6
    ck Says:

    If interested, we get the word umbrella from the Latin umbra/umbrae (meaning = shade). You’re welcome…carry on.

  7. 7
    reto Says:

    he is such a bore

  8. 8
    kiki Says:

    he looks so young! i cant wait for this film along with his others. but his taste in girlfriends always upsets me. he deserves a good woman but he keeps dating vain/opportunistic women.

  9. 9
    Sweet Peas Says:

    Looking good, Mr. D.

  10. 10
    whocares Says:

    Haha! Paparazzi caught youuu Leo

  11. 11
    Wash Board Abs Says:

    Leo looks so much better in his own clothes. the costume makes him look fuller (not a bad thing per se)

  12. 12
    weirdo Says:

    So THAT how it should be used, thanks for the tip Leo -) But it’s his own reasons why he decided to hide like that, i found it hilarious and not stupid at all.
    And i would argue about horrible look, he looks just fine. Why so much disavowal on him? I missed something? He is still quite talented and good looking actor. Of course everyone has their opinion so go ahead, peck me..

  13. 13
    Oscar Says:

    If he doesn’t get an Oscar soon, I’m going to be mad. He’s had so many great performances and he was deserving of an Oscar many times. Maybe one of his upcoming films will do the trick.

  14. 14
    @12 Says:

    @weirdo: I think he looks good too. these posters must be blind or so, so perfect. I go with the latter because perfect people obviously spend all their time on the internet.

  15. 15
    Lolita Says:

    He’s hiding his hair

  16. 16
    @ anon Says:

    @anon: Chris Hemsworth……. uhh….. no. hemsworth is handsome, but he doesn’t have the range to do dramatic fare. He’s great in action movies, but I couldn’t see him as the lead in any of DiCaprio’s movies.

  17. 17
    smokin' Says:

    He looks so d–m good in that third picture.

  18. 18
    T.O. Says:

    Isn’t that his buddy with him in a few of the shots? Can’t recall his name though. Anyone know?

  19. 19
    Hey Tink Says:

    Hey, Tinkerbell. Are you going to check out Wolf filming? What area of the city is it filming in at the moment?

  20. 20
    Hey Tink Says:

    Hey, Tinkerbell. Are you going to check out Wolf filming? What area of the city is it filming in at the moment?

  21. 21
    jealous Says:

    @@12: Nobody is perfect sh*t hore…

  22. 22
    Honey Says:

    back to work so soon? so we aren’t going to get more beach shots. :(

  23. 23
    ()()()() Says:

    @14: Don`t be so dramatic. Not agreeing with you doesn`t make anyone blind or perfect and it certainly doesn`t mean being in front of the computer all the time. Are you kidding?
    I`m not saying he looks horrible or he is a bad actor in general. It`s all about that half open umbrella to hide his face. I think it`s stupid.

  24. 24
    @21 Says:

    I’m very jealous of your illiteracy. Yes, you are correct there. (rolls eyes)

  25. 25
    Spot on! Says:

    @Honey: I`m grateful for that…
    He looks great in jeans not so much in the suit. The umbrella thing is just… nay.

  26. 26
    notyourfriend Says:

    looking good Leo…

  27. 27
    I ❤ Leo Says:


  28. 28
    ---- Says:

    Hiding like this makes him look like a diva. Not too manly…..

  29. 29
    notme Says:

    who cares about the face? look at his body!!! damn good!!!! he’s lost weight lately I guess

  30. 30
    @ 29 Says:

    ^^^^^ This.

  31. 31
    MS Says:

    Holy God he looks UNREAL….LOVE his outfit, he looks like a little hipster!! :D

  32. 32
    Message Says:

    See, he looks so much better in street clothes. That suit made him look so bloated, and the makeup was horrible. This Leo is definitely a cutie. Although, he does look ridiculous with that umbrella. Whatever, that’s what he does!

  33. 33
    paparazza Says:

    Leo stop with the umbrella now!

  34. 34
    Frances Says:

    He seems to be in better shape now, but it’s time to start taking care of his hair loss problem.

  35. 35
    Anonymous Says:

    He looks hot! damn, and i agree he looks so much better in casual clothes. And also without make up and hair styling and all that. Love you Leo!! all hates can go take a hike. ;)

  36. 36
    LOL Says:

    Leo is entering in a Jude Law’s phase of losing his hair from the front . LOL

  37. 37
    btch Says:

    And the point of this thread is…?

  38. 38
    yolo Says:

    LMAO at all the paid PR hacks posting how good he looks and that he’s great, this, that, whatnot and that the umbrella isn’t bad. Please R U seriou?. He looks like a freaking idiot. What an attention ho

  39. 39
    somali girl Says:

    Ugly bloated faced frog.

  40. 40
    somali girl Says:

    He is hiding his bloated ageing face.

  41. 41
    Observer Says:

    His bodyguard Jay has been the same since how long? I just noticed that the guy has lost weight.

  42. 42
    @Observer Says:

    He looks the same to me.
    but is he with Leo only when leo is on work assignments or out of work as well?

  43. 43
    Hannah Says:


  44. 44
    Meetoo Says:

    I love Chris Hemsworth, but Leo is looking good. Looks like he lost some weight. Hey, you have to be hot if you want to be carrying any of these top films.

  45. 45
    carrie Says:

    Leo Dicaprio or the 1001 ways to hide his face :future best seller!

  46. 46
    Fan of Leo Says:

    Yes, his bodyguard is sexy.

  47. 47
    nepenthes Says:

    He looks SO young.

  48. 48
    KissThis Says:

    ok then….

  49. 49
    Sam Says:

    Starting to look like Nicholson.

  50. 50
    Dieter Says:

    Well done Jared giving Erin’s the credit she deserves !!!!

  51. 51
    kellyLove Says:

    Leo looks H-O-T !! He’s lost some weight and I like his casual style.

  52. 52
    Yohji Says:

    Usually he’s dressed so horribly, he actually looks nice here.

    [/shallow post]

  53. 53
    lol Says:

    Dieter is cracking up again! Erin deserves credit for what? Nothing. It’s the same old and sad Leo&Bar 2.0 story. Bar is replaced by the most boring model ever!

  54. 54
    @42 Says:

    To answer your question about Leo’s bodyguard, yes he’s been seen spending time with Leo and his friends outside Leo’s work commitments. you can see him behind Bar when they were celebrating new year’s eve last year.

  55. 55
    sydney Says:

    Erin get credit for what (having lunch) at least leo entertains us with his movies.
    What does she do for our society

  56. 56
    Angèle Says:

    Here is a link from PURE PEOPLE where you can see additional photos from saturday’s filming. we can have a better look at the actress he is kissing.

  57. 57
    Amanda Says:

    Actually it rained today in NYC, so maybe that’s the deal with the umbrella.

  58. 58
    R Says:

    Congratulations, Erin. You can always be proud of spreading your legs and then some ppl had sort of heard of you. *golf claps*

  59. 59
    Chris Says:

    I like Scorsese’s movies, but I must say I’m a bit tired of seeing the same actors with the same directors.
    DiCaprio in Scorsese’s films … once again !
    A biopic……….. once again !
    DiCaprio always playing the same type of character …… once again !

    I must say that it gets a little bit boring and uninteresting!

    Why not play in small films or I don’t know…… something very different.

  60. 60
    M.C Says:

    I noticed Leo often has to change his hair color because of films.
    No good for the hair, especially for men who tend to lose their hair more easily than women :-)))
    If he continues, he risks losing his hair faster ! :)))

  61. 61
    @59 Says:

    Frankly, I am not tired of watching Leo working with Scorsese. All their films were very different, all from different periods and the characters were also very different from one another. I am excited with this project and the casting (jean dujardin, matthew M. Jonah h.) is very appealing. What i am concerned is “when” the film is going to be released? It might take two years before we get it in the theaters.

  62. 62
    Anon Says:

    Ohhhhh Myyyyyy God… He is so hot!

  63. 63
    La piñata. Says:

    So hot.

  64. 64
    Fro Says:

    He’s losing his hair because he’s getting old.

  65. 65
    cracked actor Says:

    what’s the point of hiding behind an umbrella after he’s been photographed? i’m convinced it’s an act. he wanted these pics out there. he knows the pics with him in costume got a bad reaction.

  66. 66
    cracked actor Says:

    chris hemsworth is disgusting looking and a bad actor. he reminds me of a younger dog the bounty hunter. leo is better looking than hemsworth and nicholson, but nicholson is a better actor.

  67. 67
    Other pics Says:

    AFLO has different shots of a casual Leo and Scorsese
    part 1

  68. 68
    Other pics Says:

    … part 2

  69. 69
    Other pics Says:

    …and photo 3

  70. 70
    pinky Says:

    @cracked actor:

    He looks like Dog crossed with Fabio. Don’t get the hype about the Hemsworth bros.

  71. 71
    megatit Says:


  72. 72
    megatit Says:


  73. 73
    joy Says:

    Leo is so cute~ ~

  74. 74
    jolentini Says:

    Made in UK. Check out my latest movie “Four’s a crowd” in which I am playing the character of Luke. Pls leave constructive comments if you like.

  75. 75
    fm Says:

    He doesn`t deserve a good woman, he`s only into their look`s ( at least it always seem`s to be required feature) and have you ever seen him date with a random looking woman? (Although he him self is) Anyway he look`s cute with that hat on!

  76. 76
    Emma Says:

    About Scorsese & DiCaprio together, I have the same feeling: he could change & play with other directors because it’s “rengaine” (french word/ don’t know the word in english)
    And yes, always the same characters: you know, the guy who often has no luck with women, with a vulnerable side, etc…
    As for Jean Dujardin… :))) he has an insignificant role in the film (a very small role / he said it in a french itw / I’m French :)). Maybe you will see 5 minutes in the film :))) In short, I guess Scorsese “uses” him because he is “bankable”. He’s not stupid: he knows this choice will attract more people to see his film (not only in France)…. More people to watch his film = more money ! You know what I mean ? :))

  77. 77
    Emma Says:

    Hot ? DiCaprio ? He was very hot yes, but….. when he was younger. :)
    Hot, very beautiful & charismatic (probably the most beautiful man in the world), but…….. he isn’t anymore: he hasn’t aged well at all.
    Ok, everyone ages, but for DiCaprio, it’s very different. I mean…… look at Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt for example. Ok, they also have aged, but they still have the same face (only with more wrinkles). In the case of DiCaprio, I have a strange feeling: when you look at him when he was younger & when you look at him now……It seems not to be the same person… as if you look at 2 different persons :)))

  78. 78
    Anonymous Says:

    Brad Pitt is still good looking and Leo isn’t? you’re kidding me right? Brad Pitt was never even good looking in the first place, so overrated! leo has still exactly the same expression, smile, eyes and charm. In interviews i still get all giggly when he is talking. He is hot and for him it doesn’t matter if he is super thin or chubbier.

  79. 79
    joy Says:

    @Emma I admit Johnny Depp age well but Brad Pitt aged horribly.ppl thought he aged well because he tried to wear younger hairstyle and clothing but if u look at his face. look at this
    and LOL
    ppl think Leo doesn’t age well because he was too beautiful when he was younger.when an ugly person aged,it doesn’t make any different but when a very handsome face aged,its kinda shocking (Robert redford and Marlon brando for example)

  80. 80
    joy Says:

    Its not his fault that he aged !!! even if he looks older but he will always have that adorable eyes and smile

  81. 81
    Anonymous Says:

    Brad Pitt looks like a goat in those pics. never understood the big deal about him honestly. Leonardo is still sexy, just manly sexy now, and not so babyfaced cutiepie sexy..

  82. 82
    Emma Says:

    @ Anonymous :

    Did you read what I wrote ?
    The problem is not Leo has aged :) As I said, everyone ages… it’s inevitable & no problem with that. The problem is he hasn’t aged well at all (read again my previous comment :))
    As for Brad Pitt, it was an example…. Personaly, I dont like him & I don’t think he is hot or sexy or beautiful… I just said (read again my previous comment)…. even B.Pitt also has aged (of course), he still has the same face (like Depp or De Niro for example)
    It’s not the case of DiCaprio (read again my previous comment). Sorry but it’s true (a lot of people say it & it’s true).
    That said, I don’t care about Brad Pitt or even Dicaprio…. That’s why I am more objective than you :)))

  83. 83
    Anonymous Says:

    Ofcourse Leo aged! seriously what do people expect? If a celebrity ages like we all do (so good to know he is human..) people bash them cause they are not hot anymore. You only care about looks? He was my fave actor then, and he still is know, doesn’t depend on his looks anyway. But if he would have plastic surgery or something he looks fake and plastic. You can’t win when being in the public eye and it’s ridiculous. They age like we do, they gain weight getting older, as most of us do okay. Don’t expect unrealistic things from them.

  84. 84
    Anonymous Says:

    A lot of people say it and it’s true? Please? Most comments come from young girls who only discovered him now, and want him to be still as young as he was in Titanic. Okay? They want to have this young guy they can still fantasize about. And ofcourse Leo at 37 isn’t as attractive to them as 22 year old Leo, cause of the huge age gap. But he still is (or is even more now to people who are older now and grew up with him). So don’t act like it’s a fact, it is surely not.

  85. 85
    joy Says:

    @Emma don’t care but commenting on his thread :))) so other ppl aged but still have same face but Leo aged and looks like a different person,thats makes him unique,isn’t it . No wonder I find him very interesting :) haha

  86. 86
    Anonymous Says:

    It’s just like you said Joy, when some was as gorgeous as Leo in his younger days, people will always be way more harsh when he gets older, than when someone was already regular looking. Its not his fault, he never wanted to be labeled as a hunk, and only being taken seriously and liked for his work, i can now understand why.

  87. 87
    Emma Says:

    @ Joy

    Apparently, you didn’t undestand what I wrote (ok, I’m French & it’s not easy to explain in another language / very frustrating :))
    Once again, the problem is not he has aged or even he hasn’t aged well… I would say. The problem is : when you look at him when he was younger & when you look at him now….. it’s like it isn’t the same person :) You have the feeling to see 2 different persons ! :)))
    (contrary to B.Pitt or Depp or De Niro, etc…)
    You know what I mean ?

    And as I already said, I don’t care of B.Pitt . I don’t like him / just an example to explain he still has the same face…. OK, older with wrinkles, but still the same face :)
    (contrary to DiCaprio)

  88. 88
    joy Says:

    @Anonymous accually I prefer this older Leo, younger Leo looks too pretty for me haha now he looks more manly.have u see the new tag heur
    pics ?wow
    @Emma I guess u really don’t understand english (English is not my first language too) but I can understand u.and yes he doesn’t have the same face and its not a bad thing.he looks much more rugged now.of course a lot teeny boppers likes pretty boys thats why they are so dissapointed that he doesn’t looks like that anymore and none of the new pretty boys is as pretty as jack dawson haha

  89. 89
    Emma Says:

    @ joy

    To be more precise, I am not disapointed. I really don’t care (I’m not a huge fan anyway).
    It was just an observation :)))

    That’s all !

  90. 90
    Emma Says:

    @ joy :
    Sorry, but I understand the english language & I can write in englis (I think I’m not so bad :)))

    As for “Titanic”……….. sorry, but for different reasons, I don’t like this film ! :)

  91. 91
    joy Says:

    @Emma ok u can have your opinion ,if u think he doesn’t age well,keep it to yourself or tell ur friends .why post it on public a fan I feel offended when I read negative comments.and aging is not his fault at long as he keep making good movies I will always be a fan :)))

  92. 92
    othersideoftheocean Says:

    Can anyone explain something to me…what is the point of this guy always trying to hide his face?? I get his story about not wanting paparazzi making money off his private life,..blah blah, but usually on one photo he manages to hide his face, and on the next one his face is not at all covered up. Really now…what’s the point?? seems to me like some kind of obsession with hiding his face, which absolutely doesn’t make sense.

  93. 93
    joy Says:

    @othersideoftheocean maybe he is just weird lol but He is not hurting anyone so.. let him be

  94. 94
    @joy Says:

    Its exactly because this is a public forum that Emma or anyone else can post what they want about Leo. All opinions are supposed to be welcome. This is not strictly a Leo lovers fan site and Emma did not even insult him but remarked on a personal observation.

  95. 95
    @fm#75 Says:

    You actually think he is with this one for her looks? Frankly? thick ankles, cellulite, no boobs, no hips, sagging buttocks….and her face is more than random.

  96. 96
    joy Says:

    @@joy I am just asking her to be considerate of other ppl’s feeling, she is not even a fan or a hater (I don’t understand) if she doesn’t care about him then why comment? its like u are sitting in a train or bus and u keep commenting about others ppl looks,Its not very nice :)

  97. 97
    @95 Says:

    Why are so many cough – ‘Leo fans’ – ahem obsessed with destroying his girlfriends looks? Even scarier as Leo stans tend to be female. Erin is not as beautiful as you #95 fine. You have studied her body intensely and now taken her apart. Feel better? That speaks well of Leo he is not as shallow and superficial as some of his alleged fans. Sadly for you I doubt she will opt to kill herself because she does not meet your aesthetic standards.

  98. 98
    @joy Says:

    Considerate of other people’s feelings? I think you take this too much to heart. I enjoy reading the objective remarks and not everyone has to be a worshipper or a fan. A lot of people feel the way Emma does and she did not insult him. The conversation Emma struck up was interesting and made a nice change from the typical attack Leo girlfriend which is all some others do. I would apply the bus train/analogy to you as well. Just skip over her comments and let others engage if it offends you so.
    Best wishes

  99. 99
    Jenny Says:

    @ Emma: I agree with you and + 1 for the comment 94

    a very good observation!!

  100. 100
    Anonymous Says:

    All comments/opinions are supposed to be welcome? Please? Everyone posting something positive on this site gets loads of thumbs down, and not even cause they really disagree, just cause they want this to be a negative bashing site about every popular celebrity.

  101. 101
    @100 Says:

    So why don`t you pick a different site to read? This is a public forum and ALL comments and opinion are welcome. Just because you don`t like most of them and you can`t handle it won`t change the fact that anyone can post either positive or negative opinion here. Sorry but if that`s too much for some maybe those people should stick to sites that are different.

  102. 102
    Anonymous Says:

    Yeah well thumbs down on you too ass*** rofl. IDGAF as all i can do is feel sorry for the negativity some people clearly excist of. ^^ “

    People want you to be a crazy, out-of-control teen brat. They want you miserable, just like them. They don`t want heroes; what they want is to see you fall” -Leonardo DiCaprio

    You’re right babe, screw them!

  103. 103
    about e necklace Says:
    we can see that e necklace is not relating to leo at all! so whenever she wear it doesn’t mean she is with leo or something!
    just wanted to share for showing bz’s conclutions r not right always and some ones obvi. were wrong as some of us knew it though! just shared for clear some for those who wanna know and those who r talking about this necklace for break up or not! we all know this relationship will go to nowhere and they will have break up so soon and it won’t take long like 4/5 years or something! we know leo,everyone know this, even erin’s fans!
    sorry for bring up erin’s talking just wanted to share as i’ve said!have a good time!

  104. 104
    Emma Says:

    @ joy :

    Ok, apparently, you still didn’t understand what I wrote ;)

    To be more precise (once again), I didn’t wrote that I hate him.
    I like DiCaprio (even if I am not a huge fan). I think he is a very good actor. I like some of his films (not all his films). I don’t like “Titanic” for example.
    I didn’t write either he is ugly ! I think he is an handsome man… even now (compared to a lot of men)

    ……… but it is not because I like him I become blind ! :)))

    Here is what I wrote in my previous comments : contrary to Depp, Pitt, De Niro(for example) who still have the same face now than before (even if, of course, they are older with wrinkles), DiCaprio is very different : the young Dicaprio & the old DiCaprio seem to be 2 different persons :))

    Once again, it was just an observation ! Is it clear now ? :)

    No more no less.

    That’s all ! :)))

  105. 105
    Dasha Says:

    He’s looking good

  106. 106
    about e necklace Says:

    just wanned to say she has the necklace becuase of that global citizen! so maybe Jennifer Meyer works with like jonah hill and some others work and jenn.meyer knew erin before leo,i guess i’ve heard that before,anyway it seems she has it by herself relating to the global not by leo! that’s all!

  107. 107
    @103 Says:

    Stop obsessing ! You’re the same person that insists they’ve broken up every time and his soulmate is Mother Teresa! When everyone else knows this is how Leo is with his relationships. Rinse & Repeat.

  108. 108
    joy Says:

    @joy I think commenting someone appearance is not very nice unless its a compliment
    @jenny I disagree with you :)

  109. 109
    Kaley Says:

    Wtf is wrong with this guy? I get that he would hid like a coward hating the papz when he was thrown in the media flashligt when he was 23 years old for Titanic. But now he turning 38, and still acting the same! He seems to be very insecure almost sickly. He is hanging with two ppl in his life. His mother and his secret lover Lukas haas. I mean it’s cute to hang around his mother, but he will never commit to any woman more than his mother, oh dear. The fact that Leo’s only dated models, then it’s a habit almost addiction! I get if he would sometime meet a model and fall in love, and okay two models, But ALL of his girlfriends and flirts have been models! That’s a clear sign he is very insecure and immature. He obviously is afraid of what other ppl think, and only goes for women that he knows is appreciated for her looks! It’s like an evidence to him that his girl must be beautiful!

    The reason he never dated and never dates so called real women like Kate Winslet, Alicia Silverstone, Claire danes, Marion Cottillard, is simply because he CAN’T GET these kind of independent women with self esteem and who not follow him like a tail. They want a real mature man, a gentleman who trusts himself and not live with his mother. What 30 year old woman would like to go out with leo on a romantic evening to a restaurant when he is hiding like a coward?!! A man who can’t even walk normally hand in hand with his love without hiding under his ridiculous baseball cap?!!!

    The reason he go for these women is insecurity, immaturity and shallowness. He would never be a man who can proudly walk beside a women with wrinkles, who has weight and ages naturally. Never. He must have a much younger insecure girl who ACCEPTS his behaviour, walking before her hiding like a rat, who can accepts he just calls when he wants, who never commits. His insecurity is sick and he only goes for tall girls, very tall girls, and it has to be a model or a girl who looks like a model and acts like a model, young.

    He can’t get a real woman that’s it. And as he gets older, his insecurity continues and that’s why he keeps going for models that are still 20 years old!!!!! He would never date a 30 year old. Dork.

  110. 110
    joy Says:

    @Anonymous I agree with u +1 :) this site has too many negative comments need balance haha

  111. 111
    @100 Says:

    Ignore the thumbs. JJ is not reflective of Leo or any other celebs’ worldwide popularity. I agree this site tends to be relentlessly negative and bitchy but it attracts a fringe and aggresive group and in the big picture it’s truly small potatoes.

  112. 112
    @106 Says:

    No Jennifer M did not know Erin before Leo. Maybe she knew of her but they only started following each other on twitter and acknowledging each other post Leo. Erin is getting these contacts and contracts because of Leo. Its not what you want to hear so thumb down away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. 113
    joy Says:

    @Anonymous #102 *standing ovation* haha

  114. 114
    joy Says:

    @Emma u said other actor such as brad pitt aged better than him and I disagree ,Its not hard to understand at all.U said he looks like a different person than his younger self,I agree but it doesn’t matter because I like his looks now.looks different doesn’t mean not aged well(my opinion).your last post sounded better though so peace

  115. 115
    @112 Says:

    What contracts? Waving bras and being more boring than ever? You can`t be sure whether they knew each other or not. Maybe they were acquaintances and they became closer after Leo`s last order from the VS catalog. There might be a lot of negative comments on JJ but there are plenty from people who think they know it all…

  116. 116
    @Emma Says:

    It`s not worth replies to some people. They see what they wanna see in your comments and it doesn`t matter how much you try to explain to them what you meant. They will ignore it and they will push whatever they think you said.

  117. 117
    @115 Says:

    You really need to calm down.
    You have your opinion and I have mine. Nothing is changing that.

  118. 118
    joy Says:

    @Kaley do you know him?

  119. 119
    @117 Says:

    I`m absolutely calm. I just started catching up with the thread since last night and I replied to your comment. What`s the big deal? You have your opinion and I have mine. True. So what`s the issue?

  120. 120
    LOL Says:

    I see that typical aggressive relentless leo fanstan is around.
    i predict #joy and #annonymous will follow #behappy’s steps soon enough.

  121. 121
    joy Says:

    @@Emma same as you :)

  122. 122
    LOL Says:

    @121 – EXACTLY

  123. 123
    @Kaley Says:

    You nailed it, girl! I love your comment. I don`t think Lukas is his `secret lover` but otherwise I think are absolutely correct. I think he could get women like Kate Winslet…etc but he wouldn`t be able to hold on to them for the reasons you mentioned. Sticking to models, always blonde, always underwear models, always under the age of 25… That says a lot about his maturity level. It makes him look superficial and immature. I wonder what joy thinks about this. Joy, what`s your take on the fact that his girlfriends are interchangeable? Same age, same look, same profession NEVER anything different?

  124. 124
    joy Says:

    @LOL I hope more and more “fanstan” join this site to piss u off LOL

  125. 125
    @about e necklace(103 Says:

    Didn’t she buy that necklace herself? I thought so.

  126. 126
    @124 Says:

    Joy I think post 122 was AGREEING with you
    @109 Yay the 5 millionth post about the fact that Leo dates underwear models. The same posters that attack his girlfriends looks then call him sans irony-shallow, superficial, immature, e.t.c
    Yes Yes lets stop talking about his films and beat that dead horse of his personal life for the billionth time. Its not gonna change anything but that’s ALL jj is for. I mean what else can be said that has not alread been said in the other 50 Leo posts?????????????????????
    Don’t worry about telling me to leave I’m out.

  127. 127
    Anonymous Says:

    Who he dates and why is his business! i respect him enough not to judge him on that. And Kate loves him to death, and they share everything with eachother, she has said that herself, they know eachother’s deepest secrets. And yet she still loves him, leave her out of this.

  128. 128
    @Anonymous#127 Says:

    Yep, who he dates is his business and we don’t judge him on that, for sure.

  129. 129
    Anonymous Says:

    Uh speak for yourself please? I don’t, as i am not jealous of who he dates. I am old enough to know he isn’t my imaginery boyfriend thank you very much!

  130. 130
    @126 Says:

    What else did you say here that hasn’t been said in the last 50 Leo posts? Nothing. There was talk about his movies and acting yesterday and it went off topic. Like it always does on these threads. The dynamic on JJ is never going to change. I think anyone who is a regular here knows that. I think it’s about the fact whether people can deal with that or not. Nobody is told to leave but why read comments that clearly upset you and doesn’t agree with you? Honestly I’m saying this without hate.

  131. 131
    @Anonymous Says:

    Doesn’t the person who you date reflects a little on who you are and where are your values…???

  132. 132
    @131 Says:

    I read it once in a JJ comment ( not Leo thread ) that our partners are the reflection of who we are and what we value.

  133. 133
    the fame monster Says:

    @Kaley #109
    I agree 1000%!!!!
    I laughed out loud when you called him a dork. He is!
    Still cute though.

  134. 134
    Anonymous Says:

    go spam an Erin thread with her pictures please? And what are you trying to prove here? So Erin behaves that way in public, i’ve never seen Leo behave that way in public. He wasn’t there so who says he even knows? He isn’t exactly the type to go looking for pictures online as he hates press. He spends his time online to talk about the environment and busy with important issues involving animals and the world. I love that, i love him. That is that. I don’t think he is looking for a super serious relationship, and that is fine, with his work (and hers) you’re always busy, always away. If he likes that and doesn’t wanna commit untill he finds someone he actually wants to give that up for, who blames him for just enjoying Erin’s company? And the other way around? You act like he has a new gf every month. You can say whatever you want about him dating models all the time, but most of them were pretty longlasting so stop acting like he uses them or the other way around.

  135. 135
    joy Says:

    @@Kaley marriage is so overrated,If I a rich and famous man like him, I will keep dating pretty girls and never get married too.maybe he will find someone to marry in the future or maybe doesn’t matter.although I really want to see little leo babies :) about him dating the same type,he is just doesn’t like changes maybe haha just like he choose similar character in movies.I watch his early interview about what he wanted to do and he really does not change.the most important is to maintain happiness.I don’t know Erin but she seems like a nice girl.just because she is vs model doesn’t mean she is not good for him

  136. 136
    joy Says:

    @@124 oh really sorry @LOL :)

  137. 137
    @134 Says:

    Why is it spamming? Those are her photos, she posed for those in public just like she willingly did the nude photos. They are out there and now that she is dating Leo they will show up on his threads. Just like the way it was with his exes. Why is it spamming now that it is happening to Erin? I tend to agree with you ( him having fun with Erin until someone serious comes along, tends to care about serious issues …etc. ) but everyone is entitled to post opinion here.

  138. 138
    Anonymous Says:

    Leo babies, aw how cute would that be? And yes he has admitted himself that he is a so called procrastinator, so he likes to postpone things, i think the same goes for being in a committed relationship or marriage. So? It makes him happy. He isn’t here to please anyone of us.

  139. 139
    Anonymous Says:

    They don’t show up on Leo’s threads, you keep shoving them into our faces for god knows what reason. What are you trying to accomplish with those? What does it have to do with those new pics of Leo on set of his new movie?

  140. 140
    @138 Says:

    No, he isn`t here to please any of the JJ posters. But they still have opinion and people can post that on public forums. I don`t think there is anyone around here who seriously believes Leo gives a cr*p about the opinion posted here but the point of a site like this is to have conversations and arguments based on opinion. Same applies to d-listed or celebitchy or bellazon.

  141. 141
    JC.75 Says:

    @ Kaley : I’m afraid I agree with you too :)
    I always thought he is someone very immature and as you said, someone who is afraid of “real women” :))
    That’s probably the reason why he only dates models, young women (girls?), very suggestible…
    It reminds me an itw he did with a journalist 3 / 4 years ago (a very beautiful & elegant woman / 40 years old). You know, the kind of woman you can’t control ! :)) The kind of woman very intimidating & very professional too.
    During the itw, he seemed very embarassed, almost shy… like a child! The most often, he didn’t dare to look at her in the eyes ! :))
    That was funny ! :))

  142. 142
    @139 Says:

    The same thing his exes photos had to do with his threads in the past. I`m not saying I`m happy to see these photos of Erin but again this is an issue that has been going on on Leo JJ threads for years… Posting photos/articles like these are always present even though they aren`t and weren`t related to the only Leo threads.

  143. 143
    Anonymous Says:

    Yeah, well then why do you keep going that “tradition”? omg, some people i tell ya.. you act like you can’t do anything about it, so you just do the same with Erin’s pictures? I don’t care about what she does, i am interested in Leo, and his work. What does her butt have to do with that?

  144. 144
    Lauren Says:

    Who knows why he dates models and is so insecure? Maybe he is gay? And i don’t mean that in a negative way, but it’s possible. Especially since he is so close with his mom. It is hard to come out of the closet for a regular person already, imagine for someone so much in the public eye. leave him alone!

  145. 145
    Philly Says:

    100% agree. Welcome. Have a look back at some earlier Leo posts and the Erin pic spammer who is NOT a Leo fan, always posts her pics to **** her. I’m a Brit and be it Miranda Kerr, Gisele, Kate Moss, Candace’s nude pics I don’t care about anyone’s nudes. But the poster keeps trying.
    Watch this thread descend

  146. 146
    @128 @131 Says:
    You keep trying in EVERY Leo post.
    Pretending you are concerned for him. Worried for the greater good
    Yet it makes no difference. Some see through you. Stew in your malice.
    He does not care. Its 10 months on. He’s still with her. And its by choice.

  147. 147
    @143 Says:

    I dont go with the tradition and I haven’t posted any photos of Erin. It’s another ‘tradition’ believing it’s only one person posting everything negative. I simply pointed out this has been going on here for years and it won’t change. Can you handle it?

  148. 148
    @145 Says:

    Add Lara Stone (whom I LOVE) to that list.
    Its interesting all those models named with their nude portfolios are settled down in serious relationships or married with children. Their now-husbands were still pleased to WIFE them and have families with them. Obviously they do not share the high moral values of that jj poster, and their in laws did not get the memo that they are forever ‘Scarlett’ women to be banished *snigger*

  149. 149
    Rainbow Says:

    @ JC.75

    Oh really?
    what you said is very interesting. I’m curious now :)
    Could you please tell us what itw is it?
    (I’d like to see it :))

  150. 150
    Labal Says:

    what’s the brand of the polo he’s wearing?
    I just loved it!

  151. 151
    greentea Says:

    it is really hilarious to see as Kalia under 109, bashing him for his choices and waiting for reaction. Than, when she did not await for any, she starts to reply herself under posts 123, 133 and 141, with the phrases ” you nailed it girl”, “i agree with you 100%”. The only thing it the style, the spelling and even choice of words are the same.
    Listen, girl, if you decided to talk to yourself be more various in you writing.

  152. 152
    @151 Says:

    Yes, replying to herself. Whatever helps you deal with comments you don’t like. The ‘it’s all one person’ thing represents variety on these threads. lol

  153. 153
    @ Kaley Says:

    With Kate Winslet or Marion Cotillard? LOL
    Both are beautiful women (charm, elegance, classic beauty) & the same age, but don’t forget they are also commited & have children.
    That said, why not? lol
    Sure with Kate, Marion or this type of woman, they would make a great couple. Very class! Don’t know the future. Who knows?

    Immature? Maybe he is.

    But I also think as a scorpio, he is very jealous & it probably explains why he doesn’t date with actresses ( (I guess seeing her girlfriends with other men in movies is not very pleasant when you are jealous! :))

    That said, it’s just a supposition. LOL
    Immature or not, jealous or not.. I don’t care. It’s his life. He f— who he wants :)

  154. 154
    ??? Says:

    so does any of those ladies that give predictions have anything? one said they would break up by august. i guess that’s wrong. if only he could mature in his choices of women.

  155. 155
    @ ??? Says:

    except Leo himself said it in an interview when he was younger. LOL
    He talks about his astrological sign (scorpio) and the fact this sign is known to be passionate, highly sexual, jealous…..
    He didn’t deny it! :))

  156. 156
    kristen Says:


  157. 157
    Rob. Says:

    @ @ Kaley: you wrote “He f— who he wants” (post 153)
    it reminds me this video:


  158. 158
    taina Says:

    amo leo sou louca por ele gosto de todas as namoradas dele sou brasileira gosto de kristen gisele bar blake e erin todas sao lindas fico triste quando ele rompe com elas

  159. 159
    taina Says:

    leo te amo muito leo e erin forever

  160. 160
    Photos etc. Says:

    The reason they post the same links and photos of Erin is because those files are infected. Out of curiosity, you will click on the links or photos and your computer will be infected with some nasty sh*t. Once they hack into your computer and realize you are not either PR of the celeb, a friend or family member of the celeb, or God forbid, the actual celeb themselves they will all of a sudden not be interested in your comments and will try to get you to go away because then you are just interfering with their crimes.
    I had two of my personal computers compromised and in both cases, clean-up was impossible and I had to repartition the hard drives and reload the operating system from scratch. My advice, disconnect and go get your computer checked-out and practice online security no matter where you are. You wouldn’t click on a spam link or open an attachment in an email, right? Don’t do it here either.

  161. 161
    taina Says:

    ola tinkerbell my soy brasil

  162. 162
    taina Says:


  163. 163
    sick and tired... Says:

    … of the same boring pathetic losers who can’t accept that public figures such as actors and models have their naked photos posted on a public forums. if you don’t want to see Erin’s sagging boobs or watching her having her butt grabbed by some guy, then don’t just look. some of the other hand are curious to see what the girl leo is on an off dating truly is.

  164. 164
    Kora Says:

    I think he must have seen his dermaologist recently. He looks much fresher w much less wrinkles than in prevous pics. Love u anyway leo ;)

  165. 165
    tired and sick Says:

    of the same boring pathetic losers upset their pic spamming is not having the desired effect., crusading against people who have different opinions to them and don’t share their desire to seek out, post and j8rk off to a nude woman’s “sagging boobs” or “butt grabbing” for whatever reason even when it has no relevance to the topic of the post.

  166. 166
    Philly Says:

    what “the girl leo is on and off dating truly is?”
    A fashion model, any one, having nude shots is not a big deal for some unlike you. As others have said quite a few of these women actresses/models even Kate Winslet no doubt in your mind – all wh**es – who have nudes have not been cast out of society and are married to very successful men in sports, music, entertainment regardless of who ‘they truly are’. And be it Erin or anyone else nudes do not imply something nefarious in what she truly is.
    But at least the real motive for the pic onslaught is now out in the open.

  167. 167
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Hey Tink:The wider sidewalks and that grating there make it look like lower manhattan, of course, but I cant tell which street. It is probably posted or tweeted somewhere, I have a half a day tomorrow so I am going to go down and stand in the crowd behind the barricade and look. I just want to see what he looks like in real life dont want to annoy or attract attention.

  168. 168
    tinkerbell Says:

    @LOL: No he wont lose his hair-look at his father full head of hair in his 60s, will go grey though, his dad dyes his.

  169. 169
    tinkerbell Says:

    ok that umbrella pic is truly stupid. I started my day with the Daily News front page headline saying, “leo strips naked for orgy” I had to wait until I got to work to read the story (of course it is for the film but it was a nice way to start the day)

  170. 170
    tinkerbell Says:

    check it out:

    some of this looks like closer to Canal street, but this street is one of ones slightly south of wall, anyway I am sure if I just wander down there I’ ll find it, yes that is his bodyguard but I am no threat so dont even go there, want to see from a distance

  171. 171
    tinkerbell Says:

    Wolf of Wall Street, tarring Leonardo DiCaprio, is filming in Manhattan, NY around Broadway and Cedar, Beaver and Broad St- William St on Saturday. (Thanks George and @mlvRose )

    I’ll be there this is six blocks from job to look only not to bother:

    UPDATE: Still no word where this weekend’s shoot is taking place but we do have details about where they are filming on Mon, Aug. 27 – Wed, Aug. 29. On Mon – Wed they are filming around 51st St and 6th Ave in NYC and on Wednesday they are also filming at 52nd and Broadway. (Thanks Denise, Johnny, and all of our tipsters!)

  172. 172
    tinkerbell Says:

    @taina: brasil, que tal? sorry I want to learn portugues but havent yet. Taina esta como una india de puerto rico no? tengo amiga que se llama taina ella esta puertoriquena y italiana.

    I passed little brasil today and I am thinking this labor day I would head to little brasil (49th street in Manhattan) for that celebration…I always go to the west indian carnival pero necessito cual cosa differente

    my best friend growing up was dark skinned portuguese girl from Guarda portugal, all our friends were either portuguese or cape verdean. She would have passed for brasilian no problem

    Bom dia !

  173. 173
    tinkerbell Says:


  174. 174
    Cool Says:

    Sounds promisingly hot and heavy.

  175. 175
    leo's fan girl Says:

    Come hide under my umbrella on the beach anytime Leo babe.

    PS. Leo you looking sexy.

    Lots of Love,

  176. 176
    tinkerbell Says:

    btw dont know if you saw the pix but speaking of naked i am kind of feeling prince harry…:0 I always thought he was cute…..i like red heads

    mcconaughey looks like crap

  177. 177
    tinkerbell Says:

    hey leo why dont you make everyone happy including yourself and do what matteo did and marry a gorgeous brazilian and have three kids? Why not dump that piece of obvious lame **** you are shagging now, she aint even really that cute…

  178. 178
    Patricia Says:

    @tinkerbell: agreed,that Brazilian could be me LEO lol hahaha

  179. 179
    taina Says:

    me passem seus msn

  180. 180
    Message Says:

    Oh my goodness… if this man goes full frontal for this movie, I will die. Here’s to hoping!!!!

    Good morning, everyone. Up early with the kiddos, who are already doing laps around me. Oye.

  181. 181
    LOL Says:

    Erin No class,h_464,pd_2,w_300,cpy_38/erin-heatherton.jpg

  182. 182
    Oh, boy! Says:

    @181: I mean if it happens once I say OK, she should pay attention. Twice? PAY ATTENTION! But this is at least the third time I have seen her in the same situation. Clearly she loves to wear very short skirts but she should learn how to wear these garments in public like a lady. With some class!

  183. 183
    nobody Says:

    And they’re still trying.

  184. 184
    @183 Says:

    Who is trying to do what? I don’t think anything unusual is happening here. Nothing you haven’t seen all through the years, right?

  185. 185
    taina Says:

    tinkerbell soy de rio de janero tu tenes msn? quieres o mio ?

  186. 186
    Scandinavian girl Says:


    hey leo why dont you make everyone happy including yourself and marry a gorgeous Norwegian girl and have three kids? Just to keep blue eyes and blond hair in place…

  187. 187
    taina Says:

    munhoz e mariano camaro amarelo yututube

  188. 188
    taina Says:

    quieres ver como soy ? soy beautiful

  189. 189
    xXx Says:

    about Leo perhaps :

  190. 190
    xXx Says:

    another one, he’s one of the most popular

  191. 191
    Oh, boy! Says:

    A National Enquirer blind item… It can`t get any more reliable than that! lol Spotted having lunch with an attorney AND whoever spotted them could overhear the details of a prenup. Sounds like Leo, who used a closed umbrella to hide his face, to discuss the details of a prenup in a restaurant where people could hear them… I`m buying it! lol

  192. 192
    LOL Says:

    If Leo marries someone like Erin is because he finally found the ‘doormat’ that fulfills all the conditions of Mr Dicaprio & Co:
    Sex Companion
    Turn a blind eye
    Easy going
    Low maintenance,
    Good luck Erin if the blinde item turns out to be true.

  193. 193
    xXx Says:

    @LOL: exactly what I think

  194. 194
    Oh, boy! Says:

    I`m just surprised people even waste time thinking about this. National Enquirer. That`s the part where you should start laughing at it…

  195. 195
    Gorgeous Says:

    A part of me WANTS it to be true. The mass suicidal rage it would incite from some posters on here would make me pi88 myself with laughter.

  196. 196
    @xxx Says:

    i think i need an explanation. didn’t his “latest” VS model doormat just buy herself a new condo in NY? funny way of planning a future with a guy who wants to get engaged and married, no?

  197. 197
    National Enquirer Says:

    The 30 something guy National Enquirer refers to sounds also like Adam Levine

  198. 198
    @192 Says:

    Apart from the hair color prerequisite, you’ve just described most Hollywood and NBA wives. Leo will be no different.
    @197 The second blind makes it seem more like Leo D. Adam IS a modeliser but he’s also known for banging musicians and blond actresses also is not known or famous enough for being on/off with girls.

  199. 199
    Oh, boy! Says:

    @198: The second blind item doesn`t sound any more believable than the NE to me. NE`s description of the A-lister sounds like Leo but the whole lunch thing doesn`t sound anything like Leo to me.
    The other one suggest inside info ( Leo designing the ring and proposing this year ). That wouldn`t leak and not to a blind item.
    If Leo ever gets married ( to Erin or anyone else ) I don`t think a blind item is going to break the news… Ever since Erin was seen wearing that ring on that particular finger the engagement rumors are around. To me these are no different.

  200. 200
    Angie Says:

    @Oh, boy!:

    Recently he was spotted lunching but we don’t know with whom.
    Alisabeth Sabatelle‏@BackSabber
    A buddy of mine took this when he was eating lunch in New York and Leonardo DiCaprio was sitting at a nearby table

  201. 201
    @Lol#181 Says:

    Well, well, well….. another elegant characteristic pose of Miss Bubley from Skokie. undoubtedly she likes to flash what’s under her skirt.

  202. 202
    Oh, boy! Says:

    @Angie: And? Do you know who he had lunch with?

  203. 203
    Angie Says:

    Can’t be a PR move because it would have been written as another of his bs articles instead of blinde item. And almost all of the blinde items about Leo are true, including the ongoing cheating to Bar. Why not this?

  204. 204
    Oh, boy! Says:

    Really? You can never be sure about a blind item or whether it`s true or not. It can be PR from her part ( her new PR team ). But it doesn`t have to be PR. It can be invented just like so many things at NE. If it`s so obviously Leo why does it have to be a blind item? Two blind items come out the same day both so obviously pointing to Leo with different `inside info` ( lunch/prenup – ring/ this year`s proposal ). I personally don`t buy any of it.

  205. 205
    @Angie Says:

    Good logic applied. Now if it attacked Leo or better yet Erin. Everyone here would swear it was the gospel truth. Like they bowed to their former god Ted C!

  206. 206
    LOL @200 Says:


    Sure. We can imagine Leo discussing something that private in broad daylight in a restaurant LOL

  207. 207
    Oh, boy! Says:

    Finally! Common sense! There are tweet photos of Leo hiding under the closed umbrella on set again because he doesn`t want his picture taken but he goes to a restaurant with his lawyer to discuss a prenup. And he doesn`t care that people can hear it. Coming from a source whose latest Leo story was denied ( among others ). And the other site that gets its stories mainly from National Enquirer and other no-name sites…
    Sorry I need more proof from more reliable sources to give any credit to the idea! It puzzles me why NE stories get so much attention and why are they reposted all the time. I know people love gossip and it`s a guilty pleasure reading it. I`m no different but I don`t waste time on NE & CO…

  208. 208
    the fame monster Says:

    I liked Ted C’s blind items cuz there was a blog devoted to cracking all his cryptic posts and they were spot on.

    Other blind items from other sites are just too confusing. Need a key code or something.

    Could be made up. Could be someone else. Could be Leo. Time will tell.

  209. 209
    Oh, boy! Says:

    At first I liked Ted’s column but after a while ( reading his posts regularly ) he seemed less and less ‘in-the-know’. Not just the blind items the whole awful truth. As for King ******* … the same thing. First it sounded like Leo but there were many clues that didn’t fit him. Based on other posts he didn’t find Leo attractive but he always described KS hot.

  210. 210
    ewww Says:

    yuck well i guess erin is the big SM. funny she doesn’t fit the descript though…..boring….. you’d think he could find somebody better to marry but whatevea…

  211. 211
    @207 Says:

    But you waste time on Just Jared forums because that’s where the truth is?

  212. 212
    @211 Says:

    Only Leda’s truth.
    Then follows the inevitable psychotic hysteria and raging.

  213. 213
    tinkerbell Says:

    National Enquirer is the only one that is usually WRONG guys. I mean WRONG WRONG WRONG like Leo is currently on a spaceship with Elvis Tupac and Biggie Smalls type wrong. Just WRONG. CDAN and Ted are/were usually right. Sorry.

    There were the same rumors about Bar but she or her Mom made them up down to the “rare yellow diamond in the four carat range” and he actually bought Gisele diamonds she sold later.

    Nah dont have a cow why marry this one when she has two years left on her eligibility contract and he can dump her then? You know they are done at 25. She just bought her own house for 1.7 million—she knows she’ll never live with him, as a matter of fact that could be her kiss off present from him a la gisele and bar, but it is way ahead of schedule you have to put in a couple of years first.

    He gets whatever he wants/needs from her. No reason to do more.

    He was having lunch with someone..could be anybody from a drug dealer to a script writer. He eats, you know.

    She is no one special I never got the vibe that there is passionate love there do you?

    He was King *******, no doubt was left in anybodys mind at the end.

  214. 214
    haha Says:

    I find it funny that a blind item that comes out about leo cheating or acting like a douche it is totally reliable, but if it comes out about him possibly gettign married, theres no way its reliable, even if its the same source. LOL

  215. 215
    Oh, boy! Says:

    @211: And when exactly did I say that the truth is on JJ forums? Is there anyone who believes that? Again something I never said. ‘Leda’s truth’ What are you talking about? It must be boring on Leo’s bz thread again if you have time to pick on nothing again. Raging and psychotic because I said NE is unreliable! lol
    @214: Not everyone believes in blind items whether it’s something one would like to be true or not. Its your way to put it.

  216. 216
    tinkerbell Says:

    @haha: you said it, I didn’t. Unfortunately that is because Leo does cheat and act like a douche sometimes and there is no way in heaven or hell he’s tying the knot. California is a still a community property state, Leo at last guess was worth like 200 million, not counting the 75 million he probably got doing three films in the last year. Why in hell would he get married and put that in jeopardy? You can sign a pre-nup but as you see with Kate and Tom those can be overturned, espeically if the girl is a young blonde heatherton type and she she has a kid…

    next off there are new Erins every two years or so, the system keeps belching them up for his perusal, just wait and there will be another.

    BE REAL. If he decided to marry, it would be a very secret hush hush kind of thing probably no douchy engagement ring or ceremony bachelor party, bachelorette party, no hoopla, no nothing. It would be a quiet elopement to Hawaii like with Toby and someone he was with for at least a few years. And Erin’s kind of young and may not be dead set on marriage herself…also you go like two months without seeing someone doesnt seem so passionate.

    When a man is ready, he is ready he would have moved her in, etc. If it was great passionate love of course, which it isnt. She’s a fill in the blank type, like the movie The Replacements. Who do we got available? Erin Heatherton? Check.

    The last time he really was a douche was Australia with the 80 women, etc this was backed up by an Australian actor on writing on TMZ and a local Aussie blog—he was being a douche but he was free to be so since he dumped Blake.

    Sorry but the douchey stories are usually true…he did cheat on Bar or at least try to ALL THE TIME. He was looking for SOMETHING BETTER or at least a distraction. Her own flack came on here and confirmed it.There were numerous stories all over the place of him hitting on unknowns and knowns alike.

    It’s really funny to me that before the internet National Enquirer was a big gossip rag but they also ran stories about three eyed babies and UFOs and Elvis sightings. Now with the internet there are a lot more real first gossip sites—people who do know something first hand often post, you use your bullshizz sniffer and decide for yourself who is who. NE makes up stuff whole cloth—his dog farts, he got into a fight with quentin tarantino he eats too much pizza he doesnt bathe, etc etc etc all the BS ones are specifically NE, they now cant keep up with the real gossip sites

    The CDAN post is FROM NE, otherwise I would believe CDAN,, so many of the things are plausible and/or true, Ted C was usually right but the only thing I didnt believe was the gay story, which i think was the usual Refaeli get back at him plant.

    Ted was right about Travolta and he called Tom Kat two or three months before it happened…I dont want to argue about it but it wasn”t called THE AWFUL TRUTH for nothing.

    Usually when it comes to human beings and particularly HW you can believe the dirt. We all have it just they are well known for it…

    lets see what LSA has to say about this one…hahahahahahahahahaha

  217. 217
    tinkerbell Says:

    @LOL @200: yeah, exactly and also usually both people go to a prenup meeting….dream on like the song says.

  218. 218
    tinkerbell Says:

    BTW I went down to 52nd and 6th, saw the huge production company trucks…like 12 of them taking up two entire blocks…Haddad trucks even the actor trailer but the filming was going on inside the building-Time Life upper floors so I didnt want to hang out forever or make a nuisance of myself so I jetted. I’ll try again tomorrow in Soho, Bar Pitti is close by so I can grab lunch…I just want to see some exterior scenes get shot, its sort of a historic occasion, dont want interaction just want to see it getting filmed. I’ll bring my book and find a cafe or comfy place to plop myself…just want to see Marty actually directing something so I can say I did….want to the see the L man with my own eyes too.

  219. 219
    @LOL Says:


    I think the blind item is fake, but I can see him marrying Erin out of convenience. He’s not getting any younger and his reputation with women is sh8t. Erin has proven she will put up with anything and will go out of her way not to rock the boat. No one cares if he cheats on her, including her. She seems like an ideal companion for a controlling, egotistical womaniser.

  220. 220
    tinkerbell Says:

    BTW its not against Erin per se but she is just well blah. There aint nothing special there but she will make some other guy happy I think. Leo doesnt want to be happy ever after. he wants to be excited and pleased over and over again… being on a rollercoaster or at an amusement park….

  221. 221
    Oh, boy! Says:

    @219: I see your point but Leo has been dating Erin for how long? Less than a year. So far she tolerated it but for how long? I also don`t see Leo marrying out of convenience. Why would he if Erin stays with him no matter what? It doesn`t seem like age is bothering him at all. I personally don`t think Leo is ever going to get married. I don`t think he is a marrying kind and let`s be honest marriage is not for everyone. IF he does get married I think it will be different than his type… JMO.

  222. 222
    @Angie , OhBoy Says:


    Their PR has been in sync so far. It’s good PR for both, if it is PR. Putting it out there that Erin could be “the one” makes her look special and Leo look like he is serious. Doing it as a blind means they don’t have to go through with it.

  223. 223
    tinkerbell Says:

    Sophie ‏@sophiewhayden

    The Wolf of Wall Street is filming by my apartment, debating whether or not to stalk Leonardo DiCaprio.

    4h Jennifer N Sullivan Jennifer N Sullivan ‏@trendyjenny

    So Leo DiCaprio & McConaughey are filming the Scorsese “Wolf of Wall Street” in my bdlg Time&Life at 50th & 6th Ave. Filming on high floors.

    5h Megan Murphy Megan Murphy ‏@ThisGirlCanEat

    Leo DiCaprio & Matthew McConaughey filming The Wolf of Wall Street in our offices today. Crazy extras running around, this place is nuts!!

    6h People’s Choice People’s Choice ‏@peopleschoice

    Just spotted #TheWolfofWallStreet filming outside the PCA HQ – What are the chances @JonahHill & Leo Dicaprio will win PCAs for their roles?

  224. 224
    Oh, boy! Says:

    Doing PR through National Enquirer and I don`t think it`s PR or anything real.

  225. 225
    @ oh boy Says:

    @Oh, boy!:

    He may be going through a mid-life crisis. He may have realised he’s not going to get more appealing to young girls as he gets older. He may want children. He may believe this is as good a situation as it gets and want to seal the deal before she grows up.

  226. 226
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@LOL: what has she put up with exactly? Nice vacations? There havent been any gross cheating reports….he is being a good boy but for how long.

    Also agreed it would be good PR but its not PR it is BS, another acronym.

    Marriage is not a convenience when 300 million dollars is involved.

  227. 227
    Oh, boy! Says:

    Yeah, or maybe it`s just a rumor, something made up.

  228. 228
    @225 Says:

    @@ oh boy:
    You make good points but everyone has different realities.
    Most of Leo’s friends are in the same boat as he is single and child free. Their jetset lifestyle function as a unit and I doubt he sees anything wrong with his current situation. (conspiracy – this might all possibly be planted to one up an ex whose getting serious in a relationship hm? but that’s just guessing). Men can have babies from their 40s if they choose. Jamie Foxx, Adrian Brody, Oscar winners and co stars older than Leo but equally happy to live the playboy lifestyle no strings attached. This is Leo’s reality I think and as a child of Hollywood/divorce/habit he is probably scared of change and end up in a Tiger Woods situation.

  229. 229
    Philly Says:

    I don’t believe blinds. But I DO think it odd that two separate columns now have the same blind, carrying the same gist.

  230. 230
    @Tinker Says:

    He’s been modelising in Australia, Miami, L.A., Vegas, Portofino, and NY.

    300 million reasons why there will be lawyers and prenups if he does get married.

    The blinds are probably BS, but who’s and why now?

  231. 231
    Oh, boy! Says:

    @Philly: Yes, it is noticeable that there are two blinds posted on the same day. Two sites, two different angle, two unreliable source. If at least one would be considered at least remotely reliable…

  232. 232
    Oh, boy! Says:

    Just one thought… I know that there is no such thing as 100% reliable gossip site / magazine. But I think we can all agree that there are more or less credible ones and not too credible ones. How come that you get info about this `big love` from the not too credible sources but almost nothing from the ones that are rather credible? I can`t remember if I ( ever ) read anything about Leo and Erin from like People.

  233. 233
    laughable Says:

    all of this is laughable because he has not acted anywhere near interested in her and it’s like oh ok he’s going to get engageD? paleaaaase. he must be desperate if that’s the case.

  234. 234
    Philly Says:

    @227 I don’t believe blinds and I’ll eat my shoe if this is not BS.
    But as I also said, unreliable sources or not, and I’m not a gossip afficionado, but I don’t remember a blind coming from separate HQs at practically the same time saying the same thing. Unreliable source (which is a given) or not.

  235. 235
    Me Says:

    Erin just bought an apartment. If he were thinking of marrying her, why not ask her to live together already? Not make sense.

  236. 236
    saraht Says:

    @226 – he’s being a good boy…? LOL. You have to be kiddin’.
    Do we know what he was doing partying in L.A., Vegas and on the French Riviera when he left at 5 am in the morning?
    So Leo the good boy? The marrying kind? GIve me a break and please everyone stop reading these bs gossip columns.

  237. 237
    Oh, boy! Says:

    @Philly: I agree ( it`s BS ) and I see your point in the timing but I personally don`t see it as something relevant. Maybe because I checked out that other site ( blindgossip ) and a lot of their stories are from NE and other sites I have never heard of before.

  238. 238
    @235 Says:

    I don’t believe the blind. But people can own/buy two homes easily. One for set and another for insurance. You can also buy a place as a trustee for someone else or to eventually sub let as a source of income. There are many reasons. I DON’T believe the blind, but Erin buying a flat does not necessarily reflect on her relationship status (except she’s richer now! lol)

  239. 239
    weston Says:

    Didn’t the NE write about Leo missing Bar like a month ago and they claimed he was using Erin? So if the same publication is reporting that Leo is meeting a lawyer out in the open discussing a prenup, then Erin should be concerned, don’t you think?

  240. 240
    @ #236 Says:

    Hanging with his boys, listening to music, soaking up the…………..scene and enjoying the fine……………….food.

  241. 241
    @#239 Says:

    Or relieved. If it is his pr, it contradicts Bar’s pr.

  242. 242
    Oh, boy! Says:

    @238: Some magazine quoted her a little while ago that she lives on the West Side Highway now and that`s where the apartment that she just bought is located. But I think we all agree on the blinds.
    @239: True, a month ago Erin was another bedpost and their latest Leo story was denied…
    Also it happened before that similar rumors were coming from different sources but it didn`t make it true.

  243. 243
    R Says:

    Oh no!! Leo’s 11th Hour producer has just been found dead. There was a note :(

  244. 244
    hahaha Says:

    All these talks about Leo getting married and he could be waiting for the next Victoria Secret fashion shows to get a second chance with Karlie Kloss LOL

  245. 245
    Oh, boy! Says:

    @244: lol Very possible!

  246. 246
    @239 Says:

    WTF? Why should she be concerned the story makes it look like he’s serious about Erin and his PR already dismissed the Bar story as BS to Gossipcop. And they probably now won’t comment on this one.
    This is all in Erin’s favour.

  247. 247
    LOL Says:

    Maybe that’s why he allowed her to publically follow him on Twitter.
    For someone so private/eccentric about his girlfriends maybe that’s his version of an engagement announcement!!!

  248. 248

    Yes NE is usually BS. But blindgossip isn’t. It’s nauseating that Leo is even thinking of marrying a vapid VS model. But I’m afraid it might be true. Someone needs to ask a question to INCOGNEATO from Lipstickalley.

  249. 249
    LOL Says:

    I would take the Enquirer, Globe, Bkind Gossip and Horses & Hounds magazines over the BS the Leo” insider” from your Lsa blog that you keep trying to promote! FAIL

  250. 250
    Hilarious Says:

    You are so funny. I don’t know if you are the same person posting under different names, but gee… am I having fun reading all this ridiculous new rumor! Tha aging partying modelizer getting engaged to a 23 year-old model who has no boobs, no bum and serves him as a doormat. That’s about the most hilarious thing I have read so far.

  251. 251
    @250 Says:

    You are so weird. You think its one person that has been posting since the top of the page? Its not obvious that there is some sort of conversation going on here? And seriously but what the fcuk is it with some posters here that measure any woman’s worth by the size of her boobs/bum. Is that the key to happiness? I bet there are many famous models with boobs and bum that are still lonely, desperate and unhappy.

  252. 252
    LOL Says:

    Yep funny for some, cough, ‘Leo fans’ having boobs is ALL that matters.
    Its an obsession. Anyone who’s an A cup should kill herself STAT.

  253. 253
    Leo gets mobbed Says:

  254. 254
    //)) Says:

  255. 255
    @248 Says:

    Thats funny! NE is not reliable but blind gossip is even though a lot of their stories are from NE and other no name websites. That’s some logic!

  256. 256
    @255 Says:

    Honey.. READ CAREFULLY. The blinds from blindgossip are true. That blind was created by the website.

  257. 257
    @256 Says:

    Honey, it was created by a website that regularly posts blinds from NE and other no name website. Why would I believe a blind that was created by a site like that?
    IF it`s so true and Leo is getting married I assume he is already in the process of converting, right? Because Erin is Jewish. How come there`s no info about that? Gossip sites like these were all about it when he was dating Bar. Or how come there is no news about him meeting her parents? Or any news about this so serious love affair in any other ( remotely ) more credible source like E! or People ( note: none of these two are 100% credible but still better than NE or blindgossip ). Also if someone knows just a little about Leo would not believe he discusses his prenup in public or that after dating a girl for 10 months he has already ordered the engagement ring… Does any of that sound like Leo to you? Also if it`s so obviously Leo why does it have to be a blind item?

  258. 258
    @256 Says:

    * Dating for 10 months and he has already planning to pop the question and the ring is being made… So when did he order it? Like 7-8 months into the relationship? Yeah, now I`m convinced…
    @251&252: So all your issue is with her boobs? I guess then you agree with the rest of the comment #250. Good!

  259. 259
    ^^^ Says:

    10 months??? Certainly not. He was after Australian models in September and in October-November he was sleeping with Madalena Ghenea.
    Not to mention the two month break they had from March to May of this year. C’Mon guys, use your brain.

  260. 260
    @259 Says:

    You are right. It started around Nov-Dec so it`s not even 10 months. You just proved my point even more. Thanks. Finally some common sense!

  261. 261
    ^^^ Says:

    It was reported in more than one gossip column that he had only eyes for Karlie Kloss at the VS show after-party. For the rest of November the rumors were that he was with Madalena G. But who did follow him back to Australia?? Not Madalena… but he most available and willing girl from the catalogue, Bubley from Skokie.

  262. 262
    @261 Says:

    Yes, I remember that he was eying Karlie and I wasn`t even that surprised because she is young, a model and looks a lot like Gisele. I also read I think in Page Six that Erin was introduced to Jake Gyllenhaal but it didn`t work. The next thing you know she is in Sydney. I always thought he went for the willing one and not for the one that he wanted. That`s how they still look to me and not like he is into her or he is ready to marry her.

  263. 263
    @261 Says:

    Erin was introduced to Jake Gyllenhall at the VS after party but it didn`t work.

  264. 264
    ^^^ Says:

    …”The next thing you know she is in Sydney. I always thought he went for the willing one and not for the one that he wanted. That`s how they still look to me and not like he is into her or he is ready to marry her.”
    Between you and me, do you think he really knows what he wants? Trying to flirt to Karlie probably didn’t mean a thing to him.
    Modelizing seems fun for him.

  265. 265
    @265 Says:

    To a certain level I believe he knows what he wants: young, attractive, model, low maintenance, easy and convenient, his friends, parties, clubs, freedom, an Oscar, making movies and taken seriously as an actor. Marriage, kids and growing up entirely ( not just professionally )? I think that’s still a big question mark for him.

  266. 266
    @264 Says:

    Obviously my prev. comment was for #264…

  267. 267
    lara Says:

    Guys, I am not exactly a fan of the new girl so I won’t like if he ends up with her. But why do I have a feeling that leo is in a panic mode and wants to settle down ?

  268. 268
    @267 Says:

    Why do you have that feeling? What makes you think he is in panic mode and wants to settle down? I haven’t seen any indication of that so I’m curious what makes you think that?

  269. 269
    ^^^ Says:

    @267 – yeah… what makes you think that? and what panic? the guy is extremely busy with his career, he just finished the post-production of a movie, just started filming a new one that is going to last for several months. He’s got his environmental commitments that keep him busy. No, i am convinced he still sees himself as a young dude who lives his life like when he was in his early twenties.

  270. 270
    lia Says:

    I have the impression that he will never marry! I think he loves lukas haas and he can not admit because of his career.

  271. 271
    @lia Says:

    I also don`t think he will ever get married but I don`t think it`s because of Lukas. If it`s in him to get married and settle down 1, I think you would have seen the sign of it by now 2, it will happen later and not with his usual type.

  272. 272
    hahaha Says:


    Maybe that’s why he allowed her to publically follow him on Twitter.
    For someone so private/eccentric about his girlfriends maybe that’s his version of an engagement announcement!!!
    Yeah because nothing screams more “commitment” that a follow on twitter. Look in love around the future wife is so old fashioned.

  273. 273
    ^^^ Says:

    Are you sure he is the one who is running his official Twitter account? he probably handed this to one of his collaborators (agent, publicist …) to take care of it. and whatever has a connection with charities, environemental issues, he/she becomes a follower.
    version engagement announcement is totally hilarious.

  274. 274
    @273 Says:

    I`m positive someone is handling the twitter account for him. I think people see it as a big deal because it wasn`t the same with Bar. Erin was already on twitter when they started dating Bar wasn`t ( at least not confirmed ). Some people believed they broke up because Bar started tweeting from a confirmed account. First I thought that was silly but it turned out to be true. I really don`t see what`s the big deal about Erin following him on twitter. It`s a click to follow and not-follow… I bet these things come from Leo&Erin supporters.

  275. 275
    @272 Says:

    Firstly I think that poster was being sarcastic. Why so wound up?
    Secondly it still stands to reason that it is unexpected thing when considering Leo’s someone who rarely seems to mix business with pleasure, paranoid about his private life and forbidding his girlfriends to ever refer to him in public/interviews. Ever. Compare how open Gisele was with Tom post-Leo, more open and even referncing him in interviews. And IMO regardless of who runs which twitter no way would Erin have linked herself to Leo in a forum as public as twitter without his say so. JMO

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